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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

April 21, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

Wide range of topics this week! We touch on a lot of “deep stuff” for you to read, and perhaps read a second time.
I will be doing a two-hour interview on Friday evening on Gary DMZ KoreaAnderson’s Night Dreams Talk Show from 8 to 10 pm PDT, 9 to 11 pm MDT, 10 to 12 pm CDT and 11 to 1 am EDT.
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It was just in the news that the USA has had “high level talks” with North Korea.  Let’s say this Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud:  “I ask any and all beings to assist in the most benevolent outcome for the talks between the USA and North Korea, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!” 

THE GENTLE WAY I: NG wrote: “This book is AMAZING. I read it a The Gentle Way Icouple of years ago and I continually use the prayer suggestion (May the most benevolent outcome occur...) on a daily basis; it's part of my daily practice. I tell anyone who believes in the power of Angels to say this prayer OUT LOUD for guidance, protection, clarity etc. Truly a Divine prayer and book. Thank you, Tom Moore, for sharing your knowledge and insights with us!”
AtlantisATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Alannah wrote: "A new favorite. This book was beyond interesting! I've always wondered many things about Lemuria, and in doing research, there isn't much available on the subject. This book was a fantastic find for me, and I very much enjoyed reading it. I plan on reading it again because it has so much information I don't think I could have absorbed it all the first time. Go in with an open mind and I believe you will enjoy it too."
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Gaia, what is the highest probability for Russia’s reaction to the bombing of the chlorine factory and other targets in Syria?

Yes, Tom, you have seen it in the news already. Russia is announcing Putin & Russian troops in Syriathey will sell anti-missile and aircraft systems to Syria. Russia is an opportunist, and they will make money off a sordid situation. They will also go to the UN Council and file a protest and call for a meeting. That is about the extent of their reaction as they know Assad is a despot and are secretly pleased he’s been taken down another notch. The air strikes did greatly damage Assad’s ability to use chorine and nerve agents on his own people.
So again, Russia is an opportunist in this conflict, but will act mostly as an arms dealer, and threaten to send more troops there to ramp up the conflict. Cooler heads will prevail, as the U.S. and Russian negotiators will be talking and assuring the Russians that this was a one-time strike, unless they discover they missed, or their missiles missed a strategic target.

Diane writes:
One has to laugh when everyone seems to complain about the weather that we have been having - hot one day and cold the next! Rain and Snow!
My question for Gaia is will we have a very HOT summer in the Hail StormMidwest? High in the 90s or will it be mild and will we have a lot of tornados in the mid-west - Indiana, etc?
And does it still stand that Trump will NOT be impeached?
As always, Tom, thank MBOs are working really great (smile).

Gaia, what is the highest probability for the summer weather in the Midwest, including temperatures, and tornadoes?

Yes, Tom, there will be periods of extreme heat, just as there is in any summer, but more than last year to compare. It will be an active tornado 100 Degreesseason, with numerous tornadoes, big and small stretched all across the middle part of the country, and including the lower plain states of Oklahoma and Texas and going farther east straight across to the Eastern Seaboard. You have already seen in your area a storm with three inch hail, and that will be repeated again, this time farther to the north.

Gaia, is it still the highest probability for President Trump to not be impeached, and to serve a second term?

This is still the highest probability, Tom, although Mr. Trump is a Trump Cartoonmercurial figure and can choose to go off his soul contract that was adjusted when your souls decided to shake things up with his election. He has mostly been sticking to script, regarding the hires and fires. This may seem like chaos, but in your souls’ eyes, there is much growth taking place for not only the government officials who would have had to wait until future lives to get this experience, but all the millions of other people who have changed from no interest in politics to studying how government can at one minute make things easier through adjustments in the tax code to the next minute in loosening regulations that are for the good of everyone on Earth and going backwards. Conflicted? You betcha, to use that slang term you heard recently.
In summary, the highest probability still remains no impeachment and yes to being reelected.

Is the highest probability still that the Democrats will win the Senate, but fall just a little short in the House?

Yes, but it will be a slim margin, which opens the door to more deliberation and more working together on both sides of the aisle.
Rick writes:
I have a question for Theo regarding the bus crash that killed 16 members of a junior hockey team in Canada. What was the soul contracts regarding those who died? The truck driver that hit them? What about the survivors? Do they need to face "survivor's guilt"? Do the deceased know the out pouring of love, support and grief Canadian Hockey Team Bus Crashthat the world is sharing with their families and friends? That has been tremendous.
Theo, please comment on the soul contracts of those who died in the bus crash in Canada, plus those injured, the truck driver, and all the people this affected.

Yes, Tom, this was not some random event, I can assure anyone who reads this. All those that died and all those injured by the event had it in their soul contacts to do so at that time. We have covered other mass events in the past, and the one thing that stays constant is the soul contract. They were all balancing, whether they died, were injured, or escaped with no injuries, but with feelings of guilt. Then you have all the first responders, families, and the millions of people that expressed compassion for those who died and their families.
Gerry writes:
I have a question just out of curiosity. Lately there has been quite a lot of TV about celebrating the life of Martin Luther King. I was wondering if this life was a balancing of a life where he was cruel to African Americans, or if he was just doing good for his spiritual advancement.
You have no idea how pleasing it is to have someone who can get Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.answers to a lot of our questions.

Theo, did Martin Luther King Jr. have this life to balance the mistreatment of blacks in a previous life, or was this just a progression of religion as his soul interest?

Much more the latter, Tom. Yes, he had had a previous life not only as a slaver, but as a slave. Those were short lives, just as this one was shortened.
And yes, religion is his soul interest. He is in the second quadrant of an old soul. More lives to go, but obviously he touched millions of lives with his non-violent approach to effecting change. Only a truly old soul can cause such powerful changes in millions of people. One needs a large amount of seasoning in order to receive such powerful messages from his guides.
Jan writes:
Questions for your newsletter, which I love - thanks greatly for your service!
- Master Kryon through Lee Carroll and Antura (in your First Contact book) and others have both indicated that it was not at all certain that Lee Carrollwe would make it through to this starting ascension time marked by 2012. Yet both discuss time all happening at once and the ability of time travel for them is a reality. So here is the question -- how is it that it can be known that for example in the 3400 era you will be a space pilot in a future life or that we MIGHT NOT make it to this time (destroying ourselves again) if the future is known? Is this a probabilities question there were blank many possibilities, but one becomes our choice moving forward and if so, how can you know the future or time travel to it? How do timelines figure into this??? My head spins!!! But maybe we are just too linear and don't know what we don't know as Kryon sometimes says.
- I feel as if this may have been asked before, but what percentage of your newsletter subscribers/readers have followed you in the past - perhaps out of Atlantis on that pilgrimage to Egypt or some other way? I feel so as if I have known you in the past - a vague past life connection perhaps?

Theo, how can we have the probability of destroying ourselves and at Max Max Fury Road Moviethe same time have lives centuries later?

Had you destroyed yourselves again around the turn of the century, those future lives would have been quite different than they will be now. Science Fiction writers still attach themselves to these low probabilities of various kinds. Living in an apocalyptic world is a low probability now, but was in the range of possibilities had you not raised your vibrational levels to cross that invisible line back in August of 1987.
What percentage of my readers today followed me in past lives?

Well over 50%, Tom, as some of your readers do not subscribe, but are forwarded your newsletter by mutual friends from past lives. So, for your purposes, let’s say over 75% as you have touched many people’s lives in the past—not just the one on Atlantis but others as well.

Gaia, when a person transitions, are there times when the person transitioning wants nothing to do with this world and basically says, “Take me away,” or is that just a knee jerk moment and a fragment of their fragment returns to see what happens to the people they love, and Soul Departurethe people they hated because of the treatment they received?

Yes, there are thousands of times this occurs, but when there are no attachments, it is quite easy to make decisions. Just know that a fragment of the fragment returns and views the people it was involved with in the past life without hate, as keep in mind those other soul fragments on a higher level did this for the growth of that soul fragment, therefore there is a knowing and recognition as to who that soul fragment that brought them grief really is.

Gaia, does the energy of an area influence a person’s choice of religion?

Yes and no, Tom. A person may desire to have companionship in one Jerusalemform or another, and therefore attending a church, synagogue, temple, etc., becomes a way to be accepted in the community and make new friends.
And yes there are many times when a person feels an emptiness in their heart, so then they seek out a way to fill that emptiness with the love of being part of a group that prays regularly. There are so many answers to this question, Tom. It all depends upon the needs of the person, but as a general guide, there can be an energy built up over thousands of years that one can feel, while in other places, that energy is quite malleable. It can simply be the beauty of my creations that welcome them and speak to them of creation.

Gaia, are there any ETs hiding on Earth from other ET beings who would do them harm?

Yes, Tom. There is one group I have welcomed to stay as long as they wish. They will be able one day to return home when you, the Explorer Race go out.
Why couldn’t the Federation protect them?

They do, actually, as they are quite aware of their situation. Keep in ET Depictionmind what seems to be many years to you is only one tenth that in universal time. They are content where they are, and do not bother people where they exist in caves. This is a very unique situation and very complex, but as long as they do not interfere with the Earth Experiment, they are allowed, just as the other groups of interior residents are allowed. I have many, many habitable caverns that have their own light, water, and food. This is a very unique planet, Tom, in many more ways than one.
The reports I heard is that they are tall?

Yes, that is the appearance they give. Keep in mind that their appearance they give to humans who see them is not their real appearance. They do try and blend in, you could say.
Speaking of the Federation of Planets, there are actually more than one just in our galaxy. My “brother on another planet,” Antura, says that the Federation that protects us has over 200 planets that formally organized after what they call diplomatically the “Great War,” and I call the “Reptilian War.” It took place around a million years ago Earth time, Star Warswhich is ten times faster than Universal time. One time I asked if any other Federation assisted in fighting the Reptilians, and was told one flatly refused to, as they thought the Reptilians could not be defeated. You can read all the details about the war in my book,
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.
Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls them. After 800 lives on Earth, mostly as an explorer (his soul interest), he’s back on the planet Nommo, a water planet in the Sirius B Star System First contactas part of a “first contact” team exploring new worlds. He’s returned to Earth and is orbiting in a three-mile-wide and twenty-story-high mothership with a crew of 900 plus their families, totaling 1,500. Naturally, they cloak themselves (along with the 25 or so other motherships from different star systems) so as not to scare the Earth population. Here are more questions I asked this week.
Good day, Antura, and the same for your lovely family. I assume they all keep busy while you are off studying the Explorer Race?

Quite so, Tom. But we speak almost every universal day. I communicate with them when it is the day portion on Nommo.
Antura, when an event such as the one where the U.S. and its allies struck the Syrian chlorine factories and scientific buildings, I assume you closely monitor those?

That’s correct, Tom. We, meaning the Federation, have several ships in UFOthe area, obviously cloaked so that we could be close to the action, as we studied and took reading of the people on the ground—the civilians who had mixed feelings as to what occurred. Fear mostly, as you can imagine, and that included the soldiers and government people connected to Assad. We also studied the people who carried out the retaliatory attacks against the installations. All of this gives us a better understanding of a mass event.

Again, I must repeat for you that these readings are far and away what you are capable of now, and it will be quite some time before the Explorer Race has the same capabilities. We don’t take sides in these conflicts. We simply learn more about these negative energies everyone on Earth lives with.

Karen writes:
I know the gray aliens, but is there a green alien that is about 3-4 feet tall as well? In my dream they were in my parents’ bedroom, coming thru the wall (there were 4 of them), and were trying to look like the grays, but were green and looked kind of reptilian.
Antura, has Karen encountered any small green ETs or just quantum Green Alien Depictionstate dreams?

No, she has been visited by these people, Tom. They mean no harm to her. She could undergo hypnosis if she wishes to remember more.
Fortune writes:
I have a couple of more questions.
1. Did Jesus meet and talk to 3 time travelers from the future?
2. Where does the material to build gigantic spaceships come from, since it appears they mine planets until they have nothing?

Antura, did Jesus meet with any time travelers?

Yes, one time. They were very respectful and in awe of his capabilities.Jesus Teaching
Where do the materials to build giant space ships come from, and wouldn’t that exhaust the resources of a planet?

Everyone, or virtually everyone, goes through a phase where materials of a planet are used to build spaceships. But eventually they and we have learned how to create whole spaceships out of seemingly thin air. One simply draws those elements that exist and asks for volunteers for a spaceship. This may seem pretty “far out” to you at this time, but in the future the Explorer Race will learn how to accomplish this too, but obviously thousands of years in the future.

I say that, but you have been moving at incredible speed in developments in general, so this time may be greatly shortened. We don’t know. The Creator is quite pleased, I am passing along from my team members, who are monitoring our conversation.

This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Linda in New York writes:
A few months back I said an MBO and BP for the quick sale of my house. After 4 days on the market, I received a full New York Houseprice offer, and I was so happy because I didn’t want to maintain a house an hour away in the winter while it’s for sale. After 67 days, the buyer couldn’t get the mortgage, so the house went back on the market right in the middle of winter in Oswego, NY, which typically gets 130+ inches of snow per season. I said BPs and MBOs all along the way.
Well, finally after five months, I received an all cash offer with no conditions and a two week close. It was a frustrating process, but I’m being told balancing, and the most benevolent outcome was not the first full price buyer, who was going to rent the four bedrooms out as Removing Snow from Drivewaystudent housing, but the couple who moved there who were having trouble selling their house in another location, were going to live there as their family home.

To refer to my prior MBO/BP, one of my neighbors snow plowed all winter for me, and it was most benevolent to provide good neighbors rather than chase after the dollars, since the all-cash offer was 10% less than the first offer. The balancing is related to past business deals when I took advantage of others, so I have learned in the process that sometimes, your loss is your win, because it is the most benevolent outcome.
So, hopefully I will not need to repeat that balancing and of course I do also state the mantra for minimizing balancing everyday too.

Jackie writes:
I had an amusing MBO story on Easter Sunday. I was Easter Egg Huntputting things in eggs for my daughter's first egg hunt when I realized I couldn't find the eggs I bought earlier. I did an MBO to find it and kept preparing. Since I still didn't find it, I ran to the store where I bought a few more. When I got home, I found the original bag of eggs as well! And it turns out our day was much better having those eggs plus the new ones as I used all but 2 of them. I had to laugh.
You never know how it turns out!
Emily writes:
I have a few questions regarding animals.
When an animal is hunted and killed for sport as in trophy hunting, how Trophy Hunterdoes this affect the person who killed it? Is the animal aware of what the human is doing and how does it feel towards humans about it, especially when the animal may be on an endangered list?
Will the human have to "pay" for taking a life for no cause, like need for food, etc.?
My heart hurts every time I think of an animal being hunted just for fun of killing it. What would ever motivate a human being to do such a sick, dysfunctional thing? Do they feel any remorse after doing so?
My other question is about animal souls. Do animals hang around on our energy level once they pass? I am thinking especially about a loved family pet, does it visit the family it was a member of or move on?
What about the animals who were trophy hunted or just killed for fun? Do they leave this level in peace or hang around?

Gaia, we’ve covered this a little before [9/24/16], but what types of SPCA Inspectorbalancing is there for a person who trophy hunts all their lives, hanging heads of their trophies in their houses?

As we stated before, they have the option of becoming an advocate against trophy hunting, or they can take care of wounded animals, giving their love to them. They can also suffer the grief of a favorite dog or cat being killed, so that they experience grief. And for the extreme cases you mention they might also be the hunted, to know the fear the animals feel as they are hunted down. Upon their transition they are all shown the error of their ways and vow to do better next time, and they do, and they Orbsthemselves set up the circumstances for one or more upcoming lives, Tom.
Do the slain animals immediately head for their staging areas for their next Earth life?

Quite so. The soul fragments are guided to these staging areas a little wiser so that their instincts are sharpened to know danger in their next life.
Daralyn writes:
Could Gaia please explain to us about Nabta Playa, the Neolithic stone circle in the Egyptian desert which predates Stonehenge? When was it built, since several dates are proposed, by whom and for what purpose? Where did those people go?
Click here.
Gaia, when was the Nabta Playa stone circle in Egypt built, by whom, Nabta Stone Circleand for what purpose? And why did ancient civilizations align with Orion?

Yes, this circle of stones was used in worship practices by the people who lived at that time in Egypt and similar in a way to the other stone circles that came later, as this one was quite old—several thousand years older than the Egyptian scientists and archeologists have deduced—or shall I say, wish to deduce. They still have the problem of not wishing to cross swords with the Muslim beliefs. So, it was the early Egyptians and they tried to keep a connection to Orion, their uncles and aunts. So, you see, quite ancient. It had been there thousands of years before you arrived from Poseidia. [12,700 years ago]

Caroline writes:
Over the past three decades I have had an ongoing impression from the crust of the earth that there is a gigantic, worldwide “sub-world” connected by water routes and tunnels, in which live the creatures that have been sighted all over the world in large, deep bodies of surface water, such as Loch Ness in Scotland. In my country, Canada, I think the two most prominent “stars” are the ”Ogopogo” in Okanagan Champ in Lake ChamplainLake in B.C., and ”Champ” in Lake Champlain in Quebec.
I am wondering if these impressions are accurately based and, if so, how many different life forms live there and is there a civilization? For many years there have been legends of massive underground cities populated by beings such as ”ant people,” ”reptilians,” etc.
Many thanks for any information you and Gaia might have on these queries.

Gaia, are the creatures sighted in lakes in Canada connected to Loch Ness?

Same time period, Tom, but not the same creatures. They were another experiment.
What about underground lakes and streams?Water Worm

There are a number of beings that use my underground lakes and streams. They are large and small—typically not the size of the creatures sighted in Loch Ness. My underground rivers and lakes are teaming with life, just as you are seeing even several thousand feet down in your oceans as you explore them. May I remind you for the umpteenth time, Tom, that Creator likes variety, and Earth is unique in being a habitat for just about any water being?
Fortune writes:
I have a few questions you and Theo could help me understand.
1. The story of a man called Apollonius of Tyana is so similar to the Apolloniusstory of Jesus of Nazareth, was Apollonius also an Essene?
2. Was Apollonius story mixed with that of Jesus when the New Testament was put together?
3. Did Apollonius write the Book of Revelations?
4. In the Book of Daniel, we read about Daniel being thrown into a den of lions, could this have been the story of Zoroaster?

Theo, was Apollonius an Essene?

No, Tom, but a good guess by your reader.

Was his story mixed with Jesus’ in the New Testament?

As has been previously discussed, Tom, the New Testament is only 25% correct and had books or stories attributed to Jesus that were not. But allow these beliefs to continue for a while longer.
Did Apollonius write the book of Revelations?Daniel in Lions Den

Again, a good guess, but no he did not.
Was the story of Daniel being thrown into the den of lions actually Zoroaster?

This was a duplicate story, as yes, both men were treated the same.
John writes: Ninjas have been over sensualized as super human people by films and the media.
1. What were they really like?Ninja
2. What were their soul interests?

Click here.
George writes:
What was the soul interest of the Gladiators in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome? Click here.
Theo, what were the ninjas really like and what was their soul interest?

Let’s cover their soul interest. Military in all forms is their soul interests. We have only lightly touched on this before, Tom, but when the military is one’s soul interest they have lives as foot soldiers, in the navy, air force, and yes, even as a “hired gun,” as a mercenary, which was what the ninjas were—another form of a mercenary soldier whose sword was for hire. These were tough, brutal men, just as you would find in different versions in today’s mercenary soldiers. Only the weapons Gladiatorschange.
Then I would assume it would be a similar answer regarding the gladiators of Rome?

Exactly, Tom. Naturally, some of the gladiators were actually prisoners and forced to fight, but the successful ones had already had lives as fighters before, so again, they had a military soul interest and acted as a mercenary soldier, in this case for the amusement of Rome’s wealthy elite.
Emily writes:
Since your soul interest is Religions. Will you have a life in Etheopian Flagthe Rastafari religion and be a Rastafarian? Click here.
Theo, have I already had a life as a Rastafarian, or is this considered not a religion but more a sect or something else?

No, it was a religion, and yes, you will be there for the beginning. That life bleeds through today with your enjoyment of hearing Bob Marley, as you did on your visit to Cozumel. Again, this is a future life, so yes, this is the second one.


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