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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

June 2, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

I wrote an answer to the following question on Quora:ET Ship in Atlantian times

“It’s obvious that aliens exist--it’s illogical to think otherwise. But why have they not fully reached out to us?”
It dates back all the way to the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. If you would like to read it,
click here.

Gaia is following her script for the hurricane season.  Here is an excerpt from the 5/6/18 newsletter:

The hurricane season will be active again this year, Tom. The Gulf Coast Flooding Tropical Storm Albertowill see another, plus a storm that will be just below hurricane levels as your meteorologists grade them. Florida will receive a glancing blow, and of course there will be a couple that move along the East Coast. You are in a period or cycle of these storms occurring more than has been considered normal over the time you have kept records.
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FIRST CONTACT: Anonymous wrote: "This is a mind expanding book First Contactthat will change the way you view the Universe you live in and encourage you to ponder other Universes that you can't see. It helps you understand the critically important role of human beings on Earth and our beneficial evolutionary step for the rest of the worlds. Who knew we were so important! I now think of humans as the Universal Road Warriors, an incredibly tough job, but for some reason we are the only ones able to do it. I know, truth is stranger than fiction. A must read for any metaphysical fan, any Star Trek / Star Wars fan, or any science fiction reader. Tom T. Moore is a source of information not to be missed by anyone who has benefited from studying Edgar Cayce, Seth or Kryon."
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
RFK Jr. seeks investigation into father's assassination. CBS video, click here.
Theo, was there a second shooter of Robert Kennedy?

Certainly there was, Tom. That is not just a conspiracy theory, but a fact, Robert Kennedy Assassinationcovered up for many years.
Was President Johnson involved in that one as well?

No, but some of the same people that were involved in his brother’s shooting were.
Will they find other photos with the other shooter?

Yes, one. There are more revelations of who was involved that will surface. This will be investigated like a typical cold case, now that methods of examination and deduction have increased over the years.
Is the person who shot him still alive—besides Sirhan?

Quite so, Tom. And he is quite nervous about the case being reopened.
The question about V.P. and then President Johnson being involved dates back to the 12/7/13 newsletter.
Click here.
Nancy writes:
I appreciate you very much and all you and your connections share with us.
I have some questions regarding Venezuela and other areas in the Caribbean and South America. I have heard some things lately regarding a buildup of both Russian and Chinese war ships in and Chinese War Shiparound the Caribbean and Venezuela. It sounds like these countries are filling the gap left by the Americans. Something with the Panama Canal too.
My husband believes that something bad is going to happen here in the near future related to oil and war. I try not to worry about this, but since he is constantly talking about it. I wanted to ask you to ask for me.
Thank you and thank you for MBOs. I use them all the time.

Gaia, what is the probable future of Venezuela and also coupled with Russian and Chinese influence?

This country faces more turbulent times, Tom—that you can be assured Venezuelan leader and Putinof. Russia and China both are trying to take advantage of this, due to the large reserves of oil in this country. There will be much more corruption that will eventually be exposed. This turbulent situation will continue for several years—how long will depend upon how long it takes for the people of Venezuela to grow tired of the turbulence and elect strong, yet more honest leaders.

Don’t look for conditions to improve there too much in the next five years. But yes, you can have everyone say a Benevolent Prayer for the citizens of this country and their government.

Let’s say this Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist the people of Venezuela in their efforts to have leaders that will make decisions in the best interests of their citizens, and the citizens of the world, thank you!”
Lee writes:
Good day Tom! I was reading an article about a man who went missing several years ago and his remains were just recently found. I can understand the learning experience for his wife, family, friends in not being able to mourn his loss in the traditional way that we do, but what is the lesson for him? Once he is on the other side he is with his loved ones that have passed over and tending to all the Skeletal Remains“business” that entails. Is it that the lesson is for those left behind and he has fulfilled his part? Interested in knowing the answer.
Theo, is there a lesson for those who die for any number of reasons out in remote locations and their remains are either never found or found many years later?

Yes there is, Tom, although you would think the main lessons or balancing would be with their friends and loved ones who had taken someone’s life in the past and whose body remained lost.
They can return to that spot where their body laid or was buried when it is discovered and see the reactions of not only their family and friends but the people who discover the body, as balancing is also involved there. If they are told that their body will never be found, they will also view how that affects their family and friends as they are balancing having done the same to others.

Maria writes:
If children or even adults who go through painful and horrific deaths like burning or torture, are they taken out of the body before the bad pain sets in?
In my heart I hope so, but then again there are soul contracts to Air Plane Collisionconsider.

Theo, does the soul exit the body prior to a horrible death?

Yes, Tom, we have touched on this before. The soul does exit prior to that moment.
But what about the fear of a similar event occurring being carried over to one or more future lives?

The fear is recorded in the Akashic Record, Tom, just as the death is. It’s just that the soul is not as scarred as it would be had the soul stayed all the way to the end. Obviously there is timing going on as the soul knows in advance the moment of death, or transition.
Tadashi writes:
Considering the possibility of various earth changes, including the rise of sea level, volcanic eruption, etc., how would each of the following locations look like in terms of its geographic state/activities and general safety of living between year 2020 and 2060?Subway Flooding
1) New York City
2) Bay Area of California
3) Hawaii
4) Guam
5) Tokyo
Please also add any comments if there is any additional suggestion about safer areas, both in the US and in Japan. Thank you so much!

Gaia, what are the highest probabilities for New York City, the California Bay Area, Hawaii, Guam, and Tokyo?

All the areas you mentioned, Tom, are located next to the oceans of the Floodingworld. As I have said numerous times, the oceans will continue to rise, at times slowly and at other times abruptly, should there be land that drops into the sea. I have encouraged everyone for several years to move away from the coasts as they will one day face the same loss of homes as the people on the big island of Hawaii who are in the path of the lava flows from Kilauea. They all thought they were far enough away, but are not.

It is the same for those who live on the coasts of the world. Move away from the coasts and that can mean just a few miles, or in some cases over fifty to one hundred miles. Take that to the bank, Tom.

I have been told before that the best thing to do is to request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT place for each of you to live.

Alan writes:
I was wondering, since our energies need to be cleaned up by storms and turbulent weather, does this also include volcanoes?? And would the clearing of traumas from this life and past lives by the use of Forgiveness to assist in helping to change the weather needed to clear these energies?? I know it helps to change the mass consciousness of the planet. And does it help to stop the future experiences of the people on Earth in the future??
Thank you, Tom and Spiritual contributors. Love reading the newsletter Volcanoesand MBOs.

Gaia, do volcanoes help clear energies as do storms?

Certainly not in the same way, Tom. Volcanoes do release energy, but they do not clear the atmosphere of negativity as well as does the clearing of the atmosphere that rain accomplishes. They are two different dynamics, but a good question on the part of your reader.
Does forgiveness help change the weather?

In a way yes, Tom, as by raising your vibrational levels I do not need severe storms to clear the negativity away.
Does it assist in changing the future?

That is a definite yes, Tom. By whatever effort you use to raise your vibrational levels it does change the future to a more benevolent one. Had you not raised your vibrational levels to that invisible-to-you point in 1987, known as the Harmonic convergence, your future would have been bleak indeed.
Fain writes:
Can you ask Gaia about thorium - is that one of our future sources of abundant energy? Click here.
Gaia, is Thorium a mineral that will provide abundant energy in the future?

Yes, but even thorium has its limitations. Obviously much, much more Thorium concentrationsanalysis of this element will be done in the future. You are starting to get hints of that now.
Will that include powering our spaceships of the future?

Most definitely, Tom.

Is that because thorium would be considered not as radioactive as uranium?

That’s correct, Tom. That is a good guess. Those that read this in the future—and I’m talking to scientists—should thoroughly explore this mineral. It is abundant, unlike uranium, and it is easier to contain.
I asked Antura about thorium below.

If you read my
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book, and have been reading the hundreds of questions I’ve asked Antura since the book was published, then you’ve learned some amazing things about other societies, advanced technology, and even our own origin. GalaxiesAstronomers say there are 100 billion GALAXIES just in the observable universe—that alone is an amazing number! So far, I’ve only scratched the surface with my questions.
Antura is an amphibian and is currently orbiting overhead in a three-mile-wide and twenty-stories-tall Sirian mothership that is taking millions of readings each day. Needless to say, the ship and the other 25 or so ships from our galaxy and even other universes are cloaked, so as not to scare us to death. There are 900 crew members on his ship, along with their families totaling 1,500, from 37 different planets. They all live and work together in harmony.
If the Russians finally Disclose their meetings with Pleiadians (along Pleiadianswith the faction of the Federation of Planets who are dragging their feet), a few months later my family and I are supposed to shoot a documentary on board the mothership. One of the questions below has to do with that visit. Here are more questions this week.
Antura, will the Pleiadians show any videos of our history to the Russians and other governments as they travel around the world, or will it just be diplomatic?

You are quite correct in thinking that the first trip will be just diplomatic, Tom. Even on the subsequent trips they will remain relatively neutral. They will explain that they have been observing humanity for thousands of years, assuring everyone that it is for peaceful means in order to study how you are the first ones to be able to handle negativity. That will be brought out to explain their presence and the presence of others, but certainly not on the first trip, albeit later. As I said before, they will slowly introduce some societies that do not look just like you, but not on the first trip.
Therefore, am I correct to presume they will not get into our history of ET Visitorssuch things as Atlantis and Lemuria?

That is still undecided, Tom. They will be taking what you would call baby steps—yes, “spoon-feeding,” to use that description. It will, after all, be a shock to so many who cannot believe there are other intelligent species in the universe. That has to sink in first.
Will there be any restrictions on what I can ask or show?

Not so much restrictions, but we think you will not want to show everything, such as the history of your religions in the first documentary that you release. So, no restrictions on what you can ask and what we can show, other than the aforementioned propulsion systems covered previously.
Is Thorium the mineral that you previously mentioned we will be told not to barter away to anyone?

Yes, that and another two you have yet to discover.
Sara writes:
I was just reading the newsletter, in particular Antura's question and answer sessions, and it made me think of a question to ask him! Some of us around the world have been paying attention to a Lucid Dreamsgroup, we believe, who is very close to Trump and giving out breadcrumbs to help especially the American people awaken from all of the programming those against us have used against us for decades.

This group is simply called "Q". They never give us answers, just very open questions so we must research and find the answers ourselves. Then, as things move forward, questions and answers are proved. My question is this: we know the Pleiadians are speaking with Russia, but are any of them helping, or part of the "Q" group? Thank you for taking the time to ask! I really do appreciate your newsletter and the time you take to ask all of our questions!
Antura, are any ETs part of the ”Q” group?

No, but obviously their guides are feeding them information. That’s all we can say at the present, as we wish their group and others to continue to explore.
Is anyone communicating with any members of that group?Q Group Solutions

In a way, yes, but not like we communicate. More dream time, as has been discussed before.
Are both the members of your grass roots team male?

Good question, Tom. Yes, it just so happens they are, but there are other female members on the team with other specialties.
Are either or both your teammates from either of my children Todd and Shannon’s planets?

No, but a good guess. I did say previously that they would meet those Alien Meeting with Humansfrom their planets, and they will, but they have other duties. They are not just ”twiddling their thumbs,” to use that old saying, Tom. They perked up when you asked about them, as I “buzzed them,” you could say, that there were questions about them.
Ray writes:
From the newsletter it stated that Sun Tzu (The Art of War) came from a planet of great warriors. And obviously I assume all soldiers come from these planets. But the question is what actually Alien Depictionoccurs on the Warrior Planets, what is the lifestyle of the beings there? Is there constant war and battles and training or what?
Antura, what is life like on warrior planets? Are they always training? Do they fight each other, or volunteer for any conflict that happens in the galaxy or even universe?

They certainly take part in training to hone their warrior skills. During the Great War they were on the front line, you could say, of the conflict with the Reptilians, but nowadays they simply relate the stories they were told, which were passed down from generation to generation—along with all the records of the conflict.

They may fight each other in mock battles, but not ones where lives would be lost. They also volunteered for spots in the Earth Experiment, as they knew there would be many wars. They also roam space making sure the peace holds between all parties. Yes, they are excellent negotiators too.

This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!Florida Rain Storm
Lee in Florida writes:
We are in the rainy season here in Florida, so afternoon/ evening commute time can be trying if the rains are heavy. I was watching the news and as soon as the weather came on I said an MBO for it to not rain on my commute to and from work; I work from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm today. Seconds later, the weatherman said that the chance of rain was greatest between 2:00 and 7:00! Perfect! And thank you for MBOs for every aspect of my life!

Joe writes:
Hi Tom, I have an MBO for you. I am watching my budget at Electric Billthis point in life and said an MBO for being able to afford the electric bill, since the summer months are here. Not long after the request was spoken, I got the electric bill and what do you know: they realized they had made an error in calculations and had overbilled me for some months, which resulted in a credit on the account. This enables me to pay the auto registration tabs which just happened to be due in June. Such a handy tool you have given us. Thanks!
Mike writes:
RE: Charisma, Having a Golden Aura!
I have a question about charismatic, friendly people. I was in a Charismatic Leadersrestaurant having breakfast, and I bumped into an older gentleman who I just instantly picked up had such a wonderful aura about him. He smiled at me and began talking to me as if he had known me for years. He was just so friendly and warm, I felt that I just wanted to chat with him all day long. When he finished his meal and went to leave, he even made the effort to look for me in order to say bye. This experience got me wondering about those people I refer to as having a “golden aura” around them.
How many lifetimes does it take in order for individuals to have that "golden aura" around them where the person is just so charismatic, friendly and has instant rapport with people?

Gaia, how many lifetimes does it take for someone to seemingly have an aura about them that is charismatic, friendly, and instant rapport?

Depending upon the circumstances, we can say they are typically at least in the first quadrant of being an old soul, but this can vary dramatically if their soul contract is for them to become some sort of Jim Morrison & the Doorsleader. There are very devious individuals that project this aura as part of their soul contract to be the “bad guy” this time around to teach their friends, and others in soul clusters, lessons.

So, this is not something—a rule—that one must be an old soul to have this aura. It is all part of their soul contract to broadcast to others. They can be having a significant life serving others, or the reverse—they can be the honey that attracts the flies for nefarious means. It is up to each person to learn to judge whether these are wise and good people, or charlatans. It’s all part of your learning, and quite necessary I might add, for you to learn to trust your instincts about people.

John writes:
Where is the great actor Boris Karloff now?Boris Karloff
click here.
Theo, has Boris Karloff incarnated into this time period?

No, Tom, but he will soon be back for another round—just a little farther ahead in time and will be in a different country—and still involved in acting, however, quite different from this past life, which was significant with his distinctive figure and face, and of course that voice.
Charlie writes:
1962 Escape from Alcatraz
1. In 1962, three men ingeniously escaped from Alcatraz but were never Alcatrazfound or heard from again. What happened to them, did they successfully escape and form new lives or did they die in the attempt?
2. Was the ingenious escape plans all given to them by the Guardian Angels and guides?

Click here.
Theo, what happened to the three men who escaped Alcatraz? Did they drown or were they successful?

They were successful, Tom. They reached shore, as was reported that Alcatraz Escape Holethey found their raft. They were smart enough to disappear and died of old age.
Were they given their plans by their GAs or guides?

Certainly, they had guides who had escaped prisons before. You would not think there would be guides with such a specialty, but there are. Conditions were quite harsh in that prison, so it gave hope not only to their fellow inmates but to prisoners all over the world. Hope can get you through many crises.
Michael writes:
RE: Man Visits Disneyland for 2,000 days In A Row.
What is the soul interest of Jeff Reitz who has visited Disneyland for Man Visits Disneyland 2000 Times2,000 days in a row?
Click here.
Theo, what is the soul interest of the man who visited Disneyland 2,000 days in a row?

Yes, he longs for his youth and lives it through seeing all the children having a great time at the park. Many retirees take up various hobbies, so you could call this his hobby. It is much better than sitting at home all day wasting away. He has become friends with most of the park employees, who naturally looked at him initially as a threat, as you thought he might be, but in his case he enjoys the recognition and communicating with the park employees and those people who might strike up a conversation.
For my new readers, I have been told that I’ve had a life at the beginning of every religion, with the exception of two that are on my future list. I was also told there were just a few others that were at the beginning and associated with those who started the religion, so this is a follow up question.
Theo, how many with a soul interest in religions have lives when the Religions of the Worldreligions are born?

Good question, Tom. As we have said before, very, very few. Yes, less than five, as more would be difficult to arrange. There are others that would be around, but not intimately involved.
So, the number would be less than five?

Yes, you are receiving that correctly, even though you had pondered that question for some time, but you were given that parameter.
None of those are in this time period, are they?

No, as the Gentle Way was born back in the times of Atlantis.
So, how few—three or more?

Yes, but no more.


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