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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

March 16, 2016

Tom T. Moore

•    100 YEAR DROUGHT?

Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. NewsletterIf you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then send an email to tomtmoore6(at) with your name and email address.

I hope you are enjoying these newsletters. Have you told your friends about them? And keep sending me your MBO stories. I need at least four to six each week for my Saturday Blog.


PowerpointNEW IDEA FOR SPEAKING: Ken Cherry gave me this idea about speaking to smaller groups that can’t afford to pay my airfare, hotel, and expenses of coming to their city. He just did a presentation on his book via Skype, with a Power Point presentation, to a smaller group with a guaranteed number of books sold and delivered in advance. The group would have to have the ability to project the Power Point presentation on a screen or wall. I would have some minimum number of people including a minimum order of one book per person (all signed by me).

I have Power Point presentations on THE GENTLE WAY, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed! It would be about a 1.5 to two hour presentation, allowing for questions at the end. Contact me if you have an interest.

BEST SELF-HELP AUTHOR 2016! In case you missed it last week, Health & Happiness magazine informed me that I won Best Self-Help Author for 2016 for the third straight year! I was told that set a record as no one had won for any award three times in a row. Of course, that’s all thanks to you, my loyal readers!

My TV series, THE TELEPATHIC WORLD OF TOM T. MOORE, is now on the new ROKU channel EPTV (stands for Extraordinary Telepathic WorldPhenomena TV). Check it out if you are a Roku box owner!

BOOK REVIEWS: Several people wrote reviews on Amazon last week. Here are some excerpts from the 5 star reviews:

THE GENTLE WAY I: Elizabeth—“After reading numerous books on spirituality I find this book/method to be the clearest and "most benevolent." Saying the benevolent outcome for any circumstances in my life results in an easier life. I highly recommend this book series.”

THE GENTLE WAY II: Michelle—“I am happy to say this book was not a rehash of the info provided in the first. It was more fresh ideas on how this tool can help make our lives smoother! Some of the stories are from readers like us, who have thought of new ways to use the tool to help ourselves and others! Even our furry friends! I love reading Tom's books and being inspired!”

ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Renee—“WOW!!!!! I have other books and material, about Atlantis, even when I was a child, but never about Lemuria. Very much, eye opening, intriguing, surprising and exciting, shocking, to put it into one word, BOMBA!!!! LOL! A highly intelligent man, with, to me, great writing skills and this should made into movie, but based on FACTS, as far as facts go! Even The Gentle Way books, should and especially First Contact!”

GoodreadsNotice I did not have review excerpts on the other two books, as there were no new ones on those. Would you PLEASE write a review for any of my books that you own on Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere else you purchased the book? I would appreciate your support!! Given that I don’t charge for these newsletters, this is one thing you can do for me.

My new book, “ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” is PERFECT to learn about our ancient history going Atlantis MU Book Coverback 10 million years! You can buy it on Amazon, and the other online retailers, as an ebook or in printed version. On Amazon, here is the link: For those of you buying the book, I would appreciate it if you would write a review. I only have 16 so far (all five stars) and need more!! This helps others who are undecided since they may never have heard of me or my other books before. Amazon and Goodreads seem to be the most visited.

You can read SAMPLE CHAPTERS of all the books at

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Audrey writes: I first want to say that I really appreciate and am grateful for you making all your newsletters free. You and Kryon are the only channelers doing that and it really makes a huge difference in reaching people, particularly if a person Rising Ocean Levelsis just getting started. I have recommended your newsletter many times in such a situation. My question concerns the rising waters here in Florida. Because of an ill family member, I cannot be ready to leave for another two years. I believe you said the waters will rise this year by eight inches for 2016. Would Gaia tell you what she is planning for2017? Many thanks for everything that you do.

Gaia, what is the highest probability of how high the oceans will rise in 2017?

Yes, you might say the dam will have broken to use that metaphor.

Does that mean over 12 inches?

Quite so—just a little over that, Tom, but not quite 13 inches. For your purposes at this time, it will be 12.5. We can revisit this as we are about to enter that calendar year for you, but this will be a dramatic rise even after the eight inches it will rise this year.

Yes but Gaia, here we are in March and still no word of any rise in the ocean levels of your reported two inches for 2015?

Winter MapPlease understand how sensitive this news will be to the world community, Tom. The scientists are checking and rechecking their figures as this goes against their previous prognostications of one inch every hundred years or so.

This was just on CBS News this morning:

WASHINGTON -- Federal meteorologists say this winter was the warmest in U.S. record, thanks to the combination of El Niño and man-made global warming.

The average temperature for the Lower 48 states from December through February -- the period known as meteorological winter -- was 36.8 degrees Fahrenheit, 4.6 degrees above normal. That breaks the record set in 1999-2000.


Cindy writes: Would you ask Gaia if we are in for a 100-year drought as described in this video: World War Water

DroughtGaia, I’m asked if we’re in a 100-year drought.

No, Tom, these are cyclic weather patterns for me. Certainly, there are parts of the earth that I have scheduled to have drought conditions for even several years, and there are places that will set records for the amount of rain they will have in one year, just as your area did last year, so one needs to be more specific. As an example, we have discussed in the past that California will have more rain, but not enough to free them from the drought. That has come about, and is continuing to.

There are other parts of the world that are seeing the same situation, but in different stages such as Australia and South Africa. Besides needing these cycles, it also provides all those people living in those areas to experience drought, which is, of course, the opposite of flooding—another earth experience you must have.


Lynda writes: Living here ”on the edge” is becoming more and more challenging and stressful. Not only are we struggling with drought, but now I have been forwarded the link below from “Daily Kos” exclaiming that there is evidence of a huge quake coming.
Carbon Monoxide Release
May I please ask your Guides to comment, Tom?

Gaia, does the sudden release of carbon monoxide on the west coast from California up to the north signal a major earthquake on the way?

This is an interesting development on the scientific side in finding new ways to predict earthquakes. But at the same time, the release of carbon monoxide does not automatically mean a severe earth movement. This needs to be studied much more to see what other factors enter into knowing that a significant earth movement is but days away. Those additional factors were not in play, so therefore there will be no major earthquake along the North American coast. Yes, there was a slight movement there, thereby releasing the gas.


Gaia, did the Atlanteans actually communicate with the crystals themselves? When will we learn to do that?

CrystalsYes, they were able to—at least their priests who were much more aware of the power of the crystals than even the average man and woman, Tom. They would do so in their meditations, even receiving guidance, of course they would ask questions about the earth and planets and the crystals had great knowledge having been formed millions of years in the past. So yes, there was this communication.

When will we learn to communicate with crystals you ask? Certainly, they are available now should someone wish to communicate with them – let’s say, one that is in their possession while in a meditative state. But there will be someone who will enjoy this work and will be able to channel the information of the crystals and will light the way to this communication, shall we say.

I assume that is not me?

No, but it will be someone who has read your material and just as you said when you decided to experiment with requesting MBOs, they will say, “hmm, I’ll think I’ll try this.”


In the February 27 newsletter (, I asked about my lives with Krishna and was told that I had “several” among his 70+ incarnations as Krishna. I wanted to explore this a bit more.

Depiction of KrishnaTheo why did you say “several at this time” in regards to the number of lives with Krishna. Am I missing something?

Yes, but perhaps not as you thought, Tom. The lives you had with Krishna were spread out over many incarnations. You were not with him in every one of the incarnations, just the more significant ones.

Did he have incarnations prior to those to prepare him and was I in any of those?

Quite so, Tom. He did not just appear as Krishna. He had a number of lives in preparation for those that began 20,000 years ago. You had lives where you got to know him much earlier. As we said before, the Hindu religion dates much farther back, but Krishna gave it direction, shall we say. Here it is a little difficult to describe as most from that time did not survive any records.

Then was Krishna the person who gave birth to the Hindu religion or was there another?

Again there would be another, but lost in time.

Was I around for more lives with Buddha than just his significant one?

Yes, you needed to see how that evolved as, again, there are more stories to tell than just his significant life.


Daralyn in Galveston writes: A question for Gaia, or Theo, whomever could best respond: At what point in the evolution of humanity did we develop a concept of the "other," beings so different from us that they should be killed, and where did hatred and judgment come from? And why? Was it triggered somehow by the environment? I am thinking, of course, of racism, the Holocaust, and genocide of any sort. I fail to see this anywhere else in nature except in humans. And is there a final, exact number of people killed in the Holocaust? More than 6 million, or less?

CoexistGaia, was it the Creator’s plan all along for us to learn how to get along with all other races and religions after experiencing the differences, distrust, hate and so on?

Exactly, Tom. This was another significant reason for you being veiled. Creator wanted to see how long it would take you to finally learn to get along together. It may not seem so at this time, but you are making great strides for this to finally reach a point where you will accept everyone no matter their race or religion or sexual preference.

This is all part of raising your vibrational levels to the point you will love one another unconditionally. That will happen in the future, Tom, on a widespread basis and not just on an individual basis. It will take several hundred more years for this to finally come about, but you as a people are marching in the right direction.

I was recently told the number of lives lost in the Holocaust was closer to 7 million, because of the inaccuracy of records in the rural provinces.


My buddy Antura is an ET and a member of my soul group or “cluster,” who Theo introduced me to in 2008. He had been “tuning in” to my conversations with Theo and Gaia, which was quite a shock to me (it’s as if you suddenly discover you’re on a ”party line”), but I quickly got over that and started asking him questions, with many from you guys! Read more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.

MothershipDaralyn writes: I have a question regarding the Mothership chapter in your First Contact book. On page 100, the question is asked whether the ships can manufacture the food, water, etc., that the crew needs, and the answer was that most of the sustenance needed for bodies can be generated. I would like to know if these foods contain life force as our foods do, and can that life force be generated?

Antura, do the foods generated on a mothership contain all the life force needed as we perceive it?

Quite so, Tom. The foods contain the same energy that the person or being needs for their sustenance. It would be almost catastrophic were these food substances not duplicated in the smallest detail to the exact DNA of the substance needed by the being. This was worked out literally millions of years ago.

This was nice to know, as I don’t want to have to pack my own food when I’m supposed to visit his mothership one day to shoot the documentary.

This question came from Jim in Florida.

Underwater CityAntura, is the glass over your cities, which form a bubble, glass or is it a translucent metal?

Good question, Tom. Yes, it is not glass but a translucent metal. You would not have understood the concept at that time, so the word glass was used instead of trying to communicate that it was a metal you could see through.

Antura, were there any significant differences in the responses I gave on the upper time lines regarding releasing information on the original Star Wars and what I and, let’s say, number 5 gave?

Some differences, Tom, but overall the same theme, shall we say. You were tuning into their responses, so your reasons were quite along the same lines as the upper time line responses. Again, we remind you, the Federation moves at a snail’s pace compared to life on Earth, so changes come about, albeit slowly. When Earth joins the Federation in the future, we anticipate you will wish to act much faster than the Federation is capable of acting. So, don’t become too frustrated.


Rock ThrowingThis MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

M.E. writes: As I've mentioned before, I always say an MBO when I leave my house for a safe drive to my destination. Last week as I was driving to the grocery store, a rock (the size of my fist) dropped from the sky onto my windshield. There was nothing overhead but sky - no buildings nearby, no cars in front of me, etc., - the rock just came out of nowhere. I was VERY startled, but did not react by swerving into other cars. Amazingly, my windshield didn't even get a scratch! I arrived at my destination completely safe, like I'd requested!


Cheryl writes: I needed to go to the post office to get my mail. It had been several days and I knew I had packages too. MyWalking with Cane box might be full so packages might be at the counter. They closed at 4 pm. It was later. I walk with a cane so always say an MBO for a parking place in front of the door. It was also Friday afternoon and usually very busy. I said MBOs for everything. They weren't busy, got my space at the door, my packages were all in my box. I got in and out of the tiny parking lot with no problems at all. MBOs are great!


Carole writes: Thank you for all you do. Your newsletters are truly useful and informing. I'd like you to ask your guardian angel about the uses of this Himalayan salt lamps, balls, etc., Himalayan Salt Lampthat is out there. Are they helpful, how do they help, or is it one of those things "if you believe" in it, it will help? I don't wish to buy a salt lamp until I know what your guardian angel has to say about them.

Gaia, is Himalayan salt purer than sea salt?

Sea salt is the purest, Tom.

Are the Himalayan salt lamps of any benefit?

That I will not say, Tom, as we must allow people to make those decisions on their own. They need not do this with reading, although that will lead them to contemplation, but they can decide if owning one of these lamps resonates with them, and if so buy one, and if not do not.


Eli writes: Scientists are learning how we can edit memories—and delete our worst fears. Hypnotists regularly reframe or help clients change their memories so that negative experiences from the past will no longer impact them (for example: phobias, child abuse, etc.). Will scientists perfect a method (now with lasers) to delete memories?

Gaia, will scientists in the future wipe terrible memories from a person’s brain with lasers or will something else be used?Hypnosis of Abductee

Hypnosis is already being used, Tom. You have these experiences for a reason, and certainly, it will be a person’s choice whether to undergo this procedure, but there will be other ways to treat traumatic experiences so that the memory is there, but not the trauma associated with the experience.

Treating by laser will remain an expensive option, even with insurance, in the future. There is also the danger of the laser destroying parts of the brain they do not mean to. There is always that danger. People will also meditate more and will be more able to release these traumatic memories in the future. Even you in your more limited time on Earth will see a movement away from surgeries and more towards alternative forms of treatment. And yes, these treatments will include the Spooky2 machine you just introduced to your readers.


Wind TurbinesRita writes: I have a question for Gaia about the use of wind turbines that harness the wind for energy. Supposedly they are a source of green energy and yet there has been quite a lot of documentation that they cause major health issues in humans and animals, especially if they are built close to our homes and farms. Could you please ask Gaia what the consequences of using wind turbines will be on our health and the health of our animals?

Thank you for all you do! My family and I use MBOs always! Thank you for showing us the way! Thank you and thanks to Gaia!

Gaia, do wind turbines adversely affect the health of humans and animals nearby?

Tom, there is nothing in the mechanics of the machines that adversely affects the health of humans and animals. It can only affect those with respiratory problems by stirring up the air around the base of the machine. They chose locations typically quite remote from human habitation so it does not affect them in any way. The advantages of having these machines to produce electricity far outweigh any potential danger to humans. You definitely would not want to be around when a tornado might strike. Even the strongest wind turbine can be downed in a higher category tornado. We’ll let your readers imagine how lethal that could be.


Jurassic ParkGaia, when the Earth Experiment is over, will all the souls who have been assisting you in running things on Earth stay, or what will happen, as you’ve said in the past that this will become a giant park for those from other worlds to visit.?

Many will remain, Tom. It just depends. You were thinking about dogs and cats, and yes, the group souls providing those soul fragments as a service to humans will be allowed to withdraw as they are domesticated animals and need to be taken care of and fed. Otherwise they would have to revert to being wild animals and that might not be too safe for visitors.

If they remained, it would be a small version of Jurassic Park, but not so much for dinosaurs, although I will allow gentle versions of those animals to return, but it would create packs—hungry is the word to use here—who might spoil an idyllic vacation for some family who wishes to enjoy the beauty of this planet. And as you can imagine, there will be rules and regulations of what they can and cannot do while visiting. Of course this will be after completion of the Earth Experiment and will not involve your souls other than to pay a nostalgic visit every so often to relive the good old days.


Vladimir NabokovMike in the UK writes: Vladimir Nabokov was an author most known for his very famous book "Lolita." For those who don't know, "Lolita" was a book about an adult professor who is sexually obsessed with a 12-year-old girl he falls in love with.

Obviously it goes without saying it was Nabokov's soul contract to push the envelope in regards to this particular book.

My question is was it a wider goal of his soul contract to show or reveal to the world (through the book Lolita) about predatory men interested in young girls? Or perhaps get people around the world to sympathize with these men?

Theo, what was Vladimir Nabokov’s soul contract regarding his novel “Lolita”?Lolita

Yes, a complex man and complex novel, as it did touch on at an early stage in modern times the attraction older men—certain older men and even women—for younger girls and boys. His soul interest/contract was as a writer. This was a significant life for him to be a noted author, one of many wordsmiths. His novel not only pointed out the attraction, but also in the end gave rise to bringing into the public eye the dangers of such obsessions. You would almost have to view it from our side to see how greatly public perception has changed regarding the unhealthy obsession with children by adults.


Mike writes: The UK has a severe alcohol problem, a lot of people of all ages, but specifically young people, engage in what's called "Binge Drinking" where in pubs and clubs all around the country they drink until they drop and pass out. With their drunken behavior causing horrendous sights across the country of people fighting, vomiting and collapsing in the street putting a huge strain on the Police and the Ambulance service as well as Hospitals were the Drunkards end up. Please explain why this happens.

Binge DrinkingTheo, why do so many young people binge drink these days? I don’t recall it being so significant in my younger days?

It wasn’t, Tom. But there are more younger souls having lives in these years with the increase in the world population. So that’s one of the lessons in life they have to learn at some point—moderation. Some people will learn this lesson in this life. For others it could take one, two, or more lives before they learn that binge drinking is an unhealthy lifestyle that is detrimental to one’s physical health, not only to the organs of your body, but also for allowing darker entities to attach themselves to enjoy the intoxication.

I highly recommend moderation, not only of alcohol but in any food or drugs you might ingest. These are life lessons and the sooner you are able to control these urges the sooner you can progress to the next lesson and soul bucket experience we’ll call it.


Shelby writes:
•Is the President’s Book of Secrets real?
George Washington•Where Is George Washington's soul fragments living at now?
•Does anyone ever stray from their soul contract completely? Or is that not possible?
•If we had any soul fragments in other planets would they have similar personalities?
•Do our souls have individual names that maybe we can't pronounce?
•And my soul contract please? Unless I should find that out for myself?
•It feels like time is going faster. Is it? Or is it normal?

I'm reading Gentle Way Book 2 now and it's awesome; thank you so much for your work! I have this little purple butterfly journal that has 3D butterflies on the front. It’s a scented journal, and I take notes in it from your books so that I can go back and look at things I forget and I also write MBOs in it at school.

Theo, is there a President’s Book of Secrets?

No, Tom. Each person reporting to the President has a mass of highly classified documents, but there is no little Black Book, we will call it for your purposes. He does have codes that he carries with him of nuclear activations, but that has been portrayed many times in the past.

Theo, has George Washington reincarnated at this time?

No, Tom. He is between incarnations you could say, viewing it from your perspective.

Soul ContractYou can get off of your soul contract, but I don’t advise it, as your soul path is the best path to take in your life. It’s the path you decided with input from your own soul and GA and all the people you will meet in your life. If you request MBOs, you’ll stay on your contract.

We lose our personalities when we leave these lives. We gain others.

Angelic (soul) names Theo says are impossible to pronounce with our vocal cords.

We are veiled from knowing our soul contracts, including me. Keep requesting MBOs.

Time is still speeding up just a little more I was told, but will cease before long.


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