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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers from all over the world.  Below you’ll read predictions given to me over the past few weeks, so feel free to share this newsletter to your friends.  I had to delay some of the stories sent to me until next week, so my apologies to those I told it would be in this issue.  Please keep requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your life.  You not only make your life more gentle, but everyone else around you too!


The following predictions were given to me during my “active” meditations, as I call them, by Gaia, the soul of the earth, and my own Guardian Angel Theo.  Keep in mind that if you already meditate, then you can simply ask to speak to your own GA and start asking questions.  Theo says I’m supposed to encourage everyone to try these meditations.

I will also say that the last time I tried this in 2007 I think only 30% to 40% of the predictions I was given actually happened.  Hopefully my percentage of reception has risen since then.  We’ll see.

And I will also mention that since we have free choice, we can change the future.  I was told originally that Mrs. Clinton would be elected as President, as that was supposed introduce the feminine energy, but we skipped right over that step when we decided to elect Mr. Obama, who Theo says will leave a legacy of bringing about much more peace to the world.  Our vibrational level shot up to the top degrees of the Time Line 6 we’re on. 

August 18, 2009 (Previously reported in the August 22 newsletter)

Gaia, are any large earthquakes in the near future --say the last half of this year—scheduled for any really populated area?

Yes, there will be a couple, Tom.  One in China again and yes, one in the Indonesian region.  I will not be more specific than that.

September 28, 2009

Gaia, you haven’t changed the weather patterns for the southern part of the United States yet, have you?

Yes Tom, I have changed the weather patterns somewhat this year and you will find this to be a permanent change.  I want this portion of my world to be more lush and tropical.  Naturally it cannot happen completely until I take the mountains down on the west coast as I have described before to you, but these changes will be permanent, yes. 

October 4, 2009

Gaia, you said the last earthquake that struck Indonesia was the one that you had said would happen, yet this latest earthquake that spawned a smaller tsunami seemed more destructive and you did not mention that one.  Will there be other large earthquakes in that region in the next three months and any with tsunamis?

Yes there will be one or more large earthquakes in that region Tom that will occur in the next three months that will be over the 7.8 level as reported on your instruments.  Your reception at the time I mentioned the first earthquake was such that I felt you could handle me mentioning one, but possibly not two.  I must move the crust --the mantle of the earth and there will come a time Tom when it will be very difficult for humans to live in that area. 

Now a question about the fires in California.  There was the very large fire in the Los Angeles area recently.  Will there be larger fires in this area during the upcoming fire season or was this the largest one they will see?

Good question Tom.  No this will be the largest one, but there will be others that in combination will be as destructive if not more so to the residents in this region.  I want these people off the coast and out of this area before I cause the mountains to lower in that region as you may have guessed.  This is my form of warning that it is not safe to live in this area.

Will you cause any smaller earthquakes in this area or region as a warning Gaia?

No, only the fires Tom.  I must build up pressure over time so that I can lower these mountains in one action shall we say—one event.  The fires assist me in causing people that are supposed to leave to leave.  Those that don’t may I remind you, may have soul contracts to experience these upcoming earthquakes, just as those people did to experience flooding on the east coast.  I work with your souls obviously well in advance of these events so that they can plan lives for these people to experience these destructive events as part of the soul’s gathering of knowledge and experience.

October 10, 2009

Gaia, do you have any predictions for me for 2010?

Yes, Tom let’s see if you can receive this correctly.  There will be more major earthquakes, several of them quite severe in the place you call Indonesia.  I will continue to move the earth –my mantle there for a considerable time.  But I will also be moving the mantle in other places in the Pacific Rim too. Japan will see a significant earthquake next year.  Malaysia one too.  The United States will be spared for the time being, but that will change as I have told you before.  There will be an increase in hurricane activity next year, with two striking the Gulf Coast.  One will strike Florida central region. 

What about tsunami’s?  Will there be any?

Yes, one that will be generated by one of the earthquakes.  Again, that will be an extremely active region Tom. 

Will the weather patterns you established for the southern part of the USA this year continue next year?

Absolutely Tom.  As I have mentioned before, I plan to make that portion of North American more tropical and so there will be more rain—copious amounts at times as there was this year.  There will be a continued dropping of cold fronts coming from the north and northwest.

What about the tornado season in the USA?

Yes it will be quite active this coming year too Tom.  More violent weather than say normal. 

Will China have any more earthquakes of a major size?

Yes, but not as large as the one coming.

OK, I guess that’s all I can handle today.

You did fine Tom.

OK Theo, any predictions you wish to give me for 2010

You are putting up blocks.  Let’s see if you can receive this.   There will be an airliner that will crash next year.  Yes, it will be in the United States. 

Great progress will be made on the peace front edging you closer to world peace, thanks to your Mr. Obama. 

Iraq and Afghanistan will continue to have turmoil.  The war is not over in Iraq as long as the major forces leaders wish the power of controlling the whole country.    But progress will be made there, just slowly.  Al Qaeda will be thwarted elsewhere, although there will still be some terrorist incidents still to come.  Many others will be stopped before they can occur, thanks to good intelligence. 

The world economy will start to grow and recover.  The worst is over, but it will seem that the recovery is very slow certainly. 

October 12, 2009

Gaia, do you have any more predictions for 2010 for me today?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom.  There will be a harsh winter this year across much of North America.  It will seem as if it will not end, but of course it will.  People should stock up on their heating supplies and work to have their homes fully insulated.  This cold will extend even down to the lower states as you call them, but just not quite as severe.    Yes I have my reasons for doing this.  Everything must balance. 

What about Europe?

Again, it will be a severe winter for them too Tom, as the storms that begin in North America sweep across the Atlantic to the British Isles and into Europe itself. 

Will the hurricane season be normal for Asia?

No, it will be more vigorous than usual with several cyclones or hurricanes reaching the mainland of Asia, along with the Philippines and the Indian subcontinent as you call it Tom. 

Will there be any unusual volcanic action Gaia?

Yes, some but more in unpopulated areas.  This will not be too great a concern in 2010.

October 22, 2009

Gaia, You certainly have been sending a lot of rain our way in Texas.  Will this precipitation continue through the winter?

Yes to a certain extent.  But it will also be accompanied, as I stated before, with very wintry cold weather, bringing snow to the south lands as you call it.  People should prepare for a harsh wintertime. 

October 26, 2009

Gaia, any predictions for today?

Let’s see if you can receive this Tom today.  Yes, we have not touched on a few continents perhaps have we?  Australia will see a year that is more or less normal for them.  Fires at times, but the weather will be seasonal and not too extreme in any direction.  New Zealand will be the same—not too many changes there yet. 

Yes there will be further eroding of the polar icecap as I open the seas there.  Yes my plans are to be a few degrees warmer in the coming years.  This is designed to assist you into the 5th dimensional focus. 

Iraq and Afghanistan will continue to be quite troublesome for the upcoming year.  There is so much corruption in government that it will take quite some time for this to be overcome as it is a way of life these people have know.  Iran will continue to rattle swords, but your President Obama’s peace efforts will start to show some progress in bringing peace to this region.  Israel will continue to toe a hard line, but again some progress will be made on the Palestinian situation.  There will be some interesting announcements next year in that regard as the Israeli government is pushed by not only the Americans but also the European Union to modify and change their stance towards this untenable situation.

Theo, what is the future for Mexico, with all the problems they’re having with the drug cartels?

Yes, Mexico has the same problems facing them that their Central and South American neighbors have—and that is you—the American consumer, who consumes a great deal of product, including illegal drugs.  But the good news is that Mexico realizes that this must be eradicated or at least contained and will make every effort, with assistance from your government to do so. 

As you are entering a period where there will be no more secrets it will become increasing harder for these people to operate in the shadows, buying cooperation from various governmental employees and elected officials.  Look for good progress on this front during the coming year, both in Mexico and yes Columbia and the other narco states as they are referred to.  But it will be several years before laws and such are changed throughout the United States so that the enormous profits that these narco operations garner will be reduced to a point where it’s not worth their time and trouble, and yes prison time, to engage in these activities.

October 30, 2009

Gaia, will there be flooding in North America with the extra rain and snow?

Yes, with the rains and snows in North America and the long winter, spring will see many rivers over their banks, including the Mississippi River.  Yes that is correct Tom.  Other major rivers will flood too.  Those that live along these rivers should prepare for this and move away from the river near their house as spring arrives. 

Will the Cascade range of mountains on the west coast see as much precipitation as normal or more?

More actually Tom.  As I said, it will be a LONG winter, with emphasis on that word, and the Cascades and Rocky Mountains will seemingly be buried in snow at times—good for those who love to ski and snowboard, but hard on those that must work in it each day.  They will be paralyzed at times there will be such blizzard conditions.  Yes, along with that will come avalanche danger, so those that do enjoy backcountry treks will need to be especially vigilant too.

So all along the East Coast they will have these same problems?

Yes, quite so.  A hard winter and great flooding in the springtime.

OK thank you Gaia.

I’m sure I missed asking about a continent.  Will Asia see a harsh winter too?

Quite so.  They will experience severe conditions just as North America will Tom.

What about South America’s weather?

Their’s will be more gentle shall we say.  A hot summer for Brazil and those places south of the equator. 

Theo, will there come a time in 2010 when the loss of jobs will cease and jobs will start to be added, and if this is to occur in 2010, when is the probability of that happening?

Yes, it will occur in 2010 Tom—more towards the mid-point of the year.  You will see in the coming months a great slowdown in the loss of jobs, until that midpoint when the private sector—the corporations which are just now starting to see a turnaround in their business as you are in your business Tom, reach a point where they must add copious amounts of employees.  This will begin soon, but you asked when these numbers will reverse, and it will be towards the midpoint of the 2010.

Spain has 20% unemployment at this time.  What is their future for 2010?

Spain’s recovery will be slower than that of the rest of the European Union Tom.  I don’t see these figures going down very much until late in 2010.  Then they will reduce perhaps in half, but still will be higher than the other EU countries.  They have internal problems that must be addressed before they can move up the ladder shall we say.

What about Germany?

Germany will quickly recover, more along the lines of the USA, perhaps even a little faster.

What about France?

They will recover more slowly than Germany, but certainly faster than Spain.  Again their political climate will be adversarial shall we say with much discourse.  So they will be slower to recover.

And Russia?

Ah, Russia.  They have such assets, that their country will move along in a more defined fashion.  The Russian public are becoming consumers – more so each month—and this will translate into perhaps not a rosy economic future, but certainly a steady one.  Their people will see many jobs created, bringing a more economic parity to their population, along with a number of new millionaires in dollar terms. 

What about Brazil?

Again, Brazil is the shining star in South America in many ways.  A fairly stable government, with great resources, which will provide the country with a positive cash flow.  They will continue to make progress over the next year.

Speaking of the dollar, will it end 2010 higher or lower against the Euro than it is now? 

It will be slightly higher Tom, but not much.  There will be movement, yes, up and down as there always is, but at the end of the year, the dollar will be about where it is now—a little under $1.48 to $1.50 per Euro.  The U.S. government wants to keep it there to aid in the export of goods and services. 

Has the Big Event regarding the 911 revelation been delayed, or will it not happen?

It has been delayed somewhat Tom, but there are things happening behind the scenes shall we say that will still cause the person I have mentioned before to come forth and make these startling revelations about 911 and who knew about the event before it happened.  This will still make headlines around the world when it occurs, Tom.

Will there be any truly amazing discoveries announced in the science or technology sectors in 2010?

Yes, of course there will be Tom.  There will be new advances in medicine, just as there is each year, along with some interesting announcements in the field of computers and related technology.  I will not spoil their thunder shall we say, but great progress will be made in the next year in these fields.

I was told a couple of years ago that a cruise ship would sink in the Caribbean with a great loss of life after a collision with a tanker.  The only cruise ship that sank was in the Antarctic with everyone being saved.  What happened to that event, and will this happen in the future?

Yes, Tom, again this was given to you, but the timing was greatly off.  That is still something that will occur in the future, but probably not in 2010—perhaps the next year. 

Why such a great disparity in the timing?

Difficult to explain in 3d Tom, but you were given an event where the timing of all the people that need to be on that ship will happen, but just not when you were told. 

So I am to understand that this event was not cancelled, but remains a probability? 

Yes, Tom.  This event still needs to happen for the soul contracts of the people that will need that balancing, having drowned other people in previous existences.


Diane has sent me a number of questions in the past two weeks, which is good since I was so busy at the Frankfurt Book Fair that I couldn’t take the time to come up with too many questions myself. 

Diane writes:  With the new discovery of Ardi will they find any more bones that will prove even more on how man started?  Is this just the start of discovering more? 

Theo, will the discovery of the Ardi bones as they are called lead to more discoveries of even earlier versions of humans?

Of course.  They are not done yet, and will not be for many years to come.  There will be other species of humans discovered—yes that is plural, so many more discoveries will be made.  We wouldn’t want the archeologists to think they had discovered everything now would we?  They have soul contracts too to study and dig and discover more of your elusive beginnings.

Diane continues:  Also, is there a hidden room in the paw of the sphinx?  And did someone like Japan really take out the papers they discovered in that room?  Are there other "secrets" that are hidden in Egypt?

Theo, is there a hidden room in the paw of the sphinx and if so, did a person from Japan remove papers that were there?

Yes, there are more discoveries to be made and more that will be revealed Tom that have already been made but not announced.  Yes, there is some truth to the rumor about the person from Japan removing some valuable parchments to study.  This will be revealed in perhaps the next two years or so.  This will be upsetting to people that think that the earth is only 6,000 years old shall we say.  But again, you are coming into a period of time when there will be no more secrets, just as the Vatican will give up its secrets one day. 

What other secrets will be discovered in Egypt in the next 5 years?

Yes, as I said before, the information in the sphinx will be revealed during this time period of five years.  And there will be other revelations as certain scrolls and artifacts will be revealed, plus there will be some more major discoveries coming from the digging of the archeologists. I don’t want to take away the surprise and wonder that these discoveries will bring, so yes there will be major discoveries, but stay tuned as you say. 

Diane asks:  With this new movie coming up the old question popped in my head......What did happen to Amelia Earhart?  Was she captured by Japan and killed?  Did her plan go down some where in the Pacific?  What really happened to her?

Theo, what did happen to Amelia Earhart?

Yes, she did crash onto an island Tom, and suffered serious injuries which took her life.  It was in her soul contract to be an adventurer—and to lead the way for other women to become adventurers at a time when many thought the place for the woman was at home.  She played her part well and opened the doors for many women to follow.


Laurie writes:  I just read an article by Lee Carroll/Kryon in the November 2009 Sedona Journal in which it was stated that the Pleiadians seeded the human genome 100,000 years ago resulting in, well, us.  I can accept that.  Science has traced the mitochondrial DNA of our current population back to a theoretical "Eve" who existed about 100,000 years ago.  But what I'm finding difficult to accept is that it was ONLY 100,000 years ago.  I've always felt that we humans, as a cognizant and spiritual race, are much more ancient than that.

I just don't feel like we can be that RECENT!

Would you please be so kind as to ask Theo these questions: (1) Prior to 100,000 years ago what was the intellectual, spiritual, or technological level of human civilization on Earth?  (2) Prior to 100,000 years ago how many species of humans existed on the Earth?  (3) When did the "human experiment" begin on the Earth?  (4) What physical form did humans have when the "human experiment" first began on Earth?

Maybe I'm splitting human hairs, but I'm curious!

Theo, Prior to 100,000 years ago: 1. What was the intellectual, spiritual and technological level of human civilization? 2.  How many species of humans were there? 3.  When did the human experiment begin? and 4. What physical form did humans have?

Yes, humans were in existence well before the 100,000-year mark Tom.  But most people would have a very hard time understanding that humans have been on the earth for several million years—yes millions.  Therefore, Mr. Kryon used a figure that would be accepted by most people.  As I have told you before, you have had lives over a million years ago, and yes in human form.    Not how you look today, but yes as humanoids.  There was much experimenting with forms then and really up to the time of Atlantis.  This was a fertile ground shall we say for that type experimentation by the various cultures that were already millions of years old at that time.  So yes there were some differences in physical appearance, but these bodies were ENSOULED you see. 

Life was much more simple then, hunter-gatherers, simple farming—more eating off the land you could say.  Your souls needed experience with the earth, so you had it in simple surroundings of forest, jungle, and so on where there was plenty to eat and drink.  You were sort of putting one toe in you might say, although your souls already were jumping forward in that time to start having lives throughout time.    Very difficult to explain with your normal perception of linear time. 

There were a number of species of humans, but it was quickly determined which one would be best suited for the future.  Therefore the appearance you have today came quite a bit before your recorded time certainly, but not as far back as your first appearances on earth ensouled.    I will leave the dating for your archeologists to determine at some future time. 


For those of you who do not wish to take the flu vaccine (which Theo suggests not taking because of side effects unknown at this time), Sandi forwarded this to me.  Perhaps you may wish to experiment with this yourself.

Do you know how many people will be unemployed in the flu vaccine business, if this gets out, and it worked?!  Actually, there’s lots of sulphur in an onion.  My Dad always sautéed or fried a large frying pan full of onions when he was coming down with a cold, ate them up & went to bed, & he was better the next day!  Hugs, Marian

GOOD MORNING...How would you like to try comes from Abbot Peter who lives in Muenster with the Benedictine Monks...Take care....God Bless.

Keep healthy this winter, the easy way . . .Onions fight flu virus.  OK, it is true.  After reading this you will think that I have really lost it.  However, this is a true story.

In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was this Doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu.  Many of the farmers and their family had contracted it and many died.  The Doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy.

When the Doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home, (probably only two rooms back then).  The doctor couldn't believe it and asked if he could have one of the onions and place it under the microscope.  She gave him one and when he did this, he did find the flu virus in the onion.  It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.

Now, I heard this story from my hairdresser in AZ.  She said that several years ago many of her employees were coming down with the flu and so were many of her customers.  The next year she placed several bowls with onions around in her shop.  To her surprise, none of her staff got sick.  It must work. (And no, she is not in the onion business.)

The moral of the story is, buy some onions and place them in bowls around your home.  If you work at a desk, place one or two in your office or under your desk or even on top somewhere.  Try it and see what happens. We did it last year and we never got the flu.

If this helps you and your loved ones from getting sick, all the better.  If you do get the flu, it just might be a mild case.  Whatever, what have you to lose?  Just a few bucks on onions!


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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