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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to my new subscribers from around the world!  For my “newbies,” keep in mind that I now have a Blog with nothing but stories and suggestions on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s).  There are now four Blogs to read at  And for those of you who would rather listen to the newsletter, due to your busy schedules, you can now sign up for my Podcast at .  Plus I was just notified Itunes is starting to carry these podcasts. 

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Share this newsletter with your friends as Bell writes below.


Bell writes:  I just finished reading this week's edition of the Gentle Way Newsletter.
I have been reading it for almost a year now and it has been very informative and comforting to me.  I have referred several friends and co-workers to it by sending them the link and also sharing my MBO success stories with them.
As to the format of the Newsletter, I love it!  It has a wonderful balance of MBO success stories that we can all relate to as well as some additional information that serves to educate and enlighten us and raise our consciousness and vibration-- serving everyone’s "greater good".
Thank you for your continued efforts to guide us all in requesting and receiving MBO's.  They really do work and are amazing!
"Love Many, Trust Few and Always Paddle Your Own Canoe."


Kathy writes:  Here's a fabulous MBO that I experienced yesterday. Our washing machine recently began making a horrid sound and last week the washer repairman confirmed that it was time to go shopping for a new one. This was very distressing news because right now my husband is unemployed and we surely don't need to spend hundreds of $$$ on a new appliance. In addition, this machine is only 7 years old and was an expensive one.

We decided to go shopping for a new washer yesterday, and in the morning before we left I requested a MBO that we find a good quality washer that would cost less than $700. I also requested that our salesperson be knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. When we got to the store (Home Depot) there was a waiting line to talk to the only salesperson, so we wandered around looking at the washers.

After a few minutes a different salesman walked up to us and when I asked him if he knew anything about washing machines, he said he'd been selling them for 11 years. He was VERY knowledgeable and helpful, explaining such things as the typical life span of different types of washers and how much water each type uses on average. We ended up buying a very good quality machine for $611! Thank you Guardian Angels!!

Thank you Tom for sharing the technique of MBOs with us.

Requesting MBO’s does take the stress out of shopping, which all of you should remember with the stores crowded during the holiday season. 


Annette writes:  I start each Reiki session with requesting a MBO from my Reiki Guides, followed by a Living Prayer for the client and I close each healing by thanking my RGs and All Benevolent Beings that attended and assisted in the healing.
I also request a Most Benevolent outcome for my day each morning, and then throughout the day for more specific outcomes like safe drive to my destination, etc. I also find I do a lot more Living Prayer and I Hope Requests during the day. The more I do, the more naturally the doing becomes.


And Annette also writes:  This past weekend I went to an event where Alan Cornett, author of The Seven Mountains and the Red Star (a book regarding 2012 and he Mayan calendar) spoke briefly about his book and what he, as a non-academic/non-scientist, as learned about the 2012 phenomenon.

Several things he said didn't ring true to me, but that does not mean they are not true for him (if that makes sense). One of the things he said was that Al Gore was wrong - humans have no involvement or impact on what is happening with the environment or Earth re: global warming, increased CO2 in the atmosphere, etc. That does not seem right to me.  Has Gaia spoken about humans involvement in this?

So in my meditation I asked the Soul of the Earth Gaia:

Gaia—Are humans involved in global warming or is it just you making the adjustments?
Yes Tom, humans certainly are involved as you put it in global warming, but they are hastening a process that must take place anyway as you do move toward the 5th dimensional focus.  Certainly you put pollutants into the atmosphere that you humans must learn to remove as part of your progress shall we say—part of your learning.  If this were to continue, I would have to make adjustments, which would not be beneficial to human life on earth. 

So to answer the question, yes humans are involved, but yes I am also doing adjustments myself at the same time in order to change the earth to a more benevolent place to live as you change your focus to the 5th dimension. 


Annette also asked another question:  Also his belief that the Mayan's did not know how to create their calendar until the Chinese came and taught them astrology. Just didn't ring true to me - in my gut.

I have been meditating on this and all my information comes back as this: each of us gets the information we need to experience the coming new age as we intended in our soul contract and to make our choices including the choice (through our free will) to change our vibration to a higher level in this experience.

I do not see the 2012 events in the same way as Mr. Cornett, but it was enlightening to hear another view of someone who sees this as a new beginning but with a view more towards the apocalyptic birthing than I do. I do know that there will
be difficulties, but not as dire as some see.  Any thoughts?

Gaia, did the Chinese teach the Mayans astrology, or where did they learn this themselves?
You can thank your friendly ET’s Tom who taught the Mayans astrology.  The Chinese also learned astrology the same way, but from different ET’s – not the same group.    This was more accepted at that time, as yes the ET’s did cloak themselves to have the appearance of a Mayan or a Chinaman.  They have that capability in order to not frighten the simple population that did not have the sophistication and knowledge you have today, but were eager students when they understood how it would help their people in growing crops and in their religious practices and so on.    Both sets of people learned to use this tool by having it taught to them.  It was one of several tools that the friendly ET’s were allowed to share.


I mentioned last time that I was slowly reading a book titled “Interview With An Angel.”  In it the group of souls named “Ariel” said that when Stevan received the messages from them, it was in a state of “knowing.”  I wondered about that, so I asked Theo to clarify.

I have a question about Ariel’s comment about “knowing.”  Is that the way it works, or do you still actually send me these thought packets? 

Yes, there is a combination of factors here Tom.  Yes, you do open yourself up to “knowing,” but at the same time, I do answer your questions with these thought packets.  This process is a meld of many factors that do get quite complicated, but when you open yourself up to these messages, you do open the doorway, ever so slightly to complete knowing; but as I said, ever so slightly, as you must remain veiled you see, and were you to fling open the door, it would mean it would be impossible for you to carry on with your soul contract, as you would KNOW everything—what the soul contract is, what you are supposed to be doing, what challenges lie ahead and what successes too.  That’s not why you are here on earth—to “know.” 

So yes, the answer would be there is a slight improvement or expansion or a door slightly open to use an analogy, but only a tiny bit, and I control that flow of information to you, according to your soul’s wishes, while still answering your questions, as I am allowed to do.  You are special shall we say in that regard, as you are to be the messenger to assist people in raising their vibrations enough to move on to the next focus.  By answering these questions, you help raise their vibrational level a tiny bit at a time, as we spoon feed these questions and answers to you for the benefit of your readers and now your listeners Tom.  We must control the amount of information given to you, or you would not be able to function in society. 


Robert writes:  I would like Gaia’s and or Theo’s input:  1.  If one has a ‘soul contract’ to play a ‘bad guy’ role in this incarnation/timeline, what is the use of  one becoming more positive….a ‘better or good guy’  This appears to be going against one’s ‘SOUL CONTRACT’ for that lifetime/timeline, doesn’t it?

2.  Is there a separate ‘SOUL CONTRACT’ for each timeline (simultaneous lives) one is experiencing in the ‘now’?  …Assuming we are experiencing only 11 simultaneous timelines in this ‘time-space’ continuum?

Theo, if a person has a soul contract to be a bad guy, heavy or whatever you may call them, what would be the use of being more positive?

Yes, of course your reader feels he knows the answer, but perhaps we’ll put a little different slant on the subject.  When a soul incarnates to be a bad person, their soul plan can include them being really nasty, or it can be that they are just breaking the law for their survival and to provide for their families.  There are thousands of soul contracts—different ones with different degrees of what would be termed a bad person.  Some are loving to their families and others are monsters, all by soul contract.  So it all depends upon the soul contract how bad or how good a bad person they can be.  And since they have free choice, they can stray off the soul contract path and be a little better, or even a whole lot worse, and then they have to again balance in a future life.  So there is no easy answer to a question like this, as it requires looking at specific soul contracts, which you are unable to do.  There can be even soul contracts for someone to be bad and then be redeemed shall we say.  Each one is different. 

Is there a separate soul contract for each time line a person experiences a life on?

This is a good question, Tom and something not really stated before, just a slight mention.  Yes, there are different soul contracts for each timeline, which is why on the lower timelines you never got into the film distribution business, but stayed in the tour business, and in those timelines never wrote about Benevolent Outcomes.  And on two of those time lines you passed or transitioned if you wish to call it due to the heart congestion.  Each time line is different with different things to experience.  This gives your soul the maximum amount of learning for each life by having different soul contracts for each timeline.  Each person’s mates and children can vary according to the timeline.  You might have many children on say a lower timeline and on an upper timeline no children at all or just one or two.  These timeline lives vary greatly the farther away you move from one set of timelines to the next.  Again a good question.

For more information on Timelines, start with the July 26, 2008 Newsletter ( ) for the series on Timelines.


Kathy writes:  I awoke this morning with a new and disturbing thought, and didn't know who to ask about it for clarification. Then I checked my email and there you were! I knew that you were the one to go to for information to clear this up. Would you ask Theo about it?

This is my question: Are we the only ones in existence who have beings from other dimensions and other planets "helping" us? For example, do Pleiadians have guardian angels?

Theo, are we the only beings in the universe to have other beings from other dimensions and worlds assist us?

Yes, Tom, at the present you are the only beings in the universe to have or need this assistance, as you are the only beings veiled from knowing your true selves.  And this assistance does take many forms—from your friendly Guardian Angels as you call us and your Guides, to other beings connected to you such as members of your soul group, cluster and so on.  What you are doing is extremely important for this entire universe, so you do have assistance, as much as you are allowed to have, and a cheering section shall we say as you have worked through these many lives to this moment in time.


Anna writes:  Would your Guardian angel Theo explain the mystery of the disappearance/kidnap/murder of the Lindbergh baby 77 years ago in 1932?  Many believe the corpse identified by Charles Lindbergh (his father) falsely identified the corpse as his son.  If so, is Lindbergh Jr. still alive?  Thank you.

Theo, was the corpse of the child identified by Charles Lindbergh his son?

Yes Tom, it was.  I know there was doubt in some people’s minds, but the baby he identified was his child, not another.  So no, that child passed away as it had a soul contract to leave at that time.  It was a balancing of scales for both Lindbergh and the child.


Diane writes:  Can you ask Theo if Mars had wars way back when and what happened?  Did some folks come to earth from Mars after the war?  Is there life on Mars in a different form?  And the picture that we see that looks like a face--are those pyramids on Mars?

Theo, did Mars have wars?  Did that result in the planet losing it atmosphere?

Yes, certainly they did have their wars, which resulted in losing their atmosphere among other calamities Tom.  You will find many ruins when you as a society begins exploring this red planet.  There will even be records that will be hard to interpret at first, but when they are interpreted their story will be told in the next century.  It will take some time to get to that point, as you will have basic explorations on the planet just like you did on the moon, and then slowly there will be easier ways of getting to this planet so that explorations will be done in several different locations all at the same time.  This will greatly increase your understanding of planets in general and you will learn their history.

Theo, is there still life on Mars—intelligent beings?

Yes, some, but you will not discover them anytime soon in your explorations, just as there are beings that you have not discovered beneath your planet’s surface that do not wish to interact with you at this time.  That will somewhat change in the future as you raise your level or change your focus to the fifth dimension. 

Are there ruins on Mars that are actually structures that we see from above as a face, or are those simply anomalies in the surface?

Good question Tom.  These anomalies as you call them are there for a reason, and certainly they will be explored at some point—not initially you understand.  Yes the vision you have will be when it will be a time when craft will fly over the surface of Mars.  Then you will see what these anomalies really are.  But I won’t give it away just yet.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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