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October 31, 2015

Tom T. Moore


WelcomeWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then send an email to tomtmoore6(at) with your name and email address.

I hope you are enjoying these newsletters. If you do, please forward to your friends. My goal has always been to ask questions that no one else is asking. There is no other newsletter like it, I’m sure you’ll agree.


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Here is the first "Benevolent Outcome for the Week" to say out loud.  "I ask any and all beings to assist the refugees crossing from Turkey to be safe and reach Lesbos, thank you!"

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Hurricane Patricia InfaredGaia, with the warming of the oceans will there be more hurricanes as strong as Patricia, or will that one stay the record?

That one will be the record for some time to come, Tom, but there will be one or two more in the future that will be as strong, if not a little stronger. The fact that people are learning to pray for these storms to weaken is a big development. I might remind your readers, Tom, in such places as the Philippines and Japan that they too can say Benevolent Prayers for the storms to weaken and I will oblige as all of you must learn that you are Junior Creators in Training and these storms can be controlled with a little help from your friends.

The fact that Patricia did minor damage in comparison to what it was capable of should give you an insight to what can be accomplished. I also moved the storm a little to the south so that the heavily populated Puerto Vallarta tourist area would be spared. That was all due to your Facebook friends saying the BP in unison, along with countless prayers said by those in the storm’s path.

Read this L.A. Times story about no deaths in Mexico!


SphereGaia, in the 12th focus, which I think you said in the past is where you’re located, are there spatial boundaries as there are in the fifth focus, so that we could say that a whole soul such as yourself would take up x amount of space?

No, Tom. Here we get into a discussion about that energy soup, as we’ve called it in the past, plus this would be more of a discussion for someone with a background in quantum physics, and even the most learned people might scratch their heads. I could be as small as a baseball or as large as, let’s say, a football stadium—it makes no difference.

So I could be hugging a football stadium instead of a giant beach ball?

That’s a good analogy, Tom. But, when you visualize putting your arms on my surface, that idea you present does have its intended effect of expressing your affection and I send it back to you 100 fold.


Loni writes: I am interested in when we pass over, do we continue to "think" like we do here in this reality? In other words, all of the thoughts that run through our mind now, will we think like this on the other side of the veil, albeit, maybe without all the judgments and analysis? I haven't been able to find answers to this question anywhere.

OrbTheo, in between lives are we ever cut off from any knowledge, since we are soul fragments, or are we all knowing?

Much closer to all knowing, Tom. As I said before, you are discouraged from looking too far ahead into your future lives as, even with your knowledge to know you might have 100 or 200 more lives just to reach a certain point, looks daunting. But knowing how you connect to your soul and all of the other souls and soul fragments is quite known and understood.

My daughter and her husband are expecting in January. Originally, it was to be a boy and I received 14 pages of questions and answers, but the two made some decision that changed things (which I don’t know), and they will first have a daughter. My daughter is a younger soul and is not too into this, so here is the information so far. But this is also to demonstrate what you can also ask during a meditation. I wish I could get everyone to meditate as that will be the norm in the future!

10/17/15 Good morning, Pops! Yes, I’m going to call you that too, if you don’t mind?

Not at all, my dear.

Soul DepictionFirst question I have to ask is are you the same soul fragment that was going to be my grandson?

No I’m not, Pops. As Theo explained, Shannon and Matthew made certain choices that caused me to take first position you might say, and your future grandson to wait in the wings a little longer. Of course, I’m describing it in Earth terms since there is no time here, so he will not just sit on his hands, shall we say? To him, it will be but a moment in time before he arrives.

As his soul interest will be computers and such, what will be your soul interest?

More business-oriented, Pops. But I also want to be creative too, so I’ll inherit my mom’s artistic talents and will work to combine those into a profession.

10/19/15 Granddaughter here, Pops.

Good morning, babe. Just a quick question or two.

When was your last life on Earth?

Not so long ago, Pops. I transitioned, let’s say, within the last 20 years.

Were you on the North American continent or another?

Another, Pops.





Am I receiving this correctly?

Theo here, Tom. Yes, you are.

[With a new connection, I like to check the reception.]

Was it France?


German Map 1909Germany?

Yes, there you have it, Pops. I was a fraulein, you could say.

10/21/15 Granddaughter here, Pops. Good morning.

Good morning, my future little one. Hope we can keep the connection and have it grow in a benevolent way.

That’s sweet, Pops. I’m sure it will.

How old were you when you transitioned?

Yes, I was considered an old lady since I did not die a sudden death. I went peacefully.

At what age was this?

I was in my 80s.

So, you, like your future brother, lived through World War II.

Quite so, including the nationalization.

German CoupleDid you have any children?

Oh yes, we had a full family with my husband and four children.

Did you live in a city or in a rural area?

More rural, which kept us safer from all the bombing that took place.

Did you live in northern or southern Germany?

More to the south.

Do you like German music?

Oh yes, we all loved the classic German standards.

Did you work or were you primarily a housewife?

No, we especially had to work when food became scarce and there was fighting nearby.

Captured Germans WW2Did your husband live or was he killed in the war?

No, he lived. He became a POW towards the end of the war. Yes, you are receiving me correctly on the timing, Pops. I was born earlier than my future brother. So, I experienced two wars.

OK, that’s all for today future little one.  By the way, when did you start hanging around Shannon?

Both my brother and I were introduced to her you might say well before inception. To have us is on our soul contracts and hers too.

10/24/15 Granddaughter here, Pops.

Good morning and good life, my dear. I do send you my love as best I can.

And both my future brother and I do the same, Pops. This is new for us, but we understand why it’s needed and are happy to participate.

You said before that you experienced two wars. Was your birth before or after 1910?

Just before, Pops. It was 1909.

Then when WWII came, you were in your thirties?

That’s correct.

German Class WW2Were any of your children old enough to serve as soldiers?

No, although naturally they were in the youth guards—a couple were.

I would have thought that perhaps the older one or ones might have since the German government was sending out children during the last part of the war.

Yes, but the Allied troops moved in before they were forced into service. I was very thankful.

Your husband was a soldier though, correct?

Oh yes. He was captured and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp. He was quite bitter, both at being imprisoned and seeing the great loss of life of many of his friends.

I assume he did not fight in Russia?

No, or he probably would not have returned. Many of our friends were killed in the war. It was a very sad time.

Having gone through two wars is there any reason for deciding to incarnate at this time?

Certainly, I needed a life where there will be no wars. But, of course, as with any life, there are many factors and the foremost is for me to be in my mother and dad’s family unit.

Are you a young, medium or seasoned soul in terms of Earth lives?

A little younger, but not too much. I’ve had a few lives less than my mom and dad. I have many in front of me, but as you know we just experience them one at a time.

Food Scarcity in GermanyLast question for today, what was your husband’s profession after the war?

Life was quite hard, as you might imagine, for some time after the war, so he was busy doing construction and repairing houses and farms.

Will he be in this life again with you?

No, not this one, but certainly many in the future.

OK, that’s all for now, my dear. I send my love.

And me too, Pops.


9/11 TowersSally writes: First of all, thank you for your weekly blogs. I appreciate this service very much.

I was astounded that Donald Trump had the courage to comment that President Bush deserved some blame over 9/11 and that the media covered it--even though mostly with a negative spin. Eighty-four percent of us reject the official story according to a New York Times/CNN poll (, in spite of what the media says.

Does Donald's comment indicate that a call for a new investigation, with regard to 9/11, will be coming fairly soon—say, within a year?

Theo, what is the probability of 9/11 being reopened in the next year, or two years?

This horrific event will continue to be studied for many years. First, one group and then another will either present more theories or place the blame in several directions. So, the probability of this happening is pretty high. Will it result in the arrest of those involved, not too likely.


Antura is an ET, and one of my soul “cluster” brothers, so we have a good connection. You can read much more about his First Contact Front Coverlife on a water planet in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.

Leslie writes from Colorado: Thank you for your work with Gaia, Theo, and Antura. I look forward to your weekly email and the interesting things you will include.

Nearly 25 years ago, I was in my Irving, Texas home and had a terrifying experience. One night, I woke up paralyzed and unable to speak. I was lifted out of my bed through the roof and onto a spaceship. I was placed on a metallic table with two kinds of ETs (one type seemed to be the scientists and one type seemed to be subservient) around me. After they experimented on me for a while, I was returned to my bed. My partner at the time never heard a thing. Could you enlighten me as to the purpose of the abduction and what types of beings were involved? Was this a one-time thing or the only time I recalled the events?

Antura, was Leslie abducted, I assume, by the Zetas one or more times?

Zeta AbductionYes it was the Zetas, Tom, and it was just once. Her DNA did not match what they were looking for. Normally a person does not remember as much as she did of the transfer to the ship and the examination.

So it was not just her etheric body that was moved?

Oh no. They had the capability to move her directly through the roof.

These questions came from Mantej:

Antura, what is the probability of President Obama meeting the Pleiadians before his departure from the White House?

As you guessed, Tom, it is fairly low at this time, due to the delay by the Russians. The probability of the next president meeting them is quite high.  Still, there is a small probability it could happen just prior to his leaving office.

Is it the Pleiadians that are assisting in the back engineering?

Yes, although, keep in mind, there are Pleiadians who look more like you than do other Pleiadians.

It has been almost 70 years since Roswell. Exactly what has the Federation allowed to be accomplished?

Certainly, they were most interested in the propulsion systems. Luckily, none of the craft seized have portal capabilities. We have been extra careful since that time period to not allow any other craft to fall into the hands of your or any other government.

How many other ETs are there in other countries?

As you guessed, Tom, we have a presence in China and Russia as we do not want one nation to have an advantage over another. And we have UFOexplained this to them in great detail.

Antura, what forms of communication do ETs have, and I assume it would be instantaneous?

Yes, the second is true. We use an advanced form of video quite beyond your understanding at this time. I’m not trying to be vague, Tom, but this form of communication would be several hundred years in your future.

Does it use the same pathway as your trips through a portal?

Yes, but again you will not learn how to portal hop until 3250 or thereabouts, so with that breakthrough will come others such as communication.

Antura, how many ETs are assigned to assist Earth humans with back engineering?

A very few, Tom—less than 10.

Do they look human or are they quite noticeable in their differences?

The latter, Tom. There is no mistaking that they are different, yet they are humanoid and can be disguised if they are needed somewhere.

Has the back engineering produced any developments in metallurgy?

Quite so, but not as far as you might guess. Some of the metals used are just not available on Earth so there has been that limitation.

Has a power like the United States built any saucer-shaped aircraft?

Quite so, but those are much slower than our systems. You might say we put speed controls on them and limited their range.

Auntmommie writes: I hope this email finds you in good health and humor. I so very much enjoy each and every one of your newsletters and I do my best to share as much information about them as I can with people I know who will find it useful…and we both know that isn’t everyone, not yet anyway!!! So here are a few questions that have been on my mind:

Are there other species in the Universe that cry tears from their eyes in order to release excess negative energy? I know the Adam and Eve model were equipped with tear ducts for a variety of reasons, crying being one of them. I’ve read from Gaia that one of the challenges of the Explorer Race is to deal with negativity, and the ability to cry is one way we humans release internal negativity. Are there other species in the universe that cry in order to release internal negativity the way we humans do?

Antura, are there other societies in the universe that cry tears to release stress?

Yes, a few Tom, but not so much to relieve stress. Humans on Earth own that category, you could say. But it is quite common for there to be liquids of one type or another that cover the eyes. And if irritated, their eyes produce more liquids that could be construed as tears—just not from stress. As I have mentioned many times, Tom, no one in the universe endures or experiences the negativity that humans on Earth do.

Dearn sent me this neat UFO video.

Antura, was the video of the UFO dropping tracers, and then one forming a halo, real or CGI?

No, quite real, Tom. There was no danger to anyone below. The ship commander wanted to put on a show.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at New York Comic Con

Laurie writes from Atlanta: Once upon a time, waaaay back in 2009, I requested an MBO for “helpful people to be put in my path” during a trip to a New York comic book convention. The MBO resulted in my being introduced to a publisher of children’s books — and I’m still working with them to this day in 2015. I started out writing super-hero stories for kids, and now I’ve expanded into writing other types of books for the company. What a marvelous MBO! It just keeps giving and giving.


Lisa writes: Tom, I have been having problems with my computer for the past month. It started with a huge puff of smoke coming out the side of the fan on the laptop--it cut off. I was like "this is toasted," plugged it in and it wouldn't come back on, so I left it for a couple of days then I walked over, said an MBO and it miraculously came on and stayed on for four days until I turned it off. Then it wouldn't come on again for another couple of days.

SeamstressSo I said another MBO and, again, it came back up and running and I asked my GAs if they would assist me in keeping it going until after Mercury retrograde and to get enough money together to purchase a new laptop that is higher quality. Sometimes I feel like I over work my GAs, but am very thankful for the work they do for me when I need it.

I have slowly gotten some documents off, but still can't let go of this laptop until it is totally dead. Love using MBOs; sometimes they work and sometimes I don't see the actual stuff happen, but I know if I don't get immediate response it must be something else down the pipeline for me.

Thanks, Tom, for all the work you do in the newsletters and letting others know about MBOs. I keep asking for the right employment position for me, so that I can let go of my fledgling business, but nothing is happening except more alterations coming in (which is what I have been doing to keep the lights on for my exercise place), but I would really like something with a firmer paycheck because I only get paid when I do the sewing and the people pick it up, very inconsistent.

Sometimes you do have to be patient. Lisa is doing the right thing in requesting MBOs, so she just needs to be patient.  She is also gaining valuable knowledge about having your own business.


Adrian writes from Mexico: Hi Tom. I am Adrian from Mexico. I've read First Contact and it is an amazing book. I'm looking forward to reading your other books. The purpose of this email is to let you know a message I received during a meditation, and it is about healing in the future. the doctors call “placebo” right now is something far beyond our understanding.

PlaceboAs you know, diseases are an imbalance in our energies caused by stress or problems in our life. Right now, we are not capable of controlling those energies. So, the placebo is just a tool to control those energies subconsciously.

How does that work? (That's the message I received during a meditation)

Well, when a doctor gives a patient a placebo and the patient thinks it is a medicine, that will cure him. He or she believing that subconsciously unlocks the energy paths that are blocked and the final result is the resolution of the disease. That is the thing science hasn't discovered yet because there is no way to measure those energy paths.

But in the future, as we progress in our understanding of our body, we will be able to do that consciously.

This was a message I received from Saint Germain.

So, I want to ask you (and I will request an MBO for you to read this e-mail) if you could ask Theo about it and please let me know if you did that.

You are an amazing author, and I am very interested in extraterrestrial beings. which was the reason I found you and I'm glad that happened.

Theo, will scientists in the future learn more about how the placebo effect works to heal?

Quite so. At this time, it is considered rather far-fetched for most of the scientific community, but they are moving in that direction as they see how the body can heal itself. There have been and will be many theories presented as to how this occurs.

I also get the message that this is something for one or more scientists to have an “ah-ha” moment of discovery. Perhaps an experiment will be made when all the people in a study will be given placebos to see the different reactions.


Hyperbaric ChambersChuck writes: We plan to arrange for hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy for our daughter Amy who is very ill with colon cancer that has metastasized to the liver and lungs. She's very ill, and surprised the doctors when she was able to come home Thursday. We're not holding expectations, but we do know that this therapy has had some success with cancer and we're curious as to whether any of the entities that communicate with you have ever made mention of this therapy.

I would also request an appropriate BP for our daughter Amy. Thank you and your spirit friends for the wisdom and guidance.

Theo, do hyperbaric chambers work better than vitamin cocktails in the treatment of colon and liver cancer?

Tom, there are soul contracts at work here, and again, we have told you not to be involved in the medical treatments. Allow this family to treat their child as they see fit. We will say that you have been told in the past that these vitamin cocktails do assist in treating cancer. That does not mean that might be the only way, but we do recommend adding that into the treatments that a family or person chooses. It can even heighten or compliment other treatments.

Let’s all say a Benevolent Prayer for Amy: “I ask any and all beings to assist in the treatment of Amy and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


This question came from both Tyler and Nikki on Facebook.

Gaia, was there an image of city buildings floating over China, and if so, where or how did it originate?

 Yes there was that image, Tom, but do not be concerned as it was simply a reflective image. It was not CGI as they say, but a reflection.

So, the image was not photoshopped or CGI?

Not in this instance, Tom.

And not something a cloud artist would create?

No, but that is a good guess. Just go with the reflective image and that will be as close as we can explain it.

[I tried to make sure I was not leaving any possibility out.]  And it was not another time line bleeding through?

Another good guess, Tom, but not in this instance.


GuideThings you never know until you ask. I’m being asked to create a series for a new Roku Channel. I’ve asked on Facebook, and about half know that Roku is a device that allows you to view 2,500 channels and about half have never heard of it. They have sold 10 million of these devices so far and seem to be gaining in popularity. Please go to Facebook and “like” my Tom T. Moore Author page!

Theo, now that it appears I’m going to do some talks on Roku, will I add any guides for that or do I already have my full complement?

There is no need to add any temporary guides, Tom, since one of your guides is well versed in public speaking. That guide was added a long time ago, even before you started in the entertainment business, as don’t forget you were speaking and even acting all the way back to your childhood and on from there. As you can see, all of this is well planned in advance.


Theo, did I miss on Stephen Harper, since I thought he had an 80%Trudeau probability of being elected in Canada?

Yes, but don’t forget the number of people, not only those who read your newsletter, Tom, but many, many others who prayed for a person who would act in the best interests of the citizens. There was great power in those prayers. We cannot influence your decisions, only explain how things can go in a benevolent direction. So, suddenly, a simple prayer for benevolent leadership if said by enough people gives miraculous results. The 20% probability that was the most benevolent suddenly does solidify. Even the people of Canada were astounded by that turn of events.


Loni writes from Illinois: MBOs continue to enhance my life! Too many stories to tell...but we have a dilemma here in northern Illinois with the death of a police officer, beloved by many, nicknamed "GI Joe." Joe Gliniewicz was found dead after calling in and pursuing three suspects believed to be breaking into a store. His death has not been conclusive: homicide or suicide!!! Any help for this man's family and community?

Theo, did Officer Joe Gliniewicz die at his own hand or by another?

Another, Tom. More will be revealed in the investigation.


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Gentle Way BookDon’t forget that ALL THREE GENTLE WAY books are NOW AVAILABLE as Ebooks on Kindle and other The Gentle Way IIIservices!  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  All three books can change lives!


For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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ATLANTISAPRIL 25, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015, AUGUST 8, 2015, SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015,  OCTOBER 17, 2015,                                                                        

CONVERSATIONS WITH ANTURA, THE ET -- DECEMBER 29, 2012--JUNE 7, 2014 (ALL), JUNE 14, 2014, JUINE 21, 2014, JUNE 28, 2014, JULY 5, 2014, JULY 12, 2014, JULY 19, 2014, JULY 26, 2014, AUGUST 2, 2014, AUGUST 9, 2014, AUGUST 16, 2014, AUGUST 23, 2014, AUGUST 30, 2014, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014, SEPTEMBER 13, 2014, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014, SEPTEMBER 27, 2014, OCTOBER 4, 2014, OCTOBER 11, 2014, OCTOBER 18, 2014, OCTOBER 25, 2014, NOVEMBER 1, 2014, NOVEMBER 15, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014, DECEMBER 6, 2014, DECEMBER 13, 2014, DECEMBER 20, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 10, 2015, JANUARY 17, 2015, JANUARY 24, 2015, JANUARY 31, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 14, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 14, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 11, 2015, APRIL 18, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 16, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, JUNE 20, 2015, JUNE 27, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015, AUGUST 8, 2015, AUGUST 15, 2015, AUGUST 22, 2015, AUGUST 29, 2015, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015, OCTOBER 10, 2015,  OCTOBER 17, 2015, OCTOBER 24, 2015, OCTOBER 31, 2015,                                                           
JESUS--SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 13, 2012, OCTOBER 20, 2012, OCTOBER 27, 2012, NOVEMBER 3, 2012, NOVEMBER 10, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, DECEMBER 1, 2012, DECEMBER 8, 2012, DECEMBER 15, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013, JANUARY 11, 2014, JANUARY 18, 2014, APRIL 12, 2014, APRIL 19, 2014, APRIL 26, 2014, MAY 3, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 17, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JULY 12, 2014, DECEMBER 6, 2014, DECEMBER 20, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, FEBRUARY, 14, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015, OCTOBER 3, 2015, OCTOBER 17, 2015, OCTOBER 24, 2015,                           

GAIA, SOUL OF THE EARTH— AUGUST 23, 2008 SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, MARCH 30, 2013, NOVEMBER 23, 2013, JANUARY 4, 2014, JANUARY 11, 2014, JANUARY 18, 2014, JANUARY 25, 2014, FEBRUARY 8, 2014, FEBRUARY 15, 2014, FEBRUARY 22, 2014, MARCH 1, 2014, MARCH 29, 2014,  APRIL 5, 2014, MAY 3, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 17, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JUNE 21, 2014, JUNE 28, 2014, JULY 5, 2014, JULY 12, 2014, JULY 19, 2014, AUGUST 2, 2014, AUGUST 9, 2014, AUGUST 16, 2014, AUGUST 23, 2014, AUGUST 30, 2014, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014, SEPTEMBER 13, 2014, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014, SEPTEMBER 27, 2014, OCTOBER 4, 2014, OCTOBER 11, 2014, OCTOBER 18, 2014, OCTOBER 25, 2014, NOVEMBER 8, 2014, NOVEMBER 15, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014,  NOVEMBER 29, 2014, DECEMBER 6, 2014, DECEMBER 13, 2013, DECEMBER 20, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, JANUARY 10, 2015, JANUARY 17, 2015, JANUARY 24, 2015, JANUARY 31, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 14, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 15, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 4, 2015, APRIL 11, 2015, APRIL 18, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 2, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 16, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JUNE 20, 2015, JUNE 27, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015, AUGUST 8, 2015,  AUGUST 15, 2015, AUGUST 22, 2015, AUGUST 29, 2015, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015, OCTOBER 3, 2015, OCTOBER 10, 2015, OCTOBER 17, 2015, OCTOBER 24, 2015, OCTOBER 31, 2015,                                                           
TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, NOVEMBER 23, 2013, NOVEMBER 30, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2014, JANUARY 4, 2014, APRIL 26, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JUNE 14, 2014, JULY 26, 2014, NOVEMBER 8, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, JANUARY 10, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 14, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015,  SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, OCTOBER 17, 2015,                       

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015,  SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015,                                      


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