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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 29, 2018

Tom T. Moore



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ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Valerie wrote: “This new book recently published is a question and answer book, channeled by Tom and the information given to him by his guides over the years. It contains so Depiction of Golden City, Poseidiamany details about how we came to this planet and what life was really like on Atlantis and Lemuria.
"How often we have heard the saying ' There is nothing new under the sun.' Tom’s book proves that. It is a must read for those who are curious to learn about past lives, and the way people lived on those two continents, the transportation they used, how crystals powered their vehicles, and their communication systems and so much more. It is the very book I feel everyone should read.”

FIRST CONTACT: Keahi wrote: "When you look up in the night sky, do you wonder and ask is there anyone else out there? Are we the only living beings in the universe? How reliable is our written history? Perhaps they, the ETs, have always been with us. The author, Tom T. Moore, gives easy-to-understand Q&As while in an alpha state, that First Contact bookexplains our age-old question, ‘Are we alone?’
"At first, I was skeptical of anyone contacting an ET. However, curiosity got the best of me since I’ve always wanted to know what is beyond the sky and stars.
"The Q&As are extremely well-thought out, understandable, and easy-to-read. There is a wide range of subject matters from everyday family interactions to futuristic explorations. Some of the answers have a sense of humor while providing insightful information about the ETs. Some are frightening and fascinating at the same time, especially about the ETs called the Zetas or Greys.
"Reading this book opens a whole new “world” in one’s mind since the book introduces many “races” of ETs and about their travels in space. Being a novice, I would have liked a break-out of the different “races” of ETs in the glossary section just to know who was who.
"Exciting times for humanity are just around the corner when the ETs make their appearance on Earth. As they introduce themselves to us, it will change history as we know it and alter our future as well.
"I recommend this book to anyone who is inquisitive about our pre-history, how and why we are here, answers to unexplained UFO events, Gift Cardreasons for their visits, and what the future holds for humanity."

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Philip asked a lengthy question about the Cabal’s influence. Here is Gaia’s response.
Gaia, how would you describe the Cabal’s influence in all forms of business and politics?

We have had a number of discussions on this, Tom, so you might encourage your readers to do searches. But to summarize, there is an inner ring of very powerful, very wealthy men, mostly living in Europe, Sunsetthat have the money to influence governments and corporations to take certain paths that are beneficial to them. You could call them “Super Lobbyists,” but that description is not accurate. They like turmoil and wars, as they benefit financially from them. They play both sides, so as to keep a conflict going as long as possible.Sending Light
But may I also remind your readers that their power is fading. Part of this—a large part mind you—has to do with that rise in your vibrational levels to a point where you will never have another world war. Sending light to the world each day, as you do, and you have encouraged your readers to, also lessens their power by shining light on their dark deeds. If your readers and future readers set a course of honesty and compassion in their lives, you will emerge from the dark days of their control.

May I remind you that in the SPECIAL NOTES above, I show you how to send light and love to the world each day. May I encourage you to adopt this as one of your New Year’s Resolutions? That would be GREAT!

I’m writing somewhat of a follow up book about Atlantis and Lemuria. It has new information, including the exact locations for both continents. Tentative title is
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Myth or Fact? Here are questions that came up in the last week.
Gaia, before the volcanoes erupted on Atlantis, were there earthquakes Volcano Eruptionthat preceded them. If so, what intensity?

Yes, of course there were warnings of what was coming, Tom. There were constant earthquakes, many of the small variety such as you see accompany a volcano like the one in Hawaii, but then there were larger ones, using your scale in use today, would be a great many over 5.0 in your Richter Scale, and even a number above 6.9 and 7.0. The residents knew something was brewing. All the population along that line of volcanoes had been cleared away, thinking it would only be temporary, but the scientists knew that a massive caldera of lava was under these volcanoes and they were understandably worried.
How long did this go on—was it months, or even a year in advance?

Closer to a year, Tom.
I assume the quakes were felt many miles away?Earthquake

Certainly, Tom. They could be felt as far away as the coasts, but there they felt it as rumblings—we’re talking about their East and West Coasts, as the northern and southern coasts felt them more.
How many thousand people were evacuated from the quake zone?

Many thousands, Tom, as keep in mind that most of these seemed to be in a dormant status for many years. If one did erupt, they would temporarily move the people near that volcano to a safe place, similar to what is done today.
Not sure if this was previously asked, how fast did the continent sink?Atlantis

Quite fast, Tom. It was gone in a matter of hours—all within a week.
Gaia, how many people drowned that lived on the Atlantean Continent, and the number that drowned in the rest of the world, when the continent sank?

It was a tad more than 30 million, Tom, but use that figure.
What about the rest of the world?

Yes, somewhat more than 30 million drowned on the coasts of the world Tsunamias there were many low lying places where the land was completely submerged. Still, the Earth was not that populated yet as keep in mind this was 31,000 years ago.
How many people were left alive on Poseidia, Aryan, and the five smaller islands? Was it more than 100,000?

Yes, Tom, more on the order of 250,000.
Did I receive that figure correctly?Poseidia & Aryan & 5 islands

Close enough. Keep in mind that these were large pieces of the continent, and there were farms and small villages.
How long was the Atlantic Ocean unnavigable after Atlantis sank?

A full ten years, Tom. It was far worse, as you can imagine, than the plastic sea today in the Pacific Ocean, which in itself is difficult to plow through, but this contained debris, such as trees, buildings, and of course earth and foliage.
So, no longer than 10 years?

When the islands destroyed themselves thousands of years later, how long was the Atlantic Ocean unnavigable?

Less, but it was a few years as the debris drifted towards the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea.
How many square miles was the total of the five islands below Aryan?

More on the order of 14,000 miles, Tom.
Were the islands of Poseidia and Aryan cut off from each other because of the mud and debris?

Yes, but for a shorter time as keep in mind their aircraft could roam as long as they were in sight of the giant crystal posers powering them. And they had radios that made contact not too long after the sinking, so they knew there were others not so far away.
I assume they were joyful to know there were others that survived?

Yes, very thankful. They had all experienced the greatest cataclysm the world had known in human history. Of course it was many years—hundreds in fact—as they slowly moved out of recovery mode to begin building new cities.
Was it at this time when the Atlanteans retreated from the Mediterranean Old Map of Mediterraneanarea, or had they retreated before?

Their garrisons were under siege in several places, Tom. There could be no reinforcements, and could be picked off one by one. It was almost impossible to completely retreat, but they moved back in the direction of home.
Gaia, how were the crystals, mined in Arkansas, shipped back to Poseidia and Aryan?

Good question, Tom. Most of the way by air, all the way to the coast. There, a ship with its own crystal power source would complete the voyage several hundred miles to its destination.
So, they did not have, say, a ship with a crystal poser sitting on it floating out in the Atlantic for the air ships to use on their way?

No. That was just too difficult to maintain. They had a dock, and could load the crystals onboard fairly easily.
What happened as the two sides became more antagonistic to each other—or did they by that time have all the crystals they needed?

Yes, by that time they had mined thousands of large crystals, and even smaller versions, so the mining village was shut down and the miners Large Crystal Mt. Ida area Arkansasreturned to their respective islands.
So, the miners were from both Poseidia and Aryan?

Correct. And like your politics today, they had many arguments over their beliefs.
When did people began migrating to the Yucatan and Central America?

There had been a number of expeditions in that direction. The jumping off point was at the tail of the continent. Naturally, they found that area to be lush with vegetation and various sorts of food, plus a very backward population that could be easily controlled. Then, as the war heated up, several groups began leaving—not only yours headed to Egypt, but smaller groups that headed south—most later and closer to the final war.
Ray writes:
More on Life Flashing Before Your Eyes Before Death.
1. What is the time perception like when life is flashing before your eyes before death? Does it feel like seconds, minutes, hours or even years long worth of memories?
2. Is it your entire life that flashes before your eyes, or just particular Life Flahing Depictionmoments in a kind of “best moments compilation”?
3. When some is living a bad guy life and their life flashes before their life, do they get upset, cringe and feel great guilt and pain at all the bad stuff they’ve done that shows up in their memories flashing before them?
4. Do you feel immense delight at all the memories we’ve forgotten that show up whilst they’re flashing by?
5. When life flashes before we die, does it occur instantly upon death or do we slowly move into it a short while after death?Life Flashing Before Your Eyes
6. In our last ever life (of 600-800 lives) when our life flashes before eyes then, will it be a MASSIVE JUMBO flash vision of memories from all 600-800 lives or just memories of that single final life?

Theo, 1. Life flashing before our eyes – does it feel like seconds, minutes, hours, or years of memories?

More on the order of minutes. It all depends upon how long the person’s body and soul remain connected.
2. Is it just parts of your life like significant, best, and worst moments?

Significant—the most memorable moments.
3. In a bad guy life, do they cringe—feel guilt, are they upset?Many Lives depiction

It would vary here. Some would relish in memories of being a conqueror. Again, it is the most significant.
4. Do we feel immense delight at all the memories?

The events are flashing too fast to have time for great feeling. Perhaps more sadness that it is over.
5. Does this occur instantly at death, or shortly before?

Shortly before—while the body is starting to shut down, but before detachment of the soul. Here we are talking about a normal death and not a sudden one.
6. In our last life on Earth, will the flash of memories be just of that life or of all our lives?

Interesting question, Tom, but no, it would still be just that life. Only afterwards do they realize there will be no more.
For my new readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet,” meaning that he is not only a member of my soul “cluster,” but this time around he’s having another life on the planet Nommo. He is an amphibian, and after 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in exploration, he’s making Abe Sapien  Hell Boy Moviesuse of that experience as a member of a “first contact” team. They go to emerging worlds and introduce themselves and offer assistance in the future.
He’s orbiting the Earth right now in a huge mothership that has been masked so that it, and the other 24 or so ships also in orbit, don’t frighten the population of Earth while they take millions of readings each day. The ship is three miles wide and twenty stories tall, with a crew of 900, plus their families, totaling 1,500 beings from 37 different planets. You can read more about Antura, his work, the mothership, and even the original star wars that took place about one million Earth years ago in my book,
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.
Emily writes:
I have another question regarding Andrew and I being visited by our alien friends.
We have lived at our new home for less than a month. A few nights last Alienweek and again over the weekend, we heard lots of strange noises (tapping, clicking and creaking) in the house, almost like the house is settling into the earth. The other night we were not fully asleep when it started; I got out of bed and looked around, of course nothing seemed out of place and the noises stopped. I returned back to bed and the thought came to me that our visitors were making themselves known. In the AM, when I took my shower I noticed I had 3 marks on my right leg, (like puncture marks) and they had dried blood on them. It was a bit unnerving to say the least. Andrew does not appear to have any such marks on him.
Would you please ask if this was just another of their standard visits or what?

Antura, was Emily visited by ETs, and if so why the three marks on her leg?

Yes, she was being tended to by her planetary people. The marks are also, at the same time, proof that she was not just dreaming. They are trying to assist in your adjustment to the fifth focus.
OK, that’s all the questions I have for today, unless Time Line 11 is on Flying Discsthe ship?

Not quite yet, Tom, but the invitation is out.
[Next session]
Antura, how many days did you give Time Line 11 to prepare for pick up?

As you were thinking, Tom, just a couple of weeks. You had been preparing on that time line for many months, therefore it was just renting the equipment needed.
Speaking of equipment and such, did you give (Time Line 11) me a packing list of things to bring?

A small list, Tom, of what to bring and not bring. It had more to do with ET Landing Depictionequipment.
How many days are you telling them they will be on board?

A full two weeks. If needed, they can stay longer, but two weeks that you have been thinking is just about right. This could change after we see how fast we can move from one area to the next, and one subject to the next. There will just be one area where all the history will be presented, so after setting up there, it will go very fast. Touring the ship, obviously, will be the most labor intensive, but again, they will have a lot of assistance from our team members.
Are those Earth days or Universal days?

Good question, Tom, but no, we do not wish you to have to switch to Universal days. That would be too confusing. For us it will feel like much more intense than our normal operating schedule.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way! You can now, for the first time, sign up to receive notification of the Blog, along with a link.
Darlene writes:
I rented a car to drive alone from Seattle to Oregon, so I Flat Tirewouldn't have to drive my old car and be safe. Well, the tire went flat as I was traveling down the freeway and was totally shredded by the time I was able to get over to a shoulder, which is always scary. I called AAA and said an MBO for them to arrive quickly, which they did and repaired the tire. I was able to drive to the next exit where there was a branch of my rental company (what were the chances of that?), who traded out my car for a large truck. I felt so blessed (even though I was 90 minutes behind schedule and hit rush hour traffic in Portland), to have successfully weathered my hazardous adventure. Thanks to "a little help from my friends." Bless those spirits, angels and guides once again saving me.
Lee writes:
Was going to see my grandkids in their school Winter TimeConcert and even though we left in time, and I said an MBO for easy travel and safe arrival and an easy parking space; traffic was heavier than we expected so I asked for a time crunch because we were running about 15 minutes behind schedule. Well, we arrived with about 9 minutes to spare and got a good space to park! And the concert was fun! MBOs just change your life in so many ways!

Chrissy writes:
I say the Benevolent Prayer every day and I also say... “I Lovesend love and light to all the beings in Gaia and all the beings who help Gaia.” And just so I have captured all beings I add...”I also send love and light to all the beings in the planet, on the planet and around the planet.”
Recently I read that walk-ins (soul fragments replacing soul fragments) Strangers Among Usare as much as 50% of the Earth population. That sounded awfully high so I asked.
Theo, how many people on Earth are walk-ins at the present time?

Contrary to what you have read, Tom, the number is below 10%, including all forms of walk-ins.
As many of you are going to see movies during this time period, I thought these questions would be of interest.
Mantej writes from the UK:
Questions for the newsletter.
1. Are films EXACTLY the same on different timelines? Or do they differ with different endings and different scenes?
2. Have film makers made films that exist on other time lines but not on our time line?
Do real life people guide actors playing them in movies? For example, can Napoleon be a Spirit Guide for someone playing him in a movie or Lincoln being a spirit guide for someone playing him in a movie to get an accurate portrayal of how they were? Or is it all down to acting guides?

Gaia, are films the same on other time lines? And are there films on other time lines that exist there that do not exist on our time line?

The content of the films that exist on your time line are different than on others as don’t forget that your souls wish to compare how things work differently on each of the time lines due to the differences in frequencies. Your time line is influenced by both the upper time lines and lower time lines. And yes, there are films that exist on other time lines that do not exist on yours and vice versa.

We know you are thinking about the Vietnam documentaries, and yes, this would be one example as the Vietnam War did not take place on the upper time lines, but did on your time line and the lower time lines. The documentaries about Vietnam that exist on the upper time lines reflect the negotiations that went on and the peaceful nature of lives being lived in that region. On the lower time lines, the films are harsher as the Christian Bale as Dick Cheneywar was much uglier and brutal than on this time line.

Do former famous people act as spirit guides for actors who portray them in films, or are these just actor guides?

Interesting question. It can be either or both, you see. Many times you will hear that some actor is “channeling” a particular person they are portraying, and that can be that person lending assistance, shall we say, from the other side. There might at the same time be an actor guide assisting to also help that actor in the nuances of the portrayal.

That same famous person may wish to have nothing to do with the portrayal for various reasons including the way the script portrays them, or that they were not pleased with that life at all, such as if they were considered a really bad person in the previous life.

John writes:
Three Questions.
What is the soul interest of the females (sex chat operators) who are on the phone line when people ring up the sex chat phone lines? Is it the Phone Sexperforming arts?
Why is it that some people can send and receive telepathic orgasms?

Is female infidelity on the rise, or is it reasonably the same as it has always been? Click here.
Gaia, what is the soul interest of phone sex operators?

This is a job that is primarily one of those interim jobs to pay the rent, Tom. Therefore, the soul interests of those who do this service are wide ranging. But the largest category would be younger souls who will have a soul interest in psychology—the study of the mind.
Is it true that some people can send and receive telepathic orgasms?Infidelity Image

That is mostly a myth. One must be predisposed to be highly sensitive and easily aroused.
Gaia, is there more female infidelity these days, or is it about the same?

You could say there is more than in the past, Tom, as women have more opportunities to have multiple sex partners than in the past. They have more freedom. Historically, as you know, there has been female infidelity for as long as humans have existed. It was just only written about in the last few hundred years.
I’m always encouraging you to record your dreams every morning in a notebook as in the quantum dream state you can mix past, present, and future lives—and even lives of visiting other planets. Here is just one example of the recording of your dreams’ benefit.
Reena writes:
I had a dream about a week and a half ago that I can't Handsome Black Manseem to get out of my mind. I was looking in the mirror at myself. But the reflection I saw wasn't of me. It was of an African American Man. I know it was me. Because I still felt like me as in African American me as a woman, and I felt like me as in a female essence, if that makes any sense. But in the mirror was a very handsome, very dark skinned Black Man with even white teeth, kind of Shaggy eyebrows and a whole lot of thick coal black kinky curly hair. This man was almost beautiful.

I just want to know what this dream meant. Was it me sharing space with one of the soul fragments from my group soul? Was it me in a past or future life? Or was it me having a dream about getting in touch with my masculine side?

Theo, who was the black man in the mirror of Reena’s dream?

Yes, she was getting a view of another life, Tom, as she suspected.
Why did she have the dream?

Reading your material, Tom, has opened her perception. She will be him in an upcoming life. This was not a past life.
Ray writes:
Has any Guardian Angel appeared as Santa Claus to delight a young child?
Theo, has any GA appeared as Santa Claus for a child?

There has been a few times, Tom, under very special circumstances where the child’s soul contract calls for them to transition.


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