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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 1, 2018

Tom T. Moore



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I trust you all had a benevolent Thanksgiving!

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THE GENTLE WAY II:   Lindad wrote:  "I spent much of my life on my own and often left to my own devices, and that has left me often The Gentle Way IIworrying about what is ahead. That would sometimes cause me to not see what opportunities were in my present path. I found this book to be simple, clear and life changing. I am now focused on Benevolent outcomes rather than worrying about the what-ifs...... I recommend anyone to spend a little bit of time putting the recommendations to practice into place. I am a believer that you reap what you sow, and this process of requesting benevolent outcomes really puts into place a bountiful harvest of wonderful surprises that will light up your life.”
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA:  Donna writes:  "Tom Moore has done it again. If you only read one book on the subject - this is it. He is one of the most informative and brilliant new age authors of our time. He has the factual Atlantis & Lemuriaknowledge of Atlantis and Lemuria and has finally uncovered so many questions that have lingered for centuries concerning the true events of these ancient countries and inhabitants. Tom's style is captivating and you will have a hard time putting it down. I have finished it, but will reread it again since it has so much information to be remembered. He has also written other books, First Contact and the Gentle Way series, that are must reads. After you read these books, you will experience a new positive and uplifting life because you "know" why you are here. Do yourself a favor and get these books, expand your mind, and be comforted in knowing you are here for a solid reason and at a time when you get to be in the presence of Tom, Theo and Gaia!"
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you

Over 100 scientists put together a report on the future of our climate changing. I found it quite interesting that finally the scientists are admitting that the ocean levels have increased. If you recall, Gaia said there was a large increase coming over a three-year period. Now, scientists say the ocean levels rose 9 inches. That’s still well short by over 10 inches of what Gaia said. Perhaps the scientists said, “Let’s make it 9 inches, as that doesn’t sound as bad as 10, or 12, or 15.” Who knows? But we can see with our own eyes how much coastal flooding there is these days with storms.
Gaia, how many degrees, if any, will the world temperature rise in the Rising Oceansnext five years?

Yes, Tom, the world temperature will continue to rise as the climate continues to change. That is a given.
Are we talking about one, two, or three degrees?

It will rise a little faster, than they estimate at the present time. More on the order of 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit.
Did I receive that correctly, Gaia?

Yes, you are very close, Tom. Use that figure.Temperature

Will the Southeast part of the U.S. see a more significant rise in average temperature than the South Central?

It will be about the same for both sections of your country, Tom. The warming of the climate will mean hotter summers at times, but then the conditions for storms to increase in not only size, but also frequency. Again, I am still urging people to move away from the coasts for a number of reasons. I will continue to raise the level of the oceans, just not as dramatically as the past few years. The warming of the waters will also increase the intensity of the storms that are created out in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Take that to the bank, Tom. There will be more coastal flooding associated with these storms.
Leigh Ann writes:
There are so many fires, not just on the West Coast, but all over the world. Are these fires being set by people or are they being caused by Direct Energy Weapons? Are these fires related to Agenda 2030?
Besides Benevolent Prayers, is there anything else we can do to Laser Weaponimprove the situation?  Articles listed below for reference.

Click here.
Click here.
Gaia, I’m told there are many fires all over the world. Are any set by direct energy weapons, and are any related to Agenda 2030, whatever that is?

None are set by these so-called direct energy machines, which in truth are simply lasers that governments are working on as weapons, Tom. We have discussed this before, so this is not new information. Agenda 2030 is yet another conspiracy theory without any substance, other than that given by the people who made it up to again spread fear and concern in your population.

If you were gone over the holidays and missed last week’s newsletter, then you missed a great conversation with Rose Soul—soul of all the roses on Earth. Recommended reading. Here is the link to the newsletter to read those questions and answers first: Click here.
Christine writes:
Tom, thank you so much for talking to the Rose Soul! That conversation, the presence of that soul, touched me deeply. I love flowers, they inspire me in so many ways and I’ve always felt such a life presence in them. My father and grandmother before him have loved growing roses and I’m grateful to them for introducing me to these beautiful beings.
Your conversation made me think of questions. I feel that beauty has an Pink Rosesimportant role on Earth related to positivity. As a soul whose purpose involves creating, ‘being’, and sharing beauty, does Rose Soul have any insight for us about beauty in these particularly challenging times? I am also curious about the relationship between beauty and truth - is beauty an energy? Is it relative? Is there a relationship between beauty and truth? If so, how does that work? Does this work differently regarding beauty in Earth’s plants, animals, and humans? Does it work differently when we are speaking of soul, emotional, psychological, intellectual, and/or physical beauty in humans? Does it involve the alignment of these aspects within a being? If so, is that alignment just in this dimension, or across other dimensions, too? Does the difference in how souls exist in the groups play a role in that? Does beauty play a role in the Earth Experiment to learn to handle negative and positive energies? How?

Rose Soul, is beauty an energy?

Not in the way you asked. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I Love Heartconsider beautiful is but one definition.
Had you asked about Love being an energy, most definitely.
Is there a relationship between beauty and truth?

Here we get in to interpretations—on a human level you have thousands of definitions of beauty—and that becomes your truth.
Then my next question would be answered—does it work differently regarding beauty in plants and animals and humans?

We each have our own beauty. To a human one plant can be beautiful and another not—one animal might be considered beautiful in your eyes and another may not, yet each is created and loved by the Creator of this universe, who loves diversity. Allowing a soul to express itself is encouraged in this creation—this universe. That’s not always the same in other universes.
Does it involve the alignment of emotional, psychological, intellectual, Watching an Eagle in Flightand physical beauty in humans?

All that and more, as the non-physical enters the picture according to the lives you have on Earth, and even on a soul level, and yes, interdimensional, as you were about to ask.
So, the difference in soul clusters also plays a part?

Quite so. Each soul is unique unto itself.
Finally, does beauty play a part in the Earth Experiment and if so how?

By teaching you, the Explorer Race, the beauty in diversity. When you go out to the stars you will see a great diversity, so here on Earth you are prepared for this.
Thank you, Rose Soul, for answering what would seem to be deeper questions this time.

My pleasure, Tom. As a representative of the plant family, we welcome any and all questions concerning plants and their relationship to you.
Antura is my “brother on another planet” and a member of my soul “cluster” that Theo introduced me to in 2008. Since then I’ve asked him thousands of questions. Go to my website and click on Sample Chapters to read a couple of chapters from my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. There is information in the book that has never appeared in these newsletters. You’ll learn all about the Reptilian First Contact bookWar, among many other things.
Antura, what does your team do, since you specialize in grass roots contacts, when you are not yet allowed to physically connect with people on Earth?

Oh, there is much to do and study, Tom, as don’t forget your time is ten times faster than universal time, so for us each day on Earth moves so fast it requires us to concentrate at our highest level. There are thousands of readings to review each day and have discussions about. I’m sure that sounds boring to you, but not for us as these readings are like nothing else in this universe, or as you were told before, like nothing else in any universe.
Barry asked about crop circles from a channeling he read.
Antura, have the number of crop circles increased, and if so why? And are they created using ultrasound?

Yes, they are created by a form of ultrasound, Tom, which is why you Crop Circlesee no damage to the stalks of the crop. The sound they make is above the level of the human ear.
The number of crop circles has increased this year, as those who make these are trying to communicate in a mathematical way. In a way, it’s like learning the secret of hieroglyphics, which as you recall, use symbology. The use of these symbols also teaches that these are done by intelligent species, and not some young people playing pranks, as they cannot be duplicated by those who are skeptics.

Antura, in thinking more about previous comments that over these millions and even billions of years, most of our universe has been explored, that’s trillions of planets. It would seem that you would need a much larger fleet of explorer ships to range across the universe than the 100 ships you previously mentioned. Wouldn’t the number be at least 10,000 or more?

Yes, Tom, but then numbers like that we don’t really like to use, as it ET Ship Depictiondoes bring those people on your planet who still think you are the only intelligent species in the universe to experience fear. On a subliminal level, they still remember the star wars, or Great War as we call it. These are all peaceful research ships, although they were at one time forced to be war ships; they have returned to peaceful pursuits.
So, am I still low in my estimation of the number of these research ships?

No. Perhaps just a tad, but your guides were feeding you this information as you started with the 1,000 figure and worked up.
Or I could just be making up the figure and you’re having to follow along.

True, but not too far off. Don’t forget that the Pleiadians also have ET Spaceship Depictionthousands of ships, plus all of our other members of the Federation of Planets. You would think that they would be tripping over each other, but the vastness of this universe insures that will never happen.
So, should I return to discuss the number of ships at some point in the future?

You may, Tom, but go with those figures for now.
[Just before I started asking the following questions in a new session, Word crashed on me (Mercury retrograde!). I panicked as I thought I would have to ask all the questions again. I recovered it, but not sure on my reception, so I may go back and ask several of these questions again.]
Antura, as I recall you said there are 22 planets orbiting Sirius B?

Correct, Tom.
What are the number of planets orbiting Sirius A?

A large number, due to the size of this sun, Tom.
Would it be twice the number of planets around Sirius B, or more?Sirius B and Earth Comparison

Many more, Tom. This is an enormous sun, so the gravitational pull is significant.
Over 100 planets?

Yes, a little more than that, but not much.
Am I receiving this correctly?

No, Tom.
Less than 100?

More than 50?Sirius A and our Sun Comparison

More than 75?

No. For now go with 60 as the figure. Not all are inhabited, just as there are those that are not in your solar system.
I’ll return and ask this again in the future.

Certainly, Tom, I understand.
What about Sirius C?

A number more on the level of Sirius B. So, you see we have a lot of planets in this system of three suns, Tom, with a wide variety of life.
What about the Pleiades? They have more suns?The Pleiades

Yes, and they have many more planets orbiting those suns in total than we do. That is another reason why they have a large influence in Federation affairs.
And I assume the number of explorer ships would be even greater than yours.

Yes, but not by the same factor. That would take a longer discussion than we have time for today.                         
Are there any Sirian ships that are larger than the one you’re on at the present time?

Yes, Tom, but not so many. We have no super ships in what you would term the "Death Star" category. We just have no need for those.

This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and Airplane Taking offBP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Sheri writes:
I also wanted to share an MBO experience. I was recently flying to Medford, Oregon, and we hit a bit of turbulence. I requested the most benevolent outcome for a safe journey for myself and all of the beings on the airplane. When I looked out the window a few minutes later, the airplane’s shadow in the clouds was completely surrounded by a ring of light. I have been saying MBOs for years and sharing the remarkable experiences that give us all hope. Thank you for your work in light and love.
Lee writes:
Went for my yearly check up this morning. I said an MBO for a good visit with my doctor, good results, easy travel time because it was during morning rush. When I had to go get my blood work I said an MBO for a quick in and out and for an easy ride back home. My Blood Workappointment was at 7:20 a.m. with a “be there by 7:00 a.m.” Of course that is right in the middle of rush hour traffic on a busy, well-traveled rush hour street. Well, I am not sure where the traffic was, but it wasn’t where I was headed so I arrived 10 minutes early and waited for them to open the office.
As I was the first patient, they took me in 10 minutes early and my doctor spent quality time with me. My visit went well and everything looks good! She sent me for routine bloodwork, so I headed over to the Lab, without an appointment, while I was out. There were only a handful of people waiting and they called my name within minutes of checking in. The phlebotomist was very skilled and I barely felt a thing. In and out and then on my way home at the tail end of rush hour. Had to make a left turn on a busy traveled road and when I got to the turn there were no cars coming!
MBOs are fabulous for so many steps of our day. Thank you for all that you do!
Laura writes:
Here is an MBO: My husband passed about two weeks Cluttered Houseago; he saved everything! It was getting overwhelming for me where to start. I whispered an MBO to the angels. Today God put in my heart to throw most of the papers and clothing away, and give the nicer clothes to a Mission. I have total peace with that and am not so stressed in loading the car and have no particular time limit.
George writes:
Two questions.

THE MIND OF NO MIND: How many lives does "the mind of no mind" take to achieve? Click here.
WHAT IS THE STAR CHILD? Referring to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey you received that "The Star Child" (the super baby at the end of the film) had "a little truth there." The film's director Stanley Kubrick had a life in the future before this one. So, what did Stanley Kubrick see 2001 A Space Odysseyin the future that influenced what the Star Child is or supposed to be from what Kubrick could draw into this life?

Gaia, how many lives does the “mind of no mind” take to achieve?

This pertains more to those with this goal as their soul interest, Tom. Again, we go back to previous comments that the average person has 600 to 800 lives on Earth. It would occur towards the end of the cycle.
What is the “Star Child” Stanley Kubrick referred to in 2001 Space Odyssey?

You are all Star Children, Tom. You came from the stars and you will return to them one day. He felt this on a subliminal level.
Ray writes:
Balancing for filmmakers.
It was interesting to read Spielberg has made more benevolent films and highlighted more human problems in his films to balance his past life where he was the controversial director DW Griffith.
This got me thinking of other filmmakers in the questions below (considering of course that they will incarnate again as filmmakers).
1. Will Walt Disney balance in the future by making more grown up films Walt Disneywith more serious issues to balance his Disney films?
2. What type of balancing will Quentin Tarantino do in upcoming lives in other films he'll make? Since his films are considered quite ultra-violent.

3. Ed Wood was considered the worst director of all time; will he incarnate in the future and become a great director to balance that life as Ed Wood? Click here.
4. Although considered a Genius, Stanley Kubrick's films were considered cold. What type of films will he make by balancing in future lives?

Theo, how will these filmmakers balance or change in future incarnations?
1. Walt Disney:

More of the same, Tom. He enjoys on a soul level animation as art. He will take it even much further than animation is at present in the future;
2. Quentin Tarantino?

He likes complex stories and will explore more with relationships next Plan 9 From Outer Space Postertime;
3. Ed Wood?

A younger soul you could say. He’ll be an actor and director again, but with greater success. I will remind your readers, Tom, that it takes many lives to achieve a skill. You need to see performances in a theater, as well as on film—whatever form it might take in the future or even past if someone needs to experience learning in an earlier era;
4. Stanley Kubrick?

He had a life already in the future before this life. His next life is not so far in the future. His productions will “warm up,” as he perfects his craft.
Graham writes:
Kurt Cobain hasn't been covered yet by you, Tom. He was one of the greatest and influential Rock Stars. He was the Lead Singer of the band NIRVANA. He committed suicide at the height of his fame at the age of only 27-years-old in 1994.
1. Where is he now, in the past, present or future?
2. Was he a famous artist in past lives?
3. Will he achieve fame again in upcoming lives?Kurt Cobain

Click here.
Theo, has Kurt Cobain incarnated in this time period?

No, Tom. His time is coming soon. He’s another soul fragment that had the rock and roll template to experience. He also needed to experience depression to the point of suicide. He is eager to improve in the next round.
Is he a young or medium soul?

Younger, Tom. He has many, many lives in front of him.
Will he achieve fame in the future?

Yes, but not necessarily in his next incarnation. As a musician, he will explore other ways to perform music.
Karina writes:
I read your newsletter and vital reaction sounds like a copy of MegaHydrate from Patrick Flanagan. Can you ask your beings Patrick Flanaganabout Patrick Flanagan? His inventions seem to be really with no intent of selfishness, and was he or is he the reincarnation of Tesla? Thank you.
Theo, is Patrick Flanagan the reincarnation of Tesla?

No, but a good guess, Tom. Mr. Flanagan will make some excellent contributions. You can read more about him should you desire to ask more questions.
I’m open for more questions about Mr. Flanagan.


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