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November 18, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
I'll call him Harvey writes:
Tom, could you please connect the dots for the two events. Which one will happen first, California Quakes or Yellowstone Super Volcano? Between 5 and 10 years for both events. You have said people will be fleeing California to the East. Will people also be fleeing Wyoming, Montana and Idaho at or about the same time? Map of NorthwestI live in Southeast Idaho and know we couldn’t survive the Volcano here.
What State would be a safe place to move to or is there a safe place that won’t be affected by the ash? Since the Volcano would affect the whole planet, is there a country that would be less affected by this and other natural disasters? The loss of life by these two events would be astronomical. Just knowing there is a possibility puts a responsibility on us to try to protect our loved ones. Thank You.

Gaia, using the 59% probability, which will occur first—the West Coast series of earthquakes or Yellowstone, and would the timing of the Italian volcano eruptions come before or after Yellowstone? And should I be using that probability?

First, yes we should be using that probability as there are no other  Volcano Eruptionprobabilities that at this time matches or surpasses that one, Tom, even though we understand you wish you had received incorrectly. That is not true, you did receive well on those points.
Next, as you were told previously, it will all start on the Ring of Fire at Japan. The pressure will slowly but surely increase to the point of the eruption and tsunami as previously discussed. Then comes the West Coast. That movement of the plates will set in motion the eruption of Yellowstone and, across the world, the Italian volcanoes. The volcanic eruptions will all take place within a month’s time. We can go over these figures and will several times in the next few years. The movement of the West Coast will bring the pressure needed to move the lava underneath Yellowstone, and yes, even the Italian volcanoes, as all are connected. Scientists have yet to connect the dots, shall we say.

But you say the volcanic action will be within a month after the West Coast? Am I receiving that correctly?

Yes, Tom.
And I am not presupposing?

No, Tom. That is the highest probability.
Krista writes:
I am a volunteer with a marine mammal rescue facility in Marine Rescue FacilityCalifornia. We rescue seals and sea lions that show up in distress. As sea lions are considered a sentinel species and tell us the health of the ocean, I wondered what will happen to these types of facilities in a quake. Animals that die contribute to cancer and epilepsy research in people. Will rescue and research into marine mammals stop? I also think of the Monterey Bay Aquarium which works to save otters who are threatened.
I enjoy your newsletter.

Gaia, what will happen to the mammal rescue facility in California, plus the Monterey Bay Aquarium that rescues otters, if the probability of the major quake and tsunami occurs?

As you can guess, Tom, they will not exist after the quakes and Monterrey Bay Aquariumtsunamis. There are many other oceanside facilities that all are doing great work for all these sea creatures that will also cease to exist. In time, they will be rebuilt perhaps at different locations around the world. Keep in mind that this is foremost a world created for Homo-sapiens to be challenged, but to overcome these challenges much better than you did the last time the oceans were raised when Mu sank. In many ways you are much more prepared, and of course in some ways there can be no preparation for a catastrophic event that you have not seen in your recorded history. Yet, as I said before, 75% of the world’s population has never had the experience of drowning or dying in an earthquake, and you must have these experiences as part of your Earth Experience.
Can BPs help change it to a lesser destruction?

Perhaps not the events, but the magnitude just a little. That is a good question, and certainly if enough people said the BP there can be a small change.
Here is a Benevolent Prayer to say OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to assist in lowering the intensity of any earthquakes that may be in the future for the Ring of Fire, thank you!”
Gaia, based on the 59% probability, will Alaska experience strong earthquakes and tsunamis?

Quite so, Tom. I’m glad you brought that up as this event will extend all Alaska Earthquake Damagealong the Ring of Fire, and that includes Central and South America that was going to be your next question. One series of earthquakes will trigger earthquakes in other locations. They are all connected. Your geologists just do not have the proper equipment yet to connect the dots, shall we say. But with the continued improvement in computers, that day will come in the not-so-distant future.

OK, that’s all my questions for today, Gaia. Hopefully if enough people say the BP we can lower the probability just a little, or at least the severity of the earthquakes.

We’ll see, Tom.
May I suggest you read my
EARTHQUAKE PREPARATION LIST that I prepared several years ago? It’s a little dated, but is a good starting point. Click here.
Sometime ago I was complaining to Gaia that I had spent all that time compiling my earthquake book (
THE GREAT QUAKES OF 2008 which is on my website) when I could have been spending my time writing other books. She told me at that time, “Oh, you may be able to use parts of that book in the future.” The Earthquake Preparation List is part of that book. 

Severine in China writes:
Here is what I read in several newspapers including in the Washington Post. Click here:
I quote:
"In September 2016, Chinese officials confirmed that they had lost control of the space lab and that it would crash into Earth sometime in the latter half of 2017. In May, China told the United Nations that the lab would reenter Earth between October [2017] and April 2018."
1. Will it be one of the coming disasters that Gaia mentioned that Chinese Space Lab'decreases' earth population?
2. What is the probability for the space station to crash in the ocean in the next 6 and 12 months? If so, which one or which part of the globe?
3. Will the crash happen? If so, on land or the sea?
4. If it does, how many casualties can we foresee and can we please say a BP for the best outcome possible?

Theo, where will the Chinese space lab crash and when, and will any lives be lost?

No, the majority of the lab will crash into the sea, although there will be pieces that land on land, narrowly missing people. There will some guidance there, you see, as it is not on anyone’s soul contract to die at Chinese Space Labthis time being hit with pieces of space junk.

More towards the New Year.
That’s the highest probability?

Quite so, but good you asked. The probability in those terms will be quite low to strike someone.
Here is a Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to guide the pieces of the Chinese Space Lab to crash into the sea or on uninhabited land, and to not injure anyone or their homes and property, thank you!”
Daralyn writes from Knoxville, TN:
In connection with the recent release of the classified documents around JFK's assassination - what prompted Jack Ruby to assassinate Oswald? Did the two men know each other? What was Ruby's soul interest? Will we ever know who actually shot Kennedy, since it is clear to me that Oswald could not have done it?
Theo, what were Jack Ruby’s and Oswald’s soul interests and did they Jack Ruby Shooting Oswaldknow each other?

They have known each other in past lives. Oswald had taken Jack Ruby’s life in another time period and it was balanced when Jack did the same in this life. They will continue to do the same until one or both forgives the other. Both their soul interests are government related, strange as that may seem. They both greatly affected history through their actions. Both will have upcoming lives where both will be what are considered good people. But of course there will be balancing in not only those lives but others as well.Lee Harvey Oswald
Was Lee Harvey Oswald the only shooter of JFK?

Good question, Tom. Those that believe there were multiple shooters will continue to believe that, and there were, but they did not have to become involved, shall we say. We covered this in the past should your readers wish to do a search. But this should tell you there was knowledge of what Oswald was up to and how he was manipulated to be in the School Book Depository that fateful day.
You can read more in the 12/7/13 Newsletter about the plot to kill President Kennedy on my website.

For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” as Theo calls them, and Theo introduced me to Antura in 2008. Since then, I’ve asked him thousands of questions, as he lives on a water world named Nommo in the Sirius B Star System. He’s an amphibian that looks a little Abe Sapien Hellboy movieslike the Abe Sapien character in the Hellboy movies. His soul interest is exploring, which he did a lot of during his 800 lives on Earth. He was the uncle of Marco Polo and explored the Silk Road before Marco did.
Check out my book,
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET for much more about Antura and ETs. To read two sample chapters, click here.
Judi writes:
Hope you can find out what this is for us, Tom. Thanks. Click here.
Antura, what caused the cloud ring over China—was it ET or man-made?

Man-made, Tom.
So, not a natural occurrence as some have suggested?

No, it was a test by the Chinese government. And no, it was not them Cloud Right Chinatrying an experiment with a portal. It will be some time before the Chinese admit to being the cause of this smoke ring, or dust ring.
Zohar writes:
I wish to ask Gaia if the Anunnaki are actually the Reptilian type extraterrestrials?
Is one of the Anunnaki actually the “God” of the Hebrews Jehovah?
Is the Anunnaki, at this time, located underground in the area of Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?

Antura, the Anunnaki are not to be confused with the Reptilians, are Cylinder Seal Impression of Spaceshipthey?

Not in the least, Tom. As we have previously discussed, the Reptilians never set foot on the Earth. These are two separate events.
Do they look like Homo-sapiens?

They are humanoid, Tom, but changed their appearance to look more like whomever they were forcing to work their mines as, if you recall, this went on for thousands of years. As you have been told many times, they are not allowed to set foot on this planet because they are on probation.
Was the Anunnaki the “god” of the Hebrews?

An early version we can say, but that ended.
So, let me get this straight—the Anunnaki did not look like Homo-sapiens.

No, humanoid, but as you will see one day there are many variations.

And none are on or in the interior of Earth at this time?Whale shark

Quite so. Again, they are not allowed to be here.
Nancy writes:
Can you ask Antura if it is common on his planet for beings to consume other beings as food? Is it typical on other planets to do so? My understanding is that here on Earth we were designed to consume other bodies (animals, plants, etc.) for energy. I also heard a teacher say once that it is wonderful to be consumed by a higher level (humans included--maybe not physically, however), because it may fulfill the purpose of the being.
Antura, are you aware of any planets where beings consume other beings for food, like the whale creature on Nommo?

Yes, Tom, there are planets where there are cycles of life where one living being consumes another as part of a food cycle. It is just not the same as on Earth. The food you eat has volunteered to be food for the Earth Experiment as it was known that natural sources of protein would be needed by primitive people. This will slowly fade away in time. Even on Nommo we learned how to control that whale-like creature to not First Contact Coverbother us, but yes, it took a few thousand years and a number of amphibian lives.
Have you left yet for Earth?

Not yet, Tom. I know you thought it would be around October, but again we have the problem of comparing Earth time to universal time, and the fact that everything moves at a slower pace than it does on Earth.
So, in Earth time, will it be in the next 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or longer?

Within the next 60 Earth days. Everything is almost ready to go on our end. The crew is assembling, although some will not arrive until the last minute.
How are the Pleiadians coming along? The Russians must love having a deadline so far out.

Yes, but that time is fast approaching, Tom. You’ll see, even though it seems as if it will never happen, it will.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Linda writes from Auburn, New York:
I said an MBO for an easy repair to Siding Repairthe siding that came off my house recently due to a storm. Winter is fast approaching and I didn’t want the walls damaged due to the missing siding. I said an MBO for the easiest and best repair for the siding at a low cost and may the results be sooner and better than I expect.
A couple days later, I was walking to work, and there were roofing contractors sitting in their truck waiting to start a job. I got a suggestion from my guide that I ask these men. So, I asked them if they would be willing to put the siding back on my house on their lunch time. I told them maybe tomorrow would be better because it’s raining today and my roof is metal and too slippery.
I also said an MBO for a dry day the next day. The next day it was a dry day and the roofer went up at lunch, put the siding back, and I paid him a reasonable amount of cash and more than he expected. So, the results were benevolent for all.UFO

Thanks for the MBOs.
I am still asking for those big happy surprises and yesterday I came home from a work event just before 8 pm and took the dogs outside the back yard. There were several ETs zipping through the skies in Auburn, NY. I was amazed as I am used to seeing the one ET taking readings, but I saw several of them zipping back and forth. I think there have been some significant energy waves coming through to account for so much activity by the ETs. It was quite a show!
Vivian writes:
Is it alright to record an MBO and put it on a loop so I Tape Recorderdon't have to repeat the MBO all over again?
I did get a chuckle as I had not heard that one before. I'm told that in the future scientists will REDISCOVER the power of the spoken word. But it has to come from the human voice-box and not from a recording.
A recording can be used as a reminder, but the power comes from requesting the MBOs yourself.
Sandy writes:
I needed to move from my second story apartment as I Roommateshad fallen down a 9-foot staircase. The rent was over $430. I MBO'd for the perfect housing situation to come up for me and quickly. One popped up almost immediately. It is a one-story home with three roommates and the rent is just $300. What is more, my roommates saved my life when I fell into a 3-week coma in May.
Pamela in Texas writes:
I just found this article about an archaeological find of stone horses with multiple riders.
They are dating it 200-years old, but I think they are older. Would you Stone Horses & Ridersask Gaia, or whomever should be asked, about these interesting stone carvings and depictions? Why would the horses have multiple riders? Can you tell us a bit about the group or civilization that carved them? And of course, symbology and age?

Click here.
Gaia, who carved the stone horses with up to four riders and thought to be dated to medieval times?

They are correct in their dating, Tom. This, again, is part of your unknown history as these people moved on due to outside circumstances. More artifacts will be found in the future in that area. The stone carvings were symbolic in a way with the number of riders part of the symbolism. Archeologists will continue their search in this area and will make more finds.
Aravind writes:
This story just published and questions for your guides: They are in the middle of nowhere. They could be 9000 years old. So, why did an ancient people build some 400 mysterious stone 'gates' around bubbling lava domes? Click here.
Excerpt from news story:
“Archaeologists know these stone structures are thousands of years Stone Gateold. They are deep within Saudi Arabia's deserts. They were detailed through analysis of satellite photographs by University of Western Australia researcher David Kennedy. And they're only called 'gates' because from the air they simply look like line drawings of a traditional gate found on farmers' fields. The gates make no sense. All of them appear to lead to ancient domes of lava. And at the time the rock walls were put into place, the lava was most likely active."
Gaia, can you explain the “Gates” found in the Saudi Arabian desert and thought to be 9,000 years old?

The time estimation is a little off, Tom, but not by too much. As archeologists and geologists have estimated, this was an active time period for underground movements. This was part of these people’s beliefs. They were of different shapes and lengths.
Kathe writes:
I had a beloved cocker spaniel that passed about 3 years ago. Even though I have adopted 3 new pets since then, I still miss him enormously as it is not the same amazing connection with the new pets Cocker Spanielthat I had with the cocker spaniel. My sister got a new puppy last year and he acts a lot like the dog that I had. I have been wondering if my dog went to her. He is a very expensive breed that I would never be able to afford and also a much bigger dog than I would have wanted to have. So, if he needed to go to her and be that breed, I can understand it. I just need to make peace if that is my dog that I had or not. I also wanted to ask if my beloved dog will ever come back to me. Thank you so much for your help!
Theo, is Kathe’s cocker spaniel back with her, her sister, or where?

She is correct, Tom, in thinking that her dog has not yet returned. Her dogs now were ones from even before this life who wished to rejoin her. Tell her to love them as long lost friends. Her cocker spaniel will return in the future to her. It is not with her sister as she thinks.
I recently saw a story about Alma Deutscher on 60 Minutes. I had previously asked about her five years ago, but now she is 12.
Click here.
Theo, please verify that Alma Deutscher is the reincarnation of Mozart?Alma Deutscher

Yes, we did cover that in the past. She is an amazing talent in this round. What we can describe as a pure channel.
How many guides, shall we call them, assist Alma in her compositions?

Yes, she is a pure channel and is constantly inundated with music every minute of the day. She, in a way like Bob Dylan, has a large number of composers on the other side that she pretends are in different imaginary countries. This will continue through her life as she is an old soul in the last quadrant. She still has brilliant compositions that the world will hear and enjoy.
If you’ve been reading these newsletters for some time you know that I’ve been told that my wife Dena’s next life will be back in ancient Egypt, shortly after the life she had as the Egyptian Princess who helped me and the rest of the 25,000 Atlantean migrants who followed me to resettle. This time she will be a man and leader, and I will be his assistant, although I have already lived that life.
I thought I might ask more about this, and I think you will find it interesting.
Theo, what is Dena’s soul interest? Is it government?Egyptian King

Yes, in a way, Tom. Obviously this life with you prepares her for her next life in ancient Egypt as a man leading his people. She will have more lives as both a good leader and bad leader to balance. But, you also notice, she has a great interest in healing, and you could say that is also her soul interest—leading in healing too.
In her next life I will be his assistant and it will be a past life for me, was I a seasoned soul yet?

Yes, again, because that life came quite soon after the Atlantean life, you were seasoned at that point, but had many fewer lives than you do now. A much younger soul in terms of Earth lives, but certainly far from being a younger soul. The two of you will accomplish a great deal in his/her upcoming life. But again, she needed this life to have the trust he will need to make those accomplishments and listen to your advice.
Rikki in Tucson writes:
Hi Tom, have been reading more of your information from the newsletters, it seems to put me in a certain "state of mind" all by itself; interesting, me thinks – LOL.
OK, on Dec 17, 2014 my neighbor in Virginia took his life, right under my Suicidenose so to speak. I was the last to speak to him, etc., the night before. I had NO IDEA he was going to end his life. I had become in love with him the last couple years or so before that and him with me; his family (brothers and sisters) was driving him bonkers. He lived with his Mother next door to me to care for her with Dementia. It was taking a deep toll on him and he was into drugs and alcohol, but I didn't know how deep. I was in my own depression back then and didn't see the signals, I guess, is all I can think of, but I did love him; he was the sweetest, nicest, most sincere man I ever met.
OK, so here's the question. He communicated with me within about 36 Telepathyhours after his death (he had something drop in the corner of the room I was in to get my attention because I had no idea he was "around" before he died). He knew of my Spiritual gifts and was very supportive of me. He told me then to "stay away from his family because they were all crazy, he meant literally, and it would be unbeneficial for me to be there, so I listened and stayed away.
Shortly after that, he came one night and told me he was going to "Angel school" so to speak and would be away from me for some time. I knew what he said is true, it is just a knowing to me deep down. He said he had to learn a lot and would be back to help me, etc., etc., he was so excited to be able to be with me in this capacity.
And so it was he popped up here and there. I left Virginia in August of 2015. After losing him and putting my Chihuahua down, I was just lost. Once I got to Tucson, seemed like spiritual things got much easier for me.
A couple months ago I was reading something you wrote, Tom, about Guardian Angel"just ask your Guardian Angel’s name," so I did and yup, it was him. Ronnie was all smiles, very CLEAR to me and much closer in vibration than before. He said he was so proud to be my Guardian Angel, at least one of them as he put it.
Being as how I have worked with the Divine Mother for years, she tells me I would believe what he tells me easier than other beings I ask for guidance, soooo of course I want to know what YOU feel about this, and what YOUR Guardian Angel says about this. I have never heard of such or read about it, but I do believe it. I just need some extra input I guess.
Thank you for all you do, Tom; you have made a tremendous difference in my life with your newsletters and books and the like.

As a reminder to everyone, the first communication I had was back in 2005 at Dick Sutphen’s seminar in Sedona, Arizona when I spoke with an American Indian Shaman by the name of (in English) Reveals the Mysteries. Reveals told me he lived in the mid-1600s in the western part of North America (I’m not to say where), and I also was a Shaman who lived there at the same time. My name was Still Water—and I had decided to
“reincarnate in the 20th Century to reintroduce people to The Gentle Way.” I received the title of the book the first time I communicated with him!
I asked many questions about his life, which was very difficult, as this Indian Shamanwas before the time of canoes and horses. He said they had “sturdy feet” and were always hungry during the winters. I actually spoke with me (Still Water) one time when Reveals told me he was grieving the death of the Chief of the tribe, as they had grown up together as boys.
Later, after he transitioned from that life, he informed me he was my main guide in this life, and that we were part of the same soul “cluster.” I am always reminded of him each time I go into a meditative state as when I sign off with anyone we always say “Atah,” which is an Indian greeting.
As I have been told previously, each one of us has a “whole soul” that we call our Guardian Angel. Then we have our main guide who is part of our soul cluster and knows our soul contract for this life, plus other guides that come and go depending upon if you change careers to do something new.
I can easily see where Ronnie could come through to you. You both have probably had past lives together, so there is that trust that evolves. Just be sure to surround yourself with a bubble of white light each time you communicate with him, your Guardian Angel, or whomever you wish to speak to. Ask him if you have had other lives together. I think that will be interesting for you to learn about. Good luck!


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