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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

February 24, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

Pam asked me to post the following Benevolent Prayer, which I found very well done, so please say out loud:

"I ask any and all beings to lessen the impact of all disasters Tornado Destruction(tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist activities, etc.) on people, property, pets and other animals and to increase the love, compassion, and assistance to those who need it and to stop terrorist activities before they happen as much as possible. May the results be better than we can hope, imagine, or expect, thank you!"
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ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Collette wrote: "I purchased this book to learn Atlantis & Lemuria bookthe history knowing how thorough Tom T. Moore is when he does his research. Also I knew I had lived during those times as well. One can see the parallels as history continues to repeat to this day. However, I feel it encouraging to be reminded that in this earth experiment we are raising our consciousness and more as we are going into the 5th Dimension. I found it a little difficult to read about the warring, etc. However, he basically gives you the info without much gory details. I did find it fascinating about Tom and The Gentle Way life he led and him leading his flock to Egypt. So much more for you to discover. I highly recommend if you feel guided to purchase."
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Lee writes from Florida:
Tom, as with many others, my heart is broken by the recent shooting at the school in Florida. Please, please tell me that this is finally the tipping point and our elected officials will finally take steps to stop these terrible acts on our own children, families, neighbors, and fellow human beings. What does Gaia say? Thank you for all that you do and the guidance that you offer us all.
Gaia, have we reached a tipping point yet where laws will be enacted Parkland Florida School Shootingregarding restricting gun sales and mental health?

No, not quite yet, Tom, but you are growing close to that tipping point. It will take several more school shootings—we’re talking about mass casualties, not just one or two, for the tipping point to be reached. This could happen this year, but it might take until 2019—should not be any longer than that. Then it will take time for the lawmakers to fight over exactly what they are changing, but it will be the start of more control over your guns.
Regarding mental health, even longer, but they are starting to see the Mental Healthtie-in when these events happen. The majority of your citizens are supporting this change, but the NRA and other fearful people are resisting. That is a simplification for your purposes, Tom. But again, this is closer to fruition than before. The majority—vast majority we will add—wish your gun and mental health laws to be tightened. But you have the NRA lining their war chests—their campaign funds—so it is very difficult for them to vote for these laws.

Perhaps you heard that President Trump says he will ban “bump stocks,” but that is not the national and state legislatures. Here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for everyone to say out loud:

“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in convincing the national and state legislatures to enact gun and mental health laws in the best interests of the citizens of the United States, and may this occur even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
Gwyneth writes:
There is so much suffering in the world that it can seem overwhelming. Is it ever possible that interference is allowed by ‘Up There’ in a situation such as Syria where people are just trapped in a seeming unending nightmare, living in rubble without food and often even water, being bombed and blasted with chemicals and with no way Refugeesout?
Please explain a little about what is going on. It just seems too much for anyone to have to bear. Is it ever considered justifiable by Higher Powers to, for instance ‘take out’ Assad or SOMETHING which helps end this suffering??? Thank you. Much love.

Gaia, can you provide more understanding or insight to people regarding those people having lives in war ravaged regions such as Syria?

Yes, we have discussed this several times in the past, but for those new readers, and for those who in the course of their lives reach a point of compassion for those who are less well off, may I remind everyone that each one of you chose this life and all the others you will experience as your soul volunteered for what is called the Earth Experiment. In doing so, you agreed to experience everything the Earth has to offer—heat, cold, floods, storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, and so on, as this is a living planet and all of these events are here for you to experience in one or more of your lives.
Plus, you are to experience peace and the opposite—war—all the while White Helmet Volunteerinteracting with other people who have volunteered. Each of you experience all these things for your soul’s learning—which allows your souls to greatly elevate their vibrational levels over a short period of time, all the while veiled. Your souls’ goal is to raise these vibrational levels to the point where you can one day in the future meld and become a creator yourself. You cannot do this – raising your vibrational levels – any other way.
Part of this process is to increase your compassion for those who seemingly are having a difficult life on Earth. They will do the same for Boy in Ambulanceyou. All this is needed so that you can give your souls the learning they need in order to make millions of decisions a minute throughout the universe when you take over running this universe for Creator so that when It decides you are ready, gathers you all together like Its children and says, “Here are the keys to this universe—take good care of it.” And as said before, that will be the first time any Creator will have done that and of course, the first time souls have melded together to become a creator.
Those people suffering lives in those war torn areas will have great compassion in the future for others who must undergo the same ordeals. All of this raises your vibrational levels all over the world. That’s enough on that subject today.

Mike writes:
I just read in your newsletter about how balancing in other lives for killing insects is not necessary. But for killing a human it would be? Does Creator consider some life forms of having less value than others?
Also, do insects experience pain and fear? If I half squish a beetle, or a Dear ratroach gets into my freezer and slowly freezes to death, do they suffer as much as I would? This greatly concerns me.

Theo, why is it OK to kill some varmints and not others?

There is an invisible line drawn where those species—insect or mammal that spread disease with humans can be eradicated. Then there are those that take pleasure in killing for the fun of it.
Could I speak to an insect soul, Theo?

Yes, let me turn you over to Cockroach Soul.
Cockroach Soul here, Tom. Pleased that you are expanding your view of Types of Cockroachescreation on this planet past mammals.

Thanks for speaking with me too. Do you appear in this form on your home planet?

No. We are insect souls, but would appear larger. I was honored to apply and be chosen.
I assume you are the group soul for all cockroaches on Earth, even though there are different varieties?

That’s quite true, Tom.
Do you have staging areas such as dogs and cats that I’ve interviewed?

Yes, all beings on Earth have some sort of staging areas.
OK, I’m fading a little Cockroach Soul, therefore thanks for answering my questions.

My pleasure, Tom. We all can’t have the personalities of Dogs and Cats’ souls, but we fit into the eco system Creator desires.
I’m open to asking more questions, so email me if you have questions.

Margo writes:
I have heard various stories regarding whether there are as many satellites in orbit or in fact any at all. This article and depiction Space Junksounds the alarm. Can you ask your space pal about what is up in our orbit as far as space junk, please? Click here.
Theo, how will governments solve the problem of space junk?

As you read in the story, Tom, it will get worse before it gets better. There will be collection vehicles eventually to round up the space junk. First, they will send them out into deep space, or eventually destroy them, or recycle the parts.
Folks, this sounds like an advanced form of garbage truck to me!

For my new subscribers and readers, Antura is like a twin brother. He and I are part of the same soul group or “cluster,” consisting of eight fragments of our soul having lives on Earth. Antura has taken a break, after 800 lives on Earth and before his next life on Earth, to have one back at our home planet Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System. Everyone First Contact bookhas had thousands of lives on one or more other planets, as you are not allowed to have lives on Earth unless you have raised your vibrational level to a certain point. I was originally told we had to have a “spiritual life” before these, but was corrected as I asked more and more questions.
Antura is a member of a “first contact” team and his specialty is “grass roots” contacts. He explained he is an expert after all these Earth lives in communicating with new societies they discover all over the universe. You can read more about this in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions I asked this past week.
Norm writes:
We were told long ago in school that the dinosaur had large brains and would eventually (if allowed to live) evolve to be the world leaders, so to speak, by out-thinking all the other inhabitants. Plus, be able to communicate with each other. Some sort of vocal chords would evolve.
Are the dinosaurs on their own planet leaders and have they evolved to Dinosaursbe space travelers? What is their current status?
When we visit their planet will they attack and kill because on Earth that was their nature?

Antura, have you and your team encountered dinosaur beings or would they be under the reptilian category?

You are correct that some would be in the reptilian category. They found that even living on a lush world such as Earth would greatly use up their food resources. So, their forms on other planets are much smaller overall. And yes, we have encountered similar beings on a few other planets. But the majority live on worlds long ago explored. There is, yes, a division between those who are intelligent and those with less intelligence.
Are there any representatives on your ship?

No, they mostly exist in another galaxy.
That’s all Antura had to say on the subject.Avatar Movie Aliens
Antura, what about beings that look like those in the Avatar movie? I thought we might have covered this, but could not locate any reference from past conversations.

Yes, we did, Tom. There are those who look a little like those in Avatar since there are blue skinned hominids in the universe. They come in all shapes and sizes, and yes, some have tails—just not as elaborate as those in the movie. The portrayal was much closer to the typical ET than any of the movies where there are monsters or violent invaders. Those date back to the Reptilian War, as you now call it.

I take it your people refer to it differently?

Yes, the Great War. As there is peace now, more gentle words are used. World of the Worlds PhotoYou might say more politically correct.
Tammy writes:
Is this real? If so, please ask who it was and what were they doing. Click here.
Antura, was there a fairly large cruiser type ET craft over Florida around January 1 and if so why?

Yes, Tom. It was allowed to present itself and was not CGI. We are trying to introduce large craft for more people to see and video record on their phones. The craft was also taking thousands of readings, so it was not just for show. It had a mission, although it could have been done by using several scout ships. Still, to use a phrase, it “killed two birds with one stone.”
Antura, besides the Pleiadians, are there other beings who look like us?Pleiadian

Yes, there are. They are far across the universe and are not part of the Earth Experiment, and therefore they have progressed in a different way.
Can they travel in time as I read?

Yes, they are not limited in a way as you are. They are a very old society that looks in on you from time to time.
Keep in mind, Tom, that no one else in this universe or anywhere else is working with negative energy. Even though someone else might look similar to you, they only work with positive energy. You will meet these people sometime in your future, but I’m told it will be a discovery you make in the fairly far future.

This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Larry writes:
I have an MBO story to share. My wife and I were going to a wedding. We were told the doors would be locked at 4:20 pm to prevent anyone interrupting the ceremony. I googled the address and found it to be 30 minutes away. I allowed 45 minutes and we headed off.
As we were driving, it seemed that every light we came to was red. The place was two turns off the highway, so we weren't too concerned. Then we turned onto the highway, drove about a quarter of a mile and came to a dead stop!
I requested an MBO to get us there on time and as safely and efficiently as possible.
Immediately after saying the BP, I thought about finding an alternate Traffic Jamroute. I grabbed my phone, which already knew my destination because I searched for the address on my home computer, and it already had our destination so all I had to do was hit start, and the GPS found me an alternate route. We exited the highway, along with hundreds of other cars, turned on a major road, drove past a huge mall that is usually very busy, but the lights were green and we just cruised right through. We stopped for one light, then nothing but green lights the rest of the way!
We made it to the ceremony at exactly 4:20, and we found out that they had no intentions of locking the doors, but just used it as a scare tactic to get a specific person there on time. It didn't work! Unfortunately, many other people didn't arrive on time, due to the accident. I wanted to share my story with them, but the only one who knows what really happened is my wife, who witnessed everything and was amazed how well things worked out.
I have been telling her about MBOs ever since I discovered their power, but once she saw how it worked, she is now a believer!
Thank you again, Tom, for this powerful tool!
I say BPs every time I get in my car, but we were rushed the day of the wedding and I wasn't driving, so I forgot to request an MBO for the drive. You can be sure I won't forget again, even when I'm not driving.

Linda writes:
We had about 6+ inches of snow yesterday, and I have a lot to shovel as I shovel the back yard for my dogs to run around (they are little ), and I have to shovel the city sidewalk and my sidewalk and a good-sized driveway. As we are now in February, my enthusiasm for this outdoor exercise was waning, so yesterday before I went out I said a Woman Shoveling SnowBenevolent Prayer for the snow removal to be easy and free of injury and accidents and even quicker than I can hope for or expect.
So, I went out to start shoveling, and the neighbor’s son across the street, was working on his house and seemed to be finishing up. I said hello, and started about shoveling, and after a little bit, he came over and offered to remove the snow at the end of the driveway which was heaviest as it was mixed with salt and left there by the city plow. I said thank you, and suddenly it was like I was motivated to shovel and shoveled even faster myself and before you know it the job was done. I thanked my neighbor, and after he left I sent him blessings of love and appreciation for his work.
There is nothing like a Benevolent Prayer when you’re tired, beaten down, and the work still needs to get done.
Sandy on Facebook asked this question.
Gaia, if Yellowstone erupts, will it negatively affect solar power?

Only in those places where it blocks out the sun, Tom. No sunlight, no solar power. Therefore, any solar farm, as they are called in those northern states, will no longer work.
Will the free energy machines be introduced or invented by that time?

Not quite, but not too long afterwards. That was a good question.Volcanic Eruption Plume
Arthur writes:
I got an email today telling me about a crystal-based energy which will be wireless, similar to what Nicola Tesla invented, but can be scaled down to meet many different needs. Would you ask one of your guides if this is what was foreseen? And how long will it take to reach the public? Thank you very much, Tom. {Looking forward to the big reveal.}
Theo, crystal, wireless-based energy is being tested. Will this result in the free energy machines discussed in the past?

No, as you surmised, Tom, this is close to what the Atlanteans used. There are multiple ways to provide free energy and this is but one of them.
Daralyn writes:
In 2016, somebody in China discovered a pattern in the forest in the province of Sichuan, made with trees which were higher than the surrounding trees and of a different color, which spelled out Trees in China that spell fun fast"run fast" in Chinese characters. These trees are about 50 years old, but there is no documentation to explain who put them there or why. The suggestion is made that there was alien involvement. May we get an answer as to their origin and purpose? A warning, perhaps? Click here.
Gaia, who planted the trees in China that spell out “run fast”?

Yes, it was not an ET, as some would suggest, but a woodsman with a quirky sense of humor, Tom. But the trees do enjoy the notoriety and know they will be protected for many years to come.
I read and saw a National Geographic story about how they used LIDAR to reveal 60,000 Mayan structures underneath the jungle of Guatemala. Here is
The Link.Lidar of Mayan Civilization
Gaia, archeologists, using LIDAR, now estimate the population of Tikal to be around 250 thousand, and the population of that whole region to be 20 million. Are those estimations correct?

They are a little on the low side, Tom. Tikal and the rest of that region had fairly dense populations for that time period. As they are discovering, whole towns and cities are buried by the jungle that grew over their dwellings when they left. So, Tikal was closer to 300,000 and the region was closer to 23 million.

Why were the people so violent?

Par for the course, as you have learned. They grew up living in conflict Mayan Captiveswith other surrounding towns where the chief, we will call him, wanted to control more, so they would continually war against each other, with the winner taking slaves to sacrifice to their gods and subjugating the rest of the population. You understand, Tom, that this went on for hundreds of years.
What caused them to move away? Disease was rampant in these close societies and war eventually took its toll. There were of course hurricanes that would come almost every summer and fall.

Was I one of the priests during that time period?

Quite so; you were around for the start of their beliefs, as you normally are. It was more pagan than anything—simple beliefs in the sun, the moon, me [Gaia], and then add in a plethora of other gods.

Who came up with the idea of sacrifices?

Yes, it was the man who gave structure to the priests who prayed for their safety, as well as for their families.
Crystal writes:
I have had dreams of creatures not of this world and was wondering where they came from. My imagination or real?
One, I was inspecting a fuzzy caterpillar that had the markings of a white Bengal tiger. It was one very cute bug. The other was a long snake with the head of a flat frog. I caught it to look at it. It bit me and I was Catepillarwaiting for the effects of the venom that never came.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Theo, why did Crystal dream of a large caterpillar and a snake with the head of a frog?

In the quantum state, Tom, Crystal was visiting other planets. As you have been told in the past, most of the time the images are altered, for the very reason that they are so startling people would remember every dream, which you are not supposed to do. And, as you were told before,Snake Head Frog you solve problems for other societies. You are known as the big problem solvers because of your lives on Earth. You are each night directed to assist others who have problems, mostly connecting during their sleep time, but sometimes they are able to feel your presence. Many times they assume it is some god or angelic presence.
I do recommend recording your dreams each morning as I have done, since 1979.  The dreams you do remember will assist you in this life. 

Jyothsna writes:
I have few questions that I would like to ask you and Gaia.
I am scared of dogs, cats, and, in general, animals. I have outgrown my fear of cats. I now feel I have outgrown the fear of dogs. I used to see a Pack of Wolvesvision that a pack of dogs/foxes/wolves were coming towards me in woods. Is the fear related to this vision in some past life?
Can you please ask Gaia the reason behind my fears?

Theo, is Jyothsna’s fear of dogs due to the death in a past life by a pack of dogs, wolves, or foxes?

Yes, that was a good guess. As a male in that life, he was out in the winter foraging for food and became food himself by a pack of wolves. Jyothsna could have a past life regression if desired, although it is not as urgent as it would be for someone who still fears how they died in that past life.
Sonja writes:
I received this last night..........
Maybe you have heard of this man already. This was my first introduction to him.
Only 2 more years? 2020??!
What do your sources say about this?

From a Navajo Prophet - Dennison Tsosie
August 28th, 2013
Dennison Tsosie, a traditional Navajo silversmith and artist, began Dennison Tsosiereceiving spontaneous dreams and visions in 1986. It all began when Dennison’s wife, Teddi, placed a special crystal under their pillow. Quite dramatically, Dennison was guided into a visionary world of prophetic teachings which shed light on missing pieces of history—from a multitude of past cultures—and on our potential future.
An unsophisticated man who wasn’t interested in world events, Dennison was mystified over messages warning of earth changes, political upheavals and possibilities of war, alien abductions, and secret government cover-ups. In this second volume of visions from 1996 to 2012, Dennison was shown, ahead of time, the New York twin towers tragedy, hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the shock and awe of Baghdad, the wars in the Middle East, the terrifying tsunami in Malaysia, the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, the economic crises throughout the world, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, and numerous other events.Dennison Tsosie book
“They kept showing me the date 2020 and they said it’s a date when the earth is natural again. It is when mankind will be living in harmony with the earth…. ‘The year 2020 is when the whole process will be complete. Then will come the Golden Age when man will live in harmony with Nature. The world you now know will be gone."

Gaia, why was Dennison Tsosie given 2020 as a year of great earth changes?

Yes, keep in mind, Tom, that I have changes in the Earth each year. That happened to be the year he could receive. There will be normal changes that year, but as I told you before, these years are all probabilities and 2020 has a low probability, but one that was easy for him to latch onto. Right now the probability for great earth changes in 2020 would be less than 10%.


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