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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Certainly there have been dramatic events, which have taken place in the Hurricane Sandypast week, as Hurricane Sandy blasted the East Coast.  In the April 27 newsletter Gaia said she would have one and possibly two hurricanes strike the East Coast.  In July she said New Jersey and New York would only be brushed by the hurricane, so obviously there was a signoff by the souls to be affected, with the lower probability becoming the actual event.

During this past weekend we traveled to Sedona, Arizona with a couple of our friends, which I’ll cover in more detail below.  What I found interesting was that last June we traveled to Syracuse, New York for a short vacation in Geneva, NY.  What if we had done the reverse—traveled to Sedona in June and Geneva this past weekend?  The trip would have been a challenge instead of just enjoyable.  But that’s what you get when you request Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s)!

Romney & ObamaAs the U.S. elections are this coming week, here is a Benevolent Prayer Janet sent me that we can all say out loud together:
“I ask any and all beings to come to the aid of the people of the United States so that they elect the officials that will benevolently serve the needs of all people in the US and all over the world.  May the outcome of the elections be greater than we hoped for or expected.”

If you’re on Facebook, please “Like” my book, which is listed as The Gentle Way Book.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Hurricane SandyJanet writes:  I am writing this as Hurricane Sandy is about to start to wreak havoc in extensive areas of the US and Canada with flooding and power outages expected.  I am wondering if there is a connection between the expected fury of the storm, the wide swath it is going to cut, and the huge amount of negativity that is presently stirred up because of the US Presidential elections about to take place?

Thanks for all you do, dear Tom.

Gaia, any connection between the fury of hurricane Sandy and the negativity that has been part and parcel of the elections this year?

No connection whatsoever, Tom.  This storm, as you well know, was planned months in advance from your 3D perspective.  Obviously from my perspective it was centuries in the planning, giving all the souls who wished to participate plenty of notice in order to incarnate at this time.

Obviously this gave many souls the experience, so that they could cross it off their proverbial “bucket lists” of earth experiences.

Was this also a warning shot across the bow, so to speak, that these storms--or at least the results--would become the norm with the rising ocean level?

It did accomplish this, Tom, although, on the surface, this was just the storm of the century.  There are more storms like this coming, Tom; that I can assure you.

New Jersey PierSo, will we have any more hurricanes this season or year, Gaia?

Yes, you will see another, Tom, in the Caribbean.

A quick note for everyone who’s following the stories on the aftermath of Sandy.  May I remind everyone on the North American West Coast what happens when millions of people are affected by a disaster.  The disaster agencies and services just cannot cope with the large number of people who need even the basics—food, water and clothing.  Fires wiped out a whole town during the middle of the hurricane.

That very thing happened to San Francisco in the 1906 earthquake and will happen again with a large earthquake in any of the large cities and towns on the west coast.  Last week there was a 7.7 earthquake off of the Canadian Coast.  What if that earthquake had happened in Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles?  Get the picture?

I have an earthquake packing list on my website at  It has the top 20 things to pack.  Please pass this list along to your friends who live in earthquake prone areas.  You might save a life.


Forest Fire SignPam in Arizona writes:  Many Blessings to you Tom. I was sent this and was wondering what Gaia had to say about this. Personally I do not believe this is a terrorist act but some fire maniacs out to have some fun. Also is this the government trying to take control of the airways? I think they are a bunch of fear mongers working on the American people.  What does Gaia say?

Gaia, are terrorists starting forest and grass fires, or are they mostly set by just arsonists and the occasional dumb campers?

An interesting question, Tom.  Yes, there are a few fires we can attribute to terrorists, but the majority of fires in forests and grasslands do fall under the category of your plain old garden-variety arsonists.  One benefit, resulting from the idea of terrorists wishing to set these fires, is people will be more aware of their surroundings and will report any suspicious behavior to authorities.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the newsletter, Dena and I took a long weekend trip to Sedona, Arizona with our friends Frank and Candi.  Naturally I was requesting MBO’s from the very beginning when we first booked the trip.  Both Dena and I requested MBO’s for warmer than normal days with sunny weather over a month in advance.  The result was the first two days with normal cool temperatures for that time of year, but we were indoors or in the car most of the time—first traveling by rental car to Sedona, then indoors at the Enchantment Resort for dinner, and on Courthouse Rock, SedonaFriday up to visit my publisher Light Technology in Flagstaff.  The last three days were warmer and sunny—just beautiful conditions.

When I booked our airline tickets with US Airways I accidentally added an extra “n’ to Dena’s middle name.  We caught it just before I checked in online, so I called reservations to correct it.  The US Airways agent did correct it, but did not tell me it wiped out the seat she was supposed to be in, and reassigned her to a window bulkhead seat, which is normally an extra $26.  I requested a MBO for the situation.  As she does not like bulkhead seats, I switched with her and had more leg room on the flight to Phoenix—a nice MBO.

The flight was 10 minutes late in Phoenix, and another 10 to 15 minutes sitting on the runway waiting for a gate.  So by the time we loaded the car at the car rental center (10 minute drive from the airport), we were about an hour behind the time I’ve normally left the airport for Sedona.  So I requested a compression of time, as we like to eat lunch at the Hideway Restaurant overlooking Oak Creek and the Red Rocks.  Normally the drive takes me two hours and 15 minutes, but we arrived at the restaurant in one hour and 55 minutes!

View From Sky RanchWe stayed at the SKY RANCH LODGE and had a room overlooking Sedona, similar to the photo on my Facebook page from a previous trip.  That evening we drove to the Enchantment Resort—a five star resort at the mouth of Boynton Canyon.  I had requested a MBO for both the drive and for my request for a table right by the window.  They gave us the PERFECT table at the corner where two windows came together.  In previous times we ate out on their patio, but it was too cool to do that with the sun sinking earlier behind the mountains in late October.

On Friday we visited my publisher in Flagstaff, naturally requesting a MBO for the drive on 89A known locally as the “switchback” as it winds its way up from a 1000 foot altitude to 5000 feet or more of Flagstaff.  After lunch we visited a neat museum there—the Pioneer Museum.  Then we returned as we had come.  We never had to sit behind a slow truck either coming or going.

Verde Valley RROn Saturday, after requesting MBO's for the drive and the train trip, we drove Jerome AZto the old mining town of Jerome, which Frank and Candi especially liked.  Then it was back to Cottonwood to take the Verde Valley train two hours up to the Perkins Ranch and then two hours back.  We had good seats to view out the windows of the coach car, and everyone is allowed out on the platforms to take photos of the BEAUTIFUL gorge you pass through on the 20 miles up to the working ranch.

On Sunday we visited the Cathedral Rock vortex.  The photo on my Facebook Book page will give you an idea of how close we were able to walk.  I did a meditation there sitting on the side of the stream.

Cathedral RockOn Monday we returned to Phoenix.  I had contacted Richard Sutphen, who presently lives in Scottsdale to have lunch with him and his lady, Roberta.  I naturally requested a MBO, but when I tried to call his cell phone it was disconnected.  “Luckily” I had done a pre-recorded radio interview with him and had his home number.  As they’re moving to Sedona in November, Roberta had already cancelled his cell phone and signed up for a new one.  They had emailed the new number, but I did not see the email before departing.  We had a nice lunch, including his son, Hunter.  Richard was the Richard Sutphenperson who made Sedona famous by coining the word “vortex” in relation to the great energy, which emanates from certain locations there.  I had my breakthrough in communicating with Theo and other spirits at one of his seminars, and I've been on his radio show eight times on Contact Talk Radio.

We arrived back at the airport in plenty of time for the flight back to DFW--another MBO!


Cynthia writes:  I just finished a book called:  "Earthing", about how the energies of the earth are very healing and most of us are not "grounded".  (We don't sleep or walk on the earth without shoes or non-conducting shields.)  There are products you can get to help you ground Earth Energiesyourself and heal from the earth energies, such as grounding sheets and mats that also help with protecting us from negative effects too many electro-magnetic frequencies that the body cannot use.  It says that grounding yourself can help with most if not all inflammatory diseases.  Is this true that the Earth itself has electrical healing energies coming from it that can help disease?

 Gaia, does the earth itself have electrical healing energies that can help or heal persons with diseases?

The answer is absolutely yes, Tom.  My earth has many healing modalities, if you will.  Certainly the idea proposed of walking barefoot on the earth is good, if it’s not too hot or cold, but there are ways to be in touch with the earth itself if you wish to explore and experiment.  I have the ability to change or alter the currents in your body that are either predisposed to disease or already experiencing the energies of disease.  So I encourage everyone to get in touch with me as often as possible.  Work in a garden.  Walk barefoot at the appropriate times, pick up the earth and hold it in your hands.  Reconnect with me and you will find benefits, I assure you.  This was an excellent question, Tom.


PlanetGaia, you said (in the October 27 newsletter), “on the surface it would appear lifeless,” referring to the planet to be discovered.  Is there life in the interior?

A nice question to begin the day, Tom.  Yes, there is life in the interior of that planet.  It is just not as advanced, shall we say, as your society in general, Tom.  You will find or discover many planets have life going on in the interior, Tom, including earth, as we have discussed before.  They prefer to live their own lives and, for the most part with only one or two exceptions, prefer to live their lives without contact with the Explorer Race—you.  And yes, one of the exceptions is the Lemurians who have a colony beneath Mt. Shasta—named Telos.

Is life in the interior of this other planet humanoid?

No, they are not, Tom.  A different flavor, shall we say?


For my new subscribers, Antura was introduced to me back in 2008 by Theo, who explained he’s a member of my soul “cluster.”  I call him my “brother on another planet,” as he’s living a life as an aquatic humanoid on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  He’s a member of a “first contact” team coming to Earth in 2017, two years after he says the Pleiadians make first public contact in Europe.  I was just informed by Jim (one of our subscribers) that I now have over 62,000 words, so a book is in the future one day.  You can read all my previous conversations with Antura by going to the SERIES below and see the list of the newsletters with information from him.  Below I ask a series of detailed questions about the translation devices he briefly mentioned in the past.

YodaAntura, I would like more information today on the translation devices you use in your first contact work.  Are these devices external or internal?

External, Tom.

Are they the size of a computer chip, shall I say, or larger?

No, you have the basic idea, Tom.  They are quite small, as obviously over time devices of any kind tend to grow smaller.

Are they self-sufficient, or are they connected to some type of computer device on board either the mothership or the spacecraft?

They are connected to both, Tom.

Do they operate on audio, brain waves, both, or in some other fashion?

Yes, they are capable of absorbing brain waves or functions, Tom, but they are also capable of interpreting any form of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Abe SapienThat includes clicks, whistles and other sounds of all types?

Quite so, Tom.  Keep in mind that these devices as you call them have been developed over millions of years.

So how much of a language must the translators capture before it can translate everything?

Again, this goes back to reading a being’s brain waves, Tom.  From there it is simply a matter of identifying the syntax.  The translator is capable of translating millions of languages it has built up over time.

So does it feed brain waves to you or do you hear it as audio?

It can do both, Tom, according to who is using the device.  We don’t even think about it, as it is so natural and easy to use.

For those of you who, like me, did not know what the word “syntax” meant above (I even put brackets around a question mark after I received the word);  Webster’s Dictionary defines syntax as, “an arrangement of words as elements in a sentence to show their relationship to one another” and “the organization and relationship of word groups, phrases, clauses, and sentences.”


This MBO story and the following one were in last week’s blog.  You can read Boys Playing Soccerthese blogs by going to  I have over 150 blogs with nothing but MBO and BP stories.

Kimberly writes:  Here is my MBO story from yesterday. I was in the car taking the kids to their soccer game. The started to complain that we were going to be late when I stopped for a red light that is known to take a long time. I told all 3 boys in the car "lets do a MBO together - It is our Most Benevolent Request that we will arrive exactly when we need to be at the field with ease and grace." My two rolled their eyes and went with it as they are used to the program. The third child looked at me like I was nuts but repeated the words anyway.

Without speeding or hitting another red light we arrived 5 minutes early. As my boys’ friend was getting out of the car he asked, "Now what was the request thing again?”  My youngest son told him and then said, "It also works pretty good for tests." When they shut the car door I laughed until tears came. By the way, they won their game too.


Penny writes: My son and I were at Cincinnati Zoo in the Jungle Trails area. It is really a packed dirt path through the woods and fairly secluded. We came up to the Cincinnati Zoolemur exhibit and there was a bag sitting on the ground. I didn't want to move it, because my intuition was telling me loud and clear that the person who left it was probably nearby. So I asked for a benevolent outcome for the person who left the bag to notice right away that it was missing and come back for it, and for no one else to pick it up in the meantime.

We walked a short distance to the next building, about 2-3 minutes after I said the MBO a woman came tearing around the corner with her small daughter in a stroller. She was looking panicked so I asked her if she was looking for a bag? She said yes and I was able to tell her it was just around the corner. That was a very quick answer for a very important need, I made sure to tell my skeptical son what I had done.


Egyptian DeitiesKathy writes: I have been wondering lately if Theo would comment on the existence of deities. I am mainly interested in understanding where the Egyptian deities such as Isis, Osiris and Horus came from? Their imagery is very similar to that of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, so I am wondering if they are in fact the same beings. I have heard also that many Egyptiandeities were ETs and that their influence caused them to become revered as gods and goddesses. What is the origin of these deities?

Theo, what was the origin of the Egyptian deities, Isis, Osiris, and Horus?  Were they ET’s or people?

They were actually people, Tom, although you thought they might be ET’s.  Their stories were so embellished over time as to become the equivalent of Saints in modern times.  And keep in mind that they did have access to methods and instruments not available to the average Egyptian of that day, so they were looked upon as gods, but not ET’s, although they were certainly assisted by them, adding to the mystery.


Barbara writes: Tom, here is a question about walk-ins. My mother suffered Ruth Montgomery BooksAlzheimer’s and at the time I wondered if Alzheimer patients are inhabited by walk-ins. I remember my mother being so overwhelmed and frightened, in the beginning, as she understood that she was losing her memory. The personality and habits changed so drastically as time passed. It would be a comfort, I think, if that were the case. She was such a lovely, gracious, bright woman who seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Theo, are there walkins for Alzheimer’s disease?

At times yes, as there are souls new to the earth who wish to put their toe in the water, shall we say, by taking over a body where the mind no longer functions well.  These are simple existences where they can learn much.  So, yes, this does happen.


PaulRenee writes:  Thanks Tom--would love to know what my name as Paul's wife was then -- if you ever get around to asking Theo sometime--I know you really have a lot on your plate these days--the word has finally gotten out to the world this is so awesome for all your time and effort--thank you again in the Most Benevolent way.

Theo, what was Paul’s wife’s name?

Sara, Tom.  Yes, you have it.  Names were quite common during that time period, so certainly there were a number of people named Sara or Sarah, just as there were a number named Thomas or Tomas.


Theo has previously told me I’m one of 10 people on earth that have lived over 1,000 lives (1,005).  I thought with that many I must have had some really varied lives, so I asked.

Theo, in how many lives have I been a transsexual, if any?

Yes, only one life, Tom.  And a homosexual in just about 10% of your lives, Tom.


ExplosionsCynthia writes:  There have been a series of explosions around the globe. Russia, Alabama, Louisiana, and most recently, Sudan. What people are reporting is that they’ve witnessed something come down, then a huge explosion, which rattled homes as far away as 60 miles from the explosion site. People’s windows have shattered, etc.

Immediately after the explosion, military trucks have appeared clearing folks from their homes. The explosion in Alabama critically injured one man. No one hurt in the others. There were 11 explosions in Louisiana. The explanation for all was that it was military sites holding explosives have spontaneously combusted. Many are not buying this explanation and feel there’s something else going on. There are all kinds of speculations.

What is going on and who and what are these explosions about?

Gaia, are there unexplained explosions going on around the world, and if so, are they caused by terrorists or, again, arsonists?

Yes, some of them are caused by terrorists, Tom, but the causes are varied.


Alma DeutscherJanet writes:  Hi Tom, could you please ask Theo if this girl is a reincarnation of Mozart?  She is quite amazing!  Thanks.

Theo, is Alma Deutscher the reincarnation of Mozart?

Yes, Tom, she is.  The parallels are quite obvious even to those not steeped in understanding the concept of reincarnation.  The soul wished to continue its exploration of music, as that is the primary interest of this soul.


Tom writes:  If spiritual sources seem to agree that Barack Obama is a highly evolved spiritual being whose mission is to Ron Paullead this country out of Illuminati rule, then what is the consensus on Ron Paul? Is he an equally enlightened being whose time has simply not yet come?

Theo, I’m asked about Ron Paul’s soul contract?

Yes, Mr. Paul wished to play the maverick in this life, Tom, bringing unusual ideas to the forefront about government.  He is and has been a catalyst, but many of his ideas we would term too far out to be adopted by society.  Still, he makes people think and form opinions, whether they are radical or not.


Anna writes:  Although the Lindbergh kidnap case was well researched leading to the conclusion that the child's disappearance was planned by his family to keep him safe.  Under hypnosis, Junior claimed that his mother was having a period of severe postpartum depression and was entertaining  Lindbergh Babythoughts of drowning Junior in the tub.  His screams and sputtering alarmed his nanny and she interrupted her intentions.

Family members were informed and it was planned to have him removed under the guise of a kidnapping.( The talk show that Junior  appeared on was Coast to Coast.) Junior was placed with different families until he joined the Navy in his l7th year.  Apparently he was having flashbacks that encouraged him to undergo hundreds of hours of hypnosis. He has attempted to contact the Lindbergh siblings who have to date ignored him.  His story is quite believable.

What are your guide's thoughts on this subject?  Thank you very much!

Theo, did the Lindberg baby escape death and is alive today?

No, Tom.  The child was slain.  There was a bleed-over from another time line where the child did survive, but not on this Time Line.


Maharajah Duleep SinghDavid writes:  Can you ask about Maharajah Duleep Singh, an Indian king robbed of kingdom by the British and brought from India to live in England in 1854.
What was his soul contract, how far did he nearly get in his attempt to reclaim the punjab area of India. And has he reincarnated yet?

Theo, please explain the soul contract of the Maharajah taken in 1854 to England, and did he try to reclaim his Kingdom in Punjab, and also is he incarnated now?

Yes, to all three questions, Tom.  Now, his soul contract was to introduce the people in England to Indian royalty—to show how the royalty of another country lived.  He never was able to reclaim his kingdom and died an unhappy fellow.  He is living an interesting life today.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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