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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

April 27, 2019

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world.


If you who tried to tune into my interview this past Saturday, the host was suddenly taken ill and had to be taken to the hospital, where he was admitted overnight. We’ll try and reschedule.

For those of you on Quora, I occasionally answer questions posed there, such as Quorathis one I posted on Facebook this week on Reincarnation, click here, or this one on Aliens, click here. You can follow me, and if you do, please “upvote” my answers.

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THE GENTLE WAY I: “thezone” wrote: "Amazing book. Loved what Tom The Gentle Way Iteaches in this book. Learned more about how to live the gentle way by simply immersing myself into that book. Absolutely transformational!"

First Contact BookFIRST CONTACT: "psychicone" wrote: “Thank you, Tom, for writing such a wonderful book. The information is similar to what I have been hearing over the years. You are so dedicated to the truth and getting the "word” out. Thank you for devoting your life to preparing everyone for the EVENT. Love and light to you♥"

If Atlantis and Lemuria were just myths, why are there roads and cities Atlantis & Lemuria booksubmerged in the Mediterranean? And what about the land bridge that connected England to Europe? Read why the records no longer exist, and the REAL history of two societies that existed for over 50,000 years each until they destroyed themselves. My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Tadashi writes: I am a long-term subscriber of Gentle Way. I would like to send you a couple of new questions because lots of things appear to be happening in the world now.

First, I hear that Bank of International Settlements had declared that over 200 Bank of International Settlementsnations are going into asset-based currency (such as gold-backed-currency) as of March 29th. I also understand that there has been competing opinions about whether currency reset should take place in the form of switching back to gold-backed-currency or to move to the active use of block-chain. What is the most likely scenario of the actual currency reset in the near future? Also, how would it affect the lives of general public? For example, would it cause severe inflation, what would be the impact to debts of general public, or any other impact?

Second, I understand that Russian scientists have recently issued the warning to the entire nations around the Pacific Rim regarding the high probability of upcoming strong earth quake and accompanying Tsunami, and that this warning had included the Pacific Northwest of the US as well. I am also personally concerned about this news because I have families in Japan. Although there may be limitation to what Gaia can share due to soul contracts, I would be grateful for a little more detailed information on what to expect in terms of the regions being affected, the degree and nature of damages, and the timing of such a disaster.

I will be grateful if you could include them in the Gentle Way Articles in the near future.

Because I have so many questions emailed to me each month, sometimes Ring of Firesomething will occur before I can get it into the newsletter. Case in point was the earthquake.

Gaia, will the public see a change when BIS III formerly comes into effect, such as more stability, or perhaps higher inflation? Any other impact?

There will be greater stability, but with an accompanying slightly higher inflation rate—but not universal, only in certain countries whose currencies are not so asset-based. For most of the world population, it will be business as usual.

Gaia, Russian scientists have issued warnings to the Pacific Rim countries about upcoming earthquakes and tsunamis. What is the probability of this in the next year?

As we discussed previously, Tom, I did say look for a large earthquake near a populated city in the near future. At this time I have no planes for a tsunami. That does not mean that if you carry this time period out a little farther, there will not be one. There are too many countries bordering this Ring of Fire, as it has been dubbed, so an earthquake can trigger a tsunami, if the earthquake is close to the surface. Farther down, they do not create tsunamis.


[Referring to March 30 newsletter] Linda writes: Tom, Theo didn’t finish  David Miscavigeexplaining! She disappeared right before Tom cruise big wedding. No one has seen or heard from her. What happened?? Who did it?? Why doesn’t Scientology know she is gone? Or the rest of the world!? Please continue. Thank you.

Theo, what actually happened to Miscavige’s wife?

Yes, Tom. He did cause her demise. That’s all the information I’m allowed to give you.



One statistic showed that 1750 people at baseball games alone per year are hit by foul balls and flying baseball bats. People are also hit in the face and injured byBaseball Injury basketballs at basketball games, by golf balls at golf matches, hockey pucks at hockey games, cricket balls at cricket matches, tennis balls at tennis matches and so on.

Are injuries that Spectators get (by baseballs, basketballs, golf balls and so on) to balance past lives where they caused injury to other people?

Theo, are ball injuries to spectators part of balancing past lives?

They can be, but not necessarily. It can be simply that one needs an injury, such as these, as part of the bucket list of things to experience on Earth.


Mark writes: I am writing from Canada about Canadian politics because I’m curious and care about Canadians. A year ago today the Gentle Way newsletter advised Rachel Notley would probably return as premier of Alberta, a Canadian province that holds the third largest deposit of oil in the world. This week over 70% of voters turned out and she was soundly defeated. What happened?

The new Alberta government is aligned with former Canadian government Alberta officials and appears to have questionable ethics. Many associated news stories reference racism and white supremacy. There is a current building in Canada that call themselves the silent majority. Does this government and its ideology plan to expand and control federally?

Also a year ago The Gentle Way Newsletter predicted Prime Minister Trudeau would be re-elected in October. How is it looking for his re-election now?

My mis-reception about Alberta last year is a good example that I’m not perfect. No one that does this work is, I’m told. Therefore, keep this in mind when you read these newsletters. If the information resonates, great, if it doesn’t that’s OK too.

Gaia, does the Alberta government plan to force their beliefs on the rest of Canada?

In a nutshell, yes, Tom. What have we said before about power? It is like an elixir, you want more and more of it. The people in power are fairly young souls and desire more power.

What is the current probability of Trudeau being reelected?Trudeau

It is still the highest probability that he will prevail in the elections, Tom.

Anne-Marie writes: I’m finding it interesting that as each province elects a new Premier, the officials that are the most corrupt and racist are the ones being elected. I am sure that this is helping raise our vibrations, but it is very painful right now. Our Prime Minister has shown that he is favoring corporations over the good of the country; Alberta just elected a very racist, corrupt fellow as Premier.

Here in Ontario, all the social networks that have been put into place to protect healthcare, social services for our most needy, worker protections, etc., are being dismantled at a rapid pace while the money is being funneled directly into corrupt politician’s pockets. How long will this continue? In the January 2019 newsletter, you said that Doug Ford would finish out his term. At the rate that he is dismantling social welfare programs, healthcare, and education, will there be any programs left? How will the people most affected survive? I am saying the Benevolent Prayer daily that our officials make the best decisions for our provinces, country, and the world.

What is the highest probability for Ontario’s stability?Ontario

Ontario and the rest of Canada will have slightly similar problems as the United States. You understand that they need to grow, just as the United States, so their souls saw the great leaps of the soul fragments in the USA and will allow more of this to take place, so that there is growth all the way down to the town level. More people who would not have become involved in politics and government will be catapulted into doing so. It will just not be quite as messy as it is in the United States. Again, we remind your readers, Tom, that they can say BPs that the Canadian government will make decisions in the best interests of their people, country, and the rest of the world.

Let’s all say this Benevolent Prayer for Canada, out loud: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist the Canadian and Provence Administrations, the Canadian legislatures, and the Canadian courts to make decisions in the best interests of the people who live there, the people of the world, and the planet, thank you!”


I think this person did not wish their name to be used, so Anonymous writes: Sorry to ask you this question, but I must admit that I despair every time I hear the news.

Since it looks like Trump will get away with everything he has ever done, and President Trumpsince you already told us that he will be voted in again during the 2020 elections, will he try to become a lifelong President? I can easily see that he might resist stepping down when the time comes, since the justice system has dictated that the President cannot be tried for anything while he is in office, and he is literally above the law because of his wealth and position.

Gaia, how will history view him and his presidency? How will history view the GOP during this time?

That’s an easy one, Tom. Very mixed. We could easily say not well, but that would not be encompassing enough a judgment.

As we have said before, Mr. Trump is still a young soul in terms of Earth lives. GOPEven being the leader of a small country as a young soul would be difficult, much less a major one such as the United States. But typically history will point out the many mistakes Mr. Trump and his Administration made during this time period and, bottom line, his presidency will go down as one of the weakest and most confused presidencies in the history of the United States. There will be a few things he will be given credit for, but many more mistakes. From a soul perspective, many younger souls are getting experience that they would never have gotten, had a Democrat been elected.

Regarding the GOP, ah, where to begin… They have power, and had power, but are mired in backing an ineffectual President. There are no strong leaders there, so they are damned trying to make the best out of a party that is in great conflict internally.

There is no danger in Trump trying to grab a third term is there?

Not in the least, Tom.


Antura is an ET, introduced to me 2008 as a member of my soul group or “cluster.” He’s an amphibian from Nommo, a water world in the Sirius B Star System. He is slightly similar to the Abe Sapien character in the Hellboy movies. Abe SapienExceptions include only one gill behind his ear and small in appearance, four toes and four fingers, and a tail. One finger is offset on each hand at the bottom of his hand, used for grasping or holding things. He describes his skin as being more like a dolphin's. You can read much more about his description in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.

Originally, he told me that the mothership he’s on now is one mile in width. It’s actually three miles in width, with eleven decks and is twenty stories high. He didn’t want to scare us with a more accurate description early on. He and Theo call it “spoon feeding,” according to what they think we’ll accept. This is the largest-sized ET ship allowed near Earth. There are actually much larger ships that would be more in the Death Star category of the Star Wars movies—just in different shapes—not necessarily round. Here are more questions I asked this past week.

Cheryl writes:
Could you please ask Gaia about a past life. I have a memory of Man with Camel and Pyramidsbeing a man walking along the Nile and looking at the Pyramids in the distance. I was a farmer who looked after the date palms. That's all I could consciously remember. Then I had a past life regression based on Dolores Cannon's work. In it, I discovered that during that life, together with some other farmers we had realized that the Pharaoh was not the god we thought he was, but was actually a puppet of the Priests.

Then we discovered that the Priests were not human, but reptilian. They were not in Human bodies, but were projecting a camouflage screen when in public. Somehow we knew that the Priests wanted the Pharaoh to invade another country for their gold and precious minerals, but that he did not want to go. He eventually left, but came back dead. We thought the Priests had organized his death so they could install a more pliant Pharaoh. We were all terrified and never spoke of it again. After the hypnosis session, I googled Pharaohs who had died in battle. I came across 2015 National Geographic article about Pharaoh Senebkay who had been brutally killed by trained soldiers. He lived between 1650BC and 1550BC and his tomb had just been discovered in 2014. Was all this accurate?

Antura, were any reptilians posing as priests in ancient Egypt, and if so, how Anunwere they outed?

There is confusion here, Tom, as some of their first lives on Earth as humans were back in ancient Egypt. They still had the reptilian energy, and on a subconscious and even conscious level those souls that had been in fear for their lives on other worlds could sense or feel this reptilian energy. They had chosen these lives – meaning the Reptilians, thinking that would be an easy way to conquer, but the rules of having Earth lives are much different, and balancing must occur. You might say there was a period of adjustment.

Shirley writes: Could you please ask Theo what was the light I saw in the sky this morning between 6am and 6:30am. I know it was not a plane because it just stood there. I tried to take a pic with my phone camera, but it did not pick it up. Thank you kindly.

Antura, was that an ET ship Shirley saw on 4/19/19 between 6 and 6:30 am and if so whose?

It was, Tom. It was just another space ship doing its duty of taking readings. It was a Federation ship, but not one that you would immediately connect with.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way! You can now, for the first time, sign up to receive notification of the Blog, along with a link.Cat on Roof

Lee in Cincinnati writes: Early one morning I opened the window for my cat to sniff the fresh air. It was still dark outside. Unbeknownst to me, the window cleaners had removed the screen the previous day, and my cat jumped out the second-story window onto the porch roof below. I leaned out the window to try to grab him, but he slipped away and started exploring the edge of the roof. He disappeared around the corner, and wouldn’t come when I called. So I said an MBO for him to come to me. Almost immediately, my cat returned and let me lift him back inside. I was so grateful and appreciative, and thanked my spiritual helpers!

My daily MBO is:

“I ask for a most benevolent outcome for this day, and may all my quantum slices be synchronized to my highest vibration. May the outcome be better than I hoped for or expected. Thank you.”

Car sale
Elizabeth writes: I had my heart set on a specific vehicle at a specific price; was on the marketplace looking for about two weeks and was getting discouraged. Said an extra MBO, and the exact car, at the exact price, one owner, popped up about ten miles from my house. I grabbed it up and am very happy. They even drove it to my house for me.


Siddharth writes from Bangalore, India: I am at a business trip in Bangalore Medicine Pill Containerthis week. I take a medicine every day. I was looking to take it today (first time in trip), but was unable to find it in the usual places, in my travel bags. I said an MBO, and quickly I was inspired to look at a different place, and I found the medicine! I took the medicine and put it back in its usual place in the bag.


Herman writes: I have a question, which I don't think I will find an answer somewhere else.

I am a user of a Rife therapy machine that uses frequencies to help heal a Rife Machineperson. We have set frequencies that we always use. With the Schumann resonance moving up the scale every day, I was wondering if the Rife frequencies should move up as well, to achieve an effective healing.

Thanks for your newsletter, it is my weekly highlight.

Gaia, should the Rife frequencies increase in order to achieve an effective healing?

Yes, that is the problem with the Rife, and similar machines. They are calculated according to one set of frequencies, but these frequencies modulate. That is why they seem to perfectly cure a condition at one time, and then not at another, due to the modulation. If it does not seem to work, then requesting an MBO, see if an adjustment will increase the effectiveness.


Theo, how many of the 95 lives will be as a woman?

Good question, Tom. Slightly over half. I know you thought it would be about equal, but not quite.

Is that number of lives to come 95, 97, 100, or what?Reincarnation depiction

More, Tom. I am not to give you that number at this time. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Even knowing you have 95 was a jolt to your system.

[Next session]

Theo, now that I am over the “shock” to my system, as you described it—I look at it as more of a surprise—how many more lives will I have—a total of 1,200, 1,300, 1,400, or more?

Certainly not more, Tom. Let’s put it at around the 1,300 mark. That may seem a lot, but you will touch many people along the way, and as you were told before, your soul wishes you to be around all the way to the end, when the Explorer Race departs Earth [7,000 years from now]. There are many lives where you will help lead the way, and if not leading, influencing those leading, to continue in the right direction.

How many of those lives will be in what we consider the past?

Not half, Tom, but certainly a number of lives, as you can sometimes be of great assistance to those who are in positions of authority.

So, I am receiving correctly this morning?

Quite so, Tom. We do not want you to feel so daunted by the future. Your soul was given a great opportunity, thanks to your work in assisting in bringing peace to what appeared to be a bleak future for many planets in this galaxy. It was felt that you will, over these coming lives, make sure that the Earth Experiment succeeds. Don’t forget that I will be with you in every one of those upcoming lives to assist.

That is greatly appreciated, Theo. Onward and upward.

Mantej writes:

As you have received that no lives are in chronological order, I just wanted to know how many other people (who channel to their spirit guides, guardian angels, or are psychics/telepaths) have also received that no lives are in chronological order? As we've only learned this from you, Tom Moore, is the number of people very few?

Theo, I’m asked how many people channeling know that lives are not chronological.

Just a very few, Tom. Again, this is part of the information you have received that will be of great interest for many years in the future after you transition, just as the knowledge that there are four negative and ten positive energies. No one was given that information before you. If you recall, we have said several times that the information you are being given now is as much for the future generations as it is for the present. You have accepted that. Still, many more people will read these questions and answers in this time period, and in the next few years.

For a review, for those who have not read this before, or did so long ago, I first discovered lives did not occur in chronological order, when I was told that my wife’s next life would be in ancient Egypt, about 12,500 years ago. In that life she will be a man and a great leader for her people. This was not long after my life as the religious leader, who taught The Gentle Way, had a million followers (mostly on Poseidia), and migrated with 25,000 Atlantean followers to Egypt. She was an Egyptian princess and helped us resettle (described in my ATLANTIS & LEMURIA book). I will be her assistant, but I’ve already lived that life. Our present life is what I’ve learned to call a “set-up” life, to prepare the person for a major life, where I will be a friend or colleague.

Another example would be a friend of mine from elementary school days, who is a retired minister. I’m told we will have a set-up life, where I think I will be his mother, with a years-long loving relationship, prior to his life creating Scientology. I will somehow be involved in his life then.


Janet writes: I have a question for you or Theo about something I have experienced in the last year and a half, and it has appeared before me two or three times. While standing, or sitting in my kitchen/dining area and looking out Golden Strandsinto my living room, fine golden strands about 10 inches long and several strands wide begin to form just below the ceiling. The strands have tiny gold sparkles on them. A few inches out, on each side of the strands are sparkling flecks of gold approximately 4 by 4 inches in size. The strands and sparkles appeared to be dimensional. Is this my Guardian Angel contacting me?

Theo, what are the fine golden strands about 10 inches long hanging from Janet’s ceiling?

Yes, as you, as a society, go farther into the fifth focus, you will hear more about these sorts of occurrences, Tom. This is the second one just recently, I will point out for your readers. These can be notices from your own GA, or they can be from your ET contacts. They are not harmful, but are extremely beautiful to behold. Know that each of you is loved.


Graham writes: Soul interest of Math.

The Zodiac Killer's soul interest was Math and as he was living a "bad guy" life he used his soul interest of Math for his taunting cryptograms of which only 1 of 4 have been solved.

1. How will others with the soul interest of math use math in a bad guy life, will Zodia Killer Symbolsit be similar to the Zodiac killer creating seemingly unsolvable puzzles like the Zodiac killer or how else?

2. Everyone wants to know what do the other 3 unsolved cryptograms of the Zodiac Killer say, and will they ever be solved?

3. What sort of lives do people with the soul interest of math do on the planet their soul comes from?

Theo, for people with math as a soul interest, how is this used in bad guy lives?

Look at the literally thousands of people who steal from companies. They use Sports Mob Betting Ringmath to defraud. Criminal organizations need accountants, just as a regular corporation does. There are many opportunities, we will call them, for a person with an interest in math to use this ability in those lives to balance with their “good guy” lives. [Image of mob sports betting ring.]

Will the Zodiac Killer’s 3 cryptograms ever be solved?

Yes, but not in the near future, Tom. It’s not a high priority for most. There are programs coming that will solve the puzzles.

What do people do for work on planets with a soul interest in math?

That is too broad a question, Tom. Come back with a more narrow question.


Emily writes: JEAN-LUC GODARD

Did French film director Jean-Luc Goddard have a life in the future and if so John-Luc Godardwhat time period? Click Here.

Theo, did Jean-Luc Godard have a life in the future before this one and if so when?

Yes, he did, Tom, but not too far, just enough so that he could see what was to come.


Charlie writes: CHRIS FARLEY

1. Why did Chris Farley die at 33-years-old?

2. How many lives did he have in comedy before this life?

3. Where is he now, Past, Present or Future?Chris Farley

Click here.

Theo, why was Chris Farley’s soul contract to transition at age 33?

There were several factors. He was to experience success with his comedy, but it was the type of comedy—large guy jokes, etc. At the same time, he needed to learn the strains and the physical toll on his body of not only being obese, but living a lifestyle that could not be sustained over a period of time. He has vowed to do much better next time.

How many comedic lives has he lived before?

Quite a few. His soul interest is the arts, but he has enjoyed the life of a comedian. Still, he will have many lives as an actor, plus jobs that are associated with actors.

Is he incarnated now, and if so, in the past, present, or future?

Mr. Farley is incarnated now, just a little farther in time than the present time.


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