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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

March 10, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

We need to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for all those people caught in the fighting in Syria. Please say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and protect all those people caught in the war in Syria to find shelter, food, and medical attention in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!”
THE GENTLE WAY I: A.Q. wrote: “Lots of useful information. I did not know what to expect from this book. It was surprising and I learned a lot The Gentle Way Iof useful practices that I cannot wait to try."
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Tosa Tat wrote: "Just like the rest of Tom T Moore’s books, I could not put this down. This book has so much great information about Atlantis and Lemuria. He asks his guides questions while he is in a meditative state and receives answers. This book answers all of the questions I have ever had about this subject. He has opened my mind to a world of possibilities. I’m thankful that Tom has written all of these books and shares information. You should purchase his Gentle Way books. There are three in the series and they are amazing."
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
E.B. writes:
Putin just announced that the Russians have developed an invincible nuclear missile capable of supersonic speed. Is this true, and if so will this embolden him and leave countries like the U.S.A. open to atomic attack?
What warm (year round) areas of the U.S.A. and Europe will remain relatively safe from flooding and natural disasters?

Gaia, will Putin’s nuclear arsenal announcements embolden him, and if Putin and Trumpso to what extent?

As has been analyzed by your journalists, he is making these announcements primarily to be seen as a strong ruler to his people. But he will continue to test the United States and will continue to try and undermine your political system. This pleases him greatly, as he knows chaos in your government means you cannot concentrate on his actions. So, yes, he is emboldened, as he wishes to spread Russia’s influence over Eastern Europe again.
Will he add anything about meetings with ETs before the election?

No, the highest probability is that this is considered on the back burner Putin Votingat this time prior to the election, Tom. He is not sure what the reaction would be, and he feels that rattling sabers is the most positive action to secure his position of power. Your journalists have described him as a thug, and that’s not too far off—but a very powerful one who doesn’t think twice about eliminating anyone who threatens his rule.
So, what’s the highest probability of any ET announcement, as I keep being told soon, but weeks and months go by and nothing?

Just be patient, Tom. The Pleiadians are experts at negotiations with humans of all types and that includes people like Putin. After the election, the timing will be much better for progress to be made.
Gaia, are there any areas in the United States and Europe that will Nor'easterremain relatively safe from flooding and natural disasters?

Here we get into soul contracts, Tom. I will remind your readers that I wish people to move away from the coasts. Notice that the East Coast will have three Nor’easters in a row, with homes being lost to the Atlantic Ocean and much coastal flooding. They still have not formally recognized the rise in sea levels, but you can see the results of that rise in how far inland the flooding reaches.
This is not limited to just the East Coast of North America, but the Gulf Coast and West Coast will experience severe flooding too.

But you have been given a tool to keep you safe. You can request an MBO, as you call them, for the PERFECT place for you to live to be able to weather any natural event. Listen to those whispers in your head and circumstances will suddenly open doors so that it might send you to live in another section of your city, or perhaps far away. There will be many parts of the world that will not be touched by any natural disaster—you just have to request to be in one of those places.
Gaia, what impact on the Black race, especially in Africa, will the movie Black Panther Movie PosterBlack Panther have, if any?

Yes, as you guess, Tom, it will allow them to dream of greatness. It set a high bar and said, “You can achieve this, if you try.” So yes, it will have a major impact on black cultures throughout the world. First you have to dream and then visualize and then dreams become reality. And yes, as you were previously told, in the future Africa will achieve greatness, and all it took was to imagine success and greatness. Wakanda will live in the hearts of Africans, Tom.
Theo, were the great stones of Giza moved physically by people, by their chants, blowing on some sort of device or horn, or by ETs?

Yes, a variety of possibilities, Tom. They were not moved by physical Giza Architecturelabor, Tom. That is how in modern times you would assume and believe they would be moved. Instead, your friendly ETs instructed the builders on how to move them with sound. Now, it is up to people living in this time period to rediscover the actual method, which as you have been told, involves sound.

I cannot give you all the information, but yes, you will see a video recording provided by your soul mate Antura of how it was done in the near future. That’s all part of the history of Earth. So yes, there was sound used and it was given to the priests at that time in Egypt.

Michael writes:
If you encounter a member of your soul group or cluster, will you be attracted to them in the way that people think of soul mates?
While I do not feel we are members of the same soul group, I feel some connection to you. Perhaps it's just me being weird. I have lived in the Dallas area in the past and now live in Central Texas.
Thank you for your enthusiastic sharing. It has helped me and many Soul Clusterwith whom I have shared it. Thank you.

Theo, do we feel the same attraction to a member of our own soul cluster as we do to a soul fragment we’ve had many lives with?

Even though you have had many lives together, still the attraction of two members of the same soul cluster is undeniable. The energy is so strong that, as we’ve said before, it is almost impossible for the two soul fragments to live together. Still there can be times when both fragments can work in tandem to achieve great things, but also as we have said before, your souls prefer you to have separate lives in order the gain the most knowledge and understanding. If two members of a soul cluster have virtually the same life, there is not enough growth.
Yet, Antura and I had a life together back in Atlantean times [referring to Atlantis Depectionthe life where I emigrated to Egypt with 25,000 of my followers.]

Yes, but he was living a different life until it came time to immigrate to Egypt, and stepped in to assist you in that huge movement of people. You could not have accomplished this all by yourself, and the two of you were completely on the same page.
I assume there have been a few, such as when Reveals the Mysteries and I had similar lives back in the 1600s in the western part of North America as Shamen?

Yes, but again, you were both learning but were not living side by side. ShamanYou both learned from each other, according to what each of you were being taught.
So, back to your question, Tom. There is this immense attraction, but very difficult for two fragments of the same soul to live together for any length of time. And it is rare for the two of you to join together. It has much more learning for you and another soul fragment from a different soul cluster to have lives over and over again in different forms of relationships.

For my new readers, Antura happens to be an ET and is also a member of my soul cluster, introduced to me in 2008 by Theo. Since then, I’ve asked him thousands of questions and in my book
FIRST CONTACT: First ContactConversations with an ET, I think that I’ve provided you with more information on another society, another star system, another planet, the real star wars, and our universe (and the three adjacent ones) that have ever been published. But you make the decision yourself. Here is a link to a couple of sample chapters on Click here.
And here are more questions I asked during the last week.

Antura here, Tom, in the wings as usual.
Good morning, buddy. Good life to you and your family, who I’m sure are missing you by now.

Yes, but with our advanced communications I can seemingly be in the same room together.
Michael writes:
Using the portals, how long does it take to travel across the galaxy or across the universe. If it is in the book, I missed it.
Antura, what would be the greatest number of jumps to portal hop from SpaceshipEarth all the way across the universe?

More than you might think, Tom. You were thinking four or five, but it is a long way across the universe and there would easily be 15 hops or more—yes, even 25 or more to a couple of the planets furthest away.

Are all these settings already programmed into the ship—using our conceptions?

Yes, you do not have to stop and enter in a new set of coordinates, Tom. But the ship still has to perform the portal hops.
Then, there is no time between portal hops?Space warp illustration

Yes, that’s correct, Tom. There is no need to physically put in new coordinates, as the ship knows the destination and automatically loads the next coordinates in. You could compare it to a self-driving car, or to an airplane pilot that puts an airplane on auto pilot.

[Later I would think it's like putting in an address on your GPS and the vehicle does the rest.]

Andrea writes:  I have some questions that I would like some answers to please.
1)  I do not remember anything up until I was 6-7 years old and a lot of people now I am older say that is normal but I couldn't remember this part of my childhood when I was even in my early teenage years.  Could some light be shed on this please?  I have been doing inner child work Abductionfor a while, but still have no answers and feel that this has been blocking me in life from doing things for my greatest good and also to move forward in helping others.
2)  I have had a couple of dreams of UFO's which seemed so real.  One where I woke up and looked out of the bedroom window to see a UFO pass by very slowly and could even see the passengers (it was like a passenger ship not a working ship).  At the time it was so clear and it was like I was just observing in real time. 
Second one, I dreamt that I was in hospital and suddenly there was a warning that everyone had to leave and go to their homes immediately and we were told there was some kind of attack.  When I left I could see in the sky an oblong portal and out of this portal came oblong ships.  I personally didn't have any fear over this.  Also when I meditate I often get an image of a black oblong shape.

Antura, was Andrea abducted, or was she seeing a past life on another Star Warsplanet that was perhaps attacked?

Both, Tom. She fit the DNA profile, but this triggered her to remember her other life on a planet that was subjugated during the Reptilian War as you now call it.
They must have had enormous ships for a number of oblong ships to exit the mothership?

Huge ships, Tom. Much larger than are allowed to be near Earth these days.
Judi on Facebook asked about strange lights over Milwaukee, Wisconsin shown during the middle of a newscast.
Click here.
Antura, were the lights over Milwaukee, Wisconsin ET drones?Giant space ship

Exactly, Tom. They were not so much taking readings, although they also have that capability and did so then, but again it is another time when people can see strange lights in the sky and question their origin. It does so on a conscious and also subliminal basis.
I realize I’ve already heard from Gaia on the subject of Putin, but I wish you would push the Pleiadians along, or I may be shooting the documentary in a wheel chair.

Tom, I can assure you that you will find relief soon for your back. And as I have promised, you will undergo a medical or physical touchup we will call it during your visit. I am assured by the Pleiadians it will not be too long now, although those may seem like hollow words after such a long wait from your perspective.
Colette writes from Connecticut:
Finally after many years of reading your MBO stories and newsletters from you I’m writing to you. I began reading you in the Sedona Journal of Emergence from when you Sedona Journal of Emergencebegan.  MBOs and BPs has been come automatic for me to say many times daily. What a gift! I so appreciate this wonderful tool you share with us. I share them with friends and clients, and passed on your newsletter. I share on Facebook too, and in comments say MBOs, etc. Feels so good and empowering to contribute and help situations in this way. I thank you. I also have been recommending you to the webinars hosts I listen to and one of them said they were going to look at your info I sent them for a future summit.
I purchased
Atlantis & Lemuria last year and read it last summer when I would go to the beach etc. I wrote a review on Amazon and gave it a 5 Star rating. I forwarded to you an Amazon thank you for the review email a few days ago. Here are some MBO stories:
Last year on the 4th of July the weather was predicted to be in the high Connecticut Beach90s. I live near the beach in Connecticut. So my plan was to go to the beach. I knew I’d have to get an early start due to all the traffic coming off the highway onto the main road into the entrance. My road comes out across where the traffic backs up and I would have to cross through where you’re lucky if you get through there into the lane to enter. Plus, when the parking lot fills up they turn you away.
So I said an MBO that I would get through and get a parking spot in a shady area. Also a place for a sandy spot that is set back near the trees so I can have a quieter area on the beach to sit and read. Everything I ask all happened as I requested! A great day indeed!
My neighbor invited me to take a boat ride to a small island where his Cabinfamily has a cabin so we can relax after a hard day of working. It was a perfect day and during the week when normally no one’s around. When we arrived we walked down a path and set up a picnic. The birds chirping and the soothing sound of waves. Just as we sat down the loud sound of mower close by to us proceeded to hit every stick and rocks and created dust blowing at us. My neighbor thought we should leave and I said wait, I’m going to say a prayer that usually always work, he thought I was nuts. So I said
"I request an MBO for peace and quiet to be restored so we can enjoy our time here”. Literally no sooner after I said it the mower sputtered and died. My neighbor was stunned! On our way back on the path we passed the person who had been mowing and he was carrying a gas can!
Jean writes:
Dear Tom, I am still in awe about something that happened Feb. 17. We live on the 5th floor in a 5-story condo, and there are two elevators. We were in #2, and it stopped at the third floor to pick up another resident. She pushed "close door" and "P" for the lower level parking garage. The door closed, but nothing happened. We tried all the various options -- different floors, open door, etc. -- and still nothing happened. My (MBO) husband then pressed the phone symbol: the little door opened, he touched the button, and was connected with someone, somewhere, who asked us if we wanted a service call on Monday.
This was Saturday afternoon, and Monday was a holiday here, as it was Stuck in Elevatorin the States. I interrupted and said that we couldn't wait until Monday (which could possibly have been Tuesday) for service -- we needed to get off the elevator NOW. I didn't hear what the man said, but, magically, the elevator moved to the lower floor and the door opened so we could get off. We had been trapped about ten minutes.
Tuesday, my husband told the maintenance people about it, and the elevator has been repaired; the relay switches were worn, and were replaced. Our elevators are checked every month, and apparently they were all right at last month's inspection.
During the conversation with the maintenance man, my husband mentioned that the person we had talked to must have had a magic button or something to restart the elevator so rapidly. Here's the spooky part: there is no such button. He did not have any way at all to restart our elevator. While I have been using MBOs since 2007, I do not remember specifically asking for one -- perhaps calming the woman who had just entered the elevator distracted me. But I could not think of  Stuck in Elevatorany other way we were able to get to the ground floor safely. They tell me the elevator worked just fine until Tuesday, until it was repaired. Most of the other residents didn't even know there had been a problem.
Tom, if that elevator hadn't opened, it is possible that one or more of us might not have survived from Saturday afternoon, over the week-end, until the maintenance people could get here - a four-hour drive. It is a senior condo, and while I will just say that I am ageless, the other two passengers are in their mid to late 80s.
I did, as I promised you when I sent in my last MBOs, order all of your books, and have already loaned one of them. I started Gentle Way III last night, and came across this on Page 12, quoting you:
"You have to request the assistance, or the only time they are allowed to assist you is if your life is in danger and your soul contract calls for you to continue to live." So since at least one of us has a contract to continue to live, the radiant effect kicked in and saved us all. I guess being trapped in an elevator qualified.
By the way MBO Husband was something I'd written you about earlier; I was a widow, but he was married, and it was only after she passed on that we got together. We celebrate our 5th anniversary in June.
I have another one from last week. I bought an iPad some months ago, Seniors with tabletsbut due to not only Wi-Fi issues (I am EMF sensitive and have to go elsewhere to use the device, since we can't have a router) but also having no children or grandchildren to help me learn how to use it -- iPad for Dummies didn't help much! -- I decided I would take it back. One of the technicians I'd dealt with had said I could. But when I tried, a rude (to my perception) assistant manager said that the technician had no authority to tell me that, and besides, it had been more than a month since the purchase. It certainly had been -- more like 4 months.
But I was still having problems even getting on the device, as the security on it wouldn't accept my birthday as one of the security questions. I decided to try returning it -- again. In getting out the original documents, I found that yes, I HAD paid for set-up. I felt this gave me more "ammunition" in my quest to return the iPad.

I composed and said my MBO, including the best possible outcome for everyone concerned.
I asked for the Manager when we got there; he was talking with the Apple Storewoman who refused my request a couple of months ago. He immediately sent her on a break, and then we discussed my problems. He solved some of them on the spot, then asked us to come back next week to cover the rest.
One of the things I wanted to do with an iPad is to download books, so he showed me how to both download and browse, both library and iBooks, but I couldn't quickly find anything I wanted to read. I told him to browse your name, but unfortunately, though understandably, your books weren't there. But he asked me about you, so I told him about MBOs. He asked if I'd used one before coming in!!! I told him I had, and repeated it for him, then wrote down your email address and the Gentle Way website for him.

I think this was another great MBO: even though he was the manager, if he had let me return it, he could have gotten into trouble for a five-month-old return. They were at fault (he said) because the paid set-up didn't include my correct birthday, and I was such an unhappy customer about it that I didn't even want to shop there again. Now he is also looking into low EMF routers for us, as well as shielded cables. MBO, indeed! At today's visit I downloaded three books, and am starting to enjoy my iPad -- something I thought would never happen.
Thank you again, Tom. I'm looking forward to reading the other two books.

Suzanna writes:
Hi Tom, I read your newsletter every week and really look forward to it. Also, I have all your books and they are incredible. MBOs have become a way of life for me. I can't imagine life any other way now. Guess I'm really spoiled because I use them for everything and they work! Sometimes almost instantly. Question. I read a lot of science books and most scientists still claim consciousness comes from our brain. Near death experiences show us brain death and yet consciousness remains so it can't be generated by the brain. Please ask Heart Chakra Illustrationjust where our consciousness is located. 2nd question. Just where is the Other Side? Thank you for your help. I say MBOs for you too.
Gaia, where is consciousness located? And where is “the other side?” Away from Earth?

Your consciousness is located at the seat of your soul Tom is the simple answer. It must be located there for you to exist in this world.
So is that the heart chakra or somewhere else?

Yes, Tom. There you have it.
Where is the other side? Is it away from the Earth?

Yes and no, Tom. Keep in mind that when your soul fragment leaves spirit illustrationyour body upon your transition, in the dimension you exist you can be everywhere. That is so hard to understand that you are in or return to a quantum state. Even the best minds have a hard time understanding this, so don’t think I’m avoiding the question, but your soul fragment returns to exist in another dimension.
Are we away from Earth?

Away in the sense that you are not influenced by the dimension you left, yes. As I have explained before, your souls and mine exist in the 12th dimension in an energy soup is the best way it can be described in the dimension you now exist. This question will be asked over and over again in the next few thousand years and will have many answers, like the flipping of a coin, but with multiple sides. But keep in mind, Tom, that you exist as energy, and energy never dies—it just exists in another form.
Carol asked about “ambiguous loss.
Click here.
Theo, what advice can you give to those who suffer “Ambiguous Loss” Altzheimer's Dispairthat occurs due to such things as infertility, termination of pregnancy, and Alzheimer’s disease?

These are all ‘Earth Experiences,’ Tom. You feel compassion, which does raise your vibrational level. Those who request MBOs are able to cope much better than those who do not. The Levy Body Dementia disease is one of the most common, but people generally lump it into the Dementia category.
Jim writes:
Who wrote the Rosetta Stone, how and why? Were you involved with it? I have been told I was also a priest in Egypt, was I involved and did we know each other during that period?
Gaia, who wrote the Rosetta stone and why?

Yes, the person, whose name is lost in antiquity had on their soul Rosetta Stonecontract that they must set down the translation to be used, they thought, just for scholars at that time who were tasked with the job of translating from one culture to another. Its discovery greatly speeded up the process of interpreting ancient works.
Has that person incarnated in this time period?

No, but as you guessed they were just a little earlier to assist in the process. They have transitioned and are just a little farther in time ahead of you.
Was Jim involved in that?

No, but he was a scholar who used the information.
Did Jim have a life where we knew each other?

Quite so, Tom. More than one. Your paths are just different this round, but he does recognize you from past lives when you were friends.
Catherine writes:
Like many of your readers, I, too, experience "unusual" inspirations, insights, sounds, disembodied voice, amazing synchronicities and coincidences which awaken and illuminate the journey of my soul in the vehicle of my body, trusting the Creator and love are always with me.
So as I snuggled into bed last night listening to a library book, a gold, Gold Star5-pointed star with a streaming golden tail shot through my mind in a flash, a nanosecond, I sought an answer, some guidance, a "what the heck just happened?” Not coming up with anything, I thought to ask you and Theo.
Wassup with that star?

Theo, what was the gold, five-pointed star with a streaming golden tail that shot through Catherine’s mind?

Her GA was letting her know that her work so far was excellent and to keep up the good work.
Cathy writes:
In the last several years you have been discussing the coming earth changes as a chain of earth activity (earthquakes and volcanic activity). On that same topic, I have just finished reading The Pole Shift IllustratedGaia Dialogues by Murry Hope. As the title implies, she communicated with the soul of our planet. Of the different subjects they conversed about, the main topic was the coming earth changes. It seems the activity that you have been warning us about is actually part of an even bigger earth event -- specifically, a pole shift. Could you please ask Gaia about this?
If it is true, how long will the process of the pole shift be, from beginning to end? In what geographical areas will the new north and south poles be located?
Also, although many people call her Gaia (among other names), Hope says that our earth prefers to be called Danuih, a name from the time of Atlantis. (I believe the name is pronounced da - nu - ee). Could you ask her about this, too?

This was in my 12/31/16 Newsletter:
Gaia, scientists are speculating that the moving flow of magma under MagmaEarth’s surface will either cause a pole shift or will possibly stop and change direction due to Earth’s magnetic field. Comments?

Yes, a heady topic you might say, Tom, so I will give you a basic answer to your questions. You have been told many times in the past that I do move my magma from one place to another. That is a given. Regarding a shift in the poles, that will not happen. Again, I have repeatedly said that the shift in magnetic north will continue on its slow path. There will be no dramatic shift in, let’s say, the near or foreseeable future. Do I use Earth’s gravitational field to assist me in moving the magma? Certainly. I also use the gravitational pull of the other planets and the moon to assist me, and yes, the sun will send magnetic waves upon my request.
Keep in mind these are all symbiotic relationships I have with all of Earth from Spacethem as I also assist those other planets in ways your scientists will not discover for hundreds of years. Your scientists are just scratching the surface in studying my inner workings, and they know this. They will have many more speculations in the future—some not so accurate like these are, and eventually quite accurate ones as instruments are invented that can peer into my inner workings. That is part of their learning process, and must be learned prior to you traveling to other solar systems in what to you seems far off.
So, to summarize, no shifts in my poles, but yes, I do use Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields to assist me in changing the direction of magma under the surface.

Back to the present.
Gaia, do you prefer the name Danuih?

That is what that person received, Tom, but as we have said before, none of us are big on names, and add to that you cannot and do not have the capability to pronounce what you term as ‘angelic’ names. As you so rightly have addressed each time you call upon me, I have been known by thousands of names over the centuries. Danuih was but one of those names, Gaia is but another. I am the soul that inhabits the Earth. That is simply who I am in the reality. So let’s continue with the name Gaia, as all of your people and many others would suddenly be confused if you started calling me one of the other names.


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