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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then send an email to tomtmoore6(at) with your name and email address.

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I have Power Point presentations on THE GENTLE WAY, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed! It would be about a 1.5 to two hour presentation, allowing for questions at the end. Contact me if you have an interest.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you


Paul RyanAfter the Tuesday elections, on Wednesday morning during my session I asked for an update. From what I received, I think everything is still in turmoil on the GOP side. On the news this morning (after the session), there was even talk of Paul Ryan being chosen at the GOP Convention as a compromise. But here is what I received:

Theo, you had said Mr. Trump’s numbers would remain at around the same level, which until last night they had, but that level was sufficient to build a lead over the other candidates, and then Mr. Rubio dropped out last night. So care to revise your probability of him being named the Republican nominee, as you had said the GOP nominee would be decided before the convention and the only way for that to happen will be if Mr. Trump is the winner.

Yes, as was eight years ago, smaller probabilities have come about. [Referring to the Democratic Nominee Mr. Obama]

Yes, but I was trying to tell you that a month ago, and it would seem to me that when all of our GAs compare notes it would be easy to see this?

Yet, there are still probabilities, if you have read, for another candidate to be the GOP choice, and there is even discussion, Tom, that there will be a third party formed.

So now what is the highest probability?

It would seem that the highest probability is that Mr. Trump will be the GOP nominee, but shall we say, “stay tuned,” Tom, as there will be some violent swings in the coming days.

I assume with the wins last night Mrs. Clinton remains the highest probability to be the Democratic nominee.

Quite so, Tom.

What is the probability of Mr. Sanders being her running mate?

There is a high probability at this time of that being offered. It will be up to Mr. Sanders as to whether he chooses to work within the administration or return to his Senate duties.

I’m not too satisfied with your “wishy-washy” answer on the GOP nomination. Why can’t you be more specific?

Because your soul fragments are still "writing the script," shall we say. The GOP is in disarray with hardliners and the mainstream clashing. There is great turmoil there that has to play out with each individual GOP party voter making last minute decisions. This is part of mass consciousness and the smallest thing can still influence a change at the last minute. Their future is not at a point when we can say that there is an 80% probability of this happening or that happening.


As I wrote in my ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed! book, the major part of the Atlantean continent sank in a natural disaster a little more than 30,000 years ago when a line of volcanoes that bisected the continent all blew up at the same time. It left just a few groups of islands after the rupture.

Originally, in the manuscript sent to my publisher, I gave the latitude and longitude boundaries that contained the continent, which was in the shape of a parallelogram. When the book was published, they left out this information, as the editor could not understand the information. As I said these are BOUNDARIES. But I neglected to ask about the southern boundary—only the tip that extended just past the tip of Florida, so here are more questions.

Gaia, what latitude was the southern boundary for the main part of the Atlantean continent?

Yes, Tom, the latitude you can use for the main portion of the southern coast of Atlantis would have been right around 30 degrees.

Was the tail of the continent connected to what is now Florida?

No, there was a short distance between the two continents.

Was the tail as wide as Florida?

No, it was thinner, Tom, and did tail off. It was not as formidable or wide as Florida is today.

But back to the latitude, you say it was 30 degrees North and not 29 or 28?

Quite so, Tom. I realize you might doubt your reception with it being an even degree, but that’s where the southern coast ran along that latitude and just a little higher closer to the Land of Oz.

Here are the updated longitude and latitude boundaries:

Northern edge:    Lat 47° N
Southern edge:    Lat 26° N
Southern tail:        Lat 30° N
Western edge:    75° - 80° W. Lon
Eastern edge:        17° - 18° W. Lon


Mike in the UK writes: More questions for the newsletter.

RE: Racism in Hollywood:

(1) With the controversy this year at the Oscars about no person of color being nominated, what does the Oscar nominee line-up look like next year in 2017?
(2) Are the majority of the casting agents in Hollywood racist - favoring white people?
(3) When will we see a completely diverse make up of people in Hollywood films showing Asian, Black, Hispanic & Indian actors?

Theo, what is the highest probability of anyone of color receiving Oscar nominations for this year’s films?

The highest probability, Tom, will be for there to be two nominations—better than this past year, but still far from a true reflection of the diversity of the human race. It will take another five years for these awards to slowly diversify, as film companies see the writing on the wall and work to offer better roles for actors of color.

Is this because of the people in the film companies being racist?

Yes, somewhat. They are still under the illusion that white actors have the best abilities to command a role and in the end sell tickets, which is far from the truth, as Chris Rock so humorously demonstrated by interviewing people at a predominantly black theatre. Put people of color in a film and they will sell more tickets. That includes blacks, Asians, Indians—you name it, Tom, and they’ll find their films more profitable. But racial stigmas still exist whether it be in the southern part of the United States or northern or West Coast. But this is changing and will correct itself, as I said, in the next few years. Many people with these prejudices will retire or pass from the scene, exiting the stage, shall we say.

An interesting thing I read in the Hollywood Reporter this week. An L.A. company has been formed to shoot movies for the Chinese market, since China will overtake the USA as the number one film market in the world in 2017. Productions obtain money following trends.


Aravind in Australia writes: Questions for newsletter:

a. Soul contracts: For once, I am unable to grasp how a soul can 'break' a contract agreed upon before they take part in the Earth Experiment. If, as Theo said earlier, that nothing happens by chance. Then isn't the 'breaking of contract' itself part of the contract - a learning for the soul?
b. Who is at fault here? A friend of mine sells tobacco and cigarettes to customers as part of his job in a retail convenience store. Since most of the cigarettes cause harm, won't he be bearing the karma for selling them? What is the balancing that will be done?

Life and death are more the most certain things in life, but even your exit point can change according to how much you are learning and contributing. Because we are veiled and do not know our soul contracts, we can make decisions in our life that veer off the most perfect path you and your soul agreed upon before birth. Your soul knows these possibilities in advance, so there is no “gathering in the huddle” for Plan B, C, or D to be discussed as I used to think. As I have mentioned many times, Theo says requesting MBOs keeps you on your soul contract.

Theo, is there any balancing due for a person who sells tobacco products at a retail store?

Not in the least, Tom. They are simply performing the job they were hired to do. Their balancing would come in the way they treat their customers—with love and appreciation and kindness, or if they were to cheat their customers or treat them badly if they were a different race or due to their religious beliefs. Then there would be balancing.

Had you asked about the people who head the tobacco companies and knowingly sell tobacco products that injure the health or affect the health then, yes, there would be some balancing.


Jay asked me about a symbolic dream where it appeared the market would slide.

Gaia, will the world wide stock market continue to slide downwards into the summer?

Yes, market conditions are such, Tom, that the overall world economy is stagnant at this time with just a little growth in such places as China where their manufacturing and such is in a bit of a slump.

So that is the highest probability?

Quite so, Tom. The probability is over 80%.


I can’t find who sent me these questions.

Gaia, what percentage of birds, animals, and fish will remain on Earth after the Earth Experiment has finished?

Keep in mind that these numbers are fluctuating all the time as you are having species come and go each year. Therefore, the animal kingdom, we will call it, will be quite different in 7,000 years than it is today. So the figures I would use to compare to the species on Earth today would seem quite low to what will exist after the Explorer Race has departed. But by then, the species that exist will have a high percentage after the last group, shall we say, departs.

But compared to today, the percentage, as I said will be quite low—in the 30% to 40% range, and that might be on the high side. It will not be too long in the future before your birth rates start to dip as the population reaches the capacity the Earth was designed or capable to hold.

What percentage of the animal kingdom would the closest planet in the universe have when compared to Earth?

Not even half, Tom. You could even lower that further to slightly below 30 percent.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for the number of whole souls we call Guardian Angels melding with our souls to become a creator?

The highest probability, Tom, would be fully half will desire to accompany you in the melding as you term it. They have become intimately involved in all of your lives on Earth and communicating with your souls on a constant basis. Some, of course, will go on, attracted to other creations.

What percentage of our souls will decide to merge?

Yes, we have spoken once before that a small percentage of the souls actually created by the Creator of this universe will decide to merge back when this Creator goes on to a higher focus, but other than those soul fragments, few if any will choose not to meld.


Antura is an amphibian living on a water world in the Sirius B Star System and a soul fragment in my soul “cluster.” He’s an explorer and will be coming to Earth, I think, in 2017 in one of those big motherships with a crew of 900. Read more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions.

Aravind writes:
For people who have to serve customers, how many ETs does a retail worker serve in a given day in big cities like Sydney, New York, Tokyo, etc? Or what percentage of customers are ETs?

I also saw one of the local psychics in Adelaide, but even she couldn't tell me what the ET visits were for, while I was serving customers (Feb 6 newsletter). However, it might not be the first time I have encountered short beings. I recall once in 2011 at around 4am, I was looking out of the window and saw the outline of a person with long hands in the garage. Shockingly, I closed the curtain. My house-mates told me it must be a drunk aborigine with a liquor bottle. But I had some doubts. Days later, I woke up with a neat but embarrassing scar on my forehead - so not sure if it was an insect bite. Or a botched abduction attempt.

Antura, did I receive correctly that there are few ETs walking around a city or town?

That’s quite correct, Tom. There are none permanently living on Earth. The conditions in which Earthlings live with such high levels of negativity can only be tolerated for short periods of time. Even though you have transitioned to the lower level of the 5th focus, it is still a great difference when you factor in the negativity. So those from the Pleiades who look like you are able to spend a little more time than most, but still not too long.

How was the Pleiadian man (Valiant Thor), that you said lived here for two or three years, able to stay?

Yes, he did remain in a protective environment when not in public. That was a special circumstance and it was almost as if when he returned from one of your space stations after a year there were adjustments he had to go through. Again he, and yes, there were two women with him, all of whom were able to retire to a protected place each evening.

So to get back to your question, there are no ETs living all the time on Earth even with holographic devices for those who do not appear to look like humans.

There just seems to be something I’m missing here Antura, given that it has been done in the past, but not now?

Yes, again special circumstances and steps were taken to protect those that did stay for a longer period of time. That can include leaving Earth each evening and detoxing, we will call it, for one or two days and then returning the next morning Earth time. That is a laborious way to do it, which is again another reason why we don’t do this all the time. It is much easier to sit back on our spacecraft, take readings, and tune into what is transpiring on Earth without having to be on the ground experiencing it.

Antura, was Aravind in Australia ever abducted or was there an attempt to abduct him?

Yes, but his DNA did not match, Tom.

Antura, were there any significant differences in the responses I made on the upper time lines regarding releasing information on the original Star Wars and what I and, let’s say, number 5 made?

Some differences, Tom, but overall the same theme, shall we say. You were tuning into their responses, so your reasons were quite along the same lines as the upper time line responses. But again, we remind you the Federation moves at a snail’s pace compared to life on Earth, so changes come about, but slowly. When Earth joins the Federation in the future, we anticipate you will wish to act much faster than the Federation is capable of acting. So don’t become too frustrated.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Tony writes:
We put our house on the market March 1st. I said an MBO that we would find a buyer who would love the home and property and that would offer us what we were asking and more. And that they would be ideal owners of the property and love it as much as we have over the last 22 years.

I told our real estate agent that our house would sell quickly and for more than we were asking. I wrote out a statement to that effect. I explained to our agent that if clients had objections, that not all objections need be countered. We only needed one buyer; as for the others, our house was not right for them.

We had nine showings, four the first day it was on the market. Sunday, March 7th, we got an offer, but had two showings scheduled. I told our agent to let them see our home. The first showing, the clients stayed for 1.5 hours - for a 1-hour showing slot. Our first offer was from an earlier showing, but was for less than we were asking - the would-be buyer did not seem excited about the house, but wanted an answer that same day - Sunday. We held off, but our agent mentioned to the agent who had helped with the 1.5 hour showing that we already had an offer, but had not responded yet.

Just before 8 pm, our agent came over with the offer for $500 over what we had requested. The buyers had a pre-approval letter from their bank, and had put down a generous earnest money deposit. We accepted their offer.

All my MBOs for the quick sale to wonderful buyers for above our requested price came to pass!


Sue writes: I was spending the day with a visiting friend from WI. She had driven about 1800 miles over the last couple of weeks and was coming from Phoenix to where I live in northern AZ.

We were in downtown Prescott when there was a funky noise under the car. It stopped and we didn’t think anything about it. A little while later, just outside of town, we started hearing noises again so pulled over to look.

I noticed 2 bolts on the rear right tire looked broken - the nuts were gone and it looked like the bolts were broken off.

We called a tire place in Prescott and
I requested an MBO for her car and tire.

We got to the tire place. They looked at the car and came and told us ”you’re lucky to be alive.” Yes, the tire had been working its way off and snapped the 2 bolts right off and were working on the others.

Thank you, Big O Tires, and Angels. They had new bolts, the tire, and everything all put back in place in about 40 minutes and cost about $50.


Bob writes: Tom, are we, in the Earth Experiment, the only ones to experience romantic love? Is romantic love a function of being veiled? How is love expressed elsewhere? On transsexuals: is it their soul contract to undergo physical change, or not to? Is it part of the contract to learn to live with this problem? Is physical change cause for other future lives where they learn to live with the problem without change? Thank you for your consideration.

Theo, is it typically a soul contract to undergo a physical change sexually when one discovers they experience the great feeling of being in the wrong body?

Yes, Tom. These are soul contracts. And yes, they can opt out of these soul contracts, but then it will come up again in another life.

I did not ask about being the only ones to experience romantic love. As an example, I know that Antura and his mate have love for each other and they were attracted to each other.


Maria writes: What can Gaia tell us about this?

Gaia, what happened to the 337 whales that died in Chile?

It was, as is often the case in these deaths, a combination of things. Their souls wished to withdraw from the Earth and so there was this mass desire to return to their home world. Their souls asked for this assistance and I changed their directional buoys, we will call them for your purposes, and they all beached themselves. This was not happenstance you understand, Tom. This was a requested event and I assisted in their wishes. There will be other life forms that will take over their duties, shall we call them, as you discover new species of marine life.

We realize such events are difficult to understand, but I assure you it is not an accident – it is by their wishes.


This question came from a lady in India.

Theo, is there any significant difference in the transition of someone, let’s say, of the Hindu faith, as I was asked about a person’s mother?

Small differences, Tom, but the order remains the same. Like most people in that part of the world, the form the transition angel takes (sounds much better than the death angel) will be according to their traditions, but still providing all the love and comfort needed for that person to easily transition. There are, like in any society on Earth, times when the soul fragment struggles trying to cling to life, but most of the time it is an easy transition as was the case for this person’s mother. Again, the only differences are what that person believes and the transition angel will take on that loving appearance as the transition angel guides the soul fragment up and away.

From now on I’ll try and use the words “transition angel.”


Gaia, I have always had a keen interest in the weather. Was I some sort of meteorologist in a past life?

Yes, in a way, Tom. You were quite versed in more than one past life in astrology, and keep in mind that the Atlanteans were advanced to the point they could control the weather. You were involved in that work in a couple of lives.

How would that connect with my soul interest in religions?

It would not seem to on the surface, but religions tied into the study of weather as the population worked to control their environment. You could give prognostications regarding weather from conversations with me long, long ago. It was a little like you do today, but back then it was a major part of your work. Yes, you could compare it to the Old Farmer’s Almanac today, but more accurately.


We’ve covered before how different lives can be between time lines or groups of time lines. Just a little review for my new readers. I had written before that on Time Lines 1 and 2, I have already died of congestive heart failure. On Time Lines 3 & 4, I stayed in the tour business instead of going into international film distribution, and my wife and I divorced and we both remarried. On Time Lines 5 to 8, we’ve been married forever. On Time Lines 9-11 I had married my college sweetheart, moved to Colorado to write, we divorced and I think we remarried.

I had a dream about the person I married (who I know in this life) leaving me. I thought this might be a dream tuning into Time Lines 3 & 4 so I asked.

Theo, I had a dream about [wife on 3 & 4] leaving me. Was this simply some sort of symbolic dream or did she leave me on Time Lines 3 or 4?

A little of both, Tom. She did split with you on those time lines. You had done your best to make her happy, but the age difference crept into the equation and she needed someone her own age, which of course is the man she married on this time line. As was mentioned to you before, there is a bleeding of thoughts and such between time lines.

Did I ever write the travel book on those two time lines?

Quite so, and it was fairly popular, which has led you to write more.

Anything in the realm of what I’m doing now?

Yes, you are entering that phase shall we say.


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