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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

April 29, 2023

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to The Gentle Way Book and then Welcomeclick on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page. If you are reading this for the first time and enjoy it, please share with your friends and family.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accurate. Most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).



Mary writes: Looks like May 1st is the designated day for a mass meditation Portal of Lightto help open the galactic portal. They’re looking for a global participation to engage in a 20-minute session, needing 144,000 people to help receive this energy. Check it out for yourself and see if it’s in alignment with your current path. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m in full trust that all roads will be paved for you for your ‘big event’, and what a patient soul they are honing you into! Click here.
Read Antura’s take on this down below in the questions I asked him.

Have you been forwarding the GUNS FOR GROCERIES Petition on the Gun Buy website to your friends and family? Have you signed yet? Let’s get to 2,000! Please sign and then you can use this tiny URL to send to your friends. or do you just wish to keep seeing mass shootings every day? Plus, contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators as I have. There have been over 170 mass shootings this year. If we can stop even one or two in the future, isn’t that worth signing and supporting this gun buyback proposal? No one else is doing anything. Please join with me—don’t be passive on this—SIGN!!

If you are not receiving the Newsletter, let me know. Everything Imagionable

NEW INTERVIEW: Just posted April 26! EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE. Click here.

NEW INTERVIEW: LINDA G, COMANCHE PSYCHIC. March 30. We discussed Timelines and much more. Click here.


I realize there are several Benevolent Prayers to say listed below. PLEASE TAKE THE FEW SHORT SECONDS TO SAY EACH ONE OUT LOUD. Remember, the human voice is much more powerful than people in this time period realize. I’m told there is a crescendo effect when hundreds and thousands say the BP out loud.

There are predictions that the war in Ukraine will last for many more months. Let's say this Benevolent Prayer for the people of UKRAINE:
"I ask for any and all beings to aid, comfort, and assist the people of Ukraine to remain safe, for all prisoners of war to be treated under the rules of the Geneva Convention, for the economic sanctions imposed on Russia to work, for the grain to be transported, to return the thousands of Ukrainian children home, and to return the Russian and Ukrainian soldiers home, thank you!"Pets book

We are making a difference!

Have you checked out my newest book—
THE GENTLE WAY WITH PETS: Angelic Help for Your Animal Companions? It has a complete review of The Gentle Way, plus great tips on our lives with our lovable animal family members. I interview several Group Souls to learn where they came from and why. If you have already bought the book, please write a review. THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR PET LOVERS!!

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WHAT IS A SOUL GROUP OR SOUL FAMILY? Click here. Atlantis & Lemuria book

Many of your questions are taking at least four weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning, just as I do: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes, and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of the world, thank you!”

My previous book,  ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

Before we move on to the rest of the newsletter a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.


Laura writes: Q? Will the US Congress and White House iron out a budget Debt Ceilingagreement in time to avoid default on obligations? I am dependent on Social Security, Disability, and would be living in my car if not for that. So, I am very concerned about the GOP refusing to be sensible on working out a budget with the Dems.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for the debt ceiling to be raised? Wall Street Journal image.

Yes, these deadlines come and go on a regular basis, Tom. There will be some slight concessions by the Biden administration, but yes, the debt ceiling will be raised again avoiding a government shutdown.


Diana writes: Will we find a cure for people who are suffering long-term Long Term CovidCovid. These people can't work and are suffering with breathing and moving. I saw this on PBS the other day and wish they could get some kind of help.

Gaia, how soon will there be a cure for long-term Covid?

Not for another two years, is the highest probability at this time. It will be discovered while they are looking for a cure for another disease. You can have everyone say a BP to shorten the time.

Let’s say this Benevolent Prayer out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in a cure for long-term Covid to be found even sooner than we can hope for or imagine, thank you!”


Ingrid writes from Costa Rica: I don’t know if this is the way to ask a question, but I will try anyway. I am from Costa Rica in Central America and am very concerned that our neighboring country, Nicaragua, has been Nicaragua and Costa Ricareceiving “help” from none other than Russia, Iran, and China. We, in Costa Rica do not have an army and the political relationship between our countries have been difficult, because of our big ideological differences. Can you please abe lookinggoing on with those four and if this will cause problems in the near future? The U.S. should be looking into this since they are trying to establish ties right in the middle of South America, the continent. Thank you and I shall be eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Gaia, will Costa Rica have severe problems with Nicaragua in the future, or will the U.S. come to their aid and protect them?

The U.S. will certainly work to thwart China and Russia from becoming a large influence in Central America. They will only be partially successful. The people in these countries are on a path of learning how to govern themselves. It will take time, but Costa Rica will not be invaded by their neighbors.


Sally writes: Thank you for your interesting, informative newsletters. I look forward to them every week.

Here’s a question I have been pondering. Gaia predicted the droughts in California would continue for several more years. Instead, this winter we have had tremendous storms bringing so much snow and rain, filling our lakes and reservoirs. I would like to know if this change is the result of multitudes of Californians asking their angels to bring abundant moisture to end the drought. I know I said MBOs about it. Did people influence this Snow in the Sierraschange or was it all Gaia’s doing?

Every day I ask any and all beings to aid and assist all those working on alien disclosure, with Tom T. Moore as the videographer, to bring this enlightening event to timeline six smoothly, easily, and soon.

Thank you for the profound knowledge you have brought to our world.

Gaia, you previously said the California drought would last several more years. Has this changed and if so, why?

I did change the flow of precipitation at the request of your souls. As has been pointed out in your news reports, it would require about four years of precipitation to end the drought. They are not out of the woods, shall I say, by any means. This simply gives them more time to introduce ways of conservation, too long to go into detail here. The melting snow will cause other problems that must be solved, such as flooding. As I have repeatedly said in the past, people should be moving away from the coasts for a variety of reasons, including the melting of glaciers raising the sea levels. These levels will rise faster than your climatologists currently estimate.


Sally also writes: A question for Cat Soul or Gaia: Tom has said that humans can live lives in the past and in the future, not in consecutive order. Do cats or other animals also have lives that jump between the past, future, and present? Could my cat live her next life in Egypt or somewhere in the year 2080? Or does this ability only apply to humans?

Cat Soul here, Tom. Good morning.Cat in Egyptian times

Good morning, Cat Soul.

Cat soul, can cats have lives in the distant past and far in the future after a life during this time period?

My soul fragments do not make the major jumps your soul fragments do. You might say I have soul fragments waiting on your soul fragments to arrive whether it be in the far past or far future. In the past, it is similar to your wife’s next life in ancient Egypt. That is a past life for you—you already lived that life. That is the same for my cat fragments. It’s a similar situation for the far future. I have fragments awaiting your arrival that have had many lives with you.

These are some of the technical details of how the Earth Experiment was set up by Creator. All of your lives are all taking place at the same time, as time is an illusion for you.

Thanks for the explanation, Cat Soul.

Anytime, shall we say, Tom. I am always available to answer your readers’ questions.


Star writes: I just found you and got the Gentle Way on Audio Book.

It is fantastic. Had a few wins already. Will write about them soon.

Can you talk about numerology and sacred geometry in your newsletter or recommend a book on it? Maybe you could write one if you can’t recommend any!

Gaia, how does numerology and sacred geometry fit in with the Earth Sacred GeometryExperiment? And is this used in the rest of the universe?

They are used extensively in the rest of the universe. On Earth you have a long way to go in understanding and being able to use numerology and sacred geometry. These are great tools and should be studied. We have touched on numerology in the past as one of the tools to help understand such things as your soul path, but numerology is much more complex than is even known today by thousands of people who study it.

Will it help or hinder our understanding when we convert to the 12 number system?

Yes, it is like you have only a portion of the numeric system used in the rest of the universe.

Regarding sacred geometry, this gets into why pyramids were built on ley lines. Much more study lies ahead for your mathematicians and scientists.

Will we know much more about all this in this century?

You will begin “filling in the blanks” in your understanding, but it will be the next century, or at least the end of this century, since this is not seen as a priority to study.


For my new readers, one day I was talking to Theo, and he informed me that an ET was monitoring our conversation. Theo asked if I would like to talk to him, and after getting over the shock that our conversations were on a “party line,” I said that I would work up a set of questions for him. Since then, I’ve asked thousands of questions, and found out he’s part of my soul “cluster,” (a fragment of our common soul), and after 800 lives on Earth is having a life Star Wars depictionback on our water world home planet of Nommo, in the Sirius B Solar System.

He’s an amphibian, and in this life is a member of a “first contact” team, currently orbiting Earth in one of those huge three miles wide and twenty stories tall motherships, with a crew of 900, plus their families totaling 1,500 people from 37 different planets. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, including the real star wars that lasted for 270,000 Earth years. Here are more questions I asked this week, after some UFO sightings by my “researcher” Mantej, since I don’t have time to search YouTube for them.

Interesting story told by the only female black abductee I've ever seen Female Abducteereported, by I assume the Zetas for the hybrid program, and who had a hybrid child. She said she was told the child would not be able to exist on the Earth because of the atmosphere. 4 + minutes. Click here.

Excellent story on NBC Sunday Morning about UFOs. 4:39 min. Click here.

4 police officers in Sharon, Massachusetts discuss their sighting of a low flying UFO in 1966. One drew a picture of what it looked like. 8:43 min. Click here.

Nice tracking shot on CBS Evening news of an ET metal drone flying in the Middle East. 1:14 min. Click here.

Antura, is the metal drone recorded (above) over the Middle East the same Droneas the ones at night?

No, Tom. Two different types, but similar, in that both are capable of taking hundreds of thousands of readings, along with transmitting images from the places they fly over.

How large are they?

You could describe them as being approximately the size of a basketball. Needless to say, they are far advanced in design, containment of equipment to accomplish their missions, and a power supply that allows them to operate at slow or high speed, including being able to change frequency if needed. The drones that humans have invented are but the first step in a long series of developments.

From Mantej: Antura, what caused the rainbow cloud over Brazil? Click here.

It was not caused by an ET ship, as was speculated, but chemicals in the sky.

Jim writes: We saw this over Indian Wells, California about 2 pm on March 20, 2023. Can you ask if this is more than a cloud?

Antura, cloud over Indian Wells, California, March 20, 2023. An ET craft or just a different cloud formation?

Nice guess by your reader, Tom. Not in this case, but our advice is to keep looking, since there will be one for your reader in the future.

Douglas writes: On Feb 19th of this year, I went out to look for meteors. UFO DroneShortly after arriving noticed what I thought was a meteor but it was different. As I wondered about the experience I became aware that trajectory was different. I have probably seen thousands of meteors over last 40 years, and this object had no trajectory. In other words it came straight down from start to finish and instead of exploding or burning up, just to vanish. Was this an example of scout ships that Autura speaks of?

Before the start of "Earth Experiment" how many off world civilizations had bases on the surface of Earth? When Earth Directive was issued did any remain and if so did they remainon surface or beneath waters? If so, what if any, are the aftereffects currently on Planet Earth?

Antura, did Douglas see a scout ship or drone descend on February 19?

Yes, this was a drone sent to do readings. He had sharp eyes to notice the difference.

Were there any civilizations on Earth prior to the Earth Experiment, including before the Earth was moved to its present location in our solar system?

Yes, all were given the opportunity to be transferred. Some chose to stay, Earth's First Civilizationsuch as the marine life. We have already covered (meaning Gaia in this case) the society that inhabited Antarctica who remained and then were frozen when Gaia shifted the poles. They had not wanted to leave. Their souls moved to another planet not quite so dynamic as Earth.

Also from Mantej: Antura, why does it seem that there are more UFO sightings on July 4, besides more people being out watching the fireworks? Click here. 4:40 min.

But it does tie in, Tom. Hundreds of thousands of people are out celebrating the July 4 Holiday, so it is a perfect time to take millions of readings. Many sightings happen, but they are dismissed as part of the fireworks displays. And those people who actually catch glimpses of a passing spacecraft are given much to think about and ponder.

Antura, will the mass meditation assist in any way for our meeting?

Yes, their desire for 144,000 people will be accomplished, and most importantly there will be great energy created that will help the acceptance of your documentaries.

If you didn’t see the notice towards the top of this Newsletter, here is the link. Click here.


This story, and the next three, originally appeared last week in my BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES BLOG. Please go to to read hundreds of more stories that are archived there from people living THE GENTLE WAY!

Urvish from India writes: I wanted share a heartwarming, fulfilling BP and a personal MBO.

I was riding to work in the morning, and this happened 2 weeks back, roughly.  When I was going past a crossing, I saw 2 folks engaged in a very Wreck in Indiaheated argument, as their vehicles got involved in an accident. They were close to each other, their chests almost touching, but at least they didn’t engage in fighting physically.

As they were arguing in the middle of the crossing, traffic was also piling up.

As I made my way around the crossing I asked for a BP for both to resolve their argument quickly and peacefully, hoping they see each other’s point and get going with their commute.

To my surprise one of the person’s eyes locked with mine in those few moments and he quickly wrapped up the argument and both started making their way to their vehicles! Seems like peace won that day. 😊Image:

We have a baby, and she wears bracelets, which carries lot of sentimental value, as she is our first baby and the bracelets are a little valuable in price too.

One day one of them was removed temporarily and we forgot to put them on Bracelet on India babythroughout the day and only remembered before going to sleep. But when we looked around the entire room we could not find it, me and my wife, even checking under the bed and the place where my wife remembered putting it when she removed it. I was quite worked up at my wife, feeling we had lost it.

As we both went to sleep we asked for a MBO that we find it or it be returned to us as it belonged our baby and she wore them daily.

We both woke up at 3AM and my wife felt like checking under the bed once again, and to our surprise it was right in front as she looked down! We both discussed how we had checked there before sleeping, and it was a miracle for it to be there! We thanked the angels or whoever helped us wholeheartedly.


Leah writes: The lovely woman with whom I volunteer in the womens’ prisonBaby in womb is expecting her grandbaby soon; however, her granddaughter will need heart surgery upon being born. The baby’s mom went to the hospital as the amniotic fluid was very low, and it was looking like the baby needed to be taken early.

I posted on the MBO/BP Whatsapp group a benevolent prayer for the child’s healing, support for the parents, and outcome to be better than hoped for. The mama’s amniotic fluid is now in the normal range and the baby is in utero growing larger and stronger every day. Posting this at gramma’s request with many thanks to our MBO team!💖


Heather writes: Just to share my MBO with you and your followers: Today I Dental Examhad a dental appointment for what I thought was a cleaning. I said an MBO requesting the procedure be short and painless as I've had several dental issues.

When I arrived at the office, I was informed my appointment was for fillings. I felt trepidation but reassured myself with my MBO. My appointment was at 8 am. By 8:12 am the procedure was completed, painless, and I was leaving the dental office. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Nili writes from Portland, Oregon: I hope all is well! I wanted to share a Vancouver Imagecouple of prayers that got fulfilled and ask a few questions.

1) Here’s another good weather MBO. We were traveling to Seattle and Vancouver last month leaving Portland, OR and the weather was stormy.
I requested an MBO for the perfect weather for our trip and the entire five days had spectacular blue skies! As soon as we got back home, the rain came back! Here is a photo from Vancouver if you would like to add it in the newsletter. Here it is.

2) A BP I made for my husband’s business to help with a deal 3 years in the making. There was very little progress, which was frustrating to say the least.
I asked for a BP that he will complete the deal successfully and for the highest good if everyone involved. Last Friday they got a green light from the other company’s CEO. It’s not a closed deal yet but it’s definitely progress.


Ray writes: Creator of Dr. Fu Manchu

1. Is the story correct that when asking how he would make his fortune, Dr. Fu ManchuEnglish novelist Sax Rohmer, came up with the idea to create Dr. Fu Manchu, after his Ouija Board spelt out C-H-I-N-A-M-A-N?

2. Did Rohmer have balancing lives after that one to represent Chinese people in a positive light and not racist stereotypes? Click here.

Theo, did novelist Rohmer come up with the idea of Dr. Fu Manchu from a Ouija Board message? And did he have a balancing life or lives to show Chinese in a good light?

Yes, the Ouija Board was used to plant the idea of creating this character for his novels and eventually for film. The same technique of having a super bad guy has continued into modern days in hundreds of films. His soul interest is in writing, so he has made the hero of the story a man and woman of Chinese lineage in his next incarnation. Writers need sparks of inspiration and this inspiration is given in many ways by your GA’s and Guides.


Jan writes: Can you please ask what soul level and what quadrant Pres. President Jimmy CarterJimmy Carter is? Thank you so much.

Theo, what quadrant is ex-President Jimmy Carter? And what will be his next incarnation?

He is an early Medium Soul quadrant. All leaders of countries do make mistakes, but his work after his presidency inspired many to volunteer to work for the disadvantaged. His next life will be much calmer, as he will incarnate as a woman—still attracted to assisting others, but not such a public person.


Sredni writes: Did the Atlanteans have horses?Racing horses

Gaia, in my Atlantis & Lemuria book, I was told that the Atlanteans had horses and raced them. Please verify or correct my reception.

Yes, Tom, they did have horses which they brought from Europe. They had not been on that continent before then. They were quite a novelty and were raced. When the continent broke apart, many were lost, but enough remained that were used in a variety of ways as they rebuilt their lives on the islands. So, to answer your question, they were not on the continent when the Atlanteans were first put there by the ETs—they came later.


Sara writes: I hope you are well! I have a quick question I haven't seen Alehandro anyone ask yet. Who was Alejandro Aranda in the past? I feel like he's definitely been a musician we've probably heard of in the past. Looking forward to what they have to tell us. Click here.

Theo, would a past life of Alejandro Aranda be recognizable?

Alejandro is still a younger soul, in the late or last part of a Young Soul second quadrant. He has many lives to go, but this is a significant life for him. To be thrust into the limelight from being a humble dishwasher is a lot to take in, so there will be much learning in this life. His previous lives were preparation for this life.


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