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The 4 Negative Energies


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Table of Contents


  1. The Basics
  2. What are the 4 Negative Energies?
  3. The Positive Energies
  4. What Are Negative Spirits?
  5. The Universe and Space
  6. Love
  7. Body and Soul








Gaia, can you explain negativity for those who read this book?

Yes, I’ll try, Tom.  Negativity is a force or energy just as positivity is.  It is simply the opposite energy.  But it has been impossible to work with or in, so all other societies, shall we say, shoved it under the rug.  

The Earth Experiment was created to see if somehow a society would learn to work, and even thrive, in extreme negativity, which the Earth society as a whole has been able to do.  Now the amount of this negative energy you work with will slowly ebb over the next 100 years, let’s say, as you were successful. The first society in this universe or any other universe to successfully work with it without blowing yourselves up.  

This is a tremendous accomplishment, and everyone is amazed at your success.  Which is why, as I have said previously, parking is at a premium, because spaceships from all over this universe, and, yes, spaceships from other universes are taking these very intricate readings your scientists would know nothing of to study.

It is my understanding that there is nowhere else in the universe with negativity.

Quite so, Tom—not even the reptilians.

Gaia, how is negative energy manifested on Earth? And why does it exist?

Negative energy exists, Tom, because Creator wished to experiment and see if there was a way to work with the four negative energies that had never been worked with even in all the billions of other universes.

Creator was quite sure there was a way and that it would prove to be the catalyst to growth for all beings in Its creation. So Voila, your souls all agreed to participate, as they were promised to greatly speed up their vibrational level. Therefore, all these four negative energies are manifested or exist on Earth. The experiment is successful, although it might not appear so to humans on the ground, shall we say.

Is it necessary for positive energy?

Negative energies are just that—they exist. And the ten positive energies are just that—positive in nature, yet they have their limits. This is far beyond even your quantum physics scientists’ understanding, as we have discussed many times, but I understand your readers’ desire to try and learn more, so if I can impart just a tiny bit more understanding, then I will when you ask what may appear on the surface as the same questions.

So, I would assume Creator possesses both?

Not so much possess, Tom, as they existed when Creator created this universe. You could call them building blocks. The rest of this universe exists and was formed using what we will call the conventional ten positive energies. Only Earth in its cocoon of the negative energies exists using the negative building blocks. Here we get deeper into quantum physics, which neither you, nor your readers, nor any of your scientists have the ability to understand at this stage in your development.

That brings up a quick question; were any of the ancient societies such as the Atlanteans or Lemurians any more knowledgeable about these negative energies than we are?

No, perhaps even less so. The only difference is that they were able to use these energies a little better than you are at this time. I speak of such uses as healing and free energy to power all of their machines, and even they had little understanding of how it worked.

Did the Atlanteans and Lemurians work with the 4 negative energies?

Yes, of course, as the Earth Experiment was created millions of years prior to their existence.

Theo, can you expound on humans handling negativity?

Yes, Tom.  This is very important information you see.  Humans have been able to live and work with high levels of negativity, which no other beings in this universe nor in other universes had been able to do.  It is very difficult to work in a negative energy environment, but you have achieved this ability, and will teach others across this universe how to do so, although the percentages they will work with will be considered miniscule compared to the high levels you have been able to handle.  

Obviously, it has not been easy, and you have tried and failed before, but finally you did achieve this mastery we will call it, and sailed by the point where all the ancient astrologers and those who made predictions said the world would be destroyed.  It will not be, and when you move to the 5th focus it will continue to lessen in intensity, this negativity, and life will slowly but surely get better and better Tom.  

Our hats are off to you and your great accomplishment.  That’s why you have so many visitors to this planet from not only other parts of this galaxy and even this universe, but yes, from other universes too who wish to study how this was accomplished.  You are the center of attention, although you go on with your lives not being able to see this.  You would otherwise feel as if you are in a giant fishbowl, and we do not wish that, as you have much more to accomplish in the coming years.  

Is our goal on Earth to transmute all the negative energy into light?

Not in the way you’ve asked. Your goal was and is to be able to exist and thrive while working with the 4 negative energies which you are doing, as no other society has ever been able to do in any universe. And that was and is your ultimate goal, which has resulted in and will continue to be raising your vibrational levels faster than any society has ever done in the past.

Gaia, do the four negative energies have names, and what about the 10 positive energies?

Not so much names, Tom, as there is a recognition and understanding of what they do in the whole scheme of things. I know your readers seem to be stuck on names, but they simply exist. 

Up until the Earth Experiment, the four negative energies existed, but were shoved in a corner—like the stepchild no one talked about. Therefore, I cannot at this time simply assign some names to energies that have no names—they simply are—they exist. 

There is an understanding of how they work, but this is something for your scientists to figure out in the future. I do appreciate your readers, Tom, wanting to identify these. I will say that every one of the 4 negative and 10 positive energies make up creation.

Would you call them building blocks?

Yes, that would be a good analysis of their function.

Gaia, can you provide any examples of the successful use of negative energy?

Your very existence, Tom. We have stated previously that all of humanity exists and works with the four negative energies. No other culture or society, in any universe, has been able to do that. 

Here again we are limited in what we can tell you as none of your scientists can even begin to understand the differences in energies. Imagine yourselves as babies, with only a slight understanding of your surroundings. That is the best description I can give you. You are the stars of the universe and all the other universes as your very existence belies what has been taught for billions of Earth years. Just the fact that, although you cannot see it at the present time, you will never destroy yourselves again is a huge accomplishment.

Do negative energies cause crime and wars?

Not really. Bear in mind that there was a war that lasted for 27,000 universal years, and that occurred in the ten positive energies.

Will scientists who study the 4 negative energies be social scientists?

No, Tom, I know where your reader is going with this line of questioning, and the 4 negative energies must be studied by quantum physics scientists, as this is much more complicated than just simply labeling. These are energies, just as the 10 positive energies are energies in their own right.





Theo, are the four negative energies fire, earth, water, and wind?

No, another nice try, but these energies are much more nebulous than the elements you work with. Another hint—they are not physical.

Gaia, would negative energies include: 

1. Anger/hate 

2. Greed? 

And would positive energies include: 

1. Love 

2. Joy 

3. Happiness 

4 Hope/grace 

5. Kindness; Generosity

Tom, all of these “expressions,” we will call them, exist in both the 4 negative energies and 10 positive energies. We appreciate your readers putting on their thinking caps and tackling this great question. Someday your greatest minds will also ponder what these energies consist of. That does not mean to stop trying, but it is a very tough question to ponder at this early stage in your development. Bravo to anyone who comes up with theories.

Theo, would one of the negative energies be our being veiled from knowing about our past lives?

No, but a good guess. Again, these are energies.

Gaia, are the four negative energies we work with physical or emotional?

They are physical energies, Tom. They just have not been discovered yet, and as explained before, will not be identified for many years.

So, they will be able to be measured in the future with the right equipment?

That is correct. This equipment has not yet even been dreamed about in this time period.

Are there energies in nature that influence us that we have not discovered?

Quite so, Tom. We have discussed that there are energy pathways that are utilized in telepathy as just one example. We have also discussed the “Tower of Light” that comes from your seventh dimensional selves, and there are others not yet identified.

Gaia, would one of the negative energies we have spoken about before be the veil around the Earth?

No, not the way the question was asked. The veil just is. It works within the context of all the negative energies.

Would another possibly be the distortion of only seeing physicality?

No again, Tom.

What about the space-time continuum?

Yes, in a way, Tom. I know that your readers are working to decipher what the four negative energies are, and these questions are certainly reflective of this thought process. The space-time continuum is all part of the negative energy cocoon, shall we call it. 

Each of you not only lives within this negative energy, you are this energy. Otherwise, you could not exist for very long. That’s why all the ETs that visit this planet must have protective energy suits, we’ll call it, to protect them, and why they cannot stay long on the planet.

Gaia, does judgment, blame, guilt & shame have anything to do with the four negative energies or perhaps illusions and fear?

They all exist in these four negative energies, Tom, but these feelings we will call them, also can and do exist in the ten positive energies. You can say they are amplified in the four negative energies, but are not the four negative energies, including illusions and fear. You have more fear because, without knowing your true connection with your souls, it is like jumping off a precipice. Another nice try by one of your readers.

Do the negative energies range from sort of a level one, Love, to level four that would be war, extreme anger, etc.?

No, Tom. Again, we cannot describe these four energies. It will take hundreds of years to understand the differences, but a nice try by your reader.

Would love, enthusiasm, hope, and joy fit into one of the four negative energies?

They exist, but not in just one of the energies. They can exist in all, and do exist in all.

So, one of the negative energies is not competitiveness?

Again, all of your lives, Tom, work within the framework of these negative energies. You cannot label one competitiveness, or prejudicial, or racist, or deception, or greed as the questions posed by your reader asks.

Gaia, is one of the four negative energies separation?

No, it is not, Tom. Nice guess from your reader. In a way all of the negative energies are separate from the positive energies. They exist unto themselves.

Gaia, another Negative Energies guess: 

1. Free will 

2. Evolution of humans 

3. Separateness

No, Tom. None of them come close. These are energies, not so much involved in the Earth Experiment itself, but if you recall are part of the structure of the four negative energies.

Gaia, would the four negative energies be: 

1. Greed of money 

2. Greed of power 

3. Hatred 

4. Sexual lust

No, Tom, these are human emotions, not the actual negative energies. These are energies, not emotions that you can experience in life.

Gaia, is one of the negative energies entropy?

It is not.

Gaia, would one of the negative energies be free choice?

No, Tom. Nice guess, but free choice is not an energy so much as the ability each of you have been given should you decide not to follow the soul path you and your soul agreed would be the best path to follow, with the greatest growth in each life. 

As we have said before, your soul knows the crossroads, we will call them, and has a whole other set of challenges and experiences ready, should you decide to veer off the path, but the results will be having to adjust one or more lives in the future to experience those challenges.

Gaia, another guess on the four negative energies: 

1. Ignorance 

2. Ego 

3. Fear

4. Violence?

Tom, these are all part of the four negative energies, but they also exist in the rest of the universe in the 10 positive energies. So, a nice guess by your thoughtful reader, but no.

Gaia, are all four Negative Energies inside us or just one?  Also do the four complement each other, or two, or none?  Do they feed off each other? 

Physically, you exist within the four negative energies, and they exist within you—they cannot be separated.  You can also say they complement each other.  Each needs the others as part of their existence.  

This really gets to the boundaries of your knowledge, Tom, but also to the boundaries of even your quantum physicists, who have no idea that there are four negative energies, which this solar system exists in while the rest of the universe exists in the ten positive energies.  

What I’m telling you today is for the scientists of tomorrow for them to ponder.  You are in a space-time continuum specifically created for the Earth Experiment. 

Do the four negative energies have anything to do with our vibrational level, and I assume that these four negative energies exist on all timelines?

The higher your vibrational level, the less effect that these four negative energies have on you. You still exist in these four energies—that’s all part of the Earth Experiment. And yes, the four negative energies exist on all 12 timeline Earths. The frequencies are higher on the upper timelines, so as we have explained before, they have easier lives than do the lower timelines.

Gaia, would the four negative energies have connections to the four forces that create our reality, according to science: strong, weak, gravity, and electromagnetic?  Are our bodies able to pick up on emotions as frequencies and pheromones, and resonate with them?  And do we have to reactivate our vestigial vomeronasal organs to take advantage of them?

They not only have connections, Tom, but encompass these energies.  They are not separate but contained in your or our space-time continuum.  Your bodies are able to tune in, using the pineal gland to those emotions, along with your auras.  Keep in mind that your auras extend out further than most understand at this time period.  You do not have to reactivate those organs, but when you meditate, you raise your level of awareness to them.

Theo, does the negative behavior of football fans relate to the four negative energies?

Not really, Tom—more to the fact they are young souls and make rash decisions as part of their growth. Football is one of the ways people release energy and frustration. They may feel trapped in their work, and football is one of the ways they can release tension, since most of them have not learned how to meditate yet.

Gaia, does playing a game where there is a winner and loser create negative energy?

Yes, it does in a way, Tom. I realize you are struggling with understanding positive and negative energies, but you do generate a negative energy with games. You create a yin and yang—polar opposites in a way. Your readers will come up with more questions in the future, Tom. It may be next week, next month, or years from now.

Theo, do the negative energies have anything to do with the Hindu scripture of Tamasik, Rajasik, or Sattvik?

As was mentioned by your reader, these are personalities in their belief system. They exist within the four negative energies.

Gaia, does religion come from one of the four negative energies?

We appreciate your readers’ attempts to narrow down what these four energies are, but no, religion exists within these four energies. They are a component of all of them, not just one.

Do all human emotions positive and negative belong to one type of negative energy?


Gaia, do negative energies on Earth have anything to do with counterclockwise moving energies similar to iron?

No, but a good guess from your reader. Some energies, such as the aforementioned iron, do go counterclockwise, but others are the reverse. That has to do with individual elements, all still contained and operating in this negative energy.




Is there no positivity without negativity?

There is a balancing that constantly goes on, Tom. Even though people in the Earth Experiment are working with the four negative energies, they are balanced in a way with positivity. You still do not understand enough of this concept for us to discuss.

Yes, but how can I learn if you don’t answer my questions?

We will give you the information as you are able to understand it, Tom.

Gaia, I’m asked what is the difference between positive and negative energy?

 Ah, such a question. These energies, we must use the plural form for both, as was explained before, are more than opposites, they are so different that even the best scientists, we will call them, across the universe found it impossible to work with the negative energy, so it was ignored. Creator from the beginning knew this to be a fact in every other of the billions of creations.

That’s why it is so amazing, Tom, that humans were able to balance these two energies when no one else had. You made the impossible possible. So, an explanation of comparing the difference between the two is so much more than night and day. Imagine the hardest rock in the universe that can withstand any method of cracking or penetrating its surface and that is one small way of describing or using a simile.

Gaia, are there different forms of negative energy as there are different forms of positive energy?

Quite so, Tom. That is a good question and good that you recognized the possibility. Here we get into quantum physics, so let me just say that there are several forms of negative energy, and it will be many years before your scientists are able to identify the differences between negative energies and the different forms of positive energy.

That is why everyone is confused when you and everyone else have had questions about how negative energy is completely rejected in other parts of not only this universe but others as well. There will be thousands of experiments done by your scientists in order to learn about these energies.

Gaia, is there anything between the positive and negative energies, and will they somehow be combined in the future?

They are just energies, Tom, quite separate at this time from each other. They will remain separate, yet not only you here on Earth, but all over the universe beings will be able to use or utilize these separate negative energies. This is quite complicated and far beyond even your greatest scientists at this time. This knowledge will come far in your future, but it will come.

Can you tell me if the following are positive energies?


Yes, positive. There will be huge discoveries about this energy in the future.


Yes, one of the positive energies that, like all energies, can be misused.


Yes, again, although it would not seem so on the surface (yes, a little humor there).

Dark energy

Again, positive as it is not identified that way in the rest of the universe.

Telepathic energy

Quite so.

Energy that connects the planets and stars

Yes, although its existence has only been speculated in a limited way by your scientists.

Then crystal energy is just one of the positive energies, is that correct?

That’s correct, Tom. And as we have alluded to in the past, there was a different energy given to the Lemurians that will only be discovered by chance by a scientist. Yet, there are even more.

Gaia, another question on the four negative energies and ten positive energies. Do we work with any of the positive energies, as we seem to have positive and negative energiespolar opposites of each other?

But these are positive and negative energies of the same energy or spectrum. That’s why it will take a long time for your scientists to discover the four. On the surface it seems that you do, but in actuality you’ve never felt a true positive energy.

Do all of those labels exist in the positive energies?

YES! Just not in the exact same way. It is much more difficult to accomplish anything while living in the four negative energies than it is in the 10 positive energies. Yes, you could describe it as moving through molasses. It takes great effort to live in the 4 negative energies. That’s why those that volunteered for the Earth Experiment had to have great desire, along with a higher vibrational level. No one in any of the billions of universes believed that anyone could live within the confines of these 4 energies.

Theo, what is the positive energy we feel when we say an MBO, practice positive affirmations, meditate and even joy, when we receive good news? Is this actually one type of the 4 negative energies of the Earth Experience?

Yes, in a way, it is, Tom, as these four energies do allow you to experience all of these things, while at the same time increasing your vibrational level.

Do those existing in only the 10 positive energies able to experience the same?

Yes, but in a different way, so difficult to explain, as you have never experienced both to compare these feelings. You could say these energies are but one side of a coin, yet in another way, a completely different coin. These negative energies allow you to experience a higher sense of feeling, in a way.

How does requesting MBOs help you connect with positive and negative energies?

Not so much as connect with them Tom, as to work within the negative energies—something never done before by any other race.

How is raising vibrational levels related to positive and negative energies?

It can only be done through the introduction of negative energies.

Yet, it is my understanding that people raised their vibrational levels over a long period of time.

Yes, but they reached an impasse and could not raise their vibrational levels any higher. Yes, there are a number of souls that raised their vibrational levels, but over eons of time. Remember, you are fast-tracked to raise your vibrational level.




Gaia, I’ve only received vague descriptions of negative spirits. Are they fragments of negative whole souls, and either way, did Creator create them, and if so why, and if not, who created them?

Yes, excellent questions. No, Creator did not create them. They were attracted to this creation due to the four negative energies. That’s one of the reasons why everyone in all the other universes and including this one, work only with the 10 positive energies. They are not, I repeat not, fragments of negative souls. They are like the remnants of the creation process. They in a way are like lost children roaming endlessly.

Naturally, they were attracted to this creation, and attach themselves to any person who has lowered defenses such as addiction in all forms. Now that you are starting to lower the amount of negative energy you work with, their limited powers are waning too.

Gaia, please explain more about possession.

Yes, we have touched on these negative spirits before, left over from the creation of galaxies, suns, and planets. They have an energy that is waning. On other worlds they have no power at all, but in the Earth Experiment, when working with the four negative energies, they do have some power, although it is slowly waning now.

As we have commented before, various forms of substance abuse can open the door for what you term as possession. And yes, mental illness can also be an open door too. Then great amounts of white light are needed to break this possession. Wrapping yourself in a bubble of white light is transformative. Prayers said out loud for those affected do bring in their guardian angels to assist. This is a learning experience for everyone involved.

Were negative spirits in existence when this universe was formed, or were they created somehow when this universe was created?

A little of both, Tom, would be the correct answer. There were negative spirits in existence that were attracted to this creation, and there were those that were created. This is quite complicated, but feel free to ask more questions.

Do negative spirits help balance this universe?

Yes, they are all part of creation, and there is balance here.

Should we say BPs for negative spirits and send light?

Yes, but do send white light as that keeps their influence down.

Gaia, why does burning sage and perhaps rosemary cleanse away dark energies?

They are the antisepsis of dark energies. Obviously, their properties act as a shield. It is part of their DNA to convert these energies and not allow them to interfere. Sage has properties that are multilevel—beyond the physical.

Theo, are dark energies attracted to those who hate?

Absolutely, Tom. They feed off hate. An average person can feel this energy surround a person who is consumed with hate. It is truly like a dark cloud surrounding them.

Theo, are multiple personalities of mentally ill people soul fragments, negative spirits, or what?

Yes, the negative spirits, as you term them, are quite capable of mimicking real people. Creator allows them as part of the Earth Experiment where one must have a mental illness as one of the bucket list items. So, the personalities are not, say, guides or other entities volunteering to be the personalities.

I still feel that I need to ask more, but not sure what.

Gaia, please explain the purpose of negative spirits. For what purpose did the Creator of this universe create them or were they attracted to this creation?

The Creator did not create them, Tom, but welcomed them with open arms as part of the negative experiment. You might say they anchor the negativity. And, as was said before, their numbers are not increasing nor decreasing. As your positive energy grows, theirs does not grow to counteract this energy.

Theo has told me he does not like these negative spirits, or are they whole souls?

They are not whole souls. Their actions are irritating to say the least. This is why you are asked or told to surround yourself with white light each time we do these sessions.

They are allowed to exist even around humans, so how do they try and influence us?

Ah, a good question. They try and influence people to actions that are negative for their mind, body, and spirit. But when you surround yourself with white light, they can have no influence over you whatsoever.

I feel like I’m missing something here, am I Gaia?

Yes, there are more questions to ask. But you or your readers must ask them. I can only answer what is specifically asked. Those are the rules.

Gaia, is there any negative energy leftover from the Indian-white man conflicts in the Denver, Colorado area that contributed to the school shootings in a narrow geographic area?

Yes, Tom. It was good that your reader put two and two together as that is exactly part of the reason those shootings took place. The land still carries the negative energy of what happened on the “front range” as it is called. There was blood spilled there as the white hunters and then troops invaded what had previously been the Indian’s hunting grounds and where they spent the winters in the lower elevations.

Gaia, do negative spirits have a home or do they just wander about, and are they most concentrated here in our space-time continuum?

Good questions. Negative spirits do not have a home per se. They are the leftovers from when Creator created this universe. In the 10 positive energies they have very little power, but yes, in this space-time continuum, in the four negative energies, they are like a moth attracted to the light.

As you raise your vibrational levels they have less and less ability to interfere, with the exception being those we have discussed before whose defenses have been lowered through drug and alcohol abuse. That’s why it is always good to surround yourself in a bubble of white light for protection.

Are we the only ones they are attracted to?

They have a lessor ability in the 10 positive energies. This is another reason that existing in the four negative energies is much more difficult. But all in all, you have been able to repel these negative energies, and as we have told you in the past, they have less and less influence on you.




What types of negativity will we introduce to other societies and how can we cover everyone?

Yes, it would seem like an impossible, formidable task, Tom, but once you begin to introduce simple things like games, which require winners and losers, these will spread – variations of these, you understand, to many other societies across the universe.  We are fortunate in this Federation to be the first to receive this small negativity to work with, although we are a little anxious, as keep in mind these societies have been around for millions of years, so any change will be enormous for us.

Is there a negative universe?

Yes, in a way there is, but not like this universe or the billions of others. It is not, as an example, a mirror image of this one, but it exists. It is a dark place. I think you should think of more questions to ask in the future. Just know that love conquers all, and light prevents the dark from existing.

Does this dark matter relate to the negative energies?

No, it exists throughout the universe.

Gaia, what is it about the four negative energies that make our solar system colorful?

It is simply their unique properties that cause this different hue. That’s the best answer we can give you at this moment in time.

Gaia, are the negative energy particles that relate to a black hole one of the four?

No, Tom, but you could say that the black holes are one of the generators of negative energies.

Is another negative energy involved in portal hopping?

Not in the way asked. There is energy connecting planets, suns, and galaxies, but keep in mind, Tom, that the rest of this universe operates on the ten positive energies, so these pathways are in the positive field.

Do negative energies exist in the vacuum of space?

Vacuum is a misnomer, Tom. Remember that I told you before, space is the fabric that this universe was created on. This is far beyond the understanding of even your most learned quantum physicists. But we do appreciate your readers’ attempts to understand. We applaud their efforts.

Gaia, I’m asked if the area of space the Earth is traveling through has more negativity, or what benefits are we gaining from this area of space?

This area of space Earth is traveling through cannot be described as having more negative energy. It simply can be described as having a different kind of energy that assists in your growth. You would have to be a quantum physicist, Tom, and even then, it would be difficult to explain. Just know that your vibrational levels are continuing to rise. This energy, in a way, mirrors and enhances your accomplishments. It does not hinder or drag you down.

Theo, is there still another planet that will have negative energy but less than we have? And if so, what stage of development?

Yes, but it is still in the early stages of development, Tom. Just as the Earth took millions of years to truly develop, this one will take quite some time to reach the same level that you are on.

Gaia, is it time that is causing or allowing for the expansion of space?  Is dark energy related to what we call time?  Is time expanding through space?

Tom, time is a construct that is part of the Earth Experiment.  It exists and has been created so that your Explorer Race can catch up with the rest of the universe.  As we have said before, time has increased to the point where your time is ten times faster than universal time.  Your souls had to be very hardy to endure this time mechanism which is another reason why you were designed to have much shorter lives due to the strain on your bodies.

Dark energy is not related to time.  And again, time was constructed to be basically 10 times faster than universal time, and that is just for the Earth Experiment.  As I have said previously, you are almost at the point where time will cease increasing in speed.  Your grandchildren will not notice any speedup of time, as your population has experienced. 

So, time is not expanding in space? 

No.  Time is a mechanism used as part of the Earth Experiment.  It is “controlled” would be the best description I can give you at your level of understanding. 

How will we exist in negative bodies when we go to other star systems?

Good question. By then you will have raised your vibrational levels to a point where you can exist on a planet that exists in the 10 positive energies. If you were to travel right now to one of those positive planets, you would have a difficult time trying to exist. Plus keep in mind that you will be introducing small amounts of negative energy that will be integrated and allow those societies to grow once again.

What about dark matter or dark energy?

Dark matter makes up all the space in the universe, which your scientists will learn much more about in the future. And the same about what you call dark energy, but it is not negative energy.

Is antimatter negative energy?

Not as asked here. There is antimatter in places such as black holes but is not considered one of the negative energies. These were good questions by your reader.

Will we bring all four negative energies to these other planets?

Yes, they cannot be separated. Each energy has its own purpose, as you will one day learn.

Will these other planets be required to accept? What about the Vegans and Lyrans?

All will understand that Creator wants them to accept these negative energies and begin to grow again. A society can be billions of years old, but still has much room for growth.

Gaia, does negative energy bind space and time unique to this solar system? And does it allow for greater flexibility and acceleration in the movement of time?

Here we touch on quantum physics, Tom. It does not so much bind space and time as it is the framework of the space time continuum. I can increase the speed of time, where it is not possible in the framework of the 10 positive energies. They are what they are, and time is constant. Moving time faster makes this the most unique space time continuum of any that has existed before.

Theo, why is it that the wars and conflicts these planets we come from could not generate the same level of negativity we work with?

This is where it gets difficult to explain, Tom, as that negativity could not exist the way your universe is constructed as well as all the other universes. It is sent away and transformed.

Again, difficult to describe to you in today’s understanding. But by your souls working with it directly in a controlled environment shall we say—sort of like an experiment in a lab to use one analogy—you were finally able to work with it, and we go back to that famous date in 1987 when you passed the road mark that said you were successful and wouldn’t destroy yourselves again, and we would have to start the process all over again.

Gaia, would other planets project negative energy to us, or do they simply exist in these four negative energies?

All the planets in this solar system exist in the four negative energies as part of the Earth Experiment.  Once your astronauts leave the solar system, they will be in the ten positive energies, but will still exist in the four negative energies.  That is partly how you will spread these negative energies to other planets, and they in turn will spread it to other planets.  It is these tiny bits of negative energy that will allow them to increase their vibrational levels and begin to grow again. 

Gaia, do tachyons make up the energetic connections between planets, moons, and suns and are present in healing chambers?

First the energetic connection, Tom. There is an energy which scientists have not yet discovered that exists between all these bodies in the universe. This will take many more years—we’re speaking of hundreds of years—to discover. Just know that this exists. The scientists will have their “aha!” moments in the future.

The role tachyons play will be discovered sooner, but I will not give that information to you as, again, there must be those exciting moments for researchers. I will say that tachyons are everywhere to give you a little hint.

Will it one day be dismantled after the Explorer Race leaves in 7,000 years?

Good question.  Not completely.  As you were told previously, there will be just a tiny bit of negativity that will remain so that people who visit Earth from all over the Universe, and even other universes, will experience the difference—just not the intensity that you have and will have for many years to come.  It will slowly continue to diminish over the years. 

Theo, does astrology show us what the four negatives are and their effects?

More the effects of the planets, sun, and moon in this solar system, Tom.

What is the vibrational level for people on Timeline 11?

They are on a frequency where the four negative energies still exist, but not as dense as it is for those on the lower timelines. Their vibrational level is the same, but they are able to have easier lives.

What about the 12th Timeline, which is non-physical?

Yes, still in the four negative energies, but at the highest vibrational level.




Is love a separate energy which exists outside the Earth realm’s negativity?

Love permeates the universe, Tom. Don’t forget what we have said before—Creator loves everything in ITS creation, whether in the 10 positive energies or the 4 negative energies. They are all just energy, but the 4 have always been impossible to work with until the Earth Experiment proved they could be worked with. You cannot imagine how difficult these energies are until you realize that none of the billions of universes have ever worked successfully with them before.

Is the love that you refer to unconditional love?

Yes, in all its forms.

Theo, is experiencing the loss and sadness components of love part of one of the negative energies, or you just can’t separate?

Loss and sadness also occur in the 10 positive energies. Therefore, there is not just one negative energy that is responsible for loss and sadness. You could describe it as a dot on a painting. It is all part of a painting.

Theo, can a person reach a state of unconditional love while existing in the four negative energies? Does this contribute to soul growth?

It is quite possible to reach a state of unconditional love, which we encourage everyone to do their best to practice each day. Love thy neighbor as thyself, and this not only includes those neighbors close by, but also around the world. By doing so you will not only raise your vibrational level but will assist in raising the vibrational level of the whole planet. As you have said in the past, Tom, turn on the love switch. Send light and love to everyone and everything on Earth each day.

Theo, why do we have to experience negativity in order to grow as souls? Why can’t we just grow through love all the time?

Certainly, your souls did not have to take part in the Earth Experiment, Tom. They could have just continued to have hundreds of thousands of other lives and slowly raised their vibrational levels up to where most of the universe is today—at least in the 5th focus—to 5.3 or 5.4. But that’s where all these other societies are getting stuck. They have these mostly gentle lives, but they level out.

Your souls answered a call—you could call it a casting call if you wish, or a job description. The Creator wanted to attempt to work with negativity, which It felt would cause souls who would be veiled from knowing of your true selves to learn how to make decisions with no input from how you had handled similar problems in the past.

It would mean, if it worked, that you would quickly raise your vibrational levels instead of taking a billion years just to use a figure. The requirement was that all your souls must have reached a certain vibrational level before they could take part in the Earth Experiment. Originally you were told you had to be a spiritual master in one life, but we can give you a more accurate description now than I could several years ago.





Gaia, someone makes the argument that Creator does not exist; rather he is existence itself. And, if he is existence itself, there can be no others. Comments?

A nice theory, Tom, but just that, a theory. There is space, which your scientists have a long way to go to understand—it will literally take millennia to understand the 14 different energies, and the actual fabric that makes up this creation—this universe. Would you deny that a beautiful painting just exists—that there was no painter who created it? That is a simple explanation for those who would deny the Creator, who created this universe.

The energies Gaia is referring to are the 4 Negative Energies we all live with, and the 10 Positive Energies the rest of our universe and all the other universes work with. Scientists will not discover these for several hundred years. Obviously, scientists have a LOT of research ahead of them. I’m told they don’t want the scientists to be bored!

Regarding the Earth Experiment, keep in mind that souls all over the universe had ceased to raise their vibrational levels. By finding a way to work with the four negative energies, when we go to the stars, we will introduce small bits of negativity first to the Federation, and then they will introduce this all over the universe.

We are only talking about .02% to 2% negativity, as compared to our much higher amount, which is starting to slowly go down. And by volunteering for the Earth Experiment, our souls are greatly increasing our vibrational levels. We will return to our home planets as leaders, since the volunteers were a small percentage, 1% to 25% of the population.

Creator, do you somehow need to balance negativity before you go to the higher level?

Excellent question, Tom. In a way, yes. I will incorporate and am incorporating negativity into my being—these four energies, you see. All of you are part of my creation, so I am always gaining from my creation, just as in a small way all other souls are gaining from this creation. Otherwise, you would move on seeking a purpose in your soul lives.

Theo, do the lives we have where we are balancing and playing the “bad guys” attract the negative energy, produce it, or where does negative energy originate?

The energy is there to tap into, Tom, and, as I have mentioned before, humans are wired to attract this negative energy whether they are in a life to be a good guy or a bad guy using your terminology.  You tend to attract this negative energy from all over the universe, as again by being surrounded by it you have still raised your vibrational levels, which is an amazing feat no one else has been able to accomplish.

Gaia, do we exist in each life in all four negative energies or perhaps more of one than others?

As we have explained before, these negative energies exist.  Your souls do not choose which one to exist in—in your earth lives you exist in all of them, just as those in the rest of the universe exist in all 10 positive energies.  We do appreciate your reader’s question.  It does clarify for those that would have the same idea.

Gaia, is our spiritual body, emotional body, mental body, and physical body each attached to one of the four negative energies?

Good guess by your reader. All are subjected to, or influenced by, the four negative energies, Tom.

Does it factor in reducing the span of lifetimes and altered the chemistry of lifeforms?

Creator granted you shorter lifetimes, along with all the other living creatures on Earth, because of the difficulty of these lives in the four negative energies. As you raise your vibrational levels, so will the length of your lifetimes and even those lives of other beings around you but will never be the average length of lives of those in the rest of the universe.

Do they have a different relationship to the positive and negative than those of us who have lives on the foundations?

Again, Tom, may we remind you that you are working with the four negative energies and the rest of the universe works only with the ten positive energies. Therefore, their foundations are positive, whereas yours is negative. We realize that is very confusing to you, and we don’t expect you to understand this at this time. These are for future generations to discover.



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