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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 19, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accuracy. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


May I remind you that books make great gifts for Christmas, and my books Christmas Giftscover a wide range of topics—for SELF-HELP that people can use the rest of their lives, to Ancient History of Atlantis & Lemuria, to Extra Terrestrial Cultures and what are those UFOs really doing that people see all the time. They are available right now on Amazon, and other on-line stores. Here are some 5 STAR reviews:

THE GENTLE WAY I: JoJo wrote: I just bought two more of each of Tom's The Gentle Way Ibooks; The Gentle Way and The Gentle Way II. A guide in my hands! When I think I've seen and experienced everything in miracles by saying MBOs, once again, amazing! More is yet to come! Tom is incredible! Loving, kind, generous and cares about people, Angels, and beings of this universe. He has a God-given gift and shares it with the universe! Most Benevolent Outcomes to all!

ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Sandy wrote: Another winner from Tom T. Moore! I Atlantis & Lemuria bookgenerally don't like to read. Sad to say, but true. I ordered this book and the Gentle Way II and III. I know zip about Atlantis and Lemuria, and initially thought I would put the book down soon after starting. I love reading this book! The Q/A is a great way to present the book. It puts the reader IN the "interview" process in a way, and I feel like I am eavesdropping on some wonderful conversations. The only downside is you really don't want the book to end when you are reading it. If you haven't signed up for Tom T. Moore's newsletters, that is another suggestion. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

FIRST CONTACT: Brad wrote: An inquiry of the Galactic Nature. What a gift! Abe Sapien of Hellboy moviesAn insightful interview and inquiry of what may be possible outside of our 6 senses, of what we believe we can see, touch and feel. Tom's exploration takes us past the 'Twilight Zone' of our immediate world, and into the possibility of billions of beings, and new ways to wonder. Wonder what could be possible in a parallel time, space, and galactic explorations. And the world of 'What If'; what if alternate life forms, guardian angels, souls and beings are exploring and guiding our daily existence, creating a future that is yet to unfold as we explore our world, universe, galaxy, and become good planetary neighbors and explorers with The Federation of Planets?

DEADLINE COMING: I’m trying to cut off receiving any more stories about Dog and Catpets by New Years, therefore, please send me any MBO or BP stories about your pets. I especially need stories about your unusual pets for my PETS book. Time is growing short for your story to be included in my book.

For those of you on Quora, I occasionally answer questions posed there. You can “follow me,” and if you do, please “upvote” my answers. I do this to reach a different group of people and grow the newsletter. So far, I have had over Parallel Selves
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Many of your questions are taking about four weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

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My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Aryan writes: Sir, are there 12 Mars also like 12 Earths?

If no, then are there rovers on Mars from other timelines also?

Gaia, are there 12 timelines for Mars too, and are there 12 Mars Rovers?Mars Rover

Yes, Tom. You have been told before that this special space-time continuum is for this solar system. So yes, there are 12 Mars, and yes, there are 12 Mars Rovers. It can’t be 12 timelines just for Earth, as you would begin running into each other on the Moon and Mars, just as two examples. But when you go to the stars, there will be only one planet, but they will be prepared for multiple visits. Still, you will not bump into each other. There will be lots of planning from our side for that not to happen.

More questions from Aryan.

Gaia, will monthly expenses for the average family increase, decrease, or stay the same over the next 50 years, and the percentage of change?

Monthly expenses will go up, but so will incomes. What will change is that the standard of living will rise for those with the lowest average incomes. There will be many new jobs coming along that will increase the basic incomes. There will still be a large gap between the average salaries paid to those in developed countries compared to those in what are termed undeveloped countries, but by then the gap will be narrowing, thanks to such inventions as the free energy machine, as well as other inventions not yet thought of.

Will the next ten years be as tumultuous as the people who predict human trends Earthquakesexpect or are forecasting it to be?

Not quite to that level, Tom, but there will be such a huge number of events that I see for this coming time period it will seem at times that those predictions are accurate. Some will include cataclysmic events that younger souls need to check off their list of experiences on Earth.

Will the number of humans on Earth increase, decrease or stay the same in the next ten years?

There will be a reduction, is the highest probability at this time, Tom. The number of people on Earth living now can only be sustained for a short time. I must make adjustments in the Earth itself. I will inform you of those in advance, when it will not affect the soul contracts of those who need the experience.

Gaia, when will we adopt the 12 number system?

It will not be for some time, Tom. A mathematician will need to prove it works better than your 10 system, and that will take some time. That person has not yet been born.

Are we talking about over 100 years, 200, or more?

No, it will be more towards the end of this century, Tom. One of those great breakthroughs. Then it will take time for it to be tested by others, and it will take even much longer to be adopted into general use.


May I remind everyone that the best way to treat politics is to be an observer on the sidelines, in the stands. You’ll see the two teams going back and forth, mostly around the fifty yard line, butting heads.

Eli writes:
Did a shift occur that helped Joe Biden win the race?

Gaia, was there any kind of shift that occurred for Biden to win, as at one time I President Elect Joe Bidenwas told several times he had a 60% chance of being reelected, and then the last time it was 50/50?

Yes, Tom. There was a shift. There were many prayers that were said, including those from your group for the best people to be elected that would make decisions in the best interests of all the citizens of the world. So there was a shift, mostly not perceptible, but it assisted in raising your vibrational level.

What about President Trump’s refusal to concede?

He may never, Tom, but that is just his personality, and he wishes to set himself up to run again in 4 years if he so desires. His personality feeds off those who like him, so there will be more rallies. Still, he has many challenges, shall we say, ahead of him.

Does that include his health?

Yes, and other personal challenges, legal and otherwise.

Emily writes: More on Trump

1. Will Melania divorce Trump quite quickly after they leave the White House?

2. Is the highest probability for Trump to create some sort of TV show where he can lampoon Joe Biden for the next 4 years?

3. How many underage girls had Trump actually slept with? The one girl who previously came forward or a few more (keep in mind Trump owned the Miss USA pageants so that’s easy access to teen girls)?

4. Is there a recording of the Russian prostitutes urinating on Trump and will it President and Melania Trumpbe released?

Gaia, I’m asked what is the probability of Melania Trump separating from Mr. Trump in 2021?

Yes, quite high, Tom. You could say she remained in the marriage to experience being the First Lady of the United States. Her relationship with her husband will now take a turn in another direction. She is quite pragmatic in her thinking—a very smart lady. Now she wants a more normal life, whatever that means to her.

Is she a younger soul too, as is Mr. Trump?

Yes, she’s in the third quadrant, and needless to say, has already learned much from this life to carry forward in future lives. This will not be the last time she and Donald have a relationship. Next time their paths cross, she will be a man.

Theo, what is the probability of Trump creating a TV network or a series as part OAN Logoof his 2024 plans?

Yes, he has several ideas on how to keep himself in front of the American public, and a network is just one of the ways. He could also align himself with one network already in existence, such as OANN [One America News Network]. That would give him an immediate reach to millions of people, and is the highest probability at this time.

I’m asked if he has had sex with any underage girls, and if so, how young?

Yes, regretfully, he has, Tom. He will have to balance this in future lives. The youngest would be 14. And we are talking about his adult years here.

Are there any videos of the “Golden Shower,” reported by Christopher Steele, in Russia, or in Las Vegas that Michael Cohen wrote about in his book?

Russia, yes, Las Vegas, no.


Severine writes: Can Gaia give us the highest probabilities for Covid-19 for our timeline about China.

Every year, between January and until the beginning of March, there is a massive travelling period in China where people from the cities fly back to their hometowns, with crowded airports, trains, bus stations, you name it. Click here.

In some years it can reach 3.6 billion passenger trips, which helped spread the Busy stairsvirus across the country and then the world.

1) Will we see another peak of infection in China for the first quarter of 2021?

2) Will their government try to restrict travelling during the Chinese New Year period, or no restriction at all?

3) Shall we expect another full lockdown, as we see in Europe in the first quarter?

4) When will China be able to open its borders without a 14-day quarantine for incoming passengers in 2021?

As of today November 10th 2020 I am unable to leave the country as all flights coming from France and several EU countries have been stopped.

5) Probabilities of the quarantine be lifted by July, 2021?

Gaia, will China follow the rest of the world with huge Covid-19 infections in the Crowed Train Platformfirst quarter of 2021?

They will have a major lockdown, just as most of the rest of the world will have in the first quarter of 2021, Tom, so there will not be the spread of the virus as it is in Europe and North America.

Will the Chinese government restrict travel?

They will be on a list of many countries that restrict travel, and the other countries will be restricting travel too.

When will China drop the 14-day quarantine for incoming passengers in 2020?

First will come proof that a person has been vaccinated for the Covid virus. Then, as hundreds of thousands of people—yes millions—you will seeVaccination cartoon restrictions loosening.

Will these quarantines be lifted by July of 2021?

There will still be restrictions, but yes, the highest probability would be for there to be a great improvement by then.

Gaia, should I assume that the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays will be super spreader events, especially in North America?

Absolutely, Tom. A large number of people have contracting this disease on their soul contracts. The death toll will rise to heights not seen before. There are many younger souls that have not ever experienced a pandemic in a past life, and this will be the event that they can check off their list of Earth experiences.

Needless to say, your readers can greatly reduce that probability by requesting MBOs each time you leave your house to be guided away from anyone that is ill. And of course, wear those masks. It should be as automatic as putting on a seat belt. It is for your safety.


For my new readers, Antura is one of the soul fragments of my soul “cluster,” as Theo calls them. Theo introduced me to Antura in 2008, and since then I’ve asked him thousands of questions, since after 800 lives on Earth with an interest in Exploration, he is having a life as an amphibian, born on the water planet Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System. You can read much more about him in my First Contact BookFIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are the questions I asked this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom, good morning from me and my teammates.

Good morning, Antura, Big Guy, Average Guy and Exotic Girl. Wish I had all your names.

That will come, Tom, soon we might add, and they all say a special hello.

Quick question for Exotic Girl while I am thinking about it. Why would you say you would need a mask? Is it because of your eyes, as I thought you had ears, nose, and mouth that sounded fairly normal in comparison to a human’s?

Certainly my eyes are larger than a human’s, Tom. The pupils are also not the same shape, ears are a little different, although my nose could be considered fairly normal, my mouth would not—and no, I do not have sharp teeth. When you have not seen a number of different beings, it is hard to describe our features. Even your science fiction movies are lame in comparison to the wide variety of beings, even just in the Sirius B Solar System, so don’t get frustrated when we try and describe ourselves in words you and your readers could understand. Look how long it took for you to get Antura’s general appearance. Even my appearance is unusual by Antura’s standards. He is laughing. Back to Antura.

Antura, will the Saturn-Jupiter alignment have any effect on Disclosure or on Jupiter and Saturnour visit?

Most especially on Disclosure, Tom. It will be like moving a giant boulder away.

Sandy writes: What do you think of this?

NBC News: Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it. Click here.

Antura, the former Israeli Space Security Chief Haim Eshed says some things that coincide with what I’ve been told and others not.

1. Does he have actual knowledge or just promoting his book?

Yes, Tom, he does have some actual knowledge—even more than he revealed, but also embellished it, as he was not completely written in, you could say, to have full knowledge—only those with a “need to know.”

2. Is he correct about Trump knowing?

Yes. But Trump knows less than he thinks he does. That’s one of the reasons he Haim Eshedpushed for the Space Force to be created. He has no clue as to how far advanced the Federation is.

3. Why the comment on the Mars base. Did you not give me accurate information here?

There is no Mars base, Tom. He was repeating something his colleagues were joking about. This is absolutely not true.

4. Will this open the door for others, as this quickly subsided with a few jokes on night time TV, along with a couple of news reports?

It is a door opener. We were happy to see people interested, but still doubting the accuracy of the statements. Others are coming as they see it did not cause people to panic.

When is the next revelation coming?

Within the next month or two, Tom. We are working on that, as again, it was demonstrated that this news did not lead to panic in the streets, only curiosity.

Jerry in New Mexico writes: I live in Rio Rancho, NM at 6000 ft., with our Sandia Mountainsbackyard having a very open view of the mountains and night sky.

On 4 Dec 2020 at 10 PM, I was out observing the clear night sky (with the moon north of me). I spotted a bright stationary light switching between blue to spots of red and white light in the sky above the Sandia Mountains, facing southeast.

At first, I thought it was a helicopter in a stationary flight over the mountains, but after 5 or so minutes, it stayed in the same spot. I got out my Sky Guide app and tried to see if this was a star (however, with the light blinking regularly it didn’t have a star-like steady light). The closest star that it could have been was the Star “Kochab.” Very strange; got my binoculars and called my wife out to look as well. Tried to take some pictures, but was not able to capture anything, even though I could see it thru my 35 MM camera.

I didn’t feel anyone trying to reach out to me (as I am an empath and trained Medium).

So I felt funny sending this to you, but can you check with your contacts to see what this was.

Antura, what did Jerry see December 4 over New Mexico’s Sandia Mountain Scout Shiprange?

Yes, a scout ship, Tom. Because the area does not have a large population, they are able to take readings. They also did know that he was watching. Their instruments are that sensitive to human contact. He can request an MBO next time for them to fly closer.

These questions came from Mantej.

Antura, will you have what has been described as an electronically charged rod capable of slicing through anything on board to demonstrate this to us?

You will be much too busy for us to need to do this, Tom. You might see its use in a review of the past.

Do you have machines on board that can duplicate money, or whatever is Pleiadiansneeded?

We are far beyond that, Tom. Keep in mind that our ship can create any kind of food needed. It is simply dialing up, we’ll call it for your purposes, the DNA strands.

Will the Dalai Lama be the only public figure to have a private audience with the Pleiadians, or will there be others?

The Pleiadians will treat each meeting with a public official as if they are diplomats calling on the head of a country. Each meeting will be slightly different, according to that country’s protocols and wishes.


This past Saturday was the first time in years that I only had one MBO story, so the Benevolent Outcomes Blog did not run. I realize that at this time of year you have many tasks—shopping mostly online, and avoiding the Coronavirus. But in case this is a sign of a dip in people using the best, and most powerful, Self-Help tool aid to having a better life. Let me review why you should be requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes and saying Benevolent Prayers for others each day.

1. Because it works PERFECTLY with your soul contract (aka: soul path);MBO
2. It lowers your stress level;
3. It reduces your fear level;
4. Therefore, it is healthier;
5. Science will prove one day that saying these requests OUT LOUD creates an energy not yet identified;
6. It raises your vibrational level—what all souls aspire to do (aka: ascension);
7. It keeps you on your soul contract, which, because we are veiled, we cannot see or know;
8. You can immediately see results, or receive feedback, if you start with mundane requests;
9. There is a Radian Effect on others that are in your sphere of influence;
10. You will feel a spiritual connection that you will, at times, feel physically.

There are some rules, but very few.

1. You must physically ask for the assistance. Our Guardian Angels are instructed to only assist if we ask for it;
2. Requesting MBOs are specifically for you. For other people and beings, you say Benevolent Prayers (BPs);
3. They must be benevolent for everyone connected to the request. You can’t ask for something bad to happen to someone;
4. The request must be out loud, or if you are not physically able to do so, write the request;
5. There are no limits on the number of MBOs you can request in a lifetime;
6. An MBO request only needs to be said once, but you are not penalized, if you wish to say it multiple times;
7. Make requesting MBOs and BPs a habit, or else you will slowly forget to use this great tool in your hectic life.

So if you are not already, begin requesting MBOs and saying BPs today, and if you have gotten out of the habit, recommit to doing so. As I wrote above, it is the
BEST, and MOST POWERFUL, Self-Help tool you can use in this life.

Please send me your MBO and BP stories for this week’s Blog! And for those of you new to this Newsletter, here is a link to my opening chapters of THE GENTLE WAY I to get you started: Click here.


Mike writes: China Microwave Weaponry.

China 'used secret microwave pulse weapon' to cook Indian soldiers alive.China-India Border

1. Can Theo tell us about the new secret weaponry the Chinese have that they have used to cook Indian soldiers alive?

2. Are they the only country that has these microwave weapons? Click here.

Gaia, has China used a microwave-type weapon on Indian soldiers, and if so, are they the only country with such a weapon?

Not quite the same as described, but a weapon using ultrasonic waves has been tested in the field, you could say. There are similar weapons being tested by at least two other countries.


Aryan in India writes: Can our thoughts attract beings we are scared of?

When we watch a true horror film or read about a being who will be considered dangerous/scary, most people keep thinking about them.

Gaia, can our thoughts attract beings we are afraid of?

Your thoughts can, if you continually think negative thoughts, Tom. These Auranegative spirits latch onto you. You’re like a nest for them. That’s why we are always recommending to surround yourself in white light. This prevents them from attaching to you.

Theo, can changing the color of your clothes influence your aura color?

No, Tom, but many times your clothes reflect your aura color. Your aura color can change due to illness, or it can change during your life if you are making great progress, or if your health is strained.

Can we change it in an altered state?

Meditation is one way that you can raise your vibrational level, and at the same time change your aura. Sending love to the world each day is a great way to change your aura to colors that are higher on the spectrum. And as we have said many times, requesting MBOs slowly but surely raises your vibrational level and that also changes your aura.


Emily writes: Audrey Hepburn

1. Where is Audrey Hepburn incarnated, in the past, present or future?Audrey Hepburn

2. Is it true she had an affair with JFK?

Theo, where is Audrey Hepburn incarnated – past, present, or future?

A little in the past, as a man this time, Tom. This was a significant life for her. Now, as a man she is continuing her acting, but more stage. It is considered a preparation life of study.

Did she have an affair with JFK?

No, that was a false rumor, Tom—not that he would not have liked to.


Ray writes: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted!

Archery hunter is gored to death by an enraged ELK Deer.Elk Deer

What was the soul contract of the 66-year-old hunter Mark David from Oregon who shot a deer and couldn't locate it, and then the very next day the SAME deer who didn't die from being shot by him charged at him and killed him?

Click here.

Theo, what was hunter Mark David balancing when he was gored to death by an Elk deer he had wounded the day before?

He was balancing cruelty to animals from past lives, Tom. All lives must balance, and his goring balanced several lives. In his next incarnation he will love and treat all animals with kindness, but he will not want to come near any wildlife. To others it will seem an unnatural fear.


Theo, have I ever been or will be an advisor to a world leader in the 20thEmperor Haile Selassie & Queen Menen Century, besides Ethiopia’s Haile Selassie [as his queen]?

No, Tom, he will be the only one. That will be another significant life for you, not only as his most trusted advisor, but to be there at the start of the Rastafarian religion.

What about the 21st Century?

Yes, we have not gotten into this century, as it is farther down the line in lives for you, Tom, but yes, there will be at least one life as an advisor to a leader. Don’t be too concerned with that, Tom, as you have a number of lives before that one.


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