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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

May 23, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka


As I noted the last two weeks, I am sending out this newsletter early, as I’m Regina Meredithflying to Denver on Wednesday to be the guest of Regina Meredith on her Open Minds show on GAIA TV. She will interview me on my ATLANTIS & LEMURIA book.

Please say this BP out loud:
"I ask any and all beings to aid and assist Tom on his trip to Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday, for his stay at the hotel in Boulder, his interview on Thursday, and his flight back to DFW to be safe, to be guided away from any person who is ill, to have a great interview, and to return back in full health, thank you!"

This would be a PERFECT time for you to work on meditation, or perhaps try Yoga. Why not try the “16 Second” Meditation? Now everyone can do this! I do it all the time, and didn’t know there was a name. Here is the link: Click here.

My wife made me promise to get back on the Pets book. So please send me any MBO or BP stories about your Pets. I especially need stories about your unusual pets.

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My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Fain had seen a video, which questioned the motives of Bill Gates and Anthony Bill Gates and Anthony FauciFauci, so I thought I should ask to see if they were on their soul contracts.

Theo, are both Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci on their soul contracts?

Absolutely, Tom. And, we might add, both are contributing to mankind in benevolent ways. Disregard the conspiracy theorists. Both of these men are doing good work. History will show this to be true.


Harrrie writes: First, I want to thank you for all you do to provide the world with this new knowledge from your friends, and the Gentle Way guidance you provide for us.

I read in the May issue of the Sedona Journey of Emergence an article provided by Grace Elohim and Alison David Bird titled “Masters of Time.” The first paragraph stated "Since you were pushed off the ascension timeline in January to avoid the global catastrophe of a nuclear exchange, you have been vacillating between multiple collapsing timelines." It was mentioned 3 more times in the Ascension Depictionarticle.

Please ask your friends what person or group of people were thinking about starting a nuclear exchange? Also, please ask who pushed us off the Ascension timeline?

Perhaps with greater knowledge of this event we can all say BPs to help these people to not consider using nuclear processes in the future. And this article has certainly stirred our curiosity to better know what's going on in our world. Thank you, Tom, and we greatly appreciate all you do for us.

Gaia, were we somehow pushed off the Ascension timeline and if so who or what did this? Are there multiple collapsing timelines or is this another way to describe probabilities?

Remember, Tom, that we have said in the past that your vibrational levels as a whole dropped back a little. You were not pushed off, as it was more a retreat through human actions. Yes, there are multiple probability timelines we have discussed before. These probabilities drop away until on a daily, monthly and yes, yearly basis you chose the probability you as a human race wishes to experience. That’s why we ask each one of you to say that Benevolent Prayer and send white light each morning for peace on Earth as it does contribute to raising your vibrational levels to allow everyone to choose the highest and best probability for you.

This is what some people call Ascension, but is actually simply raising your vibrational levels and not going backwards. Each person needs to send out love each day and that means being compassionate. That is happening these days with young and old treating people better, and with love. You are making a big jump. It took a worldwide pandemic, but it has greatly aided you in being the loving beings you are at heart. These times allow you to demonstrate your love for those less fortunate.


Theo, I was told that North Korea’s Kim was incapacitated, and then he shows Kim Doubleup to a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Yes, but that does not mean he is in good health, Tom. That was a video show to assure his people that he is still in charge, I can assure you. It was carefully filmed by the media so that he was seen only for a short time.

Still, he looked fairly healthy to me, except that he seemed to move slowly.

Yes, there are tell-tale signs.

The other possibility I did not consider when I asked these questions was whether that was really Kim or not. The Sun newspaper pointed out that he has two doubles, who could have been the one shown in the ribbon cutting.


These questions came from Siddharth in India.

Gaia, what is the origin of the Sanskrit language?

Yes, truly the most ancient language on Earth at this time. It dates back to the Sanskritbeginning for Homo sapiens.

Not back to the Cro-Magnons or Neanderthals?

No, just Homo sapiens.

Was this given to them by their ET uncles and aunts?

In a way. It was the language of their ETs who placed them in or on the Indian subcontinent. They went a little farther than the ETs placing Homo sapiens on the other continents.

Were these Arcturians?

Quite so—their ET uncles and aunts.

Are Sanskrit mantras more powerful than said in other languages?

In a way, yes, as the language is ancient. Still, as we have said before, the human voice is much more powerful than you know at this time, so saying a mantra out loud in any language is very powerful.

Will we find similar languages when we start exploring the stars?

You will find similar, but different languages. Bear in mind that so many ETs Krishna Depictioncommunicate telepathically, so there is no need to learn a number of different languages to communicate.

What does it mean that Krishna is focused on his devotees?

Very simply that Krishna knew people would worship him, so his energy is directed to those who love him and worship him.

Does Krishna help his devotees raise their vibrational level?

Yes, that is part of his work, to guide his devotees, as don’t forget that all paths lead to the same door. Krishna’s path is but one of many. He sends his love to them every day.

Which ETs gave India technology?

Naturally, the Arcturians, thinking they were assisting, just as the other ETs around the world did. They did not think that humans had the mental intelligence to do anything but use this technology in peaceful ways. They were Mahabharata Warquite mistaken.

Ganpati is considered a God in India, son of Shiva and with the head of an Elephant, why? Was he based on an earlier model?

Here we get into religious beliefs, Tom, so we just prefer to say “allow.” Naturally, the elephant head is symbolic, and we will leave it there.

Why do humans have so much chatter in their brains? Is it because of the negative energies we live with?

Not exactly, Tom. You are receiving information constantly. When you learn to control the pineal gland function, you will greatly lessen the chatter, as you call it. It is but one of many things you have to learn in your Earth lives. Meditation greatly helps to quieten these brain functions.

Is negative energy related to masculine and feminine energy?

Here again we try and broach the subject of these four negative energies that are all part of your existence on Earth. Everything is related to these energies.

Why are our IQs so low compared to ETs? Was, or is, it because of these IQ Scalenegative energies?

It was decided eons ago that one of the things you would have to solve would be to learn how to increase your IQs, as you call them, by manipulation of your DNA strands. The other reason is that they wished you to learn slowly as they rightly felt too much intelligence would sabotage the Earth Experiment.

Why do souls wish to raise their vibrational levels? Is it the only purpose of all life?

Don’t forget your soul’s goal. They all wish to raise their vibrational levels to the point one day in the future when that level will be achieved allowing you all to meld into a creator. That, as we have said several times in the past, has never been achieved by any other group of souls in any universe. By not being able to see your past lives—by being veiled—you must make billions of decisions over the course of all yours and everyone else’s lives on Earth. Had this not been designed this way, you would never have the chance to reach a level that the creators are at to make trillions of decisions far beyond your knowledge at this time. You are on schedule, shall we say, to reach that level in the future.


My soul “brother,” Antura, is a member of my soul group or cluster, as Theo calls them. After 800 lives on Earth, Antura is having a life again as an amphibian. He was born on Nommo, a water planet in the Sirius B Solar System, which has over 22 or more inhabited planets. You can read much more about his work as part of a “first contact” team in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are questions I asked this week.

Antura, have ETs mined, or are ETs mining, our moon either in the past or presently?

That is not taking place at the present time. This has been off-limits until Mining on the Moonhumans accept the presence of ETs. Then it will be allowed. Up to this point, the moon primarily has been used as a base for Earth studies, which we have covered before. While doing so, they have discovered a mineral that is widely used, although not yet on Earth. So, our friend, Robert Shapiro, was channeling someone from the future when mining will be active on the moon both by humans and ETs. [Sedona Journal of Emergence]

How far in the future?

Let’s say for your purposes, Tom, a little over 100 years. You have been told many times that enormous progress is coming during this upcoming time period.

I have not asked for an update on Disclosure, although several people have asked, and I will include Putin, as he became ill from the Coronavirus.

Putin will recover, Tom, but his illness was foreseen, and was another reason the Russian path was blocked, although it was mainly his grab for more power.

There has been just a little progress on your Plan B, using this terminology. We UFO Sightinghave also upped the number of sightings, plus you may notice that your Pentagon rereleased the Navy video recordings of their encounters. I know you will say this is not enough, and on my side we realize we need to do more. Still, we are seeing some movement to involve Dr. Greer as a main participant, providing him with more information, and also possibly getting Canada involved. Your Time Line 7 is a little farther ahead of you. But they have not yet had disclosure. We hope that might happen in the next six months. Then it will be your turn.

More Navy footage should be released, Antura, as I think your Federation guys have seen that it did not cause people to run for the hills.

Yes, we have noted this in our reports. And yes, as you were just thinking, Tom, your vibrational level worldwide is rising, although at the same time there is much fear from those who do not have money to feed their families. This will work itself out over the next few months.

John writes: I've been thinking, since your name is on the table as far open ET Craft depictioncontact goes (from what I gather about what Antura said in a past newsletter). Can the people that come by your Facebook page start saying BPs for Tom Moore to be "THE ONE" that has open contact with ETs, rather than say S. Greer? Maybe if we all say BPs for you, maybe every few weeks, your name will get more attention at the council meetings the Federation has when they make decisions about who is going to actually get things moving.

I'm sure if they, the ETs, brought you up to, say, Antura's mothership before open contact, you could film your doc. and then when you come back hold a press conference somewhere in Texas, and announce that you have proof that ETs want to have open contact with humans and tell them about how you filmed a week-long visit to a mothership. It could be a very simple plan, which of course you would have to hammer out with Antura and those involved while you visit with them on the ship, so that there would be very few glitches and so forth.

So, my question is: should we say the BPs for you and would they help at all?

Antura, I’m asked if it would help any for my readers to say BPs for me to go and do the doc, or is it a much bigger problem.

Saying BPs always helps. It sets up benevolent circumstances for events to happen if they are on one’s soul contract, which in this case it is. The more people that say the BP, the more powerful it becomes, Tom.

I would ask you to say the following BP: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist Tom to meet with Antura, and for progress that will allow him to film the UFO Over Washington DCdocumentary on the mothership, thank you!”

These two questions are from Wes.

Antura, how does the Federation decide to make their ships visible to the public? There are many people that believe in ETs that would like to see a fly-by, but it has not taken place.

Yes, these craft are quite aware of who will see them. This is done to spread awareness, and not so much to give confirmations. They can, as you did before your trip to Sedona, request an MBO to see one, then release. And keep looking up every now and then as there have been times when they could have seen one, but were too involved in getting from point A to B.

How much of a hand did the Pleiadians have in ensuring the final Homo sapien Pleiadians Depictionversion looked like them?

We have covered this a little before. As they have the majority of souls taking part in the Earth Experiment, they had quite a bit of say as to what the final version would look like. They pointed out that societies like the Zetas, or even you and me, Tom, would be frightful to many people as we near the point where we will openly meet. Otherwise, there would have to be a lot of what you call shapeshifting to keep people from being afraid. That was a valid concern.

(May 18)

Karin writes: Did a real UFO crash in Brazil? Click here.

Antura, did an ET craft crash on May 12 near Mage, Brazil, or what happened?Back Engineered UFO

It was not an ET craft, Tom, but a back-engineered craft. All lives were lost.

So, I repeat, not an ET craft?


This question is from Wes.

Antura, I’m asked why it will take so long to learn how to portal hop. It seems as if we will be able to achieve this in a shorter amount of time.

Yes, it would seem so, but I can assure you, Tom, that it will take much more time than you can imagine, at this time, to learn how to navigate the energy connections between stars, galaxies, and planets. Remember that we are not allowed to give you this information, which took a very long time for extraterrestrials to learn. And it is not only the technical knowledge but also a mindset is needed. We don’t want Earth people zipping around the universe, accidentally causing wars or any types of conflicts. You have so much to learn, and that initially comes with exploring just this solar system. Can you imagine how long it will take just to explore the planets here? Many explorers would die if we, so to speak, gave you the keys to the car. Just accept that it will take many Unacknowledged more years than you can imagine to get to that point in development.

Now, a question, or more questions about Dr. Steven Greer. Having watched the film Unacknowledged [you can find it on Netflix, and is recommended], it would seem that he is so well known and accepted by people who believe in ETs, it would seem quite simple to have a space craft buzz one of his meetings to stir the pot, shall we say.

Yes, we have been seriously considering that type of contact. It still does not answer the problem of Disclosure; as you saw on the film, the USA and most of the other governments are still not willing to acknowledge the existence of ETs. That’s why Russia was chosen, but of course that has not worked out. We are trying to find a compromise solution, Tom, where a country, such as Canada, or perhaps another, acknowledges meetings with ETs.

Well, let’s keep moving and do more – much more sightings.First Contact book

Yes, we are doing more of these. But you also understand that we do not wish to assist in implementing the formation of a Space Force that your military, industrial, and intelligence complexes wish to create. We want space to be free of conflict. Having humans flying around in outer space with weapons is not good for your development.

Another point to consider is how much control they have right now. Dr. Greer is making inroads in that direction, but there needs to be more.

Antura, if Dr. Greer has been visited, why can’t you and I get together?

We are considering that. It might not be in person, but when and for what purpose is still being discussed.

Use some of that great intelligence you and the others have to make some decisions.


These two stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

Karen writes: My dog dragged in a baby squirrel 2 days ago, Mother's Day weekend. When I took "her" away from my dog, I noticed that she was breathing, slightly, but looked like she was about to die. I was determined to help her, perhaps comfort her until she died. I know energy management techniques, so started using them hoping this would help the baby recover, although I wondered if that was even possible. I hummed a song to her over and over. While doing this, I heard a voice in my head suggesting that I ask for help. (No, I am not crazy.) "OK. Why not?" I thought, after all, just the previous day I watched a video and one of the messages was that we are never alone, despite what we think, and all we have to do is call out for help whenever we need it, for Baby Squirrelany reason. So, I prayed for assistance and for the Most Benevolent Outcome possible, whatever that might be.

About 30 minutes thereafter, the baby started responding to my touch, leaning into me and seeking my hand!!! As I held her against my chest and ran the energy down and around her body with my hands, she started moving and tracking my hand movements. We locked eyes and I felt the sweetest energy, ever. EVER!! Two hours later, she was active enough for me to place in a comfortable box while I continued our session. She was still somewhat in shock at that point, but able to hop around just a bit. I could hardly contain my excitement!

Later that afternoon, she was stable and reaching to get out of the box. Good sign! I figured the mother might be looking for her since she was still young enough for the mother to be caring for her. I noticed her the week before with her mother, eating grass in my yard. So, I made a safe nest for her outside near where I had seen her previously. She leaned against my hand, looked at me, and then snuggled into the nest. I felt a tingling sensation go through me from head to toe. I think she was sending me love. OMG.... it was such a beautiful moment! I felt blessed.
I prayed she would make a full recovery and be reunited with her mother. I checked 2 hours later and the baby had left the nest. Hopefully, she safely reunited with her mother.

I am sharing this with you because it was such a profoundly heart-opening experience for me and a reminder that anything is possible when you set your intention and focused attention, ask for help, and open your heart to give and receive love.
LOVE is the greatest force of all. Love and be loved!


Sara writes: I hope this note finds you and your family well! I was reading the newsletter as I tried to go back to sleep for a few more hours and was reminded of a cool one that happened about two weeks ago! Sometimes I forget to put my Playful Kittensring up where my girls, 2 almost adult kitten sisters, can’t get it. They are obsessed with my stones and in particular that chromite ring. One night, it was on the coffee table and I was super tired, so I went to bed and thought they wouldn't mess with it there.

Went to grab it on my way to leave for work the next day, and of course it wasn't there. I looked around for a minute or two, but couldn't find it.
So I said an MBO that it would materialize as soon as I got home for work, and went on my way. When I came home that evening, I went to the computer to do something and Celestine was playing with something at the bookshelf. I looked over and zoomed in on what she was playing with... My ring! I have to be careful when following her because sudden movements scare her, so I slowly approached saying, “Did the angels tell you to play with that? Thank you for bringing it out for me!!” And then I thanked the angels for their creativity on bringing the ring back to me! Thanks again for this great tool and your assistance with humanity!


Shirley writes: I have a question about the Supermoon on the 8th; as I looked at it, I could see a light blue light around the moon. Could you ask what it was and why was it there? Also, I had a dream that I was picking up all denominations of coins; what is the meaning of that?

Some years ago, Dr. Grigory Grabovoy invented a consciousness device that Supermoonhelps to materialize the bio-signals given out through your focused thoughts.

Because of the recent health scare, he has opened up FREE access to his 5 medical devices which you have 24/7 web access to via this link: Click here.

Gaia, why did the Supermoon have a light blue light around it?

This appearance simply has to do with atmospheric conditions, Tom—nothing more.

Does Dr. Grigory Grabovoy’s devices work?

He has done some interesting “out of the box” studies. More work though is needed to ascertain scientifically what does and does not work. Therein also lies the problem—his work went on individually, so his claims were not verified or discarded.


John writes: Theo said that both Robert the Doll, and Annabelle the Doll are haunted because they experience violent energies.

Which now brings us to the rocking chair that Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated, which is in the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.

Theo has said that some objects such as dolls (and even battlefields) that experienced violent energy are "haunted." Is Abraham Lincoln's rocking chair haunted because of the violent energy it endured when Lincoln was assassinated, any leftover energy? Click here.

Theo, does the rocking chair that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in retain Lincoln Assassinationthe violent energy of his death?

This is something that those who can read energies of all objects would be able to telepathically pick up, Tom, on virtually any object. Human energies do permeate objects, so the answer would be that this chair retains the energy of Lincoln—you could say his signature. It is not haunted per se, but retains the energy of his life passing when he was killed. More studies need to be done in the areas of how is this energy transferred, and how do the cells of the chair retain this energy.

What was Lincoln balancing, if anything?

Yes, he was able to balance a previous action where he had taken another’s life. But that pales in comparison to all the good he introduced your population to. Humble, yet he was open and his guides and GA were able to convey to him that which he is remembered to this day—honesty and goodness of heart. And of course he was instrumental in the freeing of slaves.

What quadrant was he on?

As you might guess, he was a medium soul, in his first quadrant. Still many lives to go, but in comparison, ahead of his time. A true leader.

Is he incarnated now in this time period?

No, but again soon. Not this continent, but another.



1. Did Nero really fiddle while Rome burned?

2. Who was more insane, Caligula or Nero?Caligua

3. Is either Caligula or Nero incarnated now?

4. Marcus Aurelius was the wisest Emperor, was he an old soul up until that point?

5. Some Roman emperors were declared Gods after their death, but still unknown to historians is if whether or not they were declared, or declared themselves, as Gods during their lifetimes. So, were the Roman emperors declared Gods during their lifetimes?

Theo, did Nero fiddle while Rome burned?

Perhaps a little exaggeration there, Tom.

Were either Caligula or Nero insane?

Both had mental problems, Tom. Good that your questioner brought up the Maximus Aureliuspossibility. All of course was part of their soul contracts—a bad boy life.

Are either incarnated now?

No, both are having lives in the past right now. You will be happy to learn that both are incarnated as good people in your past.

Was Maximus Aurelius an old soul?

No, but certainly a medium soul in the second quadrant at that time.

Did some Roman Emperors declare themselves Gods?

More that they associated themselves with their right hands, you could say.


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