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Pay it ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


December 25th is Christmas, and so for all my readers who are not Christians wish your Christian friends a Merry or Happy Christmas.  I wrote an article a couple of years ago on the Origin of
Christmas AngelChristmas and updated it last year.  The link is .  I personally wish that Jesus’ birthday was celebrated in late August, as Biblical scholars have deduced and Theo has confirmed for me, but you can’t fight tradition, so December 25th it is.  Just please keep in mind that he was the Master of Love, according to everything I’ve ever received, and he always taught to love everyone, so matter their beliefs or race.  If we all did that then the world truly would be a Gentle place!  Much love to all of you that read this newsletter out there in the world and are making a difference.  You are truly LIGHTWORKERS! 

The Gentle Way had a run on my books last week, and it put my first book back in the top 20 Angel books, even five years after publication.  They ran out and had to order more, and have now received them.  In case you’re looking for last-minute gifts for your family and friends, THE GENTLE WAY books make great gifts!   And have you bought one of these books yourself yet?  If not, why not?  This should be on your 2012 Resolutions List.  Use one of those Gift Cards you receive to treat yourself.  On the MBO forum (unfortunately about to close along with all the other threads there) one lady just posted that this is better than the Secret or anything she has ever tried, because IT WORKS!  You can buy them online by simply going to my website and clicking on the images on the side (which takes you to, or you can call my publisher direct at 800-450-0985.

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Federal ReserveTheo, in the Thrive feature length documentary we saw yesterday ( one of the first suggestions was to rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve, and perhaps of some of the other central banks.  This seems far beyond our ability, but I will ask, will we rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve and if so when?

Yes, Tom, and it will happen sooner than you may think or imagine.  There is going to be a tremendous shift by the people in the United States and elsewhere to vote for changes in your very structure of government and one of the things you will vote to rid yourselves of will be the Federal Reserve powers.  Naturally this will be fought tooth and nail by the people who control the Federal reserve—yes the Rockefellers, the Morgans, and so on, but it will come to an end.  So I would say this will happen in less than 10 years, which from our point of view is quite fast.  Part of this awakening will come from those shining the light on these sordid practices.  Then it will finally come a time when there is a tipping point and people will say, “We’ve had enough” and then they will force their representatives in Congress to vote away the Federal Reserve powers. 


And on the same general subject:  

Theo, will the Euro or any other currency collapse in 2012 or 2013?

Of course these currencies will be strained almost to the breaking point Tom, but the probability of this happening to the Euro, dollar, or any other major currency is quite low at this time—less than 10%.  It is partly due to those central banks’ desire to keep everything contained in order to run things behind the scenes.  If suddenly everyone started to pay for services with gold or silver, they would lose control and naturally they do not want that to happen.  So look for banks to shore up the Euro as is needed, as this fits into their global economy plans. 


North Korean DictatorsTheo, what is the highest probability for the future for North Korea now that their dictator has transitioned?

The greatest probability Tom is for things to stay pretty much as they are for the time being.  Their new young dictator does not want to rock the boat.  But in the long run—say two or three years from now, he will start to open the doors to trade and for a more benevolent society.  Relationships with South Korea will improve.  There will be no war between them, nor to drag the United States into another conflict. 


This was recently on NOVA on PBS (Public Broadcasting). 

Gaia, do they have the “Torus” concept correct, and if so, can it be used to study such things as portal hopping?
Torus Principle

Yes Tom.  I can tell you the Torus principle, as we will call it, is a simplified version of how the energies are conducted for the earth and even for other planets, suns and even galaxies if you will.  To go further into it you would need to have a more complete scientific background, but for your purposes and those of your readers, the concept is correct and yes much needs to be studied in the laboratories regarding this principle. 

Regarding the principle specifically for studying portals and how they work, yes there is symbiotic relationship there even for portals, but the portals are much more complex than has been deduced so far in the Torus principle.  There will be other principles shall we call them involved in the study.  So all I can say at this time is that the process involves naturally particle transfer from one location to another, and certainly the Tours principle is part and parcel part of it, just not the whole concept. 

So from your perspective the Torus principle study will lead to other discoveries—am I understanding this correctly?

Yes Tom.  There is much more to learn about in this field of study.

You can read more about this at


Kepler IllustrationSun, why do scientists keep comparing other worlds they discover, such as the Kepler planets to earth and disregard them if they are not in a similar orbit to earth.  Are they that shortsighted regarding the potential for life, or is that just for public consumption?

More for public consumption Tom.  They realize that there could be life that developed to the conditions of other planets, but then that could be scary to your average Mary and Joe shall we say, so they limit their announcements as to whether there is life elsewhere to only those with favorable earth-like conditions.  Naturally this will have to greatly expand as contact from other planets becomes known to the general population.  But a nice question Tom, as your subscribers to your newsletter need to realize that life adapts to virtually any conditions—from extreme hot to extreme cold.  Many beings in the universe live underground or under the seas, so they are protected from their sun’s rays if you will. 

Are mathematicians correct in their calculations as to the energy forcing or causing the galaxies to expand at a faster rate, instead of slowing down and then beginning to
String Theorycontract?

Somewhat yes, Tom.  There has to be a steady force that causes the expansion, but they have not deduced it all by any means.  There is much more to discover mathematically, but in the coming years they will discover these theories through inspiration, just as those earlier mathematicians had their own “wow” moments. 

Sun, is the string theory valid?

Yes, but again Tom, it only has part of the picture.  There are more pieces to the puzzle we would say. 


Earth's CoreSandy writes on Facebook:  Is this part of the transition from 3rd focus to 5th focus? A new metal type has been found inside the Earth. 
'New metal type' at Earth's core.
Under the extreme conditions present in the Earth's interior, a common metal oxide changes its electrical properties without changing shape.

Gaia, would you comment on the iron oxide that scientists are terming a “new metal” due to its change in conduction when at high temperature and pressure?

Yes Tom.  Obviously not a new metal, but just a metal and it properties they have found what occurs in my core.  They should also study the other meals at the core too.  They will have some more surprises waiting for them to discover. 


Dan in Canada writes:  I've heard about different reasons to take this supplement, try that medication, drink that potion: is there any one thing that gives the 'best bang for the buck' in terms of positively affecting one's health and energy?

Theo, is there any one supplement that gives us the best energy for our health?

No one supplement does this at this time Tom.  There will come a time in the future when a supplement will be able to accomplish this, but for the time being, request MBO’s to be led to the best supplements for your individual bodies Tom, as everyone is different and each body needs a different level of vitamins.  In the future there will be simple tests to conduct so that each person will know the right amount of vitamins to take for their own bodies.  Just request MBO’s to be led to the ones for you.

Organic FoodsCarol writes:  This may have been covered in previous articles before I was following you, but I would like to ask which ever spirit you deem best about our
food today.

First of all genetically engineered food such as corn, is it harmful to us as human beings and animals?

It seems every day we are hearing or reading about tainted food, what advice can you give us to keep healthy?  Food coming from China and
other third world countries always seems a little suspicious, should we steer clear of food from that part of the world, or just certain food items from
those countries?  As always Tom, thank you! 
Even scientists are confirming GMO foods are harmful to us.

Theo, what to you advise people who wish to buy the most healthy foods and supplements?

I suggest they do what many other already do Tom—they buy organic foods and they search the internet for the best supplements for them—as each person’s needs in this regard are different.  So as you can see there is not one simple answer.  Food preference also enters the equation.  What one person finds repulsive another person absolutely loves. 


ForgivenessAlan writes:  I was noticing Diane’s question about a traumatic event triggering a physical response, as do some doctors. I work with people by assisting them to heal the past through Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. My question is would this process also help the condition to heal in the physical. Would this also includes the condition of the next article about alcohol addiction. If the reason was healed would the condition be healed as well. I understand that contracts are also involved Thank you, we appreciate your efforts and dedication to keep us informed and enlightened.

Theo, can people be healed through unconditional love and forgiveness?

People are healed by love all the time, Tom, as this is part and parcel of what healing is.  Certainly the person who forgives someone else of some deed raises their vibrational level Tom, and in many cases they do not have to have a balancing life in the future where they balance out a transgression by another person.  Then the other person has a balancing life—although not always if the person forgiving was the instigator—but it will not involve the other person.  There are so many variables to this as you can imagine Tom, but the bottom line here is to forgive and move on with your life.  It will do your soul immeasurable good. 

And if you were the transgressor, forgive yourself and send love to those you treated badly and say the Benevolent Prayer each morning.  And if you can, do something to assist those that you wronged and if not do something for others. 

For my new readers, the Benevolent Prayer I say each morning (which only takes about 30 seconds) can be found on the SIGNS tab on my website.  You can also find signs that say REQUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY! to print out and the EXPECT GREAT THINGS “mantra” or benevolent request I say each morning. 


HealingSusannah writes:  Two MBO's I requested recently.

1. My daughter Alexandra was admitted into our local hospital recently with some worrying symptoms. She had severe head pain behind her eye, her left neck, the left side of her stomach and her left ankle. Prior to her admission she had slowly been going downhill, there was a period of one week where she was not able to walk properly and could not put any weight on her left side. Her vision and hearing were also being affected, and it looked rather grim as she does have another condition called neurofibromatosis type 1, and there were concerns that she had tumours in the brain and spinal cord. She had been given the all clear some years ago as there were no lisch nodules in her eyes and academically she is very bright indeed, apart from some mild ADD symptoms, which I believe simply need to be channeled to creative pursuits as she is very artistic.

They decided to admit her because they looked in her eyes and ran some some eye tests, and were very concerned, as I was too.  That week she was in hospital I requested an MBO that she be healed, and that when the MRI was done on her head and spine that it would be clear, and that whatever was causing these symptoms would dissipate and be gone for good.  Lo and behold, the MRI results came in TOTALLY CLEAR, no tumours, anywhere.

Alexandra is now home, walking, running and all symptoms are gone.  A miracle indeed. Thank you Tom.

2. Six weeks ago I requested an MBO for the approval and backdating of a payment relating to a careers pension I had applied for.  It is not an easy thing by any means to get approval for this. Things had been very tough for some time financially for me and I really did need some help. On the 16th December I received into my account 3 back payments and the approval. I was very happy indeed as I could pay out some bills (electricity and gas), and it also meant my kids and I could have a lovely Christmas.  Another miracle. Thank You Tom.


Dog SittingLyn in Chicago writes:  Hi there Tom!  This just happened last night:  I was wondering how to attract some new dog sitting customers.-something I really enjoy doing and really appreciate the extra cash.  I decided to offer up an MBO. 

I was walking home from a church service and passed a woman ( walking 2 labs) who used to own the Curves I went to when I first moved back to the Chicago area-it's about 40 miles from where I live now and this was two years ago!  She now lives near me, has a dog sitting business, and is looking for someone to help her with some new clients!  Now, you know how big Chicago is!  What are the chances of being on the same street at the perfect time!  Well, not chance...but a most benevolent outcome!  Have a most benevolent Christmas and great New Year!


Brenda writes:  Amazing newsletter as always.  Thank you for your dedication to this work.  Reading the Mayan part about Egypt reminded me of a long asked question..
Edgar Cayce said we as souls vibrated into this Earth plane. Then we sort of got 'stuck' into human and some had already experimented with partial human bodies.  Can you ask Theo & or Gaia about this? I have also read we vibrated in after the prehistoric man & that we are not descendants of prehistoric man.

Also, I have read that humans were an experiment for other planets to mine gold & other valuable minerals off this planet.  Are we just an experiment & we had a soul contracts to agree to it?

Edgar CayceAnd lastly,  if creation supposedly started in the middle east , how do we have the different races & people with red , blond, brown & black hair variations?  Thanks to you, Theo & Gaia, Mother Earth.

Theo: 1.  Did our souls vibrate to the earth plane and got stuck?

No Tom, as we have discussed before your souls volunteered for the “earth experiment” as it is called and did not happen to wander by and were sucked in.  All of you came from different planetary experiences and wanted to “fast track” as it has been called for your soul’s development.

2.    Did we arrive after prehistoric man or when?

Actually you ensouled prehistoric men and women Tom, as this was the beginning of your soul lives on earth.  Each of you who has gone through those experiences learned much on a soul level of how to live with being veiled and believing you were the only people in the universe.  So you were ensouling these prehistoric people several million years ago, as keep in mind time is an illusion for you and those lives are happening right now. 

3.    Were we an experiment by one or more planets to mine gold and other precious metals for them?

Certainly there was a time when these simple earth beings—the adams and eves if you will, were used by one planet to do their mining.  Those stories were written down by the Sumerians, although the interpretation of these writings or symbols used has not been accurate.  It did come to an end, with the assistance of your Federation protectors. 

4.    So what about the different races?

Again, we must go back and see this as part of the experiment, with the Creator’s hand and desires at work here.  HE wanted diversity you see, so various planetary systems provided DNA to give you diversity.  This was done instead of having different types of humanoids, as you will find when you go to the stars. 


Tower of BabelAntonia writes:  Any truth to this story?

Theo, was the Tower of Babel real and based on an earlier Sumerian account or what?

It was an allegory to what was done to diversify the world as we spoke earlier of Tom.  The Creator wanted diversity, so DNA’s were created with different races and placed in different locations to grow the population over a long period of time.  But yes there was a tower built in ancient times. 


Diane writes:  A question I need to have cleared up was Moses a real pharaoh and not a Jew?  Is it true that he killed his brother and that is why he ran away?

Theo, was Moses a Pharaoh and did he kill his brother?

No to both questions Tom.  He was never given the power of a Pharaoh nor did he kill his brother.  


AstronomersEdison on Facebook writes:  Tom, I missed watching this year's two extraordinary lunar eclipses - the 2nd one just last night. Can you ask Theo, Gaia, or Antura if whether missing a rare event like these means missing them also in other timelines? And do astronomy inclined persons belong to a particular soul group?

Regarding missing an event on all time lines, from what I’ve received that would come under the “free choice” category where you might wish to see it in one time line but miss it, and in another time line you absolutely make time for it, and in another time line you might care less.

Theo, do people who work in astronomy, or even have it as their main hobby come from one soul group or many?

Actually Tom they come from soul groups across the spectrum, as humans have always had a fascination with viewing the stars and planets.  Certainly there are soul clusters where they do incarnate over and over to study astronomy, but it is not just one cluster.


Bob in New York writes:  I enjoy reading your newsletter each week.  I have some questions if you can fit them into your busy schedule.  First, could you ask why remote viewers and the web bots are having
Storing Foodtrouble seeing beyond 2012?  Also, is it a good idea to store food, and be prepared to live a more rural life in the coming year?

Theo, remote viewers and web bots seem to be having problems getting past 2012.  Comments?

Actually Tom, the only problems are those that these seers and remote viewers create for themselves.  Many others are seeing past 2012 as you are for years and years in advance.  I suggest to people that are encountering this problem to lift your sights to those who are giving you messages about the glorious future you are headed for in the fifth focus. 

Regarding storing food, this is always a good idea to have a certain amount of stored food on hand for emergencies, as certainly you will be in a very active period during the next couple of years as Gaia moves her crust and creates many storms with the assistance of the Sun to effect her changes.  But these are not changes that will result in you having to live on stored items for many months on end. 


Lake OntarioMarie writes on Facebook:  What can Gaia say about this weird event?
Strange Event on Lake Ontario

Gaia, why was there bubbling on the surface of Lake Ontario caught on video?

Yes, a strange phenomenon to be sure Tom.  But it was not like some speculate that it was a UFO.  It was not.  It was a release of pressure from the bottom of the lake and it just seemed to be moving.


Ketso writes:  I have been reading about Boyd E Graves. He claims HIV is man-made and I remember in one your newsletter about a month or two ago, Theo said HIV was not man-made.

Theo, please clarify that the HIV disease is not man-made.

That is correct Tom.  It was not as speculated.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!


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