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August 1, 2015

Tom T. Moore


Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Newsletterworld. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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I did two back-to-back video interviews for E.P.I.C. this past weekend. I’ll let you know when they post the videos. As I noted last week one was a one-hour interview on my new book “ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” and the other was thirty minutes on Time Lines.

NoticeDena and I will be taking off for a couple of nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary, so I will not be responding to emails this weekend. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Eli writes: Is this information about an upcoming mini ice age correct?

Flooded NY LineWhat is the economic future and the future population density of New York City when the waters rise?

When the waters rise and temperatures cool dramatically near the great lakes, will there be a new set of major cities that take the place of cities like New York and Chicago further inland? If so, where?

What is the likelihood of the agreement with Iran resulting in long term peace in the Middle East? Will Iran adhere to the agreement in good faith?

Gaia will the New York City population shrink in the next five years as the ocean level rises?

Yes, it will become a mess during storms with streets, and yes subways, flooding. They have seen just a taste of that in the past, but it will become much more prevalent with subways shut down and people forced to walk or take buses and taxis. During these times, the city will almost be in gridlock. Therefore, a number of people will opt to live in drier areas outside the city and commute. That will work for a while, but not long term. What becomes a trickle in the dike, you might say, will become a hole. Installing barriers around the island will only be partially successful.

Will any other city in the USA begin to take the place of New York and then eventually Chicago when Chicago has their mini-ice age?

Dallas SkylineYes, just look at a map and see the inland cities such as Kansas City, Dallas, and Denver. Those cities will see a large migration over the next ten to fifteen years as people flee the coastline. North America and the other continents will all see this migration away from the coasts.

Yet the news stories keep saying the increase in ocean levels will not happen until the end of the century.

Yes, but that’s what they’re being told and those same scientists are in the midst of reviewing their numbers because they are seeing these small increases already, but find it hard to accept the obvious. They will next year, I can assure you, Tom.

Gaia, what is the probability of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement working?Iran Supreme Leader

Well over 90% at this time, Tom. The naysayers cannot see past the end of their noses, and it is quite popular to criticize the current administration with the elections looming next year.

But many sides wish this to work, although there are hard liners in each country, some idealistic and some trying to protect their sources of income from arms sales and such that do not wish this to work. Yet as I said, the probability of this working is quite high because there will be the passing of the guard, you might say, to more moderate views. This will not happen overnight, but certainly in the next 10 to 15 years.

With that last statement in mind, I looked up the Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei’s age and he’s 76. As we all know, no one lives forever, yet those who criticize the Agreement think that things will remain exactly the same. Gaia is saying that will not happen and more moderate leaders will appear.


Donald TrumpTheo, what is the probability of Donald Trump running as an independent?

It is quite low at this time, Tom. Mr. Trump is quite pleased with where he sits in the polls right now. Even as his numbers begin to slip away, he will believe he can stay in the race to the very end with his money, which is quite true. Only after the Republican candidate is chosen will we even consider that, but by that time, it will be too late to have his name included on the ballots of a number of states. So, again, the probability is quite low for him to become an independent. This is another question you can revisit at a future time, but you asked about current probabilities.


I thought this was an especially good question.

Pete writes: Thank you, Tom, for the wonderful work you do. I have a close friend who is an avowed atheist and states vehemently that "all who believe in God, the Creator, etc., are delusional at best or utter fools, to say the least." Could you ask Theo whether his atheistic belief in this life is also his belief in all the other 10 parallel lives of this incarnation, just some of them, or, just an anomaly in this life? Also, would saying a BP for him to receive enlightenment in this life be helpful, or an imposition on his soul path?

 Theo, if a person is an atheist on one timeline is he an atheist on all his timelines?

A general yes would be the answer, but there are so many times when people switch from one belief system to another during their lives that a person can be converted or choose to follow a different belief on their own. On a lower timeline, the person could be a zealot with his or her belief system, and on the upper timelines quite understanding of others’ points of view. That’s one of the major reasons for having separate timelines is to see how a person’s beliefs are modified between timelines.

That’s an excellent question, but we can only answer generally since there are many exceptions, but generally, yes, a person will explore a belief system on all the timelines. Then if on one timeline a person changes or explores another belief the other timelines tend to do so too.

You can always send white light and, yes, say a Benevolent Prayer to ask for a person to become more enlightened, but I can say from experience many people are rigid in their beliefs, so ALLOW.


Marijuana in the UKMike writes from the UK: I checked past newsletters and I only saw marijuana answers relating to legalization in the USA, but I didn't find anything on the United Kingdom - will you ask Theo?

Theo, what is the probability of marijuana being legalized in the United Kingdom in the next five years?

Quite high, Tom—over 80%. They may legalize it before the United States does. They are, of course, studying how it is handled in the United States by those states where it has been legalized. Everyone is paying attention to the amount of taxes that can be earned along with the decriminalization, and cutting the profits of drug smugglers.


Antura is my brother on another planet, and we’ve been communicating since Theo introduced my soul “cluster” brother to me in 2008. He’s a member of a “first contact” team contacting new societies thousands of years before they develop space travel. You can read more about him in my book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. You’ll see several questions about UFO sightings below since Antura said they would be stepping up these sightings to push along disclosure.

Kathy writes from Montana: Just a beautiful day in Montana. I thank Gaia. I have a question about some of the new stories of strange lights in the sky, Great Falls Montanawhich were seen in Great Falls, Montana. They were red in color and didn’t stay but a few minutes. Were these anything in the nature of a UFO? Thank you for the wonderful newsletter.

Antura, were the lights over Great Falls, Montana ET craft?

Quite so, Tom. They were taking readings in the area.

Joanna writes: This year, as usual, we visited our family in Italy. We rode the bus that took us from Rome to Vasto (Abruzzo) where my husband's family lives. Going through the mountains, half way through the journey, I saw a white round cloud over the mountains, I think it was Apennine Mountains. It reminded me of the same shape of clouds seen so many times over Mt. Shasta in USA.

I also saw two other clouds formed in a similar shape, in the vicinity of Vasto, over mountains looking inland away from the sea.

Could you please ask Theo if there is any ET observation going on in Italy, on the people or vibration, and what is the purpose? Or maybe those clouds were merely formed in the round shape accidentally. Or was it my GA playing with me? ;)

UFOAntura, are there any ET observations going on in Italy and, if so, their purpose?

There is no difference to us where a group of people live. Studies and readings far beyond human understanding are being done constantly all over the world. No one is left out as readings of (as just one example) your vibrational levels are taken to see how they differ from region to region of the world. Then why are they different? Those are very deep studies, you see.

Sterling writes: Hello Tom! Thank you for taking the time to read my email. :) I love your work! I live in Texas as well.

This story is very short but I've always felt like I've been watched by aliens even when I was a child. I would really appreciate your honest answer and answers from your guides!

I was asleep and kept hearing a "pew-pew" like from Star Wars. It sounded like there was a galactic battle outside my room! I tried to ignore it, but it wouldn't stop. So I slowly got out of bed (noise still happening), looked out the window, and found nothing. Walked all the way to the front door of my home, opened it, and then the noise stopped.

I'm an avid lucid dreamer and I have a couple experiences with AP. I would love to contact my soul cluster and learn more about the Human experiment.

Also, I was at the lake with some friends and we saw three lights in the sky that moved up, down, left, right all together then vanished.

I have a memory from before I was born. It was pitch black and someone asked me what I wanted to look like. I said "I want blonde hair and blue eyes like the girls on TV," and I never forgot that. Plus, I got what I wanted. ;D Can you please tell me what that was?

Antura, was Sterling in Texas an abductee?

Yes, Tom. Sterling was, but of course no more. And it was for a very short time with soul approval.Alien Abduction

Why the memory of asking for blue eyes and blonde hair?

That was something brought to memory by the experiences.

Paul in Australia writes: Many thanks for your newsletters. I had an unusual satellite sighting last Tuesday night, July 7, just after 7pm Central Australian time (close enough to 7/7 @ 7.07pm)). I generally do not see satellites when looking at the night skies, but on Tuesday night I saw three each overlapping the other and on the same apparent track. The first one travelling SSE to NNW and was not very bright. As it got to approx. 3/4 along its track, a second one very much brighter passed it on the same but reverse apparent track travelling NNW to SSE.

As the bright second one got to approx. 3/4 along its track and just before it went behind a cloud, a third one, not very bright, passed it in the same but reverse apparent track (same as the first one) travelling SSE to NNW. Each traveled in a straight line and at a constant speed as satellites do, and judging distance by their brightness, the first and third closer to the earth and the second one was further out picking up more sun, thus being more bright. All of this in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

Can you ask Antura/Theo were they indeed satellites and was it a coincidence that their tracks were so similar? Many thanks for your help and all your work, Tom.

Antura, were the three satellites Paul in Australia saw on July 7 just satellites or ET craft?

In this case, just satellites, Tom. There are a huge number of satellites crossing the world that reflect back to Earth. If you were to sit out in a dark spot, you can see 10 or more cross over you in not too long a time.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Tree CrashDarlene writes: I promised myself that I was going to write you some MBO stories that have occurred recently regarding my husband during his daily jog. It has taken me longer than I planned for a number of reasons, however, I'm glad I had some time on this quiet Sunday morning to send you a couple of stories.

Every morning, I repeat your Daily Affirmation, the assist and comfort anyone I've ever harmed Benevolent Prayer request, and general MBOs for myself and loved ones. Consequently, right after I request for myself, I ask for my husband, then daughter and her family, my sisters and brother, then friends, etc.

My husband is a locomotive engineer with over 44 years' experience. He loves his profession, however, it is extremely dangerous. He must be vigilant regarding the safety of his coworkers who are on the ground (the trainmen), and, of course, the public. I have been very happy to ask for his angels' assistance in keeping him as safe as possible. He is 63 years of age and has been in good health. He is a runner and he is "one of those" who complains if they can't run daily. So, I ask that he be safe in everything he does and everywhere he goes.

He's had two recent running MBOs that may have saved him. He was running one Sunday and found a kitchen knife. He decided to bring it home and, as Modern Locomotive Cabhe was in our front yard, he fell while running with the knife. He was unharmed. I reminded him that rule no. 1 is "don't run with knives."

A couple of weeks ago, he went running in our neighborhood. We have a lot of fairly old trees in our beautiful neighborhood that was constructed in the early 1960s... My husband was running down the sidewalk and said he heard a tree limb crack, so he picked up his speed. The limb came crashing down and it scraped his arm. The limb was so large that it covered the entire street and the city had to come out and clear it off the road. Had he not sped up, he may have been killed or severely injured. All he incurred was a minor scrape on his arm!

So, in conclusion, thank you very much for bringing MBOs to everyone's attention. I'm grateful for the safety of my husband.

You can find the DAILY AFFIRMATION and DAILY BENEVOLENT PRAYER by clicking on SIGNS on the menu of my website at


Ellen writes: A great deal of informative information in your newsletters. Thank you.  I was in a car accident on Tuesday and lost my hearing in my left earLeft Ear due to a concussion caused by the side airbag hitting me directly on the left side of my head. I asked my guardian angel and Archangel Raphael to restore my hearing on the left side of my head and got it back through the MBO.


TatooSterling writes: Hello Tom! Will you please ask about tattoos and if they are bad for our souls? Are they negative in any way? Do they act in some kind of  binding ritual? Do they harm us in any way? Thank you for all that you do!

Gaia, do tattoos harm us in any way?

Not from a soul level, Tom. These adornments have existed since ancient times as people wished to identify with a certain clan or tribe. It is just a different way to adorn one’s body with art. It will remain popular for a few years, but other things will come along--other ways of expressing oneself. Fashion changes and the desire for tattoos will change as people wish to show their individuality. Tattoos will not go away for a long, long time, but their popularity will ebb and flow according to the tastes of people in that time period. As you have noticed, some people have an obsession with adorning their bodies this way while others just do it to fit in.


This question comes from Diane.Pittsburgh PA

Gaia, will Pittsburgh, PA remain a good place to live in the future?

Yes, fairly so, Tom. It will have some harder winters along with more wind and rain at times, as they are not that far from the ocean, but their problems will be small in comparison to those living on the ocean not far away. As long as anyone stays a safe distance away from the coastlines, they will fare fairly well.


Cell PhoneBarbara writes: Is there any truth in the proposed fact that if you sit your cell phone on your night stand next to your head, you could develop brain cancer? Thanks for all you do for us.

Gaia, is there any truth to the claim that setting your cell phone next to your nightstand while you sleep will cause cancer?

There is some truth to that depending upon the model of cell phone, Tom. It cannot be ruled out. If the phone is in sleep mode, where there is little energy generated, then that’s fine, but having something electrical next to your head all night I do not recommend. The cell phones generate an energy that is different from, say, an electric clock. If you need to keep your cell phone nearby, then I would recommend some sort of barrier between your head and the phone. Sleep is meant to be restful and no one should be phoning you in the middle of the night unless it’s an emergency, in which case getting up to answer the phone a short distance away would be best.


Cynthia writes: In 1930, 2,000 people in the village of Anjikuni went missing in Canada. Were they abducted by ETs? What really happened to them? They Inuit Villagewere never found again.

Thank you for all you do!

Gaia, what happened to the people in the village of Anjikuni in 1930?

They moved, Tom. They were not taken up in some UFO. The authorities just were unable to locate them. It was a combination of reasons—better resources and food, and they did not care for the authorities looking over their shoulders all the time.


DogenMantej writes: Since Bodhidharma was an incarnation of the Buddha, was Dogen too?

Theo, was Dogen a reincarnation of Buddha?

Not in this case, Tom. It was another. Let’s leave it there for the time being.


Diane writes: With all that is going on with the women against Bill Cosby, what will happen after all the dust has settled?

Will his wife ask for a divorce? Will he have to pay off these women? Will he go to jail? Will he have to go into hiding and never Bill Cosbyshow his face again? And is this all his karma from a past life?

Theo, will Bill Cosby see or face any prison time, or will it just be civil suits?

The statute of limitations will prevent him serving any prison time. That leaves just civil actions that will be brought against him. Therefore, the greatest probability at this time would be less than 10%. They waited too long to have criminal charges filed.

His reputation has been ruined, never again to be the same as before. His wife, naturally, feels quite betrayed and wonders how she could not see this happening or turned a blind eye. She will carry this and will balance in a future life. But, of course, Mr. Cosby will need several lives to balance. Certainly some of his actions were on his soul contract, but he enjoyed it too much.

 I assume he will be raped in some other lives?

Yes, and he will have to be a close relative who has to help a person who was raped. This will be quite a lengthy process. He is no different from any rapist sitting in a jail cell. He must balance just as those who were caught, tried, and convicted.


Last week I received about 30 questions about Mantej, and have to admit this is getting a little out of hand. Plus, Mantej has asked that I do not pose questions about him for the time being. He also misinterpreted something I said about him last week. I’ll write more about writers at the end of this. I’ve cut the questions down. These are from Graham, George, and Ray.

Taipei TaiwanTheo, in his last life, was Mantej born in San Francisco, China, or where?

Yes, he was born in Taiwan and moved at an early age to San Francisco with his parents. He became a naturalized citizen later.

Will Mantej be in the 3400 life with me?

No, that’s not on his soul contract. He will have another life with you before then—the one in 2600 when you are preparing people to go to the stars.

In the past, was I a main spirit guide for him or one of the specialized ones?

Specialized would be the term to use. The assistance needed varied from life to life, but you certainly were there to whisper in his ear when he would listen.

Although I’m in a physical life now, since there is no time on the other side, am I one of his guides in this life?

No, it was felt that the assistance you have given and will give was best accomplished through exchanges in your physical lives. And, of course, he is reciprocating by providing you with questions not only for the Atlantis and Lemuria book, but for one or more (a little hint there) upcoming books.

I’m asked if it will be anything artistic in this life?

Only advice about his writing and how to market his scripts. You have your work and he has his work.

Was I in any of his spy lives either as a friend or antagonist?

Yes, certainly in one. But you did not aid nor were you the one who exposed him. It was more on a religious level.

HollywoodIf you have no interest in scripts for movies, you can skip this part.

I’ve had a number of emails with Mantej that have not appeared here as they are personal in nature. Mantej, along with 99.5% of other screenwriters I’ve run across in my 30-plus years in international film distribution, think that if they just finish one or two scripts that somehow they will sell it to a production company.

You could probably fill at least two or more container ships in the Los Angeles harbor with scripts that are floating around Hollywood. The big production companies have “readers” who do nothing more than sit and read scripts all day and reject almost every one. They are flooded with hundreds of scripts a week. Even my small company was sent scripts just in the hope that I would somehow magically finance or pay for their script.

As I explained to Mantej and I will explain to any other budding screenwriters out there, you must learn how to “pitch” your script—whether it is to an agent, producer, or production company. You can google “script” or “screenplay pitches” and you’ll find several good articles about how to pitch your screenplay. There is an art to this and you need to learn it.

One thing I’ve suggested to both screenplay writers, and even actors, is there is one time a year when instead of driving all over Los Angeles on View from AFM Market Hotelovertaxed freeways, you can find many production companies in one place—and that’s at the American Film Market held in Santa Monica. This year it will be November 4-11, with 400 exhibiting companies in hotel suites. On the last three days of the market after they’ve (mostly) finished with sales, they open the doors to screenwriters to pitch them their scripts. Cost for the 3-day badge this year is $295. You don’t stay in Santa Monica because they jack up the prices. Stay at one of the many hotels at the L.A. airport (20 minutes or so in early morning traffic). Sometimes you can find a good deal in Marina Del Rey.

One successful screenwriter I would see every year in the lobby of the Loews Hotel would have five or so scripts with him and would pitch them to known producers—you don’t waste your time on the small guys that might have one film to sell and know nothing about what they’re doing. He was always successful. There is a parking lot right behind the Loews for parking all day for $5 (it could be more now). You keep scripts and treatments there and you can go back and forth.

AFM Market LobbyAnd you don’t just wander the halls. The AFM has a list of all exhibitors, and even more on their members, on the IFTA website. You read the list and choose the largest ones listing what they produce and you email several weeks in advance to set up a meeting. If no response, follow up with a telephone call. Set your meetings 30 minutes apart. Your pitches are only going to take 5 minutes, but they may be in a meeting when you arrive and you have to wait. If they’re not interested, see who else is on the floor of the hotel and drop in on your second tier of companies, or ones you weren’t able to get an appointment with.

If you have a longer wait, or perhaps if you show up a day early to get the “lay of the land,” you can meet other screenwriters, actors, and directors hanging out in the lobby and/or by the pool. NETWORK! So, don’t take just my word for it, here is a link to “HOW TO WORK THE AFM”—GOOD LUCK—and don’t forget to request an MBO for the results to be even better than you can hope for or expect!


One of the benefits of meditation is that you can ask about dreams as I do. Here is one.

FutureGaia, what is the meaning where I dreamed I was having to change rooms?

Let’s see if you can receive this today, Tom. This simply means choices—some you are in control of and some you are not. The dream does show you a larger room indicating a larger sphere of activity. You do understand your success depends upon all of your own efforts, right, Tom?

Yes, I think I do. I haven’t asked for too much help in my main passion.

No, and that’s good as they don’t understand your goals and ours are quite long range.

By “long range” Gaia is referring to my writings being around a LONG TIME after I’ve transitioned. I don’t know if my writings will last as long as my life as Strabo who lived two thousand years ago and are still read today, but I’ve been told before “several hundred years” in regards to the Gentle Way.


These questions came from Mike in the UK.

Theo, will the USA have one age of consent in the future and will it be 18, younger, or older?

Yes, the age of consent will settle in at 18, Tom. That doesn’t mean that two young people will be prevented from marrying, especially if there is a child involved, but this will prevent those girls under that age from being forced into arranged marriages in cults or when they manipulate and harm girls, or boys for that matter.

Teenage MarriageYou’ve seen this recently when 16 men were arrested for replying online to have sex with underage girls in Texas. Someone under 18 needs to be protected from these predators.

Theo, will the age of consent stay the same at 16 in the UK and 18 with a person in trust?

Yes, that will not change for some time. The English have it fairly correct. Certainly this can change a little according to the culture, but these are reasonable and needed laws. Although it would seem that with the internet and much more knowledge about sex than in the past the laws should be changed to lower the age of consent, the actual maturity regarding relationships is not there yet. There are young people mature beyond their age, but the vast majority are not. If two people love each other then they should have the maturity to be able to wait a year or two—especially if one is much older than the other.

In the past, Gaia said there would be a male contraceptive pill. What is the probability of this pill being introduced in the next five years?

It is quite high, well over 80% at this time.

Will it be 100% effective?

Yes, it will have to be in order to be marketed. You can’t tell someone, “oh it may or may not work.”

Will this pill be taken on a daily basis?

Yes, it will have to be taken on a continuous basis, compared to those pills that are overnight type contraceptives.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 7, 2009, MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009, SEPTEMBER 12, 2009, SEPTEMBER 27, 2009, JANUARY 8, 2011, JANUARY 30, 2010, JUNE 5, 2010, JULY 3, 2010, JULY 17 2010, OCTOBER 15, 2010, FEBRUARY 12, 2011, MARCH 5, 2011, MARCH 12, 2011, MARCH 19, 2011, MARCH 26, 2011, APRIL 2, 2011, APRIL9, 2011, APRIL 16, 2011, APRIL 23, 2011, APRIL 30, 2011, MAY 7, 2011, MAY 14, 2011, AUGUST 6, 2011, AUGUST 27, 2011, APRIL 21, 2012,  AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 8, 2012, SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, SEPTEMBER 22, 2012, SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 27, 2012, NOVEMBER 3, 2012, NOVEMBER 10, 2012, DECEMBER 1, 2012, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013,  APRIL 13, 2013, APRIL 20, 2013, APRIL 27, 2013, MAY 4, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2013, JANUARY 4, 2014--MARCH 29, 2014, APRIL 12, 2014, APRIL 19, 2014, APRIL 26, 2014, MAY 3, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 17, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JUNE 14, 2014, JUNE 21, 2014, JULY 5, 2014, AUGUST, 9, 2014, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014, SEPTEMBER 13, 2014, SEPTEMBER 27, 2014, OCTOBER 11, 2014, OCTOBER 25, 2014, NOVEMBER 1, 2014, NOVEMBER 8, 2014, NOVEMBER, 15, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014, NOVEMBER 29, 2014, DECEMBER 13, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, JANUARY 10, 2015, JANUARY 24, 2015, JANUARY 31, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 14, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 14, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 4, 2015, APRIL 11, 2015, APRIL 18, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 2, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 16, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JUNE 20, 2015, JUNE 27, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015,                                  

ATLANTISAPRIL 25, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015,                                                                     

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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015,                                       


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