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I had some LONG discourse with Gaia and Theo this week about what’s coming up. 
There are lots of thought-provoking topics this week. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


BoxersDiane writes:  You mentioned that down the road we will not have football.  It got me thinking about Boxing.  Now that is a sport I don't care to watch and I find that more violent than football.  Will that go away too?
Can you also ask Theo about our belief system and give us a little hint as to what the future might look like........say around 2030?  Will be worse or better in politics, religion, and how will the land change?  Will we have a few places gone?

Will Boxing fade faster than football Theo?

Yes, quite so.  This is a brutal sport and as people’s vibrational rate rises, so will their distaste for this sport, which can maim and kill and generally attracts those men from a lower economic status.  The injuries are much more apparent and the long term effects of people hitting each other in the head and torso warrant the abolishment of this sport.  But it will not happen, I regret, for a number of more years –certainly 20 or 25, but still sooner than the American style football. 

Mississippi River FloodingGaia, what changes will you have made by 2030?

There will be a myriad of changes Tom.  Of course the oceans will have begun to rise more and more after the first two feet we have previously spoken about.  There will be great earth changes, yes including North America where you will have a great river running down the center—the Mississippi River.  The west coast will look different than it does now, not only because of the rising seas—over 3 feet by then, but because of earthquakes.  You will not be able to recognize parts of the west coast.  And that is for all of North America, not just the lower part.  The changes will extend all the way up to Alaska and Canada.

Several of the Caribbean Islands will be almost totally under water.  Then switching to Europe, not as many changes there with the exception of the coastlines, where the Netherlands will be flooded and the coasts of all the countries will have water flowing into the lower portions.  Australia and Africa will not see so many changes other than right on the coast line.  The islands of the Pacific will have much more water to contend with.  In the Pacific area volcanoes will have been spewing more lava and ash creating more land in some areas.  That should suffice for now Tom.

Close Encounters PhotoYes, what about changes in religions and politics?

Yes, things will not have so drastically changed in those areas with the exception that the religions will have had to face the arrival of ET’s who as you know the governments have been keeping quiet about afraid there might be panic in the streets.  The religions will then have to accept the fact that you are not the only fish in the sea shall we say, and that will be painful for the fundamentalist sections of the religions. 

Politics will be more gentle by then, but still contentious for a number more years before a more world form of government really takes hold.  And you will only have just touched and landed on the surface of Mars where there will be many years of explorations, which will actually take you up until the late part of the 21st century before branching out again to other bodies in your solar system.    That should be enough for now.


I had a LONG communication with Gaia on 11/11. 

11/11 MeditationGaia, can or will the meditations that are going on all over the world on 11/11/10 soften or cancel the effects of any upcoming earth movements, or what do the meditations accomplish?

This is a nice question to begin the day Tom.  These meditations, yes, do accomplish a great deal, as it amplifies what you as an individual can do when you meditate and send white light and love to me.  These meditations accomplish this, but in a very amplified way.  I greatly appreciate the efforts and am able to feel the effects of these meditations, I assure you and all your readers Tom. 

As far as softening the effects of any earth movements coming up, yes they do somewhat.  Again, I must have these earth movements as part of my overall planning you see, but these meditations are from junior creators in training, so I do honor them as best I can under certain parameters—and that includes, as you’re aware, soul contracts of those individuals who need to experience earth movements, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, as part of their experiences they must have on earth.  So I cannot deny them this. 

Therefore I cannot completely cancel.  Yes I can soften or even delay movements, but then at some point in mutual agreement with your souls—your higher selves we can say, they must occur.  Your energies are getting stronger as we approach the change in focus to the fifth dimension Tom, and I will work much more closely with you—earth beings--as we progress through the fifth dimension. 

So please explain to me Gaia how Tokyo does not seem to ever have been on your schedule for this time period, and what were you able to gain by telling me and others that had received information about this movement when it was not in actuality?

That is a more difficult question to answer Tom, as it does get into not only your soul contract but those of others.  Some people enjoy disaster scenarios and some people do wish to know when I will move my crust. 

California MapYes, but the people that read my newsletter are for the most part people who are practicing the Gentle Way of requesting MBO’s, which I’m told is the first step in learning to be cocreators.

Yes, that is true Tom, but there were those attracted to your writings, as you noticed, that only were interested in the predictions and not in requesting MBO’s in their lives.  Your work is primarily presenting this simple spiritual tool for everyone to use and experiment with in all types of ways even you have not thought of, so we needed to have these people go elsewhere for their next search of someone to tell them what will happen in the future.

Yes, but it would seem that those who are attracted by that scenario would be at least exposed over a period of time to requesting MBO’s?

Yes, that is true to a certain extent Tom, but at the same time a number of these people are supposed to experience these events and we could not have them moving and telling all their friends to move, when they are supposed to stay as part of their soul contracts.

Gaia, you have told me several times that I was supposed to be a conduit to save as many as one million people.  Obviously you know that is impossible now, as not only my accuracy has been displayed as suspect, but even my own belief in what I’m receiving, which is needed too, is in question.

Yes, Tom.  But you will see soon how this will be accomplished.  I did not say where all these people would be that will be saved.  I did say you will be one of the conduits.

Yes, but I did think there would be a large portion of them from Southern California.  Are you in reality putting this event off, just as you did in 2008?

Yes, it may seem that way Tom, but the reality is that the event is still scheduled for that last week of December and those now that heed your advice to take a simple week off and away from the coast will live and those that do not will experience the movements.

OK, Gaia, I guess that is all for today.  Thank you for your explanations. 

QuestionsI decided to continue this with my own Guardian Angel Theo.

Theo I would like you to explain my involvement in all this.  I was quite happy to just spread the word as I could about requesting MBO’s, but from the very start with Reveals the Mysteries, I started receiving information about earth movements, that I don’t think I even asked for.  Is this part of my soul contract to be the proverbial “little boy who cried wolf too many times” for anyone to believe him as part of some balancing from another life?

Not at all Tom.  You came back again out of love for humanity and to be able to make a positive change in people’s lives.  Yes, you do have a soul contract that must agree with what your souls are creating before you as a furious level—although it may not seem that way.  Your souls do this in conjunction with Gaia you know.  Therefore, you play your part in this scenario just as your soul and others wish Tom. 

Yes but those words you told me long ago resonate still Theo—that our GA’s must tell us anything for us to be at a certain place and time, if that is what was written on our contracts.

True Tom.  But in the specific case we are discussing—the earth movements, you will be more involved with this in the near future you see.  This I can assure you Tom is in your soul contract and in a benevolent way I might add. 


Food ShortageKathy writes:  First thank you Tom for giving us such wonderful insight. I look so forward to my newsletter and share with all. Could you please as Theo about the economy next year. I hear that food is going to double and it will be great hardships. Should we start to gather food for helping all the people that will be hurt by this?

Theo, will food double in cost next year?

No, but certainly some foodstuffs will be in short supply, so those will have much higher costs than before.  Again, anything that originates out of California will be in short supply.


Missile LaunchMolly on Facebook writes:  Any info from your guides regarding the missile over California? Very strange.

Theo, what is the real story about the missile launched off the coast of California?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom.  It was a United States missile, which was launched—not so much accidentally—but for nefarious reasons Tom.  It was immediately rendered harmless, but it was of U.S. Origin and not a UFO—ET craft of any type.  The government wished to keep this secret because of the circumstances of how it was launched and for what reason.  

The real story will be told one day, but for now they wish to keep it a secret as people would naturally worry how this could happen with all the controls that the Navy supposedly has to prevent this very thing from occurring.  "Heads will roll" you could say, because of this gap in security.  Your satellite systems are so sensitive that they can not only target from where it was launched, but can also zoom in on the moment it happened.  They just cannot say too much or it lays open some capabilities that the government does not wish to disclose at this time.


Creating RealityJohn responds to last week’s topic about the Abraham Group:  In every instance when a question is asked regarding the foregoing question of “creating” and “soul contracts”, Theo always diplomatically evades a direct answer.  Is there something we are not supposed to know or be told?  Is this part of our learning to “Create” without outside assistance?  If so and I have read you cannot create something that is not in keeping with your Soul Contract, what is the purpose of trying to create only to have most of one’s efforts dashed. 

There volumes of changelings, books, audio and video and everything else that insist we can have what we want, need or desire; if we just believe, focus and will it into existence.  My question, is this snake oil, smoke and mirrors, ways for others to make money and perhaps notoriety or maybe even karma.  A direct explanation would be most helpful, if Theo is allowed to give one.

Theo, people still ask, “Do we create everything” and how do soul contracts play into this?

Yes, your souls create the future but not without consulting Gaia and various other entities that are involved, you see.  In three dimensional terms it would be a conversation or shall we say a conference call where things that you thought you would not be able to do or experience for several more years are fast becoming the norm to experience now and in the next two years leading up to the change in focus.    So not only time has speeded up, your ability to experience thoughts, events, and so on has speeded up too. 


Hartley 2 CometWhen I asked this question I was under the impression that this was an asteroid.  I just read today that the official designation was Comet 103P/Hartley 2. 

Gaia, did not I read that you inhabited as asteroid for quite a long time before coming to the earth?

That is correct Tom.

So my question is, did the small asteroid shaped sort of like a potato or barbell have a soul attached to it, or was it not needed?

No Tom, actually there was a young soul attached to it as it goes through space and will eventually it will be invited to be the soul of a young planet.  There can be much to learn by being along for the ride shall we say. 

If you wish to read more about this particular comet, go to: .  They said it looked like a dog bone.  To me, I think it looks more like a large dog’s chew stick. 


SunI thought of more questions to ask the Sun.  As I have mentioned before, he just likes being called, “Sun.”

Sun here Tom.  Good day.

Good day to you Sun.  Did you arrive to take over these duties of caring for this sun from the start, or were you in another universe, or just how did you get this job?

Excellent question.  I was attracted here from another universe where I was birthed you see.  My interests were from the start these quantum physics of thermo-nuclear energy shall we call it for your purposes. Tom. 

Were you a sun before?

Yes and no actually.  I was there for the birth of a small sun, but then I heard the call come in for souls to take over the running of parts of this universe and since that was right down my alley shall we say, I immediately jumped at the chance.

So you had some training before you were given this sun to run?

Yes, it was quite necessary to have some experience in this area before being turned loose to handle all the inner workings of a sun, and especially such an important one, due to the earth experiment the Creator wanted to do.    So I have been here almost from the beginning. 

OK, I must leave now, Sun.  Thanks for the insights.

Thank you Tom and have a great day.

If you have any questions to pose to the soul of the sun, let me know. 


StraboThis is a topic that I’ve never asked Theo about before, but it came up because he had previously told me I had lived a life as Salome, one of Jesus’ female disciples, and then just a couple of weeks ago I was told I had been the Greek writer and philosopher Strabo.  The only problem was that I saw he lived at the same time as Salome.  So I asked.

Theo, Strabo and Salome lived at the same time, so was I mistaken with either of the names I received, or do we have overlapping lives, which we have not really covered before?

Good question Tom.  Yes you can and do have overlapping lives; as your friend Frank pointed
Jesus & Womenout your lives are not linear.  And if you have an overlapping life it is somewhere quite different where the two of you will never meet.  So Strabo you were but also you were Salome, one of Jesus’ female disciples. 

As we are somewhat vertical in the procession of lives we have Theo.  Which one came first, Strabo or Salome?

Yes Tom.  Strabo came first.  You lived several other lives before returning as Salome.  That was an important life Tom and you needed more seasoning before being with the Master of Love. 

So overlapping lives – do we have a number of them, or are they mostly vertical from a standpoint of not being alive continuously?

Everyone will have lives Tom that occur during periods when they are having another life.  It may seem complicated, but when this happens, it’s to fulfill part of your soul contract overall.


Jane RobertsJohn writes:  Tom, I have been wondering for sometime about information I read years ago in the Seth books, channeled by Jane Roberts.  I believe it was in Seth Speaks where he mentioned multiple layers of earth with each having different scenarios.  Is this similar to Time Lines you speak of and if not are these other realities existent at all?

In the same vein if the Past is still going on, then is everyone who has not crossed over from that time still doing the same thing or are they doing different activities.  I seems to me that it would be a little like the movie Groundhog Day. So in other words what I did on this past Monday is still occurring, although I have moved forward in linear time, but am I, or a part of me still there as well as here typing this email?  Sounds very quantum.

Theo, are the multiple layers of earth described in the Seth books by Jane Roberts another way of describing Time Lines?

Yes, for the most part Tom.  There are certainly some parallels to use a pun to describe what she was able to receive and how it is generally viewed today.  There are differences, but the general theme would be correct.

Is what we did last Monday (or for that matter any day) still happening sort of like the Groundhog day movie?  Is a part of us still there?

A good question Tom.  Yes, in a way part of you is still there in that moment of time.  It changes as you are constantly rewriting your future as we discussed above.  The present does affect the past Tom, although that concept is extremely hard for most people to understand.  But to answer the question, yes, there is energy there in that moment of time that can be accessed by those who understand the illusion of time.  A time line can be accessed from any direction Tom—from the past, present, future and parts in the middle.  It is quite confusing on a 3d level. 


Guardian AngelPat writes:  I read somewhere that our guardian angels would be leaving us soon, is this true?

I receive this question ever so often, but it’s good to review. 

The answer is not a chance.  Keep in mind that is someone's 3d idea--not reality.  In reality--at least the one explained to me by Theo--all our lives are happening at the same time.  There is just an illusion of time.  That's a really good reason for saying the Benevolent Prayer each day--it affects all those other lives RIGHT NOW! 
So Theo says he's going to be doing this work for about 7,000 more years.  Since he told me my first life on earth was several million years ago, I asked why such a short time until then, and he said, "All experiments must end" (or have an end). 
So your same Guardian Angel (one of a little over one million "golden light beings") is taking care of you in all your future lives at this minute.  I think that's pretty comforting, don't you?


CaveMolly in Arizona writes: I was listening to a talk show, and the subject was about Antonin Horak, was a captain in the Slovak uprising in World War II, was hiding out in a cave and came across, a large cylinder object, approximately 75 ft across, and was embedded into the wall of the cave and could tell made from something not of this world.  This information has been hushed up,  so can Theo comment on this?

Theo, was there actually a large cylinder embedded in a cave wall in Czechoslovakia in World War II by Antonin Horak?

Yes Tom.  He did find this cylinder object in the cave wall.  Naturally it was hushed up by the government.  It’s origin is an enigma in a way to them Tom.  It comes from ancient times and was planted there knowing that in the future it would be discovered.  It is a reminder that you have been here a long time and certainly this cylinder has undergone much scrutiny and study. 


Judi writes:  After seeing the picture of the Orb in your newsletter, Tom, I just had to share this experience with you I had 18 years ago.  This was during a time I was doing breath work.  After an hour session, I was left alone to process.  Of course, I was in an altered state.  What came to me was this circle, and within that circle was a geometric form.  As I was looking at this ‘thing’, or ‘orb’ as I now know, the lines became more defined and intricate creating a geometric form I recognized.  During the time I was gazing at this form, I felt like information was being downloaded into my brain. 

As the orb’s internal structure became more precise in its geometric lines completing the form, I was receiving information at such a rapid pace that I had to say ‘stop’.  Which it did.  I just could not receive any more information.  It felt like I would burst if I got any more.  I “knew”, Tom, that this was a highly evolved being.  Later, I learned about Sacred Geometry.  Also, as an aside, before all of this happened, I had been the secretary to the math department of a university. The chair of the department was writing a geometry book and I would put together his book for him, having gazed at a large number of geometric figures.  At that time, I did not know anything about Sacred Geometry. 

OrbAgain, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help all of us along our spiritual journey.  Namaste.

Marta writes:  Since your last two newsletters have mentioned orb pics I thought I'd share mine. We're getting ready to list our home in rural AZ for sale so I snapped a bunch of pictures. Before I took the ones of the master bedroom I placed two of my angels on top of my dresser because I felt they just wanted to be there. Didn't think anything of it until I was going back over the pics deciding which ones I wanted to use. Guess what caught my eye?! In only one of the shots of the master bedroom, there was an orb plain as day right over my angels! I enlarged and cropped the photo to get a better view. It looks as though it has an inner circle, also. I am so excited, I caught my first orb on film! Feel free to share the story/pic if you'd like; how wonderful to have such a visual reminder of my GA's presence!!!


Oak Island MapDiane writes:  I have seen and heard about this several times and I do wonder:
Oak Island in Nova Scotia is there anything buried there or have men been wasting their time digging?  I understand people like an ex President and even John Wayne went to this island to dig.  All they notice is that several layers are strange rocks and they even put a dye in one time and it came out on three different sides of the islands, which really had them wondering.  They say that there is some hidden treasure but they don't know who put it there!  Some claim its the Knights Templars who buried something there.  So what is the story?  Is there something hidden there?  Will it ever be discovered?

Theo, is there a treasure on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, and if so, who put it there?

Yes Tom there has been a treasure there, and it was placed there by people more ancient than the Templars and others.  It is one of those mysteries for people to work on solving, so I will not spoil their fun.  But they will find the origin someday and how far back it actually dates. 


Amaru MuruTryggve writes:  I read the Wisp article you linked to about the portal in Peru, and I got upset. First of all, these people didn't, from what I could read, go there for personal growth, they went there for experiences. That's pure stupidity in my eyes, and a disrespect to the portal. Second, trying five times to go through a portal is not only dangerous because you can get psychotic simply trying to leave the body like that, but it's again, disrespecting the portal, if it said no the first time you don’t try five more times. I guess when people pay big money for a vacation there they want something to bring home and brag about.

The bottom line is that many people that aren't believers, they are simply "hopers", seeking sensations and hoping that something is going to "work" and thus underestimating the power of the phenomena. No wonder the most powerful techniques are kept hidden from the general public! Enough ranting.

On a more serious level, I have friends who have tried things like spiritualism and shamanism on the same basis and injured themselves spiritually in ways hard to imagine. We in the new age community must start to be clear on what's right and wrong, especially now when more and more people are opening up to it.


UFOYvette writes:  I would like to thank you for the information you share with us on your newsletters.  I was hoping you are able to ask Theo where I may research to obtain information on a group named "Tremors" - I don't know where they come from - I assume they are a race such as the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromeda but I am unsure.  A friend told me to look into the Tremors to see what information I could obtain. This came about because my husband all of a sudden two Sundays ago for no apparent reason after returning home from a trip to our local mall had a pyramid on his left check just below his check bone. It was as though someone had branded him.  I took pictures because it was a phenomenon.  It was perfectly imprinted on his face.  The imprint remained for approximately 10 days. This past Saturday it began to disappear.  I have tried to do a Google search but I have been unsuccessful in obtaining any information. Thus in reading your October 30th newsletter it prompted me to ask Theo for his guidance if he has any information on this group called Tremors.

Theo, why did Yvette’s husband suddenly have a pyramid implanted or appear on his face, and who are the Tremors?

Yes, he did have a close encounter Tom but a benevolent one I might add.  The pyramid was placed on his cheek to remind him, as they had to wipe out his conscious memory to keep him from being too afraid.  On a soul level this was Ok’d, as they were visitors from his home planet who were checking on him.  He could undergo hypnosis which would give you both some answers.  Regarding the Tremors as she calls them, yes this is a race of people.  No they are not part of the Federation per say, but are affiliated. 


UFO TriangularShe asked me to change her name so Audrey writes:  Last night ( October 28 ) I saw a very, very large triangular shape, surrounded by blinking colored lights.  It remained outside my window on the horizon for quite some time.   I have never seen a ship before, but it felt like that was what I was viewing.  I live in the country, very little light pollution, so it was incredibly clear.  My husband, a pragmatic science oriented type  -- also saw it.     Perhaps you could say more about who they are and what they were doing.  This is a fairly rural setting - and so clearly not a mass de-cloaking  -  I felt I was ' meant ' to see them.

Theo, “Audrey” and her husband on October 28 saw a triangular shaped craft outside their window.  What was that and what was it doing there?

Yes, Tom, one of those friendly ET craft doing some studies in the area.  It was benevolent, but they were allowed to see it, as they knew in advance that she would write to you.  Many of these studies are going on all over the world, as things are “heating up” shall we say as you get closer to that two year mark before changing your focus to the 5th dimension. 


Lord James of BlackheathTimothy on Facebook writes:  Sounds like the St Germain World Trust...interesting if true. 

'Completely genuine and sincere': The shadowy organization that wants to give the UK billions for NOTHING

Read more:

Theo, what organization, if any, wants to give the UK 5 billion GBP?

Yes, beware of gifts as they have strings attached.  In this case there will be some demands that the British government should do well to consider before accepting the gift.  The organization sees a weakness and wishes to exploit it.  This is not a “love you dearly” type of gift.  That’s all I’ll say on the matter right now.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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