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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

January 20, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

With a deadline of this week for passing the spending bill, I think it’s that time again to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for Congress to Congresscompromise on that along with DACA.
Please say OUT LOUD: 
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist President Trump, his Administration, Congress, and the Courts to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the United States, the citizens of the world, and the planet, thank you!”
Keep in mind that Theo has said there is great energy and power in saying these BPs out loud, so please join in and add your voice to hopefully thousands of others.  Copy and paste and send this BP to your friends and family.  Tom and Dena

There was some problem on the internest last week and 621 people did not receive their newsletters.  Hope everything works today. 
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FIRST CONTACT: Anonymous writes: "I have read this book and if it’s First Contacttrue what it says then by golly I hope I'm still around come 2015 to meet our friends from above. I always knew we weren't the only ones in this universe; dam good book."
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Anonymous writes: "Amazing book for anyone that is interested in reading about Atlantis."
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
A number of people asked about the false nuke alert, and naturally, I’m starting to see conspiracy theories pop up.
Theo, was it human error or a false alert regarding the Hawaii?Hawaii False Alert

Tom, although you understand that no action is completely a human error, this was under that definition a human error. In reality, it was on the person’s soul contract to mistakenly push the wrong button, and in so doing created panic in the streets that reverberated around the world, causing people to consider the possibility of a real war using nuclear weapons.

The people directly affected had to consider their own eminent mortality, as they had done to others in past lives. Then, for the leaders of countries with nuclear weapons themselves, there was the reality of the potential destruction of these devices. This was a teaching lesson to everyone even slightly involved who just viewed newscasts of the panic in Hawaii.

Bob writes:
Can your guides tell us whether this rocket that failed to reach a stable orbit was a simple failure, or (because it was “classified”) was there some “assistance" to make sure it didn’t become active?  Rocket LaunchClick here.
I always look forward to your weekly Q&As. Keep doing your wonderful work!

Theo, was the rocket tampered with so that it did not achieve orbit or just a simple failure?

In this case, it was human error plus a part of the rocket had a defect. From our standpoint, it was preferred to not have these spy satellites in the air at this time. This will delay their implementation by many months.
Again, you’ll see the conspiracy theorists jump on this one.

Shirley writes:
My first question is about Michelle Obama. I have heard that she is really a man, and that the two children they have are adopted.
Next, is there any possibility of a person regrowing their own teeth and Teeth Xrayhow long would it take? I read that there is a Doctor working on regrowing teeth by using your DNA.

I will first say the story about Michelle and the two children have popped up periodically for the past several years. This story was created by the same people who invented stories about Barack’s birthplace and even more vicious stories, all trying to undermine him from first seeking a second term and then from having any success as President. These are racist in nature and are all stories to divide—not to bring us together. Reject these stories and go back to the person who sent the email. Break the chain.
Theo, can or will teeth be regrown in the future?

Absolutely. You will in the future learn how to manipulate your DNA to regrow limbs, so teeth will be easier to accomplish. This is one of the many developments that are on the horizon.
Nancy writes:
I'm very excited about your new book about pets! I was wondering if pets from our past can arrange to be with us in the future. I also want to know if pets can hang around you after they pass, and be guardians. I had some special guidance from my cats. One cat, Faerie Queen, would put her ears back when my new live-in boyfriend kissed me. After I saw that, I wondered what was wrong with him. I found out, and he had to go.
Then I brought my now husband over for a visit -we were just getting to Maine Coon Catknow each other outside of work- and Faerie Queen sat in his lap and looked at me like, "I know you're not very smart, but this should tell you something. I sit on NO ONE'S lap! I'm on him! We can keep this one!" And to make a long story short, I did. Afterwards, those two always had a special relationship.
Also, I adopted a Maine Coon cat, Gabrielle, who I believed was mistreated by her breeder. She came out of her shell once I got her home, but then after I had to get her neutered in order to keep her, she became more distant. I just wonder if she knows now how much I love her, now that she has passed. She didn't seem to know it while she lived with us. Thanks for all that you do!

Cat Soul here, Tom. Good morning.
Good morning, Cat Soul.
Cat Soul, when one of your soul fragments is neutered, how does that Cataffect the relationship with its human caretaker?

Yes, it is only natural that there is a time when the cat withdraws, as it can feel the loss of sexuality we’ll call it. Simply treat the cat with love and send white light. All of my cats have a different personality, so some will withdraw more than others. Keep sending the cat lots of white light and love and ask for a Benevolent Prayer for the cat to feel loved and appreciated and to understand why in this day in time neutering has to be done.
Cat Soul, how do your fragments arrange to be with us?

Yes, I understand to most people this process would seem quite complex. In 3rd dimensional terms, I keep records, you could call them, on all the fragments’ lives. When the call goes out from the Guardian Angel for a cat, I scan my records and see which of my fragments has been with the person before. Then, again using 3D terms to describe, I see what availability there is and how well these fragments were treated in the past. If they were loved, it becomes an easy decision. Even if they were not, I understand the process of slowly learning to love my fragments. And yes, there are times when my soul fragment was killed previously and I will not send that fragment to have another life, but will send a new one in hopes that the person will learn to respect my soul fragment this time around.
In the case of the person being in a first life or one of their first lives, Catthen it is an easy decision to provide a soul fragment that can be an older fragment of me with many lives to teach that person, or a fragment with few lives so that each can learn from the other. You must keep in mind that I have millions of fragments to provide a wide variety of teaching situations as part of Creator’s Earth Experiment.
But, to summarize, I work with all of your Guardian Angels to supply the right soul fragment for the circumstances of a particular time period and whether the person is a young, medium, or older soul. And don’t forget that I do have younger souls who assist me in all of these billions of lives my fragments have during the billions of lives that your soul fragments have. You may have a great love of dogs in one life and in the next one, as part of your learning, you will be a big cat lover. These are all learning opportunities for each of you in your lives on Earth.

Thanks for the great explanation, Cat Soul! Good life to you.

And thanks, Tom, for taking on this subject to give everyone a better understanding and hopefully they will love my soul fragments even more so in the future.
Fortune writes:
In her book Cosmic Journeys, Rosalind McKnight talks of having gone to the moon with her guides but she felt unwelcome there. Who was not happy with their presence there? Could it have been the moon soul or other beings on the surface or inside the moon? Are there beings inside the moon? Thank you very much, Tom.Moon Structure
Gaia, are there any beings living in the interior of the moon?

No, we have touched on this before. The Earth is much more amendable to life in the interior than it is to life in the interior of the moon. You will see the difference in makeup between the interior of the Earth and the interior of the moon in the future.
Why would Rosalind McKnight feel uncomfortable there?

She was simply “waved off,” we will call it, by the ETs who were there. It was not time for the ET base to be discovered and she was too good for her to mentally roam around, shall we term it. The time for unveiling this base is fast approaching.
Theo, what is the probability of a Russian Disclosure in the next 30 Putin at Russian Spaceportdays?

It is not very probable in the next 30 days, Tom, but extend this out just a little and it is a high probability. There are still intense discussions, we will call them, between the Pleiadians and the Russians. Just be patient. I know that Antura has said this too, but he must work on the information he received from the Pleiadians, while I am able to see their soul contracts through their own GAs, so I have a little advantage there. It will happen, but this is a big gamble for them in their eyes. Still, their egos will cause them to make the Disclosure.
So, would 60 days increase the probability to over 90%?

Quite so. Go with that number now.
For my new readers, Antura was introduced to me back in 2008 by Theo. I was to learn that he’s part of my soul group or “cluster,” but is also an ET. He happens to be orbiting Earth right now in a huge mothership, cloaked from us seeing it (there are about 25 others doing the same Abe Sapien of the Hellboy moviesfrom different solar systems, galaxies, and even a couple of other universes). It would truly cause everyone to be frightened, as it’s three-miles-wide and 20-stories-tall.
Antura is part of a “first contact” team, with his specialty being “grass roots” contacts. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. There are details about other ETs, planets, ET ships, the original star wars I now call the Reptilian War, and even the other three universes adjacent to ours that you have never read anywhere else. Here are more questions this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom, and good life.
Good life, Antura, to you and your family.

Thank you, Tom, and thanks for asking Theo for the update.
It would seem that you could have asked him yourself?

Yes, but you have to be the one to ask. You are in control here and must learn to ask these questions. We are not allowed to.
[Folks, sometimes I feel like a guy from the other side of the planet that Footballwalks into a stadium, is given a football, and told I’m the quarterback with no prior knowledge.  At least tell me the rules!]
Kevin writes:
I still love reading all the stories and adventures and MBOs and upcoming space interactions and global affairs, please keep it up.
I just had a dream the other morning about being with a group of ET aliens and I started communicating with them with mental images and then I realized I could just talk with them and they could understand me and I could understand them and it made me think that it would be wonderful to visit one of the space star ships when they are here. I also think it would be amazing to have one of those universal translator chips they have for understanding each other and languages and races. Can I get one? Maybe I will get the opportunity to have this dream become a reality. Do you think this might be a prophetic dream? If you want company on one of your trips, count me in.
I have a question about making tunnels underground that you Giant Tunnelmentioned a while back. If they use some kind of laser, plasma ray or other advanced beam, what happens to the material that is removed? Is it disintegrated to a powder or melted into the walls and ceiling so they wouldn't collapse? How do they keep reinforce the walls and ceilings? Can you share some details? Obviously not the technology, but at least some detailed concepts. Thanks.

Antura, when ETs made tunnels what happens to the material? And why no reinforcement is needed?

These are all questions that partially must be left unanswered. You will learn how to make these tunnels in the future using processes you have not discovered or rediscovered—a little hint there, Tom. I will say that when we make a tunnel, it is with the Agreement of Gaia, and the Tunnelmaterial –the rock, substrata--that the tunnel goes through is compressed to the point where it needs no shoring up as your tunnels do when the material is completely removed. So, in the future, if you study our tunnels you will see how compressed the rocks and soil and such are.
Regarding the translator devices explained in my book, if you meet an ET, you will have no need for one since what you hear will be in your language. They will not give us these devices. We have to invent them ourselves. I do see a day in the near future where there will be language aps for first the major languages, and then all languages where you can immediately load a language on your smart phone and speak into the phone, press a button and the smart phone translates it into the language. Then the other person speaks and you hear it on an ear piece. It will allow everyone to roam the world and not be afraid to travel.
[Next session]

Asked by Ronald.

Good morning, brother Antura. Send my best wishes to your family when you speak to them.

Thanks, Tom. I do speak with them almost every day.
It will be interesting to see how you handle universal days to Earth days.

Yes, it may seem confusing, but we are quite used to being able to inject ourselves into whatever times a society keeps.
Antura, are there or have there ever been ET ships as large as 40 miles UFOby 20 miles as reported by one or more people in the 1960’s in Southern California?

Not that large, Tom, but much larger than, say, our ships today. The Federation decided to limit the size of the motherships, as you call them, as such sightings today would certainly frighten people. Their appearance back then led to the limits on size. You could call them middle class cruisers. As I told you before, there are much larger ships, but they are not allowed near Earth.
What are the huge ships’ missions?

Quite a variety, Tom. Some societies just enjoy living on or in a world of Huge ET Ship Depictiontheir construction. Others do it for protection, dating back millions of years. Others are giant laboratories studying galaxies and the universe. There truly are an enormous number of reasons for their size. Their lives can be much better than if they were at home on their own planets. Some of your sci-fi programs have touched on these possibilities. Of course, the writers have had lives where they lived or encountered these giant ships. I can show you some examples when you come.
Are any ET ships from a universe that is the mirror opposite of ours?

No, but as I have said before, there are billions of universes out there that include what would be termed a mirror image. Success breeds copying. The Creator does have Its own fan club you could say.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Sara writes:
I hope you and your family are well! I thought of a question, which I think I know the answer, but would like clarification. I asked for an MBO today to find some samples my boss had given me. I asked them to remind me where I left them. Then I went about doing my Guardian Angel Depictionmakeup for work. Shortly thereafter I felt an inkling, and saw a picture of my computer desk. So I went to look and sure enough, there they were, buried under a mess. (Mental note, I need to clean that off.)
But I was listening to a message from Kryon tonight where he actually explained a bit more about angels, their energies, and how they communicate with us. So, with questions like that, was that my guardian angel who answered me, or one of my guides? I have a feeling it was one of the three guides I have met, either Horatio, or Katherine Rose. I didn't hear a voice this time, or I would've been able to tell if it was one of them for sure. I thanked them all, no matter who it was! But I appreciate the clarification! I'm anxiously awaiting First Contact with the rest of the aware world! Thank you, Tom!!

Sara and everyone, you can believe that your MBO requests are MBOanswered by any angel or deity—it does not matter, as this
works PERFECTLY in conjunction with your soul path or “contact” as it’s called. I was told that our Guardian Angels (GAs) are whole souls—not fragments of souls as we are—and are called “golden light beings” because they emanate a golden light and are also old souls.

They are able to handle thousands and thousands of soul fragments at the same time, in ALL of our lives, all going on at the same time! They prefer the term
“Servants of the Creator,” as they all volunteered for this work. Your guides on the other hand are soul fragments of souls having Earth lives and doing this work for learning, growth, and to assist other soul fragments in their Earth lives. I’m told everything filters through your GAs.

Joan writes:
I have a couple of MBOs for you. I was having back surgery two days before my birthday. When I realized that I had failed to renew Lower Back Painmy driver’s license, I was in a panic. I found my renewal notice. The more I read, the worse my panic became. I had just turned 78. I tried to renew online and could not. I said my MBO requesting I get a friendly person and my renewal turn out better than expected. The person on the phone could not have been nicer and my renewal went right through. If I had been a year older I would have had to take the driving test again.

MBO 2: I said my MBO prior to my back surgery meeting with the surgeon, requesting the surgery be able to be done. I was afraid I would not be approved due to my age. The surgeon was so nice. Said my surgery was doable and his age limit was 79. I am having a hip replacement the end of this month. The surgeon for my hip replacement told me basically the same thing. My MBOs were answered in spades.
Thank you for leading the way to use MBOs.
I find myself using them all the time. They are answered.
Charlie writes:
September born babies.
It has been said that many people born in September are/were "accidents." The reasoning behind this being that September is the 9th month of the year and it takes 9 months to have a baby. 9 months prior to September is December from the previous year - the festive season! The logic consists that many couples get caught up in the Xmas spirit Babyand also on New Year's Eve having unprotected sex and conceiving children.
How many babies born in September are accidents from overzealous couples having too much fun over Xmas and the New Year celebrations?

Theo, how many babies born in September would be considered “accidents” by their parents?

There are no “accidents” as we all well know. But to answer your question, less than half would be considered an “accident.” Of course, from our side there are no accidents, as the soul fragments set forth your soul contracts thousands, and yes, millions, of Earth years ago. Therefore, we are only referring to those parents who think the pregnancy was by accident. There are no such things as accidents. Each is meticulously planned.
Daralyn writes:
What was the purpose of the red hair gene, if it was done deliberately? It seems to have shown up in certain populations, Red Hairsuch as in Central Asia, and in the Royal family line in England.
Theo, what was the purpose of the red hair gene?

It is another gene that mixed with other genes creates what you could call hybrids—again, this variety Creator wanted. You still have much to learn about these genes in your scientific research. Your scientists will see all the connections and variances one day, but that is still some time off.
Ronald writes:
This seems to match up to the recent request for an immediate $50,000,000 appropriation for "updating" of the Guantanamo facilities. And sending fifty highly trained military for a nine month tour of duty is quite a substantial number, unless you plan on a substantial increase in their function.
I suppose it helps to read between the lines, eh?

"AZ National Guard military police unit deploys to Guantanamo
“Dozens of family members said goodbye to their loved ones Friday Guantanamo Prisonmorning at the Papago Park Military Reservation near 50th Street and McDowell Road. More than 50 Arizona National Guard men and women are being deployed to the naval base at Guantanamo Bay for approximately nine months..."

Theo, why is there a ramp up of personnel and money being spent at the Guantanamo prison in Cuba?

They are anticipating an influx of terrorists being captured and sent to this prison, Tom. It will not be as many as they anticipate, but they wish to feel prepared. These are simply projections, as they feel they will capture many more ISIS fighters and they do not wish them to return back to Europe and the USA where they could wreak havoc.
Digg had a story about the development of sex robots. I wondered if their development would carry over into other robotic developments.
Click here.
Theo, how popular will sex robots become and are there any benefits Sex Robotfrom the development?

Your young people are becoming less connected and social to each other at this time. They still have sexual needs, but have difficulty in communicating on a one to one basis in person. These sex robots fill a gap that will widen for a time, before the pendulum starts to move in the other direction and push them to communicate. It does have the side benefit, as you just thought, of reducing the population.
So yes, this trend will grow in the near future, but the other benefit will be more lifelike robots which will be incorporated into designs of more well-rounded robots, we will call them, that perform, or will perform, normal tasks and duties in the workplace and around the house. As you were told in the past, androids will be too expensive and will only be used by governments. Robots, on the other hand, will have greatly developed just in the next 50 to 100 years to where a vast majority of homes will have some form of robotic assistance.


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