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I wish to welcome you to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY Newsletter, and a special welcome to all those that signed up this past week.  You’ll see a little different newsletter this time, because, with one exception, I did not receive any stories in my email box this week of successes in requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  I think this is because there was so much drama with the elections, but now that this is over, I hope some of you will take just a minute to relate how requesting a Benevolent Outcome assisted you in lowering stress in your life.  You will remind everyone how easy it is, and at the same time perhaps present new ideas of requesting MBO’s. 

When I first began this newsletter last November, almost exactly one year ago, I thought I might be able to send this out once a month.  I quickly discovered that I would have many contributors with your own stories, and the newsletter became YOUR newsletter too!  So don’t be shy, email me your stories to  

For those of you that have recently signed up, I’ve been requesting Benevolent Outcomes for over 13 years and have requested them I estimate between 10,000 and 15,000 times, and I KNOW they work PERFECTLY from personal knowledge and experience.  On the website, if you have not done so already, read the two sample chapters of the book that will get you started, and then read some of the articles I’ve written that have appeared in regional, national, and international magazines for more ideas.  And you can read all the past newsletters, which have a wealth of information in them.  Now speaking of the elections:

Theo, has the soul contract of Barack Obama changed?

Yes, in a way Tom.  As I had said before there was a path that he would have taken, had it appeared that he would lose, that would have resulted in his death, as that act would have created great sympathy and would have raised everyone’s vibrational rates, just as 911 did.  But there was such a shift in consciousness by the American population, as you have been told, it was almost as if you had raised yourselves to another time line.    Now he will have some great problems to face as the President, but he is strong and that’s a key—physical stamina, not to mention mental and spiritual stamina. 

So how do you see his legacy as the President of the United States?

He will be known as the great peacemaker that brings not only people in the United States together, but also nations of the world.  It will not happen overnight, but a steady hand will accomplish much.

So we will not see him assassinated in office?

Certainly there will be attempts, but he has much spiritual assistance not only on this side, but millions of prayers on your side of the veil.  This is more important than you or anyone realizes—the power of prayers.


With the just past election, I thought this would be of interest. 

Theo, are there any atheists in Congress or the Senate of the United States at the present time?

Yes, several Tom.  They do cloak themselves in claims of being church-going “God-fearing” folk, but they do have that belief system.  Atheists tend to be younger souls that have not had a lot of earth experiences.  This is not always the case, as a few or certain number of souls choose to experience atheism as part of a contract to make others think about their core beliefs.  Souls must experience virtually all belief systems over the span of ages, as they must have that experience for knowledge.  A good question Tom.

Jaki writes:  Is there is a MBO prayer for healing cancer? Please send me one, thank you. 

I would suggest that you say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to be guided to find the best therapies, vitamins, and treatments that will be the most benevolent for me in ridding myself of all cancer, thank you!"


Theo, Diane asks if we as soul fragments have lives in or on other planets either before or after our earth lives.

Naturally almost every soul on this planet has lives on other planets.  Some not too many, but others quite a few.  These lives are used not only for learning, but also to put to use what you’ve learned from your earth lives, that as I have said before, are so much more intense and complex than any life you’ll have elsewhere.  You are after all, the Explorer Race.  The slower pace of lives on other planets allows somewhat of regeneration after particularly hard earth lives.  Don’t forget that you had to be spiritual masters—have achieved this in other previous lives--before you can have a life on earth.  So the number of lives prior to this one can be quite a few.

Francis in Lexington, Kentucky writes:  I was very grateful for the info about the earthquakes etc. It does not matter that Gaia changed her mind. It is good to still have the knowledge and I am thankful for the time you gave to write your survival book. Now, have you ever asked about the Course in Miracles and if the study of this spiritual text has right thinking? I would like to know what the ideas are on this if possible.  Just a big thanks for everything, especially MBO’s. They have indeed changed my life. Peace and love.

Theo, a lady asks about the Course in Miracles.  Many people seem to have benefited from taking it.  Your comments.
Yes, Tom.  This is a good basic course that does help elevate them personally and gives them tools to work with in their lives.  It is but one path if you will, as there are many, but the people that created this course were Guided so that’s why the path becomes a little easier for those that take this course.  I will say that each person must take their own path, as the Course in Miracles is but one step in a long journey of rediscovery.    There are many paths to rediscovery Tom. 

One more note on the Quakes book, which is online on the website.  If you live in a quake prone area, be sure to read the chapter on what to have on hand, as my list is much more extensive than you’ll see elsewhere.  And if you have anything to do with the Red Cross, read the chapter on the potential problems with how they operate their shelters.   I found if there really are a huge series of quakes they would not be able to handle a really large number of people.  I also suggested solutions.


As I’ve continued to read Robert Shapiro’s ANIMAL SOULS SPEAK (it’s 586 pages), I decided to try and contact our dog Sandy during my meditation.  Here are the questions I asked and her responses:

OK.  Now I wish to speak to the fragment of a soul that is our dog Sandy.

I’m here Tom. 

Great!  Am I speaking with sort of an oversoul or the soul’s fragment?

No, just the fragment of the soul as you wished Tom.

Have you had lives on earth before this one?

Oh yes, thanks to you and Dena I was Sugar before.  That’s why they named me Sugar at the Operation Kindness shelter.  (We had requested a Benevolent Outcome for our Beagle Sugar to reincarnate with us again.)

How do you seem so intelligent in comparison to other dogs?

Yes, it was the preparations and the other lives that are in my subconscious Tom.  As you know, we live in the present, not so much in the past or future as you do.

There are so many questions to ask.  Do you remember anything of your lives on another or other planets?

Not so much Tom.  I am very focused on this life with you now.  I would have to bring in one of the dog elders to have a conversation about other planets.

Ok, no need for that.  I’m sure you understand on a higher level the operation we had to have done on your leg (ACL surgery)?

Oh yes.  I do thank you and Dena for that.  It is recovering quite nicely, although there are moments just as you were thinking where I tend to favor it and hold it up. 

Yes, and you know it will be several weeks more before we can let you roam completely at will.

Yes, I know.  Although I do not understand on a conscious level your words, except for a few, I receive the information during my sleep time, so I am content to stay by your side during the day and sleep in my comfy bed. 

OK, try not to be too active, as we don’t want to have to have you endure the operation again.

Yes, I’ll try.  

Where were you before we found you at the shelter?

Yes, that was a harrowing but interesting experience.  I got away from the family I was with—yes a Hispanic family, and was quite lost in the wilds before they found me on the freeway.  I had little to eat, so please pardon my manners, as I almost starved to death at times.  I was loose in the wild for some time and it left me with the memory that each dinner or piece of food might be my last.  Luckily I didn’t have to fight other dogs too much as I roamed fairly freely. 

OK, Sandy.  I think I have to go, as it is time for everyone to rise, including you, so we can go walk and you can have your breakfast.

Yes.  The pill Dena gave me during the storm has kept me sleepy Tom, but I’ll be ready to go shortly. 

Good life Sandy!

Now what does this show you?  That during these “active” meditations as I call them we can contact any being.  And wouldn’t you like to converse with that lovable dog or cat in your household?  That’s why I STRONGLY urge you to try these active meditations.  In a future newsletter I’ll relate my conversations with one individual of my soul group that’s having a life on a water world in the Sirius star system.  His name is Antura.  He’s going to visit us in a few short years. 

I found this quotation this week.  I think it fits The Gentle Way!
 "Be wise. Treat yourself, your mind, sympathetically, with loving kindness. If you are gentle with yourself, you will become gentle with others." -- Lama Yeshe

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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