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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

October 20, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world.

I think it’s pretty amazing that so few lives were lost on the Florida Panhandle with the passage of Hurricane Michael. More on that below.
Thanks for participating in saying the BP to protect everyone in the path, as over 300,000 people decided to stay.
I must make an apology for a mistake I made last week in choosing Apologyimages to include in the newsletter. Because I do not charge for the newsletter, I must use images in the public domain. I did an “advanced” google search with the term “Russian hackers.” The only image I found was of a 400 lb. man lying on a bed. I did not bother to look too closely at the man’s head, as I paid more attention to the caption on the image. It did not appear to be President Trump’s, but I was assured it was by the people who emailed their displeasure. To those people and anyone else I offended, my sincere apology. I really do try to stay neutral in order to receive these “thought packets” as clearly as possible, with no interference.
Gaia is saying that we ALL need to send light and love to the Earth each day. Please don’t just sit there and read this newsletter and then go on.
Please say this out loud each morning:
“I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes and streams, and all the oceans and seas.”

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you

Theo, over 300,000 people elected to stay in the path of Hurricane Michael, even with all the dire warnings of a Category 4 bearing down Hurricane Michael Destructionon them. Was it because their GAs knew they needed the experience and mentally helped them discount the dire circumstances?

Exactly, Tom. Yes, you remember in the past I told you that if a person was to be in a car wreck that would either take their life or cause injury, it is our duty, if it is on your soul contract, to make sure you are there at that moment in time to experience the car wreck. It is the same with these hurricanes. If you are supposed to experience a hurricane as part of your Earth experiences, it is our job to blind you, so to speak, to the real dangers. So yes, those 300,000 plus people were able to check that off their list of Earth experiences, just as all those people in the Carolinas recently did with Florence. There are many more souls that will have this experience in the future.
If you live on the coasts, reread that last line. Mexico Beach Florida
Daralyn writes:
Supposing Floridians become sensible and do not rebuild on the coast, what should become of the devastated properties?
Gaia, what will become of the devastated properties on the Florida coast?

Some will never be rebuilt upon, Tom. Many people did not have flood insurance and cannot rebuild. Some of the people drowned or were killed in some way, so their families will simply try and sell the land. If you recall, I have suggested that people move away from the coasts. There are more destructive storms to come. You cannot rely on old models that said a destructive storm would only occur every one hundred years or so. Throw that model out the window. These storms will become more numerous with the change in climate. Now, the same location, or nearby, might experience a hurricane every three or four years. You have been warned.
Stephanie writes from Texas:
Do we currently have the vocabulary to describe these energies? I love puzzles and I want to figure this out!
Gaia, do we have the vocabulary to describe the four negative and ten positive energies?

Great point, Tom. You just do not yet have the words to describe these Negative & Positive Energyenergies yet. This will come as your scientists discover more and more in the future. But as I said before, bravo to those who attempt to now. The list can be narrowed a little more you could say. People have no concept yet—and I’m really referring to your quantum physicists—as to how much you do not know. When I previously said that you were in an initial stage of discovery, you could say that is an understatement, Tom.
Will science learn about these energies before or after we learn to portal hop across the universe as other advanced societies do?

It will have to be before, Tom. That’s a good question, and gives you an idea of why you’ve been told previously that portal hopping will not have a breakthrough until around 3250. The last part of the puzzle will not be discovered until after that spaceship departs for one of the planets orbiting a fairly close star, and which we have previously said will not be the greatest choice.
So, does portal hopping use one or more of these energies?

Let’s just say there is an energy that connects all planets, suns, and galaxies, as we have noted before.
I'll call her Shelly writes: Update about President of China Xi Jinping. Click here.
It seems he’d like to rule for life...
1. How long will he stay in power officially? It used to be 2 mandates.Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin
Even if he would “retire,” would he still have influence behind the scenes?
How long in years before China gets a benevolent/ gentle leader?
Will the rise of the oceans and massive disasters contribute to have a more benevolent leader?
We need to keep sending light to the World. Thank you for reminding us.
When I see who are ruling key countries nowadays, I do my best to say a BP instead of worrying.
1. How many more years of Putin in power? Will he stay President for Russialife?
2. How many more years before a benevolent President in Russia?
As for President Trump according to your last forecast he’s likely to have a second mandate.
What will be the party of the next President of the USA post Trump Era?
Since Trump was chosen eventually to speed up people, can we hope the post-Trump Era will be more benevolent?
Now, asking for my country, I have voted for our President Macron, but President Macron Francenow things seem messy.
1. Will Macron be elected for a second mandate?
2. Is Macron a Freemason?
3. Is Macron’s ex-bodyguard, called Benalla, a Freemason?
Let’s resay together a good BP you wrote for us “I ask any and all beings to assist the leaders of the world governments to be benevolent and make decisions in the best interests of ALL the world’s citizens! Thank you.”
Women and giving birth:
1. When will women be able to give birth naturally pain free on Earth, or with safe drugs?
2. Were natural births pain free for our Atlantean and Lemurian sisters/selves?
3. Can meditation and hypnosis help dealing with labor pain?
Thank you for all what you do.

Theo, will Xi Jinping remain in power 10, 15, or 20 years—or perhaps China Congressless?

He will be a major figure in his country for over ten years, shall we say, but less than fifteen.
What is the highest probability for the next leader of China to be a benevolent leader?

There will be an interim leader for China, Tom, that will be less controlling, which will set the stage for a much more benevolent leader.
Will the rise in ocean levels and disasters contribute to a more benevolent leader?

Yes, these will be among the reasons, but the population will also Chinese protestsdemand more freedom too.
How many years before Putin decides to retire?

The highest probability at this time, Tom, is for Mr. Putin to continue his grip on power for approximately ten years. It all depends upon the Russian population, and their desire for more freedom. He will control who is appointed as, if he did not, he could lose part of the fortune he has amassed.
Then when will a benevolent leader for Russia emerge?

It will be – we’re talking about probabilities here—around 15 years. That leader has on his soul contract to work his way up through the ranks at this time.
What is the highest probability for the next President of the United VoteStates to be from which party?

Yes, it will swing to the Democratic side.
Will France’s Macron be reelected?

That is the highest probability right now.
Is Macron a Freemason?

Not directly.
Is his ex-bodyguard Benalla a Freemason?

No, Tom.
What is the highest probability for when women will have pain free births?

There will be improvements, but the pain of birth will continue for several more years.
Did the Atlanteans and Lemurians have pain free births?New Born Bab Girl

Yes they did, Tom, but don’t forget they both were around for over 50,000 years. You have caught up with many of their developments, but they are still ahead of you in some things, and that includes medical treatments.
Does meditation and hypnosis assist in childbirth?

Quite so, up to a certain extent. The pain center in your brain can be cut off. This should be a decision that a woman makes after studying the benefits and possible problems.
What about acupuncture?

That has been used for several thousand years and again should be considered as one of the alternatives.
For my new readers, in 2008 Theo introduced me to another member of my soul group or “cluster,” as he calls them. There are, on average, six to twelve fragments of a soul in each cluster, having an average of 600 to 800 lives on Earth, while our souls may be having 500,000 to a million Abe Sapienlives going on elsewhere in the universe, assisting them in raising their vibrational levels.

Antura is one of eight of us in our cluster. As we all came from other planets for the “Earth Experiment,” Antura and I are from Nommo, in the Sirius B Solar System. In this life, he’s an amphibian again (after 800 lives on Earth), and part of a “first contact” team that finds new worlds to introduce themselves to. You can learn much more about Nommo, Antura, the original star wars, and even other universes in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with First Contact bookan ET. Here are more questions I asked this week.
I think this question came from Judi on Facebook.
Antura, was the ring of lights over Minnesota an ET ship or Photoshopped?

Photoshopped, but nicely done. Not that we don’t use clouds to hide the appearance of our ships, but not in this case. Click here.
This question came from Connie.
Antura, do societies on other planets worship Creator?

There is a much more loving relationship, Tom. It is not quite the same as blindly worshiping a human as you seem to think IT is (and I’m referring to the population of Earth as a whole). Not being veiled as you are, we KNOW there is a Creator of this universe, just as we KNOW there are billions of other creators. But we also KNOW this CREATOR is a loving, magnificent being, not like IT has been so often portrayed in your many religious texts. IT has great love for all of us, and we can feel that love anytime we wish. So, certainly there may be many societies that worship a deity. These are mostly young, developing societies, but the older ones have a much better understanding and can connect in our daily meditations anytime we wish. Therefore, it is a loving relationship.
Rachel writes:
Good afternoon, Tom! I hope all is well! This is Rachel UFO and Pleiadianfrom Upstate New York and I had an interesting dream last night that I felt I had to ask you about. I was in a field of some kind and a UFO landed in front of me. Out came an older lady named Krista. If she hadn't come out of a UFO, I would have never known she was an alien because she seemed so human. I wasn't afraid at all, possibly because she looked so human. She seemed to know me and talked with me briefly. Eventually she told me she could teach me how to heal with my hands. Shortly after she said this, I woke up. Could you please confirm if another being did in fact make contact with me last night? Should I try to meditate and connect with her? I feel very drawn to the Pleiadians, could she have come from there? Please let me know any other info I should know about this as I am very interested in making some kind of contact. Thank you for all you do!
Antura, was Rachel contacted in her dream state by an ET named Krista, and is she a Pleiadian that appears human, or looks different in real life?

No, Tom, Krista is a Pleiadian and looks similar to how she viewed her in her dream state. They know each other from many lives on their home planet, and Krista wanted to remind her of her origin, now that she is allowed to. That is something we have not yet discussed. After Pleiadian depictionthe harmonic convergence, and especially after you all moved into the fifth focus, you could say the rules were loosened so that your home worlds could initiate contact with you, but mostly on a subliminal basis—not by, let’s say, walking up to your front door and knocking and saying, “Guess who, I’m your long lost relative.” That of course is not allowed. So, Rachel can expand the contact by going into a meditative state, surrounding herself in white light, and then asking to speak to Krista.
Speaking of contact, I understand that you have all these instruments to study us up one side and down the other, shall I say, but being on the ground so to speak, or out in the field, I feel that more could be done to prepare people for visitation by having more craft appear over populated areas. I have read that so many people say they did not believe in UFOs until they saw one in real life.

Yes, I am in total agreement with you, Tom, and we are having that very discussion more times than you can imagine. I will take what you have said to our next meeting. Will it do any good? It takes a lot to sway the laggards, shall we call them, but they do respect your opinion.
Connie writes:
The car key angels are the best!Key Fob
This week, I lost my car fob, which was encased in a camouflage cover, to boot. After looking for it for several hours,
I said an MBO for the keys, and waited patiently for them (we have more than one car, and my husband has a key also).
Lo and behold, a few days later, after our grass cutting crew left, we found the fob on the back doorstep.

Severine in China writes:
Here are some fresh MBOs and BPs.
I requested an MBO for registration at the police station yesterday to China Police Stationbe smooth with no queue. I was the first and only one yesterday to complete this formality and was done within 5 minutes.
BP for professional project to be successful this week for a friend and my friend’s suppliers performed a great job for him. My friend was having a hard time at work on Tuesday, and on Wednesday they called me, and said they achieved way more than expected, and that it was a miracle; :)
3. BP on your FB page to heal my cough. After one month of coughing due to my last cold, I decided to put up BP to be healed body, mind, and spirit and to return to full health, and it worked, thank you friends. I was saying MBOs daily for one month, but the power of group prayer cannot compare, and let’s keep saying BPs for each other and the world. Together we are stronger! Thank you, Tom T. Moore, and everyone who participated on this page.
George writes:
Questions on Invisibility and Groundhog Day (living the exact same day again).
INVISIBILITY: Does any Government have the ability of invisibility to make something or a person invisible for Top Secret purposes, or even Invisiblein warfare?
GROUNDHOG DAY: Has anyone lived the exact same day over and over again or perhaps maybe just once, and if so why?

Gaia, has any government developed a device that can make people or vehicles of any size invisible?

Not yet, Tom. But they are not so far away as you may think. Certainly they have developed materials that when used as the surface of planes does not show up on radar. But one day they will discover frequencies that can alter the visible light spectrum that will accomplish this. All the major powers are working on this.
Gaia, has anyone lived the same day over and over again, or at least more than once?

An interesting question, Tom, but it would require a reset on my part, and that has not been necessary, and from my viewpoint it will never become necessary.
Shannon writes:
Tom – Regarding this article on a paraplegic child about 2000 years ago, wondering if there’s any wisdom Gaia can share about this culture and how children were treated overall. They didn’t leave much of a historical record about their daily lives and such.Nazca Paraplegic Child Mummy

Mummy of paraplegic child shows how Peru’s Nazca culture treated disability
Ars Technica

The builders of the Nazca Lines cared for their sick, even when times got tough. Click here.
Gaia, how were children treated in the Nazca culture around 700 CE?

Quite well, Tom, with love, just as children all over the world have mostly been treated by their societies. Children are children. Some live in abject poverty, but most are given enough to eat, even if their parents have to give part of their food to their children. Life is not perfect, but that’s what you signed up for.
John writes:
Professional Poker Players
Is the soul interest of Professional Poker Players mathematics?
World Memory Champions
What is the soul interest of World Memory Champions?Texas Hold Em

Theo, what is the soul interest of professional poker players? Is it mathematics?

Good guess on the part of your reader, Tom. Yes, that would fall under the category of a soul interest in mathematics, although you will find a number of people with sports as their soul interest enjoying the competition of playing all types of poker.
What would be the soul interest of world memory champions?

Science would be one, but it could range over several, as some people are born with the ability to remember minute details, as part of their soul contract. Mathematics would be one of several.
Ray writes: EFREN REYES: Efren Reyes is considered to be the greatest Pool player of all time. How many previous lifetimes did he have playing pool/billiards? Click here.
MEN'S HATS: Why did men wearing hats stop in modern times? Article: Efren ReyesClick here.
Theo, how many lives does it take to become a master player of pool such as Efren Reyes?

Well over 50 lives, Tom. It can even reach 100 lives. This again is a sport and attracts those who enjoy the competition, whether with a mathematics, sports, or even a business soul interest.
Theo, will fashions change in the future where men will wear hats again?

Many men wear hats of one sort or another, but most wear these hats in a casual atmosphere. In a business setting, which your reader, we think, is referring to, no. Again, hats are now treated as a fashion statement, and not a requirement in the business world.
Leah in North Carolina writes:
I regularly use and share The Gentle Way. THANK YOU.
I also keep a dream journal and have recently been receiving a series of 5 numbers, all different, in my dreams. They do not correspond to birthdates, my first hunch. My acupuncturist suggested that they might Lucid Dreamscorrelate with the Akashic Records.
1) Do these numbers reference the Akashic Records?
2) What is the purpose of receiving this information in my dreams?
3) How may I best utilize this information for my highest good and that of humanity?

Theo, why does Leah receive 5 numbers in series in dreams?

Obviously she is being told to write them down. They could be lottery numbers, or numbers for her to look for in her daily life. She should request an MBO to utilize any number messages. Keep in mind that your names, birthdates, and days and months all have number qualities. She should see what they mean to her on her soul path. Perhaps she might read a book on numerology.
Do they have anything to do with the Akashic records?Numerology

Only just a little. Have her read the suggestions above and meditate on her own path.
If you have never read a numerology book, may I recommend you do so. You can learn your soul path and much more. It is another tool, along with astrology. The first time we visited Sedona, we went to a metaphysical book store. There was a gentleman there doing numerological readings, so I had mine done. At the end, he stood up and bowed. I thought that was part of his presentation, or “shtick.” He said my soul path was a spiritual master (33), and that my name was a material master (44), which both together is supposed to be quite unusual. I’ve tried to learn more since that time.

Daralyn writes:
One of history's great mysteries is the cause of death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C. Most theories have been debunked. Was Alexander the Greathe assassinated, and if so, by whom and how? Thank you.
Theo, was Alexander the Great assassinated, and if so by whom?

Yes, Tom. A very old story, shall we say. He was assassinated, and we will say by a relative. Read more about him and we can discuss further.
What was Einstein's soul interest? And has he reincarnated yet? Einstein
Theo, what is Einstein’s soul interest and is he incarnated in this time period?

He is not incarnated, Tom, at the present time. He will go another round in the next few years. His soul interest is science.
Pam writes:
Regarding Quincy Jones – Netflix just recently released an incredible documentary about Quincy Jones’ life. I knew his name but didn’t realize all that he had done for the music business. Truly an astonishing body of work with the greatest talents of modern music history. Was he a famous composer before? He has been a tremendous contributor to so many artists. So glad that they did the documentary on Quency Joneshim.
Regarding Dreams – My brother passed away in June at age 69. He was a significant man. I didn’t realize how much it would pain me when he died. We knew 5 years ago that he had about 5 years after his cancer diagnosis. He got everything done on his bucket list and was an incredible inspiration to a large community of family and friends. I was and still am heartbroken that he is gone. I was told by a medium that he and I were soul mates which took me by surprise. (Is it true?) I saw him finally in a dream last night. I was so excited that he was there and we hugged it out. I knew that I was dreaming when I realized he was there and I went around and told everyone in my dream, “Hey this is a dream!! I know it seems real right now, but it’s not. We’re in a dream because Avery is here!!” My question is, when a loved one who has passed is in your dream, does it mean that they are actually visiting you from another realm? I have always believed that. Wondered what Theo would say.

Theo, was Quincy Jones a famous composer in another life?

Yes, several times, Tom, but so far back in history the names would not be recognizable today. Don’t forget that you can bounce back and forth from the future to the past. That means he will be famous again in the future, but he has already had that life and he needed to be born in this Dreamstime period for learning. Then he will have more lives as a composer in the future.
And when a loved one that transitions is in a dream with you, is that a visitation in a quantum state?

Not necessarily. It can be a memory from another life and you recognize them as the person you knew them as in a past life. Or on the other hand it can be a visitation in your quantum dream state. There can be many answers to this question, as the dream state needs much more study in the future. As you were told before, the present, past and future are all mixed together, but left out was mixing in drawing from the in-between stage after someone transitions. They still care about you and can visit in your dream state to let you know they still care and think about you, even if your life with them was difficult. They are able to see the mistakes they made and wish to send you love.
Mantej in the UK writes:
Regarding the spirit guides who are writing guides - specifically for screenplays for movies - did those guides have previous lives as screenwriters for actual movies in the 20th century Writerand beyond? Or are they just writers who can adapt to any form of writing (and feed to their human counterpart) once they’re on the other side as a spirit guide?
Theo, are the writing guides for people writing screenplays usually specialists in just that area, or are they interested in all types of writing—novels, articles, etc.?

They do tend to be specialists, but typically have had pretty rounded lives, where they have done novels as, after all, what is a screenplay, but a condensed novel.
Tina writes:
I just came across The Gentle Way Newsletter. Nice job! As a heads up, you linked to the article Asperger syndrome on Wikipedia which is inaccessible for people with serious learning disabilities.
We all appreciate Wikipedia, but like most large websites it does not follow basic accessibility guidelines. For example, the site has errors in the HTML and CSS code for those that use assistive technologies like voice-dictation software or machine readers.
We created Dopa as an alternative website to Wikipedia,, and WebMD. It meets 100% Website accessibility standards, and is all about learning disabilities (over 140 pages if all articles were printed).

Would you mention our piece about Asperger’s on The Gentle Way page as a resource for your readers that benefit from web accessibility? The URL is


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