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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

November 8, 2014

Tom T. Moore




Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


This newsletter will be late, as I’m switching to another hosting company in hopes of clearing up the newsletter problems. Again, my apologies. This has caused me great stress to the point where on Wednesday I went in for a heart procedure to shock my heart back to normal rhythm.

For those of you in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, I’m going to speak in Addison on November 12 about Atlantis and Lemuria. This will be the first time I’ve spoken on this subject. Email me at tomtmoore6(at) for more information.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers--Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Diane writes: When it comes to religion does Theo see that Muslims will rule the world? They have this idea of turning everyone to their religion and get rid of all
the others and with ISIS, etc. Do you wonder if this will happen?

As always, thank you.

Theo, will the Muslim religion become the prominent one for the world?

No, Tom, that will never happen. As you have seen, there are people who are just as passionate in their beliefs as any Muslim. What will happen, as I have mentioned before, is that the Muslim religion will become much more moderate in the years to come, and those at the far right, we will term them, will become a smaller and smaller minority.

This happens when more people share their beliefs without demanding that others believe as they do. Each person will respect the other’s religious preference and think nothing of it. This will take many years, but it is coming, even though the fundamentalists will be kicking and screaming, shall we say, along the path to a more gentle world, Tom.


Lydia writes: Astrology (date/time of birth) prediction of person's life goal, etc.
What if you were born by c/section (or is this planned ahead 'celestially/spiritually' so all figured in)? Does location of birth matter (if so-how)? Please clarify the numerology factor.

Theo, I assume it is known far in advance that a woman will have a C-Section for delivery of a baby, and that is factored into the exact moment a child is born?

Correct, Tom. It is handled by multiple GAs, shall we say, to make sure the doctor performs the procedure at exactly the time needed for the birth. This is not some haphazard event. It is well planned and executed. As you have been told before, there are no mistakes. Our duty as your GAs is to have you in the right place at the right time, whether it be to transition or to be birthed into this world.

And this includes the location of the birth?

Absolutely, Tom. Again, that is handled by the mother’s, and at times the father’s, GAs. Again, nothing is left to chance no matter what cute movies you’ve seen where there is a mistake being made.

And then Theo, how does numerology enter into the equation?

It does, Tom. Suffice to say, mathematics rules the universe and therefore much can be diagnosed and determined through the use of numerology involved in dates, names, and much more. There are books on numerology to read for those who wish to learn more, and it is a valuable compliment to astrology.


Jen in Helena, Montana writes: I've emailed you before and you were kind enough to respond. I'm one of your readers in Helena, Montana. First off, thanks so much for sharing what you know. I am so grateful for the messages from Gaia, Antura and Theo, they give such precious information.

I have a question for whomever you think would be appropriate to ask.

I feel like I am contacting our alien friends who watch over Gaia and there have been moments where I feel like I "link up" telepathically with them, but I'm only sure about one group that I'm probably communicating with, the Arcturians. I have even felt like I was caught "listening in" by one group because the link was quickly disconnected when I asked a question in my mind and sent it to whomever I was listening to. But here is my question and I'll try to be succinct.

I walk my dog every morning, usually before the sun comes up, and feel such a connection with Spirit during this time. This is also, usually, when I feel the connection with our visitors, too. I had an interesting experience with light a couple of weeks ago and again, this morning. The encounter a couple of weeks ago was a light was flashed in response to my asking for help in removing the negative energy in the area I was walking in.

Tom, I live in a very rural area, and the light was coming from a place where there were no homes, no cars could have done this with their headlights, and it came instantly after I asked for help clearing negativity. This morning's experience was when I was walking home and it was almost like a bright light appeared behind me, almost like a vehicle with its headlights on, but higher in the sky and it came on and went off immediately. I hadn't asked a question or anything, it just happened. I turned around and there was no one there, no cars came down the road behind me, so there was no logical source for this light. My question is, who flashed the light in response to my question and was it the same being who lit the sky up behind me today? What message do they have for me? I'm convinced this is not a human made phenomenon, but who knows! ;-D

Thanks so much again, Tom! You are doing wonderful work and I appreciate you so much!

Gaia, Jen in Montana asks about a light suddenly shining when she requests to clear an area of negativity. Is the light man-made, a spiritual light, or an ET light?

Good question, Tom. The light is spiritual in nature. As we have said before many times, Tom, humans are much more powerful than you realize, and the fact that she lives in a rural part of the state she has the ability to clear negativity, where it would take a group of people in a more densely populated area or town. She does this out of love and it is returned to experience the same way. You could say she is an anchor for her rural area. More are needed, Tom, especially in more densely populated areas, but I send her my love for her taking on the task of clearing her area. If she opens up a little more, she will feel me sending my love to her for her work.


On a similar subject:

Preston writes: A while ago, during the Aurora shooting, a thought came to me about karma and the idea of mass karma. It occurred to me, that the bigger the city, the more that seems to happen there. Now some of this can be attributed to them being a target, but not everything that happens in a big city stems from outside sources.

With the recent events in Dallas, and Gaia’s remarks and Antura’s about ley lines affecting Dallas, this thought re-occurred. Basically the thought is that populations can have a karmic imbalance, the denser the population, the more the buildup of negativity. These populations reach a point where they need to balance, relieve the pressure per se. So these major issues that happen in these areas are set to create an outpouring of sympathy from outside the community, as well as communal love within, to overcome the negativity of such a dense population.

My question is, do densely populated areas have more and worse things happen because of the buildup of negativity in the area needing to be released and balanced?

Gaia, do cities that are more densely populated have more negative events to clear them, or is this just a byproduct of living in a city?

More a byproduct, Tom, than to clear the city. Yes, there is quite a bit of negativity in any city, no matter its location. For those of you who live in cities, you can send out white light each day and imagine it expanding to encompass the whole city and you will find there will be less crime and less dramatic events taking place. Naturally, you can also say a BP each day for your city to live in harmony and love and that greatly assists too.

You won’t notice a difference so much on a daily basis, but each month and year as you look back and they release figures for violence you will see these figures decrease. It will be attributed to many other things, but mark my words, Tom, anyone who does this on a regular basis will have made a difference. So my suggestion would be to make this a habit—light and a BP each day!


A number of years ago my wife and I went on a cruise in the Mediterranean. One of the most fascinating ports we visited was the island of Delos. It is completely deserted except for the caretakers and the many ruins. The port of Delos just goes underwater until it disappears from sight. That has always intrigued me—how long ago did the Mediterranean rise to cover this port? I also read in Wikipedia that in my life as Strabo I had been there and written about it.

Gaia, was the island of Delos occupied before 500 BC, and if so, how much earlier?

Yes, Tom, quite a bit earlier as you guessed. It certainly dates back to the days of Atlantis—so quite a few thousand years of being inhabited. It’s just that they have not dug deep enough in the ruins to discover an even earlier time period. As you saw when you and Dena visited the island, dirt has slowly covered up much of the island over thousands of years.

As you read, in your life as Strabo, you visited Delos several times and wrote about it. You even wrote about its history, but those writings have been lost forever.

The port of Delos, Gaia, runs into the Mediterranean and then under it. Was there another time when the Mediterranean rose up to cover the port after Atlantis?

Of course, Tom. As you thought it was Lemuria, which lasted 5,000 years more than Atlantis, caused the waters to rise a couple of hundred feet more when it sank. Again, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives all around the world due to the sudden sinking of the continent. Large tidal waves, or tsunamis as they are called today, rolled through the Mediterranean wiping out all of the coastal villages and towns.

So there was not some other event that caused the Mediterranean to rise after Lemuria?

No, there was a slow rise after that simply due to silt being deposited from rivers flowing into this sea, but only inches.

What about when a large portion of Thera sank into the sea?

Yes, that contributed, Tom, but not to the extent of Lemuria.

Theo, I have a follow-up question regarding the death rays used in the Atlantean wars. Were these on aircraft attacking from the sky, or how did they transmit the rays, since I assume it had to be line-of-sight?

Quite correct in the assumption, Tom. Yes, those saucer-like aircraft delivered the killer rays. Some were delivered by warships, but the majority came from attacks from the air. That’s why the movie War of the Worlds was so scary at the time, Tom. Many of the people in the audience had a memory of that life on a subconscious level. As you recall, the aliens in that movie used death rays, but on a much smaller scale than did the Atlanteans.



This story and the next one were in last Saturday’s Blog that has nothing but MBO and BP stories. You can read the blogs at and sign up for the blog by clicking on this link:

Carol writes: Monday I needed to move a one-piece washer/dryer unit from my garage to a condo. I am under 5' and almost 70. My handyman, although over 6', is in his mid 70s. So I asked my GA Anthony for a most benevolent outcome for our dilemma. I knew we could do it, but it would be a strain. Then I noticed a workman's truck at my neighbor’s house, so I called my neighbor and asked if by chance his workman could come over and help us. Not only did he come over, he moved the whole thing into my handyman's pickup truck.

As that worked pretty well, I asked my GA Anthony for another MBO when we arrived at the condo that someone would help us. We were just standing at the edge of the truck bed deciding the best way to lower it down when a young man who was parked nearby got out of his car and ran up and offered to help us. Not only did he move it all the way from the parking lot (on an appliance dolly) to the condo, when he needed help getting it into the laundry room, he shouted for his buddy that came and helped position it. I was so happy that I didn't have to try to lift that heavy appliance!

Love those MBOs!



Paul writes: Thank you for all the benefits of being able to use MBOs and all your wonderful information and books.

It may be that the following story is of a MBO fulfillment. You be the judge.

About two months ago, I received a letter that informed me that the dignity of the state had been offended by going through a red light, which had a photo camera whose business was catching us innocents unawares. Well, I stewed about it, but paid it off; at the same time, I asked for an MBO that would send me money from any source matching the amount of the fine.

Shortly thereafter, I was rolling down a main thoroughfare looking for a certain business, and crossing several intersections with traffic lights. At one point, I failed to notice a traffic signal and rolled across the intersection, suddenly noting the red light was on. No cars were coming and nothing happened, it was just a missed opportunity to stop. Immediately, my memory was apprised of my MBO to have the money I'd paid as a fine returned to me in whatever way was available. I laughed. No cameras or police around, no harm, no foul. Not being a scofflaw, I was still bemused being caught unawares and not suffering a penalty for the deed. It was, I concluded, a pointed but humorous way to get my fine money "repaid." I thanked my GA, avoiding self-judgment.



Michelle in Canada writes: I live in Canada and I have procrastinated putting on my winter tires. I phoned around the last couple days - everyone is booked. Saw a post on FB, did an MBO and –phoned, and the fellow said they were kind of booked up. –He asked what I drove and then said hang on - came back and said –“I can do that for you at 7pm - will that work?” I love, love MBOs!


I thought there could always be the chance that I had incorrectly received that we’re on Time Line 6, so finally I asked.

Gaia, am I on Time Line 6 or 5?

No, Tom, you are on Time Line 6. I know you have had this question in your mind for some time now, but 6 it is for you. There are small, but sometimes significant differences between the 6 and 5 timelines, but you are correct in knowing you are 6. You on Timeline 5 does know he is 5 and not 6, and has handled his portion of duties quite well. Your soul wants different decisions for its growth. But both of you have MBOs and BPs to assist you, and that makes all the difference in the world as to having a more gentle life than you would have had you not rediscovered MBOs.



Janet writes: Hi Tom, here is a photo that was posted by one of my Facebook friends tonight. It is in São Pedro da serra, nova friburgo, rj, Brazil, and my friend tells me it is not photoshopped. Also that it is current.

Can you please ask Theo what has been captured in the photo? Thanks. My friend could not tell me more than this.

Theo, what was captured in a photo of a campfire in Brazil and why the figure?

Yes, the spirit of fire, shall I call it, Tom, was having a little fun. It would be the same as those souls who assist Gaia with clouds that makes a face or an animal using a cloud as their painter’s canvas. There was no malicious intent.

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