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I would like to recommend a book by one of our readers (and contributes The Shadow Childquestions). The title of the book is THE SHADOW CHILD and she uses the non de plume of Shawna A. Grey as she lives in a small town. This has great stories of her life and awakening. I’m sure you will really enjoy it. Also, the book was edited by my newsletter editor Ralonne, so if you need a good editor at a reasonable cost, email me and I’ll put you in touch.

Have you had a vacation yet? I’m going to be speaking at a Harmonic Crystal dig in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, the weekend of August 19-21. Please email if you’re interested in a weekend of digging for crystals, my presentation, along Lake Ouachitawith others, and a beautiful weekend on Lake Ouachita in the Ozark Mountains with like-minded people!

I have also just been invited to speak at a UFO convention in Toronto, Canada on both my FIRST CONTACT and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA books from June 22-25 of 2017. I want to speak the day before on
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And do you have any contacts with Metaphysical or UFO expo events that have featured speakers? There are so many, but most just have locals. Please let me know. The big ones work many months in advance.

I will be on Inception Radio again on Monday evening, July 20, 2016, for two hours. Please join us!

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ATLANTIS & LEMURIA “I loved this book! I will definitely be rereading it because there are many areas of the book to look into a little some research, especially when it comes to information about some of the islands that once existed and different names for different areas of the world. Fascinating...”

I was asked where to go to write the reviews. The most popular place to go (they sell more books than anyone else) is and then just enter the name of the book you wish to write a review about in the search book. Then click on “Reviews” and there will be a box that says “Write a review.”

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.
Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Mike writes from the UK: Víctor Barrio has become the first bullfighter in 30 years to get killed by a bull in Spain. I'm not surprised. People need a wakeup call to realize that these poor animals are wonderful creatures and should be left alone in the wild. They don't need to be aggravated by silly men trying to prove their masculinity. I'm sure all the readers of the newsletter who are animal lovers like me do not have any sympathy at all for these bull fighters and there should be no sympathy at all for them. If you play with fire, then you Bullfighter Goredget burned.

1. When will cruel sports like Bullfighting be outright banned?
2. When will the "Running of the bulls" be banned?
3. Is being a "bullfighter" a dangerous life of someone whose soul interest is as an athlete?

Here are two BPs for everyone to say:

"I ask any and all beings to help BAN bullfighting as soon as humanely possible and may the results be even better than we can hope for or imagine and even faster than we can hope for or expect, Thank You."

"I ask any all beings to BAN all hunting of bears, lions, tigers and protect all other endangered species as soon as humanely possible and may the results be even better than we can hope for or imagine and even faster than we can hope for or expect, Thank You."

Theo, what is the highest probability of when bullfighting will be outlawed?

Old traditions die hard, shall we say, Tom, so the highest probability will be in the next 100 years. That certainly sounds like a long time, but look how many centuries this “sport,” as it is called, has remained. The recent death of the matador in Spain will not be the last as the bulls will be guided to do this again.

What about the running of the bulls?Running of the Bulls

This will end a little sooner as too many civilians are being gored. Still it will be quite a few years before this ends too.

Is the soul interest of those who become matadors as an athlete, or what?

Yes, the soul interest, as was guessed by your reader, is as an athlete. There are many other dangerous sports such as skydiving that attracts those whose soul interest is athletics of all kinds.

Just as a side question, did the matador who just died balance a life of say forcing someone into an arena to be eaten by a lion or killed by some wild animal?

Yes, that is exactly why the matador died. It balanced just such a life.


Jim writes from Florida: Question: With the deep sea exploration going on in the mid-Atlantic ridge, will they detect some of the remains of Atlantis? They claim to be using metal detectors, and ground penetrating radar in the search of metals to mine.

Thank you for all that you do to help others.

Gaia, will the deep sea exploration on the mid-Atlantic ridge detect any Underwater Sea Explorationremains of Atlantis?

No, Tom. Although they have ground penetrating radar, the chances of finding any remnants of civilization where they plan to look is quite remote – even less than 5%. If you recall, I said in the past that there were volcanoes that bisected the Atlantean continent, so there were no villages or towns on the slopes of the volcanoes as is the case today since they were all fairly active and the Atlanteans knew it was too dangerous. Plus, because that even occurred over 30,000 years ago can you imagine the dirt and silt that would cover an area such as that?

Judi writes: Tom, can you ask Gaia or one of your others to let us know whether this is for real. Thanks so much for all you and your helpers do for us.

Gaia, are there two large crystal pyramids in the center of the Bermuda Supposed Underwater Pyramidtriangle?

No, there are not, Tom. All of the structures in that area when Atlantis sank were destroyed.

Lavandar writes: Wanted you to see this.

“Underwater Pyramid Found on Google Earth?

An anomaly hunter from Argentina believes he has discovered a submerged structure shaped like a pyramid off the coast of Mexico using Google Earth. The oddly-shaped find, which was spotted by researcher Marcelo Igazusta, measures approximately eight-and-a-half miles across and appears to be illuminated.

Gaia, is there some sort of pyramid off the coast of Mexico, and I also noticed Underwater Pyramidwhat appears to be straight lines closer to shore, that could possibly be a wall?

Yes, there will be a structure found there as that part of Mexico was above water at one time before the seas rose 375 feet. I will let those who wish to explore have their ah-hah moments.

Gaia, please clarify if there were 500 Atlanteans living in Arkansas at the height of digging for crystals, or were there 500 miners plus their families?

It was a total of 500 people, Tom, with the miners accompanied by their families and some support staff not actually involved in the mining. Keep in mind that this number would vary over the years that the mining was active.

Did the Law of One on Poseidia have separate mines than did the Aryan Arkansas CrystalsSons of Belial?

Quite so towards the end of the mining, but not at first. After the major part of the continent sank, there was a concerted effort to find and obtain crystals that could replace those lost when the continent sank.

Were all the crystals they used single facet-type crystals, or were they able to use large clusters of crystals as we see at times today?

Good question, Tom. Yes, they were able to use those large clusters as the single-faceted 20 to 25 foot crystals in the Arkansas region were not plentiful as they had been on the Atlantean continent. You might say they adapted to what was available.

MinersTherefore, the mining was actually done quite some time prior to them actually warring with each other?

Yes, it became too dangerous later in their existence to have mining operations. The mines had to be abandoned, although by that time they had sufficient crystals for their use. Bear in mind that the islands were only the size of Cuba and Hispaniola, and a few smaller islands.

Was the reason the Atlantean children only went to school up to the age of 12 or 13 was because they discovered how to input knowledge through some sort of skull cap or headband powered by crystals, or was there just not that much to teach back then?

A little combination of both, Tom. They did have the capacity and knowledge to use these headbands, we’ll call them, to shorten the learning process, but children had much less to learn during that whole 57,000-year period than modern children. Because of the limits in them being able to travel around the world, school mostly centered on the typical reading, writing, and arithmetic. There was little study of the different people in, let’s say, the Mediterranean area, and certainly much less of the Land of Oz, as they were persona non-grata there, so they had little knowledge other than the history of troops never returning.

Then in the mining community I would think a number of children in their Mining Townteens worked the mines too?

Quite so. The pay was good, and they could stay close to their families, although they were not forcibly kept there if they wished to go back to the islands to seek other employment.

For my new readers, just as a review, here are the latitudes and longitudes of the Atlantean Continent before the cataclysmic disaster 30,000 years ago when the volcanoes bisecting the continent on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge all blew up, sinking most of the continent and raising all the seas in the world 160 feet, drowning millions of people.

Northern edge: Lat 47° N
Southern edge: Lat 30° N
Southern tip:     Lat 26° N 18° W. Lon
Western edge:  75° - 80° W. Lon
Eastern edge:   17°-18° W. Lon

Keep in mind that these latitudes and longitudes are
BOUNDARIES within which the continent existed. The shape of the continent was a parallelogram.

And just a little more review. Recently on the national news they showed a Replica of Noah's Arkreplica of Noah’s Ark that had been built in Kentucky. The major problem was that it was built by people that believe the Earth was created only 6,000 years ago because someone wrote that in the Christian Bible. It brings into question whether Noah’s Ark actually ever existed, which I’ve been told it did. Here are some questions I asked that are excerpted from my chapter on Noah in my Atlantis and Lemuria book:

To clarify did the story of Noah originate with the Atlantean third destruction or Lemuria’s sinking 5,000 years later?

Yes, it may be a little confusing, but the story of Noah actually originated during, or shortly after, the 3rd destruction. When the islands sank, it caused the weather patterns to become unstable for a time and there was that 40 days and nights of rain, plus the rise in the ocean level of 40 feet. It was the use of the ray guns as the Atlanteans fought that caused the atmosphere to become unstable, and then came the wall of water rising over 40 feet covering coastal lands where millions of people lived at that time.

Noah was advised of this before it came and did build the boat for his family and livestock and other animals. So you see the story of Noah is quite ancient—much more so than people realize—which is why even you had trouble understanding when it occurred.

That puts the story of Noah at around 12,500 years ago. To paraphrase what we say in the film business, that story has legs!

Gaia was Noah’s boat already floating when the rapid rise in the ocean level Noah's Ark Paintingof 40 feet occurred, or did it float with the arrival of the 40-foot increase?

Noah’s boat was built in a low-lying area that flooded with not only the torrential rains, but the rise in sea level as each island in turn sank. Therefore, it was much easier to stay afloat when the islands sank and raised the ocean level 40 feet over the course of just a few days. The water level did not rise all at once, but as each island was destroyed, it caused the ocean level to rise a few feet more.

Gaia, didn’t Noah have a son who was not married until after the Ark landed?

Yes, he did have one son who was not married at the time they floated away. He was the youngest and still had not chosen a wife. It would be a while before he found the girl who was a survivor of the floods.

What animals did he take and were any different than today?

Here the story was embellished over the centuries. He did take a number of animals with him but they were more the domesticated animals and not the wild ones attributed to him, as don’t forget the Noah story says the whole earth was inundated, so all the animals had to be added in to make the story believable. Therefore, he had his herds of animals both he and his extended family owned in the boat with them. There were also bird estuaries on board.

So, to summarize, the story of Noah took place 12,500 years ago when Poseidia and Aryan destroyed each other, raising the seas all over the world 41 feet. Because the story said the whole world was flooded, they later added wild animals when actually they took only domesticated ones. And the girl his son married was always confusing because supposedly it was only Noah and his family that survived. But the girl had lived with her family at a higher elevation. Read my book for much more information.


Gaia, you previously said that the southern tip of the Mu continent was at 12.5 degrees. Was that the tip of the tail or the main southern edge of the continent?

Yes, Tom, that was the southern tip of the tail. Yes, the main southern edge World Mapwas at 14.5 degrees—just a little higher, but not a lot.

You also said that it was in the shape of a potato. Can I assume it was not shaped like a long potato with pointed ends?

Correct, Tom. It was your normal potato in appearance.

For those of you who are new readers here are the latitudes and longitudes of the continent of Mu or Lemuria:

Northern edge:  Lat 37°- 38° N
Southern edge:  Lat 14.5° N
Southern Tip:     Lat 12.5° N 130° E. Lon
Western edge:   135° - 145° E. Lon
Eastern edge:    180°-165° W. Lon

For both Mu and Atlantis, if you wish to get a better idea of where these two continents were located, go to and increase the map size. Then, using your cursor, find these latitudes and longitudes by looking in the lower right-hand corner of the screen where they are displayed as you move your cursor.


Antura, for my many new readers this week, is an ET and was introduced to First Contactme by my GA Theo back in 2008. I was to learn that he’s a member of my soul “cluster” and has had 800 lives on Earth, mostly as an explorer—his soul interest—where I’m told mine is religions. He was Marco Polo’s uncle and traveled the Silk Road before Marco. Now he’s a member of a “first contact” team that visits developing worlds. I’ve asked him hundreds of questions that appear in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here is another question for him this week:

Connie writes from Arizona:
I live sixty-five miles south of Phoenix, Arizona. My daughter called me to come outside and we counted nine space craft overhead. Two craft looked like they were a gold color, the others were white. You can see an occasional blink of red light. My daughter said she always see five every night. They are stationary most of the time, but they do move a little once in a while.

Please find out what is going on. Are they waiting for something to happen or are they just there for our protection if we might need it?

MothershipAntura, there appears to be five to nine stationary ET craft hovering stationary over Arizona 65 miles to the south of Phoenix each night. Are these ET craft, and if so, what are they doing and why aren’t they confronted by US jets?

Yes, they are there, Tom, and they are there first to be seen, but also, most of the time, they are not single craft, but a mothership. Remember we can be closer to Earth than your satellites. Should any aircraft try to intercept the mothership, it simply slightly shifts frequencies and disappears.

There is no danger whatsoever to anyone living in that part of North America or for that matter anywhere else. The mothership just remains in position where it can send out individual spacecraft to the far ends of the Earth, should the need arise, to take various readings that, as we’ve said before, are quite beyond your knowledge at this time. Someday your scientists will discover how to do all the readings as you explore the universe too.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!

Lisa writes:
I have a serious mold problem in the house I am leasing in a small town in central Texas. I am staying in a motel now since I had a major episode and called the air conditioning people only to find out the "spray paint" smell was in fact a mold infestation everywhere. I left with just the clothes on my back, not knowing what kind of mold it was, and if I would be able to use my upholstered furniture and beloved genuine Persian rugs again or if they were infested with mold spores too badly. (I am an artist, and love beautiful things. Thank GOD for eBay.)

Texas HouseThe mold was embedded deeply in ancient dog hair in the coils of the air conditioner. I do not have a dog, nor a cat, nor has a dog or cat ever visited my house in the year I have been here. This was the second time in a year someone had to come out and do expensive repair work on this 5-year old a/c unit in a 68-year old house. The prior tenant of three years had two huge dogs, and the a/c people both times said they must have NEVER changed the filters.

So, when I found out I had been breathing that for 13 months I went to the motel, feeling sick and exhausted. The landlord has not ever been very good in doing upkeep, to say the least. It was an expensive rental in a town where there are very few rentals. I cannot name the small town, sorry.
Anyway, I said an MBO for finding the perfect house for me in a city about 1.5 hours away by car, or 75 miles away.

When I got there I was driving out to a rental I saw on the internet. As I was driving along, I saw a neatly hand lettered sign. I was going fast on a busy street, so I kept going, being a goal-oriented person. Then a thought popped into my head, "You asked for the perfect house for you and now you are driving past without even checking this out." I groaned. I did not want to turn around since I was having trouble finding the place to which I was headed anyway. I drove some more, then turned around and went back to look. It was gorgeous with beautiful landscaping, gloriously full and wild landscaping with big trees in a cul-de-sac, not that manicured look that most people like.

I called the owner. He said he would send photos that evening. It looks like it might be the perfect house! It will be available just at the right time. The numerology is good, the landscaping is great, the location perfect, the interior colors suit me well. And my credit is awesome, so there is no reason I will not get it. I feel like a great weight is lifted from me. I will go check it out this weekend when the owner is available, and get back with you, Tom. But right now, I just feel everything is coming up roses!!


Donna writes: I just took a trip to South Carolina, and when I arrived my Baggage Handlerssuitcase was missing. I had said all sorts of MBOs for safe travel and for no problems with security, etc., but I didn't think to say an MBO to not lose my luggage! I did say an MBO to get my suitcase back safely with no damage or loss of contents.

So, I got a phone call after a couple of days that they had found my suitcase and would hold it for me until I returned to Fort Lauderdale, which is exactly what happened! Thanks for MBOs, Tom! They are priceless!!


I'll call this lady Barbara for privacy: I love what you and your contacts have been doing to help so many. Your newsletters are fantastic!

I have a couple of things that happened to me quite a few years ago and try as I might, I am unable to find an answer. Maybe, just maybe, one of your contacts may know or suggest where to look for my better understanding.

I was a partner with a man who I fell deeply in love with only to be cruelly hurt by him and was eventually brain washed. I was in this trap for about 14 years. There are many things that happened that were in a paranormal event category with two that have puzzled me to this day.

One such event took place in his upstairs office of his home. He was Suicide Prevention Programbadgering me as usual when I suddenly stood up and was going out the office door to go down to the basement and hang myself. Out of the ceiling corner on my left side, a brightly colored blue ball about the size of a large marble shot around to my back and entered me and I was slammed down on the floor screaming. I heard millions of voices speaking to me in unison and I asked in my mind, or maybe out loud, to slow down as I could not understand them. They complied and as soon as I heard them I immediately could not retain their message. My question is I would dearly like to know what exactly they said to me.

The next event: this man and I were on a mission to find a woman and harm her. (Did not want to do this, but after being kept up and lectured to for 48 hours, I gave in.) On our way in his car, we were on an isolated, back country road when four motorcyclists dressed in some kind of uniform (dark) swished Motorcyclistspassed us. We did not see them coming down the road in front of us, they just all of a sudden were there. Then, when we looked behind us, they were gone. I want to know who they were, as we did not harm anyone, and in about an hour he got bored and we returned home.

During my 14 years with this man, I learned to pray for freedom while staring into his eyes letting him think I was paying rapt attention to him. Maybe that's how so many odd things happened. After he died, the weird things began to leave me and I am now pretty normal. I do say a lot of affirmations to my Guardian Angel and the beautiful beings.

I hope you can help me find some answers. I think why I was held captive for 14 years was probably something I did in another life and this was payback.

Theo, what was the blue light that entered [Barbara] when she was about to commit suicide?

This was her own Guardian Angel protecting her as her soul contract was not to end her life at that time.

What about the motorcyclists?

Yes, another distraction, so that she would not be involved in a murder, nor would the person, who was the object of her husband’s demented wrath, be harmed. She has much to accomplish in this life, so she should be requesting MBOs, which will keep her on this present path and perhaps even a little higher one. It’s all up to her.

I suggested to Barbara that she request an MBO to return to her original soul contract to assist her in achieving what she had wanted to achieve in this life prior to her birth.


Mike writes: Re: African Slave babies were Alligator bait.

During slavery in Florida, African slave babies were used as "alligator bait" to African Child Slaveslure alligators in so the alligators could be hunted and caught. Why was it on the soul contracts of the African slave babies to be eaten by alligators?

Theo, were African slave babies actually used for alligator or crocodile bait, and if so what would be the children’s soul contracts?

Yes, this despicable act was done a few times, and those children were able to cross off their bucket list of being killed by a wild animal. Of course, the men who did this had to have lives where they ended up in some wild animal’s belly too. Everything has to balance.


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