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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Julian AssangeGary writes:  I am very touched with what happens around and its founder, Julian Assange. I strongly believe that this has a huge global impact, a catalyst, as you will for more and more secrets to come out. I'm sure this also has an influence on the whistleblower of 9/11. What do you think?

Theo, what will the classified leaks by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have on the world and if any on the 911 whistleblower you have mentioned before?

Yes, A good question Tom.  Certainly, as you have seen the leaks are affecting the United States and all the governments mentioned in the transcripts and cables.  It will have a chain like effect as other secrets will be revealed—many of them, which will cause the United States to lose prestige in the eyes of the world.  But as you have been told before, you are coming to an age or focus where secrets will not be able to be kept any longer.  So again more will be forthcoming.  Julian is to be commended for being the catalyst.  It was naturally in his soul contract to do so.  To bring light to the darkness. 

Will it have an effect on the 911 whistleblower? 

Perhaps and perhaps not.  Believe it or not, that revelation will put all the other small petty gossip ones to shame should those involved be exposed. 

Hiliary ClintonWill Mrs. Clinton be forced to resign?

Yes, Tom.  It does appear that way.  But she will go on to do and accomplish other things without the burdens of this position in the government.  Her work on the world stage will not be completed for many years, but her effectiveness in this position has been compromised. 

Shauniel writes:  Could you ask if a being collects so-called negative Karma if they broke Man made laws or went against societal and religious dogma in order to be in service to Sacred Divine Law??  And the Christ Consciousness, so many people have been persecuted for truly living it instead of the dogma or misuse of it for control through fear. Hypothetical example... did Robin Hood collect negative karma for robbing the greedy rich and distributing it amongst the poor?

Theo, if one breaks man-made laws for the greater good of mankind or the population at that time, such as Julian Assange just did, do those actions have to be balanced in a future life?

There are many variations on this as you can imagine Tom.   Were acts of violence committed in doing something for the greater good?  Then yes, those acts of violence have to be balanced.  If there were no acts of violence, but that person’s actions resulted in violence for someone else, then yes, there would be some balancing.  So it always remains what were the particular circumstances of the crime?  Did it advance mankind or the Explorer Race along your path, and at what cost?


ArcticGaia, you’ve never expounded on your statement that the oceans will rise two feet within the next 5 years.  Will there be one event that causes this or multiple events?

Good question Tom.  No, it will be multiple events as you call them.  Certainly my moving the crust especially along the Ring of Fire as it is called will be the most important part of the scenario.  This will cause that breakup of the Arctic icecap as I have previously explained.  The icecap will drift apart and will slowly melt over a fairly short time period.  This will be the first, but there will be other actions, such as the melting of the Antarctic mass over a period time—this will take much longer but the wheels are in motion, Tom. 

Will volcano eruptions play a part too?

Yes, but to a much smaller extent.


North Korean ArmyEleanore writes:  I’m sure you’ll hear from many of us who have some serious concerns about the N/S Korea situation.  Can you please ask Gaia or Theo about this scary occurrence?  Lord knows, the world has seen enough war and destruction.  I also ask you to please put out a request for a mass MBO to disarm this whole thing.  Personally, I don’t find living on this planet a great deal of fun anymore.  Are we, as humans, ever going to learn anything about living here peacefully?  I do EXPECT GREAT THINGS.

Theo, will cooler heads prevail or will war break out between North Korea and South Korea?

Yes, Tom, there will be some skirmishes, but not a full-scale war.  China will be able to reign in North Korea, and the United States South Korea.  Naturally your and everyone else’s prayers for peace will be successful in assisting those involved to find some common ground. 

Everyone, I would like you to say this Benevolent Prayer out loud right now:
“I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing peace and love to the whole Korean Peninsula, thank you!”


California MissileShauniel writes:  My sources tell me the missile was a miss fire from a Chinese Sub and that it was destroyed by the Pleiadians to prevent an escalation.

Theo, there is a report that the missile fired off the California coast was a Chinese missile.  Was it Chinese or which country?

Yes, there is some truth to that Tom.  It will be very embarrassing for China when the story comes to light. 


Japanese EarthquakeGaia, Japan had a large quake this week [6.6-6.9], but it was well away from the main part of the island.  Anymore of these coming but closer?

Yes, of course Tom, but I will not give you a time table, except to say there will be one or more earthquakes that will be at least as large and larger than this one and it will not be too long before it occurs again.  Mark my words Tom.  Their soul contracts call for these events, along with my need to move the crust in that area. 


Gaia says this will be controversial even for my readers, whom I consider pretty open-minded.  So I will begin by saying that I have never used marijuana in any form—have not even “sampled” it as perhaps many of you have.  I had my astrology chart done many years ago and I was specially told to stay away from any drugs, and that’s what I have done—except for my glass of red wine every night for dinner. 

I was led to learn more about this subject when I was reading my November copy of the Sedona Journal of Emergence, which I do a monthly column for.  There was a channeled article by Edna G. Frankel.  The link is

Hemp CropThere was a lot of interesting information about these plants.  I have also read about them in Wikipedia at .  I really recommend that you read these two articles and add to your knowledge. 

As I’m involved with TV advertising in placing what are termed “Per Inquiry” advertising with TV stations that take my movies and TV series, guess what commercial returns the most money?  It’s a commercial advertising for clients who have had problems with Avantia and would consider an attorney representing them.  Big Pharms are gouging U.S. citizens, and the drug commercials are just laughable with all the legal points they make at the end of the commercials warning of side effects.

Just across the border in Canada you can buy EXACTLY the same medicines for one-half to one-third as much as they cost here.  I would highly recommend anyone who has trouble paying for their meds in the U.S. to check out Canada.  Just start Googling Canadian Pharmacies and read how to recognize a legitimate pharmacy. 

So I decided to ask Gaia about the legalization of these two plants as it appears we are slowly headed in that direction. 

Gaia, when do you see the use of hemp and marijuana being legalized in the United States?

Medicinal MarijuanaYes, Tom, that is not a tough question, although it will certainly be somewhat controversial for your readers.  Both hemp and marijuana or cannabis have excellent attributes to them as long as they are not abused.  Hemp especially has a myriad of uses and it is silly that it be lumped in with cannabis as the potential uses far outweigh the .3% THC content [compared to 6% to 20% for marijuana].  This will be restored for use naturally in less than 5 years. 

Marijuana, on the other hand Tom has two groups making enormous profits off of it—first the big Pharmaceuticals who know that the qualities of this plant means they will sell fewer artificial drugs to the population, so they “protect their turf” shall we say by supporting enforcement of laws banning its use.  And then there are the drug gangs who are earning literally billions of dollars by supplying it to the American population and they certainly don’t want it to be legalized.  So they contribute through individuals and corporations they own or have their fingers in to support those politicians against the legalization.    Again, it’s done on a profit motive for them, just as well as the Big Pharms as they are called. 

So it will take more years for marijuana to be legalized, as both groups will fight tooth and nail to keep it from being legalized.    Certainly it will take up to 10 more years, but possibly as few as 7 to 8 years.  First will come the legalization of its use for medical reasons.  That will take some time but it is already beginning to happen.  This will obviously take time to work its way through the various state legislatures. 

At some point the Federal Government may step in and speed the progress if enough support is given.  But again, much money will be spent to prevent this as long as possible and they will try and keep it criminalized as long as they possibly can.  The public needs to be educated to the positive uses of these plants, as the older generation are mostly ignorant of their uses and benefits and are afraid and I might add, brain-washed.


Fed ReserveShauniel writes:  A woman I met this summer who can talk to her guides and is not a big Obama fan... relayed this to me. She said her guides keep showing her that he will actually shut down the Federal Reserve at some point during his Presidency.

Will President Obama shut down the Federal Reserve Bank during his Presidency?

Yes, there will come a time in which he seriously considers it, but instead will greatly reduce its power.  This may be hard to conceive at this time, but all banks will have less power in the future Tom. 


Milky WayArthur writes:  Could you ask Sun if he was the fifty-sixth from the last of the suns to be slung out from his nebula?

Sun, a reader wishes to know if you were the 56th sun slung out of the nebula, or were you slung at all?

Yes, let’s see if you can receive this, this morning Tom.  I was not the 56th sun to be slug out or may I inject created you see.    All of the suns in the Milky Way Galaxy shall we say were created about the same time you see, although this may be hard to imagine in 3d terms.  So this sun was down the list shall we say as suns go being birthed, but the time interval was nano seconds shall we say for your purposes.  Your scientists will learn more about this phenomenon in the upcoming years, as your instruments will see other galaxies being born or birthed.  It is a beautiful sight I can assure you.  As you know, there are millions of galaxies. 


GhostsMichael writes on Facebook:  The ghost investigator shows on TV are quite popular. I wonder if Theo could answer what is going on by these teams challenging the resident energies to manifest themselves for the benefit of the show. And what are the manifestions they are recording: trapped souls, energetic imprints, echoes of the observers, or some other energy?

Theo, are the ghostly images seen on TV programs imprints from someone’s past life that repeat over and over, or are these actually spirits?

Good question Tom.  No, these are simply imprints, but can show up on cue, if called upon. 

Leanne writes:  Could you please ask Theo about the 2 spirits that live in my kitchen, affectionately know by us as the 'Ladies'. I feel, sense and hear them, and a clairvoyant friend of mine sees them, and she describes their appearance as of the 'Victorian' era. Are these ladies connected with me or anyone in my house, or did they come with the 1940's house when we moved in? I like their energy and say hello to them as often as possible, and seeing their has been a lot of lights flickering on 
and off of late, I was wondering if this was of their doing?

Theo, what can you tell me abut the two spirits in Leanne’s kitchen.  Are they spirits or are they imprints of another time?

More on the order of imprints from another time Tom.  The persons left their energy imprint in that kitchen and she sees or feels this imprint.  She can ask that she not feel it, or if it does not bother her, she can honor the people who lived there before.


1800'sHere is something I had never thought to ask Theo about before.  I had been previously told that my friend Dominique would be in my next earth life in the 3,400 era, but in the meantime he would have another 160 lives before that life, both in the future and in the past.  I happened to wonder the other day if he would be in one of my PAST LIVES, so I decided to ask.

Theo, I haven’t asked this before, but it does get into some interesting ideas.  You have told me before that my friend Dominique will be having another 160 or so lives before we are together again on the star ship in the 3,400 era.  Will any of those upcoming lives be with me in one of my past lives?

Yes!  There you have it Tom.  They may be past lives to you on a linear basis, but some of those lives will be as friends, partners and family in other lives.  And yes, you will play the bad guy in a couple of those out of your love for his development—to help him balance his lives.  But to answer your overall question, one does not have to always be linear, as you do go back and forth from the future to the past, and friends in the future can show up as friends or enemies in your past lives.  It all depends upon what each of you needs to learn as you go through and live these lives Tom. 

A side note:  Dom just emailed me today that his wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer and may have to have a complete mastectomy.  If you wouldn’t mind saying a Benevolent Prayer for someone you don’t know (this is good practice), please say out loud, “I ask that any and all beings aid and assist Susan and Dominique to find the best treatments for her breast cancer, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!


Japanese TrafficBilly in Japan on Facebook writes:  I've noticed an interesting trend in the Most Benevolent Outcomes I request for smooth driving. I drive on the same very congested routes during rush hour every week. When I first started requesting MBOs, the traffic lightened miraculously and I got to my destinations smoothly. As the weeks went on, each week it seemed to get lighter and lighter. For the past 3 weeks, I've been getting through intersections where the rush-hour traffic is normally backed up to almost a standstill for close to 2km with no waiting at all.

My question is, "Do the folks taking care of these MBOs get better and faster when they are asked for the same thing repeatedly (as in smooth driving for my routine driving routes)? My experience with the traffic seems to suggest they do, but is it only a coincidence?

Theo, when you constantly request MBO’s for your driving, is there a cumulative effect, or is it just that you become used to traveling at a tuned in time shall we say?

Good question Tom.  Yes, there is a cumulative effect, as you do start tuning in when you should depart—the exact instant I might add, and of course the other drivers pick up on their own Guardian Angels whispering in their ear as to when to depart on their journey.  But it is more on the individual who requests the MBO’s as to them tuning in better as their own GA’s are whispering in their ears as to the best time to depart.  So there is a give and flow that goes beyond the normal request for a MBO that is requested each time.  A simple saying would be, “The more you use it the easier it gets.”  That applies not only to remembering to request MBO’s but the continued use of them.


Antikythera MechanismMichael writes on Facebook: Watching the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel and they mentioned something about a 2000 yr old analog computer found in the Aegean Sea back in 1900 called the Antikythera Mechanism.  It has meshing brass gears.  Good luck pronouncing it.  I was wondering what its purpose was and from whom did this technology originate from.  Wish they could interview Theo for that show.  Could clean up a bunch of loose ends.

Theo, where did the 2,000 year-old computer found in the Aegean Sea originate, and is the dating of this correct?

Yes, Tom, as you have guessed, this dates back to Atlantian times.  They developed these devices and this one was lost during a savage storm. 


Here I have to make a little legal statement that below are alternative treatments that one of our subscribers is offering information about.  I am simply passing along the information for your edification. 

Steve writes:  I work with MBOs, BPs and Kryon’s, “Dear God tell me what it is that you want me to know,” all the time.

From your 10-30-10 Newsletter:

“MORE ON ALZHEIMER’S  (see the story at .)

Diabetes SymptomsI was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 in 2004.  The biggest problem Diabetics have are circulation problems with the lower extremities.  The only treatments available for circulation problems are blood thinners and amputation.

At the time, I was able to afford IV EDTA Chelation Therapy, yes it can be expensive, and time consuming (3 hour drive + treatment).  Before I did Chelation my feet and toes were cold and hurt, but not now.

Thankfully there are some other cheaper alternatives to IV EDTA Chelation Therapy.

You can take Calcium Disodium EDTA (Detoxamin) in suppository form.  With the 750mg and 1000mg dosages you don’t need a Doctor’s Prescription.  You can order the product directly from World Health Products at:

Kroeger Herb makes a product in capsule form called CircuFlow that you take daily with their Aloe Vera Juice.  For more information:

A Hawaiian Healing Kahuna friend of mine, Harry Jim, has been helping me with a different “Health” Situation.  If you go to his website and Click on “Recipes,” it’s the first one at the top of the list.  It’s not really “titled,” but if you read the list of “ingredients,” how it’s put together, and the end results of what you get and what it does for you, you’ll see where I going with this.  I haven’t personally tried this “recipe,” but I trust Harry with my Life.  His site is: 
Wise Secrets Of Aloha at:

Thanks for the Great Service you are performing.


NightmareGemma writes:  I thought you might be interested in something I was shown in a dream a while ago. Perhaps it might be something you could ask about if you choose to do so. In this dream I had, I recall being in this huge room and I saw this veil in front of what seemed to be an alcove. I saw behind the veil what seemed to be a construct of some sort. I heard someone saying it is a world bomb, but I think it might have been a thought packet. I saw the world, and then I saw Europe. In the UK, I saw death and disease spreading. I can't really describe it very well but it was like the northern half of the UK would be affected, but the southern counties looked as though they would escape the brunt of it. I saw the death/disease/etc would spread as far as the mountains in Europe. I saw millions of people dying. I saw our PM David Cameron was behind what would happen in our country and possibly in Europe.

Gaia, a lady had a dream of death and disease spreading across the UK and Europe.  Anything to that?

No, Tom, her soul was exploring another probability, which will not occur on this time line. 


Sri Lanka MapJoan writes:  Appreciating the rise in water levels of a minimum of two feet in the next few years, are there other plans Gaia has in store for Sri Lanka? Will the Tamil Tigers honor the International Peace Treaty? Was this Treaty reached for the purposes of establishing a safe region for people to migrate to when the waters begin to effect the coast line?

Theo, will the Tamil Tigers honor the peace treaty in Sri Lanka.  And does this peace treaty on a broader scale have to do with the rising oceans?

Yes, they will keep to their end of the treaty, Tom.  Peace will prevail in this county.  And yes, using a long-term view, these people will be protected when the oceans begin to rise. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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