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Hello again everyone!  I would like to tell you a couple of stories and then continue with the last newsletter’s theme of Conversations With a Guardian Angel, which I’ve received nice response about. 

My wife has wanted us to downsize our house since our kids have all graduated.  I have resisted this, as we’ve lived in the same section of Dallas for over 30 years, but every week she was pulling me out of my office to go visit another house.  I finally started requesting a Benevolent Outcome for buying each one of the houses, as I knew that my Guardian Angel Theo would not let us purchase the wrong one.  We even made a bid on one house that someone else bought by paying the full asking price.  In this very “soft” market that just does not happen. 

Then I decided to request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the “perfect house” for us.  Naturally, the very next day she found it.  Not only was it perfect for our needs, but the couple that owned it had already moved to Atlanta and didn’t want to put anymore money in the house to make it more marketable; so we were able to buy the house at an extremely low price for that area. 

In that same vein, Jacqui in Australia emailed to say that she was going to renew her lease on an apartment (or “flat” down under) in Melbourne and was really afraid they were going to increase the rent, as they had all been going up recently.  So she requested a MBO and they renewed her lease and at no increase!  She said that’s unheard of right now in Melbourne. 

Linda in the New York area emailed several times really frightened that she was out of work.  I suggested several MBO requests to make concerning going to interviews, asking for the “perfect job” for her, and so on.  She emailed just this past week to tell me she got the job she applied for.  It was right in her field of expertise. 

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Now for some Conversations with my Guardian Angel Theo.  I’ll start  where I left off last time. 

Theo—It seems at times that you can’t give me advice directly – only as those whispers in my ears.  Is that standard policy for Guardian Angels or just your instructions by my oversoul?

No, I do have my instructions from your oversoul as you call it, but we also have rules that we can’t tell you to go this way and that way in your life.  Yes, when you request a Benevolent Outcome, we can work to make things happen in magical ways it seems.  But for you to ask me should I take this road or that road, we can only whisper in your ear.   We are not allowed to give you this information directly as I’m doing now.  So it is very important to keep your ear or your senses open to what we can urge you to do.  By the same token, we can give you much information that can assist you in your decisions, but we can’t decide for you.  Those are instructions from all of the souls that created this world, or game as it is sometimes called, or experiment.  You must remain veiled and seemingly cannot see the road ahead.    We have been allowed in your case to give you more information than is typically available, as you are needed to assist others to be where they are supposed to be next year and then into the future times.  You act as a human conduit for this information to be presented so that everyone has the same chance to accept it and move away from these areas or reject it and stay.  It is their choice.

Regarding my development of listening to you or for you.  What is our goal?

Ah Tom, our goal is just that.  You, on a soul level, want to be able to instantly recognize when I speak to you no matter the time of day or not and know that it is me and not your id or mind speaking or saying things. 

Will the final result be that I speak to people and instantly tune you in to give them advice?

In a way, yes.  Not exactly but you will be asked your opinion many times in the coming years, and I will assist you, if you do not shut me out and use only your mind. 

When you or another guardian angel sees that we heard that “whisper in your ear,” does that give you satisfaction or is that a 3d feeling that does not apply to you as a soul?

Good question Tom, actually.  We do have joy that we are able to succeed in getting through to you in that muddled atmosphere where you are caught up in the dramas of the day.  The more you pay attention, the easier it is for us to make known your path and make your lives easier and less stressful.  We try and advise you on everything, but as we have discussed before, this is a free choice world and sometimes –actually many times--humans make choices that are not at the highest level of your purpose on earth.  We do adjust when you make those decisions to veer off of the path you wanted to take before your birth. 

Does your soul Theo resonates at the same vibrational rate as my soul?

Yes Tom, I resonate very closely with your soul, as it is necessary in order to advise you.

But then if you’re assisting a young soul, how is that accomplished?

They may be new souls for an earth life, but they are not necessarily new in the sense of the word meaning just birthed.  As you have heard before, before they are allowed an earth life, they have to have had many lives elsewhere in the universe, because earth school would be equated with a tough university or even master program at a university.  They would be lost if they had not gone through grade school all the way through high school, so that term “new soul is a misnomer. 

When someone says they are speaking to an Arch Angel, is it really their own guardian angel handling the communication?

Yes, Tom, we are asked to fill in for the Arch Angels, with day-to-day details that must be handled.  They answer the call, but we are the filters to you, according to your question and your contract.  But people believe what they wish to believe, so let them. 

Did most of our souls have lives in other creations before coming to this universe?

Yes, of course Tom.  Almost none of you were recent births shall we say.  You all had been doing many different things and having lives in other creations when you heard about what this Creator was going to do. Everyone recognized how hard it would be, so everyone knew that great growth, as we have said before, would result.  It would be in your terms like applying after hearing about a new job. 

How do I address my oversoul?

It is very simple to address your oversoul just as you did me.  You ask that your oversoul comes through and immediately it will.  I assure you your oversoul keeps very close tabs on you so to speak to see what you choose next on your own and how it connects with your life plan.

Also, why couldn’t an oversoul act as my Guardian Angel?  What is the difference between the two of you?

There is a great difference Tom.  Your soul is involved with thousands if not millions of lives at one time across the universe.  Earth is an exceptional place in comparison to any of these other worlds because it is free choice and you are veiled from your soul knowledge.  It was felt that each individual on earth needs individual attention because of the great challenges you have here in comparison to these other worlds.  Therefore they asked for volunteers on a soul or spirit level and I was one of those souls that volunteered to assist you and many other people in many different lives.  Your oversoul is just much too busy to do what we do on a daily basis. 

My next newsletter will be on your Guides.  In the meantime, if you see something you have a question about that you think others would enjoy learning about, email me at

Until next time, have a Most Benevolent Month!


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