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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

June 6, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcome backlink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka


Here is a NEW Benevolent Prayer for us all to say OUT LOUD: “I ask any and Protest Marchall beings to assist the peaceful protestors of racial injustice to help raise the compassion of all people to treat everyone equally, thank you!”

This would be a PERFECT time for you to work on meditation, or perhaps try Yoga. Why not try the “16 Second” Meditation? Now everyone can do this! I do it all the time, and didn’t know there was a name. Just last week close to 200 people clicked on the following link. Here it is: Click here.

Please send me any MBO or BP stories about your Pets. I especially need stories about your unusual pets for my PETS book.

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Many of your questions are taking about three weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

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ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of Atlantis & Lemuria bookthe world, and I send white light and love to every single person and being I meet or encounter today, thank you!”

My latest book,ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, am I correct in saying that you are a quantum master? If so, as a soul, how did you accomplish this?

It would take books to describe the levels that one can attain as a soul, Tom. EarthSuffice to say that yes, although I do not particularly like labels, over a very, very long time I raised my vibrational level to the point where I achieved a quantum level of knowledge. In Earth years yes, this took even billions of years, but on a soul level there is no time, so I had the desire to learn, and when one has the desire to learn, you attract those who will teach you.

Is it true you wandered the universe ensouling an asteroid as compared to simply staying on a soul level?

That was part of my experience, Tom. It allowed me to learn about physicality, simply one of many lessons.

So, just to use a comparison, you have attained a level of knowledge more Asteroidsextensive than, let’s say, the golden light beings we call our Guardian Angels?

Yes, they are quite knowledgeable themselves, Tom, but I desired a different level, let’s say, of knowledge as my desire was to ensoul not only a planet, but a planet that was complex, and Earth, as we have spoken before, is the most complex planet in this Creator’s universe as it exists on multiple frequencies at the same time. You can ask more questions as you think of them, but this description should be sufficient for now.

I had not realized that I asked a similar question back in 2011. That’s the problem when you ask about 25,000 or so questions, you forget questions you asked before. For those of you who would like to read the questions I asked back then, here is the link to the NEWSLETTER.


Chrissy in Australia writes: Would you please ask whomever is the most relevant, why is it that China is targeting Australia over the inquiry as to why/where the virus started? Recently I read that over 160 countries were backing Australia about the enquiry and yet China seems to want to bully Australia in shutting up. They do not appear to be using their bullying tactics on other countries - from what I have read.

So, because the virus shut lots of things and places down, manufacturing seemed China Manufacturingto have come to a standstill. In a number of countries, the populace are asking why goods cannot be manufactured in their own country instead of relying on China. Will there be a restarting of manufacturing in different countries as opposed to China? I know in the past it was pricing, but really a lot of goods were below standard and did not last a long time.

In China, will there be people coming up the ranks of government who do not treat the people like slaves and keep them under threat of death for not obeying? Will this be the same for a lot of other countries where the people are living under threat of stepping out of line? How nice it would be to have countries around the world that trade with each other without the threat of stepping on their egos.

Gaia, why is China bullying Australia about Coronavirus? Will manufacturing ramp up soon in other countries? Are there government officials in China rising in the ranks who are more liberal, or is that the next generation?

China simply wants to control that side of the world, Tom. They see Australia as a competitor in the future.

The Coronavirus has slowed down manufacturing, but it will slowly recover over the coming months.

Regarding Chinese government officials, we have said before that it will take 25 or more years to bring about officials that would be considered more liberal-minded. This shift of going from a very demanding autocratic state to a democratic state will take many years. Those young government officials coming up through the ranks will be more liberal than their predecessors, and those that come after them more so. Don’t forget that the Chinese officials that run the country enjoy the power and special benefits that come along with it. They “toe the party line,” you could describe the situation. So, again, look for small changes over the next 25 years that begin to add up.


Severine writes: Questions:

1) It is supposed to be due to a planet where women torture male babies. It feels so bad to imagine this. When will this balancing for women be over by year 2500? Or 3000 or even later?

2) Same question for children slave traffic abolishment?Child Slaves

3) Although souls contract art at play, does saying the white light prayer somewhat shorten the ordeal of those who need to experience this?

Gaia, when will the balancing be over for women on the planet who tortured male babies, or have we already balanced that?

There is still some balancing you are doing for those souls, Tom, but by and large, the greatest part of that challenge is over. Yes, there are still females that are harmed, but then there are males who suffer abuse too. This is all part of raising your vibrations to the point where there will be no abuse at some time in the future—and I might add, not that far in the future. Your scientists will discover that there is part of the DNA strand that can be adjusted for those who have a desire to abuse females or males. I will add that your DNA strands are the most complex ever in the history of this universe. What was once considered “junk DNA” will all be found to be connected to desires, traits, etc. Much of this will be discovered during the next 100 years—but not all.

To reiterate, in a way, you are still balancing that as one of many things you are Child Slavebalancing for other planets. But you are doing this on a level that they were never capable of doing.

Is that planet still harming male babies?

Yes, but not as much as before. Just remember that all of your lives are going on at the same time, Tom. Therefore, you have many lives affecting and balancing, and will much more in the future, as you are rewriting time as you go along.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for how long it will take for child slave traffic to end?

This will not end overnight as there are still families that sell off their children in order to have food, and then there are those who kidnap children either for work, or to be sex workers. With less poverty comes fewer instances of this selling of children. There are better methods of identifying these children, plus again, changes in DNA manipulation of those who would have a proclivity of a desire to have sex with children—your pedophiles. You will see a gradual decline over the next few years as methods of detection greatly improve. Erase poverty and most of this would go away overnight.

Does saying white light prayers shorten the time for those who must experience slavery?

Yes, sending white light each day to the planet, along with saying Benevolent Prayers for those who are enslaved, does make a huge difference. Take my word for that, Tom. Great things can be accomplished through the power of the spoken word, said altogether. Many of your readers still don’t participate in saying BPs, but their own vibrational levels will take a jump, should they do so. That’s because they will be showing compassion, and as we have repeatedly said, compassion raises your vibrational levels. It is one of the greatest things you can do during your lives on Earth. Join with others as a force of good.

Let us ALL join in and say this Benevolent Prayer OUT LOUD: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in bringing child slavery to an end, even sooner than we can hope for or imagine, thank you!”


Antura is my “brother on another planet”—an ET, but also part of my soul group or soul “cluster.” Theo introduced us back in 2008, and since then I’ve asked thousands of questions about other planets, space craft, the original “Great War” or the Reptilian War I used to call it. Check out many more details in my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book.

Antura, you implied that there is an agreement with world governments not to disclose your existence, is that correct?

In a way, yes, Tom. Most of the governments were concerned that many people First Contact bookwould think the world was coming to an end as keep in mind that had happened to a number of planets during the Great War. They wanted to choose the time they would inform their citizens. We agreed. We looked ahead and felt this time period would be the time of Disclosure, but then it has not, so we are working to convince one or more of these governments to at least admit to having meetings with us, just as we planned to do with Russia. That has not been agreed to yet, but we feel we are getting closer to one or more doing just that. Naturally, we intimated that more sightings are coming, and it would be in their best interests to Disclose.

Well, step up the flyovers, and let’s put pressure on them. That is my suggestion, as you know.

Yes, and again, Tom, be just a little patient as these things take time—especially on our end.

I understand.

(Next session)

Antura, can you give me a hint as to which country might Disclose first?

No, Tom, not at this time. Then there would—or at least might—be pressure brought to bear for them not to Disclose. Each country wants to keep it a secret for a variety of reasons. Technology they think they have that no one else does, which is false, the truth coming out that they have lied to the public for many years, the power they think they have by being able to even prevent the President of the United States from investigating, and so on. Again, many reasons and, yes, that includes concern that people would be frightened—the most common reason used.


These three stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

Crystal in the Philippines writes: Money Miracles.

Since the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines, I have asked for a money miracle. Our income comes from apartment leasing and Typhoon Damageour tenants were feeling the pinch.

We have this big fruit bearing tree in our backyard and, after an earthquake registered somewhere in the country, a huge tree branch fell, hitting part of our roof and the electrical wire fence of the neighbor beside us. Just minutes after that, a tenant called to say that she was ready to pay rent!

Some days later, a typhoon passed and another tree branch fell on the shed of the neighbor behind us.

I reached out to our village administrator for a solution. I made it clear to the administrator that my budget is limited given the current situation. He recommended that the tree be removed and found professional tree cutters to do the job for the amount I told him that I could afford.

I did talk with our tree. I thanked it for the many years it has given us fruits and Broken treeshade. I also shared my anxiety when the branches fell and asked for forgiveness for what had to be done. I heard a whisper, "it is time." I would like to think that because the tree was ready, the events of the tree cutting went so smoothly.

Also, the neighbor had her electrical wire fence repaired for a rather hefty amount, but agreed to splitting it with me. She also was willing to wait for next month when I could be more liquid. The money I had on hand was mostly for food and bills payments and the tree cutting took a big chunk.

Days after the tree cutting, I went online to pay bills and saw that my brother, who works abroad as a front liner, sent money - more than enough to cover the tree cutting expense and the neighbor’s electrical fence repair! I never told him about the tree!

Elated, I shared this MBO story with my cousin who also lives abroad. He was happy to hear that and wanted to share in the expenses - so he also sent me money!

MBOs are the real deal! "WE WELCOME GENTLE RAIN." Yes, I also do say that every time there's a weather forecast of a storm and it has kept us safe.


Debra writes: Thank you, TOM!!!Replacing light

I was able to climb a ladder and pull down big florescent bulbs to change them. Before that, I could not climb a ladder or raise arms due to past injuries.
I had been working on healing for quite some time, but courage to actually try came after MBO was requested with new confidence and light. :)

MBO request of help from any and all beings includes myself as one of those beings. During times of isolation we are not “alone.”


Severine writes from China: I have 4 to share this time

1) Time compression to finish task just before a meeting:

I was in a rush to finish a task before a meeting I requested an MBO for time Timecompression to have finished my task before 4 pm, and didn't look at the clock until I finished, and I was done right on time.

2) MBO to unclog bathroom toilet.

It was last Saturday I noticed the toilet was suddenly clogged. Before I took the suction cup in my hand,
I requested an MBO “for this toilet to be cleared easily and effortlessly, thank you.” Then I went ahead with the suction cup in ONLY ONE soft push, everything was resolved. It has never been so easy before; I would need at least of couple of trials.

3) MBO to have an easy week.

On Sundays, and daily, I like to request MBOs for everything I endeavor this week to be successful and for great things to happen. I do find my week goes way better this way.

4) MBO and BP to improve moods and setting boundariesChinese office

Some triggering event disturbed my mood on last Tuesday. At night, I could not calm down and I knew I would not be able to sleep without me saying an MBO and my mom saying a BP for me to calm down.

I requested an MBO to "calm down right now and being sent healing white light, to sleep well and “have my boundaries respected by others from now on, thank you.” And I asked “any and all beings to assist that person and anyone else to respect my boundaries from now on, thank you.”

My Mom said the same thing as a BP and I did notice an immediate relief and fell asleep easily.


Diane writes: I was just watching a program about H2O and I have a question for Gaia.Dry Lakebed

This program said that we need to start making plans now to correct a shortage of water. I recall when I was in college I did a study about the India and China areas about the shortage of water in the future. According to this program, we might be in trouble in about 10 years of fresh water even from underground.

So, is this true? Do we need to start thinking more seriously about water being in shortage?

Gaia, what is the probability of there being a worldwide shortage of water in the future?

No probability, Tom—at least not worldwide. Certainly, there will always be certain places on Earth – the deserts I’m referring to – that see little or no rain each year, but even those will be shifting in the future.


Maria writes: I've been watching "Missing411" on Hulu and I want to ask either Gaia or Theo what happened to DeOrr Kunz Jr, age 2, during a camping trip @Timber Creek in Idaho on July 10th, 2015? How did he go missing?

And Jaryd Atadero, age 3, what happened to him. He disappeared in 1999.

What happened to Bobby Bizup, disappeared on Aug, 15th, 1958? According to Family at campgroundthe story, one of camp counselors told him that it was dinnertime and the little boy followed them back to camp. When the counselor turned around to see if he was behind him, he was gone.

Want to ask Gaia or Theo, why so many kids disappear on these camping trips and some are never found.

Theo, what happened to DeOrr Kunz Jr, two years old, who disappeared on July 15, 2015?
And Jaryd Atadero, three years old in 1999, and Bobby Bizup on August 15, 1999? Why so many missing on camping trips?

There are a variety of reasons for these missing children. One minute they are there, and the next minute they have vanished. But their soul contracts are fairly the same—that they died in a wilderness area—either they wandered off and became lost and died, or in some cases a wild animal grabbed them. Rare at that age would they have been snatched by a human predator. Human preditors tend to go after older teens in wilderness areas. So the first category fits your three. They were not killed because the parents did not want them.


This question came from Angela on Facebook.Sunrise

Gaia, why would some people feel a sadness when they see a sunrise?

Yes, an interesting question, Tom. It can be a combination of factors, depending upon the individual. They can be sad on one level because this is not their sun from where they originated that they are viewing, and it makes them nostalgic. There can be a sadness knowing they have a number of challenges ahead before their last breath in this life. It is like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. If they start (assuming they are not already) sending love and light to the Earth, it will lighten their mood as I will return that light sevenfold. That should brighten their day.


Charlies writes:  Bar Fights.

1. Glass to be banned in Bars?

Most bar fights are people smashing glass bottles over people’s heads and smashing glasses to use sharp edges as weapon to stab people.

Will glasses and glass bottles be banned in Bars/pubs/nightclubs in the near Drunks Fightingfuture and be replaced with plastic bottles and plastic glasses so people cannot be hurt, or will this event not take place as balancing past lives need to occur where the victims in this life injured their attackers in past lives?

2. Alcohol advertising.

Will Alcohol advertising be banned in the near future in Western Countries? Click here.

Theo, what is the probability of glass bottles and glasses being banned in bars?

Little chance of this, Tom. What will happen will be that there will be a device in the future that will tell the bartender that the person has reached an unhealthy limit.

Will alcohol advertising be banned one day in Western countries?

There will be limits to the number and content of this advertising, but still fairly far in the future at this time.


Juha in Finland writes: I have a question on COVID-19 for Gaia:

"Will those who bio-engineered the COVID-19 virus and let it spread be exposed to the public (if yes, when)?”

Gaia, was Covid-19 bioengineered?Biosafety Lab

No, it was not, Tom. It is a virus that has existed in animals, obviously very virulent for a long time, but was transferred to not one but several humans in the marketplace we discussed previously. Remember that I said before many humans had not experienced a pandemic in previous lives, and this is an Earth experience. There are still thousands of people worldwide that will experience this virus before a vaccine is available to the general public, although it is mostly contained in what is considered Western countries. This virus will remain in the news for many more months, but social distancing will contribute to keeping it to a modest level until the vaccine is introduced in several months.

Daralyn writes: Are the fatality numbers reported in the news accurate?

Theo, are the fatality numbers reported in the news accurate?

In the United States, they are fairly accurate. In other parts of the world that do not have your resources, not accurate at all.


John writes: The Godfather Part I & II

Theo already said in a past newsletter that Francis Ford Coppola the director of The Godfather films was an old soul, which explains why the films are almost perfect. And many people around the world place the first two Godfather films The Godfatherin their most favorite films.

But another question I wanted to know is, is it because The Godfather parts I & II deal with exploration of power that the films are universally loved and mean so much to people or another reason from people's past lives that Theo can highlight on these great movies?

Theo, how do the Godfather I & II connect with past lives?

A classic tale of human frailties. Although set in the recent past, the relationships between the people is quite classic, especially since everyone must balance their lives where they are the good guys with lives where they must portray what you term as bad guys, Tom.


Graham writes: Jason and The Argonauts

Were Jason and the Argonauts (his crew of heroes) real life people who, according to the myth, went on an adventure searching for the mythical Golden Jason and the ArgonautsFleece?

Theo, was Jason and the Argonauts based on real life people and was the Golden Fleece real?

Not real, and one of those epic stories created to entertain people for hundreds of years.


Gaia, I had forgotten that I had spoken to Horse Soul back in January. There is a contradiction in my reception. So, is Horse Soul just the soul for horses, or Horse and foaldoes Horse Soul also ensoul donkeys and mules?

Yes it does, Tom. As you guessed, there are different soul fragments of Horse Soul that are different, just as human soul fragments in the same soul cluster have different interests. Creator knew there would be this need for different types of animals to assist you in labor, and Horse Soul was pleased to provide these soul fragments of itself. You were just off on the day you first communicated with Horse Soul. As we have explained before, there is no way you can be perfect. But we know you try to the best of your ability. That’s all that can be asked of you, especially on the timeline you are on, Tom.


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