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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

November 15, 2014

Tom T. Moore

Lost Newsletter recovered.


Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


This newsletter will be late, but hopefully it will go out this weekend. Again, my apologies.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers--Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, is the early season snowstorm that the Midwest and Great Lakes are experiencing now a harbinger to as severe a winter for them as last year, less severe, or more severe?

Yes, Tom, it is a harbinger of things to come this winter. Will their winter be as severe as last winter—most certainly, and “in spades” to use an old saying. Plus the winter will extend farther into the spring as it did last year, except just a tad farther.

So, look for another harsh winter—and I might add—one of many coming for this region in the coming years. Again, remind your readers, Tom, I’m giving sufficient warning that a Mini-Ice Age is coming for this region and the days of mild winters will be no more for them. They may not believe you this winter, but they will see a similar to worse winter next year and increasing in intensity each year thereafter.


Jen writes: I know that we've discussed that we humans have lessons to learn from the overpopulation of dogs and cats, but I also have to wonder about the effects of spaying and neutering them. For humans at least, sexuality is so important for us on emotional, psychological and physical levels. When we take that away from cats and dogs, do they suffer in any way from that? Are they aware that they are missing that part of themselves or is sexual fulfillment less of a need for them?

Gaia, what are the affects of spaying and neutering on dogs and cats? And are they aware of their loss?

Yes, Tom, they are aware, but it is explained to them by their own group soul, and so they are quick to adjust. These animals as you call them, Tom, have this great love of humanity—humans—that is deep within their psyche. So, although they are aware of their loss, it is one of the sacrifices of being able to connect with humans and teach you about unconditional love. One day humans will learn how to stop their reproductive abilities without operating. Yes, it can be done and quite simply, although your scientists have as yet not discovered how to accomplish this. When they do, you will be much more able to control the dog and cat population and, I might add, at a much cheaper cost than it is to operate on them.

How soon will this be discovered, Gaia?

Quite soon, Tom—at least from my standpoint. It will be a little more than ten years. It will be one of those chance discoveries—a truly “ah-ha” moment.

You read it here first, folks!


Diane writes: Will President Obama be impeached now that the Republicans have the majority of power? Will things get worse for him over the next two years
or will he be able to pull off a miracle and restore faith to the American
people? As always, Tom, I really appreciate you and Theo.

Theo, now that the U.S. Congress and Senate are under the control of the Republicans, what is the probability of them trying to impeach President Obama?

That will not happen, Tom—at least the probabilities of that taking place are extremely low. They plan to send a massive amount of legislation his way knowing he may not sign all of them, but that he will be forced to sign some of them—at least that is their thinking.

Keep in mind, Tom, the Tea Party, although small in number, are quite focused on their agenda, which they believe they can force him to veto and make the Democratic Party appear weak for the elections in 2016. That is part of their end game, and they will have more than one candidate with that hard line mentality. As we have talked about before, Tom, these extreme views are not shared by the majority of the citizens in the United States. Those with moderate views will emerge to produce a candidate for the Presidency.

Another note: On the CBS program, 60 MINUTES, they had a 12-minute segment on the former West Point graduate and CEO of Procter and Gamble who has taken on the task of fixing the Veterans Administration. Here is the link:

I mention this as he appears quite capable of doing exactly what he says he will do, and if so, historians will add this as one of President Obama’s accomplishments.

Add to this the “historic” announcement that China and the USA have agreed to reduce carbon emissions at the World Economic Summit. In the Associated Press story, "This is, in my view, the most important bilateral climate announcement ever," said David Sandalow, a former top environmental official at the White House and the Energy Department.

It has been noted before that it takes five years for the dust to settle on reviewing a President’s accomplishments and failures, and Theo says he will be looked at by historians as one of America’s best presidents.

Cynthia writes: I'm so happy you are feeling better and out of the hospital! We will continue to say BPs for your health.

I'm very sad about the elections last week. It seems that those who won have an agenda to never raise minimum wage, destroy the environment in the name of "energy" and the politicians are bought by large corporations.

It does not seem like the consciousness of the US is growing at all, but going backwards. Can you comment on the future as far as the election is concerned? It seems pretty dismal right now.

Theo, what progress will be made in the next two years with a Republican House and Senate, and add to that spiritually?

Needless to say, Tom, it will be an acrimonious relationship. The “hardliners,” shall we call them, will continually force bills to be passed that President Obama will veto. As you were told before, this is part of their end game to make the Democratic Party appear weak, but it also has the potential to explode in their faces when the voters cast their ballets in two years. That page remains to be written at this time, although we can see that probability as being higher than the other probabilities.

He will sign into law several far-reaching bills after tough negotiations regarding the wording of the bills. As we have explained before, Tom, the old energy is fighting hard to remain the same, but it cannot stop progress, only delay it a bit.

What about spirituality?

Again, a couple of steps forward, Tom, and one step back. But if you were to look back at this two-year time period, you will see progress.


Jen writes: I know that all things must balance. How does forgiveness from the victim balance an act by the wrongdoer? Let's say that my brother wrongs me and I forgive him before I transition, doesn't he still need to balance what he did even if I am not involved due to forgiving him? Would he then balance out that karma with a different soul who needs to have a similar experience? Or does my forgiveness cancel out the karma he incurred?

Theo, how does a victim’s forgiveness offset balancing?

That person will no longer be involved in balancing. The other person will be required to balance on their end until they forgive and move on too. This is a very complicated subject due to the many possibilities. Anyone who forgives feels an immediate lifting of spirit, as their GAs and guides are cheering from the sidelines shall we say. We know these times are great for your progress on a soul level. It is difficult to forgive someone for some transgression, but when you do, the benefits are great.

A little story about how I was able to forgive someone. Back in my old tour company days, I agreed to share a 99 seat charter jet with another tour operator in Dallas every Thursday and Sunday. He did not have a good reputation, but I felt if I did not we would be put at a disadvantage. Time passes and we’re filling all of our seats. One day he announces that effective almost immediately he is taking all of the seats. I was furious, as it cost me $50,000 to switch everyone who had signed up with me over to Delta Airlines group fares, and that was a LOT of money at that time period. At that time I said, “Somebody is going to shoot that guy.”

Time passed and one day we were informed that while in Mexico on a drive from Acapulco to Mexico City he was attacked by bandits who did wound him. I felt terrible, as if I contributed to him being shot. I started sending him white light every time I thought about him. It was still hard for me to say out loud, “I forgive him,” but eventually I did. This is something everyone of you can do if there is someone in your life you have a hard time forgiving. Start sending white light each day to them. You will find a lightening of spirit for you.

Oh, and the “rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey used to say. One night someone entered his house and shot and killed him. The police knew his wife was behind it, but did not have enough evidence to charge her. At least I was at peace with myself.


Laurie writes: In the 11/1/14 newsletter, it was mentioned that during the final destruction of Atlantis the islands were, basically, disintegrated by the ray gun weapons (the "Death Rays” mentioned by Edgar Cayce). (“It destabilized the very molecular structure of not only the people but also the islands they lived on; the islands structurally disintegrated. “) Is this why no one today can find any trace of the islands in the Atlantic? (Well, besides being under miles of ocean water and mud!) Was Atlantis disintegrated? What an amazing idea!

And I was wondering, if Atlantis was disintegrated by the Death Rays/Crystal Weapons, just how was that accomplished? Heat, as in lasers? Sound, as in super sonar? Magnetic disruption? How did the crystal weapons break apart the molecular bonds of matter and break apart Atlantis?

(I have to confess that as much as crystals attract and fascinate me, I will not have them in my home! Gee, I wonder why?)

Gaia, were the Atlantean islands totally disintegrated or just destabilized to the point where they sank? And was the destruction accomplished by heat, sound, magnetic destruction, or what?

Not total destruction, Tom, by these giant ray devices, but the land turned liquid on the surface. It caused the destabilization of the land surface as these molecules were torn apart. This is the best way I can describe it at your stage of development.

But was this heat, sound, or magnetism in some form?

It was a combination of heat and magnetism, Tom. That’s as close as I wish to describe it for you.

Gaia, were the Atlantean islands in sort of a cluster together after the second destruction or in a chain ranging down to the south?

Somewhat of a cluster, Tom, with three of the islands being far to the south, so they were not really inhabited, as don’t forget it took many years to recover when the continent broke apart. Had they been farther apart there might have been the chance of them continuing on without attacking each other, but as you can imagine, nothing happens by coincidence and the islands were meant to be within close enough proximity for them to have to adjust to each other’s beliefs. They found it impossible, leading to their destruction.

You will not make that same mistake again, Tom. All of you will learn to live together, although it might seem impossible to you today, it will happen I can assure all your readers.


For my new readers Antura is a member of my soul “cluster,” and has had 800 lives on Earth. But he’s back on our home planet in the Sirius B Solar System living a life as an amphibian, described in great detail in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here is a presentation I made on the book several months ago. There are five 15-minute segments. Over 3,600 people have viewed this so far:


I may need a tune up when we see each other, if we ever do Antura.

I can assure you of both, Tom, even though it may not seem as if things are progressing with the Russians, they are. Just be patient.

Jen writes: I've tried to connect with Antura a few times and instantly feel an energetic response, but do not yet have the ability to decipher words or receive the thought packets I suppose. I believe though that he encouraged me to ask you what I was trying to ask him - how are egos different in societies that do not use a monetary system? I've just been pondering the relation between money and ego in our society and wonder if the ego instead revolves around beauty or skills in other societies. Do Antura's people have egos as we know it, or is that unique to the Earth Experiment? Is financial stress one of the reasons that our lives are shorter here?

Antura, do your people have egos? And if so how are they different?

My people, and you could make a general statement about many other types of beings in the universe, Tom, have personalities, since we all have different interests which reflect in our personalities. It would be a dull universe if everyone in the same species were the exact clone. There are species like that, but few and far between shall we say.

Therefore, my amphibian species has a wide variety of personalities, although those with the same interests might have similar personalities. Take for example those of us who love to cultivate and harvest the kemp we consume. They enjoy their work and can talk in detail about their day spent working there. That’s just one of many examples.

But egos are found in earth humans, since you have so little time on Earth to accomplish so much. You will find the universe as a whole much more mellow or gentle and benevolent, Tom. But this is where in a short time you will introduce small amounts of negativity, which we have spoken about many times.

Antura, do your females menstruate on a regular basis?

They have control of this aspect of their bodies, Tom, and will menstruate as needed.

What about menopause?

Not the same with our females, Tom. That’s a little difficult to explain without you having a more scientific background. Our females can have babies at a much later age should they choose to do so. Most do not as we have found or reached a stage where we are comfortable with this population and do not care to enlarge our population.

Have you and your family had a vacation recently?

Yes, we have—a short one to one of the neighboring planets in this solar system. It’s another water world, but different from ours, so we enjoyed the differences, especially my children.

Did you go by some sort of public transport, or did you ask for your own spacecraft?

No, the public transportation is quite sufficient for our needs, Tom. It would equate to you simply choosing which flight you wish to travel on during the day.



This story and the next one were in last Saturday’s Blog that has nothing but MBO and BP stories. You can read the blogs at and sign up for the blog by clicking on this link:

I’ll begin with one of my own. I’ve been under quite a bit of stress lately due to problems with my web host. We’ve been at loggerheads about my newsletter mailer that he chose for me, but regrets that he did. I started to feel badly and could tell my heart was not in normal rhythm. I had experienced congestive heart failure back in 2006, which took a total of three procedures to correct, but I’ve been in good health ever since and had just had a six month checkup with my cardiologist.

On Monday, November 3, I made an appointment with my cardiologist. Naturally, I requested an MBO for the drive, the appointment, and drive back home. As I suspected, I did have an irregular and fast heartbeat. She immediately scheduled a procedure to shock my heart back to regular rhythm on Wednesday, November 5; check-in at 8:00am and procedure at 10:00am.

Again, I requested an MBO for the drive to and from the brand new medical clinic. I also requested an MBO that the procedure would have results even better than I could hope for or expect. In 2006, the first procedure they did was the heart shock, which did not work, so they had to do an “ablation.” I was hopeful I would not have to have the second procedure.

Upon arrival, there was a group of -I assume- doctors and administrators from New York taking a tour, and I joked with them that they were there to observe my procedure. When you request MBOs, fear just goes away or is greatly reduced.

Everything proceeded easily at the check-in, and was even able to tell the lady checking me in about my Gentle Way books. My wife and I went to the prep room where I got to don one of those lovely hospital gowns, although this one had all sorts of Velcro openings—even one for a heater hose to be attached to you.

I had requested an MBO to not forget to tell the anesthesiologist I need a different mixture, as I tend to become nauseous otherwise. I did remember to tell Dr. Kevin, and he was interested in the books too, plus the Bosnian Pyramids, Atlantis and Lemuria.

I had already said one Benevolent Prayer for all the doctors and nurses to perform their work PERFECTLY, but decided the say one more. Problem was Dr. Kevin had already started the mixture as they had me lay on my side to run a camera down my esophagus to check for blood clots, and had me clamp down on an approximately one inch in diameter round mouthpiece with a hole in the middle. I’m trying to say the BP with that in my mouth. They asked me what I was saying and I spelled out P-R-A-Y-E-R—and that was the last thing I remember until I awoke.

I asked the nurse if it was successful, and she said yes, and I asked her if it took one, two, or three shocks, and she said just one. The procedure had taken less than 30 minutes, and I was released about 11:30 am to return home (with an MBO).

For the next day or so, I felt like someone had sat on my chest. But I’m slowly recovering, and I’ve developed a cough. I’m requesting MBOs for my health, and if you wish, I would appreciate any Benevolent Prayers you can ask on my behalf. Thank you!



Jane writes: MBO from Jane in Switzerland, for a new job AND a new home—an MBO to make a new start in life, after everything looked hopeless....

About six months ago, the company I worked for was sold to a new owner. The new owner changed a few things in the company and we were five people having to leave the company. During the first few months, I could not find another job no matter how hard I tried. I felt hopeless, but then discovered Tom’s books about MBOs. So I created a website with my job-profile (anonymous) and put it on the job-search-websites. After two-three months without a job, I told my Angels that I need "a new start" in my life and asked for an MBO. I also agreed that I would move to the area where they would get me a job. Suddenly I got an email from a company telling me they want me. I had two meetings there and everything was truly harmonious, so I took the job. The salary is higher than what I expected it to be. I will start there in January 2015.

Part two of this: the job is too far away to travel every day to work, so I had to move. Again, I asked my Angels for an MBO for the move, as I had a very small budget only because I’ve had no job since the end of August. I decided that I wanted a certain type of apartments and saw three ads for that type of apartment. I went to see then and took the most beautiful one and got it. I had 10 days to prepare the move. It was a lot of work, but it was ok.

I had no money to pay a big moving company, so a neighbor agreed to borrow the money to pay a private person, a student, to drive. The day of moving, that student arrived and she was such a wonderful, smiling and shining person, I was so grateful. This young student really made the move into the new home with a smile; it was beautiful. So, then I moved into this new home, and many, many things in this new area are better than expected, there is so much more comfort here (in the apartment and outside in the area around) than where I lived before. The bus station is one minute from the house, many good stores are five minutes from the house, and there is a beautiful lake where to go for a walk 15 minutes from the house....

Those MBOs really, really work, and things turn out to be better than we can expect or imagine!!! Thank you, dear Angels !!!!



Fred writes: Robert Temple claims in his book, "The Sphinx Mystery," that the original head of the Sphinx was that of Anubis. Does Theo agree with this? And if true, why was it changed?

Theo, was the head of the Sphinx originally Anubis?

No, Tom. That was speculation and incorrect. It was a ruler, and you need to read more for us to discuss.

Here is more to read in Wikipedia about Anubis:


Jen writes: What makes a person introverted? I was reading about how more introverted people prefer to avoid crowds and if they are in crowds, they tend to stay near exit doors or at least walls to avoid being boxed in by people. I am wondering if there is something about a person's energetic system, such as the aura, that makes introverts feel less comfortable in crowds than others?

Theo, why are some people introverted? Is this a template, or past life problem?

It can be both, Tom, as everyone must experience introversion. There are thousands of reasons why a person might be introverted, but all sides of a personality must be explored and experienced during your lives on Earth. You must experience the full range of emotions from timid to gregarious and everything in between.


For anyone who has read these newsletters for a long time, you know that the interest my soul embedded into me was religions. Therefore, I’ve been around when all of the great religions of the world were created. I had never asked about Moses, so I asked.

Theo, did I have a life where I knew Moses?

Good question, Tom. Yes, of course you would want to be around for his great revelations. You were one of his children, Tom. A nice assistant shall we say.
Have a Great Week!

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