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July 4, 2015

Tom T. Moore


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, is the excess rain the plain states are receiving this year just a one year phase or are you changing the climate where there will be more rain in the future than has been normal?

Rain in ArizonaYes, Tom, I understand that it would be nice to have more rain each year as you have just come out of a drought. The climate is changing and with that will come more average rainfall for the plain states. Perhaps not a large amount, but the totals will be fairly consistent.

Would you say it would be 10% higher or more?

A little more than that as it will vary from year to year.

I know that at one time your goal was to bring more rain to the desert or arid southwest. What is the probability of that occurring in the next five years?

Quite high, Tom. The probability will be over 70% at this time. Naturally, their rain will not be the same as the plain states since you have the Gulf of Mexico to feed moisture up through the plain states all the way up north. But I plan to increase their precipitation by one third. Keep in mind that as the oceans rise in temperature, as part of this climate change, there will be more storms and rain created that will come ashore bringing with it, yes, even more hurricanes and tropical-type systems that will come up through Baja California as you’ve recently seen.

So, to recap, yes, there will be more average rainfall not only for the plain states but also for the desert southwest as you term it and more systems spawned in the Pacific. There are many changes that will come from the oceans of the world rising two feet, along with an increase in ocean temperatures.


Mantej writes: Questions for the newsletter.


The Hand(1) Can Theo comment on "Palmistry" and how accurate it is, and if it is accurate, why it exists for us in the palm of our hands?

(2) Can Theo comment on "Tarot cards" and whether "Tarot card reading" has any significance or accuracy?

(3) Can Theo comment on "Robert Lee Camp" and his system of card reading using normal playing cards?

(4) Can Theo comment on the 12 signs of the Zodiac, specifically, whether our Star signs have any meaning?

(5) Can Theo comment on "Tasseography" (reading tea leaves); is it Crystal Ballaccurate or just baloney?

(6) Can Theo comment on "handwriting analysis" (Graphology) and whether or not it’s reliable or means anything?

(7) Can Theo comment on "crystal balls" and whether or they work to help psychics and allow visions to appear on them in order to be deciphered?

Gaia, why does the Adam and Eve model humans have fingerprints?

You have already seen why as they are used for identification purposes. There was great thinking that went into this part of your body. As it was decided upon one body and not multiple ones such as many species of animals have, you needed some type of identification. You would term this divine design. There is also the message that each one of you is unique in the eyes of the Creator. That’s a powerful yet subliminal message to each of you.

How does that tie in with Palmistry?

It’s just an expansion of that idea. Not only are you unique, but the lines on the palm of your hand, although not as unique, let’s say, can reveal much about yourself and your soul contract. There is still more to learn in this area.

What about reading Tarot cards?

This has more to do with learning to read messages sent from one’s higher self. The subject cuts the cards, aided by their own Guardian Angel. Then that person’s GA whispers in the ear of the Tarot reader messages that go beyond the face of the cards. It is simply a way to send messages from the GA to the person when they are not open to meditation.

I assume that Astrology is somewhat similar?

Yes, this is another way to show the person that they are unique and have a soul contract. It shows them there was planning on this side for the exact minute they were born. All of this is by divine design, although it is not recognized on the surface as being so.

Psychic BoothTheo, please comment on the art of reading tea leaves or Tasseography.

Yes, this is a valid form of prognostication. Obviously it is simply a tool for those who practice to open up their receptors, shall we say, to receive messages. The GA simply helps arrange the leaves in the proper order.

I would assume that looking at a crystal ball is somewhat similar in that it opens the person up to messages?

Yes, not only messages but, for those who are more visual, images. You prefer to receive “thought packets” in this life, but in some of your other lives you received more images, so yes, you have practiced all these arts in various, and I might add, many lives.

Please comment on handwriting analysis.

Yes, this is a very valid form of analysis of a person’s personal condition and personality.

What about reading normal playing cards and Robert Camp’s method?

Again, this is but another method of receiving messages as the cards are manipulated by the GA to give information for the benefit of the recipient.


Pam writes: I expect you are getting lots of messages about "that angel cloud" that was seen over Palm Beach, Florida the other day! Any information? All the best and keep up the good work! [Multiple photos from several people]

Angel CloudGaia, was the angel-shaped cloud over Palm Springs real or photoshopped?

It was real, Tom. One of whom I’ll call the cloud souls who love to do that work with an artistic bent formed it.

So it was not photoshopped?

Not in this instance, Tom.

Is there one soul responsible for the formation of all clouds in the world or are there multiple souls?

There are multiple as there are more artists wishing to express themselves. Naturally, they must stay within certain limits according to what they are forming, but they work together. There are no territories or continents.

Then I suppose there have been, and perhaps still are, indigenous people who still say prayers to the clouds?

Along with everything else on Earth, Tom. They could and can feel a spiritual presence. In modern times, humans most often shut that connection off.


These questions came from Mantej:

Theo when did the Montauk time travel experiments take place—in the 50s or was it the 60s?

More the latter park of the 50s and just into the 60s.

Time travelIn what time period were the time travelers trapped in?

Far back in the past, Tom. It was not in normal recorded time. Times were quite rough then and those that were trapped were in the middle of territorial claims by the natives. They held out as long as possible before succumbing to superior numbers.

Did the scientists come up with the time travel or was it ETs?

No, the ETs had nothing to do with this.

How many volunteers went and were they all trapped in a specific time period?

There were less than ten. Keep in mind that the Philadelphia experiment involved a whole ship, and the reports are true Time Travelof people appearing trapped half in and out of walls or bulkheads.

What clothing did the volunteers wear?

Normal everyday clothes of that time period with jackets.

Did they have a camera or weapons?

Both, but the weapons only delayed their demise.


Bi-Racial CoupleBarb in New York writes: With all of the racial tension happening in various parts of our country, could you please ask Gaia about the possibility of another American Civil war?

A friend of mine is telling me she's been having visions of great devastation within the United States due to an internal racial war.

I told her I would find out a probability, if it even exists, from you. Thank you for all you do.

Theo, what is the probability of a race war in the United States within the next 10 years?

Absolutely zero percent, Tom. Certainly there will continue to be those who for many reasons despise those of a different color than they are—both black and white. But rather than any type of war, there is a slow but sure march towards equality and this will be more pronounced as each generation comes along.


Gay MarriageTheo, what is the probability of the Gay Marriage Act being rescinded by the U.S. Congress?

Again, quite minute. The acceptance of gay rights will continue to rise as the histrionics will dissipate after the next election. The Republicans are digging a hole for themselves as none of their candidates for President are willing to accept gay rights. As you saw, acceptance of gays being allowed to marry has risen to over 60% in your polls. Politicians have to be on the right side of their constituents’ beliefs and that is not happening.

Theo, who added the statement in the Christian Bible, along with, I assume, the Quran and perhaps the Torah, that a union was between a man and woman?

Yes, you can thank men for this, Tom, as I must remind everyone that there would be no homosexuality if the Creator did not wish it so. The Creator wants every soul to explore all forms of love, whether it be lives as heterosexuals to others of the many combinations, including love for children, other family members and so on. Love is Love, Tom, and don’t forget Jesus was the Master of Love—unconditional love with no exceptions.


 Joanna in Abu Dhabi writes: Theo often says that tragic events create compassion that raises our vibrational level.

I have a question: if we raise our vibration through compassion as a result of a tragic event, doesn't it "fall" again when at the same time we blame or curse someone who caused the tragic event in a first place?

For example: we feel compassion towards victims of terrorists attacks, but at the same time people turn to hate and blame the terrorists for causing the attack... How does the raise in vibration stay high? Doesn't it create the same amount of hate as it does the amount of compassion?

Theo, how can our compassion for others, when there are large events, raise our vibrational levels when there are those who hate the perpetrators?

An excellent question by your reader--I’ll explain. The vast majority of people show compassion for those who have catastrophic events or are in any way involved. The hate, and this is a generalized statement, is typically felt by those most involved. Therefore, the number of people feeling compassion is much greater than those who turn this into hate.

Obviously, this has to do with how many lives the souls have had on Earth. There is much more compassion felt by those who have had a number of lives than, let’s say, those who are less seasoned. As a whole, people are raising their vibrational levels a little bit at a time as you go along. Individually it will vary.


Parallel EarthsKatie writes: I have a question on timelines. Let me start with specific timelines for simplicity. Do people in Time Line 2 interact with people in Time Line 8? Or do people in Time Line 2 only interact with others in Time Line 2 and people in Time Line 8 with people in their own timeline?

Theo, would people on a timeline several frequencies distant from another timeline interact in any way or would the interaction be more with the adjacent ones?

Certainly, there is interaction on a dream level as each level shares their experiences with the others. The interaction between adjacent timelines would be much higher, as you could imagine since their lives are quite similar, but yet different. When the timelines cross, as has happened twice in the last few years, then you have a strong interaction. The timelines are arranged into groups of four for a reason. Those timelines tend to interact much more than they would with the other groupings of four.

I have a whole chapter devoted to timelines [aka parallel lives] in my “FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET” book. Also have a list below of the newsletters with information on timelines.


Donald TrumpDiane writes: How far and what damage will Trump have on the road to the White House?

Theo, what is the highest probability of how far Donald Trump will go in the presidential race, and will he cause any damage to the Republican’s efforts?

As has been noted in many news reports, Mr. Trump is the bigger than life bombastic personality. He does have easily 100 million dollars and more at his disposal to stay in the race for more than one primary. Still, his numbers will remain low. He does have name recognition from all his media ventures, along with the publicity of his real estate. But as you just viewed, there is a strong reaction from the Hispanic population to his plan to force the Mexican people to build a wall, and accusing them of vile actions. Yes, it will be detrimental to the Republican efforts to put on a new face for the coming elections.

So, to summarize, you’ll see Mr. Trump stay in the election process for some time due to his personal wealth. His figures for the presidential race will not rise. And it will call into question the whole mentality of the Republican Party.


Pole ShiftGaia, I must return to the pole shift one more time, trying to make sure I’m correct.

Did the poles shift twice, including 50,000 years ago, or just once?

The pole shift that occurred during what was called the First Destruction is correct, Tom. The first destruction was not man-made in any form. Was there a previous pole shift? Perhaps, but it did not affect the Explorer Race in any way. Whether the poles shifted once or twice or several times—yes several—during millions of years is unimportant. The fact is the race that lived in Antarctica perished when they refused to move. So, go with just the one pole shift as it affected millions of people living on the shores of the continents and, in those places where it turned much colder, those who lived in the interior had to adjust, leave, or freeze.

Let’s return one more time to the question of islands. Were there four islands and Aryan, or just three?

There were four islands counting a small, but inhabited island. Some do not count the island because it was so small, but there was one other remnant of the Second Destruction located a short distance from one of the other three islands, You can also count more islands previously discussed, including the Bahamas, Bermuda, and so on, that were not inhabited by the Atlantean Red Race at that time.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Lost Sylvia writes from the UK: I have one recent MBO to share with you. In the UK, we have two parts to our driving licenses - a plastic card and a sheet of paper. My daughter recently started driving lessons again and needed to show the paper section to her new instructor. She was convinced she had put it in a drawer in the hall dresser, which is full of the flotsam and jetsam of family life. Well I said an MBO and after clearing out the drawers and throwing away several years' of receipts and old train timetables, no sign of the brown envelope with the license!

After a few days, I took one last drawer out and lo, tucked down the back was a rather crumpled license!! And to think I'd been thinking of clearing out those drawers for years!

Many thanks for all your efforts!


Speeding StopKimberley writes: MBOs are such an ongoing part of my life, it is hard to choose one to write about, but I do want to share this one. Today I was driving in the 90 degree heat thinking about getting home before the frozen food melts. From Walmart to home, we have about five miles of 35-miles per hour speed limit. There is a bridge that slopes downward, and I sort of gained speed and was doing over 45 miles an hour as I reached the end. Right ahead, and too late to slow down, was a policeman parked on the road with his radar. He motioned me to pull over and requested my license and registration.

Having said a morning MBO, plus a safe trip MBO, and an enjoyable day MBO, I said an MBO for a warning only while the policeman was in his car. Some minutes later, he returned to my car and told me that he was issuing a warning, and there would be no points or fees charged. I am so thankful.

I have written before about how, when out and about, certain numbers that our family calls “our numbers” appear on license plates in front of us or when passing. Statistically, it seems impossible to me, but it happens time and again, and to me this is a sign from my guardian angel, sort of a "hello." MBOs are the best way to maintain a positive attitude because we trust and know they will work. Thanks, Tom, so much for your work.


This question came from Aravind in Australia:Krishna

Theo, are the stories of Krishna appearing in disguises to assist his friends with karma, or facilitate it in an incarnation, true?

Yes, he appeared many times in different disguises as he was able to read the Akashic records. This allowed him to understand what was needed for that person to advance spiritually. He could appear as the antagonist or as the protagonist depending upon what balancing was needed in that person’s life.


Can’t recall who asked this:

 Theo, did Mantej live in the SFO area of the USA when Bruce Lee was alive?

That is correct, Tom. He was an older Chinese person, but he loved Chinese chop socky movies, and Bruce Lee was at his zenith at that time period.

Graham writes: Will you ask Theo what you were teaching Mantej after 1000AD? What topics were you discussing, what did he learn from you? And what country was it in?

Also as your soul interest is Religion, and his is writing, what did he learn from you when he was related to you as family, and what did you learn from him?

Theo, what was I teaching Mantej in the life where he was a student?

That particular life, Tom, was more on the practical side as, don’t forget, you had many of those as part of your learning process to set up other lives. It was connected with the arts.

What did he learn from me in the family lives?

A variety of things depending upon the relationship. Everyone learns different things from family relationships.

James writes: I had a couple more questions about Mantej.

1. Would you able to ask why Mantej has come back so quickly in this life if he just had a life in the recent past?

2. And did he meet you (in this life as you, Tom Moore) or had some connection with you in the past life he just had before this one?

3. How many more lives will he have with you?

ReincarnationTheo, was there any reason he came back so quickly?

Please remember, Tom, that you can have a life in one time period, have several more lives in other time periods, and then return for another life in exactly the same time period if there is something to learn and experience.

You were thinking he went from one life to the next in a straight line. That is not necessarily true. But in this case, he did after quite a rest. One of the reasons was to associate with you again as the number of lives you will have on Earth is small in number. You have already long ago passed the average number of lives on Earth, but kept returning to assist others to raise their vibrational levels.

I will answer probably not too many more lives with Mantej, as I know of three more hundreds of years apart.  I'm at 1,005, 200 more than the upper average number of lives for most people.  Theo says I keep coming back to help people raise their vibrational levels. 

Did Mantej and I have any connection in his past life?

No, you and he did not.

Question from George:

Did I receive correctly that his soul interest is writing?

Yes, but also in other arts too. He enjoys the whole process.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JULY 4, 2015,                                     


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