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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

October 17, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accuracy. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


IMPORTANT! Time to say the Benevolent Prayer (BP) THIS WEEK and every Voteweek until Election Day, as people are voting right now. “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in helping people choose the people who will make decisions in the best interests of all the people of the United States, and the world, thank you!”

There is another full length documentary on UFOs that was just recently released. THE PHENOMENON has been recommended by a number of highly recognizable government people. It is 1:43 minutes long. Here are two links:

1. CNN Review. Click here.
2. THE PHENOMENON website.

Please send me any MBO or BP stories about your Pets. I especially need stories about your unusual pets for my PETS book. There is one in the newsletter, today.

For those of you on Quora, I occasionally answer questions posed there. You can “follow me,” and if you do, please “upvote” my answers. I do this to reach a different group of people and grow the newsletter. So far, I have had over Master Number 332,400,000 views of my answers.


Many of your questions are taking about three weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

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ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of Atlantis & Lemuria Bookthe world, and I send white light and love to every single person and being I meet or encounter today, thank you!”

My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Wei writes: In your latest newsletter you said Trump will take 2 weeks to fully recover. Below are my other questions,

1. Did Trump catch Covid-19 during Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Trump on BalconySupreme Court on Sept. 26th at the White House, 5 days before he developed symptoms? If not, when did he contract the virus?

2. This immediately raises the 2nd question: did Trump already have Covid-19 during the Sept 29th debate? It looks like both Biden and Chris Wallace narrowly escaped contractions. Is that so?

3. Regeneron announced the first data of its investigational antibody cocktail REGN-COV2 on Sept 29th, the debate day, showing promising data of this advanced treatment. Three days later, on Oct 2nd, Trump used it through a compassionate use request by his physicians. The timing is incredible. If Trump caught the Covid-19 days earlier, his physicians may be hesitant to request a compassionate use of REGN-COV2 without the confirmation of its first data. Is this timing somehow arranged by their guides?

4. Trump developed severe symptoms within a few days, which implies that he would be in grave danger if not treated. So, could Trump have died if he did not receive REGN-COV2, or even Remdesivir?

5. It appears this event further reduces Trump's chance of winning the election. Trump with Amy Coney BarrettWill his contraction of Covid-19 ultimately cost him the election? This last question may be tough to answer now since it is still a probability, so it's an optional one.

Gaia, did President Trump contract Covid-19 at the Supreme Court nominee announcement before the debate, in the aftermath, or at the debate?

Yes, it was at what has been termed the Super Spreader Event at the White House, Tom, when he announced his Supreme Court nominee. He was in close quarters, both then and after, inside the White House that included the person who infected him. So yes, he was showing slight signs of the infection at the debate.

Was the dose he received of Regeneron arranged by his own Guides?

It was a combination of drugs that his own Guardian Angel helped arrange, Tom. Don’t forget he is human, and has the same protection every human on Earth has, although most people don’t believe in these Golden Light Beings that Trump Announces Supreme Court Justicedo this work.

Would Trump have died had he not received the treatment?

He did not have an exit point there, but he would have been very sick for weeks.

Did catching the Coronavirus increase the probability of losing the election?

It certainly did not help the probability of him winning the election, as it took valuable time away from what he likes to do best, and that is to campaign on the road all over the country. As has been stated on news programs, every day lost, this close to the elections, is a day you cannot get back. Also, the fact that he contracted the Coronavirus did not help his message that the virus was no big deal. It conflicted with his message to what is termed his base support.

I will also remind everyone I’ve been told numerous times that the election will be very close. Get out and vote for the candidates of your choice.


Kirke writes: Since you have been in touch with cat soul, I have a question regarding the controversy among cat owners and bird lovers. Some say cats should be kept indoors so they don't kill birds and other creatures. We live in a Cat on farmrural area on 2 acres and mice are a problem. I have contracted tick borne illnesses 3 times before we got our cats. The cats kill mice, moles and other rodents regularly, but unfortunately they also kill birds at times. Is this OK? How do cat soul and bird soul feel about this? Is it a balance of nature?

Gaia, is it part of your ecosystem for cats out doors to keep the rodent population down, while also killing birds at times?

Yes, Tom, even birds would proliferate if there were not predators for them too. Cats do a marvelous job on farms and rural areas as rodents would proliferate to the point where they would eat all the crops, along with spreading disease. This is part of balancing the ecosystem, Tom. Not only Cat Soul, but all the other souls for rats and birds and so on, all understand this. There must be a balance.


Margo writes from Colorado: Tom, Edgar Cayce has said that our consciousness affects the weather. With that in mind, I was wondering if you can ask what the Snow Stormextreme weather swings are about. In Denver, a few days ago, the temperature was 92 and the next day down to above freezing. That is just one example of many that have happened around the world.

Gaia, how does our consciousness affect the weather?

Extreme negativity must be cleared, as I have spoken about before. Tornadoes, storms, hurricanes, all play a part in my rinsing the land of extreme negativity. Raising your vibrational levels through kindness and compassion greatly reduces or limits the times I have to do this. Doing such things as saying benevolent prayers to alter and/or reduce the severity of storms is all part of your conscious learning. This will become much more widespread in the years to come.


For my new readers, Theo introduced me to Antura in 2008. Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls them. This life he is an ET, and was born back on our home world of Nommo, in the Sirius B Solar System, which has over 20 inhabited planets.

Right now he’s orbiting overhead in one of 25 or so motherships taking millions of readings every day, as part of the Earth Experiment. His mothership is three miles wide and twenty stories tall, with a crew of 900, plus their families, totaling 1,500, from 37 different planets. He is a member of a “first contact” team, specializing in “grass roots” contacts. I’m supposed to meet him and his team First Contactone day. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions I asked this week.

Antura in the wings with my teammates, Tom, good morning.

Good morning or day, everyone. Have a cup of hot chocolate and settle back.

Nice idea, Tom. All of us have had lives where we drank hot chocolate and of course ate chocolate—one of the enjoyable activities of a life on Earth.

This question came from Ellyn.

Antura, what can you tell us about the Lion People. Where are they from and are they part of the Federation?

They are part of the Federation, Tom, and made sure there were lions on the planet as a gentle reminder.

Did they help create humans?

You could say that everyone chipped in with DNA. They were not the scientists, Lion Being Depictionper se, but had a voice with those who did the work.

Are there any Lion people on board your ship?

Not at this time, Tom. Keep in mind that I previously told you that almost all on board this ship came from the Sirius planets.

Antura, I recently read that there could be 75 motherships or more orbiting the Earth. Was this another example of you keeping the number down so as not to frighten us?

Not in this case, Tom. That 25 number I gave you is very close to the average number of motherships orbiting the Earth. There has to be restrictions or we would be too often seen. Keep in mind that we share this information—these readings to anyone who wishes to study what is going on, at any minute on Earth.

Severine writes from China: Questions

1) Antura has the disclosure already happened on Time Line 7?ET Disclosure

2) Recently one reader pointed out the BLM movement as an additional factor to delay disclosure. We know that some Pleiadians are humanoid and Caucasian-like. Do they have some brown skin humanoids for the purpose of making people of color feel better?

3) Do Reptilians and Zetas feel unconditional love at this time?

4) Do they have the ability of being sincere with the Federation? The reasons I ask is that Antura explained especially that Reptilians are so hard wired, not that I am afraid, but just to be clear.

5) Will they both (reptilians) get a gentle upgrade in terms of personality only once we share with them negativity? Or has it already happened?

6) Are the Reptilians part of the group in the Federation that delay disclosure? Reptilian DepictionTell us who we should blame for this delay outside our own lower vibration?

7) Going back to all very close UFO sightings like mine in Ireland in 2005. This big saucer-shaped craft ship was 30-40 feet (10-20 meters) above us. Had they flown lower they would have "hit" the houses’ roofs; in such cases, does the crew hypnotize the viewers not to create panic? I have to add that before the saucer flew obviously right above us with all my friends, we did have sightings individually, a few days before the collective sighting from afar. I guess it was part of their strategy. For my first individual sighting, I could see from afar through the window this UFO flying above the stadium. I was terrified--I knew they existed, but I was worried I was having hallucinations, lol. During the group sighting, I was not scared. I said to myself to them, "Ok, thank you! I know you are here, now I cannot ignore you.” :)

8) For farther sightings and smaller in size like we saw on your Facebook page, I would imagine they do not need. Am I right?

9) Will Antura pick you, Tom, from the mothership directly or will they take you ET Ship Depictionfirst on a small scout ship then transfer you onto the mothership?

Antura, has Disclosure already happened on Time Line 7?

Yes, Tom.

So, what form did it take? Was it a country?

Yes, Tom, but I can’t tell you. We cannot influence the choice that Time Line 6 will make, but it is one of the countries we have discussed in the past.

Did the Black Lives matter movement delay the disclosure?

No, it is actually helping in raising your vibrational levels as you show more compassion for those whose color of skin is different than yours and who are treated differently.

The Pleiadians are supposed to look just like us. Will there be any brown- or Pleiadian Depictionblack-skinned Pleiadians that will appear to show themselves?

Not at first. Keep in mind that on our ship there are not only many different types of beings, but there are those whose planets are closer to the sun and their skin colors are different. They will be part of your documentary, I can assure you.

Do the Reptilians (Dracos) have unconditional love at this time?

Not as we would define it, Tom. They mostly love each other, but as we have pointed out before, they are wired differently. That’s where the love and respect ends.

Do they have the ability of being sincere with the Federation?

They are sticking to the treaty signed. The Earth Experiment is important to them too.

At the end of the Earth Experiment, will they have a gentle upgrade in terms of personality when the Explorer Race brings negativity to them too?

We all believe it will, Tom. That was, and is, Creator’s plan.

What group in the Federation has been dragging their feet to allow us to have Disclosure?

They would not take kindly to me giving you that information, Tom. They are UFO Depictionvery sincere, pointing out how badly we all screwed up by being too involved with you. It is not just one faction.

When Severine saw the large scout craft above them in 2005, was that more for Severine’s benefit, or did they abduct them?

They were not abducted. They were taking readings, and they wanted her to eventually contact you.

Were they from her home planet?

One was.

Did they wipe their memories?

No, but they did send them loving energy so as to not frighten them anymore than they could handle.

I assume you meant loving energy, and certainly I’ve been told they will communicate at those instances, so I’m sure it varies.

Antura has also told me it will be a scout ship to do the transfer to the mothership.

Charlie writes from the UK:
Question for Antura.

1. Lue Elizondo, the former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), is recommending people watch the new UFO documentary THE PHENOMENON by director James Fox. Was Lue Elizondo Luis Elizondofully briefed on ETs and UFOs?

Wikipedia: Click here.

2. Chris Mellon at one point in time held the 3rd Highest Rank in Intelligence in the Pentagon. Can Antura tell us about the time he discovered the UFO office in the Pentagon and then after that, was he fully briefed on UFOs and ETs? Click here.

YouTube: Click here.

Antura, was Luis Elizondo fully briefed on ETs when he worked in the Defense Department?

Yes, Tom, he knows a lot more than he is permitted to reveal under the Secrets Act. He could go to prison, so he works around the edges trying to get permission to declassify documents and videos.

Was Chris Mellon also fully briefed when he discovered the UFO office in the Pentagon?

Again, not completely, only what they were forced to explain. They flatly told Chris Melonhim that even with his clearance it was above his clearance level.

Mike writes: U.K. Government bans release of secret UFO dossier for another 50 years leaving experts furious! Apple News, Click here.

Antura, what is the story about the ET craft seen near Calvine, UK in 1990?

Yes, it was a craft taking readings in a fairly remote area, but seen and photographed by hikers. The craft was stationary, so the photographs were pristine, not the normal ones where the craft was traveling at a high rate of speed and blurred.

There were also fighters scrambled and the government did not and does not want all the information released about this as they were incapable of any interaction with the space craft. The government would then have to admit all this had occurred, and they are not ready to do this, trying to protect the secrecy that these craft are much superior to the UK fighter jets. After Disclosure, they may be forced to admit this incident.


These three stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

LeeAnn writes from Wisconsin: I have 2 MBOs to share with you.

1). Our beloved Labrador dog passed away in February, before her time, of a fast moving illness. After the worst of the mourning was over, we began to hope  Labrador Puppiesfor another dog, but because of the pandemic, the shelters are generally not allowing the public inside and there is a shortage of puppies.

Although I remained relaxed about it, I began occasionally saying MBOs for being led to the right dog for us at the right time. Many weeks passed, but I didn’t worry; I knew it was “in the works.”

Last week, my sister sent me a photo of a litter of puppies! She said they belonged to her co-worker. They had been born on a day special to my husband and me, and on top of that were Labradors. One of the puppies was a unique color too. We inquired about getting a puppy, but were told that they were all taken. I was disappointed but said the same MBO and put it out of my mind. Within just a few hours, we were contacted and told that someone had backed out and a male was available. The picture she sent was of the one we had admired! The puppy was affordable and would be available soon.

He’s a wonderful boy and has brought us joy.
Another happy outcome from using MBOs!

2). I use MBOs for everything, all day long and they work. It’s a good life.

One of them I often use is for my protection, safety and well-being as I go Hitchhikerthrough my day. Where I work, a temporary job was given to a man who seemed to be down on his luck. I would not deliberately endanger myself, after all, my GA shouldn’t have to do all the heavy lifting... I am careful. This man was always funny and nice around me, and I felt no fear about him, so I began giving him rides to and from work.

He had no car and I would see him trudging through the snow. All the rides were uneventful and it wasn’t much out of my way. In time, it came out that our boss had not vetted him because he was a temp; he was a convicted murderer and on parole for multiple violent felonies. He had also been harassing and threatening some of our coworkers and even stealing from them. I never had anything but good relations with him, indeed,
I was protected!


Geraldine writes from Toulon, France: I am working a lot daily since a long time with all the Beings of Light and among others with the angels, so I took a picture of what Carol wrote, and some days after, I bought your 1st book and began to practice. Now I am at your 3rd book, and I am keeping on practicing. Sometimes I am very successful and sometimes not.

Last week I ordered goods from one of my suppliers, which is in Netherlands. Toulon FranceUsually, even with what we are all living in the world, everything is fluid. This time, I did not receive the usual email with the track number, I did not receive the email from the delivery company…and only a call: “I am in front of your shop, where are you?” When the delivery man said that, I was quickly lunching away from the store and it was closed. So I asked him kindly to come back a little later. He answered, ”No, I cannot, but tomorrow somebody else will come when your shop is opened.”

Immediately, I did a Most Benevolent Outcome and a Benevolent Prayer for this man and the other delivery man. The day after, nobody… Worried, I called the Netherlands and sent an email to get the track number, because at DPD/Chronopost they cannot find my parcel. 3rd day: Nothing on the website Toulon Francesaying that I shall get my parcel this day - everything seems “frozen.” I again said MBOs and BPs. I phoned again to DPD/Chronopost and learned that the agency was closed because “Enquête de sûreté” (if I translate, it will be “Security/Safety Inquiry”)!!!! No date given for the re-opening.

A friend of mine told me that this situation will last several days.
I was so worried that I talked with all the angels, and I once more again did MBOs and BPs. After that I was quiet and peaceful! And guess who came into the shop in the afternoon: the deliveryman with my parcel!!! Absolutely amazing and wonderful. I was so joyful and full of gratitude! So I thank my angel friends warmly.

I sent a message to my friend and he answered me that they (the angels among others) have worked a lot to untangle the situation.


Chrissy writes from Brisbane, Australia: Not sure if this in the area of an MBO or not. I have read with interest about you talking to the Fairies, Birds and other animal souls. I was washing the dust from our outdoor chairs to ready for our summer season. I noticed there were ants walking along the leg of one chair and when I turned it over, they were going into a hole just under the cross bar.Ants

As I really wanted to soap up the chair to wash off the dust, it came to mind that maybe I should ask the ants to leave. So that is what I did, I asked them to please move their eggs and move them elsewhere so I could wash the chair. I went inside to do other things and left it for about an hour. When I returned, there were no signs of the ants, so I thanked them for moving. :-)

Also, something a little different. I read that you also have spoken with the Fairy King. So interesting!
I have believed and spoken to the fairies in my garden off and on over the years and read many years ago that they look after your garden. Another thing I do every day when I leave for work is to ask the Angels and Fairies to stand at the doors and windows and the corners of the house and to protect it while I am away. There has not been any problems.

I use MBOs extensively and taught my family to use them or at the very least to believe in them. I even have a couple of close friends I have taught to say and use them - Life is good!


Ellyn writes: In a newsletter a while back you said that Jesus appeared and Jesus and Knight Templartaught the Knights Templars. When was that? The Templars were around from 1100 to 1300. Was it just once? To the original founding group? What did he teach them? I feel a connection to the Templars, too, and feel that the inner circle were high initiates (as those on Mt. Carmel were). I also feel they had a connection to the Lion People and that may be why they excavated under Solomon’s Temple to find the ancient artifacts of power, to preserve and protect them. Were they associated with the Lion People?

Theo, when did Jesus appear to the Knights Templar? Was it during the time period of 1100 to 1300?

Yes, more at the beginning, Tom. He would come and go, not staying but just long enough to teach them. Keep in mind that these men included his former men and women disciples. He reminded them of what he had taught them in their past lives.

Were the Lion people connected to them?

There were a couple who came from those planets.


Alan writes: Thank you for your commitment to helping us understand.

I was thinking about Jesus’ second coming, and in silence I ask about this and I Unconditional Loveheard, "The second coming is when the Christ is fully realized within each one of you." What does your guide have to say about this please?

Theo, your opinion on Alan receiving “The second coming will be when the Christ is fully realized in each of you.”

Yes, that message can, and is, and will be expressed in different ways, all depending upon one’s beliefs, Tom. We could insert other names of deities, but the basic message is when you love everyone, unconditionally, you will bask in that feeling.


Jen writes: I have a few new questions for the newsletter:

1) I know that Gaia has said that almost everything here is ensouled. In regard to crystals, does each one have its own soul or are they communicating with us as a larger soul fragment? I have heard specific ones speak to me about their Crystal Bedlocation preferences, abilities and other individualized type comments, but if each crystal has its own soul, what happens when they are broken apart into multiple smaller crystals?

Also, does anything change between them being in the ground and coming into our possession in that way?

2) When the Earth Experiment is over, and since there is no time, will Atlantis and Lemuria be restored for people to revisit?

3) How will future learning downloads work with humans’ different mental capabilities? For instance, some of us are more verbally inclined or more science and math inclined.... Are the downloads tailored toward what individuals are capable of understanding?

Gaia, does each crystal have its own soul fragment communicating with us from Crystala larger fragment?

Yes, Tom, in a way. These large crystal pods, we will call them, have what are termed crystal souls, but are themselves fragments of the crystal soul that ensouls all crystals on Earth. Even the smallest fragment of a crystal is connected to Crystal Soul. Besides being able to communicate with you, they are the great recorders of history. And as you have discovered in the past, do emit their own energy. Consequently, a much more complex stone, you could say, than at first appearance.

Then there are not different souls for different types of crystals?

No, Crystal Soul ensouls all crystals on Earth, no matter their appearance.

What happens when they are separated from each other?

Again, all crystals, even the tiniest ones, Tom, have a connection to Crystal Soul.Geode

What happens when they are uncovered—are brought out of the dirt they exist in?

Then they become the record keepers for wherever they are. They don’t suddenly say, “Uh-oh.” It is simply another reality, and knew in advance that it would occur.

Will the Atlantean and Mu continents ever be restored, perhaps after the Explorer Race leaves Earth?

No, they are all part of history, Tom, but I will have no need to restore them. What is, is.

Will future learning downloads of information for humans be tailored to our soul interests—such as business, government, science, etc.?

Quite so. By then it will be much easier to know your soul interest, and your education will be structured, or designed, so that this information is then downloaded into your brains. Good question.


This question came from Aryan.Brain Waves

Gaia, is there a type of brain wave best for visualization? Such as an Alpha, Beta, Theta, and which frequency?

This is a very complex subject—much more than visualization. The full answer would take a great deal of time, and would tread on someone’s discoveries. You can request an MBO to find the best brain pattern for you in your meditations. Each person is different, so we cannot say one brain wave fits all.


Larry writes: I have always been curious about something, and I wonder if Gaia can help fill in the blanks. During the 13th century BC, the Eastern Mediterranean was the center of civilization. There were great cities all connected by a trade network. Then, in a very short 50-year span, every city from Greece to Judea was destroyed. The devastation was so complete that there Mediterannean Mapwas no trace of what caused the devastation. In Greece, over 90% of all towns were either destroyed or abandoned. The collapse was so great that all writing disappeared from Greece for centuries.

Since there is no written record as to what caused the devastation, would you please ask Gaia what caused this devastation? Was it man-made? Did warring parties destroy each other? Was it a natural disaster, such as famine, or plague? Was it a volcanic explosion that caused ash to block the sun? I hope Gaia can help.

Thank you, Tom! Some people phone a friend, I ask Tom!

Gaia, what happened in the 50-year period around the 13th Century that caused the utter destruction of all the towns in Greece down to Judea?

It was not as if everyone stopped communicating and writing. It was a series of wars, with no records that survived until the present time. Much of your history wound up in the dust bin, Tom. This has happened repeatedly in your history. Just look at Atlantis and Lemuria, where the records of many thousands of years no longer exist.


George writes: Amazon Delivery Drones.

Amazon wins FAA approval for Prime Air delivery drones in the U.S.Drone with Grocery Basket

When Amazon starts home deliveries with their drones, how many trigger-happy Americans will shoot them down with their Shotguns and Rifles to either steal the packages, or just because they don't like them flying around their town? Click here.

Theo, probability of any drones being shot down when drone delivery of packages begins?

That is a tiny probability, Tom. More from a kid thinking it’s funny to bring one down. The majority of the public will just accept the advancement, as most people do not keep their eyes trained to the sky. There will be laws that will be used, or enacted, for the drones’ and their company’s protection. It will be considered a criminal offense.


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