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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Newsletterworld. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


This newsletter has a LOT of information that will probably be included in my Guardian Angel 101 (working title) book. You may wish to read that information a couple of times to let it sink in.

TelepathyStill no response from the COAST TO COAST SHOW. Thanks to those of you who emailed them. I will give it one more try. Here are the email addresses of the producers, so you could forward your previous emails (or write one) addressed to them-- and Tell them why you think I would be a good guest for them. Please mention my FIRST CONTACT book. My sincere thanks!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others). This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, the 7.1 quake (originally reported as a 7.3), which just occurred off the coast of Japan was not the large one Japanyou told me would take place, is it?

No, Tom, you are correct, it was just a precursor to the larger one I will generate very soon. How soon, as we both know, I will not tell you as there are individuals and, yes, families that would not wish to experience something on their list they must experience in one or more earth lives. And, as I have told you before, the magnitude of the quake will be much higher, but still not at the level as the one in March of 2011.


Joe writes: In the last two weeks, two giant oarfish and a saber-toothed whale washed ashore in southern California. These fish live at extreme depths and are very rare to see. There is a Japanese folklore saying that this happens before a major earthquake. Can you ask Gaia if this is true? And if so, why?

Giant OarfishGaia, is it true that the giant oarfish beach themselves before a large earthquake, or is there something else causing this to happen?

In this case, Tom, there were other things or events which caused them to beach. There are changes in magnetics deep in the ocean that caused them confusion and brought them to the surface and onto the beaches. As you may have noticed there were very few that this occurred to, so there are many more oarfish in the ocean that were not affected. It just depended in this particular instance on their location. Vents were being opened, heat released, and the magnetics I previously mentioned shifted causing confusion.

So, do oarfish beach themselves before a large earthquake?

Yes, this can be a precursor for a large earthquake, but in this instance, it was not. Before an earthquake on the coast of whatever continent there can be a number of sea life beaching themselves in fear, but this would occur just before the earthquake.


Stock MarketPam writes: Many blessings to you. Can you ask Theo that if the stock market is to have a downward spell, would it help to say MBOs?

I have been saying MBOs for my investments and they are doing good, and I shall continue to say MBOs because I trust God is watching over me.

Thank you for all the work that you do!

Theo, is the stock market going to go down, remain the same, or go up?

It’s at a level now where it will remain until you have a cataclysmic event, Tom. Then it will plummet for a time. In the meantime, it will continue to rise a little in the short term.


Parking AngelWe had our monthly dinner with friends last Saturday night. One of my friends said he believed his request for a parking space was handled by his “higher self.” I thought I should ask about that as I’ve been told it’s my GA.

Theo, some people believe “parking angels” are actually their higher self. Your comments please.

Yes, Tom, here we encounter belief systems. There are many people who differentiate in their concept of spirit, Tom, just as there are different sects shall we call them of one religion such as Christianity. There are people who believe in angels, but you ask them if they believe in Guardian Angels and they will say no. There are many different beliefs about your own Guardian Angels—we will use that term here for recognition. Even you used to believe a GA such as myself was a little ball of light and whose capabilities mirrored that of Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life.

So, here we arrive at your question. As I have told you before, we work CLOSELY with what you call your higher selves and we call your souls. We intimately know your soul contracts for each life and do our best to keep you on those soul contracts. If your friends wish to believe it was their higher selves or souls finding that parking space for them, ALLOW it. It is just another belief system as I mentioned above. We care Guardian Angelnot who gets credit for that parking space, Tom. We are just happy that person is asking for assistance at all, as so many millions and, yes, billions of people do not ask for any assistance and so we allow them to stray off their soul paths as your own souls have instructed us to do.

In actuality your souls are busy with hundreds of thousands of lives going on across the universe for their learning, and we volunteered for the duty of assisting you on a day-by-day and minute-by-minute basis—not only you but thousands of other people all at the same time. So yes, your comment in your talks that I could handle two million requests for a parking space at the same time is quite correct. I can do that if called upon by multiple people and even in many multiple time periods and parallel lives or time lines.

But, again, we return to the bottom line, Tom. Allow each person to have their own beliefs. This is a free world where each person explores their own belief systems and may in fact change their beliefs multiple times just in one life.


These questions came from Helen in Hawaii:

Rural AreaGaia, why do some soul fragments start their lives in modern times instead of long ago when it was very primitive?

Yes, there are so many souls wishing to have lives on earth that sometimes it is easier with all the billions of people living nowadays to be placed in families where the majority of the souls are all fairly new. There are still many places on earth where the people live almost primitive lives, so it is not so much a stretch in those conditions.

Where it is more difficult is when they are placed in modern cities where they are overwhelmed. But the tradeoff is that they learn an enormous amount in a short time. As I have said before, it’s as if they are thrown into a lake or pool and told to sink or swim. Some—a majority even—do sink, but not before gallantly trying. Keep in mind it is normal for people to learn much more in a failure than they do in successfully accomplishing something. You learn from your mistakes. The souls who have clusters of fragments just beginning lives are quite aware of where the first lives will be, but grab any open spot they are able to find.

Would you say that rural areas are mostly populated by younger souls where life is a little slower than in busy Slow Signcities?

Yes, Tom. Mostly younger with some older souls mixed in to provide lessons to the younger souls. There has to be some sharp cookies to teach the younger ones lessons and it can be souls who need lives where they are considered the bad guy.

Do all the soul fragments in a cluster join together for lives back on the home planets they originated from, or are they still the soul fragment they were in the cluster on earth?

Yes, they are still the fragments from the cluster of souls sent for earth lives. They do not meld together for a life on the home planet. That is quite obvious when you look at Antura having a life on your home planet where he is still the fragment, but not split into 12 parts for the Time Lines as you are for an earth life. So you could say those 12 parts are the whole fragment again.

Diane writes: What is the difference between a soul fragment and a personality?  What is dualism for? And what is the purpose of three dimensions? Wouldn't this make people too dense for spiritual illumination?

Theo, is there a difference between a soul fragment and a personality?

Yes, Tom, there can be, depending upon which definitions you use. A soul fragment does have a particular personality as you have learned that each soul fragment is different, since your soul wanted its soul fragments to have different personalities and interests. But then the souls themselves have different personalities and interests. So it depends upon whether you are speaking about a soul fragment or the soul itself, as the soul itself can be a different personality as a whole from the soul fragment. Yes the fragment is a part of the soul, but does not always represent the full personality of the soul, just a portion of it.

DualismWhat is dualism for?

Yes, an age-old question on earth. The Yin and Yang. Two sides to every question. Dualism is designed for your growth, Tom. It causes you to question everything instead of being content with what is. It is the impetus for your soul growth. This could be a very long discussion, but that is a short summary.

What is the purpose for the third dimension?

Yes, it is generally understood, Tom, that the third dimension allowed you to see the slow formation of creation and how each piece is put together. When you are in the fifth focus you will see many things are manifested much quicker than in the third. For a while it will be imperceptible to you, but things are created much faster in the  fifth focus than in the third focus. So the third dimension is to teach you how to put things together and is done at a much slower tempo than you are capable of doing in the fifth focus.


Mother EarthThe four million souls, which assist you Gaia in running the earth, first are they young souls who are learning valuable lessons in how a planet works, or are they a mixture of young and old souls, or are they old souls exclusively?

More towards the younger side Tom with a few older souls mixed in to help with the more difficult aspects of handling the myriad number of duties a complex planet such as this requires. When you go out to the stars you will see and experience some complex planets, but almost none such as this with the enormous variety of animal, plant, bird and insect life here on earth. But a good question, so again most are younger souls, but are quite capable of performing the tasks I need assistance with.

Do they all stay close by you, or are they scattered about different parts of the earth, although all still at the same focus as you are, or should I say focuses?

There you have it, Tom. We do all operate at all focuses and don’t forget all time lines and all time, as we have discussed before, you are in a space time continuum where we all operate over millions of years occurring at the same time. Some souls operate as virtual anchors in their area of expertise. This is quite complex and attracts souls who like a challenge.


First Contact Front CoverFor my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or "cluster" as Theo calls it, and was introduced to me by Theo back in 2008.  Since then I've asked hundreds of questions--witht he ones up through January of this year making up my first book on him titled FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.  I already have 26 five-star reviews since the book was published in late June.  Go to my website and click on SAMPLE CHAPTERS to read just a few of the many questions I have asked him about his planet, UFO's and other ETs.  Several of these questions came from Jim, Dianne, Robert, Beverly, and Virgil.  

Antura, a friend sent me a link to a guy claiming there were three large spaceships closing in from the outer reaches of the solar system and had placed themselves behind the moon.

So, Antura, are there three large spaceships behind the moon and, if so, who are they or is this a hoax?

More of a hoax, Tom. You immediately noticed that the spaceships were traveling in a conventional style, which was an immediate tip-off, if you will, that someone is trying to generate fear by these claims. There are always spacecraft of some sort behind your moon, but it is not some potential danger to you. Remember that you are protected by the Federation and we would not allow any spaceships near you unless they are here for scientific purposes, and we know this long before they arrive, I can assure you.

Simian EyeAntura, do the Pleiadians that will be coming to earth have simian eyes, and if so why would they have eyes that are not nearly as powerful as most of the universe?

Yes, their eyes do have the Simian influence, Tom, but are superior to those of an earth human. You could say more like your animals that have the appearance of Simian eyes, but can see for much longer distances and higher and lower levels of color than your eyes are capable of at this time.

Are there different surfaces for the scout craft as compared to the mothership’s surface?

Yes, they do have different components to the surface, Tom as they do not need the sturdiness, and for other factors that the motherships do. Again, we would have to get into metal alloys that have not been discovered yet on earth, so let’s stay with this simple answer. The scout craft do have a metal surface different from the mothership.

Please update me on when the Russians will disclose, or are they?Russia Congress

Yes they will, Tom. They are dragging their feet somewhat, but it should not be too much longer. They are trying to choose the perfect time and sometimes there is no perfect time but the present.

Antura, what is the universal time based on?

Certainly it is based on an ancient method used since the early days of the universe, Tom. Therefore, no matter how many times a planet may rotate around their individual star or sun, these are calculated against the universal year which, as I have said before, is about one tenth the number of years you experience here on earth. It is a much slower method of calculation. We all accept the universal year, as we must have a common way of expressing the passage of time, which is not so important as it is here on earth. You might say we don’t wear wrist watches or carry clocks around with us as humans do, as your lives were designed to be short considering how stressful and packed with action shall we term it.

We can discuss this in more detail in the future.

GrayDid the Grays program people to reject or be afraid of hypnosis as it seems some people experienced this, or what other reason?

Yes, there is a natural, built-in apprehension to not open Pandora’s Box, shall we say, in people who on a deep subconscious level were tremendously frightened. They wish to keep those painful memories buried so their psyches reject attempts to uncover these painful memories. I can only recommend that they keep trying perhaps with CDs or MP3s so that they eventually become relaxed enough to face their past experiences and bring them to the surface. There are hypnotists who are capable of having a person detach from painful memories, such as your friend Dick Sutphen, and view the actions from above as if it were taking place to another person and not themselves.

Antura, many people feel a connection, perhaps ever so slightly, to the Pleiades. Therefore, when the Pleiadians visit earth will this visit awaken their deep-seated memories, or just cause people to question their origin?

PleiadianYes, we could divide people basically into three categories, Tom. First are those who really do feel a connection to the Pleiades and it will intensify when they arrive in 2015.

Then you have people who were not aware of their origin, but suddenly realize that they do seem to have a connection there too.

And the third group just feels no connection, even though they did originate there, as they are not at a stage where they allow those feelings to manifest. They block off these connections out of fear.

Antura, with the Pleiadians making first contact and then subsequently giving us more information about the Federation, what purpose or goal will the Sirian contingent have with your visit?

Again it is to introduce a large number of beings from our planets to the people of earth, Tom. We will have contact with government people, along with scientists and, as we have spoken about numerous times, grass roots contacts. All this is to generate acceptance of the many different forms of life we have as compared to the Pleiadians, and to show we are a peaceful, loving people too just like the Pleiadians; even though we look completely different than you will have seen at that point. We go back to the term we have used before—to spoon feed you a little bit of knowledge at a time so as to not overpower you with too many facts.

SymbolSheri writes from Wyoming: I receive your weekly newsletter, and in the October 26th newsletter, one of the questions was asked about the symbol of the Federation, with the answer that it is somewhat an oval shape with "sort of a star cluster" within the shape.

Sometime ago, a symbol appeared IN the front window of my home, of glistening gold. I have been searching for an answer as to what this symbol represents, and would like to ask if you could ask about the symbolism of this: [a circle with a V superimposed from the bottom of the circle extending out the sides]

Is there a symbol used in the Federation of a circle and V superimposed on it?

Yes, it is one of the planetary symbols, Tom.

Is the symbol you told me of an oval vertical or horizontal?

Vertical, Tom.

Does it have a color?

Yes, as you may have guessed it is gold in color.

Virgil writes: Here in North Carolina, we're seeing an unusual, lighted satellite or something that appears high overhead nightly from the east around 10 PM or so, and slowly rotates west. It is unusual due to its white and red lights and its cross or T- shape, with the colored lights appearing to be along the top bar of the T and the lower portion of the T hanging back like a slightly v-shaped tail. It seems too large for a star or a simple satellite, and so bright that it looks like it could be something like a space station, though a space station wouldn't fly that low. Would your sources have any ideas?

Are there any Federation ships shaped like a cross which was over North Carolina, or was that manmade?

No it was a ship, Tom, but not from the Federation. It was from another galaxy and was allowed to do studies here.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last Saturday in my weekly blog (not the newsletter), which has nothing but MBO and BP stories sent to me from all over the world each week. You can read this one and then below it the week before, etc. at

DucksSio writes from Spain: I've been living in Spain for a couple of months and have made some wonderful friends. I requested a couple of BPs for these friends. The first was for Wendy & Mick. They have many dogs, cats, ducks and chickens on their land that all wander together happily. One of their dogs took to going in the duck pond and digging for sheer fun. The problem being that the pond was the flimsy plastic type for kids. It was repaired and repaired and then died completely leaving the ducks to bathe in a bucket. As money is tight, I requested an MBO to find a suitable, dog-proof pond for the ducks. Within days I was walking home up a track late one night and someone had kindly dumped a hard plastic shell, kiddy pond/sand pit, beside the bins. I gathered it up and it is now a happy duck pond, with very happy owners.

The second BP was for a friend to receive something special and unusual during the week. I was out for a drive with this friend, Jane. She was trying to find a bank in a different small town. As we drove the little side roads we passed a lovely king-size head board that had been left out for rehoming. It was in very good condition and clean. Jane had been wanting a head board for her bed. So, we squeezed and tied it in the car. I asked for a quick MBO to get home safely, and everything worked out great. I remembered to say my thank yous. And have since shared your page with said friends. Thank you, Tom. Blessings to you.


Airplane CabinBrenda writes: On both of my very cramped, packed airline flights I said MBOs for an empty seat next to me. It worked on both my outgoing and return flights and all my connections! I’m very appreciative for all that you do and keeping us all inspired to use MBOs daily.

I plan to try that next time on a flight.


Antonia writes: I was passing a cattle truck on the highway when I wondered about accruing karma because we eat them? Then I wondered about the hunters who do it for the trophies, not for food. Will they have to balance karma?

Thanks for all you do to help explain our lives!

Gaia, how will hunters balance taking the lives of animals for sport?Hunter

Yes, they will have to balance lives where they hunt just for trophies. A hunter that must provide food for his family or as income certainly is a different story than those who hunt for simply the thrill of a big kill. Those people must balance by caring for animals so that they appreciate what animals do for you, or in some cases become the hunted; as an example, an escapee from prison or a slave being hunted down. Then they feel the fear the poor animals feel just before their deaths. Again, all lives must be balanced before the Explorer Race departs earth one day.


StarshipGaia, speaking of that departure, will the human race just disappear as we go back to our home planets?

There will continue a need for the Earth Explorer race to touch worlds and present negativity for thousands of years, but it will not necessarily be your soul clusters who continue the work. There will be other souls who wish to continue this work, so your legacy will live on, you might say, Tom.


911 Building LocationsPhilip writes: Architects & Engineers for Truth is dedicated to finding out the truth about what happened during the 9/11 incident. Many people don't even know that a third building, building 7 collapsed even though it was not hit by a plane. The official version of the story is that the heat from the fires in building 7 caused the free fall collapse of the building. CNN reported the collapse of building 7 even before it happened! Several experts say that building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition. Will there be a new investigation eventually into what really happened during 9/11?

Theo, why did Building 7 collapse on 911 in New York?

Yes, a great conspiracy theory that one. It did not collapse due to someone setting off explosives as has been conjectured or proposed. It was poor construction, which weakened the building sufficiently to cause the collapse.


Jon Benet RamseyCorrine writes: Applause, as always, for a consistently interesting and informative newsletter.

RE: Jon Benet Ramsey back in the news:

Was this unfortunate child being used as a prostitute, essentially being ‘pimped’ by her parents? Was she killed by one of these ‘clients’?

My skin crawls to think of this, Tom. But it is the ‘off-the-record’ conclusion of those who work with abused children. Thank you.

Theo, was Jon Benet Ramsey sexually abused?

Yes, Tom. The child did experience this. Again we return to balancing lives and the soul of this child needed balancing from a previous life where she had done the same to a child. All lives must balance, Tom, as I have stated many, many times.

Will her killer ever be arrested and tried for the murder?

No, Tom. It will remain unsolved.


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