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Good day everyone and welcome to this week’s newsletter, and a special welcome to all of you who signed up this week.  I thought I knew how I was going to start this newsletter, but as you will see below, life has surprises.


Yesterday afternoon my wife received a frantic call from one of our friends, Bob.  His wife Joy, who we had just seen at a dinner party this past Saturday, was in the hospital, and had already “flat-lined” twice.  He had called us and several other friends, but we were the only ones that were able to drop what we were doing and rush to the hospital.  The other couples were in different sections of the metroplex, or were hard to reach.

When we arrived at Medical City in Dallas, we went to “Consult Room 2” just outside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  Bob, his daughter, and her daughter, husband, and brother were there.  We were all told by the nurse Joy (ironic as our Joy was a retired nurse) that Joy was in critical condition.  When they had tried to put a stint in her carotid artery in her neck, her blood pressure dropped to zero.  They had to stop and then discovered that all the blood vessels leading to her heart were 80% blocked, which we were told is quite rare.  We were ushered into the cubicle where she was and were all allowed to whisper in her ear.  When it was my turn, I said, “Joy, this is Tom.  I ask that any and all beings assist and comfort you for the result that will be the Most Benevolent for you.”  I had also said a Benevolent Prayer when we said goodbye the previous Saturday night for her upcoming operation.  Later both my wife and I would remark about how much energy we were feeling as we pointed the palms of our hands towards her body to send her light.  Now I think that was the energy of one of the beautiful souls that volunteers for death duty, described in a previous newsletter. 

As we all turned to return to the room, my wife saw out of the corner of her eye that the blood pressure had suddenly dropped from 80 to zero again.  Joy’s family decided to go eat, as they had had nothing all day.  A few minutes later I told my wife Dena, Bob and his daughter that I would go check on her.  In the cubicle the nurses were doing heart compressions—not a good sign.  They closed the curtain so I couldn’t see, so I returned to the room.  Ten minutes later I went back and the other end of the curtain was open and I observed them still steadily giving heart compressions.

Upon my return, the doctor arrived and said that it did not appear she was going to make it.  Her heart was not pumping on its own, and we had been previously told that she had only a 20% chance of full recovery, a 30% chance that if she made it there would be damage to her brain, and 50% of dying.  Bob and his daughter went to her side.  Shortly after they went inside, her family returned and I immediately told them to go inside. 

They all came out except Bob and said she passed between 4:15 and 4:20 pm.  I was asked to return to the cubicle, as Bob could not leave.  I did, and comforted him and told him that he must tell her he released her.  He did.  Then I said he must remember her as she looked last Saturday night and not as she lay there.  I was able to escort him from the room, where nurse Joy had a body release form for him to fill out.

So what can this story I’ve related have to do with Benevolent Outcomes.  How could this be a Benevolent Outcome?  I do wish to point out you’ll find Joy’s name both as a contributor to my book and to this newsletter.  I had asked her to write to me with a Benevolent Outcome on her surgery, but I’ll have to do that for her.  Had she lived she probably would have been in a vegetable state, and I know that passionate, vibrant lady would not have wanted to continue that way.  Although we will miss her laughter, stories, and company, this was the Most Benevolent Outcome for her.  You must all remember that sometimes Benevolent Outcomes are not always what you expect or wish they could be.  So Joy H.-B., rest in peace.  I expect to see you in my greeting party one day, if you aren’t already out having another adventure. 


Arlena writes:  Hi, how are you doing? I would like to know if you have your book is Spanish?  Please let me know.

I requested a MBO for my niece. Where my mother lives the parking is very bad.  I requested the MBO in front of my sister and I left her looking out the window.  I went to the family room, and when she called me I asked her what she wanted. She asked me what did I say about the parking and I told her I requested the most benevolent outcome that Melinda finds a parking place in front of my mother’s building; and she did park in front of the building. The Angles are always there. Thank you.

For Arlena and anyone else interested in a Spanish version, one of our dear readers has taken it on themselves to translate The Gentle Way into Spanish.  They have finished and are editing for spelling.  When I receive it I will inquire to my publisher if they wish to publish, or perhaps if not I will release it as an e-book.  We’ll see, and naturally I’m requesting a Most Benevolent Outcome!

Gaia, you said previously that there was a significant shift in the vibrational rate of the people of the United States.  If I am correct in that understanding, what happened that was not anticipated as the highest potential?

Yes, this is a good follow up question Tom.  The highest potential was that Mr. Obama was not going to be elected President.  In fact it was perceived from our side that he would not win the Democratic nomination.  But there was a shift in the feeling and compassion as you have read recently of the people in the United States to accept him, although there are certainly people that to this day despise the choice made, due to deep seeded prejudices.  Still the overall vibrational rate of your nation took a significant, to use your words, jump.  Because of this, your souls implored me to stave off my earth changes for the time being.

So Gaia, was there a one percent rise in the feelings of compassion or can you put a percentage to it?

Good question again Tom.  No, I would have to put the number closer to 8% to 10% rise.  It was a significant jump.  Normally you are only rising in hundredths of or thousands of percentage points, so this was a great increase. 

Did the Time Line 5 Earth also voted Mr. Obama in too?

Yes, actually it did too, which was perhaps even a little more significant, being that they are a tiny bit lower on the vibrational scale than you are.

And what about time lines 7 and 8.  Did he run for office there too?

Oh yes, it was just that much easier, but still a nice increase of several points—just not as much as your time line and number five.

For our new subscribers, Gaia is the soul of the earth, and I had a whole series on Time Lines this past summer in the newsletters on the website under Articles and News.


Gaia, do you wish to tell me yet when you will make these major earth changes that you feel you need to make, or has all of that changed?

No, my need to make these earth changes has not changed at all Tom.  I must still make them in the coming year.  It is time to make the deserts verdant again and to force people from living on the coasts.  That is all I will say for now, but I assure you and your readers that these changes will come.

So will they be gentler than you previously described, or will they be more or less the same?

Much the same Tom.  Even though you have raised your vibrational rate, the changes will be looked upon as dramatic by your people, and yes there will still be many lives lost.

Why did you have the earthquakes in the Arkansas central region?

They were simply adjustments that I had already started when I cancelled or delayed the movement of the New Madrid fault line.  They now know that they have an active fault line beneath the surface, which I had described previously to you; but this was not really known even to the scientists, which was why they had to ask for seismic instruments from the Memphis area, as there were none in place in the Little Rock area. 

So no exact date in 2009 Gaia? 

No Tom.  Not at this time.  I will give you this date in the future, I assure you, but not now. 


I’m repeating some information from a previous newsletter, as I have added another couple of questions for my Guardian Angel Theo.

So how many guardian angels are there for the present world population?

Yes there are quite a few Tom.  Let’s see if you can receive this today?  Over one million souls take care of a population of over 6 billion souls.  As you can see, we have much work on a daily basis. 

I wanted to verify this number so a few days later I asked if there more than 2 million souls acting as Guardian Angels today in this time period.

No as I said before there are more than 1 million, and not so far above that figure.  As you did your arithmetic this morning you saw that the average is about 6,000 souls or fragments that we take care of, which is easily in our capability.  And that is an average.  Some souls take care of much fewer clients, shall we say, and others like myself take care of more than that since we volunteered at an early stage – several million years ago using your time.

Since you said you handle higher than the average number of 6,000 souls, how many do you take care of counting all the souls even those not in this time period or incarnated at this time?

Let’s see if you can receive this number Tom.  Yes, more on the order of 19,000 souls I service to take care of them and “whisper in their ear” you see.

Several weeks later I thought to ask--are the 19,000 clients you take care of whole souls or fragments?

Ah, they are whole souls Tom, so yes there are many thousand more fragments that I take care of you see?

So I wish to get this straight.  These are whole souls that you are aligned with or were chosen to work with?

That’s correct.  As we have spoken about before, each of these 19,000 odd souls has soul groups or clusters and I service all the soul fragments in these clusters.

I never asked if there were any other Guardian Angels or Servants of the Creator that take care of more souls during their many lives than do you?

No Tom, there are a couple of us that handle this many souls, but as a general rule, the average is as I spoke of before—6,000 thousand. 

So you had to be one of the very first souls to apply for this job, or perhaps the first?

Yes, I was the first Tom.  The job description really intrigued me, and what this Creator was trying to accomplish was much more than any other Creator I had been associated with or was aware of.  This Creator is very unique among the billions of Creators Tom.  It has a desire for variety—a passion you should say.  Just as each of the 6 billion or so people on earth is different, it is the same for Creators.  The billions of creators have billions of focuses or interests, just as you do.  But still, this one is unique in its focus and its desire to work with this variety and negative energy. 


Theo, will Israel and Iran fight or come to a full-scale battle?

No Tom.  There are many nations that will act to keep this under control.  There will still be clashes, but not a full-scale war.  There will be several more years of this but not so far in your future there will come a grudging acceptance of each other.

Theo, what about India and Pakistan?

Yes.  That is a delicate situation, but they will again not come to a full-scale war with each other.  Cooler heads will prevail on both sides, along with much diplomacy from other nations, including the United States and the European Union.


Was there anything special about the arrangement or alignment of the crescent moon, Jupiter, and Venus?

Yes, astrologically there was Tom.  This alignment will assist in bringing feelings of compassion as they will heighten these feelings in the world, assisting you in (and I’m speaking of the world now) raising your vibrational rate a little higher.


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This past Wednesday I was a last-minute guest on Richard Sutphen’s THE METAPHYSICAL WORLD OF DICK SUTPHEN on and a Seattle radio station.  We had a great discussion about things you can do during this recession to keep your head above water.  You can download or stream the December 3rd show at this link:

December 17:  The Phoenix Hour, hosted by Elizabeth J. Foley. .  1:00 pm PST, 2:00 pm MST, 3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST. 

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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Tom T. Moore


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