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December 20 to the 28 marks the celebration of Hanukkah in the Jewish community.  Be sure to wish your Jewish friends Happy Hanukkah.  They will appreciate the thought. 
Happy Hanukkah

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On AirI publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


As anyone knows from reading this newsletter for the last three years or so, I really try and stay nonpolitical.  If Theo or Gaia says something is going to happen, then I report it.  But this comes under the
Whaling shipheading of previously received information about whales and what they mean to our planet on a spiritual level.  Their lives are about to be put in danger again, as the Japanese whalers are on their way back to Antarctica, this time backed by $30 million in tsunami relief funds given to them by the Japanese government. 

But that’s not all the Japanese government is doing.  They are putting political pressure on Australia, and now the Australian government is denying the Visa of the U.S. helicopter pilot who’s needed to spot the Japanese whaling ships for the Sea Shepard society.  Two years ago they did the same thing for two of the Sea Shepard’s captains before giving them the Visas two months later with no explanation.  This is politics in its most ugly form. 

And the Australian government so far has refused to send an Australian ship to keep the peace, as it did last season—which will put the Sea Shepard ship crews in heightened danger.  In the past one of the whaling ships even rammed and sank one of the Sea Shepard’s boats, although naturally they claimed the boat turned in front of them. 

So what can you do?  Here’s a Benevolent Prayer (BP) I request everyone to say upon reading this newsletter (Quick Note: 100 Beluga whales are trapped in the Arctic ice near Russian so this also covers them):

"I ask any and all beings to come to the assistance of the Beluga Whales trapped in the Arctic, and to keep safe the whales in the Antarctic waters and to keep safe all those who protect them and to protect the whalers, thank you!"

A BP has to be benevolent for everyone connected with the prayer. 

Sea Shepard Helicopter & WhalerOn the practical side, you could donate to the Sea Shepard organization, which has to fund the ships and helicopters to find and stop the whalers, plus you could always write the Japanese Ambassador in whatever country you live in and demand they cease the slaughter of whales.  And you could suggest to news organizations to cover the story.  I know that Karin, who reads this newsletter already has contacted NBC and MNBC in the USA, but contact them and any news organizations you can think of.  The Japanese government will not like the bad publicity they will receive over killing these wonderful sentient beings. 

Here is an online petition you can sign from the Avaaz organization: 

Here is what I found on the Japanese Embassy website for the United States:

Email: Japan Information & Cultural Center JET Office in the Embassy

Write to them or the Embassy in your country (just Google) with a strongly worded, but respectful protest.  I addressed mine to the Honorable Japanese Ambassador Mr. Ichiro Fujisaki here in the United States.  

Sea Shepard Crew & WhalerHere is the link to donate to the Sea Shepard organization: 

I'm sure the Discovery Channel will again cover the Sea Shepard ships as they head for the Antarctic, so you can support the series by watching.  

And those who read this in Australia, you can play an important part in this.  You must QUICKLY contact your local representatives to demand that the U.S. helicopter pilot, whose visa was denied, be immediately given one, and that an Australian ship be sent to keep the peace as it did last whaling season.  If there are petitions being sent around, as there was two years ago, please sign or start one of your own.   YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  

So everyone, GET CREATIVE!  You can be “inspired” to come up with ways to make a difference that I have not thought of, such as starting a Facebook movement or other social networks you take part in (I just thought of that). 


Flo writes: Tom, thanks for letting us know that you're finally getting some rain. When I started doing BPs for the Texas and surrounding areas, I asked for the whole of North America, not only for the droughts, but also for the other areas stressed due to flooding, fires, etc. Then I decided to expand this to cover all areas of this planet that are under stress, no matter what the stressors are. So I've been doing this twice a day for several weeks. Maybe others would also like to do this?

You can say a Benevolent Prayer such as, “I ask any and all beings to bring relief to all of the earth in stress at the present time, thank you!”

Another way is to surround the earth with white light.  I do this in my meditations each time and go continent by continent and include all the islands.  Gaia says this works like a Benevolent Prayer too. 


Coronal Mass EjectionSun, any large CME’s coming before the end of December? 

No need to explain your calendar Tom;  I quite understand.  Yes there will be a couple of CME’s that will be of the M class, which you understand, but no X class CME’s.  Those I will hold off until 2012 is upon you, but watch for one soon after the start of the year. 

Will you have more X-Class CME’s than in 2011?

Quite so, Tom.  Certainly double and possibly triple the number for this year.  You’ll see.  This will be a very active year for these CME’s as you call them. 

OK, thanks for the information, Sun, and again I wish you a good life.  I’m still hopeful I’ll get someone or several people with a better scientific understanding to communicate with you.

Yes, Tom.  I appreciate your efforts and I know that I will be speaking with several more people in the future due to your efforts.


California Earthquake Hazard MapGaia, please clarify the statement you gave me regarding California where you said it would be not too much farther than the second half of 2012 when there would be larger earthquakes for the west coast.  Did you mean barely into the second half of 2012 or it could be 2013?

Yes, I understand why you wish this clarification Tom.  Yes, I did mean it to be barely into the second half and not too much more than that you see.  Of course, the percentages –the probabilities of this occurring have not been set in stone or cement shall we say, but that is what I meant—or what you in reality received and interpreted from my thought packets Tom. 

As we get closer to that second half certainly you can ask for updates to see if the timing holds or perhaps does move later into the fall, but right now it will be the summer of 2012.

Karen wants to know specifically about Ojai in Ventura County, California.

Gaia, assuming that sooner than later you will have an earthquake in Southern California, how will Ventura County and Ojai be affected?

Yes Tom, both the whole county of Ventura and Ojai will be greatly affected by this movement as it will be more widespread than say an earthquake which would affect only one small city or one small area of that region.  It will be severe enough to knock out all of their infrastructure for some period of time.  It will be a great hardship for those whose dwellings are not affected by the movement or liquefaction, as there will be no electricity, water and such for several weeks.  Plus there will be a large number of aftershocks to keep the population on edge.  Again, the souls have not signed off on this yet, but as I told you before, the probability of this happening has risen as other probabilities have faded away. 

I also understand Tom that when I have given this news before the probability did not happen, but it was simply postponed, not canceled.  There is a difference, as I must eventually have these movements.  The souls understand this and will accept it at some point.  At this juncture it appears it will be next summer, but I know you will continue to check with me on the probability increasing or not. 


MBODianne in the UK writes:  Hi Dear Tom or as Val and I always call you... 'Lovely Tom Moore'.  I just wanted to let you know that for several weeks now I have read in your newsletter exactly the MBO experience I need for my own personal circumstances  - it is quite extraordinary.

I tend to think this is not mere coincidence and I wonder if other people have experienced this? Another wonderful reason why I just could not live without MBO’s.  So Thank You Once Again Lovely Tom Moore!

As we all know, there are no “coincidences.”


Key to SuccessI’ve been asked recently in emails and on the Benevolent Outcomes forum about when MBO’s don’t seem to work.  I was asked to have Theo give an explanation.

Theo, can you explain more fully when a MBO request is not given?

Yes, although we have touched on most of the points before Tom.  First it must be benevolent for all those affected by the request.  This can become quite complicated when it involves soul contracts.  A person may have a soul contract to experience a certain event, so that event happens no matter what MBO is requested, although the circumstances, as has been noted before, are lessened in intensity. 

So the major player we can say in all this are your and everyone else’s soul contracts.  You eventually see why the MBO did not seem to occur and what did actually turns out to be the MBO.  Again we return to highly suggesting the use of MBO’s for mundane requests, so that you develop complete trust in the process.  It will assist you when a request for something not in your soul’s best interest is not granted.


Theo, do the 7 and 8 time lines meditate more than I seem to be able to do?

Yes, they do Tom, as they have more questions from the newsletters and therefore must have an extra session or two per week.  Plus they do not devote even as much time as you do to business, as they are a little ahead of you in freeing themselves from the film distribution business.  But your time to do that is fast approaching I can assure you.  Even your dreams keep telling you this Tom, so relax and know you will have more time in the future to devote to this work. 


UFO near MercuryDaniel writes:  Here is an explanation about that "object" that makes more sense.  It involves the image processing they need to do to allow the CME to show up.

Sun, was the object seen near Mercury actually a manipulation of light by the scientists where they were removing light from the image?

Yes Tom.  There is some truth to what the scientists claim regarding light manipulation in the image.  That does not mean there was not a spacecraft there.  It simply means in this case that the image was flared and appeared larger—much larger—than it actually was you see.  That’s what occurred when they removed light—it flared what was in the picture.  The spacecraft was much smaller than seemingly depicted in the image itself. 


Mike writes:  I regularly see Theo mention a "Federation Directive" that outside entities cannot interact with us now.  I searched your site but couldn't find a lot of info about this.  I'm wondering:

(1)  In what earth year did this Directive begin?  I get the impression it was rather recently?
(2)  What all does the Directive specify?
Thanks for any details you/Theo can provide.  Thanks, as always, for all your work in this regard.

Federation Antura, I’ve been asked to have you explain in more detail the Federation Directive regarding earth and when was it implemented?

Yes a good question Tom.   It basically states that none of the Federation planetary societies are to interfere in any way with the earth population, other than in non-invasive ways such as manipulating your etheric bodies during sleep time and only with the soul’s permission.  It specifically states no kidnapping, physical body  studies and so on.  It further states that the Federation planets cannot give any person on this planet information unless it is cleared with your earth advisors we will call them.  When in doubt—hands off. 

This directive was agreed to about 20 years ago give or take a year.  It took a little more time to implement it.  Naturally its purpose was and is to take the fear out of being abducted, as it was known then that you would soon be having public contact and it was not good to scare the population.  Plus the Creator wants you to reinvest the wheel shall we call it, as It believes you will find better ways of doing things. 

Carell writes:  Now that we've seen the large spacecraft next to Mercury and of a similar size, it seems that finding life on another planet with only watery beings is quite secondary to the spacecraft options. If a spacecraft is the size of a planet with all manner of life-supporting facilities, isn't it logical that we'd be living next on a spacecraft? Why would we want to be on a planet when a spacecraft the planetary proportions sustains life and could offer whatever we need? What is the probability of that?

Antura, I did not ask before if the spacecraft uncloaked in the image of the CME and Mercury was closer to us so that it appeared larger, or was the flare caused by the scientists when they were manipulating the light?

It was a combination of both Tom.  The craft was on this side of Mercury and not on the orbit or closer to the sun.  Therefore there was the 2 dimensional point of view which is well known to most people where things can appear larger than they are when placed in front of another image. 

Mars ColonyAntura and Theo have commented before that it will take us up to 3250 or so before we begin traveling to the stars.  Before then we’ll have a colony on Mars and perhaps elsewhere in the solar system, but we won’t be living on spaceships.  We’re going to clean up earth before we depart in about 7,000 years. 

Antura, let’s say on all four or more time lines I’m meditating at the same time, how are you able to follow them all?

Good if not excellent question Tom.  We are able to adjust our reception, since we are not on the same time frame as you are, to be able to tune into one after the other.  Again we return to the fact that you have your own time set up for earth, while we are on universal time. 

Are portals the same as what scientists call worm holes? 

Not exactly Tom.  They have the general concept, but not the particulars.  Portals are shotcuts across the universe, but scientists are still off on how it would actually work.  This will take many years of study on their part to discover how they actually work. 

Do you have to travel to these portals in order to use them?

Not exactly Tom.  We are able to program our ships to immediately access a particular portal, without physically traveling to the portal, as long as we are in the area let’s say. 


Time MachineTheo, do we have humans from the future who visit us?

No, not really Tom.  There is no need, as they are able to astral travel and tune into any time period they wish through meditation.  There is no need to go there physically.  Again, this is due to them being in a higher focus where it is so much easier to accomplish these things. 


Diane sent me a long and detailed email about contracting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after an auto accident.  Everyone laughed at her, even her husband, so she asked me to ask Theo
Chronic Fatiqueabout this.

Theo, what can you tell us about Chronic Fatigue syndrome, and was Diane’s caused by an auto accident?
Yes it was in her case Tom.  This, to put it in layman’s terms, is an attack on the immune system of the body, brought on quite often by traumatic events.  The whole body seems to almost shut down.  Much will be learned about this in DNA studies, but in the meantime people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can request MBO’s to be led to the best treatments for the condition.  Certainly a good vitamin regimen will greatly assist someone fighting this. 


Alcohol AddictionPattie writes:  Would you ask Theo what will cure alcohol addiction. Is there an herb, oil, or supplement? Is it a disease?  Why are there more drug and alcohol addicts now?

Theo, are there any herbs, oils, or supplements for alcohol addiction?

There are a few that help alleviate the problem Tom, and there are some drugs coming along which will cut off the brain’s desire for the alcohol.  The persons interested in supplements should consult a good health food store after requesting a MBO to find the best treatments for this condition. 

And don’t forget hypnosis can also assist in reducing the brain’s desire for alcohol.  Of course, it has to start with the person wanting to stop their addiction, as there has to be the desire to overcome the addiction. 

Here is a link to a page of CD’s done by Dick Sutphen.  It’s on healing.


Sedona Journal of EmergenceDiane writes:  The other day I was reading the latest copy of the Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine and it had me thinking....Why is it that each person has a different prediction?  Are they getting their message from different areas?  One person has it that Obama will win the next election but it will be tough and another said that he won't make the second term at all.  And another said that they can't
say right now........its confusing to me to say the least!!!  Will he or won't he?  And things change, correct--energy, thought, etc.?  What does Theo have to say about this?

Theo, why to channels receive such different information about the same event, as was noted in the articles in the Sedona Journal?

Yes Tom, it all depends upon what source the person doing the channeling uses, plus other factors such as prejudice, belief structure, knowledge, and so on.  As we have discussed before sometimes lower level entities can “horn in” on the proceedings, plus the channel may be receiving another probability that for them seems to be the correct one, when in fact it could be one of the smaller probabilities. 


As this month marked the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, I received this question:
Tamar writes:  As always, I look forward to and enjoy your weekly newsletter.  I've also purchased your books to give out as Christmas presents. :-)

I was watching a show about FDR questioning if he was aware that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked by the Japanese on December 7th, 1941.  Can you please ask Theo if Franklin D. Roosevelt had prior knowledge and if he had deliberately positioned Japan in feeling that they had no choice but to attack the U.S.?  If he did, what kind of karma does that bring him? 

In addition, I also wondered about the actions and decisions of world leaders, especially when it comes to declaring war on another country, and the karma it brings to these leaders and the differences of
FDR Posterbeing the aggressor and declaring war after being attacked.

Another thing, can Theo "peek" into another dimension, or look down the probability line, and tell us what would have been the outcome if America had never entered into the war in Europe? Are there any dimensions where America did not enter into the war?

Theo: 1.  Did FDR know about the attack on Pearl Harbor in advance, and if he did, did he not say anything to push the Japanese towards war?

No Tom.  He learned about the planned attack just before it happened.  Reports that he knew let’s say days in advance are not accurate.  His intelligence sources informed him of the build up in the Pacific, but it was thought it would be to conquer more of their neighbors. 

2.    What Karma or balancing must there be for a leader of a country to declare war on another, if this is in their soul contracts?

Yes, a complicated question Tom, or I should say it requires a complicated answer.  Yes, it may be on a leader’s soul contract to declare war, as there are many soul contracts to experience a war from all sorts of angles--soldiers, civilians caught up in the war, victims who need to be a victim themselves for balancing purposes.  So on a higher level the soul may know it is to be the “bad guy”, but as does happen, you have free choice, so the leader does go off the soul contract and orders more killing and destruction than he was supposed to.  Then he must spend balancing lives to balance whatever actions he took, which were not on his soul contract. 

3.    Is there a probability where the USA did not enter the European conflict in World War II?

Yes, but it was a small probability and for your purposes was eliminated from consideration at a very early stage. 

Rock Face PeruJeini writes:  Great newsletter, Tom!  I have another mystery for you.  There is a "stone forest" in Peru that appears to have been carved by an ancient civilization.  The interesting thing about it is that these possible sculptures appear to have a lot of Egyptian influence to them.  Could you ask Theo how these stones originated and if there is an Egyptian connection?

Gaia, were the stone faces near Markawasi, Peru carved, and if so how long ago and by whom?  Any connection to Egypt?

Here is a case Tom where people interpret images to be what they wish them to be.

Yes, they were carved, but by whom is the question yes?  These ancient people were inspired to carve these faces, but had not visited any far away lands.  They were just very creative and used the rock faces they found to carve.  If the rock face was long, the facial image was long too, you see. 

Certainly all this occurred quite a few thousand years ago in your time frame or time line Tom.  These were some of the earliest residents in this part of the world Tom.  There is very little left of their civilization at that time. 


Jim writes:  Will the Great Pyramid's Secret Doors Be Opened? 
Great Pyramid Passages

Gaia, will the great Pyramid’s secret doors, if any, be opened?

An interesting question Tom.  These doors were set at a little higher dimension so that only the priest could access them through their rituals to raise their vibrational level.  Yet of course next year all of you will move to the 5th dimension, which means that these doors will be accessible by virtually anyone, at some time in the very near future. 

Naturally there are those who may wish to reset the vibrational level to protect their secrets, but this will not prove to be successful, as there will be fewer and fewer secrets that can be kept in this new focus for you.    So the bottom line is that you will have an “all access pass” to many secrets from before that will be allowed in the near future.


Queen of Sheba & SolomonCilla writes from Nova Scotia:  Love your newsletter!  It is such a great source of all sorts of different information.
May I ask who the Queen of Sheba was please. I am rather intrigued by this famous woman.

Theo, where did the Queen of Sheba come from?

Yes Tom.  She did come from the south—what is called Yemin today.   A very powerful Queen in her day, and as was reported, quite wealthy.


Colleen writes:  There are few words toward sharing appreciation and the heart connections that true kindred spirits have.    You are an awesome soul and a
wise teacher, a powerful conduit and much appreciated.

Now after reading this very moving newsletter today, I have a question.   Are the Supposedly Ascended Masters, the White Brotherhood, the Hierarchy mentioned often in esoteric literature and metaphysical teachings...... are they truly authentically communicating with entities like you,  so are they real though not in physicality?  Or is all of that our fantasy, our desire for higher wisdom??    Some now say they are part of the illusion, part of the hologram?    I wonder.

Theo, is the White Brotherhood physical, a group of souls, or were they created by our GA’s, or what?

Yes Tom.  This White Brotherhood as they are called is a group of mostly men.  They do work with spirit and are fairly effective in what they try and do, but do wander off the reservation shall we say at times. 


PutinI thought I would ask this question after seeing all the protests in the streets in Russia over the rigged election.

Theo, now that Putin is having some vocal backlash to ballot box stuffing, is the probability still high for his reelection?

Quite so, but not a slam-dunk in his case.  As has been noted, his approval rating is down, and just as I told you before, if he tries to return to the old hard line ways he will find himself looking for another job.  He was quite taken back by the demonstrations and is trying to weigh what he can do or even get away with compared to just a short few weeks ago.  As I told you before, the populace will not stand for heavy-handed tactics anymore.

Kay writes:  Love your newsletter, which I have been reading now since last March.  I appreciate your asking Theo again about Smart Meters.  I also see he has said they do not have an effect on the human body, however, many, many people have had detrimental physical symptoms appear right after they have been installed.  Please ask Theo why this is, especially if they “have no effect”.  Aside from that, the privacy issues are unconscionable.  Further, it is reported that the meters are sending spikes that “blow up” and destroy traditional appliances which cost a lot of money and cannot be easily replaced by those of us on a fixed income.  Does Theo see that the battle to convince the Public Utility Commission in Texas to halt installation or reinstall the analog meters will in any way be successful?  Thanks Tom, and love and blessings to Theo, Gaia, Sun, and Antura.

Theo, do Smart Meters have a detrimental effect on appliances?

Again, no they do not Tom, just as they have no effect on people. 


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