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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

October 3, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accuracy.  And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”). 


Last week I forgot to give Mantej in the UK credit for the Taured Man questions.  My apologies.  I do like to note who asks these questions that appear each week in the newsletter.  And as a reminder, I only use first names, and you MBOcan even request that I change your name. 

Time to say the Benevolent Prayer (BP) each week and every week until Election Day, as people are voting right now.
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in helping people choose the people who will make decisions in the best interests of all the people of the United States, the country, and the world, thank you!”

Please send me any MBO or BP stories about your Pets. I especially need stories about your unusual pets for my PETS book.  There is one in the newsletter, today.  Also, two conversations with Pet Group Souls.

For those of you on Quora, I occasionally answer questions posed there. You can “follow me,” and if you do, please “upvote” my answers. I do this to reach a different group of people and grow the newsletter. So far, I have had over Orbs2,200,000 views of my answers.


Many of your questions are taking about three weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

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ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of Atlantis & Lemuria bookthe world, and I send white light and love to every single person and being I meet or encounter today, thank you!”

My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Jan writes:  Here is my question:
Was Donald Trump either a dictator (of some sort) or perhaps a king or emperor in another lifetime?  If so, can you ask who it would have been?  Thank you.Donald Trump

Gaia, I assume Donald Trump had government leader positions in past lives.  What did they include, and were all in the past or one or more in the future?

Good question, Tom.  Yes, of course he had to have had lives of leadership of countries.  These were small countries by their very nature, and yes included lives where he was in government, however was not the leader, but took an active part in assisting in running the country.  All of these lives were in the past, none in the future.    And yes, they included being a king, and yes, a dictator, although you would have to have an education in history to recognize them.  These dated all the way back to Atlantean and Lemurian times, and of course there is no written history, since it was destroyed when they destroyed themselves. 

Were the leadership roles on all the continents?

Yes, save one. 

So, not North America?

Correct.  All the others except Antarctica, which we do not include. 

South American dictator?

Quite so.  A couple of lives in Europe as a king in the far past.    And in China as the king of a province.  That should be enough for your readers, Tom.


Daralyn asked me to speak to Spider Soul. 

Spider Soul here, Tom.  Good morning.

Good morning, Spider Soul, and good life.

Thank you, Tom.  I believe you have questions for me for your Pets book?Spider

Quite so.  Do you ensoul all the spiders on Earth, or is there another soul to share the responsibility?

I do ensoul every spider on Earth, Tom.  It was my great joy when Creator tapped on my shoulder and asked if I would like this job.  It is an amazing experience to be asked, and needless to say, quite a responsibility.

I assume you had attained the highest vibrational level on the planet you came from?

That’s correct.  You’ll find that everyone Creator asked to take part in the Earth Experiment had the highest vibrational level where they originated.  And as  others have told you in the past, I could have said no, but when Creator asks, no one does, especially for such a huge responsibility.

Did Creator specify exactly what Creator wanted, or were you able to make suggestions too?

Great thing about Creator is that Creator always listens.  We had great conversations regarding Creator’s idea, long term goals, and how spiders would Jumping Spiders Guidebe part of the eco system of Earth.  I, in turn, presented a couple of ideas—yes actually more than that, but Creator was quite open.  You understand that all of this takes place in what I would describe for you as a second in time.  At this level, a soul has that ability. 

Do you enjoy being a pet of a percentage of humans?

Oh yes, it gives me feedback on your lives, and I enjoy the attention.  All I ask is that my soul fragments are not just kept in a box.  A place that we can climb, spin webs, etc., is best, plus of course sufficient foods for our needs. 

On the world you came from, first of all, is the planetary system near or far away?

On the other side of the universe, Tom, although we have a presence on many worlds, as you will discover when the Explorer race starts traveling to other star systems.  We are a hearty breed, you might say, able to exist in environments that would seem hostile to you. 

I have not asked about size.  On Earth, your size is quite small.  Is that the same elsewhere?

No, Tom.  There are much larger species of spiders that exist.  More on the one meter, three foot variety, but also all the way down to tiny ones too.    Creator did not want us to be too big on Earth, again just enough to fit the eco system, and with enough variety for your scientists to study and see the differences. 

OK, that’s all my questions for today, Spider Soul.  I’ll come back if anyone wishes to ask more questions.

It was a pleasure, Tom.  Creator had, and has, a beautiful master plan for Earth, and I was thrilled to ask to take part in this.  I will remain long after the Explorer Race departs Earth, and will greet all the people from around the universe who will come on their vacations to the most beautiful planet in this universe. 

Good life Tom.

Good life and God speed Spider Soul.


Matt writes:  I was wondering if you could ask the Cat Soul how they feel about being groomed by professional groomers. My wife is a cat grooming business owner, and they shave the cats and give them baths, or sometimes give them special haircuts, like to look like a lizard or dinosaur. Are they angry? Will there be karma to pay?

Cat Soul here, Tom. Good morning.

Good morning Cat Soul, and good life.

Cat soul, how do you and your soul fragments feel about grooming and special Cat Being Groomedhaircuts?

Certainly we need grooming.  I don’t particularly like being an alley cat, but the feral variety is all part of my ensoulments on Earth. 

Yes, but in our conversations in the past, you said that there is one soul to ensoul all the domesticated cats and then one or more other souls for other felines.

That’s correct, Tom.  But I was referring to other felines such as lions and tigers and bobcats, etc.  Whether the cat is quite domesticated or feral, I still ensoul all those various varieties.

Back to my grooming question, you said your soul fragments do like to be groomed.  What about the special haircuts some people enjoy giving their cats?

Let’s say we put up with or tolerate these as part of allowing the humans to spread their artistic wings.  For many people, we are their only friends—they have no human ones.  They do love us, and we give love back to them. 

Thanks for answering my questions today, Cat Soul.  I wish you a good life and God speed.


David writes:  My question for Gaia is:Marxism

The far left ideology such as Marxism and Cmmunism is as evil as Nazism (perhaps much more). How long will it continue to plague the humanity?

Gaia, how long will Marxism and Communism remain?

Both will morph, if you will, to a much more gentle form, with higher ideals.  This will take many years, as those people with this on their soul contract must have the chance to process the experience. 


For my new readers, in 2008, Theo introduced me to another member of my soul “cluster,” which consists of eight fragments of my soul.  We each have a different soul interest, and in this case, Antura has a soul interest in exploration and laying out towns from their beginning.  Among his 800 lives on Earth, he was Marco Polo’s uncle, who traveled the Silk Road before Marco wrote about it, and was Sacagawea, who guided the Lewis and Clark expedition on the Northwest Passage.  In this life, he is an ET, an amphibian, and a member of a “first contact” team that studies evolving cultures and makes contact with them.  Right now he is orbiting overhead in a giant mothership, where they take millions of readings each day.  You can read much more about him in my FIRST First Contact bookCONTACT: Conversations with an ET book.  Here are questions I asked this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom, and good morning from me and my teammates.

Good morning, Antura and teammates.  Hope I’m not interrupting anything.

Not at all, Tom.  We all knew you would be doing a session this morning.  One of the other timeline selves is also doing one too, so we are monitoring both, you could say.

Antura, why did the hangar they were building at Area 51 suddenly disappear? 

Although large, it was a temporary structure, Tom.  They wanted to cover something up, and then later it was transferred to another building.  That’s all I’m allowed to say at this time. 

Antura, correct me, but how many months ago was Time Line 8 onboard? 

It was around the first of the year, Tom. 

What is the projected time for Time Line 7 to arrive?

We are projecting that will occur a little after the first of the year, Tom.  Things are moving in that direction. 

So, are you projecting that it will be in January of 2022 for us, or even later, as our frequency level is a drop below Time Line 7?

No, Tom.  We think it will be sooner, but as I have not been truthful, due to a number of factors, I don’t want to make any promises.  All I can tell you is that the time to meet and greet you is drawing closer. 

Trevor writes:  Thanks for all you do spreading benevolent energy throughout Reptillian Depictionour world, and for all the amazing information you share with humanity.
Can you ask Antura about the beliefs and culture of the Reptilians from the Great War? Do they have any religious beliefs? If so, what do they believe? Do they only know of conquest and domination? Do they appreciate any sort of art or music? 

Also, can you ask about what sort of resources and elements they took from the different planets? Is their technology adaptable to whatever planet they extract resources from, whereby they make use of whatever they can? Or, are there more specific elements they look for?

Also, is the federation technology superior to the reptilians, but the war was so long because of the sheer number of the reptilians?  I believe you received that the Lyrans and Vegans are the two most ancient societies and advanced by many billions of years over the federation and reptilians. Finally, can you ask—on a scale of zero to ten—ten being the technological capabilities of the Lyrans and Vegans, where the more advanced federation systems, the reptilians, and also where humans (currently) fall on that scale?

Antura, what is the Dracos' beliefs and culture—their religious beliefs and art and music?

They do believe in the Creator, as virtually all beings do outside the Earth Experiment.  They have their own spiritual people, but not like ours.  Very reptilian-oriented.  Their art is just too hard to describe, as it is completely alien to anything on Earth.  Same with the music.

What did they take from the conquered planets?Star Wars

They had resources that the Dracos needed, as they had depleted those in their own galaxy.  You have yet to discover what those minerals and such are.  Remember that you were told in the past that one day in the future you would be told to hang on to a certain element—that there would be a use for it in the future.

Would you say that the Federation technology is the same, superior, or inferior to reptilian technology?

Very close to the same, Tom. 

On a scale of 1-10 as ranked against the Vegans and Lyrans, rank the technology of the Dracos, Federation, and lastly humans.

We would rank both ourselves and the Reptilians at around the 7 mark.  Earth would rank down at a 1.5 or so, as keep in mind we have millions of years ahead of you in the development of all types of technology. 

Mantej in the UK writes:  1. How many UFOs will Actor TOM CRUISE get to Tom Cruisesee when he goes to the International Space Station in October 2021?  Click here.

2.  Since one of the crashed UFOs landed in the U.K. in the late 40s this may have possibly even been before the Roswell crash in the USA in ‘47. Even if it was afterwards why wasn’t there a massive amount of worldwide attention like the Roswell crash? Was it because there wern’t any witnesses in the U.K.?

3.  After all the disclosures in the future, will the dead ETs that are still in the crashed spaceship on the moon, be bought back from the moon and be put in a museum one day?

4.  What year did it take place, and how many astronauts were in the secret Crashed ship on the moonmission to the Moon to investigate the crashed ET ship on the moon?

5.  I assume, on the same secret mission to the moon, they investigated all of the buildings on the moon from the previous civilization who built them there. How much did they explore?

6.  Interesting to note that in the past Antura said that Lord Mountbatten was fascinated with UFOs. But Antura also said Lord Mountbatten was content with just seeing the outside of the UFO when it landed on his country estate. That would imply he was quite apprehensive to go inside!  Why is this? Was this the same as Eisenhower who thought he may never return if Valiant Thor took him away in his ship?

Antura, what is the probability of Tom Cruise seeing ET craft in his trip to the space station in October of 2021?

Quite high, Tom.  The crew will try and dismiss their presence, but there will be no doubt in his mind.  Keep in mind that he is a Scientologist and already believes in ETs. 

Were there no witnesses to the 40s ET crash in the UK?Depiction of ET Crash

It was dismissed as a plane crash, which they certainly had many of.  There were no eyewitnesses to the crash itself.

Will the bodies of ET crash victims remain on the moon?

Of course, Tom.  As you were told before, the actual spacecraft would be too dangerous to even explore. 

So, there was not some secret mission to the moon to explore the crash and the ET facility?

Absolutely not, Tom.  You’re not at that stage yet.

Why, with Mountbatten’s fascination with ETs, did he not go inside the spacecraft? 

Again, it was fear, Tom.  To actually see one up close can be very intimidating, especially to a person from that time period—way before all the Star Wars and Star Trek films.  These films were successful to introducing people to the interiors of spaceships, even at a primitive level.


These three stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

Trevor writes:  I use MBOs for so many things large and small. This is the first Beagle in Vet officeMBO I ever requested from back around 2006.

My wife and I adopted a beagle named Jolly who had been a research dog at a veterinarian school. Because of this experience, every time our little beagle went to the veterinarian for anything, it was very traumatic for her, lots of snarling and snapping at anyone who came near her. She needed to have a minor procedure done and I was driving her to the appointment.

On the way there, I requested an MBO for her appointment to go well and for the most comforting and benevolent energies to be with her for the appointment. Jolly seemed a little nervous when they took her in, but she didn’t act aggressively at all like she usually did. When she was done, that little beagle came trotting out from the exam room with her tail wagging like she didn’t have a care in the world! Even the vet who knew her well remarked that it was like interacting with a completely different dog!

Well, Tom, this was enough for me to keep requesting MBOs for any of our dog’s visits to the vet, as well as to start requesting them for other things too. Thank you so much Tom! MBOs really do work like magic!


Martha writes:  Greetings to you!  I am a long time reader of your work.  I first read your columns in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and have followed you for years on your internet sites, including Facebook.  MBOs have been a staple of life for me for a very long time.  I cannot imagine my life without them.

I have been guided to send MBOs to the blog for months now, and have resisted.  Stress in OfficeHowever, my guides are being more insistent lately.  I recently had a job that was very stressful, and to help with the daily stress, I had numerous and very specific MBOs that I would say on a daily basis.  Those MBOs were life savers for me, but took up so much time every day that I decided I could request 'Long term' MBOs that I would say once on a weekly basis.  I simply said, "I request a long term most benevolent outcome for...”  These had the very same results for me as doing it on a daily basis.

I have also found that asking my daughter to say MBOs with me, (me asking for an MBO, she asking any and all golden light beings), the energy for the MBO was greatly magnified.  I am reminded of the biblical teaching of "where two or more come together..."  And, I also use this on my own, and ask that my request be joined with all others who are praying for the same outcome.

I live in Florida, and this has helped enormously with Hurricanes over the years, but it also helps with all disasters and upheavals all over the globe. 

Thank you, Tom.  I am grateful for you and your work.


Kurt writes:  I would just like to tell you about an absolutely amazing happening today.  I went to the cemetery for a walk to enjoy the peaceful nature and the colorful fall colors. My partner and I sat down on a bench to relax. I was Graveyardwearing a jacket with my wallet in the pocket. When we got home, I noticed my wallet was missing.

I said an MBO for the return of my wallet. About an hour later we went back to search the area in the cemetery to look for my wallet, but it was nowhere to be found.  Shortly after we got home, my phone rings. It was the city police. A very kind officer was on the phone and told me that a young lady found my wallet on a bench in the cemetery and she drove to the main police station and handed it over to the officer on the front desk.  I asked the officer if she left her name and contact details so I could thank her.  He said no, she did not as she was in a hurry.

When I said the MBO I knew that I would get my wallet back.  But I truly wish I could have thanked the lady that turned it in to the police.  I'm deeply grateful to my GA and any and all beings and I wish many blessings for the Lady that turned in my wallet.


Charlie writes:  DEATH EXIT POINTS

1.   Does everyone have the same amount of potential exit points in their lives to die? Or does the amount of potential exits depend on being a young, medium and old soul?

2.    Can you request an MBO to die at your nearest oncoming exit point?

3.    If a person's soul contract calls for them to die at certain time but they are Death enjoying their life so much and don’t wish to die yet - can additional exit points be added that weren’t previously agreed on as part of their soul contract, so they die at a later stage?

Theo, does everyone have multiple exit points?

No, Tom.  Many have just one, such as when someone has it on their soul contract to die unexpectedly to those around them from a sudden death.  These deaths are all soul contracts.  They are not just happenstance. 

Does this differ between young, medium, and old souls?

Again, it all depends upon the soul contract—and what you set out to achieve in Transitiona particular life.  Even an old soul can have just one exit point. 

Can you request an MBO to transition at the first exit point?

You can, Tom, but it is your soul that decides if there is much more to learn and experience by staying around.  We, meaning your GAs, must abide by your souls’ decisions.  If they tell us, you are making great progress, then we abide by those instructions.  Remember that an MBO request must be benevolent for everyone in that request and that means you too.

If a person is happy and ticking off soul contract points, can additional exist points be added?

Not really, Tom.  Again, your soul knows all the probabilities for your life prior to your birth, so the exit points are placed, according to all these probabilities.


John writes:  Why do people die on Commercial Flights?

Why do people die of natural causes on commercial flights? Is it specifically Passengers on a planebecause a “logistically inconvenient” death is on the bucket list, and also the other passengers on the plane need that for their learning experiences? To see a fellow member of the public die in their presence? Click here.

Theo, why do some people have soul contracts to die on commercial flights?

Various reasons, Tom.  Some do not wish their families to be there when they transition.  Then there is the reaction to those on board the plane to experience a death.  They may have chosen to quietly transition without their family around, so that their family has the experience of death at a distance, similar to a soldier dying in another country. 


Graham writes:  Attempted Murder on Soul Contract.

When people get apprehended and imprisoned for attempted murder, how many times is it the case that actually:

1.  They have been crossing swords with this person in many past lives so they're attempting to murder them again in this life, but it's now time for them to learn Police Arrestto forgive so they're caught and imprisoned?

2. Or how many times is it actually the case where being caught before murdering them in this life is actually to make the killing of their victim much sweeter and enjoyable for them in a future life, when they will catch up with them and kill them?

Theo, when people are caught for attempted murder, is it generally because they crossed swords with that person in a prior life?

Quite often it is, Tom.  There are a number of scenarios.  The other person could have killed them in a prior life, but their soul contract in this round is for only attempting to murder the other person.

Does forgiveness have anything to do with it?

No, it is normally that the person tried to kill them in a prior life, but failed, and now it is their turn to even the slate.


George writes:  1919 World Series

Just curious about gangster Arnold Rothstein who fixed the 1919 World Series.Chicago Blacksocks

Will he have to balance this life being forced to cheat in whatever vocation he has in a future life, or simply will he just have normal balancing from being a gangster?
Click here.  

Theo, what is the balancing for the gangster Arnold Rothstein, who fixed the 1919 World Series?

Lives where they lose money to gambling is just one scenario.  Being cheated is another.  Of course, Arnold was having one of his bad boy lives, per his soul contract.  He is incarnated again in this time period, and is a pillar of his community.  All lives must balance.


Donna writes:  I can't thank you enough for your newsletters. After a particularly powerful healing session, I'm sure I was led to you by my GA. I have been reading them non-stop the past few weeks, working my way back in time. Thank you - I can feel my consciousness expanding in powerful ways and deep peace settling into my being as my understanding expands.

As I've been reading your newsletters, here are some questions that I've been Ego Signpondering:
  • If we define ego as "the veil of individual personality that bars you from having a universal existence," which can also be the part of us that creates our own suffering, is the ego something only humans have? If so, why?
  • What is Eckhart Tolle's soul age and his soul interest?
  • From a session with a channeler, my spirit guides kept telling me to "do the work, which is communicating," so I surmise that one of my soul interests is communication, perhaps along with the arts. What does it mean to have a soul interest in communication? Does a soul interest in communication mean that I am to explore all forms of communication (e.g. writing, performing, speaking, etc.)? And what am I communicating to people - spiritual truths and empowerment?

Theo, do only humans have an ego? 

There are different personalities of beings all over the universe, but having an ego while being veiled from knowing your true self is unique in the universe.  Here it can be your protection, or on the flip side you can have an inflated view of yourself—and this is a learning moment or moments—and a bucket list item. 

What quadrant is Eckhart Tolle on and his soul interest? Wikipedia. Eckhart Tolle

He is on the last life of a young soul, Tom.  He will cross over to a medium soul after this life. 

Then, he is not a medium soul?

Not quite yet.  This is a significant life for him.  His soul interest would be described as spiritual.

What is a soul interest in communication?

It can be all forms of communication, Tom.  Just think about how many ways there are to communicate.  In the future there will be even more ways to be discovered to communicate—and that includes telepathy, as those that can are few and far between at this time. 

And is Donna’s soul interest communication?

Yes.  Her soul wishes to explore this in each life, whether it be a teacher in a school, or communicating ideas around the world. 


Eileen writes: Would you please ask Gaia about the ensouling of planet Earth?  Did Gaia take it over from the entity Tiamat when the Earth collided with planet Marduk/Nibiru and fragments broke off from Earth to become the asteroid Planet Explodingbelt?  Is Tiamat and Gaia one and the same entity?  If not, what happened to Tiamat?  Where did she go?

Gaia, was there such a soul as Tiamat?  And did Earth collide with any other planet?

Keep in mind, Tom, that the planet Marduk was ensouled at one time, before they blew up the planet.  Here stories are a little jumbled.  The Earth never collided with another planet.  It was brought here for the Earth Experiment [from the Sirius B Star System].  Tiamat was the name given to the soul of the planet that was destroyed.  That soul was given another planet, not in this solar system.


Ray writes:  Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves

Was Ali Baba a real person? 
Click here.

Theo, was Ali Baba a real person?

No, Tom.  Ali was a figment of the writer’s imagination, but an endearing one that has lasted through the ages. 


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