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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


Indonesian Volcano EruptionKarin sent me a prediction by Blair Robertson of global cooling caused by the Indonesian volcano-- .  So I thought I should ask Gaia.

Gaia, will the eruption of the Indonesian volcano cause global cooling?

No Tom, it will not cause Global cooling.  The volcano would have to be much more powerful than it is.  Yes you are receiving me correctly Tom.  Certainly the ash or dust cloud will have a far reach, but no so much as to cause the whole planet to cool.  That was pure speculation by the person who predicted the cooling.    Next question.

She also asked about a change in the elliptical orbit of the earth.

Gaia, has the earth changed its position in the elliptical orbit so that the sun rises and sets in a different position than before?

No, Tom.  There might have been a tiny wobble effect, but overall, your scientists would certainly notice if suddenly the sun would be setting several thousand miles or even 1,000 miles differently than before.    Keep in mind though that time continues to speed up, and the sun seems to set farther up or down due to the speedup of time. 


SunI came up with additional questions about the energy the Sun sent out, reported in the last newsletter.  The soul of the sun just likes to be called “Sun.”

Sun, was the energy you sent out from the ring circle cause us to feel tired, and what was the purpose for it?

Yes Tom.  That energy did make you tired.  It was an energy needed to progress you closer shall we say to the 5th focus.  It was a lot of energy to take on, but your souls requested it and I was happy to oblige.  Now you have assimilated it for the most part, and you are another step towards changing your focus from the third dimension to the fifth. 

How is this accomplished, Sun? 

It is by connecting those energy centers on my surface and below it that I was able to send a higher level of energy out into space.  Naturally all the planets in this solar system felt it, but as individuals you felt it to a higher degree as your systems absorbed this new energy.  It was subtle and few people felt the actual waves of energy, although some did, if they were highly perceptive.  But the majority of the population just thought they were having a hard few days and slept more during that period of time, if it was possible.  This energy Tom is meant to raise your vibrational level just a wee bit.

Will you do this again?

Yes. You’ll see this happen again next year and the year after that.  

OK. Thanks Sun for the insight.  Good life.

Good life Tom.  I do enjoy these talks shall we call them?

Thanks Sun.  I do too when I can understand it.

It sounds as if the Ascension Process is proceeding right on schedule, doesn’t it? 


IndonesiaIsti in Indonesia writes:  As you are aware Indonesia is having this Mt. Merapi (central Java) irruptions and still ongoing with a big one this morning (05:55 Indonesian time). There are 8 mountains all over Indonesia that is now also active. We had earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and strong winds and it's accelerating. Is it possible that Gaia's heightened energy frequency is centered here causing all this chaos? More people are evacuating now. I've heard that Atlantis was here on this island is it correct? And also, are there civilizations and underground cities deep within Earth? I want Gaia to know that I support Gaia's healing and we're having this group meditation to meditate every other night to ease Gaia on her journey.

Gaia, why does it seem that Indonesia is the focal point for your earth movements?  Is there are reason, or is it just because they are on the Pacific Ring of Fire?

Good question Tom.  No.  The major reason they seem a focal point is that the earth’s crust is able to move more freely in this region, AT THIS TIME, than other parts of the Ring of Fire as it is called.  This area will remain quite active for years to come Tom.  This is not something that moves today and then it is over.  I regret that the people living in this region are subject to these movements, but I must have them to accomplish certain things with the movement of the crust you see. 

If they wish to move, I would suggest they look at areas with solid mountains where the movements are much less.  And naturally the area they move to should be far enough above the ocean level to not be in danger of a tsunami, as there will be more tsunamis in that region in the months and years to come.  Again, I must move the crust in this area, and all along the Ring of Fire, so anyone living all along that Ring will feel major movements in the coming years.

Regarding your question on Atlantis, actually that would be closer to the former continent of Lemuria.  And Gaia has previously told me that there are over 20 groups of people or beings that live underground and almost all of them do not wish to interact with us surface dwellers. 


HaitiansNell writes:  So look forward every week to your newsletter and blog.  Such a relief from the darkness we see every time we turn on the TV (hardly watch any more) or read the news!!
Just wondering if Gaia could tell us whether Tomas is the hurricane destined for central Florida. If not, will Tomas hit anywhere in US? 

This next reception I have to say I’m not too sure about, as I was continually “tripping out” in my meditation and finally had to stop mid-session and went back to bed to sleep.  Perhaps I was still feeling the energy from that circle on the Sun.

Gaia, can you give me the update on Tomas again Gaia?

Certainly Tom.  You will find that Tomas will strengthen as it passes by Cuba and turns to the north.  Then it will turn westward towards Florida.  Yes this storm will strike Florida as it finds favorable conditions to strengthen again. 

As this is written, Tomas is passing by Haiti and only one computer model has it heading towards the East Coast.  But this is also a very weird storm if you look at its track across the Caribbean.  So my reception on this one is suspect. 


Bob's OrbBob writes:  I had some orbs show up in a couple photos that were taken of me recently.  The photos I'm attaching show an orb that is next to my arm.   I was able to zoom in on it and the design and colors are amazing!!  I've never seen anything like this!!!  I'm wondering what message I'm suppose to derive from this orb and who might be sending it.  Can Theo provide any information?

Theo, please comment on the beautiful Orb by Bob’s arm.

Yes, this is a particularly good photograph of this particular orb or being shall we say.  It does show the intricate makeup of this energy orb Tom.  The intricacies of a being are much more complex than you can imagine on a 3rd dimensional level Tom, but this is a good one to view and study, as you can see there are certain geometric formations within the orb.  That’s the best way I can describe it for you at the present time.  You will learn more about these orbs—and I’m saying you as a group.  It will be very “enlightening”. 


Alan writes:  Hello Tom.  I remembered to add to the reader about the garbage island. Wouldn’t it be great if in the government’s attempt to create jobs that the fishing trawlers be hired to go out to net the garbage and haul it to the waste disposal sites.  Just a idea, and a good time at election time too. Love and Blessings.


QigongLaura writes:  I am wondering about the realness of Qigong distant healing, and does such a healing, as I have asked for from a ‘master’ have sticktudiness, or just a few days’ healing. You see, I asked for healing of the cancer on my face.

Gaia, what can you tell me about Qigong distant healing?

This can be an effective method of healing Tom, depending upon the knowledge and abilities of the healer.  It has been used in Eastern societies much longer than in the west.  Again, it all depends upon the ability of the healer, but this healing energy has no boundary, so it will go where it is focused to go.


Doorway of Amaru MuruDiane writes:  Doorway of the Amaru this a door way to another dimension?

Gaia, what can you tell me about the doorway of Amaru Muru?

Yes, a place with tremendously high energy from reports Tom.  This is a unique portal, where yes beings from both sides can traverse.  It is much more difficult for third dimensional people, as you become disoriented when entering.  The higher level you are the easier is the passage to and fro.  I don’t recommend it for the general population at this time.  This portal can be dangerous if not handled well.

You can read a fascinating account about someone’s experience at this doorway in Peru here:


Diane writes:  Would you please ask Gaia and Theo:   What is Sacred G and who is Core Love?

Theo, what is Sacred G and who is Core Love?

This is an interesting question Tom, as it is a movement with good intentions, although there certainly is a profit motive as you discovered in your research.  The people undergoing these indoctrinations shall we call them are sincere in their efforts.  The organization behind this is not quite the same.  There is much enthusiasm for the people involved, so again I must suggest to anyone contemplating joining and getting involved to ask yourself if this or that path is the correct one for you.


ThothSue writes:  I have only recently joined your newsletter group.  My question is this.  What does Gaia know of Thoth the Atlantean?  What of the “Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean”?  You speak much about Atlantis, I was just curious what Theo, Gia, or Sun knew of this Master of Knowledge and Wisdom.
Another quick question if you please:  What of people with Dragon Energy?

Theo, are people with Dragon energy reptilian souls or what?

No Tom, for the most part these souls are not reptilian, although that was an educated guess.  These people just identify with the dragon and this can date back several lifetimes for them.

What are the Emerald Tablets of Thoth Theo?

These tablets did date back to his time in Egypt Tom.  They are now kept by priests under lock and key.  More will be learned about them in the fairly near future.

To read more about Thoth, go to my website and click on Articles & News.  In the search box enter "Thoth" and you will find two newsletters, one of which has a large number of questions about him.  It’s the April 4, 2008 newsletter.  He has reincarnated into this time period and will be the next Pope that opens the Vatican archives.


Zone of SilenceDiane writes:  The Zone of Silence in Mexico happens to be a strange place.  Cell phones don't work and it seems to have a certain field as well as strange feelings.  Why?  What caused this area to be this way?

Gaia, what causes the Zone of Silence in Mexico?

Good question.  This is caused by a magnetic disturbance below the surface there.  You may ask what sort of disturbance and I will say at the present time this will be something for those scientists that are camped out there to discover.  They are enduring some hardships to be there to study this phenomena and I will not let the "cat out of the bag" shall we say and ruin their breakthroughs.

Read more about the Zone of Silence at:


PlanetTheo, when we have a life on our home planets or other planets, are we still in fragment form?  What is different?

Yes, Tom you are still a fragment of your soul, but you are not further divided into fragments having 11 parallel lives as you do on earth.  The fragment is more complete shall we say, plus of course you are aware of who you really are.  You are not veiled as you are on earth. 

Therefore you are able to draw on all those other lives to solve problems, but you are also integrating the lives you spent on earth and using that knowledge you gained from your earth lives to assist you in aiding that other planet in moving to a higher level too.  You normally will not have to make the same number of decisions you do on earth.  Most planets are much more easy-going than this planet, but you do have the memory of your earth lives to serve you and the people of that planet. 


She asked me to change her name so Audrey writes: Is the whistle blower going to be brought forward and what will the outcome be?

Theo, what is the status of the 911 whistleblower?

Yes, there has been little change in this status, as they have been stymied in fear of reprisal.  It still may happen as many other revelations are slowly being leaked to the general public.

Also, what is the status of the terrorist event in Lyon?  They are having riots there, but that’s not terrorists.

Correct.  They still have plans to carry out this event.


NightmareCheryl writes:  This may have been addressed before but, could you please ask Theo the following: If we dream at night about a particular event in our lives, but the scenario is far worse than what we’re experiencing, did we visit another time line in our lives where it is being played out as such or are bad dreams basically symbolism of something we’re trying to work out?

Theo, what can you tell me about a dream or dreams of actual events which took place in a person’s life but in the dream is much worse than actually occurred?

Yes Tom, The soul is simply exploring another reality of what could have happened.  As we have spoken before this is quite normal in the course of one’s life on earth for the soul to explore several different paths even after the event has taken place. 


Michelle from Washington, DC writes:  Tom could you please ask Theo or Gia if there will be food shortages on the east coast when the west coast has her weather issues? How long if any will the shortages on the east coast last for? I currently have food and water for 30 days do I need to increase that to 60 or 90 days.

Food ShortageGaia, when the earthquakes come to California in the future, will there be food shortages in the rest of the country, and if so what?

Yes, Tom.  We have covered this somewhat before.  Certainly the citrus fruits and the vegetables that are now harvested in California will either no longer be tended, or the transportation will be severely curtailed as massive amounts of aid will be streaming into California to assist the homeless, and out of California with refugees packed into almost any type of transport you can imagine.  And of course this work will be quite hazardous you understand. 

The aftershocks will continue for months and they will be significant at times.  So certainly food will have to be brought in from South America, which will become a major supplier for the United States instead of a minor one as it is now.  And as I have said, over time the southern part of the United States will produce more items that previously grew in California. 


ForeclosureJean writes:  The economic melt-down in the housing market has left many vacant homes across the southwest, with AZ being particularly hard hit.

According to your newsletter, Gaia intends to move various faults in CA; many people are beginning to evacuate that state, with many more to follow once the earth starts quaking. 

My question is, Was the housing collapse in some areas, such as AZ, planned or designed in any way to prepare for the needs of an influx of people from the earthquake-affected areas? 

I haven't read anything anywhere about the two events being connected in any way, and the whole idea was quite an "Ah Ha!" moment  for me!

Gaia, was the housing collapse due to the coming earthquakes, or was this just a separate event?

Separate yes, Tom, but I will note that some things that do not seem connected have at least a partial connection, as everything is connected as you humans create what is your future.  There are many lessons to be learned here, I’m sure you’re aware, but there will be some good that comes out of the housing collapse and that will be homes available for those refugees with enough finances to be able to purchase or rent abandoned homes.


Hanging Gardens of BabylonDiane writes:  They always had talk about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.....did they really exist?

Gaia, did the hanging Gardens of Babylon exist?

Yes, quite so Tom and they were quite beautiful.  You were there and visited them I might add.  I believe the archeologists have even found some proof of their existence you will find, should you wish to research this further. 

What life was it when I visited the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and did I visit it in more than one life?

Good observation Tom.  Yes you visited it more than once, as it was around for a couple of centuries. 

So did I visit it during a Greek life?

Hanging Gardens 2Yes, most assuredly.  And you wrote about it too.

And what about a life in what is now Iraq?

Again, correct.  But a completely different life as you would imagine.  You were part of the courts then of this ruler.  This was a good life Tom. 

You said I wrote about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon Theo.  Was I a Greek writer, or was I some sort of religious leader I’ll say for want of a better term and happened to write about it during my travels?

Yes you were a writer and philosopher during that life Tom.  You were fairly well known and yes your writings—some of them anyway, still survive today.  This was a good life of wandering and travel as you explored the known world then and contemplated on life. 

I get Strato or was it someone else? 

Yes Strabo is close to the name you used back then Tom.  This was during the time Greece was at the height of its influence, so many doors were open as you traveled and studied. 

To read more about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon go to:


TCU Football Theo, American football is an exciting but violent sport.  Do you see this sport fading away, and if so in how many years?

Certainly this sport will remain for quite a number of years Tom, but yes, to answer your question it will slowly fade away as more and more is learned about the effects on the men who participate in it from a grade school up through their high schools, colleges and at the pro level.  The human body is not made, even though it is made well enough to survive—it is not made to absorb the constant battering it receives playing this sport.  Hundreds of players at all levels are injured each year Tom, and these can range from minor to serious injuries to spinal chords and brains. 

Therefore, to answer you question, yes it will fade away but not completely for about 50 years—perhaps as few as forty.   As the health problems are focused on more and more, fewer parents will allow their children to take up the sport, and therefore the level of play will decrease and with it the level of enjoyment for people who watch the sport.  Keep in mind that part of this will be due to your change of focus, as you will slowly “mellow” we will call it.  You will not enjoy watching such a violent sport as people do now, and other sports activities will attract your interest.  A nice question Tom. 


MeditationMichelle writes:  I am a little curious on a situation that happened to me. I was meditating using Dick Sutphens (Spirit Guides cd) and as I was laying on my side I felt and was able to hear a big POP of something whether it was energy or guide. It came from the back or the opposite side I was laying on.I went right into me. This is not the only time this happened. The same thing happened months ago while I was activating my 3rd eye. Can you please ask Theo or Gaia to give me reason or what this is, and should I be concerned about this?

Why did Michelle hear a pop when listening to a Spirit Guides CD?

Yes this might be slightly difficult to explain Tom.  It occurred as she was mentally passing through a certain level of energy we’ll call it during listening to this CD.  It is not something to become alarmed over, as this does happen to other people too.  It’s as if you crossed a small barrier or blockage that had been there and as she moved through it she heard the pop of energy.  She is making progress I’m told using this CD and her own GA is quite encouraged by her progress and it sends her all its love. 

I encourage anyone that wishes to start communicating with their own Guardian Angel to purchase the Spirit Guides CD at .  This will get you started.


Cheryl writes:  Is the group known as "Abraham" real?  And if we create everything we want (according to "Abraham"), how do soul contracts play into  that?  Or which comes first?  Or do they even go together?

Is the group Abraham real Theo?  The group says we create everything we want.

Again, I must remind your readers Tom to use their own discernment regarding whether to follow a certain group or an individual.  Do you get a heartburn when considering joining or following a group or individual, or do you feel what is said resonates with your inner being.  Some groups and people are simply stepping stones in your own development, so someone that might seem right today you learn a little from; and when they have nothing else to teach or share with you, you move on.  This is all part of your decision-making process you must learn for future use as your souls merge and take over running this universe.  Even making a “bad” decision, as you might reflect on it, will have much to teach you that you will be able to use in the future. 


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