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Another terrorist attack by what appears to be a mentally unstable man Orlando Pulse Clubconflicted by his emotions occurred in Orlando. Below you’ll see another Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say for them. But again, let’s all say together out loud:

“I ask any and all beings to protect everyone in the world from terrorist attacks and may the results will be even better than we can possibly hope for or expect, thank you!”

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you


I received this question before the Orlando Pulse attack, but as you’ll see in Gaia’s answer, it applies.

Severine in China writes:
Thank you again for your work. I always look Paris Remembranceforward to receiving the newsletter every week and MBOs and BPs are my favorite daily spiritual tool.

About Europe terrorist attacks:

Repeatedly Gaia said that if enough people said the BP we could cancel the event. At the same time, she said the 1000 souls totally have signed off to transition in this event.

In this last newsletter it is said that thanks to our prayers we may have at least delayed the other attacks that were all scheduled for May (EgyptAir is supposed to be the first one only?).

Question: What would it take for us to cancel this event? Since about 1000 people are supposed to transition in these events:

1) What if 100 people commit to say the BP once a day for 10 days, would it be enough to cancel the events? (We reach the balance 1000 BPs against 1000 Souls’ contracts.)

> I know it is human thinking but I think it is worth asking as co-creators ;)Praying

2) If question 1 does not work => how many individuals do we need saying a BP to cancel any event? Is it proportional to the population involved?

3) Shall we give up saying this particular BP and simply respect souls’ contracts?

The BP was
“I ask any and all beings to assist those transitioning from any terrorist event in the world to be wrapped in love, and for all those affected by any terrorist event to send love and forgiveness to all those whose soul contracts are to be connected in any way, thank you!”

[Please say this BP now out loud.]

Honestly, I have still said it after Gaia said we have not cancelled the event, we can still make it more benevolent, hopefully. So, it should be fine, right? We also have people who pray or meditate for Peace every day although it is less powerful.

Gaia, I’m asked how many souls does it take to change or cancel a terrorist attack?

Your group has already benevolently affected outcomes, although you have no knowledge of this. These were probabilities that were lowered through or as a result of your BPs.

Then there are events that must be on mass consciousness to achieve a Mass Consciousnessraising of your vibrational levels. This is so much more complicated or complex than you have been able to grasp so far. But you are farther along than the vast majority of the people we work with. We have said before that World War II would never have happened had a small town or city all said Benevolent Prayers together. That’s how powerful it can be. Your readers just need to keep inviting people to say these BPs with them in groups and whenever people get together to pray.

Although I did not know it when I received the answer, Gaia also wanted us to understand how the Orlando Pulse massacre would bring the world closer together and I’m sure will help us raise our vibrational levels as we express our compassion to the victims, their families, and friends.  


Pam in Tucson writes: Many Blessings to you and your family. I would like to know from Gaia when she will spread a little rain into Arizona. Texas has the majority of rain with New Mexico getting a little, but we really need it in Arizona. May was amazing with cooler temps, but when can we see rain in Tucson? I had really hoped for more rain this year. Also if the mountains between California and Arizona remain, Gaia needs to change the air currents so we get rain. What can we expect?

Gaia, what will the desert Southwest receive for rain between now and the Arizona Rainend of the year?

They will have their normal monsoonal season as they usually do, Tom. The rain amounts will be close to average. As the ocean currents switch from El Nino to La Nina there can be times, such as recently, with more heat in the region, but again their monsoonal season will be on average.

You have said in the past you wish to bring more rain to that part of North America. Is the probability of that happening pretty remote right now?

Not as remote as you might think, Tom, as with the rise in ocean levels, so will come more storms, which will move from west to east bringing more rain. There will be times when the amount of rain they receive could be over one third of the total average rainfall.


Fortune writes: I have a couple of questions:

1. Was homosexuality ever accepted any time or from the beginning has it always been a struggle?

2. Was there a time when women oppressed men? I wonder what power they used to do that if they did.

Gaia, was homosexuality ever more accepted than it is today in other eras?Greek Homosexuality

Yes, the Greeks were quite relaxed in their views towards homosexuality. And there were eras during Lemurian and Atlantean times too. You will find that in this era the acceptance of homosexuality will reach a time when no one cares. Acceptance of one’s beliefs that are different from theirs will take quite a long time to adjust.

What power did women in ancient times on that other planet have that they could subjugate men?

Yes, keep in mind we are not speaking of humans such as you are. The males were physically much weaker than the females on that planet. But their treatment of males that included a form of torture caused an imbalance and the Explorer Race, as one of the many problems that were unsolvable elsewhere in the universe, took on this one to solve with first the males being dominant and slowly but surely the women becoming equal.


Salomie in Africa writes: I mailed you in regards to the youth in South Africa who is such a trouble maker before—Julius Malema.

He has declared war on the whites and is saying that he will occupy some land, which is white-owned suburbs, and forcefully take the houses property, etc.

Could you kindly ask your guide Theo if this is imminent? Because if this is Juluis Malemathe case, we will all be dead – those with a white skin – and there will be huge numbers of kind black people that will also die because we as a white minority group will not just lie down and die.

I ask that you request your readers to ask for a Benevolent Outcome for this perilous country. This is so important that the world knows what is planned here. Our leader Nelson Mandela has died and now it seems a free for all.

Gaia, will Julius Malema go through with his threats to violently occupy land and buildings in a suburb in South Africa?

He will try, Tom, but the police are closely monitoring the situation and are prepared to block his attempt. He is a radical terrorist and they feel he will commit an act of terror.

May I remind everyone to request MBOs each time you go anywhere. That will protect you from bad situations that might crop up.


Theo, what is the probability of Hillary Clinton serving a second term as President?

Actually quite high. I know you are concerned about her age, but she will turn Hillary and Bill Clilntonmore duties over to people who work for her and will remain the matriarch.

What is the probability of Bill Clinton remaining alive until the end of her terms in office?

Yes, there is the probability that he could transition during her term in office. He has more than one exit point, but it will depend upon how much he wishes to cut back on his duties.

What is that probability of him transitioning?

It would be over 50% at this time, Tom.


Bob writes: Why do we have belief systems? It seems that throughout Earth’s existence, even in prerecorded history, we Earth inhabitants have had beliefs in things outside our physical existence. These appear to be "built in." Why? Truth, Knowledge, BeliefsDo non humans also have them, and if so, what is it that they believe in?

Theo, why do we have belief systems and do non-humans have them?

The Creator wanted to see if different belief systems could be balanced as part of the Earth Experiment. As most beings in the universe have full access to who they are, and that includes their past lives, they will generally have the same basic beliefs. This is all part of the negativity generated when belief systems clash. In the future, all beliefs will be accepted on Earth. As Gaia sometimes says, you can take that to the bank. This in turn is a lesson for all the beings in the universe that they can get along too.


I am writing about this as a teaching topic, to make you more “aware.” Last week in the topic READING OTHERS’ THOUGHTS, I mentioned that Antura had been tuning into my communications with Theo and Gaia long before Theo introduced him to me sometime in 2008. At the same time, I also thought back (actually thought I had written this, but had not) to a couple of Whisper in your eartimes I had brought up the Rosicrucians who Theo told me were “tuning in” to what I was writing about them. I found this amazing for them to be able to tune into anyone bringing up their name out of millions of thoughts. He said they were quite benevolent and worked to encourage world leaders to make benevolent decisions.

Well, this time I heard a little voice (I will describe it more accurately as a very soft, distant thought),
“Would you like to join us?” I responded, “No, I’m on my own soul path.” So, did I imagine this? I asked Gaia the next day.

Gaia, when I happened to write about the Rosicrucians in the newsletter I Rosicrucian Emblemthought I heard a little voice asking if I wanted to join and I said no, I was on my own path. Did I actually imagine that or was there communication involved?

Yes, there was communication, Tom. It was good that you recognized it instead of dismissing as just an errant thought. They are quite benevolent, but you have also been contacted before by those who are not, and the one time you recall you handled it quite well, surrounding yourself in white light before responding and they went away. But, as you have gotten better in your reception, you do not always have to put yourself in the altered Alpha state as you term it. It is allowing the pineal gland to receive.

Then it happened again this past Saturday evening. My TCU baseball team TCU Mascotwere underdogs in the Super Regional with the winner going on to the College World Series. As my wife and I are on an early-to-rise schedule where I’m either up at 4:45 am to 5:15 am to have a session, or up at 6:15 am to 6:30 am to start the day, I recorded the balance of the game and went to bed. I said a BP for them to play up to and beyond their ability and hoped they could win. Again, I heard a little voice (probably Theo) saying, “You know they’re going to, Tom.” I wondered if that was just me hoping, but the next morning I read that they had won 4-1 and are one of eight teams in the College World Series.

So, please listen to that little distant thought coming in from your Pineal Gland. My friend Frank told me that for several years he used to journal these tiny messages, so if that helps, buy a small notebook and start recording them. Open yourself up to these new experiences in the 5th Focus!


Antura is my soul “cluster” brother (there are eight of us having lives on Earth). He’s had 800 lives on Earth, but is back on our water planet having a life as part of a “first contact team” specializing in grass roots contacts—as Water Planetcompared to those who specialize in governments and scientists. Read more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions.

Jen in Helena, Montana writes:
I have been noticing more and more that when I'm out walking my dog in the mornings that I notice a strange, almost invasive energy coming from some airplanes going overhead, not all of them, but with some it's quite noticeable. I immediately ask for both my dog and me to be shielded whenever this happens. Asking for shielding just popped into my mind one day and I immediately felt a dulling of the energy I Airplane & Contrailswas feeling, almost like I put on a Harry Potter invisibility cloak.

Is this energy benevolent, or is it tracking me in some way? Is it a scanning being done by Federation ships, that I'm OK with, or some others maybe more nefarious? I'm also curious if anyone else is experiencing this, too.

Thanks again for all you do, Tom!

Antura, is there any energy put out by airplanes or ET craft disguised as aircraft over Montana?

There is some energy a highly sensitive person can feel by an airplane cruising above them. After all, you have perhaps well over 100 people traveling in that aircraft and all of them are sending out energy, so that is what that person is feeling. She is becoming more emphatic.

This question came from John.

Antura, does the statue of Paseo Yortugue in Peru look like a Reptilian?

Quite close to one of the species of reptilians, as there are many species of reptilians—not only hominids, but those who travel on four legs and so on. They can appear quite imposing in person, I can assure you, but then there are other species of beings that can appear quite imposing too. Creator loves variety, may I remind your readers, Tom. IT loves them all equally. This is all part of ITs master plan, shall we call it.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!

Kathy writes:
I've been practicing MBOs for years, ever since I met you at the Tire ShopKryon conference in Sedona and bought your first book from you. My husband and I use them every day, often many times. Here's one I thought you might enjoy:

Yesterday my husband called me after he'd gotten off work to tell me he was at a tire center where he'd bought the tires for his car. As he was driving home, he heard a funny noise and stopped in to have them check it out. After he hung up,
I asked for a Most Benevolent Outcome that whatever was wrong with his tire be fixed quickly and easily and be an inexpensive repair. He came home and said it was some kind of band inside the tire and they fixed it in just a few minutes. The best part was that because it was a defect with the tire, they did it for free! It doesn't get much more inexpensive than that!

Thanks for all the good that you do in the world.


I'll call her Margaret writes: Tom: I have been using MBOs and got my husband using them all the time as well. Our most frequent comment about them? "MBOs rock!"

This tale is about shopping for and buying a new car. I do not like being in 2010 PT Cruiserdebt, whether credit cards or car payments or anything, so I have been putting off getting a new vehicle for some time. I had been driving a car that had been my dad's, who died 18 years ago and it wasn't new then, so that should give you an idea about my situation. I had done MBOs for a newer model car for me for some time and was trying to just be patient.

One of my sons married a beautiful young woman a few years ago whose parents we know and love, but whom we seldom see since we live in different towns. My son showed up one day in a beautiful new late model pickup, dual cab, all the fixings and he only paid $8,000 for it. Found out his father-in-law bought vehicles at auction, fixed them up and sold them as a side business.

I emailed my son's father-in-law and asked him to look for a car for me for $3,000 total cost. I asked for a compact (didn't want an SUV or pickup), but didn't specify make or model. I said "dark" colors if at all possible.

In a couple of days, he emails me pictures of a beautiful red 2010 PT Cruiser with only 40,000 miles on it and with easily repairable damage. I almost cried. I had had a red PT Cruiser on my vision board for years, always just liked how they looked. I said yes, definitely, go for it even though he wasn't sure he could get it for my price.

Then I made the mistake of looking online at people's "reviews" of the PT Cruiser, and on this one site no one had hardly anything good to say about the model in general. Looked for one to test drive, nothing closer than 100 miles.
SO, another MBO for confirmation that I should have him go ahead and try to get it and, I kid you not, on the way home from my mom's house, on an overcast day, as I was driving by a church, there was a red PT Cruiser in a shaft of sunlight!!! Long story short, he got it for the price and is working on it now. My son showed me the interior--perfect!!!! After a little patience, I'm getting the car I wanted for a pittance, and no one even knew what I wanted except my angel.

MBOs rock!!!!!


Mike in the UK writes: It seems like it's everywhere these days with so many adult children (in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s and beyond) still living at home with their mothers, fathers and siblings.

1. Why is it on peoples’ soul contracts to live at home with their parents and siblings all the way into their adulthood for certain number of years or even their whole lifetime?

2. I don't believe it psychologically healthy at all for adults to be living with Adult with Parenttheir parents. I think every adult over 18 years old should be living in their own house/apartment. So, is this then (for the adults who live with their parents) also on their soul contracts to have an internal struggle with their feelings of independence?

Gaia, why is it on so many soul contracts for adult children to live with their parents during this time period?

So many of the souls that are the parents of adult children incarnated during this time period to work to anchor the raising of the vibrational levels, so they would be considered on average older souls in terms of Earth lives. In many cases, their sons and daughters had taken care of them in other lives, so there is great balancing here as the parents of today do the same for their children. Another reason is that a number of children have taken on circumstances where they are unable to take care of themselves and on a soul level their parents now agreed to take care of them during these more Taking Care of Elderlydifficult lives.

Do they generally have an internal struggle of feelings of independence?

Those feelings of a desire for independence are always there, no matter the circumstances, but the care is given with love in most cases, and it is but one life that is needed to balance, or it will be balanced in the future when the children become the caregivers.

So, please understand that there are millions of circumstances for adult children to live with their parents. It can be medical, economic, and of course being the caregivers for their parents. You cannot make a sweeping statement that all adult children should live independently.


Teresa in Austin writes: You will probably get other emails about this, so if you already addressed this in the next newsletter, no need to respond to me.

Is there any backstory to the silverback lowland gorilla Harambe being shot Gorilla in Zooother than just a heartbreaking event that probably could have been avoided? Was this a decision on Harambe's part to transition now? How much control do animals have over their time of transition?

Thanks, as always, Tom.

Gaia, what can we gain from the death of the Gorilla named Harambe?

Yes, animal lovers were outraged, but Harambe did not wish to remain caged, and he found his opportunity when the child fell into the moat. He instinctively knew having that child put himself at odds with humans. These magnificent creatures should not remain caged. They would rather take their chances in the wilds than be cooped up in a glorified cage.


Allan writes: First of all - thank you so much, for all you do :-D

I really appreciate your work. I'm always looking forward to Thursdays, my inbox and the newsletter - the highlight of my week. I've been saving your newsletters on my computer since December 2012.

A bit about myself - I'm from Denmark, Europe, just to the north of Germany.Fruit Loops I'm almost 47 years old. A part of my soul contract is being gay; wish it was different, but it is clearly not the case. If I could choose, I would have chosen differently, trust me on that one.

I have been following you for some years now. Your newsletters have given me hope and maybe a purpose too, but it has also presented me with some difficulties, sometimes brought me into downright arguments, but then again, you just can't have everyone accepting and believing things they're not ready for, the truth is often hard. ;-)

Lately I've been feeling a sense of anticipating something great or grand - and a feeling of being impatient, and the sense that something for some reason feels wrong - maybe out of place, eerie. That thing that just seems out of place, but you just can't put your finger on it.

For these questions, I really cannot figure out whom to ask, so I will let you be the judge on that. The Mandela effect? What can you say about that? The Mandela effect, for those unaware of this, is the feeling that what you remember as a fact, seems altered and changed.

Example: I remember the cereal called "Froot Loops" being Fruit Loops.

Tom Hanks saying: "life IS like a box of chocolate..." in my memory, but it appears I'm wrong and it is: "life WAS like a box of chocolate..."

There are many more of these, just google it. Have we crossed timelines or Berenstainswhat has happened?

So many predictions... So, what can you tell me about, well both, the Mandela effect and the earthquakes (possibly disclosure)?

Gaia, is there any truth to the so-called Mandela Effect of feeling what you remembered as fact has been altered?

Yes, there is this constant changing of your past. We have discussed this a little with you previously, but as your souls progress you not only change your future, but your past as well. Most of the time no one notices, but there are small things, such as your reader has noticed, that were just a little bit different before. This is because you are in, or have jumped to, the 5th focus and things are a little different than the 3rd focus.

So, do not be concerned as your paths are at a higher level now. There are many other things that have changed you are not aware of or dismiss as imperfections in your memories. Do not be concerned that your memories are playing tricks on you. Just enjoy the path you are on and wish the past well, or send light to the old path.


M.J. writes: Thanks for another extremely interesting newsletter sent to me on June 2. In your newsletter, Mike asked, “Will there ever be a technology or device that allows communication with the departed?”

In the best interest of all your readers, I wish you would have presented this Seancequestion to Theo. Roberta Grimes, who has a weekly podcast called “Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes,” had guests on two of her podcasts in May regarding this topic. On May 9, Dr. R. Craig Hogan spoke about a South American station that has been in existence for a while and the "setting up" of a North American station for exactly the purpose of communicating with the departed. On May 2, Gary & Rhonda Schwartz spoke on the topic of "Soul Phone Research."

Dr. Hogan had mentioned that the purpose of such a device was mainly to help parents of departed children receive communication that would aid in the healing process. When these parents are so despondent and deep in grief over the loss of their children, it is almost impossible for the souls of the children to let them know they are "OK" and "all is well" without some assistance from a third party.

I hope you will present this information to the readers of your newsletter because this is important information.

Gaia, will there ever be devices invented for people to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned?

That would interfere with the Creator’s desire for you to remain veiled, Tom. There will always be people who have the ability to communicate with spirit, but not with some device. We want all of you to develop these abilities yourself. If you recall, we said the vast majority of people in the future will be able to meditate. During meditation they will be able to communicate, should they desire, with those who have transitioned. But of course that takes work on your part and people would rather take short cuts to achieve the same thing all of you have the ability to do right now, with just a little work on your part. So my advice to all of your readers is to begin to meditate. There are many medical, physical and mental benefits, and we can add spiritual to that list.


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