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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

May 20, 2023

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to The Gentle Way Book and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the home page. If you are reading this for the first time and enjoy it, please share with your friends and family.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accurate. Most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


My old editor, Carissa, just had her daughter via cesarean section on May 15. Both are doing well. Thanks for your Benevolent Prayers!

Anyone interested in working on the gun buy back program? I’m short on time and need some email and phone contacts.

I don’t know if you have noticed over the months and years I’m generally ahead of events—even when I don’t realize it. Case is point are all the latest mass shootings, the latest one in Allen, Texas, only about five miles, as the Box of Ghost Gunscrow flies, from my house in Plano. That’s the 199th of the year. This week we’re over 200 just in the middle of May! A bill was passed out of committee in the Texas House last week and was declared dead on arrival. Change has to come nationally.

Have you been forwarding the GUNS FOR GROCERIES Petition on the website to your friends and family? Have you signed yet? Let’s get to 2,000! Please sign and then you can use this tiny URL to send to your friends:, or do you just wish to keep seeing mass shootings every day? Plus, contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators as I have. If we can stop even one or two in the future, isn’t that worth signing and supporting this gun buyback proposal? No one else is doing anything. Please join with me—don’t be passive on this—SIGN!!

If you are not receiving the Newsletter, let me know.


RECENT INTERVIEW: LINDA G, COMANCHE PSYCHIC. March 30. We Debbie Hedburgdiscussed Timelines and much more. Click here.


I realize there are several Benevolent Prayers to say listed below. PLEASE TAKE THE FEW SHORT SECONDS TO SAY EACH ONE OUT LOUD. Remember, the human voice is much more powerful than people in this time period realize. I’m told there is a crescendo effect when hundreds and thousands say the BP out loud.

There are predictions that the war in Ukraine will last for many more months. Let's say this Benevolent Prayer for the people of UKRAINE:
"I ask for any and all beings to aid, comfort, and assist the people of Ukraine to remain safe, for all prisoners of war to be treated under the rules of the Geneva Convention, for the economic sanctions imposed on Russia to work, for the grain to be transported, to return the thousands of Ukrainian children home, and to return the Russian and Ukrainian soldiers home, thank you!"

We are making a difference!

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IS TELEPATHY UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATION? Click here. Atlantis & Lemuria book

Many of your questions are taking at least four weeks to respond to. If it takes over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning, just as I do: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes, and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of the world, thank you!”

My previous book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

Before we move on to the rest of the newsletter, a quick explanation for my new subscribers: Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.


Ralonne had been working on compiling a book on Gaia before she transitioned. I am trying to get back on it, so here are more follow up questions. She had previously told me that she had ensouled a two-mile-wide asteroid through the galaxies, which Creator said she needed to do in order to in the future be a quantum master.

Gaia, how fast did the asteroid you ensouled travel?

Yes, in Earth terms over 100,000 miles per hour.

So, not 200,000 or more? I want to get this correct.

No, stick with that figure. It was just a little above.

How long in Earth years did it take to cross each galaxy?

Depending upon the galaxy, it could take over a million Earth years, Tom.

What were you studying and learning? And did you converse with the souls of the suns and planets or was it mostly conversations with Creator?

All three, Tom. I had many conversations with Creator learning why and for what purpose he created these galaxies that are all different from each other. And I also had many conversations with the souls that made up each galaxy as to why they were attracted to those particular galaxies. This is getting a little beyond your understanding at this point, but the Explorer Race will see great differences in each galaxy when you begin to travel to the stars around 3250. Each soul has a different interest, as we have touched on before.

Are there any other quantum master souls ensouling planets in this universe, and what about suns?

You would think there would be a number in the trillions of galaxies, but you Universecould count the number of souls that have achieved quantum master level of learning on one hand. We all communicate with each other on occasion.

How many galaxies were in existence when you began your journey?

Hundreds, but not thousands or millions as you were thinking. You might say it looked daunting, but Creator said that needed to be my path to much more understanding.

You mentioned that there are very few quantum masters in our universe. Are all of them ensouling planets, suns, or a mixture?

Good question, Tom. A mixture. Each of us has our soul interest and these interests vary widely.

Are any of them in this galaxy?

No, quite far away in distance.


Yesenia writes from Puerto Rico: Will Puerto Rico become a state? Will Puerto RicoPuerto Rico be under water in the future?

Gaia, what is the probability of Puerto Rico becoming a state?

There will be a strong push for statehood in the upcoming five years is the highest probability.

Will Puerto Rico go underwater at some point?

Like all the other islands in the Caribbean, it will lose land, but it has sufficient height for the majority of the island to remain.


Michael writes: Read your answer to Florida water flooding.Florida Flooding
My question is when will the earthquake happen in Florida with a large potion sinking below the ocean? Thank you.

Gaia, is there a large earthquake ahead for Florida?

No, Tom, just rising ocean levels and more misery for the residents who will experience more flooding from the hurricanes and other torrential rains, along with infestations of insects and other wildlife.


In 2008, Theo introduced me to an extraterrestrial that had been monitoring our conversations. At the time, I did not know this was possible. The ET, Antura, is a member of my soul “cluster,” as Theo calls them. There are eight fragments in my cluster, all having lives on Earth, all with different interests. Typically, I’m told there are, on average, six to twelve fragments in a cluster. When I began communicating with Antura, I had no idea the real reason behind my talks. Antura, it seems, has the job of working with me in this life, First Contact bookafter 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in Exploration.

Right now, he’s orbiting the Earth in a three-miles-wide and twenty-stories-tall Sirian mothership. In my
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book, he said the ship was only one mile wide, so as not to frighten us. He also said the Federation of Planets was composed of 200 planets—then not too long ago said it was 20,000 planets, again not to frighten us. They “spoon-feed” us information as they feel we can accept it without running for the hills. His mothership has a crew of 900, with their families, totaling 1,500 from 37 different planets. Here are more questions I asked this week, after some sightings sent to me by my “researcher,” Mantej, since I have no time to look for them.

UFO over Norway analyzed. 4 minutes. Click here.

UFO over New Jersey. 3 min. Click here.

I keep hearing Antura say, “Be patient,” so I thought I would ask Theo about the time period.

Theo, what is the highest probability as to when, or if, we will visit Antura’s ship?

The highest probability, Tom, will be in the next two months—yes, you are Spaceship dockingreceiving me correctly. Antura keeps calling for patience, and you have been fairly patient. Still, there is always that question of exactly when, considering he has told you to have patience many times in the past. He’s on Universal time and you of course are on Earth time.

Thanks, Theo. Now I wish to speak to the guy himself.

Antura in the wings, Tom, with my teammates and the Pleiadian monitoring.

Since we got into nourishment in the Pleiades last time, I was reminded that I know little of what you and your teammates consume onboard the ship. I think you mentioned in the past that you eat a form of seaweed?

Yes, Tom, a couple of different varieties. We do not have the palates humans do. What people on my planet, Nommo, consume naturally grows in the ocean. Humans will consume more seaweed in the future since it is very nutritious.

Regarding my teammates, none consumes living or dead animals of any kind. They all consume various plants that are grown on their home planets. Each planet has its own variety of consumable plants. I have tasted these over time, and some I enjoy and some I do not. The latter always causes the person offering the food to have a good laugh. They are all chuckling right now, remembering those times.

So, two months or less before we join you?

That is the highest probability at this time. We will find a time convenient for all of us, as you can imagine there is a whirlwind of activity during the 14 Earth days you are on board the ship.

Antura, I’m only on Season 1 of the Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch (in Utah) on Secret of skinwalker ranchNetflix. Is there an ET ship buried there and do the Dugway Proving Grounds tunnels extend to under the ranch?

Yes, to both questions, Tom. We can cover this more thoroughly after you have viewed more episodes.

Larry writes: After reading First Contact: Conversations With An ET, I have many questions for Antura. I know he has mentioned that he communicates with other Sea beings on Earth. Are they whales, or an undiscovered species? Is Antura able to communicate with other sea life, such as dolphins, squid or any other already discovered life forms? Are there any other undiscovered intelligent creatures in the ocean that we don't yet know about? I know there is so much more to this planet than we have been able to identify, and I appreciate all that you do to help us better understand our Earth, Gaia and the Universe. Oh, and I repeat the morning prayer at least once a day, but I added "Thank you, Gaia, thank you for giving us this beautiful planet!" And thank you, Tom, for all your help in trying to enable us to better understand this beautiful planet Gaia has given us!

Antura, can you communicate with whales, dolphins, and are there any Whalesothers?

Yes, we have covered this in the past regarding being able to communicate with both whales and dolphins. Our translators have the ability to communicate with any species on Earth. You are just in the beginning stages of communication using your cell phones to translate other languages. It’s as if you have taken the first step on a long road, to be able to communicate with other species on the planets you will visit in the future. That’s why we encourage everyone to work on your telepathic skills, since you will not have developed translation devices to the point we have over millions of years.

Are there any not discovered as of yet?

Don’t forget the mermaids and mermen you asked about a few years ago. They stay well away from humans who would want to capture them. They live deep in the sea.

Yesenia writes from Puerto Rico: Puerto Ricans think that Puerto Rico is Puerto Rico Rainforestblessed and protected by some type of aliens on the island. People believe that the aliens there left and that's why the island is having so much natural disaster devastation is recent years.

Is /was there an alien underground base under the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico. Is this true? Are they still there? What is the history of aliens and Puerto Rico?

Antura, was there ever an underground ET base in Puerto Rico, perhaps in the El Yunque rainforest? What is the history of ETs there?

There have been many visits to Puerto Rico by ETs, Tom. In the early stages there was an ET base there to study the island and the early inhabitants. It is so populated now that only studies from above are practical.

Antura, are scientists on the wrong path when theorizing space travel using worm holes? Is there another energy that is utilized?

I can’t give too much away, Tom. What we have said in the past is that there are 60 portals just on Earth. These portals are pathways to not only other planets, but other solar systems, galaxies, and yes, even to the next universe that is next to this one. Your scientists must discover the existence of these pathways. You have been told in the past that your scientists will not make this discovery, or at least not how to use them until 3250.

That’s all my questions today, Antura. Atah and good life to you, your teammates and yes, even the Pleiadian.

He smiled, as he knows you are joking.


Ilona writes: A couple weeks ago a big storm was heading our way. We live due west of Chicago. I MBOd gentle rains with no damage from the predicted possible tornado and hail damage. Amazingly the storm literally split north and south of us protecting a huge area from damage. We sat back and just said “how did that happen!”


Catherine writes: Using every conceivable BP and MBO, I managed to Portuguese Bankacquire all my Visa documentation from a Portuguese consulting service over six months. I traveled from mid-Missouri and met a nervous lady, about to fly for the first time in 30 years. I sat with her for an hour, near her on the flight, and as it landed, she was smiling and laughing.

My pre-booked hotel was in order. Paperwork from Portugal to confirm banking information for a wire transfer came through three hours (!!) before the appointment. I just cared that it came though and was accepted. My D7 Visa appointment went well and the funds transfer to the Portuguese bank. Throughout trip, friendly, helpful and smiling Washington DC residents and serendipitous connections easily transformed into meetings of delight...everyone had a "Portuguese connection"!
These Prayers Work.


Janie writes: Love your newsletter! An unimportant comment, but I added it to my daily affirmation. I added swamps after, lakes and streams. They are a Undevolped landunique environment, not land not water and ecologically unique and significant….OK, I am an ecologist 🙃, and, used an MBO daily when 35 acres, zoned for single family homes was to be bought by a developer wanting to stick high rise apartments on it.

The whole area responded, and we fought back. There are many reasons why, but for once, we united. The developer, after forging ahead despite us, suddenly withdrew. We know this unique land will be developed but we are staying vigilant. At least for a while the old heritage trees are saved as is the wildlife that abounds there. Meanwhile, I was surprised and tickled as it answered my MBO perfectly! Thank you!


Donna writes: Back in your early February Newsletter, your saying that we only lived on one planet as one type of alien besides being on Earth? That is what I was not clear about. I wasn't clear about how many types of aliens we were. Were we only one?

Did you see this video, "African Tribe's SHOCKING Origin Story in the Stars Nommo depictionAncient Aliens (Season 1)"? They are talking about Nommos. Are they talking about your planet, Nommo? Click here.

Gaia, do our souls have just one interest and series of lives like I seemed to have as an amphibian on Nommo, or multiple and different lives on more than one planet?

Here we get into soul interests of trillions of souls, and yes you understand this, but I’m saying this for your readers. The majority of souls have one soul interest, but then there are souls who wish to express themselves in multiple forms. You might say they were given dual or twin interests.

Are there any souls in the Earth Experiment with dual interests?

Of course. The Earth Experiment attracted many diverse souls—most with one interest, but a few with more than one. They can have complicated lives on Earth, having had multiple types of lives on other planets. Don’t forget that Creator loves variety.


Theo, was I ever an advisor to an American President?

Yes, a long time ago. It was in the early years of America. You helped them—pointing the way. I know you thought it might be World War II, but you did not.


Mantej writes from the UK: Woman hit by Meteorite.Ann Hodges

In 1954 Ann Hodges was having a nap on her couch, when a meteorite shot through her roof and hit her. What was Ann Hodge’s soul contract in this life, the first known individual to be hit by a meteorite and survived? Click here.

Theo, why was Ann Hodges’ soul contract in this life to be hit by a meteorite and survive?

Here soul contract was to become famous, but not become wealthy. A couple of inches and she would have been killed, but her GA made sure it was a glancing blow.


Sandra writes: I have been reading about the new spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia, Khalkha Jetsun Dhampa Rinpoche. News reports indicate it puts him and the Mongolian government in the cross hairs with the authoritarian Chinese government that has long tried to control Tibetan Buddhism.
1. What will become of this boy, and will he be able to carry on as the leader of Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia (third most important position in Tibetan Buddhism)? He was born in the U.S so holds dual citizenship. Will this help protect him?
2. After his identification was announced, the Panchen Lama (second highest Tibetan authority,) was kidnapped by the Chinese in 1995 and not heard from since. The Chinese named a Panchen that they chose but Tibetans don't accept him. What has happened to the real Panchen Lama? Is he still alive? Will he be reborn somewhere else?
3. Since the Panchen Lama and the Mongolian Lama are important for Buddhistsidentifying the next incarnation of the Dalai Lama, how will this identification process be affected?

Theo, will the boy Dhaupe Renporhe survive in Mongolia?

He was not killed, but is essentially imprisoned and unable to guide his people.

What happened to the real Panchen Lama? Alive?

Alive, but unable to guide.

How will the next Dalai Lama be identified?

They will rely on someone who personally knew the Dalai Lama and whose guides will assist in identifying their new spiritual leader. He will be protected.


George writes from the UK: UK to apologize for Colonialism?

There has always been the big elephant in the room, about Britain potentially Colonialismapologising for its dark history of the British Empire, and its role in the transatlantic slave trade.

Will an apology come more into the future when Prince William will be King, or perhaps one of William’s children becoming King or Queen?

Gaia, when will the UK apologize for Colonialism, if ever?

It is certainly not on the top of their list, Tom. It will only happen when those countries bring it up and publicize their colonial history. I will not put a time frame on it—just that there is that slight probability of it manifesting in the future. You can use the old saying of “Let the sleeping dogs lie.”


Aryan writes from India: Sir, I saw a video on Instagram where a person makes biological ecosystems in bottles.

He placed some soil and water in a bottle then chopped some leaves from plants and placed them in the bottle, and also some insects. Plant in a bottle

Then he sealed the bottle, and he says this ecosystem in bottle will outlive him.

My question is about the plant leaves that he placed in the bottle, do they have soul?

Those leaves grow roots in a few days so they are fully alive but how do they get a soul in them?

Does it get transferred when he cut the leaves from the plant? Or are those leaves provided a soul once he puts everything in the bottle or something like that? Click here.

Gaia, how are leaves of plants that are cut off, put in a bottle with soil and water to grow, ensouled?

An interesting question, but easy to answer. Whatever plant leaves are put in a bottle have an essence, part of that plant’s soul. There is a connection to the soul of the plant unseen with human eyes.


John writes: My Girlfriend has two male parakeet birds. One of them is chattering to the other constantly every day. Is it communicating with the other bird? Why is it constantly talking all of the time. It seems to have a lot to say and it has sooo much energy. What is it saying to the other bird? The birds are from the same female. Why does it talk so much? Thanks so much for your newsletter and taking the time to write it.

Now I wish to speak to Parakeet Soul.

Parakeet Soul here, Tom. Good morning.Two Parakeets

Good morning, Parakeet Soul. One of my readers has a specific question, but first I do wish you a good life.

Thanks Tom. How can I be of assistance?

John asks why does one of his parakeets talk all the time to the other parakeet?

We do tend to chirp—your word—a lot. Some more than others. This parakeet is bored and needs some things in its enclosure that it can be attracted to. Parakeets in general love things like mirrors, simulations of trees, and so on. Have John request an MBO to find the best interactions for his parakeet and he will be guided.

Thanks, Parakeet Soul.

My pleasure, Tom. I am always available to answer any questions from your readers. Good day.


Emily writes: Racist Carnival Games Racist Carnival game

What were the black men from 1880-1960 balancing in this life, by being the targets of violent racist carnival games? Having rocks, and baseballs thrown at their face, that they had to try and dodge. Many of the black men had life threatening injuries caused by this, and one even had to have a nose amputated.

Wikipedia: Click here.
History, Click here.

Theo, what were Black men balancing from 1880-1960 when rocks and baseballs were thrown at them at carnival shows, which I have never heard of?

They were balancing the mistreatment of slaves in previous lives.


Cordis writes: Is it possible for evil entities to trap a soul in this earth reincarnation process because they're afraid of the power these souls may hold?  How can you tell what frequency level you're vibrating in? Because I can't tell.

When listening to light languages or anything that has to do with activation Mind Journaland healing, do you feel any change or inner connection to your true self? Because I've tried to connect with light languages, but I didn't feel anything.

Theo, is it possible for evil entities to trap a soul?

No, but negative spirits can attach themselves, as we have previously discussed to people who have addictions in many forms. Their etheric bodies have a lower energy.

How can you tell what frequency level you are on?

Keep in mind that everyone is on the same frequency—Time Line 6. Then it becomes what vibrational level are you at on Time Line 6? Requesting MBOs and saying BPs for others raises your vibrational level a little each day. Being kind to people and animals, etc. also raises your vibrational level. These are all things you can do on a conscious level that will improve your life and the lives of those in your sphere of activity.

Any suggestions on light languages?

This is just another word for communication during meditation. Do meditate, as we encourage everyone to do, surrounding yourself in a bubble of white light and ask to speak to your own Guardian Angel. We will respond. Just be open and not afraid.


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