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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 5, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accuracy. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


May I remind you that books make great gifts for Christmas, and my books cover a wide range of topics—for SELF-HELP that people can use the rest of their lives, to Ancient History of Atlantis & Lemuria, to Extra Terrestrial cultures and what are those UFOs really doing that people see all the time. They are available right now on Amazon, and other on-line stores.

Recently I did a long interview with Susan Blanton for her Create Happy Now Susan BlantonPodcast. It’s in two parts. You can listen to Part 1 as either a Podcast, or you can watch it on YouTube. We really covered a lot of ground—one of my better interviews, as she has followed me for a long time.

PODCAST: iTunes: Click here.
YOUTUBE: Click here.

DEADLINE COMING: I’m trying to cut off receiving any more stories about pets by Christmas, therefore, please send me any MBO or BP stories about your pets. I especially need stories about your unusual pets for my PETS book. Time is growing short for your story to be included in my book.

For those of you on Quora, I occasionally answer questions posed there. You can “follow me,” and if you do, please “upvote” my answers. I do this to reach a different group of people and grow the newsletter. So far, I have had over  Plato & Atlantis2,800,000 views of my answers.


Many of your questions are taking about four weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

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ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of Atlantis & Lemuria bookthe world, and I send white light and love to every single person and being I meet or encounter today, thank you!”

My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Since the metal monolith was discovered in the Utah desert by two pilots counting sheep (that live in the desert?), I’ve had a steady stream of readers emailing me, asking about its origin. Click here.

Here is what I received:

Gaia, was the metal monolith placed in a remote part of Utah done by an artist, Utah Monolithor ET, and if by an ET, by whom? What is it made out of? How long has it been there?

Yes, Tom, it was done by an artist, who wishes to remain unnamed. Naturally, he got the idea from 2001 Space Odyssey. He knew the reaction of people if they ever found it. It has been there approximately 5 years, and the artist was surprised that no one had happened upon it so soon. It was done in a foundry.

Will the artist ever be identified?

It is all up to him. He likes the mystery it has created, and the number of people who will travel to see the work.

I thought it might be an ET.

Not this time, Tom.


Buz writes: [In reference to November 28 Newsletter] If most vehicles will be electric by 2030 and gasoline becomes rare and found mostly in cities, what Farm Equipmentabout all the farm, lawn, etc. equipment that now runs on gas?

Gaia, what about farm equipment in 2030 when all the cars and most of the trucks are electric?

By that time, Tom, many types of farm equipment will also be electric as they will have these free energy machines that can power the equipment, or that they can plug into for a quick recharge. Great strides will have been accomplished in powering everything with these machines as keep in mind that it will greatly lower the cost of farming to use these machines. It will affect every life on Earth. It is hard to imagine, but take that to the bank, Tom.


Michael 2 writes: After reading the last newsletter, I have two questions....

What is the future of our rights under the Second Amendment? How is congress able to change, limit, or modify the second amendment, or any of the Bill of Rights for that matter, shouldn't they stand as is without change? Wasn't that the intent of our founding fathers?

If they move to take our guns, or impose rules and taxes to limit our possession Second Amendmentor purchase of the guns of our choice, is that raising the possibility of physical conflict or leading to some form of civil war? Just an observation, but, seems to me we could wind up losing our whole Bill of Rights one by one, and our country as we know it. Biden says he will undo all Trump has accomplished and that has me worried. Not for me, I've had a good life, but for our kids and grandkids. I ask for a benevolent prayer for the sake of all of them. I truly fear for their future.

Gaia, will the 2nd Amendment be changed in any way in the next four years?

There will be attempts to do away with automatic rifles, which has been ongoing for some time. The Republicans will fight this, but will agree to tighten up the registration of sales of these weapons of all types. There will come a time in the future, where there will be no need for weapons as you move farther into the 5th dimension. That will occur more on the order of 10 to 15 years, as we see it on this side, Tom.


For my new readers, Theo introduced me to another member of my soul “cluster,” as he calls them, in 2008. Antura, after 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in Exploration, is now a member of a “first contact” team from the Abe Sapiern Hellboy moviesSirius B Solar System that contacts emerging societies before they have the ability to “portal hop” across the universe.

He’s orbiting overhead in a huge mothership, with a crew of 900, plus their families, totaling 1,500 beings from 37 different planets. You can learn much more about him in
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. I have sample chapters on my website, along with chapters of all my other books—great Christmas gifts! Here are some more questions I asked this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom, with my teammates.

Good morning, everyone. And I’ll add have a good life, which I know you are having.

Yes, we are doing what we love, so it is enjoyable.

Caroline writes: I’m sure your team has been asked this many times before, but I am wondering … Do living beings (excluding plant life) hunt and kill each other for food in the universes that are not dealing with fear energy? Or is that a 'special treat' that is reserved for realities dealing with the fear energies?

Many thanks for continuing to bring loving hope to our timeline (and all the others too, I’m sure)!

Antura, do living beings hunt and kill for food in other universe ecosystems?Mountain Lion and Deer

Yes, there are other ecosystems in this universe where one type of being consumes another for food. That is not unique to Earth, and that is another reason for you to see this on Earth, so you will not be surprised when you see it on other planets. You will understand it is part and parcel of their ecosystem, and will not be shocked.

Antura, trying to get my numbers correct. Are the number of planets in the Sirius B Solar System more or less than 25?

Slightly more, Tom. Go with 26. You are there.

Now for Big Guy, good morning.

Good morning, Tom. Happy to say hello and answer any question.

Good. Do you plan to meet with someone on Earth personally—I assume it will be after we are there?

Yes, my contact will be after, Tom. It will be set up, you could say, by your visit. That person I’ve only been able to contact in their dreams.

Do you plan to meet this person on Earth, or bring the person onboard your UFO Depictionship?

Good question, Tom. I hope to bring them up. You will do much to take away the fear.

Exotic Girl, is your skin color a darker shade of blue, yellow, red, brown, or green?

There you have it, Tom. A very dark shade of green. That’s why Antura says I appear exotic.

Did you give me that answer in the middle of the day, before this conversation?

Yes, I slipped in the color as you were not thinking of it at the time.

Is your planet closer than 12, or farther away?

Closer, Tom, although you thought it might be 13, but 11 is the number.

Average guy (formerly referred to as “Standard Guy” in last week’s newsletter). How would you describe your planet?

A little vegetation, Tom, but we do spend a lot of time underground in the caverns where we have built our cities.

How many people on your planet?Alien

A little smaller number, a little under the 400 thousand mark for us. As you can see, most of the planets in our solar system do not have large numbers of people—the population of not only our world but the others is quite stable. We are not the oldest society, but still we have existed on this planet for millions and millions of years—much longer than, say, you and Antura’s clan that have existed there 18 million years. It has given us the time to progress to the point where the other older societies contacted us and eventually we joined them in exchanging goods and using their spaceships to visit all the other societies in the solar system.

Is your orbit closer to Big Guy’s or to Exotic Girl’s?

Even a little farther out, but not much from Exotic Girl. Yes, 15 is almost the exact number.

What is your description? Do you have four or five digits for fingers and toes?

Four. I have an appearance that could almost pass for human, if I wore gloves, or said I had an accident, and lost them. Still, facial features would be different enough that it would not be too long before I was exposed, you could say.Planet


Yes, about the same size as an Earthling.


Slightly smaller, and the same for my mouth.

What is your age?

In the 350 range, Tom.

What do you eat?

We have various forms of vegetables on our planet that we consume. We live most of the time on the surface, but still we enjoy the caverns underground at certain times.

What would be your specialty regarding work?

Like the others, I became quite interested in learning about the differences in the inhabitants of other planets. There are wide differences, as you can imagine, but also similarities.

How has it gone with meeting the other timeline Todds?

Fabulous, is the best description I can use. Instant bonding. He and I have had more than one life together, just as you and Antura have had.

Antura, is the reason it seems that most of your teammates live underground at times is when their planet’s orbits circle closer to Sirius A, since it is such a huge sun?

There you have it, Tom. We knew that you would make the connection. When their planets pass closest to Sirius A, the heat is much higher. This could be a shorter time for the planets closer to Sirius B, but then those closer would be hotter than the planets farther away. The people that settled these planets adapted to their conditions.

Please help me understand how Shannon and Todd became involved on the upper timelines, as Theo says the soul fragments are born with the mother and not the father?

That is true, Tom. You did not know this before, but you did meet Dena on those Time Linestimelines.

Are you sure I’m receiving this correctly, since I thought my children were different on those timelines?

Exceptions are made, Tom, but not in this case. With a little manipulation, she became your second wife.

I may come back to that question to verify in the future. Not sure if I received correctly.

Certainly, Tom.

Exotic Girl, Average Guy says he got along “fabulously” with Todd. How was your connection with Shannon?

Equally so, Tom. When you meet, what you look like in thousands of other lives, there is just this “knowing,” I will call it—this recognition. As you get closer to the time when your family arrives, we will be more in all of your dreams—that includes everyone in your family. It will make adjusting easier.

Mantej writes: More questions for Antura!

1. With a 1,200 IQ how fast can the “ET Foremen” at Area 51 explain the super-jumbo-complicated-rocket-science to the scientists back engineering the ET crafts?

2. Do the ET Foremen also use dream invasion to enter the scientists’ dreams at Area 51night to help them understand the engineering?

3. What about telepathically implanting the thoughts (to understand back engineering) into the scientists’ heads and making them think it’s their own idea, like how a GA or Spirit Guide would do, do the ET foremen do that also?

4. Now that Dmitry Medvedev is no longer The Prime Minister of Russia, has the new Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin been briefed on ETs? Click here.

5. Is it an open secret with all the 85 governors of each of the 85 federal states in the Russian federation that ETs and UFOs exist?

Antura, do the ETs help guide the scientists in the back-engineering?

They guide, Tom, to make sure they make steady improvement, but not too fast. Remember, everyone has to remain equal with no country getting ahead of the others.

Do the ET “Foremen” enter the dreamtimes of the scientists?

On occasion, yes, but not too often.

Do the Foremen use telepathy to plant ideas?

On occasion. Most of the time they will just guide them.

Has the new Russian Premier been briefed on ETs?

Yes, to a certain extent.

Have the 85 Russian Governors been briefed on ETs?

Only those closest to Putin and those who had ET craft crash in their province.


These three stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

My wife Dena needed to use our pie servers for our pecan and pumpkin pies for Pecan and Pumpkin PiesThanksgiving, but they were nowhere to be found. I looked too, pulling out most of the serving utensils in the drawers, where they should have been. We did request an MBO to find them, and then in my meditative session I asked:

Theo, what happened to our pie server or servers, as we cannot find them?

You could say they were being used elsewhere, Tom. Time Line 5 is the culprit—a little sharing, shall we say? You will find them again. Just request an MBO to find them.

We did again request an MBO.

Naturally, that evening, Dena searched again in the same drawers, and there they were!


Siddharth in India writes: Wanted to send you a couple of MBO stories.

My daughter wanted to bake a cake. For that she needed a particular notebook made by her mother. But both mother and daughter could not find the notebook anywhere in the house. Then they said an MBO,
"I request for MBO for finding the notes quickly and may the benefits be more than we can hope or expect." Diwali SweetsThen my daughter suddenly got this thought to check the cupboard in the master bedroom which was already searched by her mother. My daughter even asked her mom to check a particular drawer and lo and behold the notebook was there! Both were very happy and we will all get to enjoy the cake.

My family wanted to make a particular Indian sweet for Diwali, which is very tough to make.
MBOs really helped. 90% of the recipe was precise, but due to a small mistake the dish preparation and results became very doubtful. It just would not have been possible to redo the recipe from scratch as it takes days to execute it. But the MBOs helped and dish came out surprisingly perfectly well. Thanks to the angels, we were able to enjoy some great sweets during Diwali festival!

Now my family is also becoming a believer in MBOs. I just want them now to use them every day frequently.


Severine in China writes: Here are a couple of fresh MBOs:

1) MBO+ BP for health and receiving the best treatment

This week I have had a bad skin rash, which was actually eczema. It started on Skin RashTuesday. I wanted to wait for the weekend to consult, but it was so bad on Wednesday night that I had to call in sick on Thursday and consult the first thing in the morning.

I requested an MBO to see the perfect doctor and to receive only the best treatment. Thank you.

I also requested an MBO for all the prescribed meds to be fully blessed by my GA, and that he raised the meds’ vibration so that it is effective and benevolent for my body. Thank you!
A family member requested the same as a BP.

From day 1, after applying the meds the first time, I felt much better the whole day. But at night some discomfort came back, so I said: "I firmly request an MBO for this discomfort to stop. Thank you." Within a few minutes I was Chinese Police Stationasleep. Today, day 2, I feel I am right on track to be fully healed.

2) MBO to register at the police station without a fine.

As I am a foreigner in the country where I live, I have to register at the police station every year. This time I failed to do it on time. Technically I could have been fined.

I requested an MBO for having a very nice agent to register me, and not to be fined, and I asked any and all beings to bless with white light the agent that will do my registration, and may the outcome better than expected. Thank you.

I was the only one to apply yesterday, so no boring queue. Then the agent was a very kind lady. The whole process went smoothly and fine-free!


Geraldine writes from France: What can you tell us about the Agmodians?

"Hello beloved community, I would like to introduce to you a galactic civilization called the “Agmodians,” they are beautiful beings from a crystal planet named Agmodia that no longer exists. They are a race of physicians and are more than happy to help humanity. I invite everyone and particularly healers to call these beautiful beings as you feel guided and ask for their assistance. One representative you can contact is “Artes.”

This galactic civilization was introduced to me by my former energetic therapist more than a decade ago and I have been working with them since then. Now they are joyous to introduce themselves to you and work with the Stargate Planet Blown Up depictionCommunity if you choose it."

And here is what he posted some months ago:

“Beloved Stargate Collective; I would like to share with you another message from the Agmodians. Beloveds, I am Artes from the Agmodian Collective. We are so joyful to connect with you again; we celebrate all the beautiful healing that you are having working with us. Now, we invite you to go deeper and be transmitters of healing energies if you wish; if so just ask for the energy of the Agmodians to flood you and we will be there with you. We are happy to work with you. Thank you, we love you and for now we are complete.”

Thank you, Artes. Thank you, Agmodians. Deep gratitude all.

Gaia, what can you tell us about the Agmodians?

In a way, a sad story, Tom. Their planet was one of the ones that were destroyed during the Great War, as it is called, with the Dracos. Their spirits naturally live on. They have incarnated on another planet, but still hold on to their old personalities, you could say.


Charlie writes: Prisoners and their spirit guides.

Apart from criminally insane nutcases, do most people in prison, over the years incarcerated there, develop a good connection with their spirit guides? As most Prison Inmatesof the time they’re in their cells alone, and essentially this time is meditation (but a different way of looking at it). And if so, is the life incarcerated a set up life to be a better receiver from their GA and Guides in other lives from the decades they spend receiving messages from them in prison?

Theo, do prisoners over the years develop closer connection with their GAs, and Guides? And are these setup lives?

Second question first, Tom. These can be setup lives as being in a close relationship can occur in a prison, just as it can in any other circumstance. Regarding developing a closer relationship with their GAs and Guides, that may or may not happen depending upon one’s soul contract. There are many younger souls that are prisoners, and they can lead very violent lives in prison, along with those who just spend their time watching TV and reading. They make no effort to better themselves.


George writes: Where are all the Pine Martens?

1. Why have the Pine Martens disappeared from the U.K.?
2. Why is the Pine Marten more prevalent in Canada and not the USA?

3. Is it specifically the Mustelidae Group Soul that ensouls all the Mustelidaes Pine Martenlike the Pine Marten and all the others like Otters, Badgers and so on? Click here.

Gaia, why are Pine Martens rare in England and why are they more prevalent in Canada than the U.S.?

It partly has to do with predators, Tom. They flourish in areas where there are fewer predators, and that includes both other animals and humans. The more humans that encroach on their territory, the higher the chance of them to not have sufficient food sources. That goes for England, Canada and the United States. You would have to study these little animals more to give you more detailed information.

Does the soul that ensouls Pine Martens also ensoul otters, badgers, and more?

The soul for the Pine Martens also ensouls a couple of other animal groups, but not those you mentioned. I suggest anyone that is interested study the animal group the Pine Martens fall into in order to draw a closer conclusion.


Maria from Estonia writes: ENERGIES

If on Earth, tornados and hurricanes are to suck away the negative energy humans have created, and all other beings live on positive energies, then why are there storms on Jupiter and other planets?


Why do low level and negative spirits avoid going into white light when they feed Soul Groupon that?
How high of vibrations can dark souls or negative spirits have? Are there any whole soul dark beings sucking light?

Why haven’t these societies on 7 and 9 focuses (inside Earth and anywhere else) helped others in this Universe to develop further from their 5th focus? (Because they just don’t want to help?)

How can whole souls develop if everything is known or constant for them in the state where there is no time?

If the Creator has 32nd focus, then what is the focus of Gaia and Theo? Where do they want to develop (if not melding into the new Creator)?

Do whole souls only believe and ‘get’ the ‘truth’ about their existence (what comes from the Creator) or also question about what they have been ‘told’? Or is it the soul fragments (humans, ETs) to question and help the souls further?

Related question: Why do Theo and Gaia give us also false information? (If they Soul Depictiondon’t want to frighten certain people, why do they still give false numbers and probabilities, instead of not telling anything?)

What’s the idea behind the walk-in when it replaces the original soul in the body? Is it some shortcut?

In the 30th June 2012 newsletter, Antura told that his and his mate’s auras look similar because they have had Earth lives and this was why they matched. What did they have similar in their auras from Earth lives that the others didn’t? (Do soulmates have similar auras?)

How would Theo describe the concept of eternity?

Gaia, if on Earth tornadoes and hurricanes are to suck away the negative energy of humans, what is the purpose of the storms on Jupiter and other planets?

There is much to learn and study about the planets in your solar system. There will be scientists who spend their whole careers just studying this one planet. But I will say you must keep in mind that all the planets in this solar system are all contained in this special space-time continuum as part of the Earth Experiment. They must exist in these four negative energies, too.

Still, there are many dynamics in the makeup of Jupiter that cause this planet to have storms erupt on its surface. That we must leave for those scientists and researchers of all types to have their “ah-ha” moments as they make discoveries. There will be special robotic craft that will be sent to obtain information in the coming years. Mars and the Moon are their focus at the present time, but in the future these craft will be sent to all the planets in our solar system to learn more White Light
about their makeup. This will go on for several hundred years, Tom. This is a slow process, and will not be accomplished overnight.

Gaia, why do negative spirits avoid white light?

Yes, Tom, that image of the wicked witch of the West is a good analogy for humans. She dried up in the story. It is the same in a way for negative spirits. They love their power when confronted with love and white light. Still, they exist, so continue to surround yourselves in white light.

Are negative spirits limited in their vibrational level?

They are basically at one negative level, but can feed on a human’s negative level to grow stronger.

Do they exist in all universes?

Good question, as yes, when any of the billions of creators create a universe, there are remnants of the fabric that is left over that your scientists will not discover for a very long time. These remnants are pieces of the fabric. They are sent love. In human terms, it would be like the canvas of a painter, or the clay that an artist uses to create.

How can whole souls develop if everything is known or constant?

That’s one of the reasons for the Earth Experiment. Over a very long time—eons you could say—the souls raised their vibrational levels to a point where they would not rise anymore. Something had to be done, and this Creator decided to use the four negative energies as a catalyst. No other creator had been successful, so it is quite an achievement that Creator’s experiment worked.

You are a quantum master. What do Golden Light Beings, such as Theo, aspireGolden Light Being depiction to?

Over eons of time, they will continue to raise their vibrational levels—just not as fast as the Explorer Race volunteers. Those Golden Light Beings that are taking part in the Earth Experiment are quite happy with their jobs. They have never been so busy, and it is quite exciting to handle hundreds of thousands of soul fragments in all of their lives on Earth all taking part at the same time. After you eventually meld into a Creator, you have the option of creating a new job for them—and I might add there are many options. We will all have to wait to see what you, as a creator, will create yourself.

Do you or Theo ever give us false information, and if so why?

As you have been told many times, Tom, no human is 100% perfect in receiving this information we give. You override the answers we give, which you have experienced many times. Then there are times we are asked about a specific event, and if we give you the correct answer it will interfere with one or more soul contracts. We do our best to avoid answering those questions. I have explained to you in the past that, let’s say, someone’s soul contract is to experience a tornado or earthquake. If we were to say that it will take place at this minute or that minute on such a day, there would be a number of people that would leave and not have that experience. So the answer to this question will be that it all depends on soul contracts.

Why would Antura and his mate have similar auras?

Those that take part in the Earth Experiment are raising their vibrational levels at a high rate. This shows up in the light they emit. They have both had similar, but different experiences, according to their soul interest.

How would you describe eternity?

Here we could have several answers, but in layman Earth terms, your universe will last for eternity. Once it was created, few of the billions of universes are uncreated, but it has happened. Again, it is like a sculptor’s clay, they can collapse a creation and start over, if they are not satisfied with what they have created. 

I've asked about soul knowledge before, so do a search for that on the Articles and News Page of the website, along with the focus of souls, which I was told was the 12th dimension.


Ray writes: Can Theo tell us about Chinese water torture which makes the person insane via drops of water being dropped onto the person's scalp, forehead and face for extended periods of time?Chinese Water Torture

1. Why does Chinese water torture make the person go insane and what lives are they balancing?

2. Where did it actually originally originate from? Click here.

Theo, why does Chinese water torture cause a person to go insane?

Water is very powerful, as we have discussed in the past. Plus, it is the combination of knowing that one way or another that person’s life is over. There are many forms of torture, this is but one of the slower ones to drag it out.

Where did it originate and when?

Back in the 1600s is a good approximation, and in a Chinese province. Naturally, the person who invented it had to have a balancing life where they underwent the same torture.


John writes: Director Peter Jackson

I remember that Theo said that Director Steven Spielberg was the famous Director D.W. Griffith in a past life. And Spielberg needed that past life as Griffith to have big movie sets in preparation for this life.

1. As Director Peter Jackson made the Lord of The Rings movies, which were Peter Jacksonbeautiful epic movies. I wonder was he a famous film director either in the past in Hollywood or perhaps even in our future before this life to prepare him for this life?

2. Since he also made the documentary, They Shall Not Grow Old (2018), was his soul contract just to bring awareness to WW1 or was he himself a soldier in WW1?

3. Since Jackson has made a lot of fantasy movies, after the ET disclosure and your Sirian documentary, will Peter Jackson be inspired to make movies in the direction of films about ETs or even films set back in the past such as Atlantis from the footage we will see of Atlantis provided to us by the ETs? Click here.

Theo, was Peter Jackson a famous director in a past or future life before this one?

He was on both sides of the camera as both an actor and the many jobs of what is known as the crew, Tom, in preparation for this significant life. Like a number of people, he has had multiple lives in the twentieth century, but also back thousands of years ago during the time of Atlantis, as they had motion pictures and other forms of film. We have not covered that before, but people in that time period enjoyed the experience of that form of storytelling too. And he did have one life in the future before this one. Plus, you can include a life where he was in touch with the fairy kingdom. As you can see, there was great preparation for this life.

Was he a soldier in WWI?

Yes. It was good preparation for his film on the war in the trenches.

Will he or other directors be inspired by the documentary to make films about ETs or Atlantis and Lemuria?

It will not be Peter Jackson, but yes, there will be many people in the film world that will base stories on what they see in the various documentaries that you will produce.


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