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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

August 15, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

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Be sure to read the last topic, MR. ANOMALY. It will give you a better idea of why I do these newsletters.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Diane writes: There always seems to be a question about Social Security that pops up now and then with Congress, but today Trump has really threatened Social Security and Medicare.

My question for Gaia and you - do we have to worry about having NO social security in the future? Will they take it away, which would be a BIG disaster for Active Seniorssure for Baby Boomers who have no pension or 401K and depend on Social Security?

Gaia, what is the probability of Social Security being eliminated or reduced in the USA?

Very small at this time, Tom. There will be attempts to reduce the amount paid, but the lobby groups for senior citizens will mount campaigns to keep these benefits virtually the same, with the exception of the age when these benefits kick in as there will be a recognition that not only are people living longer, which will put a strain on Social Security, but also that people are or will be wanting to work longer as they recognize the benefits of active participation in life.

They may decide to do completely different work than they now do—a second career, if you will. Or subconsciously they will be encouraged to begin studies on a career they will have in a future life. There are many possibilities. People are much more active and engaged than they were even just a few short years ago. This is, of course, made possible by the raise in your vibrational levels.


Daralyn writes: What are the probabilities for the Cascadian subduction zone Cascadian Subductin Zoneslippage in the future?

Gaia, what is the probability of the Cascadian subduction slippage in the future, or is this tied to all the West Coast probabilities?

Yes, Tom, they are all connected, which your geologists have not yet determined, although there is speculation that they are. There will be slippage. The question is, how much and in what increments shall I adjust. As I have said in the past, the probability for these adjustments, you call earthquakes, is over 60% in the next five years. You have been asking for updates every six months, so let’s continue on that schedule, and ask again in late December.


George writes: Married at First Sight TV Show

What is the soul contract of the COMPLETE STRANGERS who agree to take part in the TV show Married at First Sight who agree to marry a complete stranger they've never met before at the altar? The TV series has 20 Versions in 20 different countries. Click here.

Theo, what are the soul contracts of people who take part in the TV show Married At First Sight“Married at First Sight,” and the involvement of their Guardian Angels?

Contrary to what most people would think, Tom, these experiences by those who volunteer for the show are all on their soul contracts. It would be similar to the TV shows that are in India to have arranged marriages. Some of the people – you should say all of the people – have had previous lives with those that they meet on the show. For some, the time together will be brief—what you would term the same as an intense love affair that only lasts a short time. For others, it will be a longer term relationship as their GAs assist in putting the two together.

What may seem happenstance to the viewing audience is much, much more guided from our perspective. All of these souls are in the younger quadrants, and this is but one way for them to meet and interact with other soul clusters that they will work with in many lives to come.


Jen writes: Didn't know if you've seen this video from a Ring camera. Pretty cool! Think it's legit? Click here.

Gaia, was the footage of a fairy taken on a Ring camera real, or CGI, or perhaps Fairy on Ring Cameraan insect as someone suggested?

Yes, it was real, Tom. King of the Faeries wanted to remind everyone that they exist. As you saw, it got a lot of TV exposure.

So, am I receiving this correctly?

Absolutely, Tom. Take it to the bank. One of these days the Faery King would like to see you work on their book again.

Get us mostly out of the film distribution business where I have more time on my hands.

All in due time, Tom.


Eric writes: Will the coin shortage spread and will we also have a shortage of low denomination paper money? Will the U.S. become a cashless society, and if Coin Collectionso, what is the rough timeframe?

Theo, will there be a shortage of coins and low denomination bills?

Only temporarily.

Will we become a cashless society and if so, when?

You are quickly moving in the direction of a cashless society, Tom. Cash and coins will eventually be just for collectors. Give it five more years, more or less.


Gaia, there was a channeling recently that Mars colonists would live on the surface. Did I receive correctly that they would discover caverns that would make living there easier? There seems to be two different probabilities.Mars Colonists

As has been discussed before, your astronauts will initially live on the surface. But when caverns are discovered, there will be a fairly quick analysis of the benefits of cavern living, we’ll call it.

So, are you saying that there will be two approaches?

No, these discoveries will not happen overnight. Much exploration will go on until that “ah-ha” day.

You said it would be the Brown Mountains. Is that the color or the person who discovered or had named the mountains?

Both, Tom, you’ll see.


For my new readers, Antura is an ET, but is also a member of my soul group or “cluster,” also having lives on Earth—800 so far. Right now he is orbiting the Earth in a huge three-mile-wide and twenty-stories-tall mothership as part of a “first contact” team with a specialty in “grass roots” contacts. Besides me, he’s in contact with two or three others. You can read much more about him, his planet, the mothership, and the original star wars in my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are the questions I asked this week.

Raymond in Arlington, Texas, writes:
You recently made a comment about Triangle UFOtriangular UFOs.

Why do they make UFOs in the shape of a triangle? It is among the most inefficient shapes to use. A circle or a square would be a more efficient use of space.

A triangle might be effective in areas with high winds, but if the UFOs produce a vacuum around their craft, and they use anti-gravity for propulsion, a polygon would be effective as well.

Is there anything special about a triangle?

Antura, any specific reason some ET craft are triangle-shaped, as you said yours is more the classic round shape?

There are a couple of reasons, Tom. Those craft were developed by societies that enjoy the triangle shape. It has a significance to them. You could say they are heavily into geometric patterns. And the design of the craft has three engines, we will call them for your purposes—that’s not everyone, but several. All operate similarly to ours, Tom, regarding speed and capabilities.

Mike writes from the UK: George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush and Trump.

1. Is it true that George H.W. Bush while head of the CIA refused to give any All the Presidentsinformation to the then President, Jimmy Carter, on ETs and UFOs? And how much did H.W. Bush know himself as head of the CIA?

2. Since H.W. Bush later became Vice President under Reagan and then even the actual President himself after that, was he kept in the loop on ETs and UFOs?

3. Did his son George W. Bush find out about UFOs from his own President father H.W. Bush, or did he have to find out on his own when he became President himself?

4. What about any of Trump's 5 children. Have they bugged Trump to find out about ETs and UFOs?

Antura, did George H. W. Bush, when he was head of the CIA, know more about ETs, and did not tell President Carter?

No, Tom. This was not a CIA function. It was the Defense Department, and they kept their secrets well.

Was he or his son more aware when they were Presidents?Area 51

Very little, Tom. They were told it was better that they did not know, so they would not slip up and say something. They were told they could truthfully deny any knowledge if asked.

Have Trump’s children asked him to find out?

No, they have been kept in the dark. There was no reason for them to be informed.

Aryan writes from India: When we meet a spiritually-accomplished person there is a sense of peace that person carries around him.

Everyone notices the change in atmosphere because of that person.

Will we (all humans) feel the same when we will meet our ET buddies personally?

Antura, will humans feel a sense of peace, meeting ETs for the first time?ET depiction

There will be a variety of responses, Tom. That’s why there are many concerned that there would be many people frightened by even meeting Pleiadians, who look like normal Homo sapiens. So many people were told for years and years that you are the only intelligent beings. Now, some are having to eat those words. We are trying to bring them along as gently as possible, and the recent revelations were just as we expected—people want to know more—and they will.

Antura, I happened to read a newsletter from 10/25/14 and an earlier one from 3/1/14 about two spiders on board your ship. Did I receive correctly, and if so what are their sizes and height? And do they have 8 legs?

Yes, you received correctly Tom. They are not giant creatures as depicted in some science fiction movies. They are more around two to three feet in circumference. Any larger, they would have problems navigating the passageways—at least some of them. They do use all of their appendages – legs – to walk about. They are not vertical as you thought that might be a possibility. Wolf SpiderAnd yes, they are from one of the Sirian planets.

And there are just two of them?

Yes, that was all that were needed. They are studying spiders on Earth.

Then I assume the reason you have bird beings on board is to study bird life on Earth, and if so, would the plant beings do the same for plant life?

There you have it, Tom. Everyone has a job to do. They just don’t wander the halls all day. There is important work for them too—and we can say all the beings on board this ship. Everyone has some sort of job they find interesting. And Earth is the most interesting planet at this time in the Universe. It brings out the best in all of us on board.

What are the beings studying that you described as having no visible means of locomotion?

Best description would be energies, Tom. At this time it is impossible for me to Energygo into more detail that you or your readers would understand. Their work is that advanced.

Joyette sent me this footage of a government plane taking off from New York on its way carrying Donald Trump to his inauguration. At 1:50 and 2:55, you’ll see two different UFOs. Here is the link—click here:

Antura, whose scout craft buzzed Donald Trump’s plane as it took off from New York City on its way to the Inauguration in Washington, DC?

They were Federation ships, just not Sirian, Tom. One was from his home planet. The other was from a different Federation group, shall I say. And to answer a question you had in mind, they were scanning the plane’s occupants and taking readings.

Maria writes from Estonia: What are the life forms supposed to do to be called ‘intelligent’ by ETs?

What other experiments (like Earth) are going on in our Universe?Whale

Antura, how do ETs define intelligence?

That would take too long to fully discuss here, Tom. Suffice to say, the ability to form, create, invent, besides being able to communicate. You’ll find that we can communicate with virtually all species of animals on your planet. They have different levels of intelligence, and a couple are even more intelligent than humans. You just have not yet reached the level of being able to recognize this and communicate with them. This is another place where telepathy will bridge the gap, shall we say.

What frequency level will remain at the end of the Earth Experiment?

As with all planets in the future, there will be some negativity, just not to the level you experience now.

But will there still remain the 12 parallel Earths?

No. That was only needed for the Experiment. There will just be one Earth in Parallel Earthsthe future.

So, how much negativity will remain?

Less than 2%, Tom. For visitors, in a way that we can describe, it will be an experience for them as are your experiences of visiting Sedona. It will lift their energy level. It will not just be a pretty place to visit, but a lifting of their energy levels too. That has never been discussed before.

I was told that there are no other experiments going on at this time.

Mantej writes:
UFO lands In Zimbabwe School playground!

1. Why did the UFO land at the school playground for all of the school children Zimbabwe UFO Children's drawingsto see in Zimbabwe in September 1994, and why did the ETs actually come out for the school children to see?

2. Will all of the Zimbabwe schoolchildren who are now adults be contacted publicly by ETs again the future?

YouTube: Click here.

Antura, why did an ET ship land near a school grounds in 1994 in Zimbabwe, and two black eyed black beings emerged?

It was allowed, Tom, so that it could be determined, on a small scale, how children would react to the landing. Some were frightened, and most were amazed and never forgot the experience. It gave us ETs a chance to see over time how the close encounter would affect them. You could call it a study group. It was a Federation ship—just not one of the regulars, you could say.

I’m surprised it was allowed, what with the contingent of Federation planets that do not wish any contact at all.

The Federation was prepared to rewrite that history—remove that event or wipe their memories, should it have been too traumatic.


These two stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

Linda writes: I routinely use MBOs with great results. Recently, I had an interesting experience with one that didn’t materialize quite as quickly as I hoped.

I own an antique business. I acquired a dresser that I needed help to reassemble, Electric Drillto add the mirror on. I got a friend to help. She borrowed her father’s prize electric drill for the task. We had the drill, then it disappeared. We looked all over the shop. We had the ladies working that day to look. My friend and her father returned that afternoon to look. The drill was nowhere to be found. My friend took some verbal abuse from her father for several days while the drill was missing.
Meanwhile I was doing a steady stream of MBOs. I was riding down the road one day wondering why I couldn’t find it--MBOs never fail me. Usually I find the object quickly after I say one.

A few days later, I took some clothes to the local charity shop to donate. As we unloaded the SUV, one of the workers at the shop asked me what was on top of my vehicle. There was the drill in the luggage rack.
It had been riding right over my head as I said the MBOs for its return. It was with me all the time...or else it chose that moment to return from the other dimension where it had been. I had been riding up and down hills in my SUV, and it had not fallen off. The MBO was there from the moment I requested it. It just took me a while to catch up.


Anne-Marie writes: My cousin had an accident while driving my car, a broken SUVheadlight and the bumper was torn off, but no one was injured. To my surprise, the car was written off. Started saying MBOs and found the perfect replacement, even better than I could have hoped for. Unfortunately, I had declared bankruptcy 5 years ago and was not able to secure a loan to purchase the vehicle. I despaired, but kept saying MBOs and finally was able to obtain a personal loan at a very reasonable interest. Almost a month to the day later, I was the proud owner of a new-to-me SUV.


Rhea writes: Q1: I’ve got this embarrassing and childish reaction to being a soul fragment. Is it as ‘less than’ as it sounds??

1a. Is a fragment to its whole soul similar in any way to a child to their parent? One being creating a separate and independent being? Can whole souls use source energy for this, or do they yield some of their own? Basically, how does a whole soul go about deciding to, then creating a fragment?

1b. A bit more nagging is the idea that after transitioning we absorb into the Deathwhole soul from whence we came, thus losing ourselves and, essentially, dying. I would love for you to correct me on this!

Q2: Related to above, if we all come together as the first-ever-Creator of this kind, then do we essentially die as we merge? Or rather will it work like some sort of co-operative, or hive mind?

Q3: Abraham-Hicks has been recorded joking about how they love everybody. As awesome as that is, does that mean our Guardians have this broad sort of love for us, or is it in any way a greater love for us as individuals?

Theo, when we die and our soul fragment is absorbed back into soul, does that soul fragment die?

It is just as described, Tom, it is absorbed. The soul simply absorbs all that has been learned in that life and prepares the soul fragment for its next life.

I have been previously corrected by Theo regarding the fragments of our souls in these soul “clusters,” as Theo calls them. I used to think we were all identical peas in a pod, with each taking its turn with a life on Earth. Theo says our souls Guardian Angel Infinitycreated us each with different soul interests. My soul interest is religions. Antura, another member of my soul cluster, was given an interest in exploration and laying out towns from the very beginning. Reveals the Mysteries, the Native American Indian Shaman that was my first contact in 2005, is currently my main Guide.

When we all merge into a creator, the same will happen; we will absorb—not a bee-hive.

As our Guardian Angels are Golden Light Beings, having raised their vibrational levels over eons of time, they truly love all their charges, as Theo tells me to pass along to each of you over and over again. Theo says he was the first Golden Light Being to volunteer (they prefer the term “Servants of the Creator”), and he was given his choice of how many souls he would watch over their soul fragments. I was told it was over 27,000. The same GAs take care of us in all of our lives on Earth.


Emily writes: A new book Night of The Assassins by Howard Blum has been released about how close Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt came to be assassinated by one of Hitler's Top Commandos in 1943.

1. Did the author of the book, Howard Blum, have a past life during WW2 in the inner circles of either the allies or the axis powers to write the book?

2. Was Hitler's favorite commando Otto Skorzeny (who came up with the plan Otto Skorzenyto assassinate the 3 leaders) killed by Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt in past lives, so this would have been a balancing by him if the assassinations were successful, or was his soul contract just to be a soldier? Click here.

Theo, was Nazi commando Otto Skorzeny’s soul interest soldiering?

Yes, like many souls that took part in WWII, soldiering is his soul interest. And to answer another question, yes, a soul fragment can have lives where in the same war they are on both sides of a conflict to give them a balanced learning of what wars are all about. Otto would see this one as one where he was on the losing side. This life was significant, as he was able to work at a high level as a soldier.

Did Howard Blum have a life in WWII? Did Otto have any past lives with Hitler or the three leaders of WWII?

Yes, Otto did have a life before with the soul fragments, and Otto later in another life with Hitler. Again may we remind everyone that you can have multiple lives in the 20th Century?


Krishna writes from Hyderabad, India: I have come across your replies on reincarnation, cluster souls, etc., in Quora. I would like you to answer and Sushant Singh Rajputprovide solace on this burning topic in Indian cinema i.e., the death of a young film star Sushant Singh Rajput. He would have reached great heights but for the dirty politics and nepotism in the film industry. The police are trying to make a case of death by hanging, i.e., suicide, and suppressing the true facts.

Can you meditate on this case and give the true picture of the entire incident. Date of death is 14th June 2020. Date of birth is 21st January 1986. Why did he have to go so young? I would be thankful to you if you could take it as your personal case and solve the misery of his fans in India.

Theo, what was the cause of death for the Indian film star Sushant Singh Rajput?

Depression, Tom. It was on his soul contract to transition in this manner this round. His next life will be as a woman and will be quite successful.


Recently, a gentleman on Quora said that my answer regarding the question, “Is there really a Guardian Angel,” was delusional, claiming he had great experience as a layman in psychology. I did respond, but afterwards my Guides started downloading more information.

As I have explained before, I estimate that I’ve asked about 25,000 questions in a meditative state since 2005 and perhaps over 30,000. When I asked if I should avoid times like the full or new moons as some channelers do, I was told no, they wanted me to keep up a steady schedule. Now I understand why as I have created what is termed a “body of work.” But it is also a “body of proof” that Anomalytelepathy works. These “thought packets” I receive are instantly communicated over time and distance, and I’m told I can communicate with anyone in the universe, whether in spirit form or even in other time periods, just as I did when I first began and communicated with an American Indian Shaman living in the 1600s.

[Attribution: Alpha Stock Images -
Original Author: Nick Youngson -]

Then the gentleman that claimed I must be delusional was responding, based on his “box of beliefs,” that said this is not possible—but it is! So, in scientific terms, what would this be called? I’m given that this is an “anomaly,” which is defined as, “something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected."

When science discovers an anomaly, typically someone will start research to discover why the anomaly exists. Great discoveries have resulted from these studies. I think that is part of my soul contract—to encourage one or more scientists to learn why there is an anomaly here, as I’m told that in the future, almost everyone will meditate.

Think about it; when we begin to travel to the stars around 3250, there will be beings we encounter that will not speak as we speak. They could be chirps, hisses, or a thousand other ways they might communicate. How will we communicate with them? My guess is that we will have telepaths on board each star ship that will have been trained to communicate telepathically.

So, I thank the gentleman who claimed I must be delusional. He acted as the catalyst for me to study more about telepathy. In the meantime, you can just call me “Mr. Anomaly!”


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