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January 11, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your vibrational level.


Because of the Holidays, I am about one month behind on answering questions. This newsletter is about 14 pages long, in my attempt to catch up.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Several people have emailed asking about the probability of war with Iran.

Gaia, what is the probability of war with Iran? And what was Soleimani planning?Soleimani and Khamenhi

First the actual probability of war with Iran—an all-out war, just to be specific as possible. Just as some predict, Iran will desire tit for tat. They will now plan to take out a senior U.S. official in the next several months. Please understand that these are soul contracts at work here, Tom. So, the probability of war with Iran—an all-out conflict—is quite low—let’s say for percentage sake 10% or less. But they will continue to use their proxy fighters to fight for them. It will drag your U.S. forces into conflicts.

Soleimani was planning a major attack on another U.S. Embassy that would have been completely destroyed and all those inside would have been casualties. That will not happen now. Those in Iran were shocked that the U.S. would take out a senior official, so that will not go unanswered, as the U.S. has tried to not retaliate in the past.


Maria writes: Would you be so kind to ask Gaia a question for me in your next or future newsletter? After our President Donald Trump wins in 2020 election, I read that he will only serve 3 years and then Pence will take over.

Also, second question: Is it true that our Earthly life on the Earth plane is Parallel Earthsbasically an illusion which we experience as reality?

Theo, should Trump win the election, what is the probability of him not finishing his term?

The probability, as this time, is fairly low that he would not finish his term. That would be one of many probabilities this far out.

Theo, are our lives on Earth an illusion?

Not an illusion, but keep in mind that there are twelve parallel lives, each one at a different frequency, with one of those truly non-physical, as has been explained to you in the past. Then you have all the probable lives, which would be considered non-physical until that probability is chosen and then it becomes the physical reality.


I thought about combining the last question above with these as they are in the same vein. I read the answers several times, as we are given more information—deeper down the rabbit hole you could say.

Wei writes:
In your latest newsletter, you mentioned medium souls can make Soul Depictionsteady progress. Is it because medium souls start to understand spirituality in a non-religious way? Specifically, is it because medium souls are much more likely to consciously know and accept reincarnations than young souls, excluding religious effects?

And it seems to me that the majority of souls on Earth still belong to the young soul category, even though the absolute numbers of medium souls are fast increasing. On the other hand, old souls seem to be extremely rare. Are these reasonable estimates? Then what are the respective percentages of young/medium/old souls on Earth?

Also, is there a simple way to tell if a soul is a young/medium/old soul?

Theo, what are the major reasons a medium soul makes steady progress—subconscious experiences, spirituality, accepting reincarnation? And what percentages of young, medium and old souls are there on Earth at the present time?

Though you are veiled each time you have a life on Earth, there is a buildup of Guardian Angel Depictionknowledge that you can access on a subliminal level. We are also allowed to assist you a little more, especially if you are requesting the assistance. Even that knowledge greatly assists in coping with your lives in the medium soul category, we’ll call it. You come closer to understanding, even on a subconscious level, what your goals in those lives are where you might have had no clue in your young soul lives.

Regarding the percentages, as we have stated before, because there are so many people alive today, it is all hands on deck. That means almost every one of the souls who volunteered for the Earth Experiment have their soul fragments having lives—even multiple lives, where, as just one example, you have had two lives going on at the same time earlier in your present incarnation.

Young souls, including all four quadrants, would be closer to 60 to 65%. Then the medium soul category would be close to 30% and the old soul category is much smaller. These percentages can change a little from year to year. Keep in mind that it takes quite a while for a soul fragment to work through the average number of 600 to 800 lives on Earth in many time periods.

The only way I know so far is to take the time to learn to meditate. Then, you’ll not only be able to ask that question, but thousands more.


I have received numerous emails and messages on Facebook about the Australian bush fires. Here are the questions I asked this week.

Gaia, I understand the reasons for your need to cleanse the land with forest Kangaroo in front of burning housefires, but the deaths of up to 500 million animals—please explain why you can’t give the group souls sufficient warning to leave?

I cannot, Tom. This is part and parcel of you humans’ learning process to take care of the Earth. In the future, you will learn how to have short periods of fires so that you can achieve what I must do on a large basis. Believe it or not this is all part of your learning process. You will not allow your forests to get to the stage where I must have forest fires. You will do controlled fires. Yes, this will take years to achieve this, but this is in your future. But back to all the animals. Their group souls also understand that this is part of your training and experiences as part of the Earth Experiment. Their souls are removed just prior to their deaths.

The least we can do is to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for everyone and all beings in Australia. 

Please say out loud: 
"I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort and protect any Animals sufferpeople, animals and all other beings in danger from the bush fires, and to assist them in their recovery, thank you!"

Paul writes: Australia is experiencing very hot and very extensive "bushfires" at present, much the same as the Californian fires, and I thought of the old growth trees like Huon Pines in Tasmania and the big Red Woods in California and Australia. So, a few questions, Tom, for your guides:

1. Are Tree Soul(s) affected/impacted by the shock of these big trees spontaneously bursting into flames?

2. What happens to the hundreds of years of knowledge/wisdom stored in these trees?

3. Does any karma attach to "supposed perpetrators" of this seemingly wanton Australia Bushfiredestruction?

4. Are the Faerie Kingdoms adversely affected by these/any fires?

5. A couple of years ago I asked about the dimming of a Southern Cross star. Will your guides give an update on that dimmed star?

Gaia, how are the tree souls affected by the fires? What happens to hundreds of years of knowledge stored in them?

That knowledge is not just stored within the trees and plants and so on, Tom. All those experiences of living in those forests are passed on to the group souls themselves. They all understand the circle of life and that there will be periodic fires to cleanse the land, allowing their roots underground to begin the growing process all over again.

What balancing is there for those who start forest fires?

There is a percentage of time when this is on their soul contracts. It can be by Arsonistaccident in their eyes, and they will then endeavor to correct their mistakes. For those who intentionally start a fire, there is balancing that must be done. It could be anything from loss of property to loss of life. The balancing may take more than one life, depending upon how severe the fire is that the person set, and how it affects not only people, but animals as well. Keep in mind, Tom, that starting fires could be part of one’s DNA, and as such should tell you that it is part of a person’s soul contract on a higher level.

How is the Faerie Kingdom affected? Do they leave and then return?

Yes, they must take flight, as again, they understand the circle of life, and they escape the fires in a number of ways. They can go underground to the root systems and wait out the end of the fires and are there to assist in the regrowth of the forest.

Any updates on the dimming of the Southern Cross?

No, things have not changed since we last spoke.


Ying writes: I have another question. When will the Chinese communist regime's rule end? It has done too much evil in China and around the world.Chinese Communist Part

Gaia, what is the highest probability for when the Chinese Communist regime rule will come to an end?

The highest probability, Tom, will be in 30 to 35 years. There will be great changes during that time period, starting with the free energy machine, which will allow all the Chinese people to have much more equality. There will not be a need to be a member of the communist party to get ahead and the system will slowly change to a much more democratic system. But it will take a generation for this to truly change, as more and more younger people will demand a relaxation of rules they are presently governed by.

Will the Chinese government send in troops to Hong Kong in the short run?

Eventually they will be forced to under their rules, but there will be concessions. Neither side will completely win.


For my new readers, Antura is a soul fragment of our common soul. There are eight of us in a soul “cluster.” This time around, he is having a life as an ET, from the Sirius B Solar System. After 800 lives on Earth, his life revolves around being an explorer and a member of a “first contact” team. You can learn much more about him and his work by checking out my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are the questions I asked this week.

Zena writes: Can you please see the article at this link: Click here.

I verified this article shows up at a number of other postings. Can you please ask Star ExplodingAntura if these planets actually vanished and why they did? Where did they go or what happened to them? Did they have any life forms that were affected by this?

Antura, what is the reason for the 100 stars disappearing in the night sky? Harvested for anti-matter or what?

Bear in mind, Tom, that there were star wars about a million years ago in Earth time. As we said before, there were a number of suns that were destroyed. That light can take a long time to reach Earth, so you are seeing the remnants of the effects of that war. Certainly, there are several other reasons that a distant sun will cease to exist, and you will learn those slowly but surely as your equipment that is invented to view the billions of suns improves, just as your computers will continue to evolve. So there are several reasons, but certainly no one is harvesting suns for anti-matter. That is just a conspiracy theory cooked up to answer a question that cannot be completely answered at this time.

Pam writes: I thought this article might be of interest to your readers either in UFO Over New Yorkyour newsletter on Facebook or both. Perhaps Theo could confirm whether or not these were true sightings! New York Post: Click here.

Antura, did the Federation increase the number of visible flights over the city of New York and NY state in 2019, and if so why?

Yes, these sightings, or flyovers, increased this past year. You might say that the restrictions were lightened a bit. You will see this even increase more in this coming year. We want many more people to come to realize there are extraterrestrials that exist. I would tell you more, Tom, but we have said things in the past that were then held back, so I can say this should be a year of many revelations.

Sharon writes: My question is about ETs in my area. I live smack dab in the center of the US, in Kansas. I am 64 years old (I am very, very pale and have blond hair and blue eyes, but quite short in stature), and since very early childhood, I have had very vivid dreams of spaceships and beings landing on the ET Craft Depictionfamily farm. Nearly always, they were lovely beings, very tall, pale with either blond or light brown hair. On a few occasions, I felt lifted up through space to their ships. I have only one dream memory of actually being aboard a ship, and in that case, I was a male (which I am not) in a uniform looking out a large portal that stretched to the floor. In other dreams, they landed on the farm or were simply hoovering close in the sky above.

In a few dreams (these were all lucid because I was practicing lucid dreaming at the time in which a person is fully conscious of the dream), I encountered beings that were also quite pale, but not necessarily our idea of perfect beauty. They told me they were the "Mazi-Meez Wandjina. The Original people, the DOG." When I awoke, I thought of the Australian Aboriginal images of the Wandjina. They seemed surprised to see me. Their "food" was in ethereal, transparent ball shapes.

In several dreams, there were other beings/ships that seemed to be just balls of electric blue light that could merge and separate in space. Often, they would merge into one and suddenly appear at my forehead in some sort of telepathic communication.

Only on one occasion, I had a dream of a seemingly reptilian race. I had been the Reptilian Depictionleader of a space expedition, and my vessel had crashed onto their planet. They took us captive in a large compound and "tested" us. After a series of aggravating tests, I finally shouted "ENOUGH. Let my people go!" They instantly stopped and said that I had passed the test, which was one for fear. They looked fairly human, but slightly light green in color with skin that was smooth but reptile like. The top of their heads was flat with short black hair. They let us go and we left in our ship. I never dreamt of them again.

I moved away for 40 years (but the dreams continued) and moved back to this area 2 years ago. We had driven a long and stressful journey with all our belongings in two large moving trucks, 3 dogs and 10 cats, across the Rocky Mountains. The night we arrived, the sky was very clear and the ships were everywhere! They seemed to be zooming around and jumping with joy. Since then, I have seen them many times (I think) bouncing around, especially when I focus on them and ask them to move around.

So, my question is: am I delusional and these all really are nothing but dreams? If not, what connection do I have to them, and why so many different types of beings? And why does no one else seem to see them?

Antura, Sharon in Kansas has seen many ET craft and has had countless dreams Spaceship Crash Depictionof ETs including crashing into a reptilian planet. Her home planet in contact, and what else?

Yes, Tom, here is another person that has a close connection with her home planet. You could say they are cheering her on, after being surprised—along with many other planetary societies—that the Earth Experiment is a success. They know what this means—that their society along with all the others will, in a short period of Universal time, begin to raise their vibrational levels, which have been stuck at the same level for millions of years.

Has she been taken aboard their ship?

Yes, but only her etheric body, as that is all that is allowed under the Earth Directive. She is considered a true explorer and pioneer back home.

Did her ship crash into a reptilian planet in the past?

Yes, but luckily for her they were released.

John writes: One of my guides is an "extraterrestrial" kind of a "general" or "boss" of security forces stationed on the moon. I call him "Hector," but this is not his real name. I wish to send him love beams that translate to safety as he is sometimes in danger protecting us on Earth from "casual interplanetary or interdimensional travelers" that come into our vicinity and don't know the Moon Base"rules of engagement."

My dowsing and communication with my GA has indicated that there are just under a million "persons," some partially machine, who are protectors of our planet, based on the moon, and under "Hector's" command. (He has promised to "show me around" the moon bases sometime, but has not done so yet.)

Antura, you said before that there is a skeleton force on the moon, but John communicates with an ET by the name of Hector (not his correct name) who protects us from a base on the moon from unwanted visits not approved by the First ContactFederation.

Hector, as you noted, Tom, is not his real name, is part of the protective force for the Federation, as there are a number of different planetary groups from not only our universe but other universes as well that wish to come and see what you have accomplished. There is no longer a large contingent of ETs on the moon. They had to move away since you will be visiting the moon much more frequently in the coming years. We have said before that the moon will be good training for the Mars missions. Just tell John and your other readers to always surround themselves in a bubble of white light to make sure they are communicating at a high level.

Will do.

One last question. Were all the drones seen over Colorado manmade, or were they ETs?

Good question, Tom. No, they were not ETs. Yes, you are receiving me correctly.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Woman SleepingGentle Way! You can now sign up to receive notification of the Blog, along with a link.

LeeAnn writes from Wisconsin: For a number of reasons, there are two nights per week when I will not be getting nearly enough sleep, and must get up very early. It’s unchangeable for the near future. I would be exhausted and short tempered all the next day, and got sick of it. I decided to try an MBO before turning out the lights, “I request a most benevolent outcome for my four hours of sleep to feel and act just like eight hours.... that I sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and well.” So I say this twice weekly on my “short nights” and it works PERFECTLY! No more crabby, tired days!


John writes: Hi, Tom...I'm digging into your books, but practicing MBOs and BPs has been a revelation already.

I walk 3 pugs in my neighborhood at 5 am, which is known for coyotes roaming Walking Pugsopenly in the streets and yards and looking for rabbits mostly, but taking cats and even small dogs when available. I love all animals, including coyotes, but I don't want them eating my pugs.

So, rather than cancel the walk or carry some kind of weapon (I don't want to hurt the wild animals), I use this:
“Angels and guides, I request a most beneficial outcome for the safety for all on this dog walk. Bless the coyotes and send them away from our path.”

There have been no coyote sightings since this started, though many people they have seen them out before and after our walk time. 100% effective.

Thanks and blessings for your work!


I'll call him “Jason” in Australia writes: This afternoon, I had a weird sensation of time stopping and then starting after a second or so. I did observe everybody else in the same room where I was working somewhat froze at the same time. Voices around me stopped for a bit more than a microsecond enough for me to Timenotice. Maybe I also froze, but difficult to say.

Was this a glitch in the timeline? Or was I imagining things?

Gaia, please explain the sensation [Jason] felt of time stopping for a microsecond.

And it did for him, Tom. And I might add for everyone in that part of the world, but not the whole Earth as you were thinking. It was a simple reset that needed to be done—quite complex and very few noticed it, and most that did just shrugged it off as imagination. We simply reset or aligned time in that part of the world with the rest of the planet. These adjustments have been made many times over the years, and normally less than one tenth of one percent notice anything at all. 

I never heard of this happening before for just one section of the Earth.


I was sent these questions a month ago, but with the holiday period, I just had room for them this week. The answers correspond to the answers given above in this newsletter.

Juha writes:
Thank you for the newsletters! I am a new follower of yours and I have been reading your newsletters now for a few months only. As a lifelong States of Consciousnessspiritual seeker, I have not only found them very interesting but also your question and answer sessions have given me lots more understanding about human evolution.

Based on what I have read, I’d particularly like to know more about the potential of the human nervous system. Therefore, I would be very happy if you could ask your Guardian Angel Theo or Gaia the following question:

According to ancient Vedic knowledge of India, the highest state of consciousness that can be lived in human body is called Brahman Consciousness. Great Indian masters and Maharishis have been said to have been living in this state of consciousness. Does this state of consciousness correspond to the highest vibrational level that can be experienced when working with the four negative Brahman State of Consciousnessenergies? And after dropping their physical bodies, how high in universal evolution will these souls be?

Gaia, is the highest state of consciousness that can be lived in a human body called Brahman Consciousness, or is this a religious belief? Does this correspond to the highest vibrational level that can be experienced in the four negative energies? And they would not necessarily be old souls, would they? And lastly, what percentage of humans on Earth are old souls?

Brahman Consciousness is an old Sanskrit word. It can also be described as the highest level vibrationally one can achieve on a particular Time Line in these energies you experience life in. Generally, you could say that these people are old souls, but not necessarily in the fourth quadrant. There are even those people who have achieved this in the medium soul category. Only ten percent of souls having lives at this time are old souls. The reason for this is obvious. There are so many people on Earth right now that the maximum number of soul fragments are filling these bodies. That includes everyone from newbies to oldies.


As I have explained before, what we call Guardian Angels are actually “whole souls” that have achieved a higher vibrational level to the point where they glow a golden light, and are known as “Golden Light Beings.” They prefer the term, “Servants of the Creator,” as they all volunteered to watch over hundreds of thousands of soul fragments (that’s us) all at the same time, during all of our lives on Earth.

These questions came from Mantej in the UK.

Theo, when a Guardian Angel (GA) manifests physically to save someone, do Couple in Waterthey have a unique face, or one similar to someone the person knows?

Each case is different, Tom. They could have a unique face, but it might have a subconscious resemblance to someone they knew quite well in another life. The person they are saving could even be unconscious and never really see the GA. Then the GA would take on a form most compatible.

Does the GA stay with the same sex, or?

There is no set answer. It is what will make the person feel at ease at that particular moment in time. For some it would be a male, and for others it would be a female.

How is skin color chosen?

Again, their GAs know them better than the people know themselves.Saving man

Does a GA act normal, or slightly off in conversation?

They act quite normally. There is no special way they talk to give themselves away.

Does the person being saved feel a connection?

They may be so groggy from an injury they are “out of it,” to use your terminology.

Does the GA just disappear into thin air?

Normally, not where anyone can see them dissolve, or you could say “poof” and they are gone.

Any captured on CCTV?

Normally, they know where the cameras are, and they avoid them.Girl Saved in Train Wreck

Do the grateful people try to spend more time with the GA, if they are cognizant?

Yes, but there are many ways they know to excuse themselves.

Has anyone figured out it was a GA? Image: Monica Ferreiros/La Voz de Galicia via Reuters

A great number have over the centuries as the GAs know people will make the connection, or correctly guess.

I assume people have wondered how a person has shown up at that minute.

And don’t forget, Tom, we might manifest as a dog, or cat, or some other animal. So of course they do.

I assume you can go incognito?

Of course, that’s what we do most of the time.Chest Compression

If a GA saves a person being attacked, how does the attacker feel?

Typically, they are confused as don’t forget we handle these in the most benevolent way possible. We do not wish the attacker any harm—only to save the person from being seriously injured.

Are children saved normally by a child or adult?

And you can add in animal, too. Tom. We know the child intimately, plus their soul contract, so our assistance was mapped out eons ago.

In 2019, how many times has a GA manifested to save someone?

So far, well over 100,000 times. That is a small number, considering the number of people alive today. These are special cases.

Would it be more than 200,000?

Just a little more than that. Use that number.


Dawna writes: Recently watched a video of Sardinia. Who made these caverns, and how? How old are they? Who lived there? They were certainly very little beings that lived there.  Why are they no longer there?

Many years ago I was gifted an amethyst stone that I believe came from fairies, is this true?

Gaia, many caves on Sardinia appear natural, but who built the other caves? Sandinia CaveAnd did Dawna’s amethyst stone come from faeries?

Yes Tom, from the photos you saw, there are natural caves on this island, but keep in mind that it has been occupied for many thousands of years—much longer than archeologists estimate. But because it is an island, it was subject to passing ships stopping for fresh water and scrounging for food, so the residents needed places they could hide until these sailors left. So yes, the man-made caves date back even farther than the 1,500 BC estimation. If they would excavate even farther, they will find remnants of earlier life. These people came to Sardinia to escape being controlled by various groups, yes, even as far back as during Atlantean times. Someday the history of this island will become better known.

Regarding her amethyst stone, it was a gift long ago from the faerie world as a thank you for kindness long ago.


Mike writes: Why can't Penguins fly anymore?

1. When did Penguins lose the ability to fly?Penguins

2. Are they able to fly on their home planet?

Click here.

Gaia, were penguins originally able to fly, and are they able to fly on their home planet, or do they look totally different?

They were never able to fly, Tom. Creator asked for birds that could inhabit the coldest places on Earth, so that humans could study and learn from them, and a group soul responded. These are beautifully designed creatures that appear to be wearing formal attire, always depicted this way in cartoons and drawings.

You, meaning scientists, still have much to learn about them, although it would seem you have the majority of knowledge. And to answer your other question, they do look totally different on their planet, which one day humans will visit. They do have that same love of each other and their families that the penguins on Earth have. There are other similarities, but that’s sufficient for now.


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