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May 30, 2015

Tom T. Moore


Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Newsletterworld. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


AtlantisMy new book has a new title. I put it up for a vote in last week’s newsletter and on my Facebook page and the vote is in (at an average of 25-1): “ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” Here is what Theo said about the title:

Theo, looks like the title of the book is settled. I would have liked a shorter one as you know.

Yes, but that title will appeal to the highest number of people, and will result in the largest number of sales I can assure you, Tom.

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I would like everyone to say the following Benevolent Prayer outloud:  “I ask any and all beings to assist the refugees at Boat Refugeessea both from Myanmar (Burma) and in the Mediterranean to be safe and to find a safe port, food, and shelter, thank you!”

The newsletter is semi-working, but the signup box on the Home page of the website is still not working, so please email me to add your email address to subscribe. Danielly Aldana is now working on the problem.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Poland FloodJoanna writes: I have a question for Gaia. I am visiting my family in Italy and Poland in July and am hoping to have a nice weather. The spring in Poland was very cold and wet until now, I hear from my mum.

Would you please ask Gaia what plans she has for summer months for Europe, especially Poland? Why does Poland lack sunshine so much? I remember when I was a kid, that summers were always very warm and sunny. Nowadays, on the other hand, many, many people complain of seasonal depression due to lack of sunshine. Well, at this point, it's not seasonal anymore, sunshine is very rare.

Also, there is so much negativity in Poland and Italy (I speak about these two countries as I know them first hand), why is that so? When I visit my family, everyone seems to complain a lot, however the energies are still very pleasant. Would Gaia or Theo have comments on that?

Gaia, what is the forecast for Western and Eastern Europe this summer?

It will be wetter than normal, Tom, although not as wet as yours, They will see more than normal rain this summer and, Cloudy Day in Polandwhen it is not raining, cloud conditions will be more the norm than a warm, sunny summer.

Will everyone experiencing cloudy weather for days on end be able to request one day a week of sunshine?

Yes, Tom. In the past I have assured you and everyone reading your newsletter than if they wish to request one day of sunshine per week I will grant their request as long as it is a few days in advance.

How long in the future will these persistent rains and flooding persist in the plain states of the USA?

Several more weeks, Tom. As I mentioned before, I am satisfying soul contracts for those who need to experience flooding in one or more of their lives. They did not choose a home subject to periodic flooding just by chance. They were guided to do so by their own GAs who assist everyone to certain places and times to experience what you are supposed to experience per your soul contracts. If they are requesting MBOs, then the severity of an event is lessened. Those that follow your writings and request MBOs constantly see this every day in their lives.

Texas FloodingThen, just to make sure I received correctly, the plain states will continue in this weather pattern for several more weeks.

That’s absolutely correct, Tom. They can do as you do each time and request gentle rain so that the most severe storms dissipate or go around you—I will allow that.

Gaia, is there a reason for so much negativity in Poland and Italy?

It is what those people are generating with their thoughts and deeds, Tom. Should they learn about requesting MBOs in their lives they will see a lessening of the effects where negativity may be all around them, but they are in a bubble of calm. Those that follow the Gentle Way, and even those who don’t, can send white light to their whole countries and “be the light.” Saying Benevolent Prayers to light up their countries and sending love will have a great effect the more that take part in this. As you have been told many times, there is great energy created when groups of people repeat the same BPs.

For those of you living in the northern latitudes, at the beginning of the week you can say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a sunny Saturday this week, thank you!” I suggest Saturday, as most people are out doing errands, buying groceries, attending sporting events or enjoying the outdoors in some way. You’ll find this works, and the more people to say this, the more energy it generates.

If you have a severe storm approaching you can go outside as Gaia told me to do and face the storm and say, “I welcome gentle rain” three times with your arms outstretched, or if you can’t go out, request an MBO for gentle rain.


Philippine EarthquakeAngie writes from the Philippines: Filipino seismologists said yesterday (May 17) that a 7.2 or 8-magnitude earthquake is due to happen anytime in Metro Manila, the Philippines. They said this because the West Valley Fault in that location is due to move based on historical data. Can you please ask Gaia if there is a big probability that a major earthquake of this magnitude will happen in Metro Manila, the Philippines in the next three, six or 12 months? Thank you, Tom.

Gaia, what is the probability of a 7.0 earthquake or higher occurring in the Philippines, and particularly Manila, in the next 12 months?

Good that you asked in this manner, Tom. The probability of the Philippines itself, which as most people know comprises many islands, having a 7.0 earthquake or higher is quite high during the next 12 months—well over 80%. But the probability of Manila itself having that large an earthquake is quite low – only in the two percentile. They will feel any that are in the region, but there will be none that occur directly underneath or very close to the city itself in the next 12 months.


This question came from Mantej in the UK.

TransitionTheo, when we review our lives would you say we have the human emotions of happy, sad, depressed, relieved, regretful, or are we more dispassionate in our view of that life?

By the time you have your review, you are not so passionate, shall we say, in your feelings. That’s why we don’t do the reviews right when you arrive. We want you to have time to settle in and begin to remember who you really are. Yes, you can feel regretful at some of the choices you made in that life, but pleased with others. You are able to understand your soul contract and compare it to how the life actually played out against the context of the soul contract. Invariably, then you’ll say that you’ll do a better job the next time. I’m speaking of the majority of the people on Earth and not as much for the extremely seasoned souls such as yourself, although you will always see room for improvement the next time too.

Graham was reading back issues and noticed how many questions Mantej has asked.  As Mantej has asked several hundred questions, and contributed to a couple of books, I asked about him.

Theo, have I had other lives with Mantej?

Yes you have, Tom. He has been a student in one of your past lives and connected to you in other lives as family. We have fed him questions to ask to assist you with your book, and a future book, along with questions that will just be of interest to a certain number of people.


Nancy writes: As I read of the sentencing verdict for the Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, I wondered how karma plays into the members of the jury who all voted for the death penalty.

Since all of the votes would condemn him to his death, would this be considered a murder of another human being that would have to be balanced in their other lifetimes?

JuryThanks so much, Tom!

Theo, when a jury sentences a man or woman to death is there any balancing that must be done by the jury members?

No, Tom. They are doing their job as best they can given the facts presented to them. That certainly changes if it is a puppet jury that clearly knows a person is innocent, but sentences them to death. Then there is balancing that will occur for them in the future. In the future, more people will request MBOs when they sit down to determine someone’s fate and better verdicts will be reached.

Of course, in the farther future, there will be DNA manipulation so that these people can be returned back to society, and along with that there will be tests of children to see if there is a great tendency to violence, and their DNAs will be adjusted at an early age to remove this tendency. You can use the murders of the four people in Washington DC as an example. In the future, any sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies will be adjusted at an early age so that such extreme violence never occurs by an individual with that DNA makeup.


War on WealthBridget in Texas writes: I am a subscriber and have been for several years. Thank you for your newsletters and your work.

Can you ask your guides about the state of the economy? Will the United States see a major collapse this year? If not this year when, if at all?

There are other intuitives out there who keep saying this and warning people to buy gold. I just heard it from someone a few minutes ago. These people have advised everyone to pull all monies out of investments, retirements, and bank accounts and to put it in precious metals. It's getting annoying to me and seems as if they are taking pride in broadcasting this type of message.

Theo, is there any probability of the American economy collapsing in the next 12 months?

No collapse, Tom, but certainly there will be ups and downs—just not as severe as some people are forecasting. Again, we return back to probabilities, Tom, and as you have found, people can attach themselves to one probability without even knowing that that particular probability is low.

So what is the probability of a collapse of the American economy in the next 12 months?

Very low, Tom. Let’s say in the 10 percentile. If you were to ask if there will be a dip but no collapse in the next 12 months, then the answer would be higher –40% to 60% depending upon the severity you would ask about. You will not return to the days recently when you felt it was almost like a depression and, in fact, it was called the Great Recession. It will not be that severe. That is the highest probability at this time. There are many factors that help control your economy and the “perfect storm,” which would cause an economic collapse, is not in place. Again, that does not mean that certain parts of the economy will all remain robust. It just means that the economy in general will not “tank” as it is termed.


AtlantisI’m not sure if I can get this question included in the Adam and Eve chapter in my book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed, but I’ll try as it helps understanding the difference in the size of the populations at the time of the First Destruction (which may be the chapter this should appear in).

Theo, when the Adam man and woman were seeded on both the Atlantean and Lemurian continents were they both seeded north, east, south, and west with just fewer seedings on the Lemurian continent?

That’s correct. That’s why it took much longer for the Lemurians to develop since the society that seeded the Lemurians wished to take it slower than did those that seeded the Atlanteans. Therefore, when the first destruction or the pole shift came, there were fewer people on the coast of Lemuria who perished than on the coast of Atlantis. The population of Atlantis was already at one million, give or take a few. It was not even one tenth of that in Lemuria.


MassageAli writes: I hope all is well with you. I cannot wait until your new book comes out. I have an MBO for the upcoming newsletter.

My husband and I recently went to get professional massages. I've been having some major issues with shoulder tension that leads to migraines. It seems that I always get a massage therapist that is either too rough or too soft. Before heading into the appointment, I asked for a Most Benevolent Outcome for the massage therapist to provide me with massage that was the perfect pressure and in the perfect areas. Let me tell you, I've never walked out of there feeling better! Maybe it's just me, but I felt like she was guided to the spots that really needed the help the most. And the pressure she applied was enough to make a difference without hurting me. I'll be sure to say an MBO every time before I get another massage.

Also, I was also wondering if you could recommend an MBO for me. My Twin Babieshusband and I are trying to start a family. What would be the best way to word a benevolent prayer for a healthy and happy set of twins that they are born free of health defects such as autism?

I greatly appreciate everything you do.

My wife and I request MBOs for a great massage each time we have one. Makes them so much more enjoyable!

I assume you are speaking about in vitro as my daughter was just confirmed to be pregnant on Thursday!! Here we do get into soul contracts, so my best idea would be to say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to have one or more healthy and lovely babies we can cherish and assist in their growth the rest of our lives, thank you!”


Mercury RetrogradeFor those of you not familiar with planetary alignments, around three times a year the planet Mercury appears to go backwards in the sky due to its elliptical orbit around the sun. As Mercury is known as the planet of communication, it causes all sorts of problems for people during these three-week periods. I was just involved in a five-car, rear-end collision on the North Dallas Tollway. I did not get home on time, but I’m waiting to see what the MBO was on this. Perhaps it was to get a new car as the collision repair place says my car may have been totaled. I’ve had computers stop working, and our telephone lines were torn down by a passing truck behind our office several years ago. I also discovered that hiring an employee during Mercury Retrograde never worked out.

John writes: Here's a good MBO to say, that also might help with mercury retrograde: “I request the most benevolent outcome to have my angels help me release past life challenges and old energy through my dreams in gentle and loving ways and may this outcome be even better than I could hope for or expect, thank you!”

You can also request MBOs to arrive on time for appointments while leaving extra time to get there.


No to GMOSeverine in China writes: Thank you for all the BPs we have been saying about GMO products being labeled as soon as possible.

Here is some good news for China; from October 1st 2015, GMOs will have to be labeled.  I will keep saying BPs for this law to be enforced (you know laws), and pray so that GMOs are banned everywhere in the world faster that we could hope for. :)

We still have issues China in finding organic fruits, but we do find organic veggies; therefore, I always request MBOs and BPs for our food and drinks. Thank you for your help, Tom.

Here is the link about the law for your reference. When I read that, I immediately thought about the last newsletter.

Blessings to you.

And another question on GMOs and the trade agreements:

Doris writes: I found your most recent newsletter particularly interesting in that it started out with GMO crops and asserting how detrimental these are to all living beings, and then the question regarding the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade agreement of which Theo states that “these agreements will be of benefit to exporters of US goods.” However the “goods” that the US is desperately wanting to export and force other countries to accept are GMO corn to China -

And other GMO “goods” to European countries -

National Organic ProgramI would like you to ask Theo to expand beyond the limited response given regarding the so-called benefit of more jobs, and address the GMO issue in the TPP, as well as another very significant proviso in this agreement giving corporations the right to sue sovereign nations outside of any domestic legal system when any action or law of that country/province interferes with the profit making of the corporation.

I’m really disturbed by the minor response from Theo as, consequently, many of your followers will believe that “jobs” is the only real issue of the TPP.

Gaia, will the GMO foods be prevented from being exported to other countries under any trade agreement?

No, the agreements will not stop the exportation of these GMO-laced products, and most of the countries will not accept them, but a few will, which are not convinced they are bad for you. And there will be payoffs or bribes, which is very typical in many countries of the world. May I remind everyone, Tom, that there has to be balancing when someone knows something is not good, yet allows it anyway. Then the balancing may be to consume these foods in another life and die from the effects.

Susan writes: Could you ask Theo if the TPTA trade agreement does contain a clause that will allow corporations to sue a county, state, or federal entity in a world court over, for example, fracking or GMOs contaminating an organic field. I am concerned about this facet of the agreement.

Thank you for all that you do and I love the benevolent prayers; use them each day for wonderful results.

Gaia, will a corporation be allowed to sue a governmental entity under the trade agreements?

It really all depends upon the country. U.S. laws will not change that much so therefore, suits are allowed under specific circumstance too numerous to mention here. However, in other countries, suits may or may not be allowed under their own laws. As you were told before, these negotiations are complex, but the end result will be good for all countries. This is part of a global joining-together as trade will assist in decreasing conflicts in the world. If a conflict arises, it will be handled more peacefully than it might have been in the past as the exporters and importers of each country will lobby their governments to find peaceful solutions instead of going to war.


Blood TypesCynthia writes: Can you comment on this article or where RH Negative blood comes from?

Gaia, are people with the rare blood type RH Negative connected to the Nephilim?

No, Tom, they are not. This is just another way to create variety on Earth. This can also be connected to balancing as there can be problems having this rare blood type.

Everyone has this blood type at least once during your lives on Earth.


Joanna writes:
1. Do people have 1 totem animal? Or many?
2. Do terrorists/ISIS people have karmic debts or are they reptilian or other entities? Why would someone incarnate as a perpetrator?
Vaccine3. Will vaccines disappear any time soon, or will they be forced on people even more?
4. What soul contract does David Icke have?
5. Can we break the chain of reincarnation by doing spiritual work in this life?
6. Soul contract: if someone has a soul contract to be a victim, is there a lesson for this soul to learn? And if she does not learn anything, will this soul come back to Earth as a victim again, or a perpetuator?
7. What lessons are to be learned if their soul contract is to be a victim, and what lesson for perpetuator?
8. Is trying to commit suicide creating a karmic debt? Or is it paying off karmic debt from parallel/past life?
9. Alcoholism: is this a particular karmic debt? What is the soul contract of an alcoholic and his family?
10. If addictions run in particular family (father, son, grandson), is it Karmic debt of individual souls who are having the addiction OR is it something called a “collective” Karmic debt of the whole family?
11. As a pranic healer, can I ask God or GA to be able to assist to heal someone in the astral world while my body sleeps? In the Astral world, can I heal their ailments that occur in the physical world, like depression or addiction? Will we see the effects of said healing in the physical real life?

Totem animals are a religious belief and Theo has told me to “allow.”

Everyone has lives where they are considered “bad guys” as we must balance the good lives with ones where we are the perpetrators for the learning of our souls. The ISIS fighters are typically younger souls, I’ve been told, who are being manipulated.

Gaia, will vaccines disappear in the near future?

Not in the near future, Tom. Yes, in the future, they will be replaced by gene therapy, but not for at least 50 years.

What is the soul contract of David Icke?

To do exactly what he is doing at the present time. He is still on his soul contract.

AddictionGaia, why do addictions run in some families?

Your scientists will learn in the not-too-distant-future to manipulate a person’s DNA to rid a person of the desire to ingest certain drugs. The genes can be present in all family members.

Everyone has on average 600 to 800 lives on Earth in order to experience everything the earth has to offer. Keep in mind our souls volunteered for the “Earth Experiment” in order to raise their vibrational levels at a super fast speed compared to just living hundreds of thousands of normal lives across the universe.

You will be victims thousands of times in these lives and perpetrators thousands of times too. Someone has to be the perpetrator in order for those in the soul clusters we work with to have the experience of being a victim. This is done out of love.

Suicide is one of the experiences we must have in one or more of those 600 to 800 lives.

Alcoholism is just one of those Earth experiences.

Theo, are we able to request to heal someone during their sleep time?

Yes, but don’t expect it to be very effective. There are soul contracts at play here, and the person’s soul must allow it. I do suggest requesting an MBO beforehand, but do expect a low percentage of successes.


Key Marco CatJim in Florida writes: Am sending you two pictures of a copy of the Key Marco Cat. The carving was discovered in the area of Marco Island, Fl. (just south of Naples) in 1896 in the mucky soil of the area. A picture of it was actually used on a 45 cent US postage stamp in 1989. The story is that it was carved by the Calusa Indians circa 500-800AD. However, the area was occupied by another tribe going back to 5,000 BC, according to history. The truth is, the exact carving date, or by whom, is not known. It looks Egyptian, but to me I would think an ET from a cat planet might also look like this.

Would you ask Gaia or one of your contacts who and where it was carved and what does it represent, a cat or panther or neither?

Theo, is the Key Marco Cat statuette discovered in Florida in 1896 made by an Indian or an ET?

Not an ET, Tom. It was used at that time as one of their religious symbols, but was lost during a war. Its age dates back several hundred years before the discovery.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 30, 2015,                                    


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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