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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

November 18, 2023

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to The Gentle Way Book and then Welcomeclick on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the home page. If you are reading this for the first time and enjoy it, please share it with your friends and family.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accurate. Most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


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NEW INTERVIEW with Debbie from FREEBIRD SPIRIT: Friday, November 17, Debbie Hedberg
I will be live with Debbie. Please join us on YouTube at 4 pm Eastern Time, 3 pm Central Time, 2 pm MT, and 1 pm Pacific Time. We will be talking about past, present and future lives in wars as well as many other subjects. Just Google for the interview.

RECENT INTERVIEW WITH LINDA G, COMANCHE PSYCHIC: October 31. We always cover a lot of subjects, but touched on my GUNS FOR GROCERIES success, timelines, The Gentle Way, and more! 40 min. Click here.

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I realize there are several Benevolent Prayers to say listed below.
PLEASE TAKE THE FEW SHORT SECONDS TO SAY EACH ONE OUT LOUD. Remember, the human voice is much more powerful than people in this time period realize. I’m told there is a crescendo effect when hundreds and thousands say the BP out loud.

Let’s say this Benevolent Prayer for Israel and Palestine out loud:
"I ask any Palestine border hospitaland all beings to aid and assist in protecting the people of Palestine and Israel from the fighting between Hamas and Israel, for those wounded to be given medical assistance, and for the hostages to be returned home unharmed, with no further violence and may there be meaningful negotiations between the two sides so that this will never occur again, thank you!"

Let's say this Benevolent Prayer for the people of UKRAINE: "I ask for any and all beings to aid, comfort, and assist the people of Ukraine to remain safe, for all prisoners of war to be treated under the rules of the Geneva Convention, for the economic sanctions imposed on Russia to work, for the grain to be transported, to return the thousands of Ukrainian children home, Pets bookand to return the Russian and Ukrainian soldiers home, thank you!" Please say this Benevolent Prayer.

We are making a difference!

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THE GENTLE WAY WITH PETS: Angelic Help for Your Animal Companions? It has a complete review of The Gentle Way, plus great tips on our lives with our lovable animal family members. I interview several Group Souls to learn where they came from and why. If you have already bought the book, please write a review. THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR PET LOVERS!!

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Many of your questions are taking at least four weeks to respond to. If it takes over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning, just as I do: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes, and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up Atlantis & Lemuria bookthe darkest parts of the world, thank you!”

My previous book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters: Click here.

Before we move on to the rest of the newsletter, a quick explanation for my new subscribers: Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.


Gaia, did you ensoul an asteroid or a comet during your sojourn through the galaxies?

Good question, Tom, but no, it was not a comet. I was able to steer it, as I Asteroid depictionmentioned before, but not because it was a comet. I had the ability to steer it in any direction I wished.

And I assume you could control the speed?

Quite so. Each galaxy took quite a bit of time, even though they were compacted at the beginning.

Can I assume that this was almost at the speed of light?

Even faster, as I used those portals that existed between galaxies and within the galaxies to hop from sun to sun and planet to planet where I could instantly ask questions. Even then, it took millions of Earth years, and as I mentioned before, I was constantly in touch with Creator asking questions that would be far beyond your understanding at this time.

Why would a soul be attracted to ensouling a sun, planet, or moon in let’s say the Sombrero Galaxy as compared to the Milky Way Galaxy? And why would a soul ensoul a moon instead of a sun or planet?

Notice how different these galaxies are from each other. You can say the Sombrero Galaxysame for all the trillions of other galaxies in Creator’s universe. Each soul again has a different interest. To you, it would seem that there is not much going on in the average moon, but that is not correct. You could look at them as small planets, each with their own dynamics. Those souls that ensoul suns have a completely different interest than do those souls ensouling planets and moons. You have experienced just a little bit of the difference when you have had conversations with Sun Soul. You described it to your readers as trying to have a discussion with a physicist. The souls that ensoul the Milky Way like having a huge sun they orbit around, while those in the Sombrero Galaxy enjoy their plane of existence. We could go on and on with differences in these two galaxies. Each galaxy has its own unique energy, which is something for your scientists to research in the future.

Laura writes: 1. Are other planets in our solar system also heating up? A 2007 article from said yes, but scientists who work at NASA's JPL say no.

2. I have had dreams where living persons meet with those who have passedAirport over at an airport-like setting. For example, my dad and uncle (both deceased) had a happy chat with me and my mom, who were both alive at that time. I've other similar dreams along those lines. Are living and deceased people able to meet while a person is in the dream state?

3. Regarding the balance of good and evil in the world: I had been told years ago that the forces of good and evil are precariously just evenly balanced in the world. Just recently, I read something about evil much outweighing the amount of good in our current state. Does this depend on how many people are praying for the help of angels, spirit guides, God, and so forth? Or is evil really growing stronger in our dysfunctional world? How does this tie in with the ten positive forces and 4 negative forces?

Gaia, are planets in our solar system heating up?

No more than their normal degree range, depending upon the planet. There Solar systemis a climate change on Earth as part of the Earth Experiment, which you will learn to control in the not-too-distant future.

Do our soul fragments meet us in our dreams in airport settings?

Typically, airports are used as a dream device to signal that you are about to return to your bodies from wherever you have been during dream time. You are the soul fragments.

Are good and bad guys equally balanced in the world? Does this depend on prayers for help?

Fairly equally balanced, since there are many levels of “good guys and bad guys.” Don’t forget that many “bad guys” say prayers too, deep down knowing they have a part to play by having one of those lives.


Sandy writes: What will happen with the national budget? Will the more rational members of Congress be able to get together and pass a budget?

Theo, what is the highest probability for when the U.S. Budget will be Reportapproved?

Within the next month, Tom. There will be great pressure exerted on the Speaker of the House and other Republicans to approve it. That does mean payments will be delayed to the military, among many others. That is the highest probability at this time.

Let’s all this this Benevolent Prayer out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those in Congress to make decisions in the best interests of all the citizens of the United States and the world, and even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

Breaking News: Well, here we go with a lower probability instead of the higher probability. This has occurred several times in the past, as my long time readers will remember. Of course, there is always the possibility I let the TV news affect my reception. Still, please do say the Benevolent Prayer above. It is getting really testy in Congress, with people threatening to fight, and McCarthy elbowing Burchett in the kidneys.


For my new subscribers, one day in 2008 I was discussing some ancient ruins with my GA Theo, and he said I would see them some day with an ET that was monitoring our conversation. After getting past my surprise that this was not a private conversation (it was explained later that it must be from a standpoint of love), Theo asked if I would like to speak to him. I said First Contact booklet me think of some questions and two weeks later I began to communicate with him on a weekly basis.

I learned that he is an amphibian from the water planet Nommo in the Sirius B Solar System with over 20 inhabited planets. It seems that both of us are fragments of the same soul and volunteered for what is called the “Earth Experiment.” After 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in exploration, he’s part of a four person “grass roots, first contact” team. Naturally their specialty is contact with emerging societies across the universe, like ours. We’re supposed to meet them quite soon. We’ll see, as there has been delays. You can read much more about him, his team, their mothership, planets, and yes, even the original star wars that lasted for 270,000 Earth years in my
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are more questions I asked him after some postings I encourage you to view or read from my “researcher,” Mantej, who volunteered for the job because I’m too busy to search.

KGB UFO incident. Includes video that I have photos from--1st time to see Roswell Autopsyvideo, plus ET autopsy. 1:16 min. Click here.

The following short segments came from a long interview that the host broke down into short segments by topic.

Does Dr. Steven Greer believe in God and why not Neal deGrasse Tyson? 3 min. Click here.

Dr Greer on non-human remains recovered from crash sites. 3:40 min. Click here.

Excellent information by Dr. Greer about why things such as the obelisks onObelisk on Mars Mars are kept from the public because it would cause a change in all the fundamental religions on Earth. 7:30 min. Click here.

Dr. Greer talks more about the "thugs" running these black back engineering sites and much more about whistleblowers he has that have come forward. 8:24 min. Click here.

Dr. Greer on interdimensional beings. 8:54 min. Click here.

Now I wish to speak to Antura.

Antura in the wings Tom with my teammates and the Pleiadian monitoring.

Good morning, everyone.

Mantej writes from the UK: US Air Force security officer surfaces with 100-Vamdemberg UFOyard 'red square' UFO account. Click here.

Antura, was the 300-foot-wide red UFO seen on 10/11/2003 at Vandenberg launch pad an ET or human? And whose?

It was an ET craft, Tom. At that time, we knew it would be kept quiet, but the information about it would resurface during this time period. All of these sightings, kept quiet for years, are slowly making their way into the public domain. Notice that none of the people were hurt, just frightened.

Kate writes: What’s the purpose of the Monolith on Mars’ moon, per Buzz Aldrin?

Antura, what is the purpose of the monolith on the Mars moon?

It is a leftover from when Mars was inhabited. There are also structures on Mars that have been deleted in photos so as not to frighten those who still do not believe there are other planets that are or were inhabited besides Earth.

Why do astronauts’ DNA mutate in space? And what are the effects?Astronaut in space

They are subject to energies that are absorbed by the energy fields around the Earth. They can experience long-term health issues, depending upon the person. This will be corrected in the future.

Antura, how did the upper timelines handle the release of the history of the religions? Did they demand or request that those episodes be released farther down in the 100+ series of the history of Earth?

Exactly, Tom. As you have concluded, first people will need to accept the idea that ETs really do exist, before they learn the true history of the major religions. Even on the upper timelines this was upsetting to a number of people. We suggest that those episodes be in the last 50 broadcast. That will give time for people to accept the reality that there are ETs, then the history of our involvement with the Earth Experiment, then Earth’s history of various humans, before touching on the history of the major religions and how they were shaped by the religious leaders in each religion.


Since I did not receive enough stories for the Blog this past week, I’m diving into my vault of previous MBO and BP stories from years ago. These came from December 2015. Please send your stories in this week!

Andrew writes:
May I ask a couple of quick questions?

You say that there is no limit to the amount of questions that can be asked in a lifetime, but is a person able to ask for say 50 different MBOs at the same time, or must one MBO be finished before the next is requested?

Also, can a person request direct spiritual growth or ask for similar things Enlightenmentsuch as a permanent increase in vibrational frequency or to become enlightened?

And when making a Most Benevolent Outcome request, is a time limit necessary?

I am writing:

"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to aid me in becoming more conscious, and may the benefits be more than I expect or can imagine. Thank you."

But would it be better to say " becoming more conscious this week" and then beginning a new request as the week comes to a close, or can a person have a request going on forever?

I do multiple MBOs. As an example, when I'm going out, I'll say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to Chase Bank, then a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to the Post Office, then a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive from the Post Office to Compass Bank, then a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive to Kroger’s, then a Most Benevolent Outcome for my drive home, thank you!"

Yes, you can request MBOs to raise your vibrational level and to become more enlightened.

There are no time limits on the requests. As an example, I kept misplacingMisplaced glasses my glasses, so I said,
"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to never misplace my glasses again, thank you!" And so far, so good. I might misplace them in one room and then circle back, but not to the extent before when it would take hours.

Theo says that only one request is sufficient, but if it makes you feel better then you can say them multiple times. There is no "penalty" he says.

Tracy writes:
I've been getting your newsletter and doing MBO's for a while now, and I really enjoy your work. I have a question though...almost every time I say an MBO, it works, and usually right away. Recently I've been doing them regarding money, and for some reason, I haven't seen any changes. I'm wondering if there is a specific way to word an MBO when you're in need of money? Thanks so much for your help!

Keep in mind everyone, that one of the items on our “bucket list” of things to experience in one life or another is to learn to live frugally. My wife and I decided to downsize to a smaller house, as our children are grown, and we no longer needed to live in that expensive school district. So, we bought a house, thinking ours would sell quickly, but it took almost three years to the day we put it on the market to when we closed on the sale. During that time, we were in the “great recession” and business was terrible. We were paying for a big house and our present one and it was wiping out our savings, maxing our credit cards and so on. But we got through it.

So, you can request MBOs to be able to pay all your monthly expenses, and even a “money miracle.” You can also request MBOs for a better job and a higher salary.


Lee writes: I have a fabulous MBO/BP for you, Tom. My husband went into the hospital today for a catheterization because of ongoing chest pain. He has five stents as it is and has had several heart attacks. The last time he had a catheterization the doctor tried to go through his radial artery in his Chest Painarm but was unable to do it successfully, so he had to go through the groin which has a difficult recovery and a lot of issues for my husband.

I said a BP for the best outcome for his procedure to be far better than we could hope for or expect, and that the outcome be far better than we could hope for or expect. I also said a prayer that every hand that touches him be a healing hand. I said an MBO for safe travels and for everyone we interacted with to be kind, pleasant and helpful.

The procedure was done in less than an hour, the doctor was able to go through the radial artery and we were back home far sooner than we expected. He tolerated everything well from the procedure to the medication to the recovery time. We could not have asked for a better outcome. My heart swells with joy every time I think of the gift of MBOs and BPs that you have shared with us. Thank you so much for all that you do through your weekly newsletters, your books, your radio interviews and appearances, and everything else to make this world a better place.


Jackie writes: I don't want to forget or miss your request for MBOs. We're in Mortgagethe middle of buying a house. We were told not to buy anything big while the loan was being approved but I really wanted to buy our washer and dryer while 40% off. I did an MBO for the loan to be approved fast and that we would be allowed to buy the appliances before the sale ended Dec 2. Today I received word that our loan is approved, and we're allowed to buy them! I'm very excited and impressed with how smoothly our home buying process has been, thanks to MBOs!


Laurie writes: As Thanksgiving approaches, here are some of the things I’m thankful for because of MBOs:

I have a revitalized writing career that continues to expand. Writer

I am inspired by my GA, my creative guides, and all my writer selves in all my other writer lives as I’m working on projects.

I am in good health.

I am safe and protected in my home and outside of it every day.

I’m also very grateful for the BPs that have kept my family safe this year. Thank you to all the GAs and Helpful Beings that have kept my life on course and helped my family and friends, too.

On that note, I attend a convention in Atlanta every year (DragonCon), and each year I go to the Awards Banquet where some real superstars of Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature and Sci-Fi TV/Movie genres have been honored.
I always request an MBO to meet interesting and helpful people at the convention, and it inevitably spills over to include the Awards Banquet.

This year, my MBO put me one table away from my Star Trek heroine-of-all-Nichelle Nicholstime, Nichelle Nichols — Lieutenant Uhura! I was awestruck by her aura of quiet and genuine grace. She has influenced so many people to pursue so many paths in the sciences and flight! Wow!

Then I noticed a beautiful antique turquoise ring she was wearing. I love and collect turquoise. I was wearing a lot of turquoise at the banquet. A thought popped into my head: “You have to compare turquoise!”

When the ceremonies were finished, she was surrounded by admirers — important, famous admirers at that! I don’t know what possessed me
(Ha! MBO “whispers in my ear”!), but I went right up and joined that gathering. Everyone else was ignoring her assistant (who I’d noticed right away), but I started talking to the assistant about how I noticed Nichelle’s turquoise ring and how I love turquoise (obvious from what I was wearing!). The assistant insisted that I stay and show Nichelle my turquoise jewelry. The "handlers” tried to move Ms. Nichols from the ballroom, but her assistant ushered me to Nichelle’s side and personally introduced me to her. I got to compare turquoise with Ms. Nichols, and then I gushed like a fan-girl. Next time I’ll request an MBO to NOT behave like a total geek.


Kate writes: What happened to Kenny Veach? Did he tell the truth about the “M cave”? Did he enter and then wasn’t able to get back out? How does Kozyrev’s mirror work? How is it connected to our electromagnetic field? In 2015 you said, most doppelgängers are leeches that need to be removed, what did that mean? Where do they come from?

Theo, where do doppelgangers originate? And how can they be removed?Kozyrev's Mirrors

Another word for those spirits discussed in the past. Surround yourself with white light and send white light to them. It may take time, but they will wilt or slink away.

What happened to Kenny Vench in the “M” cave?

He stepped into another dimension and was not able to return.

How does Kozyrev’s mirror work? Is it connected to an electromagnetic field?

It can heighten one’s experiences, but as with similar devices it is difficult to control.


Krishna writes: Is one of the 4 negative energies "entropy"?
Is one of the 4 negative energies dark matter or dark energy?
Is one of the 4 negative energies antimatter?

Is one of the 10 positive energies "synergy"?

How about TELLING us one of each (+ or -), so we know to what realm of existence this phrase refers. "Positive energy" and "negative energy" are extremely NEBULOUS terms, which could refer to nearly anything.

Gaia, is one of the negative energies entropy?Universe dark matter

It is not.

What about dark matter or dark energy?

Dark matter makes up all the space in the universe, which your scientists will learn much more about in the future. And the same about what you call dark energy, but it is not negative energy.

Is antimatter negative energy?

Not as asked here. There is antimatter in places such as black holes but is not considered one of the negative energies. These were good questions by your reader.

More questions from Krishna:

Of course, creators get bored. Why else would they create? Heaven is extremely boring after umpteen trillion aeons. This is because consciousness is contrast. Contrast is existence. Therefore, something needs to contrast with Heaven for consciousness even to exist.

Where do all the "souls" come from which ensoul all these suns-planets-moons-etc.?  They would need to be fragments of "Creator" Herself.

Here I asked to speak to Creator.

Creator here, Tom. Good morning and good life to you.

And lots of love to you Creator.

Creator, do you fragment yourself into us out of boredom?

Not at all. There is a piece of me in each one of you, but your souls come Universefrom many different creators. All of you have a desire to one day in the far future to meld together and take over running this universe, allowing me to go to a much higher focus. That will not happen until I feel you collectively can handle running a whole universe, making trillions of decisions each second.

Do you love to put us back together?

Your soul contracts, as it has been explained to you by both Gaia and Theo, are to have demanding, difficult lives on Earth, which allows you to fast track the raising of your vibrational levels. This is accomplished by each of you being veiled from knowing that you have had thousands of previous lives on other planets prior to volunteering and being accepted for my Earth Experiment.

What better reason for creating anything?

As with all the trillions of creators, I greatly enjoy creating the whole universe and continue to do this.

Was there ever an absolute beginning and will there be an end?

Again, as has been explained to you before, the Earth Experiment will end in 7,000 years, and all of you will return to your home planets and will continue to assist those on your planets who did not have the high vibrational level to take part to raise their own vibrational levels. I have previously explained that there was just space here when I began to create first thousands of galaxies and then millions and millions, all different from each other. All of these galaxies were created in the ten positive energies that exist in every universe. And I was birthed by the Creator of Creators.

Creator, is there another level of veils for souls and creators?

There is not. We are able to communicate in microseconds conveying huge amounts of information beyond your imaginations at this time.

Those are all my questions for today, Creator. Thank you.

And we will end with reminding everyone, Tom, that each and every one of you can ask to speak to me in your meditations and I will respond. May I remind them that I do have the capability to handle trillions of communications at one time. I am much more than most of your current and future readers have been able to imagine.


Some more good news on the nationwide gun buyback proposal. On October 28, El Paso, Texas held a gun buyback event, and 400 weapons were turned in by citizens in less than half a day, for gift cards. Think how many Gun Buy back would be turned in over one year with people receiving gift cards that could only be used at supermarkets!

The San Antonio, Texas, Police Department will conduct a “Guns for Groceries” buyback event on November 19. They budgeted $250,000 to fund the event. Here is another new story, this time from KSAT TV. Click here. Herein lies the problem. These cities are having to fund these programs themselves, when it should be the U.S. Government that can allocate $350 million to initially fund the program.

So how can we link this event to a call for a Congressional Bill? Why not email or call your Congressperson or Senator and suggest that they get behind a BIPARTISAN bill to help lower gun violence in the United States. Put a link to the San Antonio article in your correspondence with your elected officials, and then use the link to my petition on AVAZZ for more details. You can also list my phone number and email address if they wish to contact me. The AVAZZ link is . Here is more information below, so that you can get on the bandwagon. It will raise your vibrational level!

1. This will have bipartisan support since it does not require anyone to do Philadelphia gun buy back anything. It is ALL VOLUNTARY!
2. No money is given that can be used to buy more guns.
3. Payment is made with money cards that can only be used at supermarkets or grocery stores.
4. People are concerned that only law-abiding citizens will give up their guns. Over weeks and months there will be people who turn in guns because someone in their family may be considering suicide or going on a shooting spree.
5. This would be overseen by the ATF, instead of the Justice Department. They would collect the guns once a month (or sooner) and destroy them the same way they destroy other confiscated guns. This also ensures that some local police department will not sell them out the back door.
6. Another possible benefit I have not mentioned before: Presenting this bill before Congress will allow for Amendments to be voted on. Perhaps one or two might pass this time. We won’t know unless we find a Congressperson or Senator to sponsor the bill.

If you want to cut down on gun violence, please support the petition by SIGNING! With thousands of subscribers to this Newsletter, why can’t we have thousands of signatures? Share this with your friends and family! We’ve climbed to 1,300. Let’s get to 2,000! Please sign and then you can use this tiny URL to send to your friends:, or do you just wish to keep seeing mass shootings every day? There have been 570 so far this year! dPlease contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators as I have. If we can stop even one or two in the future, isn’t that worth signing and supporting this gun buyback proposal? No one else is doing anything. Please join with me—don’t be passive on this—SIGN!! What does it take to get you to add your signature?


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