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·    11-11-11

Pay it ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


11-11-11This originally appeared in the August 27, 2011 newsletter, but as we are one week away, I thought you might like to read it again, and for my new readers for the first time, as this is a BIG EVENT:

Gaia, what will change after 11-11-11?

Good question Tom.  There will be more activation of crystals buried deep within the earth to assist in the frequency switch, which will happen in 2012.  Naturally there will be one more on 12-12-12 prior to the December 21st date your souls set to change to the 5th focus.  So not only will these crystals be activated in November, there will be other changes in the crystalline grid that are a little too technical to explain Tom.  It will be like the sounding of a bell, with ripples of sound traveling throughout the earth.  A clarion bell you might say.  And as you have read there will be celebrations by those who know and understand these changes and those who only understand on a subliminal basis. 

So an important day of the year it appears?

Quite so, Tom.  Another milestone on the road you might say.


EGOSantiago writes:  Thank you for your newsletters.  I have discovered them recently and they have resonated deeply within me.  I feel compelled to ask the following question:  How do the things your GA’s say regarding karmic soul contracts reconcile with the teaching of A Course in Miracles that says that the physical world is nothing but an illusion and that the past and future are nothing but ego-created illusions?

Theo, is our past and future ego created?

To a certain extent, but not as the question was asked, Tom.  Certainly you are cocreating your future based on soul contracts and your freedom of choice.  We do our best to keep you on your contract, but as we have discussed many times in the past, you do have free will and do exercise it often.  It would be nice if everyone stuck to their soul contracts, but such is not the case.  Ego enters the equation to move in other directions, most of the time not in your best, long-term interests.

Oh, that pesky ego!


Marie writes on Facebook:  Here’s a tricky question for Gaia and the Sun.  It is said that scientists think different of the sun. The sun is cooler--the gentle zephyrs of the summer—it’s
Cool Sun only as the Sun’s Currents of Energy pass thru the Ether belt of the Earth that they become heat. The Sun is the electronic pole and the Earth is the magnetic pole. So what can Gaia and the Sun say about this?

I went to the Sun to ask this.  For my new readers, the soul of the Sun just likes to be known as “Sun,” as he said different groups would claim their name was the correct name, so this way he avoids that controversy.

Sun here Tom.

So good life to you Sun.  I have not had any questions I could pose for you and this one is a little strange to me but I’m sure not to you.  Sun, are you cooler than scientists say?  Some scientists speculate that as your rays or currents of energy pass through the Ether belt of the earth they heat up?

Yes, a thoughtful theory Tom, but no, I am a thermal engine to make an analogy for those scientists.  I blast out an enormous amount of heat that is carried in currents of energy out to your planet and the rest in the solar system and even beyond to regions you will explore in the future.  I will tip my hat a little to the scientists with this theory.  Yes, the energy currents can be charged as they go through these ether regions, but are not you see.  It’s the physical makeup of this energy and of the ether regions.  Again, since you are not a scientist Tom, I’m having to make this very basic, but certainly more study needs to be done by your scientists in this area and many more discoveries will be made on the effects of these energy beams or currents I send out. 


Tsunami RefuseGaia, I saw a story on TV of the huge amount of refuse floating in the Pacific Ocean carried out to sea by the tsunami and headed towards North America.  How can this be handled?

Yes, Tom. You must put on your thinking caps to find solutions—and there are those who will be inspired to find some solutions for this problem.  It obviously needs some sort of non-threatening chemical to disintegrate the wood debris.  But is must be eco friendly you understand. 


Gaia, will there be anymore 7.0 and above earthquakes for Turkey in the near future? 
Turkey Map

Yes and no Tom.  Certainly as you’ve seen there are a large number of aftershocks, but those will slowly diminish in time.  On the other hand, there will still be some major movement in that region, but not in the very near future—a little farther out.  I have not finished moving the plates in that area and the souls understand this.    So to answer your question, no large 7.0 earthquakes in let’s say the next 3 months or so Tom, but yes a larger quake will be felt within the next year.


Cuba VendorAudrey on Facebook writes:  I have a question for you and Theo - will Cuba become a completely free society - free from socialism and communism anytime soon. Thanks.

Theo, will Cuba become a free democratic society in the future Theo and if so, how long before it happens?

Good question Tom from your reader.  Yes, they will become a free society in the not too distant future Tom.  Certainly within the next five years or so, as you see this movement all across the world.  And naturally the people of Cuba are viewing these stories, although their government tries to turn a blind eye towards what is really happening in the world today.  It will seem to happen almost overnight as some of the other countries shift away from dictatorships and oppressive regimes. 

Cuba has already started that process and as capitalism grows, the people will become hungry to have what their neighbors around them in all directions are enjoying.  If the Cuban government does not change quickly enough for them the people will take it into their own hands.  The government must continue to make concessions and there will be a time when they must decide to allow democratic elections with real candidates and not those hand chosen by the party leadership.  Then you will see an island begin to shine brightly in the future, although they will have the same problems all islands will face with the rising sea levels. 


Baby LisaEileen writes:  Tom, will you please ask Theo or Gaia if Baby Lisa is ok and if she will be found?  Thank you.

Theo, is Baby Lisa alive and if not, is one or both parents involved?

I regret to say Tom she is not alive.  This was a soul contract you see, so there was balancing here.  And I cannot tell you any more information as there are other soul contracts at work here and so the story must play out as it is slowly doing now. 


CompletionTheo, what percentage of souls have completed the required 600 to 800 lives, or has no soul completed this as the lives are all going on at the same time?

Yes, there you have it Tom.  As these lives are occurring at the same time, you can’t say that any soul has completed their work on earth and has moved on, contrary to other reports of them flying off to some remote region of the universe and sitting around telling stories.  That’s 3D analogy.  As we have discussed before, your souls are having hundreds of thousands of lives across the universe building up their knowledge for that time in the future when they do take over running the universe for the Creator and will allow it to go to the next level. 


Financial ChallengesCarol writes:  Almost all of my friends have been experiencing extraordinary financial challenges in the past 3 weeks. Cars needing major repairs, rent being raised, unexpected Vet bills, tax bills and a myriad of other unusual expenses in this short period of time. And it isn't just one thing but a number of financial demands all at once in a short time frame. This is occurring as they see their income drop. Is there something special going on right now in regard to finances or is this just a coincidence?

Theo, why would so many people be experiencing hardship with bills at the present time, or is this a localized situation?

It is not localized Tom.  There are many lessons to be learned during a period of seemingly lack and a poor economy.  Many people are learning lessons on how to cope with tough times.  Many of these souls are facing such a period of time for the first time and may wander through the wilderness shall we say until they learn they can cope with these hardships.    So lessons to be learned in 3D before you switch to the fifth focus you see.    Then things will slowly get better and better.  Ideas on solving problems will come easier, as it is easier for us—your GA’s as you say—to “whisper in your ear” to give you the inspiration to solve problems.  So my advice is to hang in there and request MBO’s for your own individual situations and you will find much help will be provided Tom. 


Lisa writes:  Tom, I'm not sure if this a question you already answered or addressed in your book (I have a copy and have to reread it) but can MBO, and Living Prayers work and
Soul contractseven possible to cancel out a contract your soul has made? For example let's say for karmic persons or learning lessons you agree to struggle financially. If you ask for a MBO to make more money or be financially prosperous can your guardian angel help you out or what might happen? What if you ask for a Living Prayer for a person going through surgery but it's their time to go...I know it would still be a benevolent outcome but if you can explain more on this I would appreciate it.

As I have written before, none of us knows our soul contracts—including me.  Theo has said to know your soul contract would take all the surprises and adventures out of your life.  That’s why so many planetary societies are stagnant and we’re going to be the catalyst for them to grow when we reach the stars. 

Speed BumpSo with this in mind, you may be struggling financially right now, as most of the world is, but as Theo stated above, there are many lessons to be learned.  Requesting MBO’s make these challenges much more manageable.  Theo compares it to going over a big speed bump rather than climbing a brick wall.  Financial rewards might be just around the corner, but you need to request MBO’s to have them arrive sooner than later.   I have many stories in my weekly blog ( ) from people telling stories of money coming into their lives quite unexpectedly.  A number of these stories are chosen by The Sedona Journal of Emergence to inspire their readers each month.

Regarding saying a Living Prayer as I called it in the first book, and have now changed it to a Benevolent Prayer for a closer comparison to requesting MBO’s, again you do not know that person’s soul contract, so all you can do is to say a BP for the best outcome for that person.  You can something like, “I ask any and all beings to bring comfort to _______ and ask for the best and most benevolent outcome, thank you!”  I covered this in a chapter in my second book in the chapter titled, “The Transition of Joy.” 


Abiotic OilJackie on Facebook writes:  Are you planing to ask Gaia or Theo about the article in Earth Changes Media on abiotic oil?  Basically, instead of oil coming from the decomposition of organic material, it can be inorganic and come from other chemical processes. The claim is then that we have a lot more oil than is currently predicted so there's no 'pe...ak oil' issue and oil is in essence limitless. I think that's a big leap to make. And with our transition to magnetics as a much better energy source, it may be a moot point, but since it was a claim made in ECM I wanted to ask. Here's an article if you want some more info.

Gaia, is oil limitless “abiotic oil” as some scientists claim?

Certainly I have oil reserves as they call them Tom, which have yet to be discovered, but no, oil is not limitless.  Yes it may seem that way when an abandoned well fills up with oil again, but this is my way of simply filling a void, and keeping the drilling of additional wells down, until you are able to switch to magnetic energy.  And this is coming sooner than those in the oil companies realize, I assure you.  There are about to be breakthroughs in this field of energy. 

So again to summarize, oil is not limitless.  You will have enough for your needs for the time being and then poof; magnetics will be discovered as to how to harness this energy.  I assure you, no one looks forward to that development more than me Tom.


CrystalsShe asked me to change her name so Lorraine writes:  I have been called to return certain stones and crystals (I ask which ones want to go) to the land and to make it more interesting I have been called to do it in Sedona over that weekend. I was called to do the same thing during the time of the Earthquake and Hurricane Irene on the East Coast.

Is there a special reason for these messages and am I missing anything by just asking my existing collection who wants to go.  Thank you so much!

Gaia, why would “Lorraine” be called to return crystals to the ground?

Yes, there are crystals Tom that do not wish to be in human hands and wish to be in the earth to assist as they can in earth energies.  She is wise to heed their pleas, as well as others who might hear this message.  Does the crystal feel good when you touch it?  Each reader can judge for themselves if you open yourself up to messages.  And of course the crystals you have might wish to tell you their stories, and crystals have much information to impart to mankind. 


John writes:  Since I own many different energy pendants one day about 2 years ago I decided to ask my angel's which pendant they though would be best for me, or which pendant would be the real "stand-out" of all the pendants I own or have yet to buy.   Through a series of synchronistic events, the angels pointed out the "rejuvenizer pendant", made by a woman named Phyllis Light.  I was surprised they pointed this one out to me, especially since I didn't own it and had to buy yet another pendant.  The woman that makes it was assigned a special group of guides to energize and work with this pendant, and that's all these guides do.  

Rejuvenizer PendantThe group of guides that work with this pendant have programmed thousands of individual programs into it, so it helps you with many, many different things all at the same time, such as more energy, healing, balancing all the organs, and other systems of the physical body, emotional body, spiritual body... etc... the list goes on and on, she even has a special "automatic upgrade" thing build in so when she adds more programs all the pendants already sold also have these new programs installed.   After the March disaster in Japan, she added all sort's of programs to protect the wearer of radiation and a whole bunch of other things to help with exposure to the side effects of radiation are.   
Anyway... maybe you should ask Theo about this pendant, he might be able to give everyone more tips on it and also if light workers and those using MBO's might
benefit from it.  I know I love this would be neat if we had a special "angel recommended pendant"....that you could tell your readers about.
I make no money from this by the way, I only wish to pass on a really great pendant to others.   Also it comes with a money back guarantee if you don't like it after I
think 30 days.

Theo, can you comment abut the Rejuvenizers Pendants?

I will let your readers decide on this one Tom.  Yes, I could say more, but let’s let them make the decision as to whether they work or not.

Theo does this quite often, as he feels we should be making these decisions. 


Here we go again.  Theo and Gaia are being “tough love” this week:

OrgoniteJohn writes:  In your recent newsletter you talk about orgonite and I'm very familiar with these devices.  Gaia mentions that there is a better way to cleanse a house and also says to use white light with the orgonite, to do a better job.   My question is, can Gaia give us a better idea of what type of devices would cleanse a house better than orgonite?   Also, perhaps there are already devices out there that work better than orgonite but we are not aware of them... can Gaia give us some hints about these?   I'm sure many readers would love to find a device that works amazingly well with cleansing a house, from an energetic point of view.

Gaia, what cleanses a house better than orgonite?

Oh Tom, there are several, but part of the duties you have on earth is to experiment and test and make these decisions yourself.  If I were to just give you all the answers, then there would be no fun in exploration.  Remember, you are supposed to reinvent many things that these other planetary societies invented perhaps millions of years ago, but you will eventually –and I might add already have—better ways of doing things than they have.  Perhaps cleansing a house may or may not be one of them, but it is your duty to discover by “inspiration” what will cleanse a house better than orgonite. 

That’s why I did not tell you when I responded before.  I knew someone might ask, and it would give me the chance to remind you of your earthly duties.  You cannot be reminded too many times as you’re veiled, but I send my love out to the person who asked, who might possibly discover something that does cleanse a house better.  Or it could be one of your other readers Tom. 


As I explained last week, Antura is a soul fragment of my soul “cluster” as Theo calls it and is having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  I thought of more questions this week-“filling in the gaps” as Theo calls it.

GalaxiesGood day or evening Antura and glad we can communicate again so soon.

Yes, that is quite pleasing to me too Tom.  It assists in learning for both of us.

Antura, when the Federation explores a new galaxy, does it send one spacecraft—mothership, 10, 100, or how many?

Good question Tom.  Yes typically at least two or three motherships as you call them will be assigned to explore a galaxy never explored before.  As you know Tom, we portal hop as you call it, and can move quickly across the universe to any far away galaxy.  And certainly the reverse is true too Tom.  After a few universal years—perhaps lets say 100 for purposes of discussion, the mothership will return and a new crew will take the place of the old one and continue the work switching off every so often until the galaxy has been explored and those with sentient beings contacted and studied shall we say. 

It can be very discreet, or very open, depending upon the situation.  Sometimes they are not welcomed at all and we honor their requests to leave and have no more contact with that planet or solar system.    It varies as you can imagine greatly Tom.  But we have personnel shall we say that are experts in first contact and can pretty easily tell when we will be welcomed and when we are not. 

But as you can imagine, this can be very arduous and detailed job of exploration, so it can be many universal years before the work is completed on a whole galaxy Tom.  Just look at how large the Milky Way galaxy is, and then multiply that by a few billion times. 

Speaking of time Antura, how many universal years has it been since first Sirius and then all of the Federation planets began exploration of other star systems?

Multiple GalaxiesGood question Tom.  Obviously millions of years—yes more than 10 million. 

So can we say 20 million, 30 million or 100 million years?

Yes, believe it or not Tom, the figure would be more than 100 million years, as these societies slowly but surely increased their knowledge to the point where they could travel from solar system to solar system.  As was noted before for you, look how fast you are progressing.  By 3250 or so you will be able to travel to other star systems yourselves.  It did not happen that fast with our Federation planets, but even if you triple or quadruple that time frame, you see that we were able to learn how to move from star to star. 

You planet has known other intelligent human developments Tom, but they are not written in your current history, nor are they readily available to you memory wise, as you’re veiled.  We are not veiled, so it is easy for us to access our past lives and build upon those you see.  But none of us has been able to do what you have done, as has been discussed many times in the past—and that’s your ability to exist in a highly negative environment.  So this will be what you bring to the Federation table shall we call it, and you will be the catalyst for our further growth. 

OK.  Think that’s all for today Antura.  I’ll try and come up with more questions soon.

Thanks Tom and have a wonderful day.


Dr. Holmes CastleAntonia writes:  Did Dr. Henry Holmes kill 200 people at a bizarre "castle" in 1890s Chicago?

Theo, did Dr. Henry Holmes, aka Herman Mudgett, kill 200 people in that “castle” as they called it in Chicago in the 1890’s?

Yes, Tom, almost that number.  He was a prolific murderer that killed there and in other places.  He was a very sadistic person. 

But he must have had a soul contract to do away with those people?

Only a few of them were balancing Tom.  And his torture and such went far beyond his soul contract.    His soul was, shall we say, damaged by these acts, but since there is no time on this side, his soul fragment has been well cared for with much love.

So I would think he would have a large number of balancing lives?

Absolutely Tom--certainly over 50 lives.  Keep in mind that one life can greatly balance other lives if one devotes one's whole life to assisting others in need.  He will have several lives in that vein shall we call it. 


Harmful ProductsLyn writes:  Tom, please advise that garlic is not good for dogs. I saw in your newsletter that Sandi says she feeds her family and dog a garlic-vinegar concoction. Here is a list of toxins for dogs:

- Alcoholic beverages
- Avocado
- Chocolate (all forms)
- Coffee (all forms)
- Fatty foods
- Macadamia nuts
- Moldy or spoiled foods
- Onions, onion powder
- Raisins and grapes
- Salt
- Yeast dough
- Garlic

Read more: Toxins (Poisons) That Effect Dogs -

That goes for cats too Tom! I almost killed my Siamese giving him garlic! I saw the list at the Vet's and stopped it before too late!  Thanks Tom again for enlightening our way.


Lilian writes:  For the benefit of the person asking about dental care: There are wonderful products in the market for gums healing.   Here is the link to the website.

As I know nothing about these products, check them out online to make sure they would be right for you. 


Edward de VereIsabelle writes:  Tom, I would like to propose a follow-up question on Shakespeare for Theo. Gary Renard in his book, “The Disappearance of the Universe” asked his mentors who was Shakespeare in real life.  The answer he was given is Edward de Vere, seventeenth Earl of Oxford. I was wondering what comments Theo would have on these assertion, if any?

Another question on Shakespeare Theo.  Was one of the writes or the main one Edmond de Vera, 17th Earl of Oxford?

A good guess Tom, but no he was not in this case you see. 


Gentle Way BookDon’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is NOW AVAILABLE for delivery on and is IN STOCK!  Here is theGentle Way 2 link: .  You can also order it by phone at my publisher Monday to Friday.  Call toll free 800-450-0985.  It has twice as many pages as the first book.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  The first book is also available on  Either or both books can change lives!


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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