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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

May 2, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka


I’ve been invited back to Louisville, Colorado for another interview with Regina Regina MeredithMeredith on her GAIA TV Open Minds show. They will fly me up on Wednesday afternoon, May 20, I will overnight in Boulder, then on the morning of May 21st, I’ll do the interview; and afterwards head directly for the Denver Airport, arriving back at the DFW Airport a little over 24 hours after I left. Here is an interview I did with her several years ago about The Gentle Way. Click here.

This would be a PERFECT time for you to work on meditation, or perhaps try Yoga. I just discovered that my Yoga instructor, Leticia (Leti) Campos, has created a "Yogalettyclasses” page on Facebook, in case anyone wished to keep up with their Yoga. “Like” the page. And why not try the “16 Second” Meditation? Now everyone can do this! I do it all the time, and didn’t know there was a name. Here is the link: Click here.

My wife made me promise to get back on the Pets book. So please send me any PetsMBO or BP stories about your Pets. Below you will read another conversation I had with Horse Soul.

For those of you on Quora, I occasionally answer questions posed there. Here are new ones. You can “follow me,” and if you do, please “upvote” my answers. I do this to reach a different group of people and grow the newsletter. So far, I have had over 1,400,000 views of my answers. Here is the most popular question I answered, with over 200,000 vies.


Many of your questions are taking about three weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

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My latest book, “ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Would you believe we had more Coronavirus questions this week!

Holly writes:
Hi Tom, could you ask your guides why some people are asymptomatic to the corona virus and show no symptoms or very little? Are there different strands of the virus? Or are some immune systems better equipped to handle such a virus? What is the percentage of people on the planet Covid 19 Messagethat are asymptomatic carriers?

Gaia, why do some people have no symptoms of Covid-19? Is there more than one strand?

This is a complex organism, Tom. Multiple layers, we will call it for your purposes. Therefore, some people’s immune systems are better able to handle and resist it than others. Plus, part of it also involves soul contracts. If you are not to become sick, your protective systems will be primed, shall we term it, to resist the virus. Your scientists will learn much from this research, Tom.

What percentage of people are asymptomatic carriers?

Fully 20%, Tom, fill that category—even a little higher—23%.

These questions are from Severine and Diane.

Gaia, will the Coronavirus return next year, and highest probability of when TCU Football Stadiumfans will be allowed back in stadiums?

Yes, it will return next year, but by then a vaccine will be identified, plus a drug to mitigate its effects on the population, Tom. There will be a quicker response to locking down the area of the country that will be affected, and it will be short-lived. As you were previously told, more treatments for other conditions will be found. You will look back at this time period as a great leap forward for many innovations, treatments, and ideas. People will learn that relaxing and meditation bring unexpected rewards.

Regarding when sports fans will be allowed to attend games, the highest probability will be late June or early July.

Gaia, does North Korea have cases of Covid-19?North Korea President

Many, Tom, just as you and everyone would expect. This is a WORLDWIDE (emphasize that) pandemic and there is hardly a country on Earth that has not been affected. The North Korean military has squashed any reporting, for fear they would be held accountable. When you have dictatorships, such as North Korea, all people, up to and especially the highest government leaders, live in fear of their lives.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for Kim Jung Un’s recovery from whatever heart condition it appears he suffered?

Yes, a very slow recovery, Tom. He is quite incapacitated and will take months of recovery. There were complications, with more to come. This will allow his enemies to plot his removal. Time will tell if they are successful.

What about what I was told before about China plotting his removal?

As we said before, his enemies—that includes China.


Diane writes: What will the happen between the USA and China? Will less China and USA Meetingthings be shipped here to the US from China?

Gaia, what is the highest probability for the U.S. - China relations?

This relationship will remain fairly stable. China still has aspirations to dictate agreements, but the U.S. will hold its own, perhaps with a little less power. Both sides still need the other commercially. China also loves the creativity of the U.S. workforce, and will have spies to scoop up anything they can.


Lee writes from Florida: Tom, the Gulf of Mexico is much warmer than normal and this usually means a very active hurricane season. As we are nearing the Hurricane Katrinahurricane seasons traditional start of June 1st, would you please check with Gaia as to how this season is going to pan out and if it is any different from her earlier predictions? Thank you.

Gaia, hurricane season is fast approaching, although everyone’s attention is focused on work and the virus. Reports are that the Gulf waters are quite warm, so what is the highest probability for the number of hurricanes that will reach landfall on the United States?

Easy, Tom, there will be four that will move across different parts of your Gulf Coast and along the Eastern Seaboard. And yes, they will be stronger this year, due to the warmth of the water. As one approaches land, you can have your readers request a BP to lessen the strength or move it to less occupied areas.

Will any hurricanes land on Texas?

Yes, one.


Jen writes:

Hi Horse Soul,

First I just want to thank you so much for giving me horses when I was a child and for all the joy and wonder that you have given me and other humans here. Your incredible beauty and grace, as well as your bravery and generosity in the amount of time that you have volunteered to spend with humans, are such gifts to us.

I want to ask about your participation in wars and to apologize that our species Horses in Warhas selfishly used you in combat leading to your suffering and death repeatedly. I just want to confirm that you agreed to this usage before you came here?

I also would love to hear your opinion about horseracing. We have the understanding that some of the horses enjoy some aspects of it, but the injuries you receive racing must be excruciating. Plus, so many of you lose your lives participating in a sport you may be forced into to fuel our greed. Are you OK to continue this activity or would you prefer that we all say benevolent prayers for it to cease?

Opportunities and places for you to remain wild seem to be decreasing. Will there be a time soon when all of your presence here will be in domesticated environments? Do you have any preferences about that?

On your home planet, do you have cold weather? Do your horses have shelters or homes to live in or do you live out in the wild in the elements? Are there other beings who groom the horses there?

As they are hybrids between donkeys and horses, do you also ensoul mules?Mules

Horse Soul here, Tom. I believe you have more questions for me.

Yes, Horse soul, first good life and thanks for coming.

Horse soul, did Creator explain that some of your soul fragments would be used in War?

Oh yes, that was understood, as we all knew that there would be conflicts between towns, countries, and nations until you invented mechanical machines to do the same job. The job we did for mankind is illustrated and even lauded throughout your history.

Do your soul fragments love racing, even with life-ending injuries?

Yes, as I previously told you, we love to run and jump, so all competitions were and are enjoyed. We love to push ourselves to the limits of our ability.

So, you would prefer that it continues?

Quite so. There will be improvements so that fewer horses will be injured, or of necessity euthanized. This is all part of the Earth Experiment.

Will places to roam cease to exist for your soul fragments that run wild?

No, there are good conservation rules in place. There will continue to be areas set aside for us.

Will you continue to live on Earth after the Earth Experiment ends?

Yes, we will, Tom. Then, all of my soul fragments will be free to roam wherever we wish. Plus, don’t forget that Earth will become a vacation spot for people across the universe to arrive and be enchanted.

Do you have hot and cold weather on your home planet or just one or the other?Donkeys

Good question, Tom. We enjoy fairly mild to warm conditions as our planet orbits or rotates around a sun at a perfect distance away.

Does another species on your home planet groom you, or do you do it yourselves, or perhaps there is no need?

Let’s say a combination of both of your latter speculation, Tom. As you recall, we are able to grasp things with our hooves.

Do you also ensoul mules?

Yes, I do, Tom. As I said before, I ensoul all forms of horses, and mules are simply considered a form from my soul too.

[Added next session] Do you ensoul donkeys too, or is that another group soul?

No, it is I, Tom. Donkeys do similar jobs to horses. I like to think they are similar to the little engine that could—small but strong. Thank you for asking to confirm. Some people may find that version of myself not so appealing, but for those of your colleagues that come in contact with us, please send lots of white light. We may have small statures, but pound for pound can handle the day to day jobs humans give us. Creator needed this type of animal to assist humans, and it was easy to include.

That’s all my questions, Horse Soul. Again, I send you white light and love.


This should have been in last week’s newsletter, in the topic of going down the Reincarnationrabbit hole. I looked for these comments, but could not find them.

Theo, are all of our lives designed backwards—last life to first?

Good question, Tom. In a way, you could describe it as a painting. All the work on it contributes to the finished view. But it all starts with a vision of the whole painting. Here, it is as if there is a giant tapestry with many souls working on it at the same time to make it whole. You could also describe it as a puzzle with many pieces that all must fit together, all within a border. As you can see, there are many descriptions, but all the parts must fit together—not just starting with the last one.


For my new readers, Antura is one of those intelligent beings in the universe that a portion of the population believes should not exist. He is an ET, and one of my soul “cluster” brothers. Where my soul interest is religions, his is exploration. He is having a life as an amphibian, after 800 lives on Earth, including one I recently was told was Sacagawea who guided Lewis and Clark on their expedition. You can learn much more about him in my book, FIRST CONTACT: First ContactConversations with an ET. Here are more questions I asked this week.

John writes (edited for space):
Dr. Steven Greer retired from emergency medicine, his MD specialty, around 30 years ago to become one of the most sought after counselors of politicians including almost all presidents (excepting Trump) as he is privy to many aspects of the technology and machinations that are possessed and used ruthlessly by the MIC (Military Industrial Complex). He's also a trained meditation trainer and his approach to spiritual methods is very similar to the Monroe Institute.

I hope you get a chance to review some of this material before you contact Dr. Greer. Your conversation will be much more fruitful. I'm full time at work still and have used my cell phone, sometimes my computer, to view these items and some of the many YouTube videos that are free, where he goes deeply into various aspects of his mission. I listen to them on trips to the store or on walks with the dogs.

My impression is that Dr. Greer has the deep spirituality and drive to get large numbers of people "doing CE5," which is a lead up to getting to 1% of the population into fruitful peaceful contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, who often use trans dimensional means to move about and contact Dr. Steven Greerus. (Most of these means of transportation produce EMF radiation that can be detected by available detectors. I use one that detects both electrical and magnetic energy and is "directional" in that it registers when you point it at a source of energy.)

Since I got my EMF detector, I take it with me everywhere, especially on dog walks through ordinary neighborhoods. I'll sometimes find places where there is like a wall of radiation, at fairly high levels, that begins abruptly and also ends abruptly. The skies are always cloudy when this happens. I don't feel anything going into these zones, but my detector does and it starts to chatter rapidly indicating high levels of this kind of EMF radiation. Usually the clouds above are nondescript, but occasionally there is a bright spot among the clouds that make me very curious.

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. I was walking all 3 dogs just before sunup, with a dark sky. About a block from my home my RF meter, pointing at the sky, lit up and started to click madly. I looked up in the clear sky and saw one UFO after another come out of "something" in space, just appear, and start to fly off to the south in formation with the one just before. About 25 of these "appearances" and fly-offs took place. It was over a mile away and the object RF Meterseemed like a bright point of light—no saucer shape or anything like that. The speed it traveled away from the "launch" site was about 5 times what a commercial airliner would travel at. No sharp turns—just a long string of points of light flying in formation.

The RF (radio frequency) meter was going crazy this whole time, but after the last "point of light" was out of sight, the meter went dead—no detection.
Yes, this could be advanced military weaponry. Maybe extraterrestrial, maybe not. No way to tell. But it was "unidentified" and not normal aircraft.

The type of radio frequency that caused the detector activity was “magnetic field emission,” which is the type that is associated with antigravity propulsion systems. Jet engines don't create this radiation signature.

Antura, were the crafts John saw, which appeared to launch out of a hole in the sky, ET craft, or drones?

They were launched from a medium-sized spacecraft hidden from view by cloaking, Tom. These were drones. They were starting a normal mission of gathering readings.

More questions from Mantej in the UK about Valiant Thor.

Antura, what did Valiant Thor, along with his group, do on Christmas day?

They knew they could disappear for a while and not be missed.

Did Ike ask if the moon and Mars were also inhabited?

Yes, and he was told no.

How would Valiant deal with an arrogant or egotistical person.

Quite easily as don’t forget he was a master at negotiations.Stranger at the Pentagon

Antura, did Valiant just pick a day to celebrate his birthday?

No, Tom, it corresponded to his birthdate in the Pleiades. But it also corresponded to their mission on Earth.

What name did he use to open a bank account with?

A version of his name, Tom.

Did Valiant show Ike his fake money?

He had no reason to do that, Tom.

Did Ike call scientists to study Valiant’s ship?

No, Valiant was very protective of its location. Word would have quickly spread.

How many children does Valiant have, if any?

Two, Tom.

Were they born before or after his time on Earth?

After. Even on other planets people have their reasons for choosing to have children and when to have them, or not have children. He is a good father.


These two stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

Kate writes: About 6 months ago I started doing a BP each time I let my cats out to keep them safe, have them enjoy their time outside, and come back in perfect timing. Since doing this, my cats ALWAYS appear at the perfect time! I work from home and have to make calls at certain times and it can be tough to let Cats Outsidethem out knowing it might be a while before I can let them in again. But they love getting outside into the sunshine, so thanks to BPs I never have to worry. I let them out, say my BP, and then - without fail - I see their cute little faces appear at the sliding door right before my next call. It is pure magic and I love it!

I also use BPs and MBOs for my dog. When we first adopted him he had some behavioral issues, so I did an MBO to find the perfect trainer. At first I was going to send him to an intensive, away-from-home boarding situation that was going to cost us thousands. But soon after my MBO, we found a trainer at the local pet supply place that "by chance" was having a big sale on training sessions. I wasn't sure it would be enough, but he's made amazing progress and we saved sooo much money and stress!

I always say an MBO to have the most effective training session possible before each visit and I know it's made a positive difference. We also "just happened" to see significant changes in Scooby before we were forced to put a pause on the sessions due to COVID-19. I now feel like my life is divinely timed and it's all due to the Gentle Way!

I have not adopted a pet since learning about the Gentle Way, but when I do go to the shelter or seek out a new pet to adopt, you know I'll be doing an MBO first to ensure it all goes smoothly!


Jerry and Rae write: Following is our most recent successes using the MBO mantra. For all our trips, we start them off with MBOs for safe travel and that all travelers we encounter are aware of their surroundings and are safe. In addition, I always add a bubble of white light around our Motor Coach. We left our home in NM on March 5 and headed to Sherman, TX, to celebrate our granddaughter’s first birthday. We had heard about the COVID-19 in China, but were not concerned. All worked out well; we were able to get a spot at the RV Park near my son and all the family gathered and had a wonderful celebration without any issues.

MotorhomeWe left Sherman, TX, on March 9th heading to Fredericksburg, TX, according to our original plans. We returned a rented a car in McKinney, TX, and then were traveling through Dallas.
Said our MBOs for a safe and quick journey through the Dallas morning traffic, which can be hair-raising at times, particularly in an RV. We made the trip through Dallas in 8 o’clock rush hour traffic without any issues with the traffic flowing in our favor. About this time, we got word that my wife’s (Rae), brother who lives alone in Danville, KY, was not doing well, and thus we made a last minute change of plans to travel to see how he was doing. Now, at this time getting an RV Park on short notice is not such an easy task, we said our MBOs and the parks fell into place with our 3-day trip, the MBO worked!!!

We had arranged for a 2-week stay at “My Old Kentucky Home State Park” and found that places were starting to close because of COVID-19; with MBO having been said, we were able to get a slot at the state park with only a couple Old Kentucky Home State Parkof other campers. We discovered that many reservations had been cancelled. A visit to the doctor with Rae’s brother initiated the need to transfer him to a nursing home as he could no longer live alone safely. Here MBOs worked as the doctor’s office had not closed yet due to the virus and we were able to get the doctor’s orders to place him in a nursing home. While working on making the arrangements, the Governor closed nursing homes for new admissions and the state parks were also closed. We were advised at 10:00 that we needed to leave the state park by 3:00pm that day, so we had to find a new RV park. Again, with MBOs said, we found a County RV Park open and accepting new arrivals, which worked out even better as the park was closer to her brother and a cousin lives just a 1/2 mile away, MBOs really work people!!!!!!!!

Once the nursing home closed all admissions, we had to wait it out, but our stay at the new location had open and convenient grocery and takeout food sources. In addition, we were able to pick up a new car rental at a reduced rate. We continued saying MBOs for all to work out and when the nursing homes opened back up on April 20th, we were told her brother was first on the list to be accepted; again, MBOs worked!!! Yesterday, we got her brother admitted to theNursing Home nursing home, and the care they offer is better than we could have hoped for.

The moving and cleaning part is still in progress and we were concerned as many businesses are closed and trying to donate furniture and household items seemed impossible. But, a friend of Rae’s brother knew someone who operated a resale store, but the store was not open. The owner was contacted, but had no way of picking up the furniture, which usually occurs in normal times. If we could get the furniture to the location, the owner would open the facility for the donated items to be received. The neighbor of Rae’s brother is a young man who has been laid off from his job due to the virus shutdown. He offered to help move the furniture with a co-worker who owns a truck. So, the plans have been made for the furniture to be moved this Monday and the owner of the resale shop will meet us at the store. And, by the way, through all this our GAs were sending us messages to encourage us by finding pennies, dimes and quarters. The last penny found was a new penny on the day Rae’s brother was admitted to the nursing home and our GA told us that it was a new penny for the new chapter beginning in his life.
We are confident as we make our return trip to NM that our MBOs will keep us safe.


Severine writes from China: I hope you are well. Here is a part 2 question for Gaia this time. As a mom of a 10 month old baby, I need Gaia’s suggestions; even if she does not really like to give health advice, I’ll give it a shot. This is about baby sleeping training.

There are 2 kinds of sleep training:

Called the “Cry it out.”Baby Crying

It is basically leaving the baby crying for several minutes until they get exhausted. Although effective parents will be able to sleep soon after a few days, this technique is criticized by other authors who consider it cruel. It may negatively impact the baby’s sense of security and safety.

Can Gaia confirm it is harmful?

“Gentle sleep training”

Wait until the baby is drowsy and put them in the crib; you need to repeat this several times for several weeks, until it is accepted. It is a slower process. Does Gaia agree with method 2 like me?

Human birth process vs animal:

Do other mammals feel physical during childbirth? If so, why does it seem Placentaquicker than humans?

Why are we humans the only mammal that bleeds so much during the birth process? Is it a defect or a blessing from our design?

Gaia, as a basic technique, is the “Cry it Out” or “Gentle Sleep Training” better?

Gentle she goes, Tom. Send the baby love from your heart. Wrap the baby in loving light. The baby will feel that love and light you send—I guarantee it.

Do other mammals feel pain in childbirth as do humans? And why do we bleed so much—a defect or design?

There is some pain, Tom. They just don’t express it as do humans. There are reasons for the bleeding—the placenta. This was used more in olden times, but the placenta has many nutrients – more than are recognized in modern times. This needs more study by those who study the birthing process.


Mantej writes: WW1 soldier foresaw own death in Battle of the Somme model he built.

Why was British Soldier Captain Duncan Martin’s soul contract to foresee his Battle of Sommeown death in WW1 with the model he built? Click here.

Theo, why was British Captain Duncan Martin’s soul contract to see his death in WWI?

Precognition happens for many of the soldiers in war. Many will write home saying the time is near, and that they love them. It was just very clear to him – a vision of the bloodbath that was to come. It helped him prepare. These are gifts, you could call them, to help lessen the surprise when they do die, and when a transition angel appears to assist them on their journey.

Operation Mincemeat

Soon to be made into a film. Operation Mincemeat was an operation in WWII to mislead the enemy by deception. They used a dead homeless man called Glyndwr Michael, dressed him in an officer’s uniform and planted papers on him detailing a false invasion of Greece and Sardinia. So they could mislead the Operation Mincemeatenemy by invading Sicily instead.

My question is about the dead homeless man Glyndwr Michael, what lives was he balancing on a soul contract level to incarnate as a homeless person who would die and his body would be used for this deception? In choosing to incarnate so soon after death, his body would eventually be used by the Allies for the deception, has he cleared up a lot of other balancing that he might have had to endure in future lives since he used his dead body for a good cause? Article: Click here.

Theo, what was Glyndwr Michael balancing when his body was used in WWII to fool the Germans?

A little more complicated life than one would suppose on the surface. He was homeless, so he had that life experience everyone must have on their bucket list. His soul contract was to transition just at that time, so his body could be utilized. He stayed close by, you could say, to see the results.


Charlie writes: George Lucas

Author J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) comes from her home planet where magic is George Lucasused, which she tapped into while writing the Potter books. Did George Lucas tap into his home planet when he created the Star Wars franchise (which could be a world similar to that of the Star Wars world), or does he just have a good link with his writing spirit guides who specialized in sci-fi and fantasy? Click here.

Theo, I thought I had asked about George Lucas. Did he tap into his ET lives for the Star Wars movies, and was around for the war with the Dracos? Did he come from a desert planet himself?

Yes, a little different from the planet portrayed in the movie. He had several lives during the thousands of universal years the war lasted, so it was imprinted in his DNA. If was as if he was tapping into an old memory, but only bits and pieces—not exactly how it happened. Still, well done though, as it helped people today tap into their previous lives during those times.


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