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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.

I would like to thank all of you who are sticking with me and the newsletter.  The newsletter was born out of my first book about requesting Benevolent Outcomes in your life, which is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for yourself to raise your vibrational rate in becoming a “Junior Creator in Training” as my Guardian Angel Theo calls it.  It was not ever supposed to be a newsletter of predictions (although I passed them along as I received them), but in recent months it attracted a number of people only interested in that aspect.  Then when one prediction did not come to pass a large number of people bailed out, as I was not their next prophet.  That’s OK.  If you read the newsletter today it goes from one end of the spectrum to the other in topics.  That’s what makes it fun for me to do these newsletters each week, as I never know what topics will be in the next one! 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


Indonesia Earthquake MapAs Gaia confirmed in the October 10 newsletter, on October 25 there was a large 7.7 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra.  Scientists had said that it could be as large as 8.1, so that’s pretty close.  When I asked Gaia if it would be Java or Sumatra and she said, “Neither Tom, but close by shall we say.”  It also caused another tsunami, which Gaia said last year would happen in Indonesia in 2010.

Andrea writes:  When the west coast experiences the tremendous earthquakes won't the ocean be greatly polluted as ground is lost and much gets submerged? Especially in regards to the Nuclear waste. Will the west coast access to the ocean be blocked and unusable for a long period of time? 

Gaia, when the earthquakes come to California, will there be great pollution and even nuclear pollution?

Yes Tom, that will be a byproduct of the movement of the crust. 

How will you handle that?

Just as I have done for centuries with other large movements.   Given a little time, the pollution will sink to the bottom Tom and will be absorbed back into the floor of the ocean. 

What about the nuclear pollution?

That will take longer, but you—meaning humans—will find ways to contain this pollution.

I had already reported that navigation would be quite hazardous after tsunamis, etc. and the air pollution will be terrible.  I previously gave a link to video taken after the major earthquake near the U.S./Mexican border where dust just hung in the air for quite a long time. 


Desert PhotoPam in Arizona writes:  In response to Ashland Oregon please help me with my thinking on this. Gaia had said that when CA. fell after the earthquakes that the southwest would become tropical. As it is now we have to watch our water. I have rain barrels on all my down spouts to water outside. Are we going to remain as it is now or are we going to become tropical? We live in AZ but I thought AZ, New Mexico, and Texas would become tropical. Tom, can you please have this explained for us.

Best information I have is that the southwestern states will receive 30 to 35 inches of rain this year (about what we receive in Dallas) and in my area it will go up to 60 inches or so.  Therefore I don’t think Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada will be tropical, but much more verdant.  Texas and across the south will become tropical.


Karen Greenbaum, who produced the Earthquake Preparation video for Rancho Mirage, California (and is viewable on my website at ), sent me this message and story.

Hi Tom.  This discredits the “triangle of life” by the top scientists in the world who have logged many hours how peoples’ lives are saved.  Here is the proof for your reader.
Drop, Cover, Hold On

Just a follow up note:  Karen has sold her house in Rancho Mirage and moved to Sedona, Arizona. 


Jeannine writes:  Enjoying your new newsletter. Wanted to share some info on Alzheimer’s. I have been researching a lot of alternative health since I have an immune disorder (lyme, epstein-barr and gluten intolerance). Last year I was diagnosed to be high in heavy metals, had a hard time focusing to work, and developed tics (which come at cold temperatures, and also both negative and really good positive energies). A doctor also prescribed me Aricept, which is an Alzheimer’s medicine. I couldn’t afford IV Chelation but have been taking the Calcium EDTA powder for a year as well as other things many in this link, vitamins, omegas, cleansing (had candida and other issues), and have gotten a lot better, so I thought I would share it. My head also used to go numb on the right side and a few times it affected my vision - thankfully that part has stopped.


Orbs Janice sent me a photo outside her house of a bunch of orbs.  Thought you would enjoy it too!


Eleanor writes:  Came up with another as a result of your help:

"I ask any and all beings to assist all of us humans to be loving, tolerant and respectful of everyone whether we are of the same mind or not, thank you.”

Please say this out loud now if you wish.  It does create an energy!


BirthmarkTheo, please explain why we carry birthmarks of gunshots and other wounds from other lives.

Yes, a quite interesting question Tom.  These birthmarks are reminders of other lives—signposts if you will- to remind you to question the claims that this is your only life.  At times they will remind you of the particular life in which that happened.  It is one of those reminders that you will exist forever Tom.


Billy in Japan sent this update to me three weeks ago but was lost in a flood of emails (see ).  He also has an interesting comment on angels and the Japanese culture: The China situation is on hold now that the Chinese are on their long holiday and this is the first time in a while that Japan is more or less relatively quiet politically.

Japanese PeopleI really appreciate your newsletters and blog. Your MBO method of requests and prayer requests exceed anything that might be produced by restrictive, specific requests. They also work well in Japanese culture; perhaps because the idea of the Guardian Angel is present in the folklore and thinking of the Japanese. This makes explaining your MBO method very easy and is quite understandable to most Japanese.

As for me, thanks to you I continue to use the requests daily with perfect results aside from my weather requests (requests for rain for my plants), but in my case it may be because I have an irrigation pump that needs to be used a few times each season to keep it in shape.

I pray that your audience increases exponentially. Your message is a good one and I think you're the perfect messenger.


SpiritualDianne writes:  I am fascinated by your reader who is experiencing a walk-in. What she has described resonates within me, and although I never asked this question, I would like some confirmation. The strongest feeling or thought I had was that I felt invaded and that a big part of me had left me all of the sudden. I felt abandoned and very lonely. I didn't identify with this new energy and I felt like a battle was happening within me. This made me very angry. However, at the same time, I was feeling closer to spirit and was opening up to my angels. I was learning to trust and realize that I am taken care of, always.
Theo, can you please confirm my feelings. Did I, or am I, experiencing a walk-in? If so, do you have any messages for me?  

Did Diane _______ experience a walk-in and if so are there any messages for her?

Yes she did Tom.  Her soul decided that another member of her soul group could make headway, after her soul fragment reached a plateau of sorts.  Tell her that her soul loves her dearly and things will settle down soon, although now she will find different things will appeal to her.

Spiritual 2Linda writes:  I just finished reading this week’s newsletter and have a question. How do you know when you are having a soul walk-in? Are there any signs to be aware of? What happens to your old soul? I have noticed that my old friends are becoming annoying and I do not enjoy their company. I wish them well but I feel they are negative and always judging everything I do and trying to control my life.  Thank you for all your wonderful work.

Linda _______ asks if she is a walk-in and also where do the soul fragments go?

Linda again is a walk-in, just as a number of others who subscribe to your newsletter Tom.  The soul fragments return to from whence they came before birth to give you a simple 3d answer.  There is a review of the life just as if it had passed away.  Then it prepares for the next incarnation.

Theo, I’m not a walk-in am I?

No Tom.  You had a soul plan that was quite extensive from the start and so no soul fragment transfer was needed.


Garbage IslandAndrea writes:  I find the big "garbage Island" has been allowed to stay in the Pacific. What can we do to clean this up?

Gaia, when will we figure out how to get rid of the garbage island in the Pacific?

Good question from your reader Tom.  This will take some time Tom, but eventually a sort of scoop will be used and massage tons of the garbage will be taken to a location and recycled or destroyed in furnaces.


HologramRonald sent me this.  There are uses for this beyond our imaginations and the Star Wars movies (but probably not our kids' imaginations).


My wife found this on Youtube.  Its title is MESSAGE FROM EARTH: ORGANIC MATTERS.  It’s only 3 ½ minutes and very well done.  Nice song too. 


La GuardiaLaurie writes:  I recently completed a business trip to New York, and I used MBOs for great results!  Here are a few of them:

During my flight to NYC, our plane was instructed to line up in a holding pattern over Richmond, VA due to high winds at LaGuardia.  The pilot announced we would be circling for 30 minutes.  Well, I requested an MBO for the winds to subside at LaGuardia and for our circling time to be minimal.  Ten minutes later we were back on course to LaGuardia airport.  I thanked my GA and added a special thanks to Gaia, whom I had asked to calm the winds.

From previous research about my hotel in NYC, I had discovered that there were ice machines only every three floors.  On this trip it was important to have easy access to an ice machine, so I requested an MBO to be assigned a room on a floor that had one.  Sure enough, the request was granted.  My room was just around the corner from one.

NY TaxiMy trip was very successful because I had requested an MBO for "helpful people" to be put in my path.  I was asked to do a couple of projects, one of which came totally out of the blue from an editor who had been a very hard sell in the past.

On the drive back to the airport I requested an MBO for a safe trip on the road, and to be "protected from collisions and the mistakes of other drivers".  Well, it worked big time!  A van driver cut off my car's driver at an exit ramp.  We were exiting and the other driver decided he didn't want to exit and so swerved directly in front of us.  My driver slammed on the brakes, but didn't lose control.  He was shaking, but I felt as cool as a cucumber.  I wasn't fazed at all.  My GA was on my shoulder the whole time.  Thinking back on the incident, if we had crashed or had even a fender bender, I would have missed my flight and my whole schedule would have fallen apart.  Thanks again, GA!!

At the airport itself, I was stunned to see the line to get through security had to be at least 90 minutes long.  My flight left in 60 minutes.  I dutifully got in line and requested an MBO for "the shortest wait in line as possible".  The words were no sooner spoken than one of the security personnel started announcing that whoever had a flight at 3:30 to identify themselves.  I did, and he put me at the HEAD OF THE LINE!  Wow.

My flight arrived home 30 minutes early and, just before the plane's wheels touched down I asked for a super smooth landing.  Well, I guess you know how that went! "Like butter!"


SunI felt it best to ask the soul of the sun directly.  He prefers just to be called, “Sun.”

Sun, what was that giant ring visible on your surface October 16?

Yes Tom, let’s see if you can receive this.  This will be something for your scientists to ponder over for many years to come, but I will give a hint.  That circle you saw does connect a number of energy centers on my surface.  That’s the best way I can describe it in 3d terms at this time Tom.  It is not something that I do every day or even every year, but it does serve a function for me when I do this Tom.  By connecting these energy centers it allows energy to pass rather easily from one point to the next.  And yes, there is a reason why it is a circle and not some other shape—square, rectangle, octagon and so forth. 

Will we see any results of that circle on earth?

You already have Tom.  You just have not noticed it on a mass level, but individually you may have noticed the energy is different you are experiencing. 

OK Sun, that’s probably the best I can absorb now.

Yes, Tom good life. 

Good life Sun and thanks for the explanation.

Anytime Tom.


UFO Over ManhattenKarin sent me these links about UFO’s that were seen over Manhatten and then how the government tried to downplay it later in the day and reactions of readers to this.  Good Reading.  You should read this before the next topic.


Abe SapienMany of you may not know that some time ago my GA Theo introduced me to a person I will call him who is a member of my soul cluster or group.  The major difference is he’s having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  Supposedly he has somewhat a resemblance to the Abe Sapien character in Hellboy 2, so I am including a photo of Abe.  Antura says he’s “much prettier” than Abe.  Skin color is much better and gills are located differently than portrayed by Abe.  I have a number of questions I have previously asked him about the planet, where my next life will be, and all sorts of other subjects.  You can read all these postings by going to SERIES down below and clicking on each newsletter listed. 

Here are a number of questions I just asked, several posed by Karin, one of our subscribers.

Antura, please comment on the UFO sightings over Manhattan and China recently.
Yes Tom.  They were your friendly ET’s reminding everyone that we are there—a little lonesome shall we say, as we would be much happier doing a full visitation, but these flights are needed to keep up appearances.  These two were from different places in the universe—yes Andromeda was one; no, one was not from Sirius, and the other would be perhaps a little difficult, as you don’t know the area.  Their job, as always, is to keep reminding you that there are other beings in the sky who mean you no harm. 

You are quite safe and protected by order of the Federation may I remind everyone.  No more abductions for experiments are allowed, even though the ones that did happen were with your soul content.  Being veiled you did not know this, so those were frightening experiences for those taken away in the middle of the night.  These days all species, shall we call us, are only here to observe and give gentle reminders of our presence.  Naturally the governments still say we were weather balloons and other such tripe.  They do have their reasons Tom, as humans can be frightened by the appearance of a mouse, much less a large spacecraft.  You have too many movies on War of the Worlds and Invasions and such.  Good theatre, but not so good for preparations for our coming together, I assure you.

Is the news regarding the sightings of spacecraft making any headway with earth people?

Yes Tom.  Again these sightings are there as reminders, but slowly but surely the population, especially the younger ones, are accepting that you are not the only living beings in all the billions of planets out there in all the billions of solar systems.  Your religions downplay this or even reject the idea, thinking that you couldn’t handle the truth, but slowly but surely we are breaking down that wall of resistance and disbelief. 

Pleiades I just read a channeled article by Robert Shapiro in the October Sedona Journal of Emergence interviewing a Pleiadian explorer who uses an older spacecraft for his explorations.  But he does not use portals to jump but goes from mothership to mothership hitching rides.  Why is that?

Tom, there are all types of beings out there, and this particular one you could call a renaissance man in a way.  Certainly these portals are for everyone’s use, but some prefer not to use them, as this person does.  His is a leisurely journey of exploration and as he himself noted, he flies an older spacecraft he calls his jalopy because he’s in no hurry to get somewhere.  He enjoys his interactions with the crews of the motherships perhaps more than his explorations of new worlds, although he certainly does his job, just slower than perhaps you or I would wish to.

He mentioned something about there being sections of motherships with the correct atmosphere for different varieties of beings on board.  Is this standard, and can you elaborate?

MothershipYes Tom, this is quite standard on most motherships.  He did mention the oxygen/ nitrogen atmosphere, but there are others such as methane and even more exotic atmospheres that different beings breath.  They are accommodated the best they can.  Obviously some sections would be much smaller than others, and will vary from mothership to mothership according to who is on board.  Naturally when they wish to communicate with others on board in person, adjustments must be made in the form of breathing apparatuses and suits of special construction, but that is fairly easily accomplished these days.  We have had, after all, several million years to perfect how to handle and accommodate different species on the same ship. 

And as I told you before, these living spaces are adjusted to the personal needs of each species of being regarding sleeping, eating, waste disposal and so on.  That’s another reason why these motherships are so huge, as they must accommodate a large variety of beings at any given time.  We don’t stay to ourselves as you do even in your cities or countries.    Still there are those societies we encounter in our travels that do not wish to associate or assimilate with other cultures and we honor their requests and move on.  You will have those experiences too when your Explorer Race goes visiting other cultures. 

The Pleiadian seems to suggest that they are backing off contacting us in 2015.  Is that true?

Certainly there continues to be a lively discussion Tom of when to contact you, but so far 2015 is still penciled in, to use a phrase of yours, as the date the Pleiadians will make first contact.  Keep in mind you have some enormous changes ahead, not the least of which will be your change of focus from the 3rd to the 5th dimensions.  Yes it will be the lowest degree we will call it of the 5th dimension, but still it will be a jump and things will begin to rapidly--and in some cases slowly change for you after that.  So to again answer your question, contact in 2015 is still a “go” but this date will be monitored as each year you progress towards that date.  Naturally we all hope that date holds, as you will take a large leap at that time and your progress will be accelerated, making more progress in say 5 or 10 years than you have in the past 100.  It will be an amazing time.  

What exactly will happen or take place in the two years you have mentioned after the first public contact by the Pleiadians and your visit?

Well, after the excitement and fear initially settles down a little Tom—and really this will take months if not the full two years, there will be some presents shall we call them given to your governments.  These will be low-level instruments and other devices that your scientist perhaps had not thought of yet.  These will be spoon fed to you, as again, you are supposed to make these advances and again they will be kept very low tech so as not to interfere with this process. 

It will be more explanations of who we all are and how you fit into the scheme of things and how important you are, even though you are not advance technologically.  These explanations will take months to absorb by the earth population and hundreds of questions will be asked and answered.  So it will be much more on the diplomatic side and for the “first contact” people to handle than for any scientific breakthroughs.

Gliese 581cIs Gliese 581C a planet that is inhabited that astronomers have found?

Quite so Tom, but again they are just one of billions of planets.  The beings there are not really taking part in all this, so they will remain one of your explorations for you one day to discover exactly who and what they are. 

How many inhabited planets are there in the Pleiades?

Quite a few Tom.  Certainly several hundred as the traveler mentioned in that article.  The Pleiades have a large variety of planets of just about every type you can imagine. 

What about the Sirius Star system?

Not as many as the Pleiades, as they have more stars in their star system than we have, so therefore fewer suns equals fewer planets.  Therefore the number would be more on the order of—let’s see if you can receive this now—yes around 15 planets.

Mothership CrashWhat is the history of the crashed mothership on the surface of the moon, and how many other spacecraft are there on the surface.

Yes the second question first.  There are a small number Tom—perhaps 10 or so.  The mothership as you call it was the largest.  It was, as you guessed, destroyed during the reptilian conflict –that star wars so nicely depicted in your movies.  The mothership was attacked by the reptilians and was overwhelmed in short order.  All lives were lost as there are gaping holes in the hull you see from the weapons used on them.  It was over quite quickly you see.

Why was the ship and the reptilian craft even in this area, as we are not on the usual trade lanes were we?

No, but keep in mind all those portals I said were here.  They were on their way to other places in the universe and happened to cross paths at the wrong time.  They were not fighting per say over earth.  It just happened to be a way station for transits.  Millions of beings were lost in that war, but we do not dwell on it now.  Peace is here between all beings—at least all those in the Federation and the reptilians. 

Are there negative or malevolent ET’s on the surface or below it someone asks?

No, not now Tom.  Again the Federation Directive has established a zone around your planet and it may not be breached, or the beings trying to breach this zone would find themselves in serious trouble with the whole Federation.  Those on the surface may live amongst you as part of their studies, or they may live underground, but those interests are purely to study and not interact in a negative or violent way.

Not sure if this is a question for you or Theo.  What is Project Blue Beam?

It is someone’s concoction of what they believe is the truth about aliens Tom.  It is fear-based propaganda and has no truth to it, other than looking back at past history.  This should not be taken seriously, I assure you.  There will be no false invasions and so on—again fear-based ideas meant to appeal to those with similar views and to prey on those who fear such ideas.

OK, guess that’s all for today Antura.  I do look forward to coming up with more questions for you, hopefully not so far in the future.

Yes Tom. I’ll look forward to that time again.  Good life.


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009
TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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