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October 17, 2015

Tom T. Moore


Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Newsletterworld. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then send an email to tomtmoore6(at) with your name and email address.

I hope you are enjoying these newsletters. If you do, please forward to your friends. My goal has always been to ask questions that no one else is asking. There is no other newsletter like it, I’m sure you’ll agree.


I was a guest again on the Tazz and Paula Show on KKUP in the San Francisco area this week. We talked about my new Atlantis and Lemuria book. If you would like to listen to the 55 minute show the link is:

Hedge TrimmerAt one point in the show, I became quite distracted because right outside my window a guy was trimming my hedges! I’ve had many things happen during interviews, but trimming hedges is a new one.

Are you saying the Benevolent Prayer each day? If not, go to the website and click on SIGNS. There you can print out not only the Daily BP, but also reminders to request MBOs each day and the Daily Affirmation. Those will help you take personal control of your life!

My new book, “ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” is out! Atlantis MU Book CoverYou can buy it on Amazon, and the other online retailers, as an ebook or printed version. On Amazon, here is the link: For those of you buying the book, I would appreciate it if you would write a review. This helps others who are undecided since they may never have heard of me or my other books before. Amazon and Goodreads seem to be the most visited.

All my books are sold on in both print and ebook formats, if you wish to buy them that way, You can read SAMPLE CHAPTERS of all the books at

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Joanna writes: I hear that Beirut in Lebanon is swimming in waste as the government was not able to decide which waste company they will use to dispose of the rubbish, due to high corruption in the Lebanese parliament.

Beirut LebanonWhat is the future of Beirut and Lebanon? There is way too much negativity around this country from its own citizens.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for the future of Beirut and Lebanon?

The highest probability, Tom, is for Beirut and the surrounding territory to make some progress, just not as much as those familiar with this country and its people would like. They are somewhat stymied by the conflicts in that region, and until it is resolved, and yes, it will be resolved, then they will be overrun with refugees, plus factions within the country diametrically opposed to each other.

Have your readers say a Benevolent Prayer for these people to resolve their differences and for the refugees to be able to return to their own countries and homes to begin life anew.

Here is a Benevolent Prayer to say out loud: “I ask any and all beings to assist all of those trying to bring peace to the Middle East, and may the results be better and faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Erica writes: Thanks for all your work. I love to use your prayer style. Very effective and fear reducing. I was wondering if Jesus, the man, could detect his lives on other timelines easily, if he could do so at all.

[I took this question to mean his other lives on Earth and not time lines, so that’s how I asked.]

JesusGaia, was Jesus aware of his past lives?

Yes, he was quite aware, although he did not dwell on them. As we have said before, his soul fragment was larger than any other having a life on Earth. That statement may sound a little empty since you have nothing to compare one soul fragment with another, but to give you a perspective in human terms, yes, you could say that his soul fragment would be fully double and, yes, even triple in its capacity. That is a huge difference. If all of the soul fragments on Earth had the same capacity, there would be no wars, and you would have already achieved everything in a short time. But that’s not what the Explorer Race came here for. You came to raise your vibrational levels in a comparatively short period of time. Jesus showed everyone the correct way to live, with love for everyone. You have been trying to achieve that ever since, and you will, one day in the future, I can assure you.

So may I gently remind your readers, Tom, to love everyone unconditionally. Yes, you may despise their actions many times, but just remember that those people are being the antagonists in this life to assist each of you in your growth as long as you respond with love. Even the simple act of sending white light to a person or persons you dislike or despise creates a beautiful energy far beyond what you can imagine. So when we say shine your light upon the earth, we do mean send white light every single day somewhere to someone and you will create the loving Earth in which you wish to live.

Gaia, when Jesus healed the blind man he was asked if the parents were at fault, or was the man, and he said neither. Was that his actual response?

No, Tom. As you guessed, the church twisted what he said to fit what they wanted. He actually responded that the man was balancing a past life. It was not in those words, but in words that everyone at that time could understand. You can come back and ask that question again, but that was the gist of what he said.


Aravind writes: How many civilizations did Mars have? What were their technological achievements? And what is their connection to Earth, if any?

Mars PyramidGaia, how many civilizations did Mars have, if any?

Mars did have more than one civilization over thousands of years.

Did they war with one another?

Yes, more than once, Tom. Your explorers will find traces of these civilizations on Mars.

When will we discover Mars’ cave system?

It will be on one of the first voyages there, but perhaps not the first one. When they do discover the caves, it will make life much easier for the explorers. The conditions inside the caves will be much less harsh.


Aravind writes: Roughly 40% of the world's economy is now going to be covered by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), signed just two days ago in Atlanta. Will this trade agreement prove beneficial to the signatory countries? What will be the short and long-term impact? In particular, there has been concern in some quarters about restricting the use of the Trans Pacific Partnershipinternet to complain about corporate shortcomings.

Gaia, what is the probability of the Trans Pacific Partnership being implemented?

Growing less by the day, Tom. As you have seen, there is a growing number of people in congress who looked at the proposal and are decidedly against it. They will be successful in blocking its implementation. That is the highest probability at this time—well over 60%.


Lauren writes: A couple questions for you to ask Gaia (or whomever is most appropriate):

Fluoride1.) The addition of artificial fluoride, a toxic waste industrial by-product, to city water systems upsets me to no end! Even more so with all of the newer studies showing that it has little or no positive effect on dental health (it's supposed purpose) AND that it can cause a decrease in children's IQ. I searched your past newsletters to see if there was any prediction of when artificial fluoridation would end in the US, but didn't find anything. Could you ask what the highest probability is when it will end in the US? Two years, five years, 10 years perhaps? A BP for us to say to help us bring it to an end sooner than expected or hoped for would be greatly appreciated too!

2.) How much longer until our time rate is stabilized? I saw from some of your newsletters last year that Gaia said it would speed up a little more before stabilizing - are we there yet? If not, how much longer, approximately? I don't know if I can handle time going much faster than it already is! =)

3.) Has the gravity of Earth changed any during this period where time has been speeding up? Sometimes I feel like gravity is pushing down slightly more than it used to.

4.) I read an article published in April this year that Earth's (Gaia's) frequency, known in the mainstream as the Schumann Resonance, has escalated all the way to 16.5 Hz. However, I still see the mainstream referring to her frequency at an older value, 7.83 Hz. Can you ask Gaia to confirm if she is now at or above 16.5 Hz? How much higher will her frequency go before stabilizing? And how long (months, years, decades) before it stabilizes?

Gaia, what is the highest probability of artificial fluoride being taken out of the water systems in the USA—two, five, ten years or longer?

This will be a slow removal starting with some of your cities in the next two years, but the complete removal will certainly be over ten years as there are, and will be, a number of cities that will continue to use this in their water systems. Should your readers say a Benevolent Prayer for this to be accomplished sooner, then it will speed up the process by bringing to light the problems associated with this chemical being included in your water systems. So the highest probability at this time will be slightly over ten years, but as I said, you can shorten that with a little work by you and your readers.

Time FliesGaia, when will the speedup of time stabilize because it does seem to be flying past these days?

And it is, Tom, compared to the rest of the universe. It will reach its maximum speed later this year, but no later than the end of the year. There is some leeway there as it reaches close to the maximum speed. Although on a conscious level you don’t remember that on a soul level you agreed, knowing how much you still need to accomplish over the next several hundred years. Your children and their children and so on will not notice it since it will be normal to them. It is only those who have experienced the speedup of time that can tell the difference.

GravityHas gravity increased during this time?

Ever so slightly, Tom. But only those very sensitive to changes will notice, and your instruments are not advanced enough to record the slight difference.

Has your Schumann Resonance increased to 16. 5 Hz from 7.83 Hz and if so will it continue to increase?

Yes, there has been an increase, just not to that extent. Let’s leave that one for now. That’s not something for you to be too concerned with. Let the scientists do their work and make discoveries.


This clip is from a longer 26-minute recording of the tsunami in Japan that I had never seen before. I recommend viewing the whole 26 minutes as the man recording the video just happened to see this creature while he was filming the whole thing and making such comments as "There's Mr. Nakimura floating by” (subtitled in English). First, here is the link to the under 5-minute clip, then what I received this morning in my session, and finally a link to the longer footage, which is well worth watching.

Gaia, was the white slog I saw in the Japan tsunami footage real, some sort of liquid that evaporated, or CGI?

Yes it was real, Tom. It is a creature in the ocean that has not been seen before since it can be transparent when it feels threatened. It was not a liquid as one person theorized. It will be many years before it will be seen again. As you could see from the footage, Tom, it has the capability to exist out of water, but quickly found its way back.

Why would not it have stayed in the water and gone back to sea?

There was too much debris there and it had to enter back in an area less clogged up, we will use that word.

So it was not some sort of ET?

Yes, there you have it. But again, it does not wish to be seen or talked about as it was caught by surprise. It is a gentle creature and is no danger to humans.

Here is the longer 26 minute version:

The creature appears about 11:10 or so.


First Contact Front CoverAntura is my soul fragment brother on another planet. You can read much more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are new questions.

Antura, were there any abductions by the Zetas or, for that matter, anyone else where they did not return?

Yes, in the beginning, they made some mistakes, but those were very few in number. They will not discuss those abductions until pressed. The vast majority of those they abducted were returned with no problems.

Aravind writes: Can this document be taken a legitimate disclosure statement about ETs in the Roswell UFO crash in 1947? Or is it a hoax?

Theo, was that a legitimate document I saw pertaining to the Roswell crash?

Yes, that was a document produced during that time period pertaining to Roswell.

This question came from my editor Ralonne.

Antura, was that a spacecraft over Concord, New Hampshire, and if so, why could it only be seen with a camera?UFOs

Yes it was, Tom, and it was Federation. We know what your eye capacity is, so it is fairly simple to cloak oneself by vibrating, we will call it, at a level that is just beyond your light spectrum. Your cameras are able to capture things beyond your light spectrum. Another example would be a camera’s capacity to see orbs where the human eye cannot.

So, that was a good question from your reader. This is simply another ability we have been able to adapt over many hundreds of thousands of years as it is needed over and over again on different emerging societies we wish to study before contacting them in person.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Shipping boxesCarell in Carmel, California writes: Thank God for MBOs. They ALL work. I've never had one that didn't. So here's my MBO of great relief of the week:

My next door apartment neighbor passed away July 28. He had no one to do the follow-up of death. One other neighbor was the recipient of all of his physical belongings, but there was no one to do estate finances. Because he had been generous with me, I took it on. I put in untold hours of going through 15 years of saved bills, tax returns, done the shredding, triage of papers, and organizing important papers for the hospitalized son to deal with and carry on to get his inheritance.

As the weeks went on, and the surviving son was still in the hospital in OK and useless to our endeavors, I found myself with boxes to be shipped to the son, and these boxes were all returned, not because he wasn't home to receive them, but because the main apartment office wouldn't take them as the son had indicated. In my 500 square feet of living space, this was becoming an annoyance. So I declared:

"I request the most benevolent outcome that this estate be resolved immediately and that these boxes are out of here. May the results be more wonderful than anything I expected and beyond my wildest imagination, and THANK YOU!!!!"

It's been about 10 days since my MBO. The phone rang today; the son is out of the hospital and ready to receive the boxes. They will be picked up and paid for by the recipient on Thursday, in two days. It also means "Case Closed." This is THE most perfect resolution, and I'm so happy.

Now I choose a wonderful new neighbor to replace my deceased friend. And so I declare: "I request the most benevolent outcome for THE perfect neighbor that suits my temperament and lifestyle, who is considerate, quiet, and is someone I am delighted to share apartment walls and patio with, and maybe even have a real friendship with. May the results be way more wonderful than anything I've ever considered and beyond my wildest dreams of joy, and THANK YOU very much!"

I've now written it, verbalized it, and so the vibration of my intention is now out there in the Universe, and I'm already relieved by the wonder of my new neighbor.


BusLee Ann writes: I asked for an MBO for me to get to work by 10:15; it was 9:53 as I walked out of the doctor's office and there was the bus I needed. I got to work by 10:16. What normally is a 30-minute ride from where the doctor's office is located, took only 18 minutes with a 5-minute walk to the job!

As a reminder, you can also request a compression of time if you’re running late for work or an appointment. In the above case you would say, “I request a compression of time until 10:15 am, thank you!” Then don’t look at your watch or the clock in the car. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.


Therese writes:
1. Can you ask Antura what is DNA activation and why are so many people talking about it these days. Is it important?
2. Who is the Great White Brotherhood?
3. What are sacred geometric codes and can they help us in our day to day lives?
4. Do our past lives really affect us now? Is it possible to clear the effects of these such as past agreements, promises, beliefs? Is it possible for us to clear the effects ourselves without outside help?
5. In regard to Mike’s question on heartbreak last week and your response on cutting or removing energy cords, is once enough or does this need to be done on an ongoing basis after a loss?

DNA Theo, what is DNA activation? Is it important?

Yes, your DNA is changing so that your bodies can adapt to changes to crystalline. It is a natural process.

Is it true we only use 10% of our brains?

That’s quite true. You will use more in the future as you learn how to access it.

What is the Great White Brotherhood—is it real?

Quite real and made up of souls who have your best interests at heart. There has been much written about them, so I will refer your readers to google them, as you say, to learn more.

Do they interfere?

Only in a benevolent way. Again, they have your (and I am referring here to the human race) best interests at heart.

MandalaCan sacred geometry codes help us in our daily lives?

They can, but for the majority of the population, it will be many hundreds of years before their use reaches the general population. There will be, and are, those who study sacred geometry, but even they would be considered just scratching the surface in discovering its uses and benefits.

Theo, is one MBO enough to cut energy cords not in your best interest?

Not always, Tom. As we have discussed before, some people have attachments so strong that they require additional assistance from those who can rid these parasites. MBOs for cutting energy cords is most useful in severing toxic ties with other humans. If the attachment is not human, then the task is more difficult and requires other measures, such as that in which your friend Richard Sutphen uses, although there are other forms of exorcism. It all depends upon belief systems.

Regarding the fourth question, may I remind everyone that you can lessen the balancing needed from actions you’ve taken in not only past lives, but present and future ones as well by saying the Benevolent Prayer each morning. Theo says this really lessens the Karma or balancing, so please go to my website and click on SIGNS, print out the BP and then hang it up by your bathroom mirror. Do it today!


Mantej in the UK writes: Theo said last time that President Obama has "the edge" on UK Prime Minister David Cameron about knowledge of Aliens as Obama has more interest in the subject. President Obama was on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show where he was asked about Aliens and UFOs recently. He neither denied nor confirmed anything, but laughed it off as a joke.

Little ETCan you ask Theo the following questions:

(1) How soon after President Obama first came to office did he try to find out about aliens?
(2) Has he seen any alien corpses or UFOs yet?
(3) Has he visited Area 51 yet?
(4) Has he discussed UFOs and Aliens with any world leaders and who are those world leaders?

Theo, has President Obama been briefed on ETs or is he still kept in the dark?

He has just a little more than, let’s say, his predecessor, but not too much.

Has he asked?

Yes, he has, but the information given was quite guarded and most of the sightings were attributed to the secret aircraft being constantly tested.

Has he seen the corpse photos from, let’s say, Roswell?Roswell Museum

No, not yet.

Has he visited Area 51 or Wright Patterson Air Force base?

No, it has not come up in his schedule, but he hasn’t visited hardly any of the air force bases either.

Has he discussed UFOs with other world leaders?

No, none have wished to bring up the subject. The people who handle these things have it all down pat as to what to provide and not provide a president in terms of plausible deniability.


"Bill" writes from Ohio: Recently my wife and I were on a long run on a local bike path, and it got darker sooner than we expected. We ran the last couple miles mostly in the dark, and were a little worried for our safety. I said an MBO for us to be protected from any and all harm and to be invisible to those who would do us harm. In my mind I surrounded us in protective white light and requested that angels protect us as well. We made it back to our car without incident, but my question is – were we ever in any danger on that run, and did my actions help to protect us? Or would they have helped to protect us had any danger been present?

JoggersOn another recent run, we encountered a man who was clearly meditating next to the river along the busy path on which we were running. When he opened his eyes, he was definitely ”somewhere else.” On our way back, as we passed him again, I sent him white light and imagined he was surrounded in a bubble of it. Did he notice, and did it help his meditation?

Theo, was “Bill” and his wife in any danger on their run when they surrounded themselves with white light, and also did the white light they sent to the man meditating assist him in some way?

Yes, he did pick up on a couple of nefarious characters nearby, but they were kept safe when they surrounded themselves with white light. And yes, whenever you send light to anyone it is as if you said a quick prayer for them, so in this case it did benevolently affect the gentleman and his meditation.

So, a good lesson for everyone, if you pick up on a feeling of danger, surround yourself with white light and request an MBO for your safety. This does work!


Anne-Marie writes from Canada: What is Prime Minister Stephen Harper's soul purpose? What will history say about him? His racist policies, his dismantling of social programs, and his devastation of our natural resources, leaves me very concerned for our future. I know that we are supposed to be moving away from this sort of negativity, but Canada is a much crueler country under his watch.

Stephen HarperIf, as you have said, he gets reelected, I am very concerned about how this will affect our country. It is being torn apart by his Nazi-type policies. Hopefully, somehow, this will lead to a positive outcome.

Theo, what is the Prime Minister of Canada’s soul interest?

Like many in this type of work, his soul interest is in politics, governing, being a statesman and so on. This is a balancing life for him as he is in charge of a country, but does not always have its best interests at heart. Special interest groups have great influence, at times to the detriment of his constituents. You can say a BP that he acts more in the interests of his citizens. People can also send white light to him daily and that will soften his decisions.

Here is a BP to say out loud: “I ask any and all beings to send white light to Stephen Harper and to assist in having him make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of Canada and the world, thank you!”


Hawk Missile RadarFor any new readers not familiar with time lines, also known as parallel lives, we have a total of 12 going on at the same time. You make different decisions, normally grouped on a certain set of time lines—1-4, 5-8, 9-12. I knew that when I was pushed to list Vietnam as one of nine places I could be stationed as a Second Lieutenant while at my university, I chose Korea instead and naturally I got my 9th choice. But I wondered if on the lower time lines had I listed Vietnam instead and was sent there, so I asked.

Theo on the other lower time lines, such as 1 through 4, did I ever go to Vietnam instead of Korea?

No, Tom, while you certainly had an interest in the Vietnam War, we did not want you to have to experience that war firsthand. Korea was close enough, so all of those time lines had that experience and not the killing fields of Vietnam.


Connie writes: I read your article in the "Sedona Journal Of Emergence." I also have your book on "Atlantis and Lemuria." I am especially interested in the information on "The Gentle Way" as it seems to be the same philosophy behind that of the metaphysics of today, and what little I know of Native American belief systems. I am interested in learning more about the healing practices of Poseidon and those subsequently taken to Egypt. I have a very personal reason for this.

Ancient HealingWhen I was six years old, I had a dream three nights in a row. I watched a group of people sitting around a table, telepathically speaking to each other. Spirit told me they were planning for the evacuation of the city. Several mediums have told me this was Atlantis. I was told that I needed to remember. I have never understood why. I also know I was a healer in Egypt. I have seen some of this life in visions.

My question to you is do you think it is possible I was one of your group in Atlantis, and did I go with you to Egypt to start the healing school there?

I am in the middle of writing a book about my life with Spirit and all the many times my angel has helped me. You say that there is a person who edits your books for you. What do they charge? I am self-publishing through Westbow Publishing Co.

Theo, was Connie a healer who migrated with my group to Egypt? And why does it seem important for her to remember?

Yes, as you can possibly imagine this was a significant life for her, assisting in treating many of the flock.

Why is it important for her to remember now?

You might say she is awakening to her potential. It will cause her to learn much more in future years. At this time she will support your efforts, but will also continue to learn about healing in the future. You are sort of a catalyst for her and, we might add, others, Tom.

For Connie and anyone else out there writing a book, my editor is Ralonne Morss and she is probably half the price (depending upon the number of pages) of the editors you typically find listed in publications (they have to pay to be listed). Send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with her.


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ATLANTISAPRIL 25, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015, AUGUST 8, 2015, SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015,  OCTOBER 17, 2015,                                                                        

CONVERSATIONS WITH ANTURA, THE ET -- DECEMBER 29, 2012--JUNE 7, 2014 (ALL), JUNE 14, 2014, JUINE 21, 2014, JUNE 28, 2014, JULY 5, 2014, JULY 12, 2014, JULY 19, 2014, JULY 26, 2014, AUGUST 2, 2014, AUGUST 9, 2014, AUGUST 16, 2014, AUGUST 23, 2014, AUGUST 30, 2014, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014, SEPTEMBER 13, 2014, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014, SEPTEMBER 27, 2014, OCTOBER 4, 2014, OCTOBER 11, 2014, OCTOBER 18, 2014, OCTOBER 25, 2014, NOVEMBER 1, 2014, NOVEMBER 15, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014, DECEMBER 6, 2014, DECEMBER 13, 2014, DECEMBER 20, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 10, 2015, JANUARY 17, 2015, JANUARY 24, 2015, JANUARY 31, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 14, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 14, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 11, 2015, APRIL 18, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 16, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, JUNE 20, 2015, JUNE 27, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015, AUGUST 8, 2015, AUGUST 15, 2015, AUGUST 22, 2015, AUGUST 29, 2015, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015, OCTOBER 10, 2015,  OCTOBER 17, 2015,                                                       
JESUS--SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 13, 2012, OCTOBER 20, 2012, OCTOBER 27, 2012, NOVEMBER 3, 2012, NOVEMBER 10, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, DECEMBER 1, 2012, DECEMBER 8, 2012, DECEMBER 15, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013, JANUARY 11, 2014, JANUARY 18, 2014, APRIL 12, 2014, APRIL 19, 2014, APRIL 26, 2014, MAY 3, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 17, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JULY 12, 2014, DECEMBER 6, 2014, DECEMBER 20, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, FEBRUARY, 14, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015, OCTOBER 3, 2015, OCTOBER 17, 2015,                         

GAIA, SOUL OF THE EARTH— AUGUST 23, 2008 SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, MARCH 30, 2013, NOVEMBER 23, 2013, JANUARY 4, 2014, JANUARY 11, 2014, JANUARY 18, 2014, JANUARY 25, 2014, FEBRUARY 8, 2014, FEBRUARY 15, 2014, FEBRUARY 22, 2014, MARCH 1, 2014, MARCH 29, 2014,  APRIL 5, 2014, MAY 3, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 17, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JUNE 21, 2014, JUNE 28, 2014, JULY 5, 2014, JULY 12, 2014, JULY 19, 2014, AUGUST 2, 2014, AUGUST 9, 2014, AUGUST 16, 2014, AUGUST 23, 2014, AUGUST 30, 2014, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014, SEPTEMBER 13, 2014, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014, SEPTEMBER 27, 2014, OCTOBER 4, 2014, OCTOBER 11, 2014, OCTOBER 18, 2014, OCTOBER 25, 2014, NOVEMBER 8, 2014, NOVEMBER 15, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014,  NOVEMBER 29, 2014, DECEMBER 6, 2014, DECEMBER 13, 2013, DECEMBER 20, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, JANUARY 10, 2015, JANUARY 17, 2015, JANUARY 24, 2015, JANUARY 31, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 14, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 15, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 4, 2015, APRIL 11, 2015, APRIL 18, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 2, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 16, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JUNE 20, 2015, JUNE 27, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015, AUGUST 8, 2015,  AUGUST 15, 2015, AUGUST 22, 2015, AUGUST 29, 2015, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015, OCTOBER 3, 2015, OCTOBER 10, 2015, OCTOBER 17, 2015,                                                        
TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, NOVEMBER 23, 2013, NOVEMBER 30, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2014, JANUARY 4, 2014, APRIL 26, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JUNE 14, 2014, JULY 26, 2014, NOVEMBER 8, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, JANUARY 10, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 14, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015,  SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, OCTOBER 17, 2015,                       

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015,  SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015,                                      


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