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Welcome to this week’s newsletter, and a special welcome to all of you who subscribed in the past week.  Be sure to pass this along to your friends, as I keep being told by our new readers how much it’s changing their lives and those of their friends.

I had wondered many times why, since this was my destiny—my soul contract—to do this, why I had not just been inspired to do this at an earlier age; so recently I decided to ask my Guardian Angel Theo about this in my meditation:

Theo, are there more reasons than I have been told as to why I’m having this life of first a travel business and then the film distribution business?

Yes Tom, certainly there are.  You are having this life for more learning in those fields, which carries over to your previous lives, as you are aware that what you learn in this life affects those others, just as they affect you.  But also, there are even more reasons that we can partially cover today.  You needed those experiences in order to relate on many levels to other people and their normal lives.  You may not realize how you do consciously, but people look on you as being more “normal” shall we say than those that have devoted thems elves to just a spiritual quest and perhaps just a job to keep food on the table and to pay the rent.  When you tell people about being successful and how to use these tools in their lives, they say, “Well if Tom is using them, it’s because they work and I should at least give it a try.”  

So in 2009, I will continue to present ideas on how to make your life less stressful, less fearful, and more Gentle!  I received a number of emails this week, so let’s begin.

Marc writes:  Thank you for your wonderful work. Not too long ago I heard you on Dick Sutphen's radio show and started using MBO's. I really think that they have raised my vibrational rate a bit. Thank you.
Patricia's experience with the crows really tickled me. It's a very real blessing to make that kind of connection with a wild animal. Especially crows since they are very intelligent. Generally taken to be the smartest of all birds (as well as their cousins, the ravens) and I once heard that they are fourth smartest animal on the planet. I've been feeding them raw hot dogs for years (they love 'em!) and have had similar experiences. Including being followed and "buzzed" while riding my bicycle. I'm sure that if Patricia were to go back to the same Wendy's she would have the same experience again with her two new friends.
The dollar or two that I spend on hot dogs a week for my flying friends is such a small tithe to enjoy that same gift as Patricia's.   
From YouTube:
Smart little peckers huh?

I highly recommend watching these two videos, as they total only three minutes—well worth your time.  


Patricia had also asked:  Would it be possible to ask Gaia what area will be affected and how far east from Vancouver, BC and the Fraser Valley?

Gaia, a lady who lives in British Columbia wants to know how far to the east of Vancouver do you plan earth changes?

Not far Tom—just to the m ountains you see.  I don’t need to take them down as I do in southern California.  They will remain basically in the shape and appearance that they are today, with just a few minor changes.

So you are still planning the changes?  

Yes, but it will be much later in your year 2009, I assure you Tom.  But they must come, and will be basically as I have described them to you before.  Nothing has changed but the timing.  

Why are other channels saying that these have been changed to micro events, as that does not appear to be a micro event to me, Gaia.

No, these changes will not be micro events, but these channels have also not been completely informed.  They are being given only a portion of the information Tom, you see?

Yes.  I understand, but I will be very reluctant to give the timing unless you hit me over the head with it.

I understand Tom your reticence, and I will do my best to give you an accurate and inflexible date this time.

Thank you Gaia.

I want to remind you how requesting Benevolent Outcomes does make life more gentle and less stressful, even for the simplest, most mundane requests.

Paula writes:  I just bought 5 books and am thrilled of the idea that now I have "presents" to give.... but they will be for birthday gifts... to the people I love the most.  I know your book has influenced me and I know the angels talk to us (if we would only listen).
Tom, I use the benevolent requests daily,  and am still amazed with the results.  I requested a parking space a few days ago... the wind was cold and raw and I didn’t want to walk those extra steps... but I also didn’t want to find a spot where I would be getting my car banged up by other people's car doors... the angels found me a perfect spot with room galore and it was 3 cars down from the doorway... perfect.
This is one of many, many results I’ve had.


BG writes:  Seems people mostly report on the profound results from using MBO's.  I've had a couple of rather humorous but practical and useful results that I want to share.
Ever since I moved into this new house four years ago, I have had trouble with the low flow commodes working properly.  Therefore, the plunger is always close at hand.  It is something I really dislike doing but it beats the alternative.  One day, even the plunger was not being successful.  So I said, "Well then, I just request a most benevolent outcome for this commode to properly flush."  Nothing happened so I walked way to contemplate calling a plumber.  It wasn't long at all when I heard a gurgling sound coming from the bathroom.  Went in to investigate and sure enough, the commode was empty and flushing properly.
During my meditation that week, I was reminded that the commode incident was metaphoric for how I hold on to junk.  So, now an MBO is part of my daily constitutional to easily release and flush away the junk in my life.

The other one happened this week when I had to park under a tree that was a popular spot for birds.  I was on a tight schedule and did an MBO for a convenient spot that would let me get in and out quickly.  When I got out and saw all the droppings, I debated moving yet this was the most convenient, actually only, parking spot in the lot.    So, I requested an MBO for the bird droppings to miss my car.  When I entered the door to the building where I was going, I looked back and saw there were no birds in the trees.  I said thank you and went on about my business.  Came out and still no birds.  As I pulled out of the lot, I saw the birds return.
Profundity comes in all shapes, huh?


Helena had emailed asking what Benevolent Prayer she could say for her sister, who has a weight problem brought on from early life experiences.  I suggested she say, “I ask that any and all beings assist and aid my sister in being led to understand her eating disorder, and will be led to successful treatments that will be the most benevolent for her, thank you!"

Helena writes:  I have been meaning to send you a 'Thank you' for kindly replying to my questions/e-mail. I don’t know if you remember the questions I asked you about? My sisters weight issues that I have been worried about. Well I have been saying the Benevolent Prayer for her that you suggested. My sister went to the hospital to have her blood pressure done and that was fine, but now she is being sent to someone for help her with her weight!  How about that for an answer to a Benevolent Prayer? She has never been helped like that before! I told her that I had been saying Benevolent Prayers for her and she could not believe it! Now I hope I have the same luck, as I am still requesting a MBO for finding a job for me. But what fab help for my sister. I have also got my nieces hooked on your fabulous book; they have just brought a copy from 'Cygnus Books'.


Amy in Scotia, New York writes:  I had great fun with a benevolent outcome on the weekend before Christmas.  Because of bad weather in the east, my husband and I finally went out to find a Christmas tree on Saturday.  I asked for a MBO, including finding the perfect tree quickly and at an even better price than I could imagine.  We started out to a local grocery chain where they were selling trees, hoping to find a sale.  On the way there, we ran across a long line of cars waiting for a light at a busy intersection.

Sensing a message here, I turned the car around and headed back the way we came, going up a country road where we had bought a tree from a farm stand in previous years.  That place was closed, but up the road I saw a sign for Christmas trees.  Walking in knee deep snow, we found the trees and went to the door to get the proprietor, but no one was home.  I shook the snow off one perfect tree and saw a price tag - $15!  

I took the money out of my wallet, but wondered how I was going to leave it at the house with no one home.  In my purse was an old paycheck envelope that I normally would have thrown away.  Perfect.  I wrote Merry Christmas on the envelope, put in the money and left it inside the front door.  When was the last time you found the perfect Christmas tree for $15?  I put it up yesterday and it’s the most beautiful Christmas tree we've ever had.  Happy Holidays to all.

Val from England writes:  Living in an apartment with very little storage we have to be very selective at what we buy.  I wanted to decorate the front pillar of our entrance with a Christmas tree. I only wanted to pay £5 because I knew I would have to throw it away after. We looked in several garden centers, but all were over £25. Back in our home town the market was on and lo and behold they had some lovely Christmas trees and guess what--the one I wanted, which was nearly 6ft tall, was just one penny under five pounds! The vender told me they were £40 in the shops and I quite believed him. How blessed I was.

Do you know what, since you introduced me to TMBO I do it automatically and just amazing things come about.


Vicki in the Houston area writes:  I have enjoyed your weekly newsletters this year. I signed up to receive the newsletters after my Aunt Alice forwarded one to me.  She introduced me to "new age" interests when I was 15 and at 52, I have been interested ever since.  Once I learned how to use an MBO I found them to be so easy to do and I have passed the information on to friends.  I am trying to introduce to more people, as the time seems right to do so.
My husband and I have had some good outcomes using MBO's. Most recently we used them, as we were late to return a rental car. I requested an MBO so we could return the car and hopefully avoid late fees. It worked perfectly.  We also use them a lot for matters surrounding health and home projects.  We requested an MBO for a successful roof job, which worked great. With recent hurricanes costs were high for roofing and this simple project had many challenges.  In the end we got the roof we wanted for a great price.  
This week we were back at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, the second time this month.  My husband has new cancer in the lymph nodes behind his sternum. He has been battling thyroid cancer since 2004.   I requested an MBO of strength and resilience for both of us.  We have been amazed how we are not in a state of fear or worry and I know it is due to the MBO.  If you have any suggestions as to how to improve our use of MBOs in matters of health and healing, we would love to hear from you.
Thank you for introducing us to MBOs and for the impact it has had on our lives.

For Vicki and anyone else with family health problems right now, you can say a Benevolent Prayer such as, “I ask that any and all beings assist my husband in being led to treatments that will be the most beneficial and most benevolent for him, thank you!”  Notice how they have no fear?  I’ve reported on this in the past when I had to undergo surgery for congestive heart failure.  And if the health problem is yours, you can request a MBO by saying, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this treatment (surgery, etc.), and may I be led to the most beneficial treatments for me, thank you!”  


Twanda in Michigan writes:  Hi Tom I read about you and MBOs in Sedona magazine probably about 6 months ago.  I have been using them daily ever since.  

I would like to tell you about this one.  It was this past Friday December 19th.  I live in Michigan and we got hit with a big snow storm.  So I&a mp;#39;m trying to go to the store and as I was trying to enter the driveway of the grocery store, I get stuck in the snow.  No going forward nor backwards.  So I asked for a MBO with getting unstuck.  

I sat there for 5 to 6 minutes blocking 2 lanes of the road, when up came a lady who proceeded to try and push my car out.  It didn't budge.  It told her thanks but I'll just wait for a police cruiser.  She said "I'll push again with the help of this man that's approaching".  They got me out in 2 seconds.  I never saw her coming nor the man.  Thank you so much for introducing me to MBOs.  

I think Twanda’s Guardian Angel was doing a little overtime work for her.  


Marie writes:  Dear Tom, I have to thank you, the Angels, and God, for my MBO’s, when I felt all was lost for my Marine son’s visit for Christmas.
Now I want to say of my MBO, This morning my son was supposed to take a flight from Washington. His flight was cancelled. Hearing there were some people waiting 3 days for a plane had me wondering if we will spend the time with him and thoughts of if he doesn’t come home, he has a good chance of being shipped out!

My son’s Dad and I started doing searches of the Greyhound bus service, since there was a flight to a hi lly area 7 hours away. We found out the road was closed due to snow conditions, so the Greyhound bus was out. My ex was about to leave to drive there and that plane also was cancelled since the airport was snowed in. There was no way for my son to get here till the 26th of Dec., "after Christmas". This was my chance to have my plans of cooking for my family, when each year I wasn’t sure how much time I’d have with them.

I decided to seriously ask for an MBO, and as I waited for word I made a wreath, the best I have ever made. Then comes the call, my son is boarding a plane and home in 2 hours. I cried and thanked the angels and that’s also why I am here (many, many thanks Tom).


In a future conversation with the member of my soul group or “cluster” you’ll read that he told me that he’s only had 800 or so lives on earth compared to my 1,000.  That was really surprising, as I had assumed we were all identical parts of our soul—sort of the concept of identical twins with identical interests.  So I decided to ask Theo about this and here’s what I learned:

Theo, I have been under the assumption that all the soul fragments in a cluster are identical in interests, as we are “chips off the old block.”  But do we somehow all have separate interests even though we are from the same soul?

What a wonderful question Tom. There you have it. Your soul, even though it has specific interests overall you see, has split fragments of itself that do have somewhat different interests in order to gain the most knowledge from all these lives you and the other fragments are living on earth, and the other planets you have lives on in between, where you can use that learning to assist those other cultures.  This is very important to understand what a wide range of interests a cluster of a soul can have in order to gain knowledge and learn.  You are one big happy family when you are all together Tom; but you have many different stories to relate you see, when you are together, and you bring back highly different experiences that you provide to each other and to your soul.  This was an excellent question.  

OK Theo, thanks.  It’s takes a while to figure some of this out.

Of course Tom and you know you are still at the tip of understanding.  


For those new to this newsletter, these are communications I’ve been having with a member of my soul group or “cluster,” who’s living a life as an amphibian on a water planet in the Sirius B star system.  As you’ll learn in the future, he will be coming here on a big “mothership” a couple of years after our first contact with the Pleiadians around 2015, along with all sorts of other beings from the Federation.  Send me questions if you h ave some.  

July 11, 2008

I would like to return to the subject of your trip to earth and the spaceship.

Yes, that’s fine Tom.  What do you wish to know?

First, what is its size if I haven’t asked that before?

You have but it is quite large   It is well over one mile in length.

Do your space ships use a sophisticated version of the light-bending materials announced here by our scientists or something totally different like changing to a different dimensional degree?

Good question Tom.  We actually use both, depending upon the circumstances.  If we are in an area and do not wish to frighten the local population, we will use a more advanced version of what your scientists are just now learning how to use and how to construct.  If we are under scrutiny by warships or war craft that would try and attack us, we do simply leave the point of the dial if you will, knowing that it is impossible for any of your ships to follow us yet.

How many people or should I say beings will be on that ship when it comes to earth?

There will be a fairly large contingent Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive the number—more on the order of 1,000.

Will all these beings be from your planet, a few planets nearby, or from the Sirius star system or even beyond that?

A good question.  Our contingent of beings shall we say will come from a wide area—many from other star systems.  We are a most friendly group as you can imagine and come from all over the Federation of planets.  

How many beings is the ship capable of carrying let’s say in normal comfort?

Certainly well beyond the 1,000 figure Tom.  Keep in mind that some of the beings are quite small and require little space, and some require a significant amount of space.  There are more smaller beings than large ones, so many can be easily and comfortably accommodated.

Will I just meet you and no one else?

That hasn’t been decided yet.  It will all depend upon how you and the rest of earth people are progressing at that time period.  We see things really picking up even though it is difficult to tell.  Yes there are still the wars and such, but your country, as one of the big instigators (even though it is not viewed that way), but soon will turn inward due to all the financial problems and other problems brought on by hurricanes and soon the earthquakes.  Things will become much more peaceful even though it would seem that you are opening the door for more conflict; it will be taken over if you will by the European Union and they will handle these matters quite satisfactorily.

What are the smallest beings you have worked with?

Oh let’s see, smaller than a tiny bird in your calculations Tom.  

How many planets in your solar system are inhabited by humanoids?

Approximately half—a little more than that Tom but not much.  

"So give me some examples if possible of non-humanoid intelligent beings—whatever that definition means to you.

Yes, there are some really different beings—an otter like species.  Naturally water beings that would equate to your dolphins and whales.  Yes more a glossy luminous creature that has no specific form.  And there are some animal looking creatures of high intelligence.  There is quite a variety.

I hope you can bring photos or some sort of images of them when we visit in the future.

Yes, certainly I can and will.

How many planets outside of your solar system have you visited as part of your work?

Good question Tom.  A lot.  Certainly 20 to 30.  

Do you stay an extended time or a short time?

It does vary according to what is needed.  Most of my stays have been short to medium.  We try not to be too obtrusive.  We offer our assistance, make suggestions—very gently shall we say—and then set up future meetings and for others that have specialties that are needed by that particular people we shall call them, as they run the gamut from humanoids to other types of beings.  

So when you visit here, have you already started communicating with others?

Yes, but only one or two.

Is Robert Shap iro one of them?

No actually, he is not.  He has his work and that does not correspond to what I’m doing at the present time.

Is your city enclosed in a bubble or is it open to the sea?

It is open in some places but primarily closed.  We are equally at home in the sea or not, so we like to have it both ways you could say.  

Is the sea the same consistency, heavier or lighter than our seas?

About the same, but a little denser Tom.  The makeup of the molecules is slightly different.

How deep in the sea is your city?

It would be the equivalent of one mile in depth down, Tom—perhaps a little deeper than that.  

OK, I guess that’s all my questions for today, except for your name.  

Want to give it a try?


Very close Tom.  

If you missed Parts 1 & 2, they can be read on the website, under Articles and News.  

Just a quick note:  If anyone in the Dallas area is planning to attend Lee Carroll’s and Kryon’s one day seminar January 10, my wife and I will be there too.  I might bring a few books if you wish to have a signed copy, or bring yours and I’ll sign.  

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week and an even More Benevolent New Year!  EXPECT GREAT THINGS!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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