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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

September 5, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka


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My latest book,ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Diane writes: Somehow the numbers for Covid-19 are changing each day. It  Coronavirus Vaccineseems just when the numbers look like they are going down they spring back up like a jumping jack. WHY? At this point, with people here in the USA who won't wear masks and fighting against it, will we get over this? Is it here to stay for at least another year or longer? I read that this is a virus that will not be going away even with a vaccine - is this true? Will we have to live with this for a long time?

Gaia, will the Coronavirus be here for several more years, forcing us to be inoculated yearly?

It will not disappear, but a portion of the flu shots you receive each year will include this prevention. It will mean it will be a greater necessity to receive these flu shots. Eventually, they will identify a way to completely erase it, but that will take a little longer. All the research that is being done will pay off in the not too distant future, as other discoveries will be made.


Gaia, a couple of astrologers are saying that October will have some severe aspects that will affect the Presidential election. Is that correct, and what about the asteroid passing by Earth?

There will be some aspects in October that will have a bearing on the Pumpkin HeadPresidential election. Certain things will be revealed about President Trump, and this is of course after the Cohen book in September. Still, he has what is called his “base” of supporters, and they will ignore or claim the news is false, which it is not.

Any negative news on Joe Biden?

Yes, the Russians will be hard at work trying to support Mr. Trump. Things will get nasty from our standpoint during that time period. Still, as we told you before, the election will be quite close.

I’m asked what will the country look like or go through if President Trump is re-elected? Will he try and stay in office longer?

Yes, that is his plan. He loves the power of the office. It affords him the opportunity for great wealth for not only him but his family as well, and associates. If he does not stay, he would want to set up a successor he could control.

Paulina asked this question. Theo, is Donald Trump on his soul contract?

Yes, Tom, although he has exceeded it, but will have several lives to balance this one. He will be looked upon or studied by historians as being a catalyst for many people to become involved in politics and government.


Gaia, did Atlantis have several races and same question for the continent of Mu or Lemuria?

Yes, that was something you have neglected to ask in the past. Your ET uncles Atlantis Depictionand aunts, as they are called, wanted to start as early as possible in having different races, so both Atlantis and Lemuria had several races.

I thought that only the red-skinned people inhabited Atlantis?

No, although the variety was not all races, but some of them.

Were the “things” a different race?

No, their major difference were their bodies, which has been described to you previously.

Gaia, had the people of Atlantis or Lemuria achieved telepathy?

That ability has always been there as everyone has the Pineal Gland, Tom. There were people that used or had the ability to use telepathy. There was a higher level of use, especially in Lemuria as they were at peace for many thousands of years and many people meditated. So the answer to your question was a much higher percentage of people meditated and communicated with spirit. All that was lost when they destroyed themselves. In this next 100 years, many more people will meditate and begin receiving messages from their own GAs and guides.

What about with each other?

Yes, more people practiced to have that ability. It was not considered a fringe science as it is today.


Ruth writes: You have said we are very close to having the free energy machine perhaps sometime within this year or the next. I have so many questions about this. Can you please ask for more information?

1) Will the companies and individuals, who now profit from our current supply Gas Pumpof energy, try to interfere with the distribution and try to discredit this machine? I want to think they will be pleased because of all the good it will do worldwide, but will they?

2) How soon will the use of the machine be the norm for our planet?

3) Would wide spread use of the free energy machine cut down drastically on air pollution or would it make it worst.

4) How complicated will it be to distribute the machine throughout the planet?

I look forward every week to reading your newsletter. Thank you for performing this enormous service and also for answering our questions.

Gaia, will companies try to interfere with the distribution of the free energy machine? When will it be widely used?

Those oil companies will see it as a danger and immediately try and put pressure on the entity that releases the instructions on how to build the machine. They will offer billions, but to no avail, Tom. The plans will be simple enough so that any electrical minded person or company will be able to produce the machines. It will take several years, and there will be attempts to force countries to try and prevent its use, but the cat will be out of the bag, and thousands of these machines will be built. It will take over 10 years, but as you were told before, this will be a game changer.

Then will these machines be taxed?

That will be one of the ways the oil companies will try to use to slow the use of them, but to little avail.

And I will answer question number 3. Reducing emissions by using electricity will obviously make for cleaner air for all of us.


Michael in the UK writes: Female Procurers, Women who groom girls.

As Ghislaine Maxwell is in the news, I think we should probably cover people like her who are "Madams" or female procurers.

1. Where does the female instinct come from for adult women to groom younger Prince Andrew, young girl, Maxwellgirls for sex with men or even other women? Does it come from the planet where women subjected men and tortured them? Theo said on that planet, the women have relations only with other women.

2. Is it also as has been conjectured, because the older women want to vicariously enjoy the sex that the young girls they groom will be having with older men, as the older women are not coveted by men so much anymore? So, this is a way of them still feeling in control and enjoying their sexuality albeit in a villainous role?

Theo, why do some women have on their soul contracts to procure young females for prostitution?

Typically they were abused and controlled by men, Tom. They do their bidding, Prostitution Depictionand try and justify their actions. Many become wealthy from doing this work. But of course there is the balancing that must be done, being put in a situation of being a prostitute in a future life, along with being a parent of a girl who is prostituted to know how it feels for the families of these girls and women.

Did this have anything to do with the planet where women abused men? Or what about them losing their beauty?

Not so much from the planet with women who abused men. Certainly, many prostitutes have become madams, not only because they grow older and the hard life of a prostitute becomes too much, but they can stop giving their bodies to men and even women over and over again, day after day. They are trapped with little education in many cases, and have no other skills to fall back on.


For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group, and after 800 lives on Earth, he’s putting what he learned here, with a soul interest in exploration, to good use as a member of a “first contact” team on board a Sirian mothership, which happens to be orbiting the Earth right now, about 50 miles above us. Naturally, they are cloaked so as not to scare us to death. He is an amphibian, and I just learned there is a huge swimming pool on board the ship for their use. Sounds like a super deluxe version of one of our cruise ships. You can learn much more about him in my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are questions I asked this week.

Antura, have I been born in Nommo already?Water Planet Depiction

Yes, Tom. I knew that you would come back to asking that after I mentioned doing so before the end of this life. Your soul is quite capable of multiple lives at the same time. Still, from your perspective it will appear as if you are there from the beginning.

Does the mothership have a name?

Yes, but let’s just call it “Fred” for your purposes, Tom. It is quite a foreign name—not similar to any Earth names.

Does it have some meaning?

Yes, resolute, stout, would come to mind.

Antura, contact with Time Lines 1-4. Have you or one of your team members Time Linesfound someone to communicate with on Time Lines 1-4 that can result with someone coming on board your ship as we are supposed to?

Yes, but it will take more time to reach those lower time lines.

Antura, what are some subjects, let’s say, on Time Line 8 that you’ve responded to or discussed, but I have yet to ask?

There have been more questions about the Federation planets, Tom. More questions on the mothership. Even more questions on the Great War, which I know you think we covered pretty well, but even more to ask. You have been doing a great job, but your readers need to think of more questions to ask, which we can feed them if they are open to receiving the information. We want them to be well informed. Knowledge erases fear.

All these thousands of planets in the Federation are at peace. They will not harm you, or take over Earth as some have suggested out of fear. We want you to succeed with the Earth Experiment, as it will benevolently affect all the rest of this universe and even many, many more, much more than you can even imagine, Tom.

OK, folks, put your thinking caps on and come up with some more questions for Antura for these subjects.

Petrina writes:
Hi Tom, love your weekly newsletter. My elder buddy continues Alien Depictionto have "visitors." Going upstairs, she always looks off into the night sky; she lives on a ridge in the Pacific Northwest. A ship was there, and she knew she'd have an encounter. The recent aliens were only 2, usually 3 visit, each encounter the visitors have been the same, always different clans/types. These 2 were see-through/ethereal; they pointed beams of light at her. Questions: Why her? Are they running scans/tests, and if so, for what? Do they do these scans before she's awake, and then allow her to awaken? She's calm, didn't try to telepathically ask questions. When she rose up in bed, they floated backwards away. No fear, very curious. Are they from her home planet just checking in? They arrived about 4:30am-ish, still dark. We are all fascinated with her continued encounters. Some friends are jealous.

Thank you for your talented work sharing and educating us.

Antura, why is Petrina’s friend having continuous visitations, and where are they from?

Another case of a well-meaning but interfering home planet. It is like a parent that is over protective or that tries too hard to be in the life of their children. She can ask and request an MBO for them to back off, and her GA will intercede. Now that the Earth Experiment is succeeding, many of these planets have gotten more involved, as before they basically said, “Oh, let them go off. They will not be successful,” but you are, and they wish to now be involved. You would not recognize the planet. It is but one of thousands.


These three stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Yukon HighwayPlease send me one this week!

Dawn writes: I have an MBO story for you. I have been saying MBOs for several years now and have passed on this information to my young daughter Sara. She was travelling in the Yukon last week and encountered a landslide that totally blocked the road. She was stuck, so they stayed the night at a local campground. She then said a prayer to request the Most Benevolent Outcome of the situation.

The government brought in a road crew to work through the night. She was woken up early to be on the road and got to the area where they opened it up for two hours to allow traffic through before they closed it for the day. She was one of the cars through and was very grateful for the MBO.


Rhea writes: I recently started (restarted) a keto diet. Everyone who’s done this is familiar with the consequences of carb withdrawal during the first week or so of this diet. I had fierce headaches. Wicked. One day I tried asking for an MBO for the headache to go away. Tom, as I sat there, immediately after saying the MBO, I had the sensation of my headache ‘melting’ away over the course of around 30 seconds at most. It just left. Ok, doubting nature still Woman with Headachecouldn’t help thinking maybe this was coincidence.

The next day’s headache was just as bad.
I said another MBO. That headache disappeared even faster than the first. I had no headaches at all after that! No coincidences there. I can’t describe the sensation, it was unlike anything I’d experienced. Twice.

I really, really wanted a very particular ice cream for my recent birthday.
I even asked an MBO for it. It was available and ordered a week in advance. The day before it was to be delivered, it became unavailable. I was more upset than anyone should be over ice cream. And I didn’t understand how the MBO ‘went wrong’. Well, it didn’t. We found the ice cream again and ordered it. Turns out I’d mistakenly ordered the wrong flavor the first time around! The second, and correct, order arrived just fine and in time 😊😋.

(Insert ‘earrings’ into this story, and the exact same thing happened to me regarding a pair of earrings I wanted.
And an MBO.). Your guardian cares and comes through for even the littlest things.


Ginger writes: Here's a great BP: I went swimming last weekend at Lake Lake MichiganMichigan. It was hot and I pretty much threw my things on the beach and jumped into the cool water. Unfortunately, I had forgotten I had my prescription sunglasses sitting on the top of my head when I dove under the water. Poof! They were gone, swept away by the current. I did a quick BP to find them to no avail.

After looking for 20 minutes I gave in and headed back to shore. I mentioned the loss to my husband, and resigned myself to never finding them. 10 minutes later, a young boy approached me and handed me my sunglasses! His mother had overheard me and when he found them, sent him right over to me. I was overjoyed & thanked my Guardian Angel. Lesson learned: sometimes a BP works, but not in the way you think it will.


Siddharth writes from India: Daniel Scranton channels Arcturian Council almost daily. (An example channeling below. I sent you this particular channeling because it talks about ET contacts very explicitly and in a way connecting the dots to disclosure.)

(I have personally seen recently that the knowledge of ET is now more widespread; earlier I used to think it would come as a shock to my family and friends. But now I see there is more of anticipation rather than fear.)

Questions on his channeling (probably there are many I listed below and you can Arcturians Depictionchoose a few to ask, Tom). Thanks so much!

Comments on Daniel's channeling:

1. Who is the Arcturian Council he channels? Are they in 9th dimension and work as a collective? If so, what does working in collective mean?

2. How is this council of evolved beings helping Earth and human beings?

3. The council is talking about ET contacts in coming months - in 1 to 1, or 1 to a few, formats, but full mass contact is still a bit away. What does it mean?

4. Has our vibrational level increased to the levels where disclosure is not only possible but desirable? Is this channeling referring to the disclosure event which we have been waiting for?

Gaia, please comment on Daniel Scranton’s accuracy in channeling?Daniel Scranton

His accuracy is fairly good as he practices daily, Tom. He has good intentions.

Who is the Arcturian Council?

Let’s just say there are those that have taken on that identity, Tom.

Are they a higher dimension?

Let’s say, for your purposes, a little higher.

What does a working collective mean?

A group of souls.

How do they help us?

They do try to assist in raising your vibrations.

So, would you say they are benevolent?

Yes, they mean well.

Are these actually Arcturians on a mothership?Spaceship Depiction

There you have it, Tom.

What does one on one contact mean and mass contact?

There will be more instances, such as Dr. Greer is promoting, where there will be contact, but not for a very long time will there be a mass contact.

So, does that mean there will not be the mass disclosure where a ship lands and circles the Earth?

There has been an adjustment in what will happen. More so that there will be governments that will admit to having meetings. It’s as if when one road is blocked, or becomes impassable, you take a detour around the blockage. That will not include, shall we say, your trip to see Antura.

Does that mean that Disclosure is desirable?

With certain limitations, according to what people can accept, Tom. The ETs are very encouraged by all the interest, with little fear. Many more people are now accepting the idea that there are intelligent beings in the universe, besides yourselves. Your ideas to show their peaceful intentions and why they are around Earth taking readings will resonate with the majority of the population, but there will, of course, be doubters.


Theo, did I receive correctly before that there are two more soul fragments Faithshaving lives at the beginning of religions, besides me, and if so, what do they typically do?

Yes, we knew you would ask this question one day. They are from different societies, Tom—yes, the Pleiadians are one. They are more in the periphery—not so closely involved as you. Still, they are able to see and understand the process of the creation of these religions.


Maria in Estonia writes: Regarding these ‘other experiments’ going on in the universe, I found the hint from the newsletter from 23 August 2014 that the Earth Experiment isn’t the only one, but the most important one (that’s why I asked this):

“Yes, there are other experiments going on in the universe, Tom. Please don’t think the Earth Experiment is the only one, but it is the most important one.”

By the question about the motivation of souls (if they won’t become the Creator), UniverseI meant all other ETs on our home planets who did not wish to take part in the Earth Experiment and thus neither wanted to become the next Creator. What’s their purpose then to dwell for eons having mundane lives?

What is the motivation of souls to develop further, if they don’t want to become a Creator?

Gaia, are there other types of experiments going on in the universe, and if so, what type?

As you were told before, the Earth is the major experiment. The other types of experiments going on at the present time have more to do with the ten positive energies, Tom, and are far beyond your understanding at this time.

Wasn’t there supposed to be another planet working with negativity on the other Planetside of the universe?

Yes, but again working with the 10 positive energies and not your 4 negative energies. You might say we flounder in describing it in terms that you can understand at this time as it is impossible for you to understand these energies when you even try to name them. Suffice to say, Tom, that the most important experiment in the universe is the one with the Explorer Race working with the four negative energies. That will give your scientists a lot to study over the next several hundred years.

I think I covered the question about the motivation of the souls that chose not to take part in the Earth Experiment. The vibrational level has been stuck at around 5.3 to 5.4 for millions of years. Obviously, not too much motivation, or perhaps there was just a ceiling that everyone reached, and accepted that they could not raise their vibrational level any higher.


Aryan in India writes: Sir, I was reading a book on Aghori! And there was an incident in which the goddess made sure a man did certain things by chance so that he would achieve "Siddhi" and the Goddess would appear in front of him for a boon.

So the goddess herself arranged the situation for the man. I was wondering whether the goddess was his Guardian Angel?!?! The depiction of the goddess is Smashan Taravery frightening. My question is: Are all the frightening goddesses people see their Guardian Angels, or is there really a goddess named Smashan Tara?

Gaia, is there, or was there a Hindu goddess named Smashan Tara?

Yes, in ancient times, Tom, there was such a lady. But like many of the early people, she was turned into a goddess in their literature. Allow them to believe as they wish, regarding her.

Theo previously told me that they only show up in physical form in a time of crises, such as a train wreck, where they can assist their charge, plus others. Here in this newsletter is a photo I previously posted several years ago, where Theo appeared to me while I was meditating at the edge of Oak Creek, across from the Cathedral Vortex, in Sedona, Arizona. I had requested an MBO for him to appear in a photo, and he did. He was not there in the photos before or after this one.


Gaia, did I receive correctly that there are 4 million souls assisting you in running the Earth. Seems like it should be more.

Yes, you did receive that number correctly. Some of the souls obviously perform multiple tasks. So go with that number.


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